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Grudge Full Moon

December 5, 2022

That’s a simplistic way to look at it, but it’s part of the event. What’s Lit Up by this Full Moon and its associated Fireworks, is our Motivation. If you’re Really Excited about getting to Work on a Pet Project that Feels Really Important, you’re on the Right Track – Go For It! If you’re Feeling Overloaded or Overworked or Resentful because your Work doesn’t Really Serve Your Highest Goals, that’s a Message from the Universe that you’re likely to be Shifting your Attention very soon to a Project that does Serve Your Goals. Most of us were Programmed to Serve Goals that were Important to our Programmers, often having something to do with Money.

Few of our Programmers bothered to Learn enough about Us that they Programmed us to Pursue Our Goals. And besides, depending on our Age, to one degree or another we were probably Programmed to Serve Hypercompetitive Patriarchic Goals, many having something to do with Money. But the Planet is in the throes of Rapid and Accelerating Changes, and they Require us to Pivot to Serving Hypercollaborative Planetary Goals.

If we don’t Act Preemptively and Quickly to Accommodate these Changes, All of our Efforts will be Eaten Up in Rescuing or Grieving the many People, Critters, and Entities that have No Chance of Surviving the Evolutionary Transition. Basically, if you aren’t Consciously Angry about being Programmed to Serve Hypercompetitive Goals, you probably will be Soon, as your Anger Emerges from Hiding when you Discover that these Goals are and always have been Self-Sabotaging.

The War in Eastern Europe is an excellent example. Personalize Russia and Personalize Ukraine and her Supporters, and you see two Global Giants hurling Insults and Worse at one another while several other Giants watch Nervously. The Indian and Chinese Giants, working hard to Build Infrastructure, are not failing to Notice how Fragile it is in the face of Nobel’s Invention and Huperity’s Enthrallment with it.

The African Giant is being Trampled by the two Giants in Conflict, who would otherwise be busy helping to Feed the African Giant. The South American and East Asian-Australian Giants seem to be just trying to keep their Heads Down and Attend to their own problems. A perfect Metaphor for Hypercompetitive Ambitions, and Validation for Anger at being Suckered into the same Game by our Programmers. It wasn’t their Fault, they were Programmed the same way. But you have the Privilege of Being Able to Sever the Chain and Revert the Ancient Karmic Curse.

Consider this rapid-fire Chain of astroevents coming up this week…

  • 5-6 December 2022, asteroid Karma Out of Bounds leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn – we Shift from Amplifying the Letting Go of our Self-Destructive Habits to Amplifying the Process of Putting them to Work, either Serving our Goals or Serving our Ego (PST 6:34 pm 5th, GMT 2:34 am 6th, IST 8:04 am 6th, AEDT Qld 12:34 pm 6th).
  • Till 6-7 December, Karma OOB Opposes Chaos OOBThe Safety of our Amplified Karmic and Programmed Limitations Argues with the Excitement of our Brightly Lit Unlimited Potential (peaking PST 10:46 am 6th, GMT 6:46 pm 6th, IST 12:16 am 7th, AEDT Qld 4:46 am 7th).
  • 6-7 December, Mercury OOB leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn – our Exaggerated Attention shifts from Being Aware of Letting Go of Things to Being Acutely Aware of Maintaining them (PST 2:08 pm 6th, GMT 10:08 pm 6th, IST 3:08 am 7th, AEDS Qld 8:08 am 7th).
  • Till 6-7 December, Mercury OOB Opposes Chaos OOBThe Amplified Comfort of our Everyday Understanding of How Reality Works Argues with the Exaggerated Realization that we are Really Unlimited Beings (peaking PST 6:31 pm 6th, GMT 2:31 am 7th, ISP 8:01 am 7th, AEDT Qld 12:31 pm 7th).
  • Till 6-7 December, Mercury OOB Merges with Karma OOBOur Emerging Acute Awareness that Reality Is a Lot Bigger than we Realized, and the Amplified Safety of our Karmic and Programmed Limitations, amid Great Confusion, try to Work Out Compromises that Might Please Both (peaking PST 9:37 pm 6th, GMT 5:37 am 7th, ISP 11:07 am 7th, AEDT Qld 3:37 pm 7th).
  • 7-8 December, Full Moon in 17 GeminiCompulsive Pursuit of a Mysterious Presence that Will Not Show Itself, Only Shadows, Till We Shatter. By Holding Steady through the Shattering, We Ascend to a Higher Frequency (peaking PST 8:08 pm 7th, GMT 4:08 am 8th, IST 9:38 am 8th, AEDT Qld 2:08 pm 8th).
  • Till 7-8 December, Moon OOB Eclipses Mars OOBAmplified Instinctual Anger. Pay Close Attention to This, and Do Not Project It on Anyone Else. Instead, Ask Yourself “What’s the Original Ancient Source of This Anger?” Then Change the Subject. The Answers Will Arrive Soon, from Unexpected Directions (peaking PST 8:18 pm 7th, GMT 4:18 am 8th, IST 9:48 am 8th, AEDT Qld 2:18 pm 8th).
  • Till 7-8 December, Sun Opposes Mars OOBYou Could Get Your Answer Here; if Not, Ask Again and Change the Subject Afterwards (peaking PST 9:41 pm 7th, GMT 3:41 am 8th, IST 9:11 am 8th, AEDT Qld 1:41 pm 8th).
  • Till 7-8 December, Moon OOB Merges with Altjira OOBAltjira, Amplified Here, represents the Field from which Life Sprang. It’s an Excellent Time to PIAVA or Otherwise Perform a Healing. Ask that the Cells Involved Return to Their Perfect Original Blueprint (peaking PST 11:06 pm 7th, GMT 7:06 am 8th, IST 12:06 pm 8th, AEDT Qld 5:06 pm 8th).
  • Till 9-10 December, Sun Opposes Altjira OOBThe Healing Window Remains Wide Open (peaking PST 7:00 am 9th, GMT 3:00 pm 9th, IST 8:30 pm 9th, AEDT Qld 1:00 am 10th).

Use this Rich Green of Vivianite in your Healings. It’s a Hydrated Iron Phosphate. If your lucky enough to use a Vivianite Crystal itself, wrap it carefully in tightly woven cloth or paper, as it loses it Rich Color when exposed to very much Light. You don’t need the Crystal itself to Heal with it. Gaze at the picture Before and if convenient During the Healing, and Imagine Pumping that Rich Heart-Chakra Green into what you’re Healing. You can also use the Color or the Crystal to Strengthen Plants and to Revivify yourself when your Energy fades. Your Mitochondria run on Phosphate. Vivianite is sometimes a Medium-Deep Blue as well. You can see hints of the Blue on the top and right end of this Wand.

By next weekend, Venus follows Mercury and Karma into Capricorn, and Our Own Values will get more Clear.