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September 29, 2015

Some part of most of us Survived all that, eh?  I think we can take a deep Breath and relax a bit; at first glance October looks pretty quiet, though of course something will turn up to keep us entertained, as it always does.  I assume you’ve noticed that you’re new-born.  But, I suspect, not as Vulnerable as we’d expect to be as a new-born, eh?  When a Crab molts, it’s extremely Vulnerable for a while as it runs around nekkid scrambling to eat enough Calcium to harden up it’s new carapace.  But my own shell feels hardened by this Rebirth.  Yours?

The Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and the Conjunction of Centaur Pholus (Responsibility) with dwarf planet Ixion (our Pathological Genius) and asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) continues all month, but in the first few days of October Chiron (Despair to Empathy to Miracle) backs out of its T-Square across it.  So…

In the sense that our Lifelong Challenge is to Own and Support and Protect and Project our socially unacceptable Pathological Genius, Taking Responsibility to do just that (since it’s the Ability side of our Mission), setting the appropriate Boundaries, and indulging our outrageous Fantasies of Unlimited Power to Shift the Trajectory of the Planet, will indeed harden our carapace against Normative Mediocrity and Avarice as Usual.

The Uranus-Eris Conjunction (Continuing to Peel off Masks) Trine-Sextile Bridges (ameliorates) the Opposition.  Later in the month, Jupiter Initiates both Mars and Venus.  The Opposition between Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) and Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), which so thanatologically (Ego-wise) decorated the Eclipse, remains for the first few days of October, but since the two asteroids are moving in opposite directions (Vesta Retrograde, Juno Direct), this Angle fades quickly.  The Opposition is Exact at half-past 5pm PDT ( ) on 30 September, but it’s not a Can-Opener.  Juno has pulled ahead of Lilith by only a Degree, and Makemake remains only one Degree past the North Node.

As the month wears on, we’ll discover how our Dynamic and Magnetic Creative Powers and our Self-Sovereignty have been Transformed.  We should be done with the Ego Death for now, and focused instead on Rebuilding a new Life from the Fresh Violets that remain in the Ancient Pottery Bowl, aided and abetted by our new Discoveries.  We could have a lot of Discoveries in October, as we Discover what’s New and what’s no longer a part of our Disguise.

The dwarf planet Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear and Anger) does still sit between the two Stars of Ill Repute, Capulus and Algol, however, although those Stars bode ill more for the Patriarchy than for Integrity.  We should expect the Patriarchy to continue to lash out irrationally at the Snakes biting its heels for a few more years, till Sedna clears Algol.  Take care to Protect your planets in the penultimate duad (25-28 Degrees) of Taurus.

Plant Some

September 29, 2015

TED may or may not let you stream this TED Talk about Guerilla Gardening, but if not, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to download, and it’s well worth it… 

Authenticity and Self-Sovereignty II

September 24, 2015

mntao7133bpNothing beats a Manganotantalite Crystal, if you can find one, for facilitating Communication.

  Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö 

Pluto, which is Standing Still today (that means it’s influence is much Stronger than usual) represents Transformation.  Since we only see the shadows of “Reality” on our cave wall – which means that the small part of it that our six senses allow us to Witness is filtered through our Limiting Beliefs – we usually spell that “Trance(Re)Formation.”  That is, the Trance that our Limiting Beliefs impose upon us, is up for revision.  Another word we often associate with Pluto is Mandatory or Compulsive.  Shifts promulgated by Pluto are often just that – not optional.  We often perceive them as happening to us rather than something we Created, and since we usually see Pluto as bigger than the Individual, there’s a large grain of Truth there.

There are obviously many many facets and flavors of Ego Death running around, and Pluto qualifies as a trigger for that, though there are multiple other triggers as well.  But what most folks consider the Bigger Transformation is when we Change Vehicles, or Let Go of our current Physical Body.  Here’s a long-time palliative care nurse (that means nursing to the Dying) listing the most frequent Regrets that people have as they’re Letting Go of their Body…

The most frequent Regret is…

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

That’s the Yintegrity we’ve been talking about for the last several years as we’ve worked through our 2012-15 Uranus-Pluto adventures.  The third-most frequent Regret is…

“I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.”

Which we’ve been talking about in the previous post.  Reading that post, you may well come up against a Dilemma.  If no one is willing to hear them, what to do?  There are only so many Pisces Folk around willing to soak up spilled Emotions, and the more Trance Reformations there are, the more Emotions there are to be spilled.  Trance Reformations are usually introduced by a cataract of suppressed Trauma emerging into Consciousness, which triggers a flood of Present-Moment Emotion in response, and Liberates a tsunami of Fear of an Unknown Future.  That’s the best case!  More often, our internal Protectors try to block the original cataract, which then Manifests as untoward exterior Events, creating more Trauma.  Taking Full Responsibility for mopping all that up is a Herculean task.

A paragraph from Van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score, p.296…

“It is one thing to process memories of trauma, but it is an entirely different thing to confront the inner void – the holes in the soul [or aura] that result from not being wanted, not having been seen, and not having been allowed to speak the truth.  If your parents’ faces never lit up when they looked at  you, it’s hard to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished.  If you come from an incomprehensible world filled with secrecy and fear, it’s almost impossible to find the words to express what you have endured.  If you grew up unwanted and ignored, it is a major challenge to develop a visceral sense of agency and self-worth.”

We begin to see why Change is so dangerous, and we haven’t even considered how often it’s purposely hijacked by the internal and external Lizards to their own advantage – the internal Lizards shift the Energy into long-repressed and over-reactive Anger channels, and the external Lizards use the resulting Confusion to stoke their Greed.

So the Planet is awash in a Biblical flood.  What to do?  The Galactic Center informs us that we just have to Take Full Responsibility to move ourself forward one slog at a time.  If there is no one to hear you Express your Feelings, write or paint or draw them out.  Take time to Listen to music that does Express or trigger your Feelings, Notice what happens in your Body when you do, and be Loving and Gentle with it and with yourself.  Love is All There Is.  No matter how horrible a Feeling can be, if you work at it you can find some Empathy for the part of you that Feels it.  “You Poor Baby, that’s Horrible!” and Embrace that Poor part of you.  Even if you Hate that part of yourself, you may be able to find some Empathy for your Hater.  “You Poor Hater, they really treated you Horribly!” 

One small step toward Loving some orphaned part of ourself.

Just opening the door a crack.  More will follow, but none of it will be as hard as that first small step.

If you are lucky enough to have a Feeling-Expression partner to practice with, you’ll have plenty of Challenges with that too.  Mercury (Communication) is Retrograde in early Libra (Introduction to Other), after all.

Mercury Triple-Crosses Vesta, Juno, and Pluto during this Retrogradation.  We usually refer to a Triple-Crossing as the Can-Opener, the Exposition, and the Confidence-Builder; look up one of those terms in the CATEGORIES list if you’re a new reader.  Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) and Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) are the Star Dancers in this weekend’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.  And we know about Pluto now!  Mercury thrice Conjoins Juno, Opposes Vesta, and Squares Pluto.

And by the way, the Eclipse chart features a Quintile Yod to Mars.  A Quintile Yod says this is what we’re Learning here.  Mars symbolizes Action and Assertiveness; it may be Asking you to tone down certain Reactions where you verge on Power-Over, and it may be Asking you to beef up other Reactions where you allow Others to Power-Over you, and probably both.

So what suggestions can we provide that might make Feeling-Expression a little easier?  Maybe these…

  • When someone succeeds in Expressing a Feeling, and they know that it’s been Heard, they usually don’t need to say a lot more (about that Feeling).  You’ll see a shift in their shoulders or their breathing or the tension in their face.  If they’re intellectualizing their Feelings, they’ll go on and on about them and you’ll never get a word in edgewise.  If you get filibustered and can’t find a way to change it, you may just need a different Feeling-Expression partner.
  • Sometimes it works to ask whether or not you’re Hearing their Feelings correctly; “So it sounds like you might be Angry about the way they treated you?”  If “Angry” is a hot-button word for them they might Hear your question as an accusation, but even if they do, it has the potential to move the exchange from Venting to actual Communication.
  • When is it your turn?  Some people are so tangential with their Feelings, or so backed up, that they have no room to Hear anyone else.  Don’t martyr yourself to try to rescue them; that’s a lose-lose strategy.  When you’re bored listening to them repeat themself, it’s time to change venues.
  • If you can introduce a Talking Stick or a timer, that might help, but you’re better off watching for that deep breath or lowering of the shoulders or relaxing of the face muscles as your cue to hand off the Talking Stick, rather than a timer.  A timer can easily introduce greater Frustration.
  • Be watchful for your own Fears and Protections.  If you get uncomfortable hearing someone Fearfully talking about their Fear or Angrily talking about their Anger, that’s a huge clue for you about what you probably need to Open up to.  If you’re unable to be Present and Neutral for the Other, it’s probably best to change the plot.  Even just saying “Whoa, that scares me!” or “I’m really nervous around Anger; can we detour?” or the like has the potential to create progress.  They may be comfortable enough with their process to be able to stop and be Present for you to talk about what’s coming up for you.  Or you may need to take a break and work on your own with Lovingly and Gently Embracing your own Feelings for a while.
  • Any exchange of Feeling Expression can get lost in the Emotions.  It’s a fabulous way to Notice when you or they (or both) get hijacked by the Emotion and are unable to Witness it from a more Present and Neutral part of the Self.  That’s invaluable Guidance, but your exchange may or may not be able to recover from a hijacking.  Even if you can’t recover the exchange, you can follow the Guidance.

It’s a lot easier to list these things than it is to do them.  Remember that Confusion is the First Sign of Growth and that Curiosity is what gives the Cat nine lives.  If you start to get Overwhelmed, Tap on it.  Use Trial and Success – give it a try, see what worked and honor yourself and your practice partner for it, Gently look to see what might be improved and be Loving and Gentle with your tendency to self-criticize.  If you can do such a post-mortem with your exchange-mate, that’d be very valuable.

Authenticity and Self-Sovereignty

September 23, 2015

rhodoc2982bpRhodochrosite Crystals, symbol of the Heart’s Tenderness.

A reader writes…

“I still seem to be alienating everyone in my crosshairs; my orphan, abandonment, archetype, as well as non.acceptance from my ‘family of origin,’ and other sundry members, mirroring back their disdain of me?  hmmmmm.  I speak what I feel, and that is very hard for others.”

Yup, welcome to the club.  Our Olde Ego will try every trick at its disposal to help us Resist Rebirth, because the Ego is in charge of keeping us Safe, and at least in some sense it’s been working (we’re still alive), while that Rebirth stuff is Unknown, and very risky!  What it we lose the Privileges and Comforts we have?  Rebirth is a one-way ticket, you can’t go Home again. 

So you bet, all of our historical and Karmic trans-Lifetime Traumas are up in our face.  The modern experiment with Individualism is not old, and our current Uranus-Pluto version of it dates only from the 1960s.  The roots of our Species are in Community, the realms where Identity was not Individual at all, Identity consisted only of our roles in our Community.  It’s so easy to Identify with job and family and locality (and religion and race!) because those Archetypes have deep history – Patterns developed in millennia of  Repetitions. 

Through most of Western Civilization, only Royalty had any opportunity to explore Individuation, and that was very constrained.  Once the Industrial Devolution elevated Money to the primary means of exchange (rather than, eg, labor exchanged directly for the right to eat), anyone could potentially live as Royalty, if they were avaricious enough.  The lure of that potential is what feeds Greed.  If you read French history, it’s shocking how similar the stories are to today, Royalty is just replaced by today’s sports heroes, entertainers, vulture capitalists, and the rest of the 0.1%.

The Uranus-Pluto Cycle alternates between 115 years and 140 years, depending on whether Pluto is closer to us, in and around Scorpio, or farther from us, in and around Taurus.  The previous Cycle began in 1851.  We don’t get a lot of practice – that is, few Repetitions – with this Energy.  This is only our second Exploration of it since the Industrial Devolution began.

When we personalize our Traumas, it was our fault that we were Traumatized.  The result is a lack of Self-Trust and a deep-seated lack of Self-Love.  That’s what’s being Mirrored back to you.  What happens when we move to the space of “What you think of me is none of my business?”  The Abandonment and Fear we feel when we Imagine that space is our Community Archetype in action.  But we do need to Imagine that space, and perhaps even Embrace it and work towards it, PIAVA it.  And we most certainly need to be Actively Loving and Gentle with any and all of our Resistance to that space.  Compulsive Pleasing is a guaranteed ticket to the lowest common denominator.

Then there’s the matter of how we Speak our Feelings.  There are useful protocols, like Non-Violent Communication or NVC…

To start with, you might want to take your associates out of “your crosshairs” and instead put them In the Light.  There are many “rules” for Speaking our Truth that aren’t always easy to use.  A random sample of these…

  • “I” Statements only, using only Emotion words as the adverb, and no object allowed – “I Feel [Angry, Sad, etc.], period.”  You can find lists of Emotion words on the internet, but be very careful using adjectives or nouns instead of adverbs; you’re on thin ice.  For instance, one list includes “a waste” as an Emotion-word, but it’s really a very loaded intellectualization of an Emotion.  To me, even “wasted” seems more like a Physical condition than an Emotion.
  • “I am [Emotion-word]” is an expression of Identity, not an expression of Feeling.  By simply switching from “I am” to “I Feel” you may be able to Witness your Feelings rather than being Possessed by them.  That simple step can produce Miracles.
  • “I Feel E-word because __” isn’t an expression of Feeling, it’s an intellectualization of your Feelings.  Intellectualizations of Feelings are almost always wrong.  You could Feel that way because of unprocessed remnants from your Lifetime in Rome, not because of your family of origin.  Even if your family-of-origin members were with you there in Rome (which isn’t unlikely), they’ll probably interpret your remarks as Present-Moment.
  • “I Feel E-word because you __” isn’t an expression of Feeling, it’s an accusation.  Don’t be surprised if Defensiveness is the result.
  • “I Feel like __” is also an intellectualization, not an expression of Feeling.
  • Just because you’re expressing your Feelings cleanly, doesn’t mean they’ll be received cleanly.
  • For instance, “I Feel E-word when you __” is part of a strategy that NVC recommends – it’s relatively clean, but will often still be heard as an accusation.
  • If you are able to express your Feelings cleanly, and you do it meticulously, it at least allows you to Discern whether or not you’re being heard.
  • If you aren’t being heard, there isn’t much you can do about it.  That’s when people raise their voices.  When someone else raises their voice, do you recognize that you need to Listen harder, or do you stop Listening?  When you raise your voice, do others recognize that they need to Listen harder, or do they stop Listening?
  • Expressing your Feelings, cleanly or not, does not obligate another to want to hear them.  It’s useful to test the waters first, before you throw your Pearls before pink animals.
  • You can gain a great deal by exploring your Feelings in your Body rather than talking about them.  Where do you Experience it?  What does it Feel like, Physically?  Is it constant, or variable?  Tense or loose?  Physically Painful?  Does it move around?  Are you thinking?  Do thoughts change how you Experience it?  Stay with it for a while.
  • If your Feeling is intense, you might want to Tap on it a few times until it lightens up a bit, before you talk about it: .
  • We are all moving toward our True Community or Tribe, where we are usually understood, but that search will be delayed by lack of Self-Love.  If we Judge ourself, we’ll Judge our True Community too.  We may need to Date a Mystic.
  • Imagine how you’ll Feel when you do find your True Community, and do that as frequently and as long as you possibly can.  If you’re honest with yourself when your Yes-Buts arise (you’ll be Dating your Mystic Self), this is probably the fastest way to Manifest True Community.
  • Once it’s easy for you to sink into that Feeling and stay there much of the time, you’ll be your own True Community, and you won’t need Others to Validate you.  Then you’ll attract Others like you because they’ll enjoy your company, not because they feel obligated to Validate your Feelings.
  • For many of us, our Families of Origin are a primary source of our current-Lifetime Trauma.  We can’t expect them to help us work through our Trauma, because they were very likely either as Traumatized as we were, or they were the perpetrator!  Unfortunately, it’s often both.  We have to work through our Traumas with Supportive Others, professional or otherwise, before we can be Discerning about our Safety around our FOO, and Self-Loving enough to permanently remove ourself from People who are Toxic to us.

Bessel Van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent summary of the latest research in methodologies that do and don’t help us release the Trauma that can arise from Abuse (remembered or not), Accidents, Disasters, Karma, and even from chronic mistreatment such as teasing, bullying, or disrespect.  He points out the research showing that Trauma is lodged in the brain, not in the mind.  While it can be accessed and healed through the Body, the mind can’t even see it.  Most of us carry some degree of Trauma, and it’s a major contributor to our Alienation.

Great Work of Our Time IIIa

September 22, 2015

WordPerfect screwed up the link to that great “Don’t Date a Mystic” article in Great Work III, as WP can’t handle the double dash between “love” and “madness.”  You can read it all at…

The Great Work of Our Time III

September 22, 2015


Heart-Shaped Eyes ( ), with a bow of Thanks, leads us to another Perspective on the Great Work of Our Time – toppling Greed and the Patriarchy.  Permaculture can only help us assure that we can eat next year, it won’t burn the shingles to maximize quarterly profits.  Here’s a fabulous anthem for this view of The Work… 

Which is the perfect metaphor for our Sun-Juno-Lilith-Makemake-Rahu Stellium and multiple Initiations on the cusp of Libra, aka the Northern Autumn and Southern Spring Equinox, and with both Chaos and Pluto Standing Still.  Not to mention that other Stellium that’s Square to this one.

Rahu is the Hindu name for the North Node or Dragon’s Head; Ketu for the South Node or Dragon’s Tail.

In case you’ve never noticed, Mother Nature is a Mystic.  She’s also a Scorpio.  Scorpio will give you a lot of rope – many chances to show that your lack of Integrity and Responsibility were just oversights not to be repeated – but then, once the rope runs out, Scorpio has no more for you, and there is no turning back.  The end of the rope isn’t tied to the mast.  That was “for a World whose time is over.”  Humans have been dating Mother Nature and thinking of Her as an ATM for a long time now.

More Great Work of Our Time

September 21, 2015


If you haven’t seen Paul Gautschi’s fabulous Back to Eden film (and especially if you have), here’s a wonderful recent summary of Paul’s simple strategy for Sustainability…

You can find the movie at…

The pitches at the top and bottom of the page are for the DVD and the multiple-language Vimeo version.  In between them (the Lettuce picture) there’s a “Watch Back to Eden Film for Free” section.

And here’s a wonderful snippet of film, with commentary, from a Geoff Lawton visit to Vietnam…

Every gardener and armchair gardener, no matter how humble, needs to read the Toby Hemenway book referenced there.

I Dentity – September’s Bottom Line

September 20, 2015

The Bottom Line here in September 2015 is I-Dentity.  Whatever it is that is causing you Physical or Emotional or Other Pain, it’s root is in your Identity – Who You Believe Yourself To Be, aka your “Ego,” though Ego is commonly used to mean Selfishness, not Identity, so the word isn’t very useful here.  Psychologically, the role of the Ego is to keep us Alive, so anyone you know who brags about being “beyond” Ego in that sense, is talking from the grave (which voices of course can be useful, if they really are beyond Vanity and Agendas).  You’re being Asked, often not at all gently or politely, to loosen your Identification with whatever is creating your Pain. 

“You” are NOT your Body; “you” Inhabit your Physical Vehicle.  It’s important, take good care of it.  Change the oil and drive carefully.  But don’t BE it.  Fender-benders are Painful!

“You” are NOT your Emotions; your Emotions serve to Guide you through daily Life, as long as they aren’t stuck in the distant Past.  If your Emotions are causing you Pain this month, it’s either because for some reason you are unable to follow their Guidance, or because they are not Relating to the Present Moment, but to some Past Trauma – usually both.  Focusing on your Physical Experience moment to moment may help you root out whatever blocks your Present-Moment access to your all-important Emotional Guides.

“You” are NOT your mind.  Mind is Dualistic and Reductionist; “you” are Infinite and Whole, whether you know it or not moment to moment.

“You” are NOT “your” Spirit.  Spirit is Energy, it does not have Boundaries the way Matter does.  If Spirit is bringing you Grief, it may be because your sense of Identity is not sufficiently Defined.

“You” are NOT your Karma, though of course we all believe ourselves to Be exactly that, or we’d all be Free.  That’s a tautology.

“You” ARE your Consciousness.  While the Edges of Consciousness are very flexible and Change constantly, its Boundaries do exist.  At one moment you ARE your sibling’s sibling, at another your Job, your Family, your Country, your Hunger, your Gender, your car, your lawn, your Relationship, your Addictions, etc etc.  All you need to Change Consciousness is Intention; it’s Changed already before you even think it.

Step out of your Pain by shifting your Consciousness.  WHO would you have to be, to be free of your Pain?  Would that be an attractive Identity for you, or would it cause other problems?  Do you actually WANT to be free of your Pain, or is it a Safe cocoon for you?  There are an infinite number of marks on the Wheel of Consciousness.  Keep turning till you find one you like.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius; The Most Important Thing is Letting Go.  There are a lot of other astroindications indicating this – the upcoming Eclipse on the Opposition between Vesta (Belief) and Juno-Lilith (Consciousness-Yindependence) just to give one example, not to mention the incredible Galactic Center Stellium (Taking Full Responsibility for Who You Really Are and Grieving the Loss of Who You Used to Think You Were).

You may use some of these words differently.  If your mind objects to any of these suggested Perspectives, you’ve found a place where you’re having difficulty Letting Go; it’s a Powerful clue.  This blog should be Useful for Opening you to New Perspectives.  If you regard it as an Authority of any kind, then shift your Consciousness by Intending to Be Your Own Authority!  You are anyway; it’s only a question of whether you should choose to accept the assignment.

The Great Work of Our Time

September 20, 2015

Excerpts from “The Great Work of Our Time,” by John Liu, in Permaculture, Autumn 2015, pp.4-8…

“Right now, the funds needed to address climate change are swirling in a vortex of highly paid consultants who endlessly debate what to do.  This financial capital needs to flow to the individual and the collectivised farmers, gardeners, and landscape restorers who, through their efforts to increase soil carbon, increase the height of vegetative canopies and protect biodiversity, are leading our species’ efforts to mitigate and adapt to human induced climate change.  Imagine what we could do if we engaged people worldwide in restoring the Earth’s ecological function?”

“A significant and growing number of people are teaching themselves and others how to grow biologically healthy diverse soils rich in organic matter.  They are learning that increases in organic material and microbiologic communities in the soil also retain vastly more moisture, especially when constantly covered by perennial vegetative growth.  These same people are learning to grow closed canopy, multi-story polyculture food forests.  These perennial systems align human systems with nature and have an entirely different result than continuing to practice neolithic agriculture or our current toxic industrialised agricultural model.”

“We cannot erode the fertility and hydrological regulation, and kill the microbial communities that build the Earth’s living soils, and expect to have more productivity.  You may have short-term gains from artificial inputs, but over the long term you collapse the system and have nothing.”

“Acknowledging what is real also means turning our backs on what is false.  We are the end of an era that will be known mainly for its waste, pollution, materialism, wanton violence and foolish addiction to fossil fuels.  It can be frightening to change but, when you think about what we are leaving behind, change can be seen to be a very good thing.  We need to change so many things.  This is our chance.  Not only can we address climate change and make our food systems healthier and more resilient, we can and must remake human society and economy to be fair for everyone.  This is being recognised and this knowledge can empower people all over the world, engaging their creativity and giving their lives meaning.

“As the endgame of this unsustainable era plays out, many people are standing on the sidelines.  Their intelligence, imagination, energy and abilities are needed to move to the next level in human consciousness.”

Read the full article at…

Find more about Permaculture magazine at…

Watch John’s films at…

Watch more Permaculture videos at…

We have five years and three months before the Robots begin to take over, and the Robots will be in the service of the Haves, not the Havenots.  Despite rumors of Harmony and Trust Abounding, Aquarius is an Air Sign – intellect.  It’s not about the Heart.  The Haves will continue to consolidate their Power and squeeze as much Life as they can out of the Havenots, and we will need to create our own alternative Life without the Master’s Money.  Another advantage of perennial canopy is that it hides a Food Forest from Google Earth and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s insatiable thirst for taxation.

The Digital Age replaces the Industrial Revolution wholesale beginning with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of December 2020.  Meanwhile, the incipient Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl and Uranus-Pluto Ouija Board Cycles continue to expand their domain, preparing a fallback for the Atlantean collapses of the Digital Age.

Up Next (18.9.15)

September 18, 2015

4gcwallsA slot-canyon tributary of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

We’ve a very nice bundle of Grace going for us for the next day or several, that will help us find a Sustainable Response to Fear and Anger and help us understand how to set good Boundaries that Protect our True Self without being offensive.

Respectively, a Grand Trine between Sedna, Ceres, and the Sun, and a Grand Trine between Pallas, Uranus, and Venus, the latter stretched into a Kite focused on the Mercury Station.

At least through the end of September, we’re still trying to find the Miracles that will allow us to tap our Unlimited Potential to Express our most Potent but most buried Selves.  The key is not to worry about Manifesting the Miracles, but Focus on what you’re Learning about Miracles, Self-Expression, and your Limiting Beliefs.

Chiron’s backing out of its long-term T-Square with Chaos and Ixion, but it’s got another Degree to go before it’s liberated.  Meanwhile, the Chaos-Ixion Opposition is getting very close, but Chaos turns Retrograde before it’s Exact.

Meanwhile, Expect the next week to be very Intense.  We’re likely to get glimpses of Bright Light, but shining through a haze of Jello.  The order of the week is Transformation into Unlimited Potential, but it could also feel like a dark tunnel into lack of definition.  Keep bringing the Focus of your Attention back to What you Want, while being careful not to limit yourself to any defined Mechanism.  Stay with What, and eschew How.  Sometimes talking about it helps make it Real, but here you’ll be better off Meditating on it rather than talking about it.

Both Chaos and Pluto are Stationary 23-24 September, Chaos turning Retrograde and Pluto turning Direct.  Pluto Stations often feel like swimming in Jello; I can’t say I recall my Experience of any recent Chaos Stations, but being prepared to Reach for the Stars will be a boon.  Pluto and Chaos are Quadrinovile to one another, four ninths of the way ’round the loop.  The Quadrinovile is about gaining Dominion through Solitude and Self-Observation.

Then the big Harvest Moon Total Eclipse on 27 September.  As we’ve said, we do have great respect for a Total Eclipse, as a Great Illumination of some element of Reality that for some reason we hadn’t paid any Attention to before this.  Like for instance, suppose the American “media” suddenly realized, “Omigosh, Bernie’s been right all along – there really are some pretty important issues here, like Sea Level Rise and Income Inequality and Racism and Women’s Rights, that we’ve inadvertently overlooked because we thought youall were more entertained by The Donald’s flatulence!  Sorry, we were just so focused on what he might say next!” 

If we’re awake to it, we should receive major Epiphanies about our Limiting Beliefs and What we might gain by dunking over them.  It’s often said that “If we can Visualize it, we’re halfway there.”  If we can Feel what it will Feel like when we are there, then we don’t even need to go there, we can just Enjoy the Feeling, because in fact we are there!  Imagine what it will Feel like when you have absolute Sovereignty over your Actions and Thoughts and Feelings, moment to moment.  Not the ability to censor your Feelings, but Mastery of them, so that you Respond to them appropriately, without being overwhelmed by them, dismissing them, or becoming their Victim.

The Eclipse is at 5 of Aries, “A Triangle with Wings.”  Elsie didn’t say whether it was a Grand Trine or a T-Square or a Finger of God.  The Mirror Point, 5 Libra (the Sun) is “A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘new world’ could be built.”  As the Chiron T-Square foresees, the Eclipsed Moon Conjoins Vesta (our Beliefs) while on the other end of the bar, both Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) Conjoin the Sun.