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Getting Wild Again7

March 15, 2022

Readers have been wondering about the Long Picture – how current events might relate astrologically to past events. The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation is our primary Long-Picture event, and its history and herstory are certainly noteworthy. Pholus has a very elongated orbit, so at times it travels almost as slowly as Quaoar, and at other times much faster. So while each overall Cycle spans about 100-125 years at this time, the span between the hard Angles (Conjunction, Square, Opposition, or Merger, Challenge, Argument ) is as little as 6 years and as much as 80 years!

At the 1798 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, Napoleon was just departing on his mission to subdue the Middle East, sailing for Egypt. If 成Pootin’ follows this precedent, Ukraine is indeed just a baby step. Napoleon, however, as did Hitler, ended up Losing it all trying to escape the Russian Plains in winter. So 成Pootin’ will have been better off just taking a winter holiday in Sochi. We’ve discovered why 成Pootin’ is so angry. It’s not Roid Rage as some have suggested (that’s Steroid, not asteroid). He’s angry at his mother because he wanted to be named 成Ras Pootin’, not 成Vladimir.

Shortly after the 1900 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, the Bolsheviks had what Lenin later called a “Dress Rehearsal” for their later, successful Revolution against the Tsar and Tsarina, and their pal 成Rasputin hisself (滮). As they say, history doesn’t repeat, it alliterates. Or, given Huper nature, maybe that should be obliterates. But, this being an Initiation, let’s compare it to the usual situation around Initiations. A New Cycle Begins, and the New Energy is very prominent in the buildup to the Initiation. But then, after the Initiation, the folks who are heavily Invested in the old Cycle crank up the Propaganda Machine, and re-convince everyone that the Old Cycle Energy is really the Cat’s Pajamas. The New Energy doesn’t break through to become the Main Effect until the Waxing Square.

If we compare it to, say, the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Sources of Inner Wisdom were all Dominant Topics leading up to the October 1965 Initiation in 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board: The ability to contact deeper rescesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens”

All that seemed to fade away in the subsequent several decades, as Ronnie Reagan and Bill Clinton began moving all the money to the Greedheads.

The money, of course, like the Killing, was the Old Energy, left over from the dying embers of the 1851 Uranus-Pluto Initiation. The Quija Board was growing underground, and ’round about the Waxing Octile, halfway to the Waxing Square, the Harmonic Convergence came along…

And then, finally, there was 2012, the Waxing Square…

There are a few Retards still trying to Deny Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Inner Wisdom, but they’re so far out of Time that they won’t have any Staying Power. The Worldwide 癒癒癒NO!!! Response to 成Pootin’ is an example, and Throwbacks like Governors 成duhSanta and 成Costello, House Minority Leader 成Snerd and Charles Manson’s Twin Brother Senator 成Joe are here only for their Comic Effect, to entertain the Dying.

If we return to our earler reading that the Quaoar-Pholus (Survival-Responsibility) Cycle is about Global Climate Change et al,1 while Recognizing that 成Pootin’s Russia has been making its living from its CO2– and Methane-Belching Oil and Gas Industry, and while Listening to the current chorus of Oil Pimps in the US and UK jumping up and down and rooting for Drill Baby Drill! – so Obviously the Old Energy – we could then suppose that we won’t find Relief from Climate Change till the Waxing Pholus-Quaoar Square. If it’s not Too Late by then.2 Pholus is currently near its Aphelion (far away, as in traveling Slowly), Holding Hands with Quaoar, so they will continue to Dance Together Cheek-to-Cheek twice a year until the 2060s!

  • 1 Mother Gaia’s Rapid Evolvution, including giving Hupers a small taste of their own Toxic “Medicine,” that’s the Core of the Issue. Weather and Climate and their Correlates like Wildfires and Sea-Level Rise, are just symptoms. Huperity needs to Reanimate Nature and move into Collaboration with it, instead of Competition and Control, before much will Change. The Demise of the Patriarchy is a small part of the overall Change.
  • 2 I doubt that it will be Too Late, though there will certainly be Permanent Changes, as their already are – it’s just more Huper Hubris to Assume that it’s Up To Us Peons – which is NOT a reason to slack off on our Efforts to Change the Trend.

We’ve just been through the Initiation – the first Conjunction of a New Cycle – of a New Quaoar-Pholus Cycle. We refer to the first Conjunction as the “Can-Opener” because it usually opens a “Can of Worms” or Major Hassle, in this case, several columns of Tanks filled with young, expendable, still-wet-behind-the-ears Russian conscripts, unfortunately and tastelessy given Live Ammunition. If we were “Living Right,” we’d have Unwound our Dependence on the Old-Cycle Energy long before the New Cycle Began.

Once we’re past the Can-Opener, those who haven’t Let Go and are still making Money or Ego off the Energy of the Old Cycle go to great lengths to Convince the rest of us that the Old Cycle is not only Better but Necessary, and the New Energy is Whacko. I mean, it’s New, and it wasn’t Created by Madison Avenue, so it must be Whacko, right? Meanwhile, as Time goes by, it gets harder and harder for them to Convince us, and despite its Relative Invisibility, it gets Easier and Easier, for anyone who’s Open to it, to Embrace the New Energy. When Outer Planets Conjoin or temporarily Merge their Energies, they usually do so several to many times. Subsequent Conjunctions are called “Expositions,” because they Expose what’s really going on and, if we Pay Attention, give us additional information about the nature of the Cycle.

So what do we do, or How do we be, about this? Well, it’s a Fool’s Errand to try outshouting the Old-Energy Carnies, but we can Recognize that their Death Knell will be Loud and Long, and Let their coattails Fund our own efforts.3 We can Stay Awake to the Expositions and Take Advantage of their Opportunities to hone our Approach to our Underground Efforts to Co-Manifest the New Energy. We can Recognize that it’s a multi-Generational Project, and Team Up with younger people who can absorb our Contributions and carry them Forward after we Step through the Veil. Of course we’ll base our own Future on the New Energy, because it’s the one that will Survive. But it’ll take a while, so we won’t Bet the Farm on it yet, rather we’ll slowly Develop it as a Cash Stream separate from our Sustenance.

The first Exposition Conjunction occurs on 6 June 2022. It should be detectable at least a week prior to that date, as all Outer-Planet Angles are. Wouldn’t hurt to mark our Calendar two weeks ahead, so we can train our Sensitivity to pick up on the Early Impacts. The next dozen Expositions are…

  • 8 February and 22 May 2023,
  • 31 January and 31 May 2024,
  • 27 January and 6 June 2025,
  • 26 January and 8 June 2026,
  • 29 January and 7 June 2027, and
  • 4 February and 2 June 2028.

I don’t differentiate Retrograde events from Direct events, but if you do, the May and June events are the Retrograde ones, the January and February events Direct. These twice-yearly Hints Exposing the New Energy will continue into the 2060s, another 40 years! The Old-Energy Propagandizers will probably do the same. Remind me before 2029 and I’ll extend the list.4

The actual (first) Waxing Square, when the New Energy moves into the Mainstream, occurs 23 June 2081. That’ll be a Can-Opener, so train your Children to train their Children (and another Generation or two if you’re already Old as Dirt – if you’re old as me, we’d be talking about our Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren) to have the Grand Opening of their New-Energy Respect-for-Nature Endeavor the week of 23 June 2081.5 The secret to success is to Find a Need and Fill It, right? Well, by the time you Pay Attention to 40 Expositions, you should have a pretty good idea of what sort of Need will “Suddenly” and “Surprisingly” (as Sudden and Surprising as a Murder of Tanks) Exist in volume in 2081, and whether or not it’s a Need that you and your Spawn will be Fulfilled by Filling.

  • 3 No, we aren’t suggesting that anyone Invest in the Oil and Gas Industry, or Factory Farming, or any other CO2 or Methane-Belching Endeavor. But we are suggesting that, if we could find a way to Fund our Lifestyle on the coattails of those Industries, without increasing their Pollution and without getting Attached or Co-opted, then we’d be able to Avoid having to add a Marketing Budget for our Project, because their Propaganda will do it for us. Servicing Air-Conditioners, for instance, or Affordable Storm-Proof and Fire-Proof Roofing and Siding.3a These Industries are Dying, but their Death could take 40-60 years or more. Just be sure not to get Emotionally Involved, so you can Leap Easily to your Real New-Energy Horse in mid-stream.
  • 3a When our Refrigerator quit Refrigerating, we called the local Repair-Any-Reefer guy, and he came out, pulled a cover off the inside of the freezer, told us that our coolant had all leaked out, that he could fix it but it would just leak again, suggested we just buy a new one, charged us $120, and walked out the door. If you had a business like that, maybe charging less but charging separately for travel expense, just think of how much New-Energy Business Development you could Fund while Living Well and Harmlessly.
  • 4 Or, if you have fancy software that will list of all of the 21st-Century Pholus-Quaoar Tropical Conjunctions at the push of a button, Let me Know and I’ll publish it here, giving you the credit of course (or not, if you prefer anonymity). Or, if you want to monetize it, I’ll advertise it here for you.
  • 5 Of course, everything will be Digital or Virtual by then, but the next several Generations will be more hip to that than we are.

2020 Part 3

July 15, 2019

Bob in Australia writes…

“Preparedness it would seem is the key to cope with the impending and already occurring upheaval caused by the inevitable collapse and/or major re-adjustment of our global economic system as already foreseen by current and future Astrological energies and which is now being confirmed by mainstream 3D opinion. Glimpses are appearing as evidenced by this blog of alternative path(s) to this disaster and on a collective level awareness of how to take advantage of this new paradigm will occur en-masse as individuals.

“We simply do not know how many individuals globally have this same belief and to what effect and to paraphrase this blog ‘this hidden genius and unlimited potential’ will have in a collective 5D fashion. For mine I am also extremely curious about how it will also effect the other impending crisis, global warming! Perhaps some interpretation of the most salient Sabian symbols of this upcoming Astrological energy might give us a clue?”

The upcoming Full Moon (which I’ll write about in more detail soon) features an Epiphany Configuration (Mj繹lnir) to the symbol for Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) that implies a Rebirth of our Essence (from Haumea Square Sun). To imagine that World Population, or even Aunt Sally, needs to Shift before we can (or Want to) Shift is not a Self-Sovereign posture. Yes, We Are All One, but that can also be read as We Are Alone, and it’s Both/And. One way, perhaps the only way, to get beyond the Control Issues that any and all Egos have, and to also Respect Free Will, is to Lead by Example.

Yes, I think we need to see both Climate Change and the presumed pending Collapse of the still-Colonial Economic and Financial and Political “Order” (which is very much a Reflection of the state of 3D Huperity), as symptoms of the same Underlying Energy. The End of the Patriarchy is another symptom. Mother Earth Claiming Her Own Sovereignty is one name that is often used for the Underlying Energy, but even that may be “just” a Projection of our Frustration over the growing chasm between what our Hearts know to be Possible and what our Senses see happening. Maybe that is the Underlying Energy Shift. Or the budding Age of Aquarius, with it’s Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding.

We can have Images of what the Earth “splitting in two” (or more) may look like, but we have no way of knowing what’s Metaphor and what’s not. In fact, to assume It’s All Metaphor is probably the best course, even if that may Terrify parts of our Ego. Or maybe because that may Terra-fy parts of our Ego – help Ego Recognize that the Ground of Life-the-Universe-and-Everything is Energy and Consciousness. Matter may not be Illusion in all senses of the word, but it can certainly Transform in the blink of an eye – all we have to do is Change our Perspective. And that’s true without even leaving Isaac Newton’s World.

We’re still looking at the Unfolding of 2012’s Uranus Square Pluto – being Challenged by the Compulsion to Embrace our Soul as Self. Uranus is now Waxing Biseptile to Pluto. The “Bi” part is the Second Harmonic, the Priestess, Guardian of the Rules. The Septile part is about Timing. So yes, it’s Time for the Rules to Change, and with Uranus in Taurus it’s how the Rules interact with Hardcopy Reality that are up for Revision. The Sabian Symbol for this Uranus-Pluto Cycle is “A Ouija Board.” It wouldn’t hurt to review the Initiation chart, which I’ll do when I get time. The 1965 Initiation Opposed Chiron, Master of Perspective Changes. On Roke that would be the Master Patterner.

But by far the Most Important Thing is that we, as much as we can, Let Go of Mechanisms and Focus our Attention on Outcomes.

Unless we’re Rube Goldberg hisself, it’s a lot easier to be Serious about Imagining Outcomes we’ve yet to Experience in our Current Lifetime, than it is to Seriously Imagine Mechanisms that we haven’t Encountered. To Imagine that we, with such Finite Senses, Understand how Infinite “Reality” works is pure Hubris, even if we include our Limitless Intuition. Yet we were – are – so thoroughly Programmed to Believe that it works through Cause and Effect, that thinking a sentence that doesn’t involve Cause and Effect is very difficult. Small Wonder that we disavow Miracles so thoroughly that we often don’t even Believe our Ouija Boards.

Manifesting in 3D and 5D

January 28, 2019

Manifesting in 5D is all about Cooperation and Collaboration and Receiving. In 3D it’s more about Effort and Persistence and “Winning.” Here’s an example…

We’ve spoken of the Sidhe, the True “Fairies” of Irish folklore ( already, as I was introduced to them in a Fairy Study Circle created by Michael Polarski, of Fairy and Human Relations Congress Fame – which we’ve also spoken of (see So I jumped at the chance when Jeremy Berg, a major Sidhe collaborator…

…came to a nearby town to present a workshop. I was a little surprised at the time by how quickly I Responded, since the town was far enough away that I would normally have had to work fairly hard to convince myself to make the trip.

In a completely unconnected process, the week before Jeremy’s workshop, one of my clients asked me to attend an all-day meeting being held the day before the workshop. My client’s meeting was to occur in another town only a few miles from the workshop, and they offered to provide lodging before and after the meeting.

Tremendous stroke of luck, as it meant that I didn’t have to get up before dawn to travel to either! As my client was making these arrangements, they suggested I bring my wife and have a “second honeymoon.” Well, unbeknownst to my client, it turned out that the meeting was happening in the same hotel that our wedding reception had been held in years before! Another remarkable coincidence – or remarkable Intuition on the part of my client.

So, we went to the meeting and the workshop, and assisting Jeremy in the workshop, unbeknownst to me when I signed up, was a friend, remarkable person, and fabulous Irish Harpist, Peter Berry ( Well, Peter, with his Harp and his incredible Bardic Genius for Story, was the officiant who married us!

Not knowing these remarkable “coincidences,” Jeremy sketched out the Sidhe way of relating to their Reality, which sounded a lot like what we might Call 5D Manifesting, where we’re in Cooperation and Collaboration with the Energies and Forces around us. That’s one of the fundamental purposes for this blog, hoping to help us understand the Forces swirling around us at any given time, so we can more Easily Cooperate and Collaborate.

I don’t normally get this personal in this blog, but the Story is too “coincidental” to resist telling. Back in 2012, when the World As We Know It was Ending, we spoke a lot about how a New Energy Manifests at the Beginning of a Cycle between two planets, when a faster planet passes a slower one, and the slower (more Powerful) planet Initiates the faster one, or provides Shaktipat so that the faster planet can serve to Implement the Program of the slower one.

After the Initiation – when the New Energy is Prominent, the New Energy moves underground, as the Masters of the Old Obsolete Energy work to save their Investments by Forcing the Old Energy to appear to still be Working. If we understand these Cycles, and know where we are in which Cycles, we can ignore the Old-Energy-serving headlines, we can “no longer lend our Strength to that which we wish to be Free From” (as Jewel puts it), and put our Efforts into helping the New Energy take hold.

The New Energy comes into its own when the faster planet is three Signs ahead of (“Waxing Square to”) the slower planet. In 2012 Uranus Waxed Square to Pluto, finally bringing the Energy of the 1960s (when Pluto Initiated Uranus) out into the mainstream. We Intuit the nature of a Cycle first by the nature of the planets involved, then by the Sabian Symbol of the Degree in which the Initiation occurred, and third by the Birth chart of the Initiation.

One meaning for Pluto is Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation, and another is Compulsion. The interpretation we use for Uranus is the Individual Soul. So the 150-year-long Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about a Compulsion to Transform our Lives so that our Ego Identifies more with our Soul or Mission. You’ll notice that we talk about that quite a bit, especially now that Uranus is Edging into Taurus (Soul Merging with Flesh), which it does again in about six weeks.

The Sabian Symbol for the Pluto-Uranus Initiation was “A Ouija Board” – Opening up to the Mysterious. The chart of the Initiation is quite remarkable (

So I was thinking last week about how I should be giving examples of the Waxing Square stage of Cycles, where the New Energy is coming out of the Closet, and see if we can Relate that to the Initiation, which we more often write about. So this evening I looked to see which Cycles were at the Waxing Square, that we could write about, and lo, Mars was Waxing Square to Saturn just last week, on 21 January.

So, when was the Initiation, and what did we write about it? I’m not trying to make this a test or testament about these methods, as I didn’t invent them – blame Dane Rudhyar for that – because, after having seen these methods work over the last half-century, I know that if I don’t understand, it’s because there’s New Information coming into my Consciousness, and it’d Behoove me to Pay Attention!

We Interpret Saturn as “The Most Important Thing” or the First Priority, and Mars as Action. So the Mars-Saturn Cycle would be about how well we Prioritize our Actions, and whether they Further our Goals. We have the admitted Bias that we Believe our Goals (at least while Uranus is as Lit Up as it has been) should be devoted to Opening our Ego to Adapt to Knowing and Surrendering to our Soul.

So if we go back to 2 April 2018 to find the Saturn-Mars Initiation, we find this (…

If we were examining Projects were beginning now (this Rebirth, for example), and hence using larger Sensitivities, wed see that the Saturn-Mars Initiation is also Merged with the Quaoar and Pholus Stations.

“This means that The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Act (Mars) to Be Responsive to our Survival Instincts, and by extension to our Hidden Genius. The Saturn-Mars Initiation occurs on 2 April (9am PDT) at 9 Capricorn, ‘An Angel carrying a harp.’ This begins a two-year Cycle where this Angel will facilitate our Actions when they Align with Being Responsive to our Survival and that of our Unique Genius.”

“An Angel carrying a harp!” And of course, the stated Reason that the Sidhe are Approaching our Dimension now is because they sense that we’re about to Commit Cultural and Environmental Suicide, and they’d like to help us Choose to Avoid such a “Fate,” partly because they Live in a Parallel Dimension on the same Planet, and our Suicide will impact them as well. Continuing with our April quote…

“So ‘you who philosophize Disgrace and criticize all Fears, take the rag away from your face, cuz now aint the Time for your Tears,’ as Bobby D put it. God/Goddess is on our side after all. Its been a tough week, but the prognosis is good.

“You also got cheated out of a readable chart of the Healing Abuse Full Moon (see penultimate post) with its Decisions-about-Abuse-and-Privilege Paradox School, in the heavy lines

The light lines show that the impending Saturn-Mars Initiation T-Squares the Full Moon, but Trine-Bridges the Decisions-about-Abuse-and-Privilege central axis of the Yin Gate. Which is to say that if we Act to Be Responsive to our Survival Instincts, and by extension to our Hidden Genius, it will Heal our Abuse Histories Paradoxically.

“Which is good, because its going to be a lot easier to Act-to-Be-Responsive-to-our-Survival-Instincts than it would be to Act-to-Heal-our-Abuse-Histories, for the reasons we explained in the penultimate Healing Abuse Full Moon post. Penultimate means the post before the previous one. It usually means next-to-the-last, but in this case, same diff, as the last post is the one before this one.”

We didn’t discuss, at least in that post, the Yin Gate with its emphasis on the Orcus-Nessus Opposition as the Primary Paradox governing the Cycle. Orcus symbolizes the Oaths, Promises, and Commitments that are Forgotten and become Obsolete Habits, aka Karma, and Nessus symbolizes Abuse and it’s flip side, Privilege. One very common sort of Paradox is the Healing Crisis, where an Affliction gets worse after a Healing before it gets better, and may continue to get worse if we Distrust the Medicine, because our Afflictions are continuing Mirrors for our Attitudes.

Here in the USofA we’re in the role of the Battered Woman, where our Oaths to Support Nation and Authority, and to curry favor from Wealth, are being tested by the fact that Authority and Wealth have been Abusing their Privilege and in the process Abusing Us – and we’re Noticing! The two diagonals of the Yin Gate (the blue Rectangle) are the Journey from Karma to Mission, including the “fact” that our Karma hides the tools we need to Reach our Mission (the Nodal Axis), andNoticingthat we need toTrust our Instincts about Ending Obsolete TimeLines (Sun-Mercury Opposite Moon-Eurydike-Atropos).

My own Obsolete TimeLine that’s being Ended is my Programmed Resistance to Accepting the HardCopy Reality of the Subtle Realms and Other Dimensions, where the Energies we need to Cooperate and Collaborate and Conspire with are Swirling, in and out of our own Dimension. Even though I’m Passionate about Reanimating the World and All of its Beings, Sentient and Otherwise (if there is such a thing as an Other-than-Sentient Entity), how much do I Allow it to interpenetrate my Life, Moment-to-Moment?

Earlier in, we point out that the Saturn-Mars Initiation is also Merged with (Conjoins) the Belief-Responsibility-Survival (Vesta-Pholus-Quaoar) Stellium, telling us that in order to Act to Support the Most Important Thing, Respond to our Survival Instincts, and Allow the Angel’s Harp to Enchant us into Collaboration and Cooperation with the Energies Swirling around us, we need to Allow our Beliefs to Shift.

I have not been Working to Shift my Beliefs; I’ve been Reading and Learning and Watching them Shift on their own. If we look at the second chart in, we see that the Belief-Responsibility-Survival-Action Challenge (the red triangle or T-Square) is Self-Resolving (the blue cat’s cradle across from it the Diamond Star created by Varuna and Pallas), and that the Belief-Responsibility-Survival-Action Challenge itself is actually between our Ability to Manifest (Makemake) and our Victimhood or Attitudinal Adeptness (Chiron).

Now, while all that well describes the Roots of the Cycle, we want to Recognize that it’s Evolving. If we look at the chart of the Waxing Square itself, which is almost identical to the Sappho-Station (Self-Love) and Grand Octile (Epiphanies) Total-Lunar-Eclipse (Erasing our Karma and Enhancing our Vitality) charts in the Self-Judgment and Self-Love series (the previous posts), we see that our Understanding of the Most Important Actions for us to take (the Mars-Saturn T-Square) is being Transmogrified (Bee-Zed) by our New Commitment to Self-Sovereignty (Hylonome) and our Learning that we overcome our “Fate” by simply Choosing an Alternative (asteroid Moira).

All of which leads us to

Yang Feminine I

December 13, 2017

A reader has asked us to review the possible astrological motives behind the current, rather amazing, example of a Tipping Point, where people are starting in some cases to Pay Attention and even Respond when women are assaulted – of which Alabama’s Choice might be an example. This is a Big Question, and it will take me a long while to give it the Attention it deserves, but I’ve uncovered a few clues so far, so I’ll start what will undoubtedly end up being a looong series…

My first guess would be the Uranus-Pluto Cycle that was Initiated in 1965, because it’s one of the bigger (ie, longer) Cycles that’s begun in “our” era. Pluto is about major Changes of Cultural Winds (equating to Jung’s “Universal” Unconscious, which we’re demoting to encompass not the Universe or even the Galaxy, but “only” our Solar System). We could go on at length about Pluto’s role as Guardian of our known Solar System, until its demotion – Sedna plays that role now. Pluto Protected Human Consciousness from having to deal with Reality, and played the role of a movie projector, projecting the Dominant Paradigm onto the Hologram we mistake for Hardcopy Reality.

It was the Waxing Square of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle – when the Cycle’s Energy emerges from gestation and becomes “Permanent,” or at least Pervasive – that ushered us through the whole 2012 Transformation. The word Transformation or TranceFormation – Formation of a (New) Trance, a new movie in the projector – is in my humble opinion the best single keyword to characterize Pluto. The second-best keyword is “Mandatory” – it’s usually futile to Resist Pluto’s Transformations, though they can be adapted within Limits. So to me the Uranus-Pluto Cycle Increases the degree to which the Soul Self insists on its right to partner with the Ego, as its Supervisor.

I don’t regard Slavery as a natural unfolding of the Soul Self, except of course as a Heuristic or Learning Exercise. So any new Uranus-Pluto Cycle is going to make it more difficult to keep enslaving half the People. Also, because Emotion is more often a carrier of Intuition than Intellect, and because Women for one reason or another are likely to have more dexterity with Emotion than men, Women tend to be more Intuitive, at least for now. That is, they have better access to Information that is usually hidden from the Intellect. Hence they are likely to be more Conscious.

So it’s not like Women became Conscious starting in 1965. There have been untold Uranus-Pluto Cycles prior to this one. But 1965 would be expected to see a Transformation of Consciousness of our Soul Self, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a Transformation led by Women. And of course we did see just that; there was huge surge in “Feminism” or Respect for the Sovereignty and Leadership of Women, in the 1960s. Sensitive people would have begun Feeling the 1965 Uranus-Pluto Initiation several years prior to the Exact Conjunction, so we don’t expect a sudden Transition.

The current Uranus-Pluto Cycle began at 18 of Virgo, “A Ouija Board” – in other words, forget Logic and Proportion and Pay Attention to the Red Queen. Gracie’s White Rabbit was released by Jefferson Airplane in 1967, and was certainly a very apt anthem for the Times (Zeitgeist is another good keyword for Pluto). She wrote it for her previous band in 1965-66. Close your eyes and let the Ouija Board guide your fingers – Intuition. We could go into the Uranus-Pluto Initiation chart at length – it’s Fascinating – and I hope to find time to do just that.

But let’s shift our Attention to the Present for a minute, as that’s where the Tipping Point seems to have occurred (not that there won’t be a lashback or two). Where is the Uranus-Pluto Cycle now? They’re 107 Degrees apart. Just beyond a Biseptile. The Septile series or Seventh Harmonic is about Timing. Isn’t that a Coincidence. Of course it’s not an exact Biseptile. So what else do we have?

Let’s look at 5 October 2017, the day the New York Times published their expose about Mr. Weinstein. That was certainly a significant moment, and in hindsight (at least until someone more prominent is impeached) an excellent candidate for the Tipping Point itself. Anything relevant going on then (I haven’t looked at Mr. Weinstein’s chart yet, because we want to focus on the impact on the Planet, not on him)?

Well, a new Venus-Mars Cycle was Initiated on 5 October. When we’re talking about sexual and social intercourse, Venus-Mars is certainly where we’d look first. We looked at Uranus-Pluto first because the Venus-Mars Cycle is only about 18 months or so, and we wanted to look at a longer Cycle. So, where was the Venus-Mars Initiation? Duh, 20 Virgo! Only two Degrees from the 1965 Uranus-Pluto Initiation, the environs of which will remain a “hot spot” on the Zodiac till we start the next Uranus-Pluto Cycle in 2150.

Virgo 20 is “A caravan of cars headed to the West Coast.” Well, that was certainly happening in 1965 and thereabouts, with flowers in their hair. How do we relate it to Mr. Weinstein and the Tipping Point for assault on Women? Elsie read these Symbols in 1925 (in San Diego), so a caravan of cars would not have been a common occurrence yet. But on long trips cars may have been likely to travel in caravans, as auto services would have been scarce. It wasn’t until twenty years later, after World War II, that people flooded to Southern California, after seeing what a paradise it was while they were stationed on the edge of the Pacific Front. So these people (or cars) were harbingers.

Is it a coincidence that the West Coast is burning up as we move through this Tipping Point about Respect for Women? Collapse of an Olde Order – Death by Fire – would be an appropriate interpretation. If you follow the Sun, the West Coast is as far as you can go without a boat; darkness follows. The Venus-Mars Cycle is really about how our Inner Female and Inner Male are getting along with each other; the sexual stuff is just a Mirror. So we have the Spirit (Fire) of an Olde Order descending into Darkness, and a caravan coming to Celebrate a whole new level of Integration, to witness the Heiros Gammos that’s underway. Heiros Gammos is certainly an excellent Initiation into 5D Reality.

The only major Angle that the Venus-Mars Initiation made was a Square (Challenge) to Asbolus – which symbolizes Intuition.

Anything else happening on 5 October? Yes, another Initiation, of Hopi by Haumea – Rebirth of Respect for All Things. I’m not sure we need to even say more about that. But for the record, it occurred at 25 Libra, “The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.” Suggesting that this is no ordinary Rebirth, but an Enlightenment. This Initiation Opposes Uranus-Eris (Revelation of the Soul’s Truth) and is Squared by Nemesis (Ego Death).

Bingo. We could go on, and as time allows we will. We could sleuth out the other 99 Monkeys. But we should remember that any chart speaks with many voices, most of which Harmonize. For instance, on 5 October OR10 (Intrusion of Memories into Consciousness) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) were only two Degrees apart. Their Initiation occurred a while back, and they’ve been Dancing ever since; it will be interesting to see what manifested into “Real” Life on or about their Initiation date.

There are a number of other Initiations in the neighborhood of 5 October – Pholus-Lilith (Taking Full Responsibility for Self-Sovereignty!), Quaoar-Lilith (Self-Sovereignty as Survival), Saturn-Lilith (Self-Sovereignty as The Most Important Thing), Ixion-Lilith (Honoring the Sovereignty of our Hidden Genius), all near the Galactic Center, as well as mutual Unions between Varuna (the Life Force), Aletheia (Truth), Ceres (Sustainability), and Mnemosyne (Memory) on the Cusp of Leo (Self-Trust). These suggest that Transition to the Yang Feminine is critical to our Survival, which is not very surprising at all.

Full Moon 29.11c Timing

November 27, 2016

Shouldanyone want to Learn or Interpret their Experience relative to the “Stars” or Time anything, the specific event runs something like this…

  • 29 November…
    • 4am PST – New Moon at 8 Sagittarius, “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of huper inner life.
    • 5am PST – Juno Initiates Moon at 8 Sagittarius.
    • 9am PST – Nemesis Initiates Moon at 10 Sagittarius, “A theatrical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of Opportunity.
    • noon PST – Juno Initiates Sun at 8 Sagittarius.
  • 2 December 1pm – Nemesis Initiates Sun at 12 Sagittarius, A flag turns into an Eagle which turns into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.

Sagittarius 12is the Degree of the Pluto-Chiron Initiation at the dawn of the current Century. We can interpret Pluto-Chiron as “There Is No Other Option But Love,” the flag as nationalism and other group-Identification Archetypes (including Race and Patriarchy), the Eagle as being Forced to adopt a wider viewpoint, and the Rooster as Herald of the Light.

You could Interpret the Eagle/Rooster trigger as a nucular holocaust (which would make a very bright Light) or you could Intend that the triggers are a lot more peaceful. I’m reminded of the sudden and sharp transition from flag to Eagle/Banty Rooster created by the Kent State murders, a four-Person Human Sacrifice. Noble and Skillful Souls.

The Chiron-Pluto Cycle is currently two elevenths of the way around the Loop. The Eleventh Harmonic is about Self-Confidence – “the beauty that we all possessin our gifts, talents, and resources which can quell the beasts or demons within our nature” – Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.66. A hint about the Recovery of our Abandoned Genius. We won’t get to the Waxing Square, when the Energy breaks out into the Open – or into the Light, until 2028.

The second step in the eleven-step march around the Zodiac is aboutRitual– the Power of Repetition. We could effectivelytag it as “Fake it (Self-Confidence) till you Make it.” If we’re Paying Attention Lovingly, each time we Fake it we’ll receive important Information about the Obstacles between us and True Self-Trust. WithKarma Dead, this could lead very rapidly to True Self-Trust, a solid corollary to our recently-Reborn and about-to-Deepen Self-Love.

The Energy of a New Cycle is evident around its Initiation, then goes Underground till the Waxing Square, at which point it begins to pervade the mainstream. Notice that EqualRights for Minorities and Women wasprominent around the Pluto-Uranus Initiation in the 1960s, and now that we’re past the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square, EqualRightsare very much under attack, just when they should be breaking out into the Light.

In my neighborhood it was the High School students who spontaneously and vigorously marched to object to the apparent return to institutionalized Racism and Misogyny. How the Reaction and Response to this evolves will be telling.

We should be able to detect the Energy of the Juno-Moon/Sun and Nemesis-Moon/Sun Cycles over the next few days. The Juno Cycles are aboutEmergence of the Unrecognized, and the Nemesis Cycles aboutthe Appearance of Opportunity, with an emphasis on Appearance; it’s interesting that the Goddess was blond. Remember that the Underlying December Energy is about Learning by Observing without Judgment or Conclusion.

The Appearance of Opportunity suggests that we take advantage of it while remaining skeptical, without putting all of our eggs in the basket. Saturn (which would suggest Concentration on the Best Option) is not Strongly Lit Up here, so we can safely Hedge. Over the next week, keep an eye out for anything you don’t Recognize, particularly an Opportunity that you wouldn’t otherwise Recognize. Invest in it, but don’t bet the ranch.

The Moon-Juno and Moon-Nemesis Cycles will be about the immediate Emotional Impact of these Circumstances. The Cycles hit their Waxing Squares on 7 December. Dip a toe into your Unexpected Opportunity this week, then stay alert next week for Confirmation that your hunch was right, or Suggestion that it needs adjustment. Invest more into the Trend, with or without adjustment, next week.

While the Moon Cycles are short enough that it makes sense to combine the two, the Solar Cycles are longer. By the time they get to their Waxing Squares next April, they’ll be two weeks apart, the Sun-Juno Emergence Cycle Opening in the first week, and the Sun-NemesisOpportunity Cycle Leafing Out in the third week of April. The Solar Cycles are more substantial, so you’ll want more evidence than your Instincts willdeliver. Plan to carefully review your Investments in April, and bail out if the Trends aren’t bending your way.

Chaos 1

November 5, 2016

In our earlier postRebirth of Genius, we talked about the Golden Rectangle that continues to Bless us. A Golden Rectangle is very muchBeneficent, though of course it includes a few Challenges – whenever we’re Graced with a Big Blessing, we face the Challenge of facing down our Resistance to Change and to the resulting Ego Death. The Rectangle is Golden because it is structured using the Golden Angle that organizes Nature.

The four corners of the Golden Rectangle are

  • Dwarf planet Chaos – Unlimited Potential (with asteroid Veritas – Truth)
  • Ixion-Pholus – Being Fully Responsible to our Abandoned Genius (with Quaoar – Survival – nearby)
  • Sappho-Haumea – Rebirth into Self-Love
  • Uranus-Eris – Identifying with the Truth of the Soul Self (with asteroid Mnemosyne – Memory, and Ceres – Sustainability)

We’ve been working on ourYintegrity (Trusting our Intuition and Instincts) prominently for four years now, and in the background for the fifty years before that. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t that old – we’re all working to Growthe Consciousness of the Species, so you were born into the process. We’re now having a BigRebirth of major portions of our Soul Self.

We’ve also been working for several years on our Unity with All Things, and the Mulifariousness that invariable accompanies it, as a herd of Centaurs and dwarf planets has migrated across the Galactic Center over the last several years. Most prominently, Pholus, symbolizing Full Responsibility, remains, along with Ixion, which symbolizes Rejected Genius.

So we interpret the Golden Rectangle as bringing our Rejected Genius, the Star of our Soul Self, into our Heart where it can be Acknowledged, Embraced, and Expressed. Lots of cosmic folks are Lighting Up the Golden Rectangle over the next several days as we approach the Full Moon. We’ll talk about those soon, but first let’s let Michael Roads and Lilou Mace introduce the process…

Yintegrity in Public

May 29, 2016

A reader comments…

“We agree that the current astrology is encouraging us all to increasing Yintegrity (love that my spellcheck knows that word and to even capitalize it!). However, I’ve been reading tons of Brian Browne Walker’s I Ching and the entire premise of that ancient book is all about control in dealing with the exterior world. Perhaps it’s just what I’m asking about these days, but every answer seems to be about non-action, and it feels like the I Ching’s recommendation is to Hide Truth More.

“Now that interpretation by me could just be my Inner Child –having moved from shy, scared five year old to angry ‘I will cut your head off’ seven year old–sadly protesting ‘What’s the use of knowing Inner Truth if I can’t express it?’ but the balancing of Inner Truth and Outer Power in the World feels nearly contradictory. That’s Either/Or I suppose. Maybe it’s knowing your Inner Truth and then acting skillfully to achieve the results you want in the Outer World? Rather than the interpretation of Stuffing My True Self?
“I’d really like you to say more about the Virgoan ‘Who, Me?’ I’m guessing that any time I say ‘I’d never do that!’ it’s a clue. And believe me, I’ve encountered some very angry, vengeful Inner bits lately. I am working hard to send Major Love Streams when I recognize them (either as Voices or in the Body), and generally they then fade, but it must be grooved neural pathways that keep lighting them up.”

Yintegrity and Expression

You bet. The YangtegrityPatriarchy is fading, but it’s still by far the dominant paradigm. Yangtegrity, by the way, for newbies, means doing what you said you were going to do, whileYintegrity means doing what youFeel like doing, moment to moment – that is, Trusting your Instincts. Yangtegrity does Plan-Execute, whileYintegrity doesPIAVA-Change the Subject. To LiveYintegrity in aYangtegrity World, in general we need to minimize our Commitments, be willing to Renegotiate often, and to Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship is Important.

Scary, eh? Stretching ourYintegrity is a huge Risk, and one we’ve been warned against since we were infants. Many of us were programmed to control even our most basic bodily functions, and many of us are sick from doing it. So yes, of course the Olde Ego is going to come up with every excuse it can – from ancient Fears to manifesting coaches and friends and books, to literallydisease – to warn us away from Yintegrity.

In my limited experience theI Chingis oriented toward “success,” which is an important term inthe Competition playbook, so the I Ching may be, like Greek Mythology, a handbook for enlisting in the then-new Patriarchy. It sounds like you have a lot more experience with it than I – do you think that may be relevant? If so, then yes, it would not encourageYintegrity, it would more likely encourage social and economic success over Self-Trust. Even its covert emphasis on morality is an Idealism, a spinoff of the Patriarchal mindset.

I’m definitely not advocating that we alienate a lot of people with our version of “Radical Honesty,” by any means. The bottom line about removing our Masks is about getting Honest with Ourself. So, for instance, if there’s a particular element of Pleasing that we’re programmed to perform for “success,” which creates a Reaction within our own Psyche – for instance, one of our Epiphanies might be to connect those headaches or indigestion that we get, with choosing to overlook the behavior of a particular client or co-worker or partner, which behavior we’d never tolerate in a close friend – then we might “Wonder how we can Change our Response to that person to eliminate the negative personal consequences, without losing an account or a job or a partnership.”

That’s a very complex sentence, but it says what I want it to say, so let me re-say it. Suppose we get headaches or indigestion once in while. And suppose we have a client or co-worker or partner whose behavior we tolerate in order not to rock the boat, but whose behavior we would never tolerate froma close friend. And suppose one day we notice that there’s a connection here – our headaches or indigestion are often preceded by interactions with this client or co-worker or partner, or initiated by thoughts about these interactions.

That would be the sort of Epiphany that wouldn’t surprise us here in this astrological province. In Response to our Epiphany we might “Wonder how we can Change our Response to that person to eliminate the negative personal consequences, without alienating the person.” Our interactions with people, or rather, the interactions between our Archetypes or Masks and their Archetypes or Masks, can literally make us sick. But if we can step outside the Archetype we can immediately see that there are a million ways to Change the dynamics of any relationship that are a lot easier than “Just get on the bus, Gus.”

Before we can step outside the Mask,we need to become Conscious that we’re under the Spell (or Curse) of the Archetype. A PlutoMjolnir under an Eris-Uranus Initiation sets up very fertile conditions for that sort of Insight, especially with Nessus (Abuse/Privilege) and OR10 (Upwellings from the Deeps) Initiating Pallas (Boundaries). Wherever in our Lives we don’t Live in constant Ecstasy, that’s an neoncandidate for a PIAVA like “I Wonder what sort of Archetype or Mask I’m not Conscious of here,” or “Ganeshi, please remove all Obstacles to complete Freedom of Actionfor me around this.”

I don’t expect to wake up in a Yintegrity World in mid-June. I’ll be delighted if I’m living my ownYintegrity ten percent more of the time, and that my close relationships have increased inYintegrity. Once we replace Money with Community again (which the next four years of hard times maypromote, and which the end of the Industrial Age may permit), then we’ll find that Yintegrity has begun to spread into what under Yangtegrity we consider “Livelihood.” Working ona Community task because it promotes the “wealth” of the whole Community may Feela lot more Yintegrous than working for Money.

The breaking up of Society into opposing rhetorical armies, and the Internet’s role in it, whichwe usually see as a product of the Polarization in the 1/1/2000 chart, is actually a step toward socialYintegrity. We just haven’t done it long enough yet to notice that while someone might share my Reaction to The Donald, they definitely don’t share my Reactions to Freedom of Speech orInfidelity or Broccoli or Freedom to Exploit or Immigration or Uncle Miltyor Abhortion or Capitalism or Glyphosate or the Color Puce or the Patriarchy.

Once we figure outthat we actually have no control over other people’s Reactions to us, we suddenly get Permission tojust be Effortlessly Honest. We’re able to maintain the illusion that we can successfully manipulate other people’s Reactions only because they were programmed in the same language that we were programmed in. When we move beyond Rhetoric to Communication, the World Changes. Much of our Lives will still run on Rhetoric, because it’s so much more efficient, but without the Masks we can be a lot more flexible.

The I Ching dates from the first several centuries of the third Millennium behind us, in the last half of the Age of Aries–the Age of Heroes. I doubt that we can date the Patriarchy to this era; more likely we can date the advent of written justifications for the Patriarchy to this era. Some folks assume the Patriarchy arose as a result of Agriculture, because it allowed the accumulation of surpluses and hence Greed and Inequality. That would date it as far back as the Age of Leo or before, though it may have taken a millennium or two to develop. Following Icke and Sitchin, we could make a case for the Anunnaki fostering the birth of the Patriarchy in its current form at the beginning of the Age of Aries.

The Age of Heroes would certainly have been a fertile time for Patriarchy to bloom. The quarter-millennium around the development of the I Ching was a very busy time. It would have been between the Phitile and the Waning Square of the Age of Aries, the time of its culmination. Confucius, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Gautama Buddha, and Homer (author or transcriber of the most germinal of the Greek Myths about the defeat of the Matriarchy) all livedin this era, and the earliest version ofthe Old Testament was written.

Between 575 and 577 BCE, a Triple Initiation occurred, between Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. That would have symbolized a huge shiftin the Unconscious Psyche of Huperity, hence the birth of all the Patriarchal heroes.

The three Initiations occurred in 10-15 Taurus…

  • Pluto Initiated Neptune in 577 BCE at 10 Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”
  • Pluto Initiated Uranus in 576 BCE at 12 Taurus, “A young couple window-shopping.
  • Neptune Initiated Uranus in 575 BCE at 15 Taurus, “Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm: The courage neededto meet the crises precipitated by social ambition.

The Neptune-Uranus (relationship of collective to individual) symbol reeks of Inequality; Pluto-Neptune’s (transformation of culture) nurse, while having perhaps some autonomy working for the Red Cross, would in general be constrained by their hierarchical superior, the doctor; Pluto-Uranus (transformation of the individual) is about material acquisitiveness that probablyserves the Individuals more than their Community.

ATriple Initiationof Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto willoccurs every 4,000 years or so, the next one occurring around3370, in Gemini, in the Age of Aquarius. Pluto has an elipticalorbit, so the span would vary.


Yintegrity and “Who, Me?”

Yes, any comment with an “I” or “me” in it is a doorway to Consciousness of our Masks.

  • I’d never do that!
  • I’m one of those people who…
  • I hate it when…
  • How could they do that to me!
  • I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!

The only exception might be “I Feel <adverb>, or other statements about the present moment. And of course any “I sometimes…” statements. Anytime you’re labeling or implying that you or someone else isalways a certain way, you’re looking at a Mask.

Remember though that Patterns – Habits – make Life possible. If we had to stop and think about which muscle to contract and which one to extend every time we needed to raise a hand to scratch our nose, we wouldn’t get much done. Some of us may have experienced something onthat order while stoned – it makes you appreciate programming. It’s when one programalways fires, or a program fires inappropriately, that we get in trouble.

Like that co-worker or client or partner that “makes us sick.” We always have an infinite number of options in the Present Moment; it’s when we aren’t in the Present Moment that we know we’re stuck in an Archetype. How can we recognize this? Well, any time we don’t have an infinite number of options, we’re not Present. So if we’re stewing about something, without imagining a hundred different alternative ways we could have responded, we justPIAVA, “I Wonder why I feel Limited here.”

Another Busy Weekend

April 14, 2016

We have dedicated our Lives to suppressing certain Emotions and Memories and even Thoughts, and for good reason. They wouldOverwhelm us, and we have More Important things to do. Till now.

Thing is, those Emotions and Memories and Thoughts are the doorways to Healing our Limiting Beliefs, making it Safe to Remove our remaining Masks, eliminating Self-Sabotage, uncorking our Forbidden Genius, and to painlessly achieving theYintegrity and Self-Sovereignty that we so crave, but which we hold back from because we fear it would so Disrupt our Lives and the Lives of those we Love and Depend upon. That sentence was not approved by the FDA, but I believe it’s True. And it may even positively impact our Physical Health.

The Universe will bring these Emotions and Memories and Thoughts to us in early June, and the Universe has been, and continues to, give us Opportunities to get a head start. And every early Opportunity we take advantage of will make June less painful. If we’re still in Resistance to these Emotions and Memories and Thoughts in June, the process could well be painful. The Universe is our friend, if we Learn to listen to Her.

As you probably know by now, Eris (Truthtelling) Initiates Uranus (Our Connection to Our Individual Soul) in early June. We expect this to do a pretty good job of finishing up the Yintegrity work we’ve been doing since 2012. Well, let’s put it this way – late May and early June will be theCan-Opener phase of this Initiation. The Initiation occurs at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.

When an Angle between two planets repeats, as is usuallythe case with outer planets, the first event always catches us off guard. The last time this event occurred was in 1926, so very few of us have Experienced it in our current Lifetime. If you know someone in their 90s who’s freaking out, this is probably why. The less Experience we have with an Energy, the more likely it is to catch us off guard. Forewarned is forearmed, however, so even if we’re off guard, knowing in general what the Energy is about can help us make sense out of what’s happening, and can help us step out of the Victim Modality we’d otherwise be in.

Let’s take what we hope will be an extreme example – suppose we were sexually abused as a child. We don’t remember it, we only notice that in some situations we feel Unsafe or Angry or Scared, or maybe we’re uncomfortable with Intimacy. If those Memories pop up in late May or early June, we’re going to Regress to the age when the abuse occurred, and to the Skillset andBoundaries that we had – or more accuratelydidn’t have – at that age. Victim Modality is a foregone conclusion, most especially if those Memories arise as a result of some similar-feeling Unsafety in the then-Present Moment.

If we are somehow reminded that there is likely to be a “100-year” Regression (a Regression on such a scale that it occurs only once in a century) going on, we’re still going to be caught off guard, but we’re likely to be able to Recover our Present-Moment Skillsets much sooner than if we didn’t get the memo, or as the case may be, the blog post.

We’ve talked before about “Sensitivity” – how Sensitive we are to an astrological event, something astrologers can “Orb,” and I sometimes call “Slop.” When an event is pending, most folks can certainly begin feeling it when it comes within one Degree of being exact. Of course the Muggles will be in Denial, finding all manner of excuses, thinking it’s Heartburn. The more Sensitive among us will begin feeling an event when it comes within three Degrees. The most Sensitive of us will feel it sooner than that.

The Eris-Uranus Initiation reaches one Degree of Sensitivity in Mid-May. It reached three Degrees of Sensitivity in late March. Most folks who read this are likely to be at least three-Degrees Sensitive, so most of us are already Feeling it. We Feel it through pressure to stop hiding or covering up parts of ourself that we’ve thought were less attractive or less Skillful. Through Vulnerability. Through Epiphanies about where we’ve been seeing through a glass darkly. Through old Identities and Ego-Masks and Archetypes that we’re outgrowing. Through a Desire to stop “Playing Games.”

An Initiation is a Conjunction. When Angles repeat three times, as the Uranus-Eris Conjunction does, the first occurrence is a Can-Opener. It opens a “Can of Worms” that we didn’t know was waiting for us. The second and third occurrences are also Conjunctions, but they aren’t Initiations – only the first event is an Initiation. We’re almost always in Victim Mode during a Can-Opener.

The second occurrence is anExposition – the same Energy recurs front and center, but this time it seems to occur in slow motion (Retrograde), so we have a far better chance of understanding what’s happening “to us,” and consequently a far better chance of moving from Victim Mode to Master Mode. In Victim Mode things happen to us, we have no Control over them. In Master Mode, even if things happen to us, we have Skills to deal with them adequately.

If we Master an Energy duringthe Exposition, then the third occurrence is a Confidence-Builder. The Energy and Process recurs, but this time we’re ready and able to deal with it using our now-Present-Moment Skillsets, including those we learned in the previous two events, and we sail through it, feeling great about our new Expertise. If we didn’t Master the Energy duringthe Exposition, then the third occurrence becomes another Opportunity, another Exposition.

The Uranus-Pluto Squarerecurred sixtimes after the Can-Opener, giving us an indication of how Important the Universe thought it was for us to Recover our Yintegrity. As if Pluto didn’t already symbolize what isMandatory(Adaptable but not Avoidable). The Can-Opener (June 2012) was followed by five Expositions (October 2012, May and November 2013, May and December 2014) before the Confidence-Builder (March 2015).

The Uranus-Eris Exposition peaks in late September, while the Confidence-Builder occurs at the Ides of March next year.

In other words, as Uranus approaches Eris, that section of the Zodiac (now 21-23 Aries) gets very Hot. The Sun (our Essence) crossed that section last weekend (April 9-11), while Varuna(Cellular Wisdom)and Chariklo (Beauty and Charm) were Stationary. Venus (our Values) crosses that section two weekends hence, April 22-24. In between, this coming weekend (April 16-17), Mars (Action) and Pluto (Inevitability) are Stationary (Strong).

There’s a joke about two Olde-Boy psychologists trading stories about “Freudian slips.” One says his attention was drawn to the bosom of a ticket-seller on a recent trip to Pittsburgh, and he accidentally asked for a picket to his destination instead of a ticket. The other says, “That’s nothing. The other day I was having dinner with my mother and when I meantto ask her to pass the butter, what came out instead was ‘Mother, you’ve ruined my Life and I hate you!’ ”

It would be really appropriate to Mars-Pluto – and fortuitous – if such Freudian slips came out this weekend, because they would constitute bright flashing lights pointing us toward clues about what hasn’t come to the surface of Consciousness yet. Let your tongue be your Guide this weekend. Same with “slip-ups” of any sort. Make a wrong turn on the way to the store? Where did you end up? Drop a jar of Honey on a hard floor? What do you suppose that might mean? PIAVA the question. Run into someone you haven’t seen in a long time? A stranger strikes up an interesting conversation? Pay Attention this weekend.

In particular, in addition to the Retrograde Stations of Pluto (5am PDT 17 April at 18 Capricorn) and Mars (1am PDT 18 April at 9 Sagittarius), Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Initiates Mercury (Communication) at 3pm PDT 16 April, in 17 Taurus, “A symbolic battle between ‘swords’ and ‘torches’.” Fascinating Symbol, as Swords symbolize mentality, as does Mercury. That leaves Vesta standing in for Torches, indicating that…

Our UnconsciousLimiting Beliefs are Burning their way out of Denial now, and will be for the next fifteen months, while this Mercury-Vesta Cycle moves through. Just long enough to cover the Eris-Uranus Confidence-Builder.

We’ll talk more about the Vesta-Mercury Initiation– withits two Tricolors and Grand Trine – in the next installment, but note that while it’s occurring, the Sun is crossing the asteroid Mnemosyne –Memory. What a jokester, this Universe!

Unmasked, Unlimited, and in the Mirror

April 7, 2016

“I remember the experience. I was mentally present. My soul did not leave my body in preparation for my inevitable death.
“I was relaxed. I was comfortable. There were no nerves. The interview was just plain fun.
“You heard me.
“I had a flat-out, truly, really good time doing that interview.
“A nice big painting hung itself on the walls of my brain and it has stayed there.
“And it wasn’t just because Oprah was awesome.”

” ‘I’m extremely proud of you,’ she said quietly. ‘You were joyless. All you ever did was sleep. I was worried. Life is short. Yours seemed really, really short. And now you have completely transformed. You’re alive. You’re living. Some people never do that.’ …
“And yet… here I am. … A more honest person – both with myself and with everyone else in my life. More adventurous. More open. Braver. And kinder. To others. But also to myself. The cruelty with which I treated myself is no longer tolerated.”

–Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes, pp.293-7

Hylonome New Moon II

April 5, 2016

Our Chief Asteroid Officer has been busy with research, and uncovered another ‘roid Opposite Sappho and Squaring Vesta and Juno, completing the Grand Cross. This creates an even greater Opportunity to Master our Limiting Beliefs. Unfortunately (for our current Egos), the Opposing ‘roid is Hybris, another spelling for Hubris.

I’ve been thinking that, in addition to our personal Adventures, June’s Eris-Uranus Initiation is likely to blow up our collective Denial about things like Global Warming, Functioning Economies, “News” Media, Corporate Ownership of Government (commonly referred to as “Globalization”), and the like.

We could see Superstorms, Financial Collapse, Media Payola, and Political Scandals in June; that could certainly potentiate Ego Death and Mask Removal for many. The Panama Papers…

could be the start; it took a while for the Pentagon Papers to get rolling. The Pentagon Papers took place at the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction, whilethe Snowdon Saga and the Panama Papers grace the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square.

While we’ve emphasized Yintegrity as a primary characteristic of the Soul Self symbolized by Uranus, one could as well emphasize other elements of Individualism, such as Libertarianism. We used to say that the Titans of Industry got rich through Exploitationsthat hadn’t been declared illegal yet. Today it’s more modern to say that the 1% has gotten rich through Exploitationsthat have become legal again since 1980.

The Libertarian call for the abolition of all “regulation” is nothing more than a call for the legalization of Exploitation without limit. There are folks saying that Paul Ryan, who worships Libertarian Mythology, might be the beneficiary of a brokered Convention and final Republicancandidate for the US Presidency.

The year 1980 is an interesting milestone. It’s clearly the year – as President Reagan and The Baroness Thatcher ascended to Power – that the 1% began regaining political power from the middle class, and the year when the middle class began the decline from which it has yet to recover, if it does. And 1980 was the first year of the transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age. 1980-2000 was a preview of the Digital Age, and 2000-2020 is the debriefing for the Industrial Age. Each Age lasts two centuries, delineated by the Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn.

It has always been clear to me that tools – mechanical or electronic – were replacing Huperson labor, and that whomever owned the tools would eventually thrive, while all others would become servants or fade back into poverty. Or both. It tookme many years though, to understand that what the Patriarchy labels as “Primitive” cultures hold secrets that are a far cry from “poverty,” even if their existence is devoid of mod cons.

Our CAO also points out that asteroids Pandora and Tyche are also Conjunct Sappho. Like Sappho, Pandora and Tyche are also only a few arcminutes from their recent Direct Stations. Pandora, as the first Woman that the Gods Created, was the Greek equivalent of Lilith, and like Lilith, Pandora was blamed for all manner of ill that befell the Good Olde Boys.

Greek Mythology recall is the propaganda that justified the Patriarchy’s victory over the Matriarchal Cultures that preceded it, just as Milty Friedman’s Economic Mythology is the propaganda that justifies the 1%’s victory over the relatively greater equality that preceded it. If you haven’t noticed, Uncle Milty’s Mythology is worshippedby Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Tyche is an intriguing Energy. She represented Mother Nature’s “arbitrary” destructive and creative whims, and was used in the early (Greek and Roman)Patriarchy to justify the unpredictability of Life under corruptleadership, and the good fortune of the beneficiaries of the corruption – very reminiscent of the Economic situation today, as Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine) and John Perkins (New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) vividly describe.

In the early Patriarchy, as in the Matriarchy, “Offerings” to the Gods and Goddesses were required to keep them on your side. We regard human sacrifice as culturally obsolete, but that’s exactly what War is all about. The modern “New Age” tradition of Gratitude is a form of Offering, as is Surrender of Control afterPIAVAs.

Good reminders to “Allow our Identity to Expand, Embrace our Confusion, Surrender Control, and Trust the Process” as we suggested in the previous post.