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Portals 1.7.15 and 5.7.15 – Self-Love?

June 26, 2015

krk14Who else but Richard Brautigan.

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Gay Hendricks has a concept called “Upper Limits,” where, if you start Enjoying Life more than your Limiting Beliefs would like you to, you self-sabotage.  His suggested response is that, when we get into new Enjoyment territory, we slow down, take it easy, rest a lot, pay attention to our physical requirements like food and water, and give ourselves time to Integrate.  If we start slowing down when we get Excited, rather than waiting till we self-sabotage, we may be able to avoid the sabotage entirely.  Not to back away from the Excitement and Enjoyment, just to mellow into it. 

Anybody hitting a wall here?  Or sailing high? 

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The fastest corner of our Almost-Grand-Sextile is Jupiter, so it will stretch at least through the first ten days of July.  The corners are Uranus-Eris, Chaos, Venus-Jupiter, Haumea, Pholus-Ixion, and the “Nursery Rug” Vacancy, “so the children can play in comfort and warmth.”

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Jupiter Initiates Venus at 1am PDT ( ) on 1 July in 22 Leo, “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”

We can read Venus-Jupiter as Self-Love.  Or alternately, especially considering the other players in the Grand Sextile, Healing any lack of Self-Love.

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Haumea is Stationary, and on 5 July it turns Direct in 21 Libra, at half-past 2am PDT ( ).  This isn’t Haumea’s first venture in the Gemini Duad of Libra – that started in December 2012 – but this Shadow Period pretty well spans the Gemini Duad, which begins the Gemini Decanate.

The Shadow Period is the time, and Zodiacal space, that a Retrogradation takes, including the planet’s first crossing the space before it goes Retrograde, and then traversing the space for the third time after it goes Direct.  Suppose a Retrogradation covers 21-23 Libra.  That’s the Shadow Period in space.  The Shadow Period in time begins when the planet first gets to 21 Libra, before the Retrograde Station, and ends when it clears 23 Libra for the second time, after it has gone Retrograde and then gone Direct again.  So while a Retrogradation might cover a month, the Shadow Period will be closer to three months.

Haumea itself is about Rebirth.  As Pele’s daughter, Haumea is red hot and very raw.  We want to give her lots of space, so she can cool off and congeal.  We can map Haumea through the Libra Decanates…

  • Libra Decanate of Libra – Rebirth into Meeting Other – 1995 to 2005
  • Aquarius Decanate of Libra – Rebirth into Community – 2005 to 2015
  • Gemini Decanate of Libra – Rebirth into Experimental Uses of Community

Haumea began this Shadow Period in October 2014, and turned Retrograde in January 2015.  So we’ve had two iterations of this exercise, and now we’ll put the finishing touches onto what we’ve learned.

A critical issue has been how much we’re willing to compromise our Yintegrity for the sake of Community.  Or alternatively, how much we’re willing to risk Community for the sake of our Yintegrity.  Ideally, Community and Yintegrity would be mutually supportive, Win-Win.  How many of us are close to that?  We might think of it as testing our Community.

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The other three corners here are not slouches.

Pholus-Ixion is about how much Responsibility we take, how much Power we take (for good or ill), how much Privilege we demand, how much Abuse we take, how much Consciousness we maintain.  Lots of interaction terms between these parameters, Self-Love, and Rebirth in Community.

Chaos is about Unlimited Potential.  We’re Co-Creating a New Planet here.  Where are the Edges between our Demands and our Requests as we negotiate the Boundaries?  As we dance between Yintegrity and Community, why aren’t we Demanding everything we Want?

Uranus-Eris is about clearing away additional layers of Denial so that our Yintegrity deepens by leaps and bounds.  If our Community doesn’t support our Yintegrity, our Community will get the short end of the stick.

Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Then there’s the Vacancy.  It says…

Remember Upper Limits?  Take darn good care of yourSelf, your physical vehicle, and your Inner Child as you move through all of these Rebirths.  Your skin – physical and Identity – will feel molten for a while, and you want to give it time to solidify before the next wave hits.  If you can!  Be very gentle with yourself for the next several weeks “so the children can play in comfort and warmth.”

Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ

Then there’s the Grand Cross: Chaos, Pholus-Ixion, Chiron, and Lilith, though Lilith moves out of the Grand Cross by early July, leaving just the Chiron T-Square, and Finger of God from Venus-Jupiter and Haumea – an extremely Powerful Chiron Diamond Star in other words.

Without the Yod, we’d have Chiron Square to Chaos and Pholus-Ixion…

Miracles without Limit, if we can overcome a wad of Self-Doubt – Am I taking too much?

With the Yod, we have that “bowl of Grace” under the Opposition between Chaos’s Unlimited Potential and Pholus-Ixion’s Healing of Self-Doubt.  And the bowl of Grace is formed by the two most powerful players in the chart, Venus-Jupiter and Haumea…

Rebirth into Self-Love is available if we’re willing to make the shift to Miracles.  How to do that?  Empathize with yourself while you Feel your Self-Doubt.  Do it as many times as it takes.  Step outside your Feelings and look back in at the part of you that’s overwhelmed by those Feelings.  Look back lovingly.  How old is that Abandoned part of you?  Hold their hand.  Let them know that it’s okay for them to Feel everything they Feel.  Show them that you Love them no matter what. 

Self-Rejection is the deepest part of anyone’s Karma.  It’s a contest between how many times you fall down and how many times you get up.  Tap if it will help, and use your PIAVAs.  But the critical part is who outlasts the other – will your Self-Rejection overcome your Self-Love, or will your Self-Love endure longer than your Self-Hate?  Like pushups, this is about “reps” – be Loving with your worst Self-Rejection, over and over again, till it gets so easy that it’s automatic.  That’s how we build new, “good” Karma – reps.

Are We Thriving Yet?

June 24, 2015

Interesting set of questions at the bottom of the page…

So much for GDP.  My score isn’t very high; I’ve got work to do!  I’m not sure moving to Panama would help.

Fear, Challenge, Truth, Miracle

June 22, 2015

serp7930bpA boulder of Serpentine, particularly good for Healing Emotion and Stress.

  ô    ô    ô    ô    ô 

What a start for my day.  Soulspeak defines Yintegrity for us…

And while Soulspeak “does not judge,” do I ever come up lacking in my own eyes!  As I read her post my mouth hangs open and my body shakes, as it’s so clear to me how frightened I am to be truly Open to Yintegrity.  I’m not Judging either, but what a literally Awe-inspiring road map to the Future.

And what an introduction to next year’s Initiation of Uranus (our Soul’s Voice) by Eris (Healing Denial)!  They’re now three and a quarter Degrees apart and closing.  The Initiation occurs on 9 June 2016 at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.”  As we’ll see, the 24 June 2015 Chiron Station chart, which we’re Living right now, opens this Cornucopia wide.  We’ve been referring to the Chiron Station as occurring on 23 June, but in my time zone it actually occurs on 24 June, at half-past 4am PDT ( ).

At the same time, Soulspeak’s post is so Skillful that it doesn’t drop me into Discouragement, which would be so easy with Chiron Stationary. 

The Chiron Station chart is an eyeful.  Before we comment, let’s just list the main Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross joins Chiron, Chaos, Lilith, and Pholus-Ixion
  • The Kite focuses on Chaos, with Uranus-Eris and Jupiter at the shoulders
  • Adding Haumea to the Kite gives us five sixths of a Grand Sextile, with 22 Aquarius at the Vacancy, “A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth
  • Haumea and Jupiter also form the base of a Finger of God, which creates a Diamond Star, focused on Chiron
  • A Quincunx Box links the Chiron-Lilith Opposition to the Opposition between Haumea and Uranus-Eris
  • Ceres, Out of Bounds, makes a Mjolnir across the Chaos-Lilith Square
  • Adding the asteroids Atlantis and Achilles, which Elizabeth suggests, creates a Mjolnir to Chaos across the Square between Ceres and Atlantis-Achilles
  • That creates a Mjolnir Kite focused on Pholus-Ixion, and a Mjolnir Diamond Star focused on Chaos

Lots to chew on there.  Let’s start from the bottom.  We’ve a couple of new Configurations…

A Kite is formed by a fourth planet at the Midpoint between two of the three planets in a Grand Trine.  A Mjolnir Kite is formed by a fourth planet opposite the focus of the MjolnirA Mjolnir, recall, is formed by a third planet at the far Midpoint of a Square, so that each end of the Square is Trioctile to the third planet (which is the focus).  The Mjolnir was Thor’s Hammer, and many folks refer to a Mjolnir as a Hammer of Thor, reflecting it’s geometric similarity to a Finger of God.  Thor’s Hammer was capable of breaking through the most persistent Limitations.  In Hindu Mythology, the Vajra has a similar function.  The concise keyword is Lightning, and we commonly translate a Mjolnir as Epiphany.

A Diamond Star is formed when a Finger of God points at the focus of a T-Square and the combination creates a “bowl of Grace” or web of Trines and Sextiles Bridging the base of the T-Square.  A Mjolnir Diamond Star is formed when a Mjolnir points at the focus of a T-Square and the combination creates a “bowl of Insight and Balance” or web of Octiles and Trioctiles Bridging the base of the T-Square.  My camera and computer still aren’t speaking to one another, so I can’t draw you a picture, alas.

The asteroid Achilles is a Jupiter Trojan asteroid, meaning that it sits in a stable spot in Jupiter’s orbit and hence takes twelve years to loop the Zodiac.  Achilles was a hero of the Trojan War, which was initiated as a result of the Gods (especially Paris, who was in charge of the fiasco) trying to patch up the Egos of the Goddesses who were offended by Eris’s Golden Apple, rather than dealing directly with their Vanity.  You know the part about Achilles’s heel; it was Paris who fired the heel shot.  Another introduction to the Eris-Uranus Initiation that dominates the next twelve months.

Atlantis is a “Mars-Crossing” asteroid that takes less than three and a half years to complete a loop.  I think of Atlantis as the epitome of left-brain hubris, exactly the sort of pseudoscience that’s killing our Planet as we speak.  “Duh, gawrsh, Thag, look this Machine do!” as Gary Larson might have put it.  Both Achilles and Atlantis are Stationary within the next few weeks, both at 7 Scorpio.  Achilles already Initiated Atlantis, back in January, at 15 Scorpio, “Children playing around five mounds of sand.”  Something about education there.

Atlantis-Achilles (Healing the failure of Wisdom to control technology) Squares Ceres (Sustainability); no Challenge there – not!  But the Mjolnir points to Chaos – Unlimited Potential.  And the Mjolnir Kite points back to Pholus-Ixion; the obvious necessity to take complete Responsibility for our Commitments.  Meanwhile the senior Configuration, the Mjolnir Diamond Star, focuses on Chaos.  The essence of a Mjolnir Diamond Star is Insight and Rebalancing.  A summary of all this might be…

There are some sticky wickets here, but the Sky is no Limit if we’re Open to Learning about the implications of our Beliefs and making Adjustments to bring ourselves and the World back into Balance.  Remember that the Universe is always in Balance; when you are Out of Balance, the compensating Energies reside in the Unconscious.  We can often Rebalance by Asking ourself Who Am I, taking the opposite of the words that result, and moving five percent in the direction of those opposites.

We can attribute the fact that I’m Awe-struck and Inspired by Soulspeak’s naming of the Energy of the day, rather than Overwhelmed and Discouraged by it, to the Diamond Star under the Chiron T-Square.  A Diamond Star softens the impact of a T-Square.  What’s my bottom-line takeaway from all this?  Well, the dominant experience was Awe and Shaking – Fear that was not Overwhelming.  These Feelings contrasted with the Control and Self-Assurance I prefer to Feel.  The opposite of Awe would be Unimpressed, so I need to move 5% toward just accepting Miracles as everyday occurrences.  The opposite of Control would be Surrender, so I need to PIAVA more and Plan-Do less.  The opposite of Shaking would be Unperturbed, so I need to Expect to be moving a little beyond my Comfort Zone all the time.  The opposite of Smug would be Scared, so I need to take a few more Risks.  Or something like that.

Kelley Hunter is offering a couple of short courses on The Feminine Path of Self-Awakening & Personal Brilliance, starting in mid-July.  She’s an expert on Goddess Mythology, so I have no doubt that they will be Excellent!

Chiron Portal 23.6.15

June 20, 2015

moldy5514bpMoldavite.  Not a Meteorite because its origin is on this Planet.  But produced by a Meteorite from molten Earth-rock splashed up by the impact of the Meteorite.  Moldavite brings the green ray of Compassion into our Intuition.

  ð    ð    ð    ð    ð

 A while back we look at Nessus in the first two Duads of Pisces ( ).  A Duad is two-and-a-half degrees, or one twelfth of a Sign.  The full Zodiac has 144 Duads, a dozen dozen.  Let’s look at what each Duad of Pisces might feel like…

  • The Pisces Duad of Pisces (0-2.5 Degrees of Pisces) – Pure Emotion, and possibe Overwhelm by same.  The Pisces process is about Letting Go of Held Emotion, in order to begin the next loop of the Zodiac with a clean slate.  This is the introduction, where we’re introduced to what’s up for Release.  That’s what Pisces is about – reviewing Emotional Experience to either Let It Go or renew our lease on it.

 It varies because of leap years, and the transition from one Duad to the next can occur at any time of the day, but in general, the Sun comes through this Duad around 18 to 20 February.  The Moon moves through it for about five hours every month.  For instance, the next Lunar pass will be on 4 July.  With a journal and an ephemeris (table of planetary positions) we could do a good job of keeping on top of this, and that would be very valuable, because each time we Attribute our Emotions to an external Cause we grout in another layer of brick on our Karmic wall, while each time we Experience or Witness that Emotion, in our Body, as a Pure Emotion and Empathize with ourself within the Experience of that Emotion we remove a row of bricks.  That becomes meaningful when we realize that Karma and self-sabotage are often synonymous.

  • The Aries Duad of Pisces (2.5-5 Degrees of Pisces, 20-23 February, give or take) is when we start to Burn Away these Emotions.  Once you get the hang of Witnessing Emotion as Emotion outside of Cause and Effect, and Empathizing with yourself when engulfed by Emotion, you begin to understand how Emotion (symbolically, Water) evaporates in the presence of Heat.  Empathy = Love = Warmth = Heat.  Poof, Emotion evaporates.  You might get a jump on the Emotion by naming it, as that might help you step out of it far enough to look back and be Loving with the part of yourself that has been drowning in it – often a younger historical version of yourself.

The word Empathy might confuse some in this context.  It doesn’t mean to become the other person.  It means to be Present with the other person.  Imagine a doctor tending to an accident victim.  If the doctor merges with the victim, they’re not going to do much good.  If the doctor is frightened or digusted by the victim’s wounds, the victim will suffer.  If the doctor can’t stand it and Denies the wounds, the victim is in trouble.  You want the doctor to be completely Neutral and Impassionate so they have full access to their training. Emotional Neutrality is a big part of Empathy.

On the other hand you don’t want the doctor to be uncaring.  You want Compassion.  Compassion means that the doctor can sense what the victim may be Experiencing, without getting lost in the victim’s Experience.  Love as a desire to possess or control what is Loved, or even as a desire to control the Experience of what is Loved, doesn’t qualify as Compassion.  Love as wanting the best for what is Loved fits much better.  That requires some Detachment.  So Empathy requires Separation between the person being Compassionate, and the person being Loved.  Neutrality, Separation, Compassion.  We may not think of these terms as keywords for Aries, but Aries is Cardinal Fire – Creative Spirit. And those terms apply to Spirit very well.

This is the Duad where Nessus sits, Retrograde.  Nessus is about Healing the effects of Privilege, and its Mirror image Abuse and Exploitation.  If we’re on schedule with this, we would be Embracing ourselves as Victims of Exploitation, with Neutrality, Separation, and Compassion.  Witnessing from the outside, Lovingly, how horrible it felt to be inside of that Experience.

  • In the Taurus Duad of Pisces, 5 to 7.5 Degrees, or more or less 23-25 February, we begin to put a solid footing on a new Identity based on our new Experience of Life without the Limiting Beliefs (another synonym for Karma) that we burned off in the Aries Duad.  Identity is a lot more than your driver’s license or passport.  The World as you Experience it is a Mirror for your Identity.  If you don’t like parts of the World as you Experience them, as Gandhi pointed out, you actually have more control over Changing your Identity than you do over the possibility of Changing the World.  Of course the only way we’ll ever Change the World is by Changing our Identity, since the World is just a Mirror for our Collective Identities.
  • The Gemini Duad of Pisces runs from 7.5 to 10 Degrees of Pisces, and often spans 25-28 of February.  In this Duad we take our new Identity out for a series of test drives, to see where it can take us, and what Limits it retains.  A week ago Neptune turned Retrograde near the end of this Duad.  Before Neptune turns Direct again in November, it’ll dip its toe back into the Taurus Duad, giving us an opportunity to revise a few things about our new Identity, based on what we’ve learned from our dabblings here in the Gemini Duad.  Remember this is still Pisces, so the new Identity we’re testing still sports Emotional Boundaries.

Since Neptune symbolizes the Cultural Unconscious, most of its processes are just beyond the grasp of our current understanding.  We often don’t notice Changes in our culture till they reach the headlines.  If they affect us directly we may feel them while they’re in process, but we won’t know how widespread they are, except Intuitively.  Neptune built us a new Cultural Identity while it was in the Taurus Duad, which spanned February 2014 through February 2015, more or less.  We’ve been test-driving that new Cultural Identity since March, and now we’re reviewing the results.

Currently unresolved issues, like Greek sovereignty and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are likely to continue to be unresolved until Neptune passes back through this Duad in early 2016.  As has often been the case already, don’t assume that any resolution arrived at before then will be permanent.  These and the movement against Citizens United and big-money-in-politics in the US are Nessian issues of Privilege and Exploitation.  It will take Nessus another sixteen years to work its way through Pisces, so don’t expect any of these issues to reach Clarity anytime soon.

  • In the Cancer Duad of Pisces, typically spanning 28 February through 2 March and 10-12.5 Degrees of Pisces, we take version 2.0 of our new Identity – with adjustments made during our Gemini Duad test drives – and review it to see if it can meet the test of our Values.  If our new Identity is robust enough, we may find that we need to change some of our Values.  Otherwise, we’ll adjust our Identity to make sure it’s Nurturing enough to feed our Emotional Life without too much conflict.
  • The Leo Duad of Pisces, 12.5-15 Degrees and usually 2-5 March, is about learning Respect for our new Emotional Identity.  If it doesn’t make us swell with Pride, we still have adjustments to make.  Embarrassment could trip us up – when it does we just need to quickly make amends and move on.  Dwelling on it will add bricks to our Karma wall.
  • The Virgo Duad of Pisces is where we begin to take notice this week.  It occupies 15-17.5 Degrees of Pisces, and the neighborhood of 5-7 March in any given year.  Chiron crossed through this Duad between 15 January and 11 March of this year.  That would normally be Water under the bridge, but Chiron is now Stationary, and on 23 June it turns Retrograde in the Scorpio Duad.  It backs across the Scorpio and Libra Duads until 23 October, backs into the Virgo Duad again, turns Direct on 28 November, and finally clears the Virgo Duad on New Years Day.

Virgo is about debriefing the Ego.  So we’ve done all this Emotional work Witnessing and Empathizing and Clearing and Rebuilding and Road-Testing and Value-Testing and Admiring our new Emotion-Bounded Identity, and now it’s time to put it back to sleep.  This is still Pisces, it’s still about Releasing Emotion, so while our progress to date has been stellar, it’s temporary.  Virgo’s reputation for being Critical derives from its primary function, which is breaking down the Ego.  Why would it be so cruel?  Because it’s job is to prepare the Identity to meet Other.  Other can be anything – person, People, Entity, allegedly inanimate object, anything that isn’t Me.

Chiron is about Discouragement and Miracles, the sort of Miracles that arise from reframing an issue.  Suppose we fear that we’ll be forever in poverty in this Digital Age because we can’t do maths easily, for example.  And then we discover that with the right app on our smartphone we can let it do the maths we need, and we can make a fortune in sales.  The insoluble, Discouraging or even Despairing problem has been reframed, and the result, relative to our earlier Emotional Drama, is a Miracle.  From mid-January to mid-March of this year, we probably broke through several dead-end dilemmas like that – and probably encountered some that we haven’t broken through yet.  We’ll crash through those in November and December.

  • In Libra we meet Other.  So our Leo-Prideful and Virgo-Humbled new Emotional Identity suddenly becomes not the only Focus of our Attention!  In a typical year the Sun passes through the Libra Duad of Pisces – 17.5-20 Degrees of Pisces – in 7-10 March.  In 2015, Chiron moved through the Libra Duad between 15 March and 24 April.  Fresh from new Miraculous breakthroughs in our Emotional Self-Image, we met someone or something new, and we met them with our new, evolving Identity.  We may not even have realized that it was an experiment, as Libra often feels all-consuming, and we forget that we’ve barely embarked on our journey with Other.

Then, typically, we meet our Expectations, the Perfect Pictures left over from our previous disappointments and Desires.  And Other doesn’t measure up.  So we call in Guy Noir, famous private eye and expert at figuring out who did what when and why, whether it’s our fault or Other’s and how we can fix it all to get back to what we Want.

  • Hence the Scorpio Duad of Pisces, 20-22.5 Degrees of Pisces, and usually around 10-12 March.  Chiron moved into the Scorpio Duad of Pisces on 24 April, turns Retrograde there on 23 June, then moves back into the Libra Duad on 25 August.  Scorpio needs to Get to the Bottom of Things, so we obsess about how our adventures with Other in April didn’t evolve as we Wanted them to.  How can we Change?  How can we get Other to Change?  This is important.  It was the groundwork for our new Community, for finding our New Tribe to carry us through the Tripping Point.  It’s not something we can easily Let Go of, and appropriately so.

Chiron backs through the Libra Duad of Pisces from 25 August till 23 October.  So we’ll be coming out of our Emotional-Anaytical mode and re-engaging with Other.  Maybe the same Other, maybe other Others, probably both.  We’ll have made Changes in our Guy Noir interlude, and so will have Other.  We’ll cautiously explore ourselves in this new Mirror, and see if Other is a Safe companion for our new Identity – which by now feels like quite a veteran.

Then from 23 October till 1 January, Chiron is back in the Virgo Duad of Pisces, with a Direct Station on November 28.  Lots of things get Clear here.  The perpetual Challenge for Virgo is avoiding the temptation to indulge the Self-Hate that the Ego-based Culture has for it.  This is Chiron, so there will be Discouragement.  But there will also be big Breakthroughs, potentially abandoning Blame altogether and preparing to meet Other again in full Responsibility.  Chiron Dances with the Libra Duad until 22 February 2016, then moves back into the Scorpio Duad.

  • The Sagittarius Duad of Pisces is another Letting Go phase.  Back to Spirit, Fire, Heat, to evaporate the dense Emotional ponderings and dank spelunkings of Scorpio.  In the average year, the Sagittarius Duad spans 12-15 March.  It comprises 22.5-25 of Pisces.
  • In the Capricorn Duad of Pisces, 25-27.5 of Pisces, we’re refreshed by the pyrotechnics, and turn our Attention to the pragmatic aspects of relating to Other and Community.  Typically, the Sun passes through this zone around 15-17 March.
  • Finally, the Aquarius Duad of Pisces, 27-5-30 Degrees, is about putting our new – and newly, laboriously, reworked, Emotional Identity into Community.  Once we Emotionally engage with our Peers in our new Tribe, we’re ready for the Rebirth that arrives with the Equinox around March 20-21, the Aries Duad of Aries.

Portal 15-17.6 – Altjira and Asbolus

June 16, 2015

black-sheepIs this the “B” elevator?

I’m starting from the assumption – correct or otherwise – that Altjira, the Creator God of several Native Australian Peoples, is Open-Minded and Curious.  Any information you might have and be willing to share about that would be appreciated.

Thanks to reader Φ for locating the asteroid Altjira.

The Creator God’s asteroid Doppel is a type of Trans-Neptunian Object (or “TNO”) called a “Cubewano.”  It sounds esoteric, but it’s just a way of saying “QB-1-Oh!” as QB1 was the first such animal discovered.  It’s probably not big enough to be a dwarf planet, but we don’t really know yet.  The unique thing about Cubewanos is that they are not, as many other TNOs are, locked into an orbit that’s closely related to the orbit of Neptune.  Neptune’s the 800-pound Gorilla of the Outer Realms, and when any of these stray iceballs gets too close to it, Neptune’s gravity “captures” it and synchronizes its orbit to Neptune’s own.

A TNO that’s captured by Neptune’s gravity is going to maintain a constant relationship of some kind to Neptune, so it’s impact upon us planetary microbes will be controlled by Neptune.  Among other things, Neptune symbolizes the human craving for Belonging that’s greater than the craving for Truth.  Not that Truth is the End-All and Be-All (that’s Charity), but Truth does eliminate self-sabotage, so it has great advantage when we’re trying to Manifest and Co-Create.  So Cubewanos are more interesting to us because they suggest an independent Energy that may help us Expand our Consciousness.

All this matters because on June 15-17, bracketing the New Moon, the cubewano Altjira makes a major astroevent with the Centaur Asbolus.

Centaurs orbit between Jupiter and Neptune and usually have irregular, unstable orbits that may eventually decay into quite a different shape. They’re called “Centaurs” because they seem to behave half like an asteroid and half like a comet, as Mythological Centaurs were half horse and half human.  Asbolus is a Centaur, and most likely also too small to be a dwarf planet.  As a Mythical dude, Asbolus was a seer, so the cosmic Asbolus is associated with Intuition.  The name may be a good mnemonic, as a Bolus up there could indeed awaken our Intuition.

Altjira Initiates Asbolus on June 17, at 10 Gemini, “An airplane performing a nose dive.”  Altjira takes about 300 years to complete one loop of the Zodiac, and Asbolus 78 years.  Their previous Cycle ran about 90 years in length.  The Moon crossed both Asbolus and Altjira on June 15, before the New Moon.

An Asbolus-Altjira Cycle would be about Opening us up to New Perspectives through our Intuition.  In this new Cycle it appears that we’ll be pushing our Intuition to the max, in order to test its Limits.  Sometimes we’ll crash and burn from trusting our Intuition too much, but what’s important is that we’ll be Learning to know and understand where and when we can Trust our own Truth.  Truth lies in the Heart, and everyone’s Truth is different.  My First Teacher used to say “Your own Truth goes right through you,” meaning that we recognize it when we hear it or speak it, but we don’t  easily remember it or explain it when it’s not in the Moment.

Our Intuition is Alive, Open to Curiosity, always ready to be proven wrong. But at the same time, it’s our Guide, so we have to Trust it.  Rather than Doubt our Intuition, we Trust it but proceed cautiously, back out when we sense that we’ve gone in the wrong direction, but recognize that it may position us to Learn what we need to Learn to accomplish something, rather than accomplishing it for us.  At least, that’s what we could be Learning, now and over the next 90 years.

We’ll look at Altjira’s discovery chart soon. We know to start with, that the asteroid Karma (thanks to reader Elizabeth for scoping Karma out) Opposed Altjira when it was first observed to be a non-Star, both T-Square to Uranus.

We know that Altjira is about sifting through our Personal and Karmic history to find Programming that’s not really Us, and can therefore be jettisoned in favor of greater Yintegrity.

Mars makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square, telling us that the key to this process is Action. Like 10 Gemini, this means that…

Taking Risks that reveal our Programming and differentiate our Yintegrity is part of the program.  So it’s not about being cool or right or charming.  It’s about being Present.  Not Present to someone else’s Reality, but Present to our Own.  If we aren’t Present to our own Reality, we can only fake being Present for someone else’s.  Like Brautigan said, “First I must be Who I Am. Then I must know Who You Are. Then I must be Who I Am.”  Or something like that.  I’m pretty sure it was Brautigan.

It’s a fascinating parallel that at the Mars New Moon, the dwarf planet Sedna makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the New Moon T-Square, repeating the primary Altjira-discovery-chart Configuration but with different planets.  And in the New Moon chart Sedna sits near the position where Altjira was at its discovery, 24 Taurus.  That Degree is “An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt,” suggesting that while it may always be a good idea to exercise Compassion, we need to do it after we Intuit, rather than letting it color our Truth itself.  That is, Forgiveness doesn’t mean exposing yourself to continuing Abuse from those you Forgive; it requires Clarity, Honesty, and solid Boundaries.  The base of the current Mars-New-Moon T-Square is Lilith Opposite Chiron.  What does all this tell us?

In seeking the Miracle of Yindependence, might we be killing what we Love?   No, it’s more like, The “Effortless” path to our Sovereignty lies through Confronting our Greatest Fears.  Oxymoronic, as Confronting our Greatest Fears hardly sounds Effortless.  But our Karma is a Paper Tiger.  We can Confront Fear with as little Effort as Breathing.  “Oh, there’s that Demon again!  I recognize them!  They’ve been here all my Life – and I’m still Alive!  So they must not be nearly as Scary as they’ve made themselves out to be.”  All that takes is Awareness.

The other chart that may be insightful is the chart of the Altjira-Asbolus Initiation itself.  Asbolus-Altjira in that chart sits in an almost-Grand-Sextile.  The Vacancy is Opposite Asbolus-Altjira at 9 Sagittarius, “A mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway” – not something you’d want to have to say six times fast.  The other two Polarities of the Grand Sextile are the Nodal Axis and Venus Opposite Ceres – Permanently Walking in Beauty.

So we can Learn to be True to Ourself and Permanently Walk in Beauty by tirelessly nurturing our Intuition – our own Inner Initiate.

We’re wandering into very obscure aisles and alleys here, exploring these lonely little space rocks.  Does it grow Corn?  Being pretty much a slack-jawed Newborn at the moment, I’m not in a position to judge.  I guess the question would be answered by asking ourselves several questions…

Do we happen to be questioning our Intuitio? Or Trusting it to an unusual extent?  Are we contemplating or taking Risks that will test it?

Do we feel as if we’re breaking through core issues that have bedeviled us all our Life?  Or up against them again?  Are we more Conscious this time?

 Are we coveting a Community where we aren’t asked to surrender our Self-Sovereignty?

Let me know.

Portal 13-14.6 – Scorpio and Virgo

June 14, 2015

apon9061bpSagittarius and Scorpio.  Believe it or not, the Sagittarian Wisps are actually Crystals, of Natrolite, sitting on a more recognizable Crystal, Scorpionic Apophyllite.  Nevertheless, things are still not what they seem to be.  The recognizable Crystal is actually a Mica, Apophyllite, even though it looks nothing like a Mica.  And the Wisps are actually a Zeolite, even though they look nothing like any we’d recognize.  A Zeolite is a complex Mineral with pockets.  You wouldn’t think there’d be room in those Wisps for a pocket, let along a complex Mineral.  If you get the right Zeolite, you can dump it into a toxic mess, and the Zeolite will pocket the toxins and bring them out!  I know, She is truly amazing, especially when we forget She’s a Living Entity with many orders of magnitude more cleverness than we’ll ever dream of mustering!

Apophyllite (Potassium Calcium Fluoride Mica) is about Opening our Third Eye, appropriate for Getting to the Bottom of Things.  Green Apophyllite brings Compassion into our Intuition.  As we like to say, Apophyllite was used for Divining by the twelve Apophylls.  Natrolite (Sodium Aluminum Zeolite) is about Opening the Crown Chakra, appropriate for Letting Go of what Limits us.  Like much of the loveliest Apophyllite, this one comes from near Pune, India, a center for many different flavors of Spiritual pursuit.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month, as Pogo used to say.  Whatever you’re Grieving, Trust that it was not planning to be part of the next phase of this Gaia-Pi Adventure.  We’re in the process now of Co-Creating what we need for the next phase.

June 13-14…

  • Makemake (Manifestation) is Stationary Direct (Strong)
  • Saturn backs into Scorpio (Did we leave any Emotional Stones unturned?)
  • The Moon Occults Mercury (Beginner’s Mind) at 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action”)

Mercury and the Balsamic Moon rise ahead of the Sun, so they should make a lovely couple just before Sunrise, whether you’re in the right spot (east central Asia) to see the Moon cover Mercury or not.  The Balsamic Moon is about Letting Go, echoing our other themes.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Saturn points us to The Most Important Thing, and informs us that all of the other priorities will be just fine playing quietly by themselves while we put all of our Attention on The Most Important Thing.  Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things, so when…

The Most Important Thing Is Getting to the Bottom of Things,

we can – appropriately – be pretty obsessive.  Another useful key phrase about Scorpio, left over from the Recovery Movement in the 1980s (when Pluto was in Scorpio) is The Way Out Is Through.  Saturn has been in Sagittarius since Christmas 2014, and in Sagittarius The Way Out Is Letting Go.  So we’ve Lightened Up quite a bit since Christmas.  But there are still some bits of Egg clinging to the pan, so we need to go back and scrub a little more.

Till last Christmas, Saturn had been in Scorpio since October 2012 – in other words, The Most Important Thing has been Getting to the Bottom of Things since Time ended and Pi took over.  For the last two and a half years The Most Important Thing has been locating anything and everything that has stood between us and taking Full Responsibility for Everything in our Lives.  Though Pi gave us that first nine months of Grand Trines to ease our Rebirth into the New Era, of course that would feel like being poked with spears and knives by everyone and everything around us, as we were educated about where we weren’t taking Responsibility.

Soooo, what did we not quite finish up?  Responsibility means being able and willing to Respond.  It looks to improve the Future, not assign causality and Blame for anything from the Past.  Anyplace in your Life where you’re still feeling like a Victim, or where you want to Blame someone else for anything?  Those are the bits of Egg we need to work with; keep your eye out for them between now and mid-September, especially toward the end of July, as Saturn turns Direct on August 1.  After mid-September, we’re in the Let-It-Go Stage “for good” – well, for two and a half years anyway.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

The Station of Makemake in 29 Virgo (“A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines her mind”) suggests that…

We should be on the lookout for What We Need to Survive in this New Era.  We first experimented with meeting our new Next-Phase Tribe (Makemake in Libra) from mid-October 2013 to mid-March 2014.  Then last September we renewed this quest.  In mid-July we get serious about it.  In between – March-August of 2014 and mid-May through mid-July of this year, we review our own Blocks to receiving our new Community.  Virgo is about breaking down the Ego so we’re ready to meet Other without prejudice – without Judgment.  Ego is a force for good; it’s primary Mission is to keep us alive. The only problem with Ego is that it’s “sticky.”

Sure, Narcissism can feel like a pain if we’re stuck with having to deal with someone else’s Narcissism, but that’s just about our own unwillingness or inability to set working Boundaries.  Our own Narcissism?  Not to worry; it’s its own best frenemy. 

A caution for Virgo, though.  Since Ego-Recycling and Virgo are so poorly understood in Ego-dominated Western culture, Virgo ends up being seen as nit-picky and critical, and Virgo grows up with a programmed self-hate from introjecting this criticality.  So anyone with strong Virgo will likely worry about their own Narcissism.  But Virgo is the Opposite of Narcissistic.  What’s the Coin?  Self-Love.  Self-Transformation (Virgo) is about Self-Love, for sure.  Transformation isn’t about hating what’s being Transformed, it’s about Transcending what’s being Transformed.

A functioning Ego is flexible enough to Celebrate our own unique Skills fully – without having to compete them with the unique Skills of Others, and to Recognize when and where it would serve our Community better to delegate to the superior unique Skills of Another.  A “normal” Ego, more concerned with how many strokes we get, gets stuck on the last hurt or triumph, and loses track of the Present Moment.

This is what Virgo is about.  Pisces is about making a break from a Community that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of a Community without the assurance that we’ll be accepted into a new one.  Neptune and Chiron are working us through all that Drama and Trauma.  Virgo is about making a break from a sticky Ego that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of an Identity without the assurance that a new one will function any better than the old one.  Or, in a word, Ego Death.  Makemake is helping us through this wicket, and it’s an excellent Guide to have, as its focus is always on Co-Creating the new tools we’ll need to Survive in a new Era.

So as we go back into Getting to the Bottom of Things, we’re also back in Ego Death.  With Saturn, we’re just re-entering our last review period (ie, just tiptoeing back into Scorpio and hoping she doesn’t wake up).  With Makemake, we’ve already finished our review (ie, already backtracked into Virgo, and now we’re turning to exit for the final time), so we’re in better shape there.  Between now and mid-July we’ll be making the adjustments that will “fix” the Responsibility shortcomings that we’ve already encountered.

So while there may be a few Surprises awaiting us on the Emotional front, on the Ego front we’ve probably seen that last of them.  Is it any easier to step aside and Witness an Emotion that threatens to overwhelm us, than it is to step aside and Witness an Identity that’s sabotaging us?  You bet.  It’s when the Emotion and the Identity are intertwined, that the greatest difficulties arise.  And as we encounter the last few Emotions that Separate us from Joy and Light, we should already have some degree of Ego Detachment.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

Cuspal Saturn and Stationary Makemake are Sextile to one another, sharing the quality of Magnetism.

Sextiles connect two Signs that have either Magnetism or Dynamism in common, so on this basic level they aren’t competing with one another.  It’s the Sixth Harmonic, so the basic Energy is about Partnership – Win-Win. 

It’s a Waxing Sextile, several years into the Saturn-Makemake Cycle that began in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar.”  In terms of current events, we could trip into a number of directions on that one, about boy-priest relationships or about “making things smell better.”

In our tradition of focusing on what’s being Healed, we’ll do just that, and propose that the current 33-year Saturn-Makemake Cycle is about Healing the lost art of Apprenticeship.  In pre-Industrial society, as children we “played” at learning the “work” our elders were doing, automatically learning Survival Skills in the process.  Since that link was broken by the various forms of Industrial Slavery (schools that removed children from parents so they could be propagandized into one paradigm, work that separated the workplace from the family so compassion could be removed from working conditions, etc), child-adult relationships have been strained and forced into unfamiliar forms.

A Saturn-Makemake Cycle would be about Building the Structures that Support Survival in the next Paradigm.  So we could see the current Cycle as Restructuring Apprenticeship to reintegrate Spirituality and Survival (“Work”) and Everyday Life.  Industrial and Religious Culture rigidly divided these into separate days of the week.  Remember that what we’re going here (2000-2020) in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles is, on the Cultural level, deciding what parts of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into the Digital Age.  The Sextile represents Grace after we take the first step.  The Cultural level is assembled from accumulation of Personal levels.  So an appropriate question to ask ourselves might be…

Are there concrete steps I can take right now, to integrate my Spiritual Life with my Everyday Life and What I Do to Survive?  Have I already taken any steps like this?  Can I start to build them into Patterns that can become the infrastructure of Life in the Next Phase?

Portals 11-16.6.15

June 10, 2015

croco982bp Crocoite, a Lead Chromate from Tasmania.  As the Male half of Kundalini, complementing Proustite.  Lead and Chrome and Oxygen here, Silver and Arsenic and Sulfur in Proustite; the Alchemists were right on. 

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Sorry about the radio silence; I’ve been flat on my back for the last week with the “gift” of a wicked flu.  I know, it’ll make me stronger if it doesn’t drown me first.  I’d be rich beyond imagination if the snot market wasn’t down.  I was trying to run my priorities in order (ie, compensated commitments first) with the little Energy I have, but it’s a busy week and it’s Wednesday already.  I’m behind on correspondence, so please have patience.  Then I ran across this, on a subject dear to our Hearts…

Congratulations, Soulspeak!!  Global Balming is giving Western Washington a lot more Sunshine, but Eastern Washington is where the Sun really shines.  The only problem with Eastern Washington is that they have winters there.  But Walla Walla!  Just about the lowest elevation in Eastern Washington – which means: warmer winters!  Record winter lows there are continental-rude, but average winter lows are barely freezing.  Your tender perennials will be most vulnerable in November, when it can get very cold before there’s any snow cover.  Good Manifesting!!

When I compare Soulspeak’s beautiful pictures of Desire with what I mean when I speak of our Deepest Desire as a snapshot of our Mission, it’s clarifying for me.  For instance, one of my Deepest Conscious Desires is about completing my almost-Grand-Sextile, more than about my North Node per se – but my Nodes are part of the almost-Grand-Sextile, so that’s confounded.  Another of my Deepest Conscious Desires is about putting the planet on my Midheaven to work in a receptive Community, but that history is beginning to make sense.  As for my North Node, I’d have to say that the Deep Desire there is Semi-Conscious to Unconscious.  Which is to say, I’d do that anyway, no matter what the Consequences.  For those who didn’t understand, it’d be their loss.  Thanks for the Inspiration, Soulspeak!

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

As for the week, here’s the outline…

  • 11 June: Mercury Stationary Direct (probably already feeling this deepening of thought processes – the paragrapah above is probably an example for me), and Moon Occulting Uranus (some things just aren’t optional, like reorganizing my priorities to write this)
  • 12 June: Neptune Stationary Retrograde (definitely feeling this already; anything in your Young Life Confusing?  That’s what needs to be embraced)
  • 14 June: Makemake Stationary Direct (and definitely feeling this already too; Makemake is about Manifesting what we actually need to Survive, more than Manifesting what we think we need, or Want; if all this catarrh washes away my tendency to overthink, you’ll hear me shouting YOO HOO clear over there, wherever that is!)
  • 15 June: Moon crosses Asbolus and Altjira (Big shifts in our Intuition, as Asbolus was a seer and Altjira is just Big)
  • 16 June: Mars New Moon, and Altjira Initiates Asbolus (It’s going to be a very Powerful Lunar Month)

We haven’t had a chance to finish our research on Trans-Neptunian Object Altjira yet, since Φ found it for us.  It’s one fourth the size of dwarf planet Chaos, so may not be big enough to be a dwarf planet, but it orbits near Chaos (Altjira 42-47 AU, Chaos 41-50 AU – an AU is the distance from the Sun to Earth; orbits Altjira 297 years, Chaos 309 years; they’re currently separated by ten Degrees of Longitude and two Degrees of Declination, and I wouldn’t worry about their colliding).  What we do know is that Altjira was the Creator God of several of the Australian First Peoples, and that in its discovery chart it was Opposed by Karma and T-Squared by Uranus, with Mars Trine-Sextile Bridging the T-Square and Chiron Quincunx-Unx Bridging it.

To the folks who believe that what you can see defines what is Real, Altjira will represent shocking new Perspectives.  To the Western mind, the Dreamtime is mythological.  In the view of the Australian First Peoples, it’s no less Real than any other experience.  What part of your Reality do you joke about, referring to it as if it were Material, while giving it separate status from Objective Reality?  For instance, when you have a disturbing dream do you tell your people you had an “Abduction?”  Do you really consider Rocks and Plants to be Alive, or just talk about them as if?  What about the Critters?  Do you suppose they’re equal, less than, or superior to your own species?  These might be the first wake-up calls you get to Expand your Consciousness. 

What little we know so far about Altjira is that, if we want to know where our Yintegrity lies, we probably need to go Walkabout and see what we React to.  These Reaction won’t tell us where our Yintegrity is, they’ll tell us what we need to clear in order to find our Yintegrity.   With good luck we’ll recover quickly enough to do more research and write more about Altjira before 15 June.

The New Moon promises a Transformative Lunar Month (New Moon to New Moon), and not just because it occurs a half-Degree from Mars. 

 The Altjira-Asbolus Initiation is at 10 Gemini, “An airplane performing a nose dive.”  Rudhyar assumes that the dive is an on-purpose performance, but that’s not the way I usually think of a nose dive.  While the New Moon is half a Sign beyond the Altjira-Asbolus Initiation, it’s bracketed by the Initiation in Time.  When the Moon tickles an astroevent, it often triggers the event’s impact, and the Moon crosses Asbolus and Altjira the day before the New Moon.  The Initiation occurs five hours after the New Moon, so the Energy of the Initiation will permeate the New Moon Time.  By our own perverse logic we could actually consider this to be an Asbolus-Altjira New Moon.

That would mean that the month to follow the New Moon will be filled with eye-opening revelations.   Revelations big enough to represent a shift in the General Trance.  Could even be a Tripping Point.

The New Moon chart itself is very busy.  The Mars-New Moon Stellium Opposes an Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium, with Quaoar on the Galactic Center

Someone or something could be “laying down the law” with little ambiguity around our Responsibility. 

Which makes a Grand Cross with a Chiron-Lilith Opposition…

Expect to encounter Discouragement about your self-Sovereignty, and Open to Miracle breakthroughs around it. 

And while Chaos is not part of the New Moon Stellium via our usual Sensitivity, it’s well within range to make its own Grand Cross with Chiron, Lilith, and the Ixion Stellium…

There are no Limits here; you may as well PIAVA that you maintain a shred of sanity as the top of your head explodes.

The Mars-New Moon Stellium is also the head of a Kite with Eris and Juno…

There will be shocking secrets revealed, but the overall result will be quite positive. 

And Sedna rounds out the gang in the 25-Degree range, making a Tricolor with Lilith and the Ixion Stellium…

If, when someone or something “lays down the law” it frightens you or threatens the Security of your family, the productive Response will be Curiosity about how it will all unfold.  Maintain your Curiosity as long as you can, without seeking Answers.  This is a small step in a huge process, so avoid jumping to any conclusions about dystopian or utopian outcomes that you’ve outpictured or ingested from someone else’s outpicturing.  It’s an ongoing Co-Creation, and by assuming it’s finished you just opt out of the Creative process and leave the rest of us to wrestle your Fantasy to the ground.

Nessus Four

June 5, 2015

lepido4039bpmime3808bpThis is not something I’ve tried, though I will.  Marquist & Frasl, in their book Crystalline Communion 2000, which as I’ve said, of all crystal books most often resonates with my personal Experience with the Rock People, suggest combining Lepidolite (upper, Potassium Lithium Aluminum Fluoride Mica) and Mimetite (lower picture) as a potent pair for helping reconstitute a new Personality after Recovering from PowerUnder.  Contemplate the photos, or make a tincture for each, like we described in Nessus Three below, and combine some of the Waters.

The book is out of print; inquire at for the current reprinting schedule.

Nessus Three

June 5, 2015

mime3808bpMimetite, another compelling toxin – Lead Arsenate Chloride.  It’s usually safer to make a tincture with toxic Crystals and Minerals – put the Crystal in a glass bowl inside of a larger bowl, and add Water to the larger bowl so no Water gets into the smaller bowl and touches the Crystal.  Leave it in the Sunlight or Moonlight for a couple of days, then use the Water as you would a Safer Stone.  Or, just Meditate on the picture.  Mimetite helps us come back to ourSelf and our True Purpose.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Nessus is no longer Stationary, and no longer in the first few Degrees of Pisces, so if echos of Abuse of any kind assault us now, they should be easier to Let Go than might otherwise be the case.  Nevertheless, there is no shortage of PowerUnder in the Patriarchal World (we’re not implying that Ladies can’t do PowerOver), and since the Emotional scars from Abuse can light up at any time, and spontaneously, it never hurts to know the signs so we can increase our chances of Empathizing with our historical Self.  And Nessus will be back in the most Vulnerable Degrees of Pisces in the second half of 2015.  So it’s worth a few more words.

And one sign we forgot to mention in Nessus Two is “I’d rather Die than go through that again!”  At the moment Nessus is in the second Duad (two and a half Degrees) of Pisces, so that Emotion is less likely to arise, than when it’s in the first Duad.  But if and when it does ever arise for you, the key thing to remember is that you’re probably putting the emphasis on the wrong place.  It’s not

“I’d rather Die than go through that again!”


I’d rather Die than go through that again!”

because this Emotion arises at the quintessential moment of Ego Death.  And if you can succeed in making that shift in emphasis while you’re Feeling it, it’s jumping-up-and-down YOO HOO! Celebration time, because you’ll only have to make that shift once!!

Of course, the difficult part is having the Presence to step outside of that Feeling once you’re in it, because you aren’t home, you’ve been replaced by your historical/Karmic Self.  But, once you do bridge that gap between then and now, and can make that shift from Die to I, that’s YOO HOO time!

The other thing we didn’t mention in Nessus Two, is Chiron.  We’re talking about transcending Discouragement and Despair and moving into the Miracle of Rebirth instead, and that’s Chiron’s middle name.

Chiron (orbit 50 years) is at a Waxing Duodecile to Nessus’s (orbit 120 years) Station – in the Twentieth Harmonic.

The Twentieth Harmonic (18 Degrees) is the Aeon, or the principle and Wisdom of a Broad Perspective, particularly with regard to Time; the Power to give birth to new Forms; and the integration of the various segments of our Lives which are usually separate.  Most of the multiples of 18 Degrees are absorbed by the Tenth, Fifth, and Fourth Harmonic (and Second).  The exceptions are the Triduodecile (54 Degrees), Sepduodecile (126 Degrees), and Ennea- or Nonaduodecile (162 degrees).

The current Chiron-Nessus Cycle began January 10, 2006 in 3 Aquarius, “A deserter from the Navy: The individual’s self-realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable.”  The subtext is Rudhyar’s, and unusual; Rudhyar is usually more supportive of the status quo and Community standards than he is of Liberation of the individual.

But the idea of Abandoning a prior Commitment – the Commitment we made to PowerUnder in order to secure our own relative Safety in earlier  trying circumstances – is completely appropriate!  So we can consider the next several weeks to be a particularly fabulous time to Let Go of our PowerUnder Programming.

The major impact of a Station usually precedes the Station, but this Nessus Station, and its simultaneous Initiation of Atropos, is close enough to be considered an important part of the June 2 Full Moon chart, giving it (partial) Sovereignty over the several weeks following the Full Moon.  The Chiron-Nessus Waxing Duodecile is exact on June 6.

That immediately sounds scary to me, as it would seem to expose us to extreme Vulnerability.  Yet wouldn’t it be great to be out from under the Limiting Beliefs that have separated us from our Dreams?  So we probably want to Pray or Intend or Ask or Vizualise or Imagine Feeling or Affirm or Command or Expand Into (or any other variation of PIAVA) Safety and Grace as we make the Transition.  And Tap Out any real Fear that does arise.  It’s actually completely possible to graduate from PowerUnder into PowerWith.  Once we leave our own PowerUnder, the Bullies lose their Magnetic Attraction to us.

Reiki Healing

June 5, 2015

When Soulspeak sends Reiki Healing to all who choose to receive

by all means Choose to Receive!  Her Healings can be Life-Changing!