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Boundaries Eclipse

July 2, 2019

We’re about to drop into the 22-7 Degree Zone we’ve been speaking of, specifically, till 9 July, 25-6 Degrees.  You might want to watch for these three trends, which should be Beginning soon if not already…

  • Growing Awareness that you can Transcend your Habitual Bummers and Manifest Surprise and Delight instead (Stationary Mercury in Leo Squaring Stationary Chiron in Aries 7-8 July)
  • Growing Realization that you won’t be Banished if you Let Go of your Habits of Hiding your Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion Initiating asteroid Bee-Zed in Sagittarius Squaring Stationary dwarf planet Haumea in Libra 8-9 July)
  • Growing Awareness that you actually really can Change your Self-Sabotaging Habits (asteroid Karma entering Aries 7 July)

But we also have some Unfinished Business to deal with first – and simultaneously – namely the 2 July Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in 11 Cancer, which is all about improving our Self-Sovereignty by Adjusting our Boundaries (New Moon Opposite dwarf planet Hylonome in Capricorn, T-Square to asteroid Pallas in Libra).

Other People are closely involved with our Habitual Bummers (Chiron), as our Empathetic Friends always Remind us by Asking about them, and People who know us less well assume we haven’t Changed since the last time we Complained about these Bummers to them.  And Fear that we’ll be Abandoned for Expressing our True Self (Ixion) is all about Malfunctioning Boundaries.  So the more Boundary Work we can get done early this week, the more Success we’ll Discover next week.

While that’s one Core Message of the Eclipse (the Purpose of which is to Illuminate what needs to be Changed), there are two others.  First and Foremost, the Eclipse is a Request that we Practice Trusting in circumstances where we have no Reason to do so (Moira-Eurydike Yin Gate).  That’s not Easy, but it’s the fastest way to Resolve our Self-Sabotaging Habits.  By the time a Habit becomes Karma, we’ve long since quit waiting for the situation to become Traumatic.  We’ve Learned how to Identify when a situation might develop into something resembling Abuse, and we now have the Habit of Extricating ourself first.

But that means we Avoid many situations that are not only actually Safe, but also situations from which we could Learn a great deal.  I’m definitely not suggesting that you Abandon your hard-earned Self-Protection Habits.  The Risk is too great that the situation will worsen, and provide greater Motivation for Self-Protection.  But Vulnerability is a prerequisite for Ascension, so we need to push gently against our Self-Protection Habits, staying Present with our sense of Danger for a moment longer than we otherwise would, if we possibly can.  It would be good to make sure that we do have an escape route, before we overstay our Security (Besides New Moon-Opposite-Hylonome and Moira-Opposite-Eurydike, the third Opposition in the Yin Gate is Orcus-Nessus).

We may also Encounter our Anger in situations that may or may not make much Present-Moment sense to us.  If you find yourself Angry, or Frustrated, or Agitated, or Anxious, see if you can Sit with it and try to Quiet your mind.  The Energy has an Important Message for us about our Ascension, which we’re likely to miss if we Project our Agitation on the Present Moment, or if we try to Analyze it into a little box.  Whatever you think about it, remember to at least suffix it with “…or something like that” (Mjölnir to Mars-Mercury-Juno from Jupiter-Square-Neptune).

The New Moon does make a Yin Gate, and the Essence of a Yin Gate is about Getting Out of Logic and Opening to Paradox.  If you run into any Contradictions, don’t Either/Or them.  Both/And them instead…

Portal 25.1.16

January 24, 2016

Well, we’ve left behind that gorgeous Full Moon, but six rays of our seven-pointed Fairy Star remain, as well as the Potential for Insights that have the Power to Rebirth us.  We’re also Opening up to vigorous Expansion of our Consciousness (or vigorous Resistance thereto, your Choice – if you encounter vigorous Resistance to anything this week, you know you’ve come home to your Shadow), we’ll be Learning a great deal about Instincts and Manifestation, and by Wednesday we could put all these Energies together into a whole new level of Grace.  Let’s go through that again, one process at a time…

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • Six rays of our seven-pointed Fairy Star remain; in other words, Magic is still afoot.  Enjoy it!

The six rays are Jupiter-North Node (Leaping forward toward our Mission), Asbolus (Intuition), Uranus-Vesta (Breaking through Archetypes), Ceres (Sustainability), Chariklo-Venus (Walking in Beauty), and Mars-Juno (Active Exploration of the Edges of our Consciousness).  It’s particularly lit up

  • Around 12:30 am PST (and a day or two before and after) on 25 January when Juno Initiates Mars
  • At 2am PST on 27 January plus or minus a couple of days, when Chariklo Initiates Venus
  • From 11am till 9pm PST on 27 February, when the Moon crosses Jupiter-North Node
  • From 5pm PST 30 January till 5am 1 February, when the Moon crosses Mars-Juno

If this isn’t Fun for you, Change your Attitude.  If you aren’t sure how, leave a Comment anonymously below and I’ll see if I can help.  To leave an anonymous comment, just add “Anonymous please!”  Without that addition, I might write about “a reader.”  

Use the incredible Power here to Manifest whatever you Want.  Do that by Confronting and Embracing all Resistance you have to it.  Usually that just involves eliminating negative thoughts.  “Yes, I Want Abundance, But no, I don’t Want to endure Slavery to get it!”  Or, “Yes, I want to be Healed, But I want some money left afterwards!”  Borrowing a trick from Dr. Kim, we can make our YesButs into YesAnds.  That might look like “Yes, I want Abundance, And I want Freedom and Integrity too!”  Or, “Yes, I want to be Healed, Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, Completely, and Inexpensively!”  

It will take some Mirror work to find all the hidden Buts.  Ask yourself, “If I did get what I Want, what would be the downside or unpleasant consequences?”

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • The Potential for Insights with the Power to Rebirth us also remains.

Dwarf Plutoid Haumea (Rebirth) is no longer standing completely still, but it’s still moving so slowly that we still consider it to be Stationary (Strong).  And its still the focus of a Mjolnir (Epiphany) on the Neptune-Asbolus Square (Opening up to your Guides and Guardian Angels).

It’s not about Doing, it’s about Allowing.  Go over your ToDo List and take each item and turn it into a Permission.  Rather than “I have to go to work” or “I have to get another job,” you might make it “I Allow myself to Receive [some reasonable number] dollars per week.”  You’ll have a thousand YesButs to that.  What you Want is to Receive the rewards.  Chances are you Do things you Love to Do, and you Do things because you get paid to Do them.  If the ‘twain meet, you’re one of the “Lucky” few.  Can you Conceive of getting paid without Doing anything, and without beating yourself up?

I know that’s a Stretch for most of us.  But it’s a Magical time to Stretch!  See how close you can get.  Monitor the Feelings in your Body to see what YesButs are still hiding in there.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • We’re Opening up to vigorous Expansion of our Consciousness.

Or vigorous Resistance thereto, your Choice.  If you encounter vigorous Resistance to anything this week, you know you’ve come home to your Shadow.  If the Resistance is in someone else, bring it home anyway.  You may need a Funhouse Mirror for the latter.  Suppose they’re Resisting what you Want.  Does that indicate a lack of Commitment on your part?  In some form, probably so, because if you were fully invested in your Intention, obstacles would fall away.  

So it’s likely that some part of yourself doesn’t Believe you’re ready yet, and the form of their Resistance may be a clue to what part of you is trying to keep you Safe.  

Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) Initiates Mars (Action) at half past midnight PST on 25 January, at 12 Scorpio, “An official embassy ball,” beginning a new two-year Cycle.  Rudhyar exposes his European roots by interpreting this Degree as “Group-consciousness as it flowers at the highest level in cultural exchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.”  Wow.  

I went with a New Yorker friend to the opera once, and I was amazed at how the only reason folks seemed to be there was to Show Up and Show Off.  I guess if you admire Wealth and Power above all else, and you Believe that selling your Soul for it is what’s required, that’s probably appropriate.  My own interpretation of an official embassy ball would be more like “The opportunity to Witness the places where we Abandon ourself in favor of Other Peoples’ Expectations.”  And Heal them.

Mars-Juno is one ray of the Fairy Star.  It’s particularly lit up from 5pm PST 30 January till 5am PST 1 February, when the Moon crosses it.

We expand Consciousness through Differentiation or Discernment, not through Discovery.  So we Notice that we Do certain things because we think Other People Expect us to.  Having Noticed, we can look to see if we really Love to Do those things, if they’re a True part of our Deeper Self.  And if not, then how much does it cost us to Betray our Deeper Self in that way.  Is the tradeoff worth it?  What if it doesn’t seem like a Big Deal, but it Creates Stress that could threaten our Health.  Scan your Body to see.

Remember, if you’ve Created something once, you can Create it again.  If you’ve Created Abundance by Doing something that also Creates Stress, you’re likely to Believe that the Stress is a necessary part of the Abundance.  It’s not.  You just need to PIAVA Creating Abundance without Stress rather than Creating Abundance and Stress.  The Magic is here; use it!

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • We’ll be Learning a great deal about Instincts and Manifestation.

Mercury (Mentality) is Stationary turning Direct at 2pm PST on 25 January, Conjunct Pluto (Transformation, ie, Trance Re-Formation).  Mercury-Pluto (Inspiration) Quintiles the South Node (our Hidden Skills), forming the base of a Lunar Quintile Yod (Learning how to Trust our Instincts and their Role in Manifestation).  

We consider our Response to the Moon to have three levels.  First, we see the Moon as Random Emotions, not Emotions consistently triggered by our Values, but variable Responses to the same Stimulus – someone cuts us off in traffic, and at times we’re Angry, but other times we just ease off the gas.  Second, the Moon represents our Instincts.  There’s a good chance that when we’re Angry, it’s in response to the Anger of the guy (undoubtedly a guy) who cut us off, and when we just ease off, the other driver is probably just rushing someone to the hospital.  

The Third level is Manifestation.  It’s Lunar Energy that keeps Matter from spontaneously returning to Energy.  When we have no Resistance in our Body, we Manifest at will.  As Dr. Kim says, there are no “negative Emotions,” there are only habitual Reactions to some Emotions that create unhealthy Stress in our Bods.  Many of these are Cultural (like the Emotional residue of the Crusades that we’re still dealing with), but many are individualized based on our personal inertial Karma.  If we Pay Attention, there’s a good chance we can become Conscious of some of our Unconscious self-sabotaging Patterns here.

   ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • By Wednesday we could put all these Energies together into a whole new level of Integrity.

At 2am PST on 27 January, Chariklo Initiates Venus, at 6 Capricorn, “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.”  We probably wouldn’t notice an inner-planet astroevent like this one, since, occurring annually we have plenty of Experience with it, but Venus-Chariklo is one of the rays of the Fairy Star.  Centaur Chariklo represents our Charm and Beauty, and Venus our Values, so if we align these two we’ll be Walking in more Beauty than is our usual custom.  However, ten logs block the way.

In spite of all the Magic and Grace and Dedication and Insight that we’ve described above, the path to Healing our Self-Sabotage is blocked by our addiction to Matter.  Grace is fabulous, but there is nothing like a Challenge to increase the probability of Discernment and the probability that we won’t just be Grateful for what befalls us, we’ll also be more Conscious of how and what we Manifest.  Our Belief that Matter is Primary, and Energy Secondary, is the Challenge for the next few weeks.  Note that Emotion is Energy.

With consummate assistance from the Medical Cartel, we bemoan – we become Victim to – a medical diagnosis, for instance, Believing that this “disease” has fallen from the sky like a Safe, while we just happened to be walking by.  We don’t connect it to our diet, our Belief that Stress is the requisite for Survival, to the poisons that the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries surround us with, to suppression of True Emotions, to the Childhood or Past-Life Abuse that’s demanding Healing but we’ve ignored all our Lives.

So our assignment is to put the Magic and Grace and Insight and available Energy to work.  Whenever we encounter a perceived roadblock or a speedbump, PIAVA that is be removed.  If it is, then it’s an affliction we were ready to Let Go of.  We don’t say “release it,” because we don’t want to renew our lease on it.  Remember, Karma does not grasp us, we grasp it – every time our “favorite” untoward events occur, we curse our fate, rather than Celebrating the opportunity to Respond differently this time and begin building a different Inertial Habit Pattern.  

If the obstruction doesn’t dissolve immediately, we have to Take Responsibility for it.  That’s Responsibility, not Blame.  Blame looks backward to assign cause to an effect.  Responsibility looks forward to start Creating a new Pattern that results in more desirable outcomes.  We PIAVA, Oh, if I Create my own Reality, then how did I contribute to that?  If we succeed in Changing the Subject and Paying Attention ( ) and maintaining our Curiosity, our role will become obvious.

Usually we Create what we don’t Want because two different parts of us – of varying degrees of Consciousness and lack thereof – Want two different things, and we have a Karmic Belief that they’re incompatible.  We want Success, for instance, but our Health interferes, perhaps because Dad always told us that Big Stress is necessary for Big Success, while the Body Wants the sort of Health that less Stress provides.  So the Body warns us that Big Success without Health is kind of empty, enlisting our Belief that our Health is in the hands of the Medical Cartel, not in our own hands, to do so.

So for persistent roadblocks we need to find out what part of ourSelf Wants to protect us from the downside of what we’re Consciously trying to achieve, and appreciate that Want.  It’s not about Success versus Disease, it’s about Success and Good Health.  There’s no conflict in Reality, only in our Beliefs.  We can Choose to have Success and Good Health, usually by intending and discovering how to Compromise our True Self less.

   ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

The Energy will feel a bit less friendly by early February, but if we’ve maintained our focus on the opportunities to Let Go of Bummers rather than Grasping them, we’ll recognize that this Cleansing is just rinsing a little deeper.

By the end of January we’re moving into the field of the 6 February Sedna (Actions instigated by Fear) Station, and the Initiation of Ceres (Sustainability) by Nessus (Undeserved but Claimed Privilege) on 2 February and by 2007 OR10 (Irruption of Material from the Deep Unconscious) on 4 February.

More Timely Wisdom

January 11, 2016

More timely wisdom from Elder Mountain…

As the Nodes (with Jupiter on the North Node) are backing into a Grand Cross with the dwarf planets Chaos and Ixion, and Neptune Opposes the dwarf planet Orcus, on 13 January, a few days hence.

A Grand Cross is formed when four planets are equally spaced around the Zodiac.  It’s like four T-Squares (Mastery through Challenge), except it’s Balanced, so it ends up being “just” Busy – lots of little Fires to put out, so we don’t have the luxury or the time to dwell on how imperfect it all Feels, like we do with a T-Square.  We’re so Busy multitasking that we get to Feel some degree of temporary Satisfaction from finding a series of adequate solutions that suffice for the short term.

The Nodes of course indicate what we’re doing here; the South Node where we came from, and the North Node where we’d like to go.  Of course All There Is Is Now, so the Nodes flip a lot…

Turns out we need to Let Go of the Held Emotions or Past-Life PTSD that our South Node represents, in order to Recover the Past Life Skills that are necessary to resolve the issues that stand between us and our destination, and realize our Mission for the Lifetime.

And as our CAO (Chief Asteroid Officer) points out, the asteroid Karma (the Inertia Created by Our Held Emotions) is approaching the dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Being Denied), crossing it on 18 January.  However, this is a Confidence-Builder crossing.  The Can-Opener occurred 8 October 2015, and the Exposition 30 December.

With Jupiter on the North Node, we’re hearing a Siren Song from our Mission…  

Our intuitive grasp of our “Real” Mission changes as we raise our Frequency to encompass more of the Universe.  Seeing as we do through a glass darkly, it really is a Siren Song that we’re hearing, tempting us to toss ourself into the morass of our Current Desires, rather than lose our current Ego in prayer that we may Embrace more of its True Meaning.

Which dilemma is also being lit up by an impending Initiation of Mars (Self-Assertion) by Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) that’s complete on 24 January.  

The dwarf planet Chaos represents Unlimited Potential – it’s the Zero Point Field or “Vacuum” that existed before Zeus and the Patriarchy “Created” “Order.”  In the Quantum World, “Reality” is indeterminate till it’s not.  (Or as they say, indeterminate till it’s Witnessed, but that’s incredibly anthropomorphic.)  Chaos is what you haven’t Manifested yet.

Ironically, the Greek version of Vesta was the Goddess of the Hearth, Hestia, and the ancient Greeks toasted Hestia before they toasted Zeus, and after they toasted Zeus.  They were smart enough to honor what really mattered while propping up the male Ego.  Vesta – Unconscious Belief – guards the Edges of Chaos, to keep too many Demons and Daemons and Diamonds from breaking through the Veil.  

This week’s Neptune-Orcas Opposition chart includes a Vesta Yod based on the Sextile between Mars-Juno and Orcas.

The dwarf planet Ixion represents our Pathological Genius.  Ixion was the male figure that ignored Zeus’s Rules of Order, and pursued his Desires without thought of Consequences.  Ixion is our feral unprogrammed Inner Child.  

Underneath our Programming we are all Mozarts and Einsteins and Jeannes d’Arc and Queen Victorias – we have an irrepressible Destiny that was not crushed by our Programming, only driven into the Unconscious.  Our Programming relegated our Genius to the realm of the Pathological – we were Punished and Shamed for it.  

No Blame here; this is how Consciousness grows.  As we Create Security we also Create boredom, so we seek the Light by venturing forth into the Wilderness.  Soon we’re Lost, and have to find our way back “Home.”  Then we rinse and repeat.  On the scale of a Lifetime, our Programmers are chosen to set up ways for us to get Lost that will cause us eventually to remember our Mission.  We are each puzzle pieces in a multibillion-piece puzzle, and like one of Gollum’s riddles, the puzzle will be “solved” when we all Embrace our Pathological Genii.

Putting all this together, we can expect that for most of January we’ll be rushing about putting out Karmic Fires.  If these take the form of rescuing anyone from their Pain, don’t waste the Mirror.  External hardcopy “Reality” is no different from our Dreams.  It all has something to do with what we’re bringing into Consciousness, though seldom in a straightforward manner.  

As I’ve done many times, I recommend Eugene Gendlin’s excellent book, Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.  It’s a collection of clever techniques for coaxing Meaning from your Dreams non-intellectually, and can very productively be used to coax Meaning from your daily adventures in the “Real” Hologram as well.  As an example, he recommends avoiding polarity flip-flops – when you Decide that a Change is necessary, don’t jump from Black to White; instead, shift to a 90%-saturated grey.  Our Symbols are road signs, not airports.

There are directions in our Life that have Unlimited Potential, and Embracing – Witnessing – our Shame and Fear of Punishment, can Create major leaps in that direction.  “You poor Sweetheart, they really Shamed you for that, didn’t they.”  By noticing that we’re in Shame or Fear and Lovingly Witnessing it, we stop being Shame or Fear, and instead become Compassion.

So our January will include glimpses of the Unlimited – like a billion-dollar lottery.  Then we’ll recall our humdrum daily life and how seldom we’ve Created real Miracles, dismiss the Dream, and fade back into worrying about the mortgage.  Then our Desires will rise up, and we’ll Fantasize doing what will Really make us come Alive, till our Held Emotions make us realize how incredibly uncomfortable we’d be if we actually came close to indulging that Fantasy.  

This is January’s Grand Cross.  We’re there already, aren’t we.  Celebrate it!  Embrace each glimpse of the Unlimited.  PIAVA it!  Make it BIG.  If we all had to split that lottery, we’d still have more money than we’ve ever dreamed of having.  We could all win!  

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  (Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love, pp.190-191)

Notice when you return to worrying about the mortgage, or cancer, or whether Aunt Charlene was insulted, or anything else, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade, and Tap it out.  Tap on it till you’re Neutral about it.  

When your Forbidden Desire wells up, Celebrate the Excitement trapped in it.  A secret to Manifesting anything is to practice having the Feeling in your Body, that you’ll have when you Manifest it.  That’s what you really want!  You’ll get bored with a red Lamborghini, or scared by a trip around the World; you’ll never be bored or scared by Excitement.  Get Conscious of the Discomfort you’d feel if your Fantasy Materialized.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’d really Feel uncomfortable, wouldn’t you.  Do you want to talk about it?”  Ask yourself how old you are.

Neptune represents everything bigger than our Individual Soul – the Collective Culture, and its many Shadows.  When we try to look at Neptune through Material eyes, the result is Confusion – which of course is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness.  Shifting to Spiritual eyes, we find Clarity.  Unfinished Business, and all of our Emotional Baggage around it.

Orcus is the Punisher of Broken Oaths.  

Your Held Emotions are Held by vows never to put yourself into that position again.  As with Ixion, where you may have Amends to make over Unintended Consequences of Impulsive Actions, with Orcus you may have Yangtegrity Contracts that need to be Renegotiated.  If your counterparties are long since dead or otherwise gone from your Life, no worries.  If you can feel the Weight of the Contract, you can feel the counterparty, and you can Renegotiate with them exactly where they are in your “mind’s eye” or your bellyvision.

This Renegotiation might take the form of noticing the cable or garden hose that connects you with them in the Energy Realm.  It’s connected to your belly by a fishhook.  Gently twist it out with one hand, then use your other hand to seal the wound with Golden Light.  With grace, hand the hook and the cable back to your counterparty.  If they accept it with equal Grace, you’re Golden, though you don’t want to turn your back until they withdraw.  Make a note to scan your Body in a few days to make sure the cable hasn’t been replaced while you weren’t looking.  If so, rinse and repeat.

If they don’t accept it Gracefully, you may need to take more decisive Action.  Enlist the aid of a Carnivore, then reach out with your imaginary Bowie Knife, slice their end of the cable, and feed the cable to your helper.  An Alligator works great for this purpose.  Give your new friend the assignment to stand guard here, and eat any new attempts to re-cable you.  They may also plead for Mercy; don’t buy it, it’s a ploy.  You want your Energetic Contracts to be Equal-to-Equal.  In these realms, keep your spine straight and your shoulders lifted.  There can be no hindrance to your Energetic Self-Sovereignty.

If your counterparties are still Alive, use your wardrobe Mirrors – see  And remember to persevere.

So a Challenging Neptune-Orcus Angle would be about renegotiating our Social Contracts.

Our Social Contracts stretch a lot farther than we usually imagine.  For instance, if we’re chronically underfunded, we have a Social Contract to Give Away too much of what we need to Survive.  If our Relationships don’t Delight us, then we have a Social Contract of Mistrust or Unworthiness.  When we Renegotiate our Contracts, our counterparties may not be individuals, but Archetypes.  You may need to Renegotiate with Slavery, or Gender Inequality.

There’s an excellent reason why Primary Cultures personified their “Gods.”  If you personify an Archetype, you can Negotiate with it one-on-one.  You can shrink it from a Global Monolith to a Cocker Spaniel.  What if Gender Inequality was a Hamster, and Slavery was a Squirrel; you can personify them however you like, as long as your Vigilance prevents them from nesting in your petticoats.  Use your Mirror and Cable techniques till you stand Tall and Clear and Powerful Beyond Measure, and we can Enjoy the billion-dollar lottery payout together.