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August-September IV

August 21, 2015

Well, I was wrong.  On 31 August Venus Conjoins Mars at the Midpoint of Leo, but it’s not an Initiation, it’s an Exposition.  Mars Initiated Venus on February 21 of this year, at 2 Aries, “A comedian reveals human nature.“  Then Venus backtracked, and now crosses Mars for the second time.  So we might postulate that the dance between our Inner Collaborative Female and our Inner Competitive Male failed to see the humor in some Can-Opener event or process in February, and so we’re getting a second chance to discover how our Ego prevents us from dancing Gracefully with ourself around this issue.  Of course our outer circumstances Mirror the dance between our Inner Collaborator and our Inner Competitor.

When two planets dance thrice (because the faster planet turns Retrograde and crosses the slower planet a second time, then a third time after the faster planet turns Direct), the first crossing introduces some Issue that our Deeper Consciousness wants brought up into Consciousness to Integrate.  We call this a Can-Opener because it almost always catches us unprepared and triggers some Ego-Attachment that arouses Emotions we prefer to Justify rather than Witness. 

At the second crossing (the Exposition), the Can-Opening event or process is repeated, but this time we’re better able to see what’s going on (as the faster planet is now Retrograde or as if in slow motion), and we gradually come closer to Witnessing and Letting Go.  The third crossing is the Confidence-Builder, as the offending event or process recurs but now our Consciousness has Expanded to the point that we can handle the offense Gracefully and Confidently.

The Venus-Mars Confidence-Builder will occur on 2 November.

Wow, does this discover ever straighten me out!  I’ve been fretting over having been ripped off last week, and experiencing all manner of unpleasant Emotions (mostly revolving around Fear) as a result.  While I’ve been working with Robert Moss’s suggestions to see the messages hidden in the unusual circumstance, I haven’t yet had a real Aha! moment about it – till now.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep!  (The current Exposition includes a Mjolnir, symbolic of Epiphany!  Some comedian!)  In February I was very much fretting over having been ripped off in a very different way, and then mostly revolving around Anger.  Two flavors of the same dance!  Both times I concluded that my error was over-Collaboration and inappropriate Trust – the Venus side of the equation.  Conclusions are a natural tendency, but they aren’t helpful.  In February my Anger (the Mars side) isolated me; this time my Anger rescued me.

The “Coincidence” also validates the PIAVA process, where the key is that the first thing the Universe does to respond to a request, is to show us why we’re in Scarcity around what we’re Asking for, why we haven’t had Abundance around that all along – because the Universe would rather show us what we need to Change than just shower us with Rose petals.  God Bless the Child who can stand up and say, I got my own!  At least this Universe-as-Teacher process is relevant in my own Life, but I have a natal Grand Quintile (constant Learning/Teaching) and a strong Pluto-Nodes Relationship (Wer immer strebend sich bemüht), so I’d be very interested to know whether the same phenomenon can be identified in your Life.

So we don’t have a Mars-Venus Initiation after all, “just” a Venus-Mars Conjunction.  But as we’ve already seen, it remains a profound one!

So think back to mid-February – what was going on in your Young Life then, that “rhymes” with what’s going on now? 

If you’re experiencing what Feels like a Loss of Privilege, don’t fall for it – it’s a Paper Tiger, a hallucination out of your hypnotic bag of Karmic tricks.  If you can detach your Ego from that ongoing Fear, you’ll discover a very powerful and productive Expansion in the way your Collaborator and your Competitor dance together.

The ongoing Chariklo-Hylonome Conjunction (Terminal Grief over Loss of Beauty and Grace) Squares the South Node (Karmic hallucinations), but the Square forms the base of a Mjolnir focused on the Venus-Mars Conjunction.

A Mjolnir (Norwegian for Thor’s Hammer) is formed when a third planet occupies the Far Midpoint between two planets that are Square to one another; in other words, a triangle formed by a Square and two Trioctiles.  The Square represents the Insoluble, and the Trioctiles represent the Adjustments that make the Square usefully Motivating (via Insight – Epiphany) rather than Frustrating.

This means that Chariklo-Hylonome T-Square the Nodes, but the Mjonir forms a Bridge over that conundrum.  Plus, Lilith and Makemake Conjoin the North Node, in preparation for their triple Initiation in early September.  Lilith represents Yindependence – Collaboration without surrendering Sovereignty, and Makemake is about Creative Manifestation.  Mercury is close by, implying that intellectual Understanding is possible.  You can see how my conclusion that I was over-Collaborating would have condemned me to missing this remarkable opportunity to Expand – which is what conclusions do.  Persistent Curiosity is so much more Powerful!

Venus-Mars Trines Pallas (Boundaries) – if I reframe my ripoffs as Boundary issues rather than over-Collaboration issues, it’s a whole new dance.  Venus-Mars also Trines a Moon-Vesta Conjunction (Emotional Attachment to our Beliefs) – I obviously have a belief that I’ll be ripped off, which I can work on by being Loving and Gentle with it, perhaps, if I’m lucky and skillful, coaxing out the Inner Child and/or Karmic Experiences that give it Emotive Power.  This makes a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) which expands into a Kite (Grace with a Magnified Focus) focused on the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) – Letting Go of Held Emotion (Karma) opens our Intuition because Held Emotions and Toxins literally cloud the natural Channels that connect each of our Mitochondria (Mother Cells) to the Zero Point Field (aka All of the Information in the Universe).

Moon-Vesta in turn Square Pluto (Mandatory), making Pluto to focus of a Yod (Pay Attention!) with Venus-Mars and Asbolus as its base.  Which is to say, there’s nothing optional about all of this!

To be continued yet again…

Shift Happens

February 27, 2015

Ceres-dual-bright-spotsDon’t know if you knew that the Hupersons have sent a spaceship to visit the dwarf planet Ceres (recently Initiated by Pluto – “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys), out in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  The spaceship now is 29,000 miles (the circumference of the Earth is 25,000) from Ceres and snapping photos like the tourist that it is.  No one in recent memory has been there, after all.  Evidently no one called ahead to notify the Cereans that the Earthlings were coming, so they haven’t turned out the lights.  The headlights are literally Mysteries, not Photoshopped.  Best guesses from the Muggles are reflections from exposed Ice or fresh vanilla Lava, but till the official propaganda is handed down by the Commision, you’re free to make up whatever story pleases you.

A reader recently asked where I stand on “The Shift.”  There’s a great book on the history of the 1960s – which as you should know by now we’re reliving, for at least another two weeks – called Time it Was: American Stories from the Sixties,

“As for the complex social and racial equality issues I covered and reported on in the mid-1960s, change has been slower than I would ever have imagined when I was in my 20s.  I still think we are moving in the right direction.  It’s just that sometimes and in some places the program can only be measured in millimeters rather than the miles I would have expected 40 years ago.”

It’s a great book, whether you were there or not.  It’s a “textbook,” so the price is usurious, but Amazoo has good used copies for reasonable prices.  I mean, how much damage can a student do in three or four months.

I don’t Believe The Shift is a three-dimensional issue.  It has to be viewed from a larger Perspective.  It’s happening, but we don’t hear about it on the Nightmarely News.  There will be Tipping Points, but they’ll probably be single-issue Tipping Points.  Since everything is related though, each one will push the others.  It may take centuries before we get to where we’d like to be.  The species will probably survive Global Balming, though it may be by regressing to the Stone Age – the Diet’s already gone there! 

Here’s a very concise summary of the current American Fascism (the definition of Fascism that I learned in high school civics class is government and business in bed together) and our attempts to Tip it into the dustbin…

From a completely different Perspective but on the identical issue (Change), here’s an interesting coaching from Pat Carrington, who has adapted Tapping to include positive statements as well as negative…

“All-negative” Tapping works for me, as it’s just Empathy for what’s really going on, and as such has the Power to Create Miracles.  But by all means try Pat’s technique.  Who ever had too many tools, anyway?

Transformation of Belief

February 25, 2015

Feb2715I know, sleep has been screwed up lately, and it’s likely to continue for the next couple of days.  This is one of those Uranian times when, if we want to maximize our health, we need to sleep – or nap – when we’re tired, work when we’re inspired to, and be open to very expansive Changes in just about everything.  Napping should be very productive.

In a few days the dwarf planet Chaos (potential rather than disorder) will be Stationary and turning Direct, which it does at 4pm PST February 27 ( ).  The Moon crosses Chaos at 5am PST  February 26 ( ), so we’re in the thick of it already.  Along with Jupiter, Chaos is one foot of a Pluto Yod, Pluto of course remaining Square to the Nodes and within half a degree of the mid-March final Uranus-Pluto Square (that will be literally the End of an Era).  Jupiter in turn is highlighted by its own Yod, with Pluto and Chiron as its base.  Opposite Jupiter, Mercury approaches Vesta.

The whole complex Configuration has a peak from 9pm PST March 2 ( http://www.jbuss,com/tt/pst21.htm ) till 3am PST  March 3 ( http://www.jbuss,com/tt/pst3.htm ) – plus six hours on either side – when the Moon crosses Jupiter and Opposes Vesta.  And another peak on March 4 (exact at 3am PST – – plus a day on either side ), when Vesta Initiates Mercury at Aquarius 18, “Someone’s secret motives are being publically unmasked.”

When we’re trying to Manifest something (and who isn’t, all the time!) and we’re having difficulty, it’s always useful to Ask ourself “Do I Believe it’s possible – for me?” and “Do I Deserve it?” and listen carefully for answers from one of those quiet voices we usually ignore.  I mean, if we don’t have self-doubting voices, are we even psychologically healthy?  So of course we usually ignore them.  Not now.  Dial them up.  They’re trying to help.

We hear them as negative because of the old rule that if someone isn’t being heard they tend to get either louder or insulting.  Louder doesn’t work because they’re long since Banished.  So they insult us.  Shake it off and listen.  They actually want to help.  How could you twist their insults so you understand how they’re trying to help?  For instance, suppose they’re saying “You’re Irresponsible.” – well, it’s not easy to serve two masters.  So who are you being Responsible to?  Maybe it’s time to switch your allegiance.

Not necessarily to how your insulting helper wants you to change – there’s a good chance they’re either being sarcastic, or repeating a voice of Authority from your formative years.  You might feel overworked and it’s your father’s voice telling you to go out and play.  You might feel like you’re slacking off and it’s your mother’s voice telling you to knuckle down.  So, objectively, which is it?  Are you working too much, or playing too much?  Chances are it’s not your Behavior that’s being asked to Change, but your Beliefs.

When you’re inspired or devoted to your Mission or both, there’s no such thing as overwork.  But you might have a Belief to the contrary.  When you have the luxury to do it, there’s no such thing as playing too much.  But you might feel guilty about it.  So, how do we go about Changing those self-abusive Beliefs? 

In this video (another gift from Donna and David) Bruce Lipton makes some suggestions.  A warning – he’s too glib.  That’s because he’s excited about his Mission – which is to transform your Limiting Beliefs.  Most of what he says is right on, but his delivery makes it sound easier than it is.  So approach this with a little healthy skepticism about methods but a mind and Heart open to Unlimited Possibilities about results…

You’ll end up PIAFVAing most of the Changes you want to make in your Unconscious and Semi-Conscious Beliefs, rather than using mechanical means.  Break your Wants up into small steps so you can go after them one at a time – that way you can see what’s working and Celebrate it, and shift your approach when success isn’t immediate.

Square Planets Up Your Nodes

February 21, 2015

mnvesu5222bpManganvesuvianite – the Manganese-rich form of Vesuvianite, named for the Volcano that decimated Roman Pompeii.  Vesuvianite symbolizes the Mother Goddess, Creator of All That Is, and her Power to Heal “Miraculously.”  It appears as a Miracle to the Limited mind; it’s everyday to the Goddess.  The Manganese clears away Confusion so we can see the Growth that’s hiding behind it and Embrace it.

   ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ 

A reader asks…

“Can you talk more about those of us who have a planet squaring the nodes?”

Which is an excellent question.  It’s a similar situation for folks with planets Conjunct either Node. 

A “Square” is two planets that are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac; they’re near the same Degree but three Signs apart.  A T-Square is two Squares connected end-to-end, or two planets Opposing one another with a third planet halfway between them.  Both mean Mastery through Challenge, the T-Square’s Challenge being more Challenging than a single Square’s Challenge.

First though, let me address another reader comment…

“That discussion of squares/Tsquares got me – depressed – no, actually, I recognized that feeling as despair when I read it.  Your writings have taught me to recognize that feeling –  despair.  And unconscious despair.  I never knew what that darkness was.  It’s been interesting to note where, when, how often it comes.  That’s helped clear a fair amount of it to an extent…just recognizing it for what it is.  That post brought it on.  Condemnation.  I always thought squares were Mastery Through Challenge.  So there is no ‘never.’  Mastery comes.  Not just ‘getting it’ but MASTERY!!  I feel like they should be called Infinitely Perpetual Challenge then.  Give it up.  You ain’t getting anywhere.”

Well, Infinitely Perpetual Challenge isn’t far off – till you Change your Objective.  Let’s take any of us that have Squares to Mars or Venus for an example – that’s timely, with Mars Initiating Venus and Wabi-Sabi Stationary.  We don’t even need a Square between Mars and Venus, just some other planet Squaring Mars or Venus.  Those movie scenes and ads about Perfect Romance and Perfect Bodies and Perfect Faces are irresistible to us.  Pant, Pant.  And that’s the whole idea – it ain’t Real, it’s a Trance.  I’ll wager that every Relationship you’ve ever been in had some positive feature.  If you cut out each one of those boons and pasted it on your Ken or Barbie doll, you’ll witness your Mastery first-hand.  You just haven’t put them together all at once.

That’s actually a great way to move toward What You Want – list the pieces or characteristics of your Desire, check to see which ones you’ve already Manifested, and then work on the others.  When you get most of them checked off, list all the combinations – A+B, A+C, B+C, etc. and start working on those – you can Plan and Execute, or PIAVFA, or both.  Then if you need to, work on the triplets – A+B+C, A+B+D, B+C+D, etc. – and the quadruplets.  Sound too complex?  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s your Desire that’s too complex.  Maybe you need to Prioritize a little.

Let’s try a thought experiment.  Think about your unfulfilled Desire.  Now pick its two most important characteristics.  Just for the sake of illustration we’ll call them Passion and Security.  Sound contradictory? 

That may be part of your Frustration.  Contradiction exists only in the mind, not in Reality.  In Reality it’s Both/And; in Real Life it’s called Paradox, not Contradiction.  If we’re striving for two Paradoxical qualities that we Believe are Contradictory, we will be doomed to Infinitely Perpetual Challenge.  It’s very difficult to Manifest what we don’t Believe – this is part of the Powerful “Placebo” effect.  So the first thing we may need to PIAFA is that we Believe our Desire is Possible.

Back to Passion and Security.  Ever feel Passion toward your Desire?  If not, Imagine it (Feelize or Visualize or …).  Shake It Off, take a drink of Water, and then think about the times you’ve felt Security around your Desire.  You may not have met any of your other requirements, but you felt Security.  If you haven’t Experienced Security around your Desire, not even for a few minutes, then Imagine what it’ll feel like when you do.  (If it’s a Relationship Desire, think Friendship.)  Then Let It Go, Dance a bit, another drink of Water, then recall or Imagine Manifesting both Security and Passion around your Desire.  Add Belief if you need to.

Feel good?  Or are their Yesbuts squeaking in the background – or shrieking in the foreground?  Yesbuts can feel Frustrating, but they’re just information about what else your Desire needs.  A frequently Unconscious Yesbut is whether or not you Deserve to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire. 

Virtually all of us went to the same Obedience School, where we were given a biscuit if we got the right answer, and if we’re very lucky only fingerwagged when we got the wrong answer.  Lots of folks would consider it Sociopathic if you Believed that you just Deserved things without having to Earn them.  Well, you do Deserve to Manifest your Heart’s Desire, right or wrong.  If your Heart’s Desire is punishable by Life or the Chair, so be it, you’ll just have to face the music.  But that’s not about Deserving; it’s about what your Culture permits and how well you finesse it.

Okay, you’ve Shaken It Off and Let It Go again and danced around the Fire, and now you’re sitting there feeling what it’s like to Believe in and Deserve to Manifest Safety and Passion around your Desire. 

I know, they’re still Yesbutting you, but Imagine that Belief, Deserving, Security, and Excitement are all you Want, that they’re Enough.

Ahhhhh! – Wonderful, isn’t it!

No?  Well, that’s it then. 

Desire is indeed an Infinitely Perpetual Challenge.  The basic problem is that Desire is misspelled.  It’s really spelled M-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n.  Now there has to be a Balance between Motivation and Satisfaction, or else we’ll never feel good about Life.  So what to do?  Well, we certainly don’t need to give up our Desire, that would be the equivalent of Death.  We might need to dial it back a little, and approach it one piece or characteristic at a time, or set intermediate and achievable Goals that we can Celebrate along the way, so we can enjoy the Journey and not just the possibly hallucinatory Destination.

But the real key to Enjoying a Square or T-Square is shifting our Objective from Desire to Learning.  We’re always Learning, so we can Celebrate some quantity of Learning (even if we don’t understand yet what it is) from every Experience.  So a Square or a T-Square is about Learning about our Desire.  Once we make that shift we’re free to Play.  Learning is usually Surprising – otherwise we’d already be Learned.  So we’re open to Surprise as well as Success.  We really can afford to Play with it, because when Learning is our Objective, the bigger and faster our failures, the more we Learn.

That is MASTERY.  You’ve actually experienced it in your Life, around lesser Frustrations, like Spelling or Story Problems or DiffyQ or Asking for a raise or maintaining your Health.

And in fact, with a Square or T-Square, you are a Master, because you’ve always been Motivated to Explore the Edges of your Infinitely Perpetual Challenging Desire.  Take Music as an example.  If you’re Mozart, you were a Master at Birth.  If you’re Salieri, you’ve been working your butt off all your Life, and he gets all the contracts.  But suppose you’re Vivaldi, and you’re trying to figure out whether you want a minor or major key for your concerto about Spring.  Mozart could tell you in a flash.  But Salieri would be able to tell you why you need a minor key. 

If you were depending on Mozart you’d need to ask him again for each Season.  The answer you got from Salieri would allow you to figure it out on your own.  So who’s the real Master – Mozart or Salieri?

This is Real, it’s not a rationalization or a PR trick.  You may need to start your process by Believing that it’s possible to shift your Objective from your Desire to Learning about your Desire.

Conjunctions and Oppositions are similarly Heuristic.  Oppositions Challenge us to escape Duality by recognizing that while the Heads and the Tails distract us from what’s really happening, focusing on the Coin will trigger our Intuition.  Conjunctions Challenge us to Accept that just because our Perspective on the World isn’t popular, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  In fact, the more unusual our Perspective, the more Powerful.  You may end up writing things that won’t be understood for 200 years, or that only six people on the Planet will grok, but the Value in that is immeasurable. 

Squares and T-Squares are members of the Fourth Harmonic, which is basically Mastery or Dominion; the Emperor.  But it’s the Fifth Harmonic that’s about Learning, so we must be wrong, eh?  No, we Master each Harmonic by adopting the Perspective of a higher Dimension.  The First Harmonic, Conjunction, is about Self.  The Infinitely Perpetual Challenge about Self is Other, which is introduced by the Second Harmonic, Opposition. 

The Challenge of Self “versus” Other is resolved by Love, the Third Harmonic or Trine.  The Infinitely Perpetual Challenge about Love lies in resolving Codependence, via Healthy Control or Dominion, the Fourth Harmonic – Squares.  We resolve the Frustration of the Fourth Harmonic by using the Fifth, Learning, the Quintile.  We resolve the Paradox of Inequality between the Student and the Teacher by moving to mutually respectful Partnership, the Sixth Harmonic or Sextile.  And so on.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ

Squares to the Nodes

Okay, finally we get to the original question.  But I think you’ll agree that the detour was useful. 

We’ve been equating the North Node to Desire and Mission, and now we’re talking about Squares as if they represented Desire.  These are two different flavors of Desire.  A North-Node Desire is hardwired in.  Moving in the direction of a North-Node Desire produces the sense that we’re on the right track, even as Satisfaction avoids us.  North-Node Desires evolve without much Frustration; we don’t recall how different our current North-Node Desires are from our picture of it five or ten years ago.  The basic sense is one of Progress.  A T-Square Desire on the other hand is an unachievable chimera that we set up to Motivate ourselves.  It’s a picture of Perfection.  It probably hasn’t changed substantially since we were five or ten years old.  The basic sense is one of Frustration.

So, if we put them both together, Progress with Frustration, gradual evolution with our Perfect Pictures, the whole process can be very Confusing.  And we may not remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  That’s probably the key we need to resolve a T-Square to the Nodes – remembering that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.

Note that since the Nodes by definition Oppose one another, a Square to the Nodes is always a T-Square.

There are a couple of productive processes for dealing with Confusion.  We can acknowledge it with Gratitude.  “Omigosh, there’s Confusion!  Thank Goddess I’m Growing out of that dilemma!  That’s Exciting!”  And Curiosity.  Unlike the programming we got in school, real Learning is always Surprising.  If we had any idea how a real Life dilemma would be resolved, it wouldn’t be a dilemma.  So acknowledging Confusion as the first step of Growth almost automatically inspires Curiosity.  And Curiosity, like Love, is Goddessly, as both eschew Judgment.  We don’t want to strive for Curiosity about how our T-Square will be resolved – because we’d get stuck to our Perfect Pictures again.  Curiosity about what we’ll Learn next about our Desire fits perfectly, however.

We come to the difference between Desire and Fantasy.  Suppose for instance that we crave Acknowledgement.  If as ankle-biters we weren’t Valued for who we really were, we’ll spend our Lives craving Acknowledgement.  We have a picture of how that might happen.  We might be “Discovered,” for instance.  That’s a very nice alternative to Earning Acknowledgement.  Once who we really are is Discovered, everything else will fall into place, and it will all be easy.  That’s how we know it’s a Fantasy – everything else becomes easy.  Fantasy is a Manifestation-killer. 

When we detect Fantasy we need to substitute Curiosity.  We don’t know what it will look like when we’re Acknowledged – we’ve never been there.  We know the Perfect Picture we daydream about, but our Desire is behind that Picture, not in it.  When that Picture arises and we recognize it (how can we not? – we’ve been daydreaming it all our Life!), we need to pull the cord next to it so it rolls up like an old-fashioned window-shade.  Behind it there’s a Wilderness, and it’s Delightful and Dangerous and Exciting and very Compelling.  You can’t Imagine what’s in there!  But doesn’t it inspire Curiosity!

So let’s take some examples.  Suppose Saturn, which represents The Most Important Thing, Squares our Nodes.  It’s never this simple, because many other influences are afoot – such as the Sign of our Saturn, and other Angles to it from other planets.  But we could have a Lifetime Frustration about knowing what’s The Most Important Thing.  Is it Learning new Skills or collecting boons by using the Skills we have?  Is it Love, or is it Power?  So we need to find a reliable way to move from Confusion to Curiosity around The Most Important Thing.

In Psychic School one of the first tricks you Learn is “What if you did know?”  When Duality wants you to do Either/Or and you aren’t in touch with your Intuition enough to understand how Both/And might work in this circumstance, you can Ask yourself, “What if I did know?”  Chances are you will have already rejected at least one answer to the question, and that answer will probably pop back into Consciousness.  There’s a danger here.  This is an exercise for developing your Intuition, it’s not your Intuition. 

The answer you get is an excellent trial balloon, and a great first guess about what’s The Most Important Thing.  It’s worth trying.  But it may only work for a few steps.  West might be the correct direction for the first three strides, but you need to be alert for when Confusion arises again, and Ask again.  The next four might be North – or West again.  If you decide that one direction is Most Important forever, you’re likely to end up in a swamp.  After you practice this for a while it will become your Intuition, and you’ll develop the habit of recognizing Confusion and shifting immediately to Curiosity.  Eventually you won’t even notice the intervening steps, you’ll just Intuitively know what comes next.

But it’s still a Square; you can never sit on your laurels.  It will always be evolving, and you’ll always be Learning more about how to define The Most Important Thing, on more and more subtle levels, till you finally realize that there’s no one you can compare notes with, because no one else knows as much as you know about it – you are the Master.  It Squares your Nodes, so knowing it is The Most Important Thing in your Life.  When you Celebrate your Certainty about knowing the Most Important Thing, you’re about to step into the muck.  Celebrate Learning more about how to discern The Most Important Thing instead.

Now, think back over your Life.  How many times have you repeated this dance, and how many different ways have you Learned for dealing with it?  Include all the ways you’ve forgotten that you Learned (what if you did remember?).  In truth you’re the Master of this Process.  There’s no one better than you to teach it to others, because you’ve Explored all the blind alleys and discovered all the thoroughfares.  And more important, you know how to find the mainlines that haven’t been discovered yet. 

The primary characteristic of any Square is a shortage of Self-Acknowledgement.

That’s another process for resolving a Square in any given moment – moving to Gratitude – make a list of what is working for you.

Or Jupiter – what if Jupiter Squared our Nodes?  Jupiter is about Fortune, Expansion, Amplification.  When Jupiter dances with your Nodes, your Mission is always foremost in your Attention.  That’s fabulous, as no one will ever be able to accuse you of not immer strebend.  But it’s never Enough, is it.  Jupiter’s the Great Benefic, but Never Enough is a bummer.  So Self-Acknowledgement of your Enoughness has to become your mantra.  You’ve beaten it practically to death, but Enoughness is your Mastery.  Now you need to Master Not-Quite-Enoughness.  Your Challenge is to Learn to feel good about Performing at 90%.  When you get pretty good at that you can try 80%.  You’ll be More Than Enough at 50% – you can spend the other 50% having Fun.  You’re already doing this, aren’t you.  That’s MASTERY! 

We just can’t Acknowledge that we’re actually Manifesting the Power to Serve Effectively when we’re the Victim of our own Unconscious Motivation.  Dominion requires the Ability to Respond to “threats” to our Healthy Control.  As long as the Power to Serve Effectively is our Goal instead of Learning to Use the Power to Serve Effectively, Frustration follows, because Life is a moving target and “those people” – who really are less competent and less dedicated than you because they don’t have Jupiter Squaring their Nodes – are your Teachers, Unconsciously of course.  You’re underemployed, but you won’t be able to leverage yourself into a position where you also have the Authority and Responsibility to Serve Effectively – and the rewards, until you Learn to Honor yourself. 

There’s still time to remember all of the little and big Successes along this course, and Celebrate each one.  They’ll feel burdensome until you reframe them from Frustration about Failure, to Excitement about Learning.  Buy three big sheets of gold-colored cardboard and a “Sharpie” permanent marker.  Take an hour each week, choose one of your historical Frustrations, fully Embrace your Grief about how your hard work was unseen and unacknowledged and even actively thwarted, and then Ask “What did I Learn from this?”  If what you Learned feels negative, Ask “What was the positive function of that?”  “What was one positive thing that came out of it?

When you feel good about that Learning, cut a trophy honoring yourself for that  Success out of the gold cardboard, and give it a title and an approximate date.  As you process each historical Frustration there will be too many trophies (it’s Jupiter after all!) to keep on your mantle or altar all at once, so keep the extras in a box.  Each morning choose one trophy to put back in the box, and replace it with a new one chosen “randomly” from the box.  Spend a minute remembering the Frustration you felt as you climbed that mountain, and find the Relief you felt when you Learned that Lesson.

What about Venus?  Venus stands for our Values, so you’re probably often at odds about which Value of yours to follow.  Having multiple Values is fantastic – no danger of becoming a Zealot, eh?  But boy, those Zealots sure look Satisfied, don’t they?  Compared to my Confusion, that looks like a Blessing!  What if being Multifarious was the Blessing?  It’s a Square, it’s always a moving target.  I think of a Spiral, where we revisit the same issue over and over again but with slightly different circumstances.  A friend and reader uses the metaphor of “an elevator which stops at identical floors, but different things happen depending on where your head/vibes/frequency is.”

But the constant about is this is Constant Learning.  Your Values are Universal, but for every moment a different Hierarchy of Values applies.  If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve been programmed to apply the Values that were handed down by your family heritage in every moment.  You’ll be Learning how to stop and reconsider every moment, so you can apply the Values that work best in the circumstances.  You’ll know when you got it right because there will be a short burst of North-Node Satisfaction, the sense that you’re on the right track.  Till the Square’s Never-Quite-Right Energy butts in again.  No worries, it’s just Confusion, the first stage of Growth.  Isn’t that Curious!  I wonder which Values apply here – Growth or Certainty?

The Centaur Nessus Squaring the Nodes?  Confusion over Action, how to meet one’s needs with finesse rather than force, and how to replace that Confusion with Curiosity and Self-Acknowledgement.  Passive Pacifism isn’t worth much.  A Pacifist who knows how to Embrace and Master their own need to Dominate is a Teacher of Value.

The dwarf planet Ceres would tie us in knots over what’s Sustainable, and beg us to replace our Preaching and Self-Abuse about it with frequent PIAVFAs about how to make it stick. 

The poster child of dwarf planets, Pluto?  Sorry, your Life Path is intense, and you won’t bargain your way out of it.  You’ve probably already been in and out of Addiction, as there’s no faster way to understand Control.  Your Hero’s Journey is the Heroin’s Journey, figuratively or literally.  So what if no one listens to you – you see the Future, and they don’t.  Let them stumble; it’s their Learning Experience.  Your Certainty is a hindrance, though.  See if you can reprogram your Trance to seek Curiosity instead – you’re the Master of Trance-Re-Formation after all, even if you haven’t Recognized it yet.

If it’s the Centaur Hylonome Squaring your Nodes, Grief is your constant companion.  She’s just over your left shoulder.  Don’t push her away any more; Embrace Her.  Once you let Her swallow you like Inanna was swallowed by the Sun, over and over again, you’ll emerge Surprisingly quickly, each time having gained deep Insight.  Be Curious about where Grief will lead you next, as it’s a deep service to Humanity and to the Planet.

Inanna’s symbol is the Grand Octile – the Eighth Harmonic is where we go to resolve the puzzles presented by Magic.  This Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about Magic, and you know what comes next.  You are a Visitor from the distance Future, come to try to steer us away from impending disaster.  Embrace that Perspective without succumbing to Certainty or rejecting your constant Grief about being Unrecognized.  Grief is your greatest Tool.

Ah, Lilith.  It feels Confusing only because you’re ahead of your Time.  The World is moving toward Yindependence – Universal Respect for Self-Sovereignty – and you’re the advance guard.  Let yourself be Curious about how you can best help move the Planet forward.  The Hero’s Journey is well documented; it’s up to you to document the Heroine’s Journey for us as well.  Starhawk’s Truth or Dare is a good starting place for you.

Then there’s Uranus!  Yes, there are deep mists between you and your Soul, and many false profits.  You can’t dispel Confusion with Certainty, it must be Embraced.  It’s all Metaphor, Both/And.  What will happen if you Surrender to Confusion? 

Anyone else wanting to come forward?


February 21, 2015

Here Kate Hendricks interviews Debbie Rosas on The Body’s Way, with fantastic insights into integrating the Bod and the various other manifestations of Self.  This one includes video…

It’ll be online only till around 2pm PST ( ) February 22.  Very impressive and very timely.  The YouTube version is at

But I don’t know if it will remain online longer than the other link.

Potential and Possibility

February 20, 2015

More Synchronicities – the concept of Potential keeps coming up in these interviews, and arises in Carol Tuttle’s workshop that we’ll link to in a moment.  The concept is still a subtle background; see if it doesn’t grow more prominent in the week ahead.

The dwarf planet Chaos – which represents Potential rather than Disharmony, is Stationary turning Direct on February 27.

Today’s gift from Donna Eden and David Feinstein is a recording of a four-hour workshop presented by Carol Tuttle.  We’ve had Carol “on this show” before; she’s a well-known EFT (aka Tapping) practitioner.  David of course is one of the movers and shakers in EFT, as it was his review of the extant scienterrific literature on the subject that convinced the American Psychiatric Association to grant continuing education credits for EFT courses to psychologists and psychiatrists.  Since it’s somewhat difficult to follow verbal instructions for physical movements, before we give Carol’s link I want to give a link to Jessica Ortner’s very straightforward introduction to a simple but very effective version (the one I use) of EFT…

It would be great if Donna needed no introduction, as Donna is to Energy Medicine as Janis Joplin is to Rock and Roll and Johnny Appleseed is to Fruit.  A modern-day Saint, really.  If you’ve never spent time with her work and you can afford it, get one of her books or DVDs.  If you can’t afford one, go in with some friends and share it, or wander around the extensive “Resources” section of her website.  Here are the basics…

but don’t miss (menus to the left) Energies of Love for Women and Energies of Love as well.

Okay, with that background, here’s Carol Tuttle’s four-hour audio workshop that covers many of Donna’s elementary techniques, and EFT as well…

Long, but worth the time even if you’re already familiar with EFT and Energy Medicine.  The primary theme is – what else – Relationship, but Abundance and Yintegrity are ubiquitous themes in all of Carol’s works, including this one.  There’s also a lot of great stuff on Carol’s own website…

I don’t know how long Donna and David plan to leave these great Gifts online, but this is Day 5, and Day 1’s audio is still online.  These are all fabulous resources.

Busy Busy in EFT Too

February 19, 2015

We could really be at the Tripping Point.  The EFT (Tapping) World is heating up too.  Dr. Mercola sends this…

Nick and Jessica Ortner and their posse are busy with another year’s World Tapping Summit…

And even Nilima Bhat, of our recent fantastic Kate Hendricks interview fame ( ), presents EFT as a likely Healing modality of choice for folks who resonate with Enneagram Type 1…

Note: Her link for determining your Enneagram Type doesn’t work, but if you want you can use this link instead…

Warning: historically, Enneagram practitioners can tend toward the negative.  Not that astrologers can’t do that too!  I don’t see negativity in this Enneagram Institute material, as far as I’ve looked at it (which isn’t far). 

Empathizing with our Self-Criticism is fine as a first step, as long as the second step is Rising Above It to Self-Appreciation.  And we need to be the Witness to our Self-Criticism, rather than the Victim of it.  Every Fault is a Skill when seen differently, and every Skill is a Fault.  The Key is to use each Skill in situations where it works, and to use a different Skill in situations where the first Skill doesn’t work.  And when it doesn’t work, we inquire which Skill we might have used instead, without Self-Judgment.  Whenever you’re tempted to Self-Judge, Ask what you did well in the situation.  Then you can Ask what you might do differently next time.

Nobody does anything perfectly the first time, except maybe Mozart.  But if we Screw Up for the Umpteenth Time – well, that’s probably a T-Square (or even a Square).  In this case we need to shift our Goals.  What did work?  Well, I’ll wager we Learned a bit (if we didn’t wallow in Self-Recrimination – or after we quite wallowing).  T-Squares and Screwing Up Umpteen Times are about Learning.  We don’t need to Surrender our Perfectionism (as if we could!), we just need to transfer it from what we thought we were trying to Manifest to what we’re Learning about Manifesting that (and about Manifesting what our Evil Twin wants; we need to Honor our Evil Twin’s Wants as our own).

This is one reason why Desire and Mission are intertwined in such a complex way.  Our Squares drive us to Deep Desire, but frustrate us with never achieving what we Desire.  If we have Squares to our Nodes, this is really true.  Wer immer strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen, said Goethe – folks who strive tirelessly can be redeemed.  It’s easier if we don’t have Squares to our Nodes; our Desires and Mission are less convoluted.  Not that a Square to anything else is fun – till you make it so.

We’re starting a new Venus-Mars Cycle, and it’s a Light-Hearted Cycle for once.  If youall were born when Venus and Mars were Squaring one another, these suggestions have your name on them.  A Square is about Mastery through Challenge.  Because your Motivation to keep trying is boundless (which feels masochistic at times, but it ain’t, and don’t let anybody else tell you it is), you actually have more Experience than anyone else your age; which makes you more Expert at your Square than anyone who does it “perfectly.”    When the World is Stable, the Expert is someone who knows all the right answers.  When the World is Changing rapidly, as it is now, the Expert is someone who knows all the answers because they been there done that, because they know what to try next. 

The Planet is Changing from Extreme Male-Dominance to Equality, and of course it will lean over the line into Female-Dominance before it swings back toward the center.  So we all need to be willing to experiment with new strategies, which our Squares drive us to by necessity.  Squares are Fourth-Harmonic Angles, and the Fourth Harmonic represents Dominion.  Not Dominion as in Dominance, but Dominion as in Healthy Control.  Being willing to Accept what we cannot Change, able to Change what we can, and having the Wisdom to know the difference.  And the gumption to keep trying.

Wabi-Sabi Love

February 19, 2015

lem6960bpIs it the Perfection or the Imperfection that you most enjoy about Crystals?  A Dow Lemurian Quartz; “Lemurian” refers to the horizontal striations on three sides of the Crystal and the golden-pinkish cast.  These Crystals were programmed by Lemurians (an early incarnation that was more Consciousness than Form) as a record of their Wisdom for Future incarnations.  “Dow” refers to the six faces of the Crystal’s point – a Dow Crystal has three 7-sided faces alternating with three 3-sided faces, combining Seventh-Harmonic Shamanic Magic (knowing the precise moment to Act in order to create maximum Effect with minimum Effort) with Third-Harmonic Love (eschewing both Judgment and Codependence) into a tool for Manifesting the Highest Good.

  Ÿ     Ÿ     Ÿ     Ÿ     Ÿ 

Hard to believe how many Synchonicities are going on these days!  You’d think these folks are basing their actions on astrology.  Remember the Arielle Ford interview on Wabi Sabi Love ( )?  Well, Elizabeth points out that there actually is an asteroid named Wabi-Sabi, and it happens to be Stationary (meaning Strong) turning Direct exactly 24 hours after the February 21 Mars-Venus Initiation.  In other words, our Relationships for the next two years will not only be about Humor ( ), but also about Celebrating what we previously considered to be “faults” and “problems.”

When the asteroid Wabi-Sabi was discovered, Jupiter was Squaring the Nodes, suggesting that we’d be way ahead to regard our Karma, Mission, Desires, and Hidden Skills with Humor and non-Judgment.  In fact, what if our Karma was a Blessing?  What if it has actually protected us from harm all of our Life?  Sure, it’s Limited us, but what if we needed precisely those Limits to keep ourselves Safe and Alive till we were ready to move beyond them?  So what are the chances that Donna and David and Arielle actually have an astrologer who knew that the asteroid was Stationary?  I’d say vanishingly small; more than 400,000 asteroids have been cataloged; Wabi-Sabi was the 10,585th to be discovered, and hasn’t merited much attention since.


February 18, 2015

labrador2474bapA good polished piece of Labradorite, a unique form of Feldspar, will give you just about any color you want, you just have to find the right angle.

  Ψ    Ψ    Ψ    Ψ    Ψ 

Another great Donna and David interview, with Arielle Ford, this one an hour long, with much deep information about Manifestation, as well as Relationship…

And just in time for the new, Light-Hearted Venus-Mars Cycle that starts February 21.  The Moon crosses their Lovenest at 4pm PST on February 20 ( ), though, so we’ll be feeling it earlier.

Arielle speaks of not having much success with Visualization, and Donna concurs, agreeing that for them Feelization works better.  I want to expand on that, as each of us has a preferred sense.  Next time you’re having a conversation with someone and they keep repeating themselves, try an experiment.  Tell them “I hear you!” and see if that makes them feel heard (in which case they may no longer need to repeat themselves).  If that doesn’t work, try “I see what you mean.”  Then try “I know how that feels!”  You could even try “That stinks!” and “That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” and “How could anyone have known!”  Then ask a friend to say those things to you while you try to communicate something serious.

Arielle and Donna prefer Feeling, but that doesn’t mean Visualization won’t work for others of us.  Visualization is also likely to work better for something Material or tangible, than for something with deep Emotion involved.  I might Visualize my newly planted seeds sprouting, for instance.  On the other hand, there’s always Power in imagining how you’ll Feel once something you Want has Manifested.  And the more you can really gin up the Feeling, rather than just naming it, the more Power there is.

This is Lunar Power, so you might try some Manifestation exercises when the Moon is Lighting up other planets – either the ones we talk about here, or the ones in your own natal chart.  For instance, here’s what we have coming up over the next week.  The Power should be greatest in the half-hour prior to each event…

  • New Moon, 4pm PST February 18 ( ) – this is on the very Edge of Pisces, so go for something you feel very deeply about, and be sure to ask for a Loving and Gentle and Rapid and Complete Release of everything that would have stood in the way.
  • Neptune, 3am PST February 19 ( ) – if you feel Confused, Pray for Clarity; if you feel Expanded, it’ll be a good time to Explore and Embrace any doubts you have about your Deepest Desires – you Deserve them!
  • Venus half-past 3pm PST ( ) and Mars an hour later on February 20 – Whatever you Want from your Relationships, Give that to yourself.
  • Uranus, 2pm PST February 21 ( ) – especially powerful because the Moon “occults” or eclipses Uranus; a great time to PIAFA more of your True Self coming forth and being Received with Delight and Respect.
  • Pluto, an hour and a quarter later – Imagine your own Desires, those of the Universe, and everyone’s Highest Good all merging into one smooth-flowing stream running ahead of you into your Future.
  • Jupiter, 7pm PST February 23 ( ) – Let the Impossible be Possible, then Probable, then Manifest.

Out There and In Here

February 17, 2015

Another remarkable Lovefest with Donna Eden and her gang of Cosmic Travelers, to take us furthur…

Here they interview clairvoyant James van Praagh.  Here’s a couple of recent samples from his blog, on interviewing “ETs” and on Having Enough to Share…