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Hungry Ghosts 2

May 5, 2023

We also have a Full Moon tomorrow that’ll be Heavier than the two Initiations, but the Full Moon Impacts only last a few weeks, versus 30 and 6 years for the Initiations. The Initiations’ Impact will be more Diffuse, though, so we’ll get to the Full Moon soon. Reviewing, the Initiations are…

  • We began a new 30-year Cycle wherein The Most Important Thing Is Dealing with Our Intrusive Memories at UT 0:00 today, 4 May 2023 (PDT 5pm 3th, BST 1am 4th, IST 5:30am 4th, AEST 10am 4th), as dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing), in 6 Pisces (Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime). Six Pisces is also home to Fixed Star Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg), and Adjacent to two other Stars, the Royal Star Formalhaut (Dreams) in 7 Pisces, and Sadalmelek (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) in 5 Pisces. The Gonggong-Saturn Initiation is Self-Resolving, but it’s complicated by an almost-simultaneous Merger with the Initiation of…
  • A new 6-year Cycle wherein Mary Magdalene, if we Invite Her, will Help us Take Ownership of what we’ve been Fearing, as minor planet Damocles (Fear of Accountability) Initiates asteroid Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) in 3 Pisces (Bland Exterior Hiding an Extraordinarily Deep Inner Spiritual Awareness) that occurred at UT 2:45 on 3 May (PDT 7:45 pm 2nd, BST 3:45 am 3rd, IST 8:15 am 3rd, AEST 12:45 pm 3rd).

We began to discuss how we might start to Deal with Our Intrusive Memories in the previous post, suggesting that our Reactions to Traumatic Events are likely to be more Karmic than Present-Moment, and that it may behoove us to Separate the two Energies. But How? We’re Inquiring into the Unconscious, so we need to use some form of PIAVA. Such as…

Great Spirit, Have I Ever Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before?
When was that? What were the Circumstances?
When did I First Experience these Heavy Emotions?
What were those Circumstances?

We may not get an immediate answer. If we don’t, we need to Change the Subject. Remember when you looked everywhere for your car keys, and didn’t find them till you gave up and started to empty the dishwasher, only to find the keys in the silverware drawer. How the Devil did they get there? If you Feel Lost, or Scared, or Confused, or you have Trouble Changing the Subject, Poor-Sweetheart yourself.

The Veil between us and the Unconscious is the same Veil as the one between us and the Other Side. There are often Tricksters Guarding this Veil. If you aren’t Confident about what you’re doing, these Tricksters will Entertain themselves all day Weirding you Out. Remember that Mercury is Retrograde till the 15th, and Magic is Afoot. It takes Magic to Cross the Veil – the 2D Left Brain can’t do it. Wink and say Hi, and the Tricksters won’t Bother you. There’s a different version of this story, and a very good one, in Suzanne Giesmann’s 1½-minute video on this page, if it’s still there.

If we’ve Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before, it’s Karmic. Karma is never in the Present Moment, so it’s never Real, in the sense of being External to our Emotional Life. There’s nothing Unreal about our Emotional Life – in fact, for many of us, much of the time, it’s the Most Real Experience that we Encounter. But our Emotions happen Inside of Us. If we’re Thinking that we’re Reacting to something Outside of Us, we need to Realize that we’re no longer Feeling, we’re now Thinking.

Your Intrusive Memories are often Thoughts that may Trigger Emotions. To Separate the Emotions from the Chaff, shift to Sensation. Where do you Feel the Emotion in your Body? Put all of your Attention into that Place and Leave it there. When your Attention Wanders, Lovingly and Gently Bring It Back. Keep your Attention there till the Sensation of it Subsides or Moves.

While chart has one Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square), focused on the Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong Stellium in Pisces. We’ve drawn in the T-Square (red right triangle) and the Finger of the Goddess (green wedge) that when combined with the T-Square makes a Self-Resolving Diamond Star, and the Grand Trine (blue isosceles triangle) that makes the combination Fully Self-Resolving. The thin blue lines map out the “Bowl of Grace” under the T-Square, which Bowl is what generates the Self-Resolution…

The base of the T-Square, Eurydike (Trust) Opposite Juno-Atlantis (the Expansion of Consciousness that Allows the Fall of Western Civilization, since it’s the Avaricious and Exploitative Nature of Western Civilization that’s Destroying the Biodiversity of the Planet, and Destroying the Survivability of the Hupers with it), represents the Argument that must come to Consensus in order to Permit the Full Harmony of the Life-Giving Goddess, Accountability, Priority, and the Whisper of HerStory (Magdalena, Damocles, Saturn, and Gonggong).

The base of the Finger of the Goddess, which permits the Self-Resolution, is a Sextile (Grace after we Act to get it Started) between Makemake-Kassandra (Manifesting Healing instead of Stuff) and Pallas-Cyllarus Out of Bounds-Varuna Out of Bounds (Setting Boundaries that Allow Ego Death of the Western-Medicine, non-Shamonic Belief that Drugs and Surgeries are the only way to Heal, so we can Dive Deep into our Ancient Memories of the Time when we could do Instantaneous nD Healings with a Mudra or a Huaca – One of those Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime).

The Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) connects Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong with Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and the Stellium of Narcissus (Attention to Self), South Node (Held Emotions), Rhadamanthus (Healer of Abuse), and Zhulong (Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment) – Healing of Deep Karma.

“The Devas at Findhorn often said they could quickly transform the planet, but they cannot do that until we as [huperity] get our consciousness act together. In these times, we need to step into our future (that is now) where we understand we are not here to conquer nature or dominate matter but to be gardeners. We are here to help nature to express its greater natural growth and to be a shepherd for matter.

“How do we do this? By remembering that all matter is alive, and that we are generative forces. When we bring our energy into a relationship – be it anger, fear, love, or joy – it has an effect. What we bring is noticed and when we honor, appreciate, and give love to a relationship, this has an effect.” —Timothy Haas, The Wonder-Full World of the Home SECOND STORY, p.8

“When we incarnate, we incarnate into a system of relationships. The soul is the originating force in the incarnational process but then as it incarnates a bit of itself, it settles into being part of the incarnational ‘team.’ .. It becomes one partner among several partners. This is the soul’s way of engaging with the world and learning. It does not dominate this team .. it learns from everyone and also contributes to the think tank of the incarnation of the individual.

“At the core of this team is the seed impulse of the incarnation. It is not passive. This seed holds the living intent of the soul itself for the incarnation and for its overall relationship with the world. .. In a dynamic way the seed unfolds and develops in our core which is our expression of the emergent aspect of the soul. It also communicates and engages with and has an effect on the world around it…

“The most common view of incarnation is to see us as a soul riding around in a body, much like a person riding in or driving a car. .. David [Spangler instead] uses the metaphor of plasma, the substance of which stars are made. Plasma cannot be held in any container; it would burn right through it. Only a magnetic field can contain it. Similarly, when our soul wants to incarnate, to experience the denser level of Gaia, it takes a bit of itself and creates a pattern or set of relationships that can contain it’s energy, drawing on a variety of sources.

“A physical body is not enough to hold its energy; like plasma, it is held by .. an ‘incarnational field’ made up of subtle and physical matter and energies drawn from our soul itself, from Gaia, from nature, from the collective energy of [huperity], from our parents, from our surroundings, and so forth. In effect, we don’t incarnate into a body as much as we incarnate into a whole system woven from the connections and relationships our soul makes with the world…

“With all of that in place, something happens. At the heart of this field, the emergent soul begins to add a whole other dimension… It is now not just a system or a set of relationships, it is a Presence. It has a wholeness to it, a unique character… It is this Presence that interacts with the physical, subtle, and transpersonal worlds around us. Sovereignty holds the integrity of the Presence; Self Light is its radiance…

“The amazing thing about this is emergence. It is not like something that has been gifted or has come down from some higher level; it is developing out of a set of relationships, it is transforming them into an amalgamation of being that is particularly human… We are agents of synthesis assisting Gaia in the unfolding of a new creation. We are bringing the gravity of our Presence, our spiritual mass, to shape the world. This is a sacred act.” Hass, op cit, pp.23-25.

Soul and Guilt II

April 30, 2023

Reader Mandala writes,

“Just because time passes, it does not diminish or make disappear the actions we have done to manipulate and deceive others. They are always in the subconscious no matter how hard we try to forget or not admit the truth. They instead manifest in illness and disease. I am not referring to myself. You can run, you can emigrate, but you can not hide. The lies and malevolence travel with you.
“…I only wrote this this morning and it I think completely resonates with your post. This arises from a family matter, things in the dark coming to light which I have not yet confronted.”

[I made a few small changes to clarify what I perceived to be Mandala’s Intention, though I may or may not have guessed right. My Apologies if I haven’t.].

Good point, Mandala, and relevant to most if not all of us, I’m sure! And Powerful, with Pluto Stationary as we speak. We can use this even with Oil Companies, Authoritarians, Bullies, and other Fascists and Politicians of any sort.

We’ll deal with “They” later, but first we have to Pay Attention to Our Own Karma. We want to be very Attentive to Judgments of others, and to Blaming Others for our own Discomfort. We can only Change Ourself, and even though there may be a direct connection in Linear Time between someone else’s Actions and our Emotional Reactions, that does not imply Causation, because the Real Cause of our Discomfort is often deeper in Linear Time (ie, Karmic). That’s particularly True when our Reaction is Strong, though a lesser Reaction may easily still be Karmic but Repressed a bit.

This is a complicated Concept, so let me try to find an example. Suppose someone – we’ll call them “Pat” for convenience – lies to me or hurts me behind my back, then later I find out, and my Body Reacts with Anger. In Linear Time, my Anger is completely Justified, and it’s Fresh, so it’s hard to Let Go Of. At this point, my Anger is appropriate, because I will probably be better off tentatively Stiffening my Boundaries with “Pat.” It’s an excellent time to “use our Mirrors,” and we can talk about that later if you remind us.

Once I do Stiffen my Boundaries, at least Conceptually or Internally (“Hmmm, maybe this person is not Trustworthy”) if not Socially (“Say, Pat, can we talk about something?”), I need to work with my own Anger to keep it from Impacting my own Life Negatively. Feeling Anger is not conducive to Clean Manifestation, and Judgment is a perfect example of Thoughts-About-Our-Emotions leading us into the same Karmic trap that Mandala describes for “Pat,” but where “we can run, but we can not hide, as the Anger travels with us.” Manifestation includes the Co-Creation of things like Enlightenment, so by “Manifestation” I’m not implying Materialism.

My favorite process for working with any Heavy Emotion is to shift from the Perspective of Emotion to the Perspective of Sensation. Take a nice long Time-Out in a quiet place. Consciously Relax your Body, and take several Deep Breaths with both Inhale and Exhale through your Nose, each Inhale filling more of your Torso, till your In-Breath fills you up to your Chin. Close your Eyes, and Scan your Body for Tension. Breathing through our Nose Relaxes our Fight-or-Flight Response.

With Anger, jaw and belly are good candidates, but the Tension could be anywhere. When you find it, Move as much of your Attention into it as you can, and Hold it there. As in Meditation (“Oh, there’s Thinking Again! Thanks for Contributing, but give us a few minutes, we’re doing something else right now”), your mind will wander, and you want to Lovingly and Gently return it to the Tension in your Body. The Tension may be in several places, but start with one place – for instance, where it’s most Intense.

Hold/Return your Attention to the place of Tension until the Tension Moves. Our Aim is to be Loving and Gentle with the Tension. It may help to Remember that Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard. Thank Stephen Levine for that Eternal Pearl. Using your Hand to Warm the place of Tension is a good idea. The Heat coming from your Palm is exactly the right frequency of Far Infrared that Heals most effectively – isn’t that a “Coincidence”! Either Hand will work. Softening is mostly in your Imagination, which is fine.

Once the Tension Moves, you can Follow it, or shift to another place of Tension in your Body if one remains. If you have the time, doing this till you Feel Relaxed and Whole is a good idea. If it becomes Difficult at any point, Ground yourself with a little Food, or by Imagining a cable from the base of your Spine to the center of the Earth.

Chlorite-Included Quartz is an Excellent Aid for Healing and Relaxing Body Tissue. Chlorite is considered a Mica or Phyllosilicare, where the Cations (+) are Iron, Magnesium, and Aluminum, and the Anions (-) are Silicate units arranged in sheets. However, Chlorite more often takes the form of a Clay than a Mica. You can see some alignment of the green Chlorite in this Quartz Crystal, but it’s due to the growth Pattern of the Host Quartz rather than “sheets” of Chlorite, which usually just looks like pools or splatters of green mud.

The Chlorite is an Impurity “Included” in the Tektosilicate Host Quartz Crystal. Tektosilicates arrange their Silicate units in a loose 3D Network – loose in the sense of spacious, leaving lots of room for larger Cations to convert Quartz into other minerals. But Quartz is one of the hardest of minerals in spite of its low density, because the electrical connections are very tight.

Tapping can be a great boon, such as “Even though I Feel Persistent Tension in my Body, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself...” You can Physically Tap, but Imagining yourself going through the Motions is almost as effective, and may be less disruptive to your Meditation. Poor-Sweethearting might also help, such as “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling very Tight here, aren’t you.

Doing this Attending to Tension Practice before using Mirrors is a good idea, though Mirrors are quick and Effective for Emerging Present-Moment issues. Once you Practice Attending to Tension enough to get good at it, you’ll be able to do it in a few minutes, especially with Mirrors, but in the beginning it’ll take longer. I once had to do this for two weeks straight before the Discomfort was Relieved, but that was for an Abscessed Tooth. Anger will probably be easier, though not always. We can Amplify this process by “Running Our Energy,” but we don’t want to try that yet while we’re still in Discomfort. Remind me later and we can talk about Running Energy.

We can’t Love anyone else till we first Love ourself, and of course Enlightenment involves Loving It All, because Love Is All There Is. Fear is just the Void that is the Absence of Love. Attention is our most Powerful Skill and our most Scarce Resource, till we Learn to Manifest it on Command. Attention to Fear is a form of Love. Consciousness is a Powerful form of Love.

But now that we’ve Attended to Our Own Karma, we can worry about Pat’s Karma. Fundamentally, of course, it’s None of our Business and nothing We can Change. Only Pat can. But if we’re Emotionally Attached to someone, we very much try to Make It Our Business. Emotional Attachment is not conducive to Enlightenment for either party, but that’s another issue we can talk about later if you want.

Let’s just worry about Pat’s Karma for now, since that was Top of Mandala’s mind. Our most Powerful Tool for that is Blessing, or PIAVAing – Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing/”Feelizing”, Affirming, and the many other Skills and Forms of Feminine or Magnetic Power. The Simplest and Cleanest form is simply to Pray God/Goddess, Please Give Pat a Blessing. To do much else is an attempt to Control Pat, which on a Free-Will Planet such as ours amounts to a Curse rather than a Prayer.

“Pat can run, Pat can emigrate, but Pat can not hide, the lies and malevolence travel with Pat” sounds like a Truth, and from the Perspective of Karma as Retribution, it is a Truth, but it’s a Truth of the Mind. Truth that Changes when we Change our Assumptions is subject to Debate, it’s Either/Or, 2D. Enlightenment is Both/And, Unitary, Multifarious, and nD. From the Perspective of Love, “Pat can Run…” is a Curse.

Lord knows we Feel this daily about all of the Perps when we read or watch the News. The New Minia are almost all owned by the Oligarchs, and the Oligarchs want us Cursing each other so we have less time to Curse them. There’s only so many Curses we can fit into a Day. “The Oil Companies can Run…” “The War Mongers can Run…” “The Shooters can Run…” “The Perps can Run…” “The Opposition Politicians can Run…”

But it’s also True, and an implicit Curse, that “The Victims can Run…” and as Pogo famously averred, more or less, We have found and Cursed the Victims, and it is Us. Yes, we Perceived ourself to be Harmed by Pat, but before we can deal with Pat, we need to Own our Reaction to our Perceived Harm. The first step toward that is to Recognize it as Blame. Blame is a Universe Unto Itself, and very difficult to Escape, and even to Notice.

A useful rule is that Blame Focuses on the Past and Attributing Cause, while Responsibility – the Ability to Respond instead of React – Focuses on the Future and Changing Outcomes. In Systems intended to be failsafe, Operators never Fail, only Protocols. Blame is a natural consequence of Either/Or, and Religions are the masters of Either/Or, and Blame has no Upside other than Padding Our Ego. Blame and Enlightenment are Mutually Exclusive.

If Pat Feels Guilt, that’s their Issue, not ours. If Pat is interested in Change, we’d recommend that they start by finding any Tension that it causes in their Body. If Pat leans toward the Sociopathic or Psychopathic, that is, doesn’t seem to have a Conscience, like many of today’s World Leaders, that’s a Social Issue. Society is Projecting its Perceived Scarcity on Sociopaths by Worshiping them because much of Society mistakenly Believe that Greed and PowerOver are Good and can Manifest what they Crave.

So yes, Pat may Rot In Hell, but that’s Pat’s Choice. Are they Holding the rest of us Back? Not really. As long as Earth remains a Free-Will Planet, we’ll always have to Tolerate Perceived Self-Sabotage. HerStory has proven many times that Religions only make things worse by using Either/Or to make Identities Rigidly Self-Congratulatory and give Hupers reasons to Condemn Others. Religions of course have proven to be Powerfully Helpful when Addicts reach Bottom, when Folks are Desperate for Community, and when People Feel the Heart-Felt message beneath the Rules, if it’s there.

I know of a Religious denomination where the Preacherman leads a prayer every week that no-shows Experience “neither Rest nor Peace” till they return to the Sunday Services. What sort of PIAVA might be appropriate for Pat? The same sort of PIAVA that would be appropriate for anyone, including ourself – We could Ask or Affirm that All Live in Harmony and Integrity with themself and their Community and Environment, and Contribute Positively to the Well-Being of All.

Now, are we “Blaming the Victim” here? If we’re unable to Detach from Blame, then of course we are. If we can Step Out of Blame, then no, not at all. We’re advising the Victim of Perceived Harm how they can make Meaningful and Effective Change and Exit Victimhood. When “New-Agers” say that We Create Our Own Reality, the “We” that they’re Referring To is not their Ego, but their Soul. Everyone who’s tried to Manifest and not yet Succeeded, knows how Effective it isn’t to try to Manifest from Ego.

Ego is not Egotism or an Insult. Our Ego is our Identity. Each Identity has Edges and Limitations. When we Identify as a Parent, our Edges and Limitations are Different than when we Identify as an Employee or Entrepreneur, or as an Upright Community Member or a Scofflaw or a Partner in a Relationship or a Friend. Our Karma and Programming form Barriers to Identifying with our Soul which can be Difficult to overcome, and our Programming is mostly Karmic.

Mandala, has this been Helpful?

A Gift from the Heavens

January 20, 2023

Our ever-watchful Chief Asteroid Officer has noticed that 45 minutes before the 22-23 January 2023 Station (Prominence) of Uranus (Our Soul), Venus (Our Values) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Convene and Initiate a New Cycle. The Venus-Saturn Cycle should Obviously be ranked among our Most Critical Cycles. At the times when our Values are NOT The Most Important Thing to Us, we Betray Ourself. While such Self-Sabotage is a result of our Programming, our Programming is a Mirror for our Karma, since Programming is how much of our Karma was installed into the Current Lifetime.

If you’re reading this, one of your Most Important Values is Enlightenment, aka Ascension or 5D. A primary prerequisite for Enlightenment is to Clear our Karma. That’s more Difficult while our Karma remains Unconscious, so Noticing our Karmic Patterns becomes Bottom Line. We get this Opportunity every time our Karma is Triggered, which includes every time we React from our Programming rather than Responding from our Values. Enlightenment means that our Ego and our Soul are Merging, and that can’t happen as long as Karma has a Leghold Trap on our Ego, which is exactly what Karma does for a Living.

This is a particularly Important Window for those of us who were Programmed to favor Thinking over Feeling, because as Jung said, People who Prioritize Thinking are Irrational, because they’re not in Touch with their own Emotions and therefore not in Touch with their own Values, since Values arise from the Heart, not the Mind. Many of us are much more Aware of Our Thoughts About Our Feelings than we are of Our Feelings themselves. Too many of us haven’t yet Learned to tell the difference.

Many of us first need to Learn to Find our Emotions, buried under the Thoughtstorm that they evoke. It can help to Focus on the Sensations that arise with Emotion. When we’re trying to Think Through a particularly difficult Conundrum, we can Ask ourself, What Is my Body Telling me through its Sensations? rather than What is my Mind Telling me through its Thoughts? Emotions (Water) and Sensations (Earth) share the same Style (Magnetic), as we explained in the previous post, so they tend to Collaborate.

Emotions and Thoughts (Air) have Opposite Styles, so they tend to Conflict. So Emotions and Thoughts are in Competition with one another before we even Feel or Think. And thanks to Western Medicine, with its ban on Intuition and its Intense Advertising Campaigns, we also have to Struggle with and get beyond our Thoughts about our Sensations (“O My Goddess, is that Cancer?”). We have to Focus on Where our Sensation Resides in the Body and What It Feels Like there, while Rejecting Thoughts the same way we do when they Intrude on our Meditations – “Oh, there’s Thinking Again. Thanks for Contributing, but we’re Doing Something Else now. Where was I?

Venus-Saturn Value-Priority Cycles last about a year. The Cycle that’s Ending spanned 10 months, but the New Cycle will last 14 months, till the Aries Equinox of 2024, because Venus slows down and turns Retrograde in the Northern Summer and Southern Winter. Angles between Retrograde planets are called Expositions because they Expose the internal workings of a planetary Relationship. Consequently, they’re more educational. In this Retrograde part of the Cycle1 we may be more Alone than we usually prefer, because we’ll be Learning to Appreciate our own Unique Strengths, some of which we’ve theretofore never Appreciated or even Noticed.2 Knowing Ourself – our Natural Strengths and the situations where we’re better off Delegating to Others or to Spirit – is an Essential Foundation for Enlightenment.

The New Cycle Begins in 25 Aquarius (Honing the Inner Witness in order to Rebirth Intelligence). Without Realizing the Connection to Lonsdale’s interpretation for the Degree, in note 1 below we’ve already written a lot about the Inner Witness! An Initiation is the Birth or a New Cycle, so it’s chart is a Birth Chart. So we shouldn’t be surprised when a Retrograde Period in the Cycle reiterates the Birth Reading for the Cycle. But the Cycle and the Degree are Independent of one another, so the “Coincidence” is still Remarkable.

We’ll look at the chart tomorrow. “Chrysanthemum Stone” is a good Rock to Contemplate for bringing forth the Inner Witness. The mineral composition can vary quite a bit. The Stone is so unusual that it’s known more by its Morphology and Mythology (of Immortal Love between Stones and Flowers) than for its chemistry. The fact that it appears in only a few places in the World, and appears with a mix of Chemistries when it does, speaks loudly that it’s Meaning lies in its Mythology. It’s also a Metaphor for the Bright and Focused Soul breaking through the Dark and Amorphous Matrix of the Ego and Karma.

1 Venus is actually Retrograde from 24 July to 4 September 2023 and 29 to 13 Leo, but the Shadow Period spans 19 June through 7 October. A Retrogradation is like a Remedial Course – we have to take it three times to pass, and sometimes we don’t. That’s the case when we don’t Learn from an astroevent. When we do Learn, it’s not Remedial at all. A Retrograde Shadow Period has three stages. The Retrograde period, here 24/7-4/9 and 29-13 Leo, is stage 2. Stage 1 is when the planet crosses this Degree Zone the first time, while Direct. That will be 19 June to 23 July and 13 to 29 Leo. Stage 1, called the Can-Opener, is when we get Blindsided by the Lesson Plan, often quite Stressfully. So we may hit Loneliness and Self-Doubt during the Can-Opener.

Stage 2 is the Exposition, where since the planet is Retrograde, the Curriculum is Repeated, more Slowly this time, Step by Step, allowing us to Learn the Lesson. If we’re Paying Attention. If we aren’t Paying Attention, we’ll Re-Experience the Stress of the Can-Opener, and remain its Victim. Stage 3 is the Confidence-Builder, where the Curriculum is Repeated Again, and this time we Sail Right Through it, because we’ve Learned How! If we noticed the Correlation between the Can-Opener and the Exposition. It not, we could have a third Stressful Victim Episode.

Karma and Unconscious Limitations are Created when we Remain in Blame, making our Stress Someone or Something Else’s Fault rather than our own Curriculum, and make a Decision or Vow or Oath or Promise that we’ll Never Put Ourself in that Position again. Of course, it’s unlikely we’ll have a strong Negative Reaction unless it’s already Karmic for us. So we don’t Create New Karma nearly as often as we “just” add Fresh Cement to our Old Karma. If we are Accountable for our Reaction to the original Stressful event rather than Blaming or Projecting it onto Something Else, or if we Notice the Repetition and Become Accountable, we can Learn and Practice Changing our Original Reaction to a Different Response. Then we really do Gain Confidence in the third Stage. Our Skills don’t mean much without our Confidence in them!

Many people misunderstand this Process as Blaming the Victim, which it’s not. We’re Expecting the Victim to take Ownership of their own Reactions to Repeating Stimuli. We can all be Blindsided by New Can-Openers, and since our Karma is many-dimensional, we often have to Re-Experience it in many different Arenas before we Let It Go Completely. We may React with Blame to a Relationship Hassle once, and then React with Blame to a Job Hassle another time, without Realizing that our Reactions are Repeating. That happens to all of us all the time, as we have many Karmic Patterns happening in many different Arenas. But if we’re Alert to Noticing the Similarities between two Reactions, we can Become Conscious that it’s Karma and Choose to Change it.

2 The Angles made between Venus and Saturn while they’re Retrograde are closest to four ninths and five elevenths of the Zodiac (the Quadrinovile and Quinelvile, 160 and 164 Degrees), which are about Mastering (4) Contemplation and Introspection (9) and Learning (5) to Appreciate our own Gifts and Talents (11). We derive the meaning of odd (indeed, all ) astrological Angles through the Correlation between the Tarot Major Arcana (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook) to the Harmonics of the Angles. For instance, the Quadrinovile is four ninths, or a combination of the 4th and 9th Harmonics (360/4=90° and 360/9=40°), equated to the 4th and 9th members of the Major Arcana (Emperor = Dominion and Hermit = Meditation). So the Quadrinovile implies Healthy Control over Meditation).

Denying Nature, Transmuting Abuse

January 10, 2023


Pan, Nature’s Head Dude, represented by the asteroid that bears His name, is Lit Up Bigtime today,1 and has been for several days. It’ll also hang around for a week or so, but the Peak of the Energy was today. Unless we made an important Self-Protecting Decision, in which case it can become Karma and Hang Around till we Let It Go.2

The most important thing to know about this, is that Pan is Merged with both Our Soul and Our Mission.3 That’s a Powerful combination. The second-most important thing to know is that Pan and Our Soul and Our Mission have been ganging up on our Held Emotions, trying to talk them into Emerging from Hiding and Liberating us into Enlightenment.4 Held Emotions are the ones that we’d Rather Die Than Feel, and they’re usually Unconscious. Held Emotions are always Karmic, and Karma is never Present Moment until we make it so through Belief, so it’s not Physical Death that we Unconsciously Fear, it’s Ego Death.

And Rightly So, because the Ego is the part of our Psyche that’s in charge of Keeping us Alive! Crabs wear their Skeleton on the Outside, so they have to Molt in order to Grow, and once they Molt it takes them a week or so to harden their new larger Shell, during which time they’re extremely vulnerable to being eaten, nutcracker not required. While we probably aren’t direct descendants of Crabs, we may still have that Genetic Memory in our Karma, and for sure, when we Molt our Egos – Shell is actually a good synonym for Ego – we’re quite Defenseless until we Learn to Explain and Justify our new Ego, so there’s more than one parallel between us and Crabs.

We have to Accept Ego Death if we’re Committed to Ascension, and once we do we realize how many Ego Deaths we’ve already Lived Through Successfully – the Proof is in the Pudding. We Learn to Recognize the signs and Embrace the Fear that arises, and Learn to sail through them with Ease. The Held Emotions are always harder to Embrace, because they’re often Karma cemented by Vows we made to ourself while we were Physically Dying in another Lifetime – “I’ll Never do that again!” Those stick like Glue #10.

The third-most important thing abut Pan’s visit, is that we’re being Asked to Let Go of our Patterns around Abuse and Privilege.5 While we’ve had a lot of Practice over the last few years, especially when Abuse and Privilege was traveling hand in hand with Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) during 2015 and 2016. Revisiting Childhood Abuse is never Fun, and Dealing with Ancestral Abuse is always Tortuous and Confusing. And while Privilege seems like it should be a Privilege, it has its own Karma.

I’m always reminded of Stephen Levine’s story about a Meditation Retreat where in one session he was Reliving an Auschwitz Experience and Feeling Relieved that his Sense of Victimization was Justified. Then when he went back into Meditation after a Break, he was the one wearing the Jackboots. Wise men have said it before, but Doing Unto Creates the same Karma as Being Done Unto. That’s why Karma, which is the Inertia of Habit, is easily Confused with Retribution. When you Accept the Traditional Wisdom that We Are All One, that becomes Obvious.

Today in Florida and Texas they’re only Burning Books and The Mouse, and in Florida and Georgia and Colorado they’re trying to Burn Down Democracy, so the Oligarchy can Take All. They aren’t Burning and Drowning Witches again yet. Everyone’s Cutting Down and Burning Down the Sacred Groves again, as if they ever stopped. And some Races are undergoing Genocide as we speak. Abuse and Privilege stretches far beyond the Sexual.

The fourth-most important thing about Pan’s Illuminations, is that we’re also being Invited to Revisit and Let Go Of our Karma around the times when our Cultures Expanded so far Beyond our Values, or Beyond Values that would have Permitted our Survival, that our Civilization Collapsed.6

1 Asteroid Pan Stationary 10 January 2023 (PST 4:20 am, GMT 12:20 pm 10th, IST 5:40 pm 10th, AEDT Qld 10:20 pm) in 13 Taurus, “What we carry around with us is whatever we can believe in and partake in with fantasy, speculation, wonderings, and with every tool of our soul. Whichever world we dream up we can enter, ensoul, and become entirely absorbed in. It is up to us whether it is life-giving or sterile, theoretical or practical, isolating or connecting us with something vast, more universal, more archetypal.” —Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Soul Destiny, p.77.

2 Life-or-Death Decisions often become Karma because we either already Believe, or have to Make ourself Believe, that our Choice was the only way out. Once we convince ourself of that, it becomes an Unconscious Limitation that’s an integral part of our Worldview as if it was a “law of Physics” (which are actually Cultural Karmic Limitations). Worse, it could have been a distant ancestor that made such a Decision (like avoiding Pork in the Middle East in the Olde Days), and the Limitation was passed down to us through Programming. Since we have no way of remembering the origin of such Karma, and since we’re Ridiculed or Shamed for Ignoring it, Letting Go of that sort of Karma has its own Difficulties. We have to lean on our natal Ixion (Psychopathic Ignorer of Traditions) to Transcend it.

3 Conjunct Uranus and North Node.

4 Pan-Uranus-North Node Opposite Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation), South Node (Held Emotions), and Zhulong (Enlightenment).

5 Naked (by its lonesome, without Squares) Opposition between Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in Pisces (Emotional Baggage) and Orcus (Pattern-Breaking) in Virgo (Ego Death).

6 The Pan-Uranus-North Node (Soul-Mission-Nature) Opposition to Ka’epaoka’awela-South Node-Zhulong (Transmutation-Held Emotions-Enlightenment) is T-Squared by the Merger of Venus (Values), Icarus (Dangerous Ambitions), and Atlantis (Civilization Collapse).

Amethyst, Clear Quartz turned purple by Radiation, is the Classical Aid to Ego Death. Its CrownChakra Color reminds us nonverbally that we are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, and that Emotional Drama is part of Physical Experience for Hupers, so it Behooves us to Activate our Observer Self, make some Popcorn, and Enjoy the Movie, rather than Empathizing ourselves into the Drama.

Of course, if we Detach like this before we Explore and Embrace the Experience, we can drive our Resisted Emotions further into the dark corners of the Dungeon, especially when we’re Dealing with Held Emotions. So we don’t want to Skip that Explore-and-Embrace Step. We can Explore Emotion through Sensation, for instance, since Sensation involves less Drama, as long as we Avoid Indulging our Thoughts about our Sensations. If we do, we just withdraw our Attention from the Thoughts and Re-Invest It into the Body. To Embrace, we only need to remember that Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.

When we Ask ourself Where in my Body am I Feeling this? and Focus our Attention Deeply into that Place and Hold it there, persistently Returning our Attention when it Wanders, our Judgment-Free Laser Attention can Heal without time-consuming distractions to Story, which is just Metaphor anyway. When we’re Working with Karma, there’s no one Story, there are probably at least hundreds, so Story really is a Diversion. Story is good for Invoking the Occulted Emotion, but beyond that it can become the Ego’s attempt to Avoid Change by monopolizing the Conversation.

Once the Discomfort or Intensity in our Body Moves, we’re Done, we can Detach, though we may need to Return later for a Booster or several. This all sounds Mechanical and Unfeeling, and Held Emotions often involve Horrific Terrors. They’re best just Touched in the Emotional Realm, then Explored and Embraced in the Sensation Realm. Then when we Return to Touch them again, the Intensity may be Less. If it’s not, Gary Craig, who developed EFT or Tapping, has a series of videos demonstrating the use of EFT on PTSD. PTSD and Karma are not the same thing, but PTSD is probably usually Karmic.

Amethyst from the Thunder Bay area of Lake Superior in North Ontario Canada, is often speckled with dots of Rust or Hematite, Iron Oxide. These are red, the color of the Root Chakra, so they can help us Stay Grounded while we’re Exploring out Beyond our Crown Chakra and Deep Inside our Skin. As Angie Arrien liked to say, it will help us Walk the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet.

One of my first Rock photos. Most of these were taken with a very early digital camera, before they had large “viewfinder” screens. Using that camera was very much point and shoot, as the screen was too small to really see what I was photographing. I used to call it my Magic Camera, as many of its photos were just that. I suppose I could claim some credit via my Intuition or Instincts, as my Intellect was pretty much blinded by the small screen. Sometimes I imagine how it would be to Live like that, watching Crystals spontaneously and Magically sprouting Flames. I expect 5D to be as full of Delightful Surprises. Hopefully some day I’ll Deprogram my “left brain” enough to approach it.

Beyond the Veil

October 31, 2022

Well, so far I’ve watched two videos, by folks I didn’t know, on the Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, and both presentations have been beyond Excellent. You can still sign up at and watch recordings of the videos free for up to 48 hours after each one.

One video was by two folks named Jeff, one an Emergency Room doctor, and the other a former patient. The doctor had witnessed the patient’s deceased wife floating over the patient in the ER while the patient was having a Near Death Experience, and they subsequently became friends. Fascinating.

The second one was “Psychic Lawyer” and polymath Mark Anthony, who very expertly Aligned the Spiritual Perspective with the Perspective of Open-Minded Scientists (that sounds like an oxymoron, but both presentations made it clear that there are a lot more of those than we usually hear about). He had some cute acronyms for us…

S.O.U.L. — Source of Unconditional Love

R.A.F.T. — Recognize, Accept, Feel, Trust

The latter is his key for Responding to Experiences of Communications from the Invisible Realms, which he Feels as tingling or other unusual inputs to his Six Senses.

Pattern-Busting Full Moon

August 11, 2022

Margery asks if we could show a picture of the 6:36 pm PDT 11 August 2022 Full Moon chart, which we could call a Ball-of-Yarn configuration, as it would keep a Cat occupied till nap time. We actually call it a Grand Unx – an “unx” is one twelfth of something, and a “grand” fills the Zodiac, so a Grand Unx is twelve planets equally spaced around the Astroloop. Yes, we could always get one of these if we use enough asteroids, and we use quite a few, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen one, so it’s not as facile as it seems. The main feature is twelve Unx Angles, each of which indicates Pattern-Breaking, so it’s a chart worth celebrating, especially as these Heavy Energies that so many people are reporting are Lighting Up everything in our Karma that we haven’t Cleared yet.

Just a few Examples…

  • Karma is dead; it died with Linear Time ten years ago. But we’re all still clinging to its corpse. Whenever a polyp of Karma breaks off and falls away, we Feel Weird, we don’t know what’s happening, and our name isn’t even Mr. Jones. We reach out for the familiar, to Anchor ourself. What’s familiar? Our Karma! So we Embrace those old Comfortable Patterns enthusiastically, as if they were our favorite snacks! But Looky Here! That so-very-Intense Exaggerated Karma Frosted with the Emotions We’d Rather Die than Feel (asteroid Karma Out of Bounds on the South Node) is Unx to (one Sign from) New Beginnings (asteroid Klotho)! So without even trying, we can Break this Pattern of Grasping our Dead Karma – all we need to do is Announce our Intention to Let Our Dead Karma Go like a Hot Potato Instead!
  • But wait! We’ve all Wrapped our Identity around our Karma – it’s inevitable. Our Karma is Who We Are, so no matter how nasty it is, we’re Ego-Attached to it. If we haven’t yet caught ourself Bragging about our Karma, we need to start Listening to what we’re saying! We can Intend to Let It Go, but what about the Ego Death – those aren’t Fun! What’s on the other side of Karma-South Node? Asteroid Narcissus (Overfocus on our Identity)! So without even trying, we can Break this Pattern of Ego-Identifying with our Karma – all we need to do is Announce our Intention to Experience our Ego Deaths Lovingly and Gently so We Can Be Excited about the Glorious Freedom we’ll Enjoy once we do!
  • But Hold On! What about our Abuse Karma and all of the Unconscious Limitations that we use to Protect ourself from those Memories (Nessus-Vesta-Heracles) that we’ve buried so deep in the Dungeon that we don’t even know they happened? Well, Trusting our Instincts Unquestioningly (Saturn-Moon) Unxes that Stellium (Nessus-Vesta-Heracles), so without even trying, we can Break this Pattern of Being Triggered for no apparent reason – all we need to do is Vow from now on to Act on our Instincts Immediately, without Questioning them and without ever Explaining them, no matter how Weird we think it’ll look to others.
  • But Shit, when I’m Triggered I’m usually Feeling Depressed and Powerless, and my Instincts are nowhere in sight! Often I Feel Depressed and Powerless and I don’t even know when or how I was Triggered! I usually think it’s “just me” that’s Depressing and Powerless. But on the other side of Nessus-Vesta-Heracles, it’s Unx to Despair and Miracles (Chiron). Well, we know how to Poor Sweetheart ourself out of Despair and Create Miracles, but when we’re Depressed and Powerless, we’re Regressed to whatever Bummers we’re Unconsciously Reliving. When we Regress, we Forget everything we’ve Learned since those Repressed Bummers happened! So without even trying, we can Break this Pattern of Forgetting What We Know – all we need to do is Vow from now on that when we’re Regressed we’ll Remember All of the Tools We’ve Learned to Restore our Current-Life Identity, like Poor-Sweethearting!

No Wonder the Energies Feel Heavy!! Can you Imagine how the other eight Unxes might play out?

Apart from the Glories of the Grand Unx, the Big Deal about this Full Moon is that it “Squares the Nodes.” What does that mean?

  • Well, the Nodal Axis – South Node to North Node – is the most important Axis in a chart, as it indicates the Source, Direction, and Destination of “the Native” (the person or event for which the chart is drawn). In this Full Moon, the Source is a Karmic Hellhole, the Destination is Reunion of Day-to-Day Identity with Soul, and the Direction is from Emotional Overload to Stability.1
  • At any Full Moon, our Inner Male and our Inner Female are Face-to-Face, where as much as they are able, they can be Honest about the Quality of their Union. In Carl Jung’s approach to Psychology, which we applaud, the Perfection of this Union is more or less equivalent to Enlightenment, thus a Key Ingredient of our 5D Endeavors.
  • The “Square” means that these two Critically Important Axes sit at Right Angles to one another, meaning in applied mathematics that they are Independent – they do not Influence one another under the radar. So our Purpose (Nodal Axis) and our Integrity (Inner Harmony) are a priori Unrelated, and each can Operate and Negotiate without Unconsciously Compromising themself.

Notice how different this is than the conventional astrological interpretation of a Square – as a Crisis. In a Left-Brain Patriarchal Culture, the very idea of Surrendering Power to the Female is Anathema. In this blog we’ve been inching toward interpreting Squares as Superpowers rather than Challenges. We don’t mean that the Challenges go away. In the previous post we averred that “If We Aren’t Ready to Receive What We’re Asking For, the Universe Will Show Us Examples of Why We Aren’t.” If we Experience our Squares as Superpowers, we’re Ready to Receive What We Want. If we Experience them as Challenges, the Universe is Clarifying for us Exactly what we still need to Let Go Of in order to Support Ourself without Unconscious Compromise, aka without Self-Sabotage.

The Loud and Clear Message in this particular Full Moon is that The Most Important Thing is to Trust our Instincts.2 Jung used to say that people who emphasized Thinking were not Rational, because they weren’t in touch with their Values (which are accessed through Emotion). In an Ideal Lifetime, our Inner Female calls the shots (assuming She’s in touch with Her Feelings), and our Inner Male follows Her lead. That’s Inner Female and Inner Male – any Relationship between actual Living People needs relative Equality in both Vision and Action, as each person will contribute Vision from their own Inner Female, and each person will contribute Action from their own Inner Male.

A Grand Unx is so incredibly rich that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Full Moon Energies are usually Prominent for several weeks afterward, so we have time, and we’ll Dive Deeper in the next post.

  • 1 Source = South Node, Merged with asteroid Karma Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ), Destination = North Node, Merged with Uranus (Soul ), Direction = Scorpio (Fearless Searching) to Taurus (Grounded Materiality).
  • 2 Moon (Instincts) Conjunct Saturn (The Most Important Thing).

The Moon’s Nodes

July 26, 2022

Actually, every planetary body has Nodes, but except for the Moon they’re rarely used.

The Moon’s Orbit around the Earth is not in the same Plane as the Earth’s Orbit around the Sun. Consequently, the Moon at any given time may be Below the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit, or it might be Above the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit. The Moon’s Orbit is about 28 days long, so roughly once a month the Moon Crosses the Earth’s Plane from Above to Below, and two weeks later Crosses the Earth’s Plane from Below to Above. If one of these Crossings happen to occur at New Moon, the Moon Eclipses the Sun, Crossing in between the Earth and the Sun. If one of the Crossings occurs at Full Moon, the Moon is Eclipsed, as the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. These Eclipses usually happen in pairs, twice a year.

We’ve been following the Out of Bounds Moon, noticing that it has a big Impact on Hupers, who are more Excitable when the Moon is Out of Bounds. The Moon goes Out of Bounds, or “OOB,” when it’s furthest above or below the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit. Because the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun are not Bots, they wobble around and have their peculiarities. Most especially, the Earth’s North and South Poles of Rotation1 are not perpendicular to the Earth’s Plane, so the Equator is tilted by 23 Degrees 26 Arcminutes and 11.3 Arcseconds (23.4368°) from the Earth’s Plane, or 23:27° for short.

As the Earth Orbits ’round the Sun, the tilt stays the same, so different parts of the Earth point more toward the Sun at different times of the year – hence our Seasons. 23:27 North Latitude is called the Tropic of Cancer, and when the North end of the Earth is pointed at the Sun and the Sun is overhead at 23:27 North, Northern Summer begins. 23:27 South Latitude is called the Tropic of Capricorn, and when the South end of the Earth points toward the Sun and the Sun is overhead at 23:27 South, Southern Summer begins.2

These well-established theories and definitions were all developed by Pale European Males, so of course the Northern end of the Earth is considered the “Top,” and the Southern end the “Bottom.” Some of these characterizations were developed when these Northern Folks had no Experience with Folks from the South, and still thought that of course they’d “fall off” if they ventured over the Edge. That’s the way all the maps are drawn and the globes mounted, with North at the Top, even maps of the Southern Hemisphere. The illustrations of our Solar System are always shown “from the top,” and photos and illustrations of the Moon always show the North end at the Top. What’s “Above” and what’s “Below” is Arbitrary, though I’ve yet to hear a European Male or their Cultural Descendents Acknowledge that they’re Aware of that. Astrology makes Value Judgments about these “Aboves” and “Belows,” so it’s up to us to Question them and bring them “up” out of the 13th Century.

These same European Males invented Linear Time, which moves in only one Direction forever. The Cyclic or Spherical Time used by pre-Colonial “Indigenous” People has no such Limitation. It just Spins, like the Earth on its Axis of Rotation. The impenetrable Narcissism and Hubris of most European Males and their Cultural Descendants makes them not just unwilling, but Egoically unable to consider that it’s their own Hubris that is Destroying their Planetary Home. If they did, they’d run their Linear Time backward till they finally understood the Wisdom of Cyclic Time, and surrendered Suzerainty of the Planet to the few remaining “Indigenous” Folks that have escaped their Colonial Genocide. The European Males and their Cultural Descendants, unable to Open to their Held Emotions, may well have to Die Off before Surrendering their Dominance. But who knows, we may see a Miracle this week, if we assume that even the Patriarchs have Souls!

But till we Improve the situation, we’re stuck with North as “Up” and South as “Down,” and “Up” as Good and “Down” as Less Good. The Nodes are the Points in the Sky where an Eclipse would occur if the Moon was Crossing the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit and it was a New or Full Moon. If we look at the Earth “from Above” (or “from Below” for that matter), they’re the two Points where the Moon’s Orbit Intersects the Earth’s Orbit. But the Moon and the Earth are constantly moving, so from the Perspective of our place on Earth, these Nodes are also always On The Move in the Sky. They move “backwards” relative to the movement of the Moon, or “Retrograde,” at about 3 Arcminutes 9 Arcseconds per day, or slightly more than 22 Arcminutes a week, or a little over 19 days per Degree.

Meaning that the Nodes circle the Zodiac every 19 years, 18 years and 297 days to be exact, or about 18 years 10 months. They reverse, North Node becoming the South and vice versa, every 9 years 5 months. The “North” Node is the Ascending Node, when the Moon Crosses the Plane of the Earth from “Below.” The South node is the Descending Node, when the Moon Crosses the Plane from “Above.” So you see how European Bias painted the North Node as Positive, Where We’re Heading, or our Mission, and the South Node as relatively Negative, Where We’re Been, or our Karma, because the North Node was “Up” and their Time was Linear and Unidirectional.

After many Centuries of use in this way, these Interpretations seem to work. Is it because our Values reflect Patriarchal European Culture, or because North and Up have Intrinsic Value? My Bet is on the former. In the Southern Hemisphere, where “Up” relative to Gravity is different than in the Northern Hemisphere, should we be Interpreting the South Node as Mission and North Node as Karma? If we Live in a Culture founded by Patriarchal Europe, probably not, because our Values and Language would be more European than Southern. Does this Disparity cause a slight Physical Discomfort for Folks in the Southern Hemisphere, where their Culture is Attuned to one “Up” and their Gravity-Based Body to a different “Up”? I don’t know; I’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere in the current Lifetime. But it’s an Interesting Question.

If the Nodes are Reversible, what does that say about our Values? If Enlightenment is Unconditional Self-Love, are we Interpreting Enlightenment from the Perspective of our Programming and our resulting Values, rather than from the Perspective of our True Self and our Heart’s Desires? Probably. On the other hand, Enlightenment is often seen as Requiring Self-Knowledge. Is that Knowledge of our Karmic Limitations, or Knowledge of our True Self? As long as we’re still bound to our Karmic Limitations, can we even Know our True Self? I think not. But, Nothing Changes Till We Accept it Exactly as It Is. So the First and maybe Last Stage of our Mission has to be Reversing our Nodes, Exploring our Karmic Limitations Lovingly and Completely, and Letting the other Node Unlock Itself. Since we can’t Open a 5D Lock with a 2D key, maybe that Is our Mission.

  • 1 The Magnetic Poles are a separate phenomenon, though related to the Earth’s Rotation.
  • 2 This tilt, and hence the Seasons, is attributed to the Actions of a Troublemaking Chinese Dragon named Gonggong. We interpret the Impact of the dwarf planet named after Gonggong as Intrusive Memories. Gonggong has a fascinating relationship to the current Uranus-North Node and Karma-South Node Ascension-Potential Dynamic.

New Project Week II

June 6, 2021

As we move into our New Self (asteroid Klotho Stationary 4:30 am PDT 7 June 2021 in 18 Libra), it will behoove us to Attend to our Relationships with Abuse and with Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus Stationary 9:24 am PDT 14 June in 16 Pisces). Though it’s only one of many Challenges that will Confront our Newbie shortly after our Rebirth, Unconscious and Conscious Changes in our Relationship with Abuse and Privilege is probably the biggest one. The intervening Challenges…

  • Emotional Intensity (Moon moving Out of Bounds for four days starting 10:57 pm PDT 9 June in 18 Gemini). This hits a peak on 11 June (Moon Stationary in North Declination 25:39 and Longitude 11 Cancer at 9:08 pm PDT), and fades on 13 June (Moon moving back In Bounds at 6:19 pm PDT in 4 Leo).
  • Ego Death(s) Required to Let Go of Karma (asteroid Karma moves into Virgo 2:34 pm 9 June). If you have a Journal, Karma was previously in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) between 1 December 2020 and 23 January 2021), before it backed back into Leo till 2 April. It’s been moving forward in its third Dance over the last five Duads (2½ Degrees) of Leo since then. This deserves a post of its own.

💥 For now we’ll just say that Virgo is what happens between the Cyclic Culmination of our Individual Identity (Leo) and Meeting Not-Us or Other (Libra). Just as Pisces is about Letting Go of Emotional Baggage so we don’t have to drag it with us into our next Adventure, Virgo is about Letting Go of Obsolete Identities so we don’t mess up our Relationships with Others by “Pretending” (usually Unconsciously) to be someone we ain’t. “Others” includes not just People, but since Everything in the Universe is Conscious, it also includes Everything that we aren’t Being or Owning in the Moment. For example, if you Identify with Loving Nature, prove it to yourself by Inviting a Bird to perch on your finger, without pooping on your hand or giving you Salmonella.

💥 We also need to say that our most troubling Karma is where We Would Rather Die than Feel That Again, aka our “Held Emotions” (South Node). Because most Hupers Believe that we’re Once-Born or Twice-Born, we misinterpret “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” as “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That,” while it’s really “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” – Ego Death. We’re just sawing through one of the legs of the three-legged stool we usually sit on. If we Want to minimize Pain, we’d stand up before we did that. But if you know what it means to Go Without an Identity (ie, stepping out of your Identity) for a few minutes, I’d love to know. The Emotion of Confusion is the closest we can come, and we regard Confusion as one of the best Emotions because it’s the Doorway to Evolution. We usually try to suppress it by Figuring Out What’s “Wrong, which is one of our most Self-Destructive Habits.

  • Illuminations about the State of our Planet and the Likelihood of our Survival if we continue on our Current Trajectory (Annular Eclipse of the Sun 3:52 am PDT 10 June in 20 Gemini [Sabian Symbol “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions“], primarily impacting the several weeks following it). It will be visible if you happen to be crossing the North Pole (bring a Boat, that’s cold Water). An Annular Eclipse is one where the moon is far enough from the Earth that it doesn’t quite appear to cover the face of the Sun – an Almost-Total Eclipse. Consciousness Grows by Discovery, not by Invention, and under Eclipses we Discover what’s now missing, that we hadn’t noticed previously. For more details, see
  • An Increase in Selfishness (Mars enters Leo 6:33 am PDT 11 June). Which is not always a Negative thing. We can’t Love Other Fully until we Love Ourself Fully. Given our Illuminations about the State of the Planet and its Huper inhabitants, though, the Greedheads will probably be making another Power Grab. If we Pray enough for it, they might Betray their Heartlessness and be met with Rotten Tomatoes, or better yet new laws about, say, voting, taxing, and legal theft, and new Cultural Norms about Worshiping Wealth. The few Greedheads who aren’t Sociopaths might even have Epiphanies about their own antisocial Greed. Mars will stay in Leo till the end of July.

While we usually just dwell on the Back-of-Hand/Palm dynamics of Abuse and Privilege, we should actually look at the Pros and Cons of each. For instance, having Privilege can make so many things so much Easier. Rather than Gloating about our supposed Superiority as the source of our Privilege, or arming ourself to the hilt to keep the Rabble from “stealing” back what we’ve stolen from them, or Resisting Privilege because we’re Conscious of the Abuse that results and Guilty about it, we might instead find our Gratitude for our Privilege. In 5D where Collaboration outduels Competition, we’ll no long be in a Zero-Sum World, but back in a Natural World where the Sum is Much Greater than its Parts. From a place of Gratitude for our historical Privilege we may be able to Share it or Teach Others how to Enjoy it without creating more Abuse – not like the Missionaries that enabled the Conquistadors, however. How would we avoid that?

As for Abuse, until enough people Unite against the Psychopaths and Sociopaths and Missionaries (which will require that we no longer Worship Wealth and Greed) and enforce a meaningful Equality, the most positive feature I can envision for Abuse, is for it to Inspire us to Delete our Abuse Karma. History of course was written by the Abusers, who were by and large proud of their Conquists, so the Horrors of our Karmic History may be Exaggerated by their Pride, though I’m not naive enough about the Cruelty and Sadism of our Species, or the extreme Privilege of the Abusers, to Believe that any such Exaggeration has been more than slight.

“Trust but Verify” is good advice. During the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio and Recovery was all the rage, I Learned to Ask, “What color is the wallpaper?” to remind myself that most PTSD episodes are Flashbacks and not Present-Moment. The Jungle “wallpaper” of Vietnam, and the Bare Metal “wallpaper” of the Ships, contrasts with even unadorned wallboard, so we could distinguish hallucinations from real napalm, torture, anal probes, and implants. Grounding is always a helpmate (running an imaginary cable from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth), Eating, and Orgasm are reliable Grounders.

Mirrors are always useful, especially when you’re trying to Heal Feelings that aren’t yours, which is not possible. Mirrors are even useful as a first response – when you’re Feeling awful without obvious Triggers, take the first person who comes to mind, and for five to ten seconds hold a wardrobe Mirror between you and them, facing them. If your Feelings become more acceptable, you know you’re trying to run their Emotions through your Body – or, they’re Manipulating you. If you’re being Manipulated, even with the best Intentions, it’s never fun. Most folks are totally Unconscious that they’re Manipulating. Mirrors are a good strategy for dealing with Climate Deniers, Mask Objectors, Gun Freaks, folks who want to Deny your Vote and Control your Body, and other Antichrist Lovers. You won’t need to get into a hopeless morass of Conversation with them, and if you position your Mirror so it Reflects their Energy back at them, they’ll get a bit of their own toxic “Medicine.”

The Big Advantage of using “Then versus Now” tricks, Grounding, and Mirrors, is that they’re Habit-forming. When we’re Vulnerable to Manipulation by Other People’s Energy, it’s because our Programmers “Intentionally” (though probably Unconsciously) carved a Hole in the back of our Aura, so they could reach in and pull our strings whenever they wanted or needed to. It often looks and feels like Shaming. Habitual Manipulators “see” those Holes, usually Unconsciously, so we can be Manipulated by strangers we pass on the street. Our Programmers just thought it was good parenting, and you may do it yourself when your own kids threaten to drive you Batty. As these “tricks” become a Habit, the hole in our Aura actually Seals Up, so not only do the “tricks” become second-nature, they also Heal the Source of our Dis-Ease. When our Will is Healthily Self-Serving, Habitual Manipulators pass us by without a second glance, because we’re useless as an Object for their Power Games.

Issues such as these may Confront our Experiential Infant this coming week. It never hurts to recall that we’re actually an Eternal Energy Nexus (often called an “Immortal Soul”) borrowing a Material Body. Energy can never be Destroyed, only Transformed. Revelation of Denial (dwarf planet Eris) remains Out of Bounds through all of this (until 4:12 am PDT 18 July in 20 Cancer), so don’t be Surprised if New Information about your Personal or Karmic History or Herstory comes into your Consciousness during these Adventures. If you’ve noticed that almost everything above occurs in 16-20 Degrees of one Sign or another, you’ll be checking your natal chart to see what will be Lit Up for you, as your own Energy System meshes with the Planet’s.

All of this is Important, because as we get past the 14 June Exaggeration of Abuse and Privilege (Nessus Station), we drop into a week of very Intense Manifestation Energy, as three Big Energies are simultaneously Emphasized. When Energies Conjoin in Time, it’s as if they’re Conjoining in Longitude – and these Big Fellas are also actually in neighboring Degrees of their respective Signs. The three Energies are Manifestation Itself (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary 6:42 pm PDT 19 June in 6 Libra), Expansion (Jupiter Stationary 8:04 am PDT 20 June in 3 Pisces, and The Opportunity to Jettison Karma Early (asteroid Lachesis Stationary 2:42 pm PDT 20 June in 6 Scorpio).

If as is the case hereabouts, you’re Wondering why the Foundations of your Personal Infrastructure seems to be Falling Apart, each Failure is a Big Clue about the Unconscious Energies “you” are running but not Owning, that Block what you’re trying to Manifest. Take time to Sit with each Failure of Intention or Function, and Merge with it Energetically. The Objective is to Meet each of your Unconscious Blocks as Energy Clusters in the Unconscious, Meet them in Neutral territory without Bias or Judgment on your part, and with an Open Mind Ask the Question, “Is this Energy really My Own, but I’ve been Denying it?”

Fearbruary VII

February 23, 2021

It’s snow under the bumper, but Mercury was Retrograde from 30 January 2021 (7:51 pm PST in 27 Aquarius) till 20 February (4:51 pm PST in 12 Aquarius). I don’t follow Mercury’s Stations and Retrogradations closely because we get so much practice with it, but it would have been useful to know about this time. The classic interpretation is difficult Travel and Communication. I’ve never pretended to be expert in Communication, but I’ve Traveled with Mercury Retrograde many times, and when I Realize that Loki is afoot, take my time, and respond to glitches with Patience and Humor, the Old Trickster winks and lets me by. Of course, Prayer for a Safe (and Easy, Effective, etc etc) Trip and a Safe Return always helps. This time I didn’t Realize that Loki was afoot, but evidently Prayed enough that He treated me well.

We also received what should prove to be a Delightful Reboot 19 February (3am PST), when the asteroid of New Beginnings (Klotho) was Strong (Stationary) in 3 Scorpio. This Strengthening (Station) Merged With (Conjoined) the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment (minor planet Zhulong). The only major Pattern (Configuration) in the chart was one of Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) in Emotion Signs (Water), extended into Directed Dumb-Luck Blessings (a Kite) by the Tension (Opposition) between Respect and Compassion for All Things (asteroid Hopi in Cancer) and Applying our Genius (dwarf planet Ixion…) to Global Climate Change (Conjunct dwarf planets Pholus [Responding to] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]). Which is to say…

We also received what should prove to be a Delightful Reboot 19 February, when New Beginnings were Strong. This Strengthening was Merged With the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment. The only major Pattern in the chart was one of Dumb-Luck Emotional Blessings, extended into Directed Dumb-Luck Blessings by the Tension between Respect and Compassion for All Things and Applying our Genius to Global Climate Change. Seems like Texas is written in there between every two lines.

There was though a single isolated Hassle (Square), between our Initiation into the Enlightenment Curriculum (Klotho-Zhulong) and our Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna). And yes, many Texans had the ultimate Hassle with their Vitality, aka Freezing to Death. Realistically, not everyone has the Power to Choose between being an Observer of their Life, and being a Victim of their Life. Everyone has the Potential to make this Choice, and many Remarkable People have risen out of Poverty and lack of Education, just as many Unremarkable People have fallen out of the Elite. Maslow’s Pyramid applies in the first case, as Hunger makes Observation more difficult. There may be an inverse Pyramid for the second case, perhaps where the Need for Effort is what Creates the Need for Observation and Creative Response.

There’s one last Fear Bash in our Fearbruary – on 27 February (3:13 pm PST) in 28 Taurus, Terror (dwarf planet Sedna) Initiates Action (Mars). We may have time later to write about this one.

All this week, Respect and Compassion for All Things will be prominent (asteroid Hopi Stationary 26 February 6:43 pm PST in 7 Cancer). This is the same Hopi that we met earlier in the Red Dragon process.

The Moon went Out of Bounds (we’ll be more Emotional) over the Northern Hemisphere 21 February (1:19 am PST, in 21 Gemini). It will Stand Still at 25:04 North on 22 February (4:12 pm PST in 11 Cancer). And it will return In Bounds 24 February (5:27 am PST in 1 Leo).

I’ve seen several astrologers hold out the threat of two more episodes this year of The Most Important Thing [Saturn] Is to Let Go of What No Longer Serves our Soul [Uranus] (Saturn Square Uranus), or Devastating [Saturn] Disruption [Uranus], or however they frame it to pull customers in by their Victim. The first one was 13-17 February. The other two are at the Ides of June, and the days leading up to Christmas Eve. In my Experience, though, the second and third events of a Triad are nothing like the first. The first event of the trio rips open the canvas we have stretched across our Denial. We actually know what we Deny, we’re just using Denial for Convenience. The second one is Retrograde, and unfolds much more slowly, so we get a better chance to Observe what’s Going On. And by the third one, if we’ve replaced our Victim hat with our Observer hat, we’ve Been Here Done That, and what was a Crisis the first time around, is just another practice session to help us build up our Confidence.

We also have two Sign Changes. On 21 February, dwarf planet Ceres moved out of Pisces and into Aries, which should make it much easier for us to move toward Sustainable Sustenance, since we’re likely to be less Sentimental about what we know that we have to Give Up because we’re outgrown it.

But on 23 February, asteroid Veritas moves into Pisces. Veritas represents Truth of the Mind – “Just the Facts, Ma’am” as Jack Webb used to say. Never mind that there are seven Ma’ams, they’re all Blind, and they all have their hands on very different parts of the Elephant, we Just Want the Facts. Well, okay, we only want the Facts that reinforce our Unconscious Limitations, and aren’t too Inconvenient. So our Facts become Sentimental! Well, we’re just going to have to Agree to Disagree. Otherwise we’ll have to kill each other, and then there won’t be anybody left. Hopefully this will contribute to more people seeing the difference between their Absolute Truth of the Heart and their Relative Truth of the Mind. We can only Share the former, and hope for Respect – there is no Arguing about Absolutes. We can Argue for days over the latter, and still get nowhere – you can’t Pin Down something that’s Relative.

That’s pretty brief, but it should outline the rest of February. Remember that we’re now in the Digital Age. A year ago we were still in Transition, picking and choosing which Industrial Age Patterns we want to keep. The escape hatch back to the Mundane and the Material of Industry closed at the December Solstice. Now we’re sliding down, with very little braking power, into our New Life in the Electromagnetic Theme Park.

Fearbruary IV

February 7, 2021

By now we’re bearing down hard on Fearbruary’s namesake, dwarf planet Sedna, which is about Converting Fear to Power. We’ve been reminding that Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, Fear plus Tapping equals Grounding and Presence (which is intimidating to would-be antagonists), and Fear plus Kegels equals Power. In addition to a hefty dose of Terror, the Sedna story also contains strong elements of Anger and Competition.

I was into my forties before I realized that Anger was my Habitual Reaction to Fear. Useful when it’s a Fight you can Win, but when Flight or Freeze is Safer, let alone Negotiate, not so much. All Karma is a Powerful Skill, but only when we can Choose to use it when appropriate and not use it when it ain’t. If Karma is a knee-jerk Reaction, it’ll get us in trouble more often than not. We Heal that by getting Conscious about it.

Sedna is at its Strongest (Stationary) as we come up to 1pm PST 8 February, in 28 Taurus. The chart is pretty benign…

The basic Configuration is a “Square Fez with a Chinstrap” – a red-sided trapezoid with a fifth planet at the midpoint of the base. The Chinstrap – dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance), is where the Power emerges. The two naked Squares (red lines) are where potential Challenges will be spawned – Sedna (Fear) to asteroid Karma (Karma) or Fear about Letting Go of What We Know Best (our Karma), and Pluto (TranceFormation) to dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) or Failing to Discern the Difference between Physical Death from Ego Death.

If we could train ourself to instantly Discern an Ego Death from a Threat of Physical Death, and Realize that Resistance is Futile when it comes to Letting Go of the Known (it’s inevitable, and it’ll probably be harder later), our Lives would be so much more Sustainable (the chinstrap), wouldn’t they. So we could Pray for Physical Safety, Pretend we’re Acting in a Play, Enjoy the Drama from the Perspective of the audience, and make the most out of these Opportunities to Practice these two Cosmic Skills (Ego Death and Letting Go of Karma). Letting Go of Karma usually requires an Ego Death anyway, so this is really an Amazing Opportunity.

Note: If you use a Theta Prayer, you can check to see if your prayer will work, modify it and check again, iterating as many times as necessary, till you find just the right Prayer to give you in-the-Gut Confidence in your Safety.

But a Square Fez offers an Alternative to its Challenges, namely its Diagonals (the green lines, which are “Quincunxes,” or 5 Signs long). Notice that each Square is simultaneously in two Tricolors (a triangle made up of a red Square, a green Quincunx, and either a Trine or a Sextile – a long or short blue line). A Tricolor allows one to Liberate the Grace in the blue lines by Embracing the Permanent Curiosity in the green line, which can Resolve the Challenge in the red line.

By Permanent Curiosity we mean Avoiding Trying to Figure It Out – Recognizing that Confusion is one of our most Valuable Emotions and not an invitation to “Left-Brain” Research and Analysis. If we can stay Present with the Confusion Emotion and Learn to Celebrate it, it will lead us to much more Powerful places. Someone once said (Einstein? Maybe) that “We can’t Solve a Problem using the same Thinking that postulated the Problem.” Confusion, if you can Embrace it as the Emotion that it is, will open your Intuition to a kind of Thinking that will Solve the Problem, or more likely, Perspectives that will Reframe the Problem into Opportunities.

A Quincunx is a miniature Mystery School, like a Zen Koan or a piece of a Yin Gate, a Portal to the next step in our Evolution. When you try to contemplate the sound of one hand clapping, for instance, if you take the effort seriously, you’ll be Expanding and Reframing your notions of Sound, of Hands, of Honoring, of Action, and who knows what else, and you might even discover why Beatniks used to “clap” by snapping their fingers.

The Major Tricolors (Square-Quincunx-Trine), like…

Pluto-Square-Haumea-Quincunx-Sedna-Trine-Pluto or TranceFormation Challenging Rebirth which is Curious about Fear and Power and how it might make TranceFormation Effortless,

and Sedna-Square-Karma-Quincunx-Pluto-Trine-Sedna,

…lead to Dumb-Luck Blessings that are typical of Trines. The Minor Tricolors (Square-Quincunx-Sextile), like…

Haumea-Square-Pluto-Quincunx-Karma-Sextile-Haumea or Rebirth making TranceFormation difficult while TranceFormation is in Awe of Inertia, and if we Step into it we can sort of see how Inertia facilitates Rebirth,

and Karma-Square-Sedna-Quincunx-Haumea-Sextile-Karma,

…lead to greater Engagement and probably more Wisdom, as a Sextile doesn’t unlock its Grace till we take the First Step, Participating instead of just Observing. Notice that we’re just following different paths around the lines inside the twelve-sided circle. Each path offers a different Curriculum for us, and if we have the time, we could maximize this Opportunity by following them all. Eventually we’ll end up at Ceres, the chinstrap, and make our Life more Sustainable. We’d just be adding -Sextile-Ceres to the end of each Major Tricolor, and -Quincunx-Ceres to the end of each Minor Tricolor.

So the keys to the Tricolors are Haumea-Quincunx-Sedna, Karma-Quincunx-Pluto, Pluto-Quincunx-Karma, and Sedna-Quincunx-Haumea. And then, if we Chose the more Rewarding but more Effortful Minor Tricolors, we’ll have to add Haumea-Quincunx-Ceres and Karma-Quincunx-Ceres in order to “Cross Go” and Earn our Sustainability Merit Badge (if you haven’t Learned to Fully and Lovingly Embrace All of your Emotions yet, you may not Realize that Earth is just a Very Deep board game). Let’s take an example, say, Haumea-Quincunx-Sedna.

So we have a Koan about the Relationship between Rebirth and Fear/Power. (It might help to remember what Artemisia said about Power in The Findhorn Garden.) Certainly we Fear Rebirth. Our Ego is probably very Attached to our Toys and Colleagues in the Current Incarnation, and loathe to give them up. Those are Intellectualizations, and the Intellect doesn’t have the Power to Evolve us, because it’s basically a Logic machine. Give it some rules and some starting conditions, and it can dummy up a pretty fair simulation. But where is the Evolution in that? We’re just rearranging the deckchairs in our Existing Concept Set.

How might there be Power in Rebirth? How might it Feel to be Conscious of all of our Parallel Lives? Now we’re starting to get into some Koan-like Questions, which may Open us to new Intuitions that Expand our Concept Set. “How might it Feel…” is particularly Open-Ended. If you don’t just find the list of Emotions in the back of your Alexanders book and highlight a few, but Open your Emotional Body to the actual Experience, what might happen? You probably Relive some part of your Past every day. Can you be there in the Cafeteria Line, and also Be Here Now? It might be more inviting to Remember what it was like to Make Love with your All-Time Favorite Lover and also Be Here Now.

Does that feel like fuses blowing in your head? That might be a good sign. One – just One – part of what’s involved with actual Permanent Curiosity (aka Awe or Wonder, but not Wondering about, Wondering at instead), is that we have to Conceive of more Dimensions than we’re used to working with, and different Rules. Since the Universe is Both/And, what is a Contradiction to the Intellect is a Paradox to our Curiosity. Do we even know what a Paradox is, or is it just something unexplainable? It should be something that defies our Concepts of Reality, something that forces us to Choose between what we See and what we Know, or somehow Embrace them both.

A number of the folks in the Antichrist’s Cult may be doing that now, Knowing that just a month ago they were Legends in their Own Minds, but Seeing that now they’re Criminals. Many may Choose to be Martyrs, where both Stories can seem to be True, rather than Expanding their Concept Set to include the possibility that not everyone appreciates White Supremacy, or Expanding their Concept Set to include the possibility that Other People may actually have a right to Exist. But again, these are Intellectualizations. We can’t Predict how any given person will Expand their Consciousness if and when they do, because they’re an Organism much more Complex and Multidimensional than our Observing Mind.

The point is that we may be going through a similar process, where some of what we See and what we Know are splitting apart. If we find ourself trying to figure out how to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again, we may want to Change the Program, and begin to Appreciate Curiosity as the Blessing that it is, as it is, without having to Dissect it. You might also find yourself in a place where you’re being Reborn and your Trances Reformed and your Karma is backing off, you Feel Empowered and Delighted by the process, and it Feels Sustainable. More Power to you!