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Loving Ourselves Too

June 25, 2022

Welcome to the 18th Century. That’ll Trigger our Self-Love, won’t it, as a substitute for our perceived Powerlessness, Felt as Anger. I can’t find the quote, or remember who said it, but it went something like “Don’t try to Fix the Patriarchy, Just Replace it.” Sorta like this…

As we averred in the last post, the Edges of Self-Love Energy that dominates the Plot through 28 June 2022 is composed of four Energies that we’ll Experience as One Energy, simply because they’re simultaneous. If we’re Conscious about each of them, we may be able to Separate them. If we aren’t, we’re just likely to be Confused. For instance, we might logically wonder if Self-Love only applies to Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Moll. The four Energies are…

  • Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings, often accompanied by Panic.1
  • Self-Love and its Obverse Self-Doubt, in Extreme Circumstances, as distinct from Narcissism and Masochism, Initiating a New 4-year Cycle.2
  • Massive Cultural Confusion, abetted by Escapism, and Escaped through Seeking Inner Direction.3
  • Another New Cycle, this one lasting only a month, about Self-Sovereignty, Enlightenment, and the Complex World of Desire.4

These Energies feature Challenges, but the Challenges are Self-Resolving,5 meaning we’re better off Letting them Be, because our 2D and 3D interventions could skew up their Multidimensional and Unitary Self-Resolutions. In the New Self-Love in the Reaches Energy,6 and in the next four years or so of the New Cycle it Initiates, there are two Major Challenges. Fortunately, both are Doubly Self-Resolving.7 Plus an additional detail…

We have a number of sources of Confusion here. There’s the Massive Cultural Confusion we mentioned as the third of the four Energies above. There’s the even-greater Confusion likely to be Triggered by having four different Energies happening at once.8 And the Self-Love in the Reaches Energy carries its own source of Confusion, generated by Prominence of the Feeling that the Task is Not Achievable.9 Our Unlimited Potential is so far beyond our usual Self-Expectations, that we feel like we’re Fantasizing when we start to Imagine it. Let yourself drop into your most All-Absorbing Fantasy about yourself and your World, where you’re Loved the way you Want to be Loved, you Feel Good about yourself, you Feel Self-Confident, you Do what you’re Very Good at and what you Love Doing – fill in the rest of the “blanks.”

When you come to, give your Fantasy a number, where Ten is the Best of All Worlds and Where You Are Now, and Zero is Completely Impossible. Then Relax your Yes-Buts a bit, and let your Fantasy score drift up a few points. From a 3 to a 5 maybe, or a 6 to an 8. Does that Excite you, or Terrify you, or just make you Laugh?

Even if the Challenges are Doubly Self-Resolving, Resolution is where they’re likely to End Up. Doesn’t mean they’ll be super Comfortable or Exciting in the interim. One of them is about our Rebirth. Do we Focus on the Death more than the Rebirth? Do we Respect the Death as an Integral part of the Rebirth, or do we Rue it? Do we worry about Our Addictions and how they Limit us? Like our Addiction to Food and Comfort and the Fear that we may not be able to Afford Food and Shelter if we really Follow our Dreams? 10

The other Challenge is about Building a New Culture Guided by the Feminine, Without Guilt, Without Psychopathic Male Dominance, and Without Civilization-Destroying Technology. 11

  • 1 Moon Out of Bounds starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June, in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness – how appropriate), adjacent to the Royal Star Aldebaran (Integrity) in 11 Gemini (Maintaining Clarity in Darkness). That’s 7:31 pm BST 26 June In England and 4:31 am AEST 27 June in Eastern Australia. Until 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ), which is 12:31 pm BST in England and 11:39 pm AEST in Eastern Australia.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) 10:42 am PDT 27 June, in 30 Gemini (The hollowness of being Outer-Directed ), on the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ), starting a New 4-year Cycle about Extending our Self-Love into the Areas of our True Self which have been Forbidden to us by our Programming – see note 1 of the previous post for more details, along with the rest of this post. England 6:42 pm BST 27 June, Eastern Australia 3:42 am AEST 28 June.
  • 3 Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than our Ego) Stationary (Exaggerated) 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation), Merged with (Conjunct) asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy). We can see the Massive Cultural Confusion operating in the Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Molls, who sincerely Believe they’re doing the rest of us a Favor by acting on behalf of Hercules (Herakles) to Rectify Wrongdoing (Nemesis) without realizing in their Confusion that it will accelerate their downfall. England 8:54 am BST, Eastern Australia 5:54 pm AEST, both 28 June. We’ll cover the Neptune Station Challenges in a subsequent post.
  • 4 New Moon (Change of Dominant Energy) 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Star Mirzam (An Embodied Message), focusing on Self-Sovereignty and Self-Abandonment (Conjunct Lilith). England 3:52 am BST 29 June, Eastern Australia 12:52 pm AEST 29 June. We’ll cover the New Moon Challenges in a later post.
  • 5 The Challenges are T-Squares. A Self-Resolving T-Square is a Diamond Star – the focus of a T-Square pointing to the same planet as a Finger of the Goddess.
  • 6 I.e., the second Energy of the four above. As Ursula Le Guin liked to frequently remind us in The Wizard of Earthsea series, Rules Change in the Reaches.
  • 7 A Doubly Self-Resolving Challenge not only adds a Finger of the Goddess to the T-Square, but also a Grand Trine, meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings. Grand Trines are so Advantageous that they’re easily mistaken for Skill on our part, leading to Arrogance.
  • 8 Multidimensional Reality is Unitary, so there is actually no Separation – all the Distinctions are Arbitrary. It’s the Mind that Divides everything up into Dimensions and Dualities and Different Energies. It’s the astrology that’s Dividing our Experience of This Moment up into four Different Energies, and astrology’s Divisions may not be the same as ours. So astrology may make our Experience of Reality less Confusing or more Confusing, depending on whether we’re using symbols that match the way we usually Divide Reality, bearing in mind that our Divisions of Reality represent the Cage that keeps us from Ascending. Confusion is the first stage of Growth, because it means that our Limiting Beliefs have Cracked Open.
  • The astrological divisions I use are based loosely on Western Traditions and Science and Literature. For instance, if we had to choose single words to Identify the potential downside of each of the astrological Energies based on common Psychology, they’d probably be Panic, Terror, Confusion, and Redirection. The upside memes, based on our presumed similar Enlightenment Goals, might be Elaboration, Glory, Samadhi, and Ascension.
  • 9 The Chaos-Sappho Initiation is Merged With (Conjunct) dwarf planets Asbolus (Clear Intuition) and Sisyphus (Driven by Unquenchable Thirst for the Unattainable). Chaos, Asbolus, and Sisyphus are all Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ).
  • 10 In the chart of the Chaos-Sappho Conjunction and the Initiation of the New Chaos-Sappho Cycle, Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes) is T-Squared by the Opposition between dwarf planet Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Respect for Death) in 1 Leo (Choosing to cast off Karma) and Pluto (Compulsion) in 29 Capricorn (Surpassing Negative Bias).
  • 11 Chaos-Sappho-Sisyphus-Asbolus, (Acute Awareness of the Ongoing Challenge of Loving Oneself beyond the Edges) Opposes Ixion-Klotho-Atlantis-Magdalena (Mother Mary Opening a New Civilization beyond the Limits of the Old Ones) in 29 Sagittarius to 2 Capricorn (Dancing between Surrender and Tradition), T-Squared by Stationary Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity), Nemesis (Guilt ), and Herakles (Enforcer of the Patriarchy) in 26-27 Pisces (Union with the Basic Design of Life, Without the Thumb of the Patriarch on our back ).

Loving Ourselves

June 22, 2022

Four different Energies coming up over the next six days, till at least 2:52 am PDT 29 January 2022, any one of which could be a Bother for us, as Pooh would put it. That’s 10:52 am BST in London, and 7:52 pm AEST in Sydney. The upside is that all of the astrological Challenges are Self-Resolving, many Doubly so. That means we can Expect the final result to be Great, even if there may be iffy moments along the way. It also means we’ll be far better off if we Chuckle and Wink at the iffy moments, rather than Freaking Out about them. Some of the Native American tribes Believe in Elvish Folk called “Puk-Wudgies” who like to play mischievous tricks on Hupers, like spilling their paint bucket when they aren’t looking, just because they think it’s hilarious the way Hupers Lose the Plot when Irritated. You may have seen some of their YouTube channels.

It was last week when we were dealing Intensely with Intrusive Memories, but the Stories that come up for us when our paint bucket spills, can be like that. A good essay was published yesterday on this…


You might recognize this as Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings.

The Major Theme over the next six days is Self-Love, and it’s a Doozy.1 When Self-Doubt comes up for you, use that as the Cue that tells you “Oh, this isn’t about Me, this is just the astrology!” Of course it’ll be your own Karmic Self-Doubt (or Narcissistic Certainty) that’s Triggered, and you definitely want to use it to Notice your Karmic Patterns – what Triggers your Self-Doubt or Narcissistic Certainty, what Stories you Habitually use to try to Justify it, where you Feel it in your Body, what does that Sensation feel like when you strip away the Stories – but you don’t need to Personalize it. You Are Not Your Karma. You are a Miraculous Soul who’s Brash enough to Toy with this Ridiculous but Fascinating Experiment where Spirit Inhabits Matter, as Flesh.2

The Major Downside of the Experiment is the Amnesia – Flesh has a very difficult time Remembering that it’s really Spirit. All those Captivating Stories and Dramas snag and hold Flesh’s Attention so tightly that it Forgets all about its Passenger. If Flesh was an airline, no one would fly on it twice, because the staff is so absent-minded, totally Ignoring the customers! As a Soul, you studied up on a whole catalog of Stories, hoping to find one that’s just fishy enough that you’d notice the Puk-Wudgie ruse and finally understand how Karma snags our Attention and Collaborates with the Amnesia instead of Cuing our Ascension. Once we get the Cosmic Joke and realize it’s “on us,” we can Ascend in a Flash.

The other three Energies, that Carry and Extend the Self-Love Issues? First there’s Moon Out of Bounds again, to the North this time (Possible Panic from Abandoning one’s Emotions for the Stories), starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness), and lasting till 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ).

Second there’s the Exaggeration of the Cultural Realm,3 till 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation) and which may well Trigger our Guilt about Not Fitting in to the Patriarchy. Obviously we should be Honoring ourself greatly for this, but we may feel quite otherwise. Be Gentle with your Real Emotions, and if you feel this as a Failure, Tap It Out, repeatedly if necessary, and Substitute a more Self-Loving Attitude toward yourself.

Third, There’s a New Moon (New Beginnings) at 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, whiich brings Self-Sovereignty into the Drama.4

  • 1 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love), 10:42 am PDT 27 June 2022, in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), home of the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ). That’s 6:42 pm BST 27 June in Salisbury and 3:42 am AEST 28 June in Gold Coast. Chaos symbolizes not Disorder but the Potential that Anything could Happen, though our natural Insecurity as Hupers often Reacts to both the same way. Try to Imagine Living in a Reality without Cause and Effect – we’d have no idea what might happen next. It would be both Terrifying and Exhilarating. It’s like crossing an Elephant with a Rhinoceros – what do we get? ‘EllifIKnow.
  • But that’s where we were earlier this week, in Manifestation. If we knew how to Create What We Want in 3D, we’d have Created it long ago. In order to really Manifest What We Want but haven’t Yet, we need to PIAVA and then Change the Subject. From the Perspective of Not Having Created It Yet, Manifesting is Beyond Cause and Effect, because we couldn’t have Imagined Creating it That Way. Does that put a new Cause in our Quiver, or does it Liberate us from that 3D Cause-and-Effect Prison? If we’ve been Creating Magnetically () all our Life, rather than Dynamically (), it would be routine.
  • It’s the same with Poor-Sweethearting. When we Change our Identity, Everything Else Changes with it. Psychology focuses on Defining Normal – the Thought Police. It’s useful socially, but if Multiple Personalities was more common, and recognized for the incredible Skill that it is, and if we could switch on Purpose, Psychology would use Multiple Personalities to Explore how Identity works, rather than locking up its Practitioners. As Hal and Sidra Stone, and many others, demonstrated, we all have Subpersonalities that we can employ to our Advantage.
  • Sappho-Chaos is a 3-4-year Cycle. The prior Cycle began 10 October 2018 in 26 Gemini (Losing One’s Outer Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds – read Ellias’s full Channeling on pp.120-121; sounds a whole lot like the last several years!). This New Cycle lasts until 9 April 2026. There are two fascinating Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges, which we’ll Break Out in a separate post.
  • 2 Of course, it’s only Huper Hubris that disregards the fact that every other Entity in the Universe, Animate or Inanimate, is Conscious, and most of them aren’t Hung Up on being Locked in 3D.
  • 3 Station of Neptune 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). There are two Self-Resolving Challenges, including Neptune Conjunct Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy) at the Focus of one of the Challenges (T-Squares). Details to follow.
  • 4 New Moon Conjunct Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) with Moon Out of Bounds, 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Planet Mirzam (An Embodied Message). There are two Challenges, both Self-Resolving and one Doubly so. Details to follow in separate post.

Self-Doubt 5

October 24, 2018

When we Deny something it’s often because we don’t like it, and often it’s something about ourself on one level or another.  Denial is Repression by another name, or Banishment into the Unconscious.  Unfortunately, the Unconscious has more Power over us than our Consciousness or Ego.  So Denial always comes with a cost, and almost always a cost that we become Victim to, Projecting it onto Others or onto “Fate.”  We eliminate these Self-Sabotages by bringing them into Consciousness.

Which isn’t always Easy, but at times the Astrology gives us a hand – or an ultimatum.  That usually involves dwarf planet Eris.  We spoke about Eris’s involvement in the 26 October Sappho-Station chart in Self-Doubt 3, at  Given the critical role of Denial in Self-Love, we believe that the Eris-Haumea Yin Gate, that we described therein, is the most important part of the Sappho-Station chart.

However, Sappho herself wan’t involved in that Yin Gate.  So, what of Sappho herself while she’s Front and Center?  She’s no shrinking Violet here.  First and foremost, she is Merged with (Conjoins) dwarf planet Chaos, which we’ll abbreviate “dp Chaos” here in order to make it clear when we’re referring to the actual planet.  Dp Chaos doesn’t symbolize Disorder.  “Chaos” was the condition of Reality that the Greek Gods found and brought Order to.  In fact though, much of Greek Mythology is about murdering the previous, or Matriarchal, Order.  So we could Easily equate dp Chaos with the Demise of the Patriarchy.

We give the Greeks some backhanded credit, though, by focusing on their notion of Disorder, and considering dp Chaos to symbolize Unlimited Potential.  What to any given agenda is Disorder, is actually not only Order of another Dimension, but also the Potential for Unlimited Change, since we have no shortage of Dimensions.

Of course a given Huper Lifetime has Potential somewhat Limited by its Soul’s Mission.  But if you consider our many Detours on this path toward our Mission, Variation is more prominent than Limitation.  And, when we become Aware of the Parallel Lives of our Soul, our Variation becomes almost Infinite, if not truly so.  Then add the fact that We Are All One, and you multiply our Potential Diversity by an additionally infinite number of infinities.  And we haven’t even considered non-Huper Entities.  Thus, Unlimited Potential.

So, when you think about asteroid Sappho, symbol of Self-Love, Standing Still only a Degree from dp Chaos, symbol of Unlimited Potential, I would hope you will find yourself among the Stars.  Back in the Olde Days we would have called it “mind-blowing,” as the birdcage of our everyday Ego and Conceptual Matrix and Emotional Limits Exploded into Cosmic confetti. 

Watch for this.  Don’t turn away from it in Fear or Horror.  It may be subtle, or it may Feel like a sword to the belly, like it may have been for some Wall Street traders today.  Remember that the Duality of Self-Love is Self-Doubt, so when Self-Doubt arises, know that its purely a graphic illustration of a corner of your Life where you’re not in Self-Love, a corner that needs correcting ASAP.  Without Self-Love, you’re condemned to repeat the soap opera without end.

Here’s the chart…

You can see that Self-Love and Unlimited Potential are Challenged (T-Square) by Truth (Aletheia) and Suffering/Miracles (Chiron).  What’s the lever that converts Suffering to Miracles?  Self-Empathy, a particularly precious form of Self-Love.  The Challenge is to Remember Self-Empathy every time we encounter Suffering.

And you can see that it’s Opposed by our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) and our Willingness to Respond to Support it (dwarf planet Pholus).  Rudhyar’s advice that “When we don’t follow our nature there is a hole in the universe where we were supposed to be” points directly at our Forbidden Genius – the places where our Programmers shut us down. 

No Blame (except in the beginning when you’re Letting Go of your pent-up Anger about it), your Soul hired them to give you something to push against so you wouldn’t blow the Lifetime posting selfies on your Facebook page.  Do we know who our Forbidden Genius is?  Notice that Eris and Haumea are both Pathfinders (Trine Bridges) for Sappho-Chaos Opposing Ixion-Pholus.  In other words, it would be a fine time to stumble into a Rebirth of your Forbidden Genius through Reclaiming what’s been Denied.

Of course since Denial is all about the Unconscious, and the Unconscious, since it’s Unconscious, isn’t accessible to us through everyday Actions.  We might be able to Notice parts of it by analyzing everyday Actions, but that a very slow way to get Conscious. So we PIAVA.  I’m guessing that most of us actually know our Forbidden Genius, we just don’t know how to Integrate it into the rest of our Lives.

When we put all these elements together, we might come up with something like…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Forbidden Genius be Reborn into Polite Company and that the Resulting Integration Convert Suffering to Miracles and Open Up Unexpected Vistas of Opportunity and Ease for me.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you God/Goddess! … Show Me.”

Oh.  Did I mention Daniel Scranton’s recent Channeling from the Arcturians? …

We are putting forth an invitation to anyone and everyone who wants to experience the up-leveling of your vibration.  We are offering this service because we know that there is nothing better for you than to put out a higher frequency of vibration, and we love so much to give to all of you in whatever way that we can.  In order to receive our up-leveling, all you need to do is state your intention to receive it as you are drifting off to sleep.

“The delivery system will be through a meeting that will take place in the astral realm.  That is where you are able to meet ninth dimensional beings at this time.  And so we are happy to meet up with you and to provide you with this service.  Now, you are going to experience some changes once you receive this vibrational upgrade.  You are going to heal more quickly.  You will receive more inspired ideas.  You will feel more joy, and love will flow easily to you and through you.

“We have seen the results of these vibrational upgrades in those who have accepted them from us in the past, and we are very pleased with how you all shift your vibrations so easily when you are open to receive.  We also want you to recognize that we are really just the facilitators here.  You are the ones who will accept our invitation, and you are the ones who will meet us in the astral plane so that you can receive what was always yours for the taking.

“A higher vibration is your birthright, and as many factors as there are on your world that keep your vibrations in the lower frequency range, there are as many of us in the higher realms looking to support you in holding a higher vibration.  We always have and we always will.”