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Harmonic Conciliation 1

February 7, 2022

At least for some of us it’ll be a Harmonic Conciliation. For others of us, Harmonic Condensation will be closer to what happens, depending on how Stuck we are on the Either/OR Us-versus-Them Duality. It’s going to take a lot of work just to Explain what’s happening in the planetverse, but my advice is to file your taxes early, take a few Selfies, and get your Affairs in order over the next week of two, because by April Fools Day 2022 you’ll be such a Very Different Person that you won’t Recognize yourself. There’s a huge gauntlet of astroevents Related to Venus-Mars-Vesta-Pluto-et al filling the space between the Ides of February and the Ides of March, plus the Climactic Initiation of the new Quaoar-Pholus (Global Climate Change) Cycle in the middle of all that, on 21 February.

But before we Dive Deep into that, there’s a bit of Other Business to finish…

First, for those of you who keep track, Mercury (Communication, Transportation) turned Direct at 8:12 pm PST on 3 February, in 24 Capricorn. That should make day-to-day Life Easier for us, though the Action Lit Up any Denial of Narcissism1 that was going on, probably more for everyone else than for the Narcissists. Mercury’s now rushing to get out of the way of the seven planets, dwarfs, and asteroids that will converge in 21-23 Capricorn for the Harmonic Conciliation or Condensation.

  • 1 The Mercury Station T-Squared the Opposition between dwarf planet Eris in Aries and asteroid Narcissus in Libra.

Second, speaking of Narcissism, we outlined asteroid Narcissus’s Discovery chart in the last footnote of the previous post. Here’s the chart…

There’s no better term for a Configuration like this, than a Parachute, safely lowering the God of Greed to the ground! Narcissus was Important in the Mercury Station above, and it will continue to be Important as we move into the Harmonic Conciliation or Condensation.

Third, our next major astroevent, at 10:40 am PST on 9 February, is all about Converting Fear to Power.2 It provides us with two major Challenges. The biggest Challenge is for us to make permanent our Skill at Converting Fear to Power, recognizing that this Challenge is a Big Deal for fulfilling our Mission in the Lifetime.3 We’re also Doubly Challenged to Get Conscious of our Karma so we can Transcend it.4 This puts us literally on a Knife-Edge, as the Sword of Damocles hangs over this process. As if it isn’t harrowing enough on its own!

The second Challenge is more subtle. Headquarters (the Galactic Center) is Requiring that we make Contact with our Unlimited Potential, our Superpowers, and that we Finesse the Boundaries between us and this Potential Future, such that we Know It’s There, Know How Important It Is, Yet Keep It From Overwhelming Us.5

  • 2 Dwarf planet Sedna Stationary in 29 Taurus. Though a few asteroids have moved around, the chart is a dead ringer for the 27 January chart of Haumea Stationary.
  • 3 The Sedna Station Conjoins the North Node (Our Life Mission) and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability).
  • 4 The South Node (Held Emotions), which of course Opposes the North Node (note 3 above), Conjoins asteroids Karma (Our Karma) and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence, formerly known as Bee-Zed). Asteroid Damocles (Anxiety) T-Squares the Opposition.
  • 5 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), which is Out of Bounds (Strong), Opposes the Galactic Center, T-Squared by asteroid Pallas (Boundaries).

So we’re being Asked to Finish Rubbing off the rest of our Karma at the same time that we Look seriously into the Impossible Things we can “Do” when we begin to Identify with our Superpowers. In 5D we Manifest Constantly and Effortlessly, by Remaining Conscious of exactly Whose Help We Need, Respecting Them, and Courteously Requesting Their Assistance. For instance, I bang my Toes into Obstacles all too frequently, followed by a quick Curse at Whatever I’ve hit (or at my own clumsiness). Well, I need the Help of the Obstacles around my House, and I need the Help of my Legs and Feet, so they stay Conscious of the location of these Obstacles. It’s hardly Respect when I Curse at a Stair or a Threshold or a Molding.

So I’ve Learned to immediately Apologize and Request their Cooperation. Everything Is Conscious, and Everything Loves to Cooperate, but only when they’re Acknowledged and Respected! My eyes are tuned to different Distances, so I have lousy Depth Perception, or Death Perception as I usually call it. That doesn’t Help. Even if I kept my eyes glued to the ground in front of me it might not Help me lift my Feet high enough to reach the Step. But my Toes and Feet and Legs also have Their own Consciousness. So I need to stay Conscious of Asking Courteously and Respectfully for Their Assistance whenever I’m on the move. Impossible! you might say, to keep Everything in mind like this all of the time!

But we manage to somehow Stay Alive while driving automobiles, and often avoid Killing Others. That’s Remarkable! When you think about it, rushing around at Easily-Fatal and Easily-Maiming Speeds in two tons of Metal, is one of the stupidest things we could imagine doing to our fragile Bodies. When we Know Whose Help We Need, have Learned to Respect and Communicate with Them, it becomes automatic. You don’t have to Thank the Toaster and the Knife and the Butter and the Bread and the Dishes and the Refrigerator every time you Enjoy a piece of Toast, but you do need to Thank them often enough that they Know they’re Appreciated. It’ll take us a while to Recognize that Everything is Conscious and Animated by its own Deva or Elf or Sprite or Salamander or Spirit,6 but the Recognition is Cumulative and rapidly becomes Habitual. And that’s where we need to be.

  • 6 In modern Physics, where it’s indeterminate whether a given Physical Entity is a Wave of Energy or a Particle of Matter at any given moment, and where it seems to be more a matter of Who’s Looking than of What’s Being Looked At, there is a Particle for every Force, and a Force for every Particle, and they’re interchangeable. It’s the same with any supposedly Inanimate Object. The Object corresponds to the Particle, and it’s Consciousness or Spirit corresponds to the Force.

This Sedna Station Exercise is critical, because when we’re in Fear, the only thing we can Manifest is more Fear. We have to park Fear at the Portal when we enter 5D.

We have a great deal of Help here, in the form of Grace. One of the best forms of Grace we can have is something called a Diamond Star, like at right. We have a red-triangle Challenge (T-Square) and a green-wedge Pay Attention Configuration (Finger of the Goddess or Yod ), the feet of which form a Bowl of blue-web Grace (Truss Bridge). This is a fully Self-Resolving Challenge, one where we actually need to be careful not to Intervene, because we can mess it up that way. Neither of the two Challenges in the Sedna-Station chart match this pattern.

The Diamond Star in the first picture benefits from the green wedge because it adds a Pay Attention to the crux of the Challenge, the planet at “A.” If you haven’t Learned yet that you can Heal many Discomforts in your Body just by Holding your Attention on them for a while (perhaps with a few optional embellishments), it’d be a good time to start. It’s the same with a Challenge. If your Unconscious or Conscious Attention is focused squarely on a Challenge, the Challenge can Dissolve.

Both Challenges in the Sedna Station chart match the pattern at right here. They’re not as easy to see because the chart is busy. We still have the blue Truss Bridge or Bowl of Grace, but it’s flipped over so it’s on the same side as the Challenge. It’s still Double Grace (two interlocking Trine Bridges), but now you can tell at a glance that it’s out of Balance. The first picture fills the Zodiac, the second picture only half. Here we still have a Challenge, but it’s tempered by significant Grace.

To increase the Grace you could focus some of your Attention on the half of the Zodiac that’s unoccupied. For instance, if you look at the Boundaries / Pallas Challenge in the Sedna Station chart, which matches this Pattern, Haumea is one leg of the missing Finger of the Goddess that would make this Challenge fully Self-Resolving. Well, can we find the other leg and fill it in? It’s around 29 Leo, on the cusp of Virgo. If you have your own planet there, you’re Golden. Just be sure to Acknowledge and Thank it – planets are Conscious too, and have their Devas.

If you don’t have a planet there, you can fudge it. The end of Leo is where we’re just getting into really Enjoying all the Attention everyone has been showing us because we’re so Competent and our Power is Clean, and Bang, the whole house of cards comes crashing down, as in Virgo we have to cut that Inflation back down to size with a series of Ego Deaths. We never really Lose anything in Virgo, we just Rebalance the mix. You’re more likely to injure yourself while Patting Yourself on the Back, than you are by Hugging Yourself. Virgo makes sure that your Hug Yourself more and Pat Yourself on the Back less.

Here, again at right, is a third type of Grace, in this case “Dumb-Luck” Grace. The blue triangle is a Grand Trine, which can make some things so Easy that we initially take them for granted and wonder why everyone else is so dumb. Eventually we realize that no one is more Skillful than anyone else, it’s just that everyone’s skillset is Different. That’s why they do team sports in school, so you can Notice and Appreciate how good other people are at their Skills. One corner of the Grand Trine is on the crux of the Challenge, making it Easier.

The Anxiety / Damocles Challenge Enjoys this type of Grace in addition to the second, Truss-Bridge type of Grace. And lookie there – it also has one leg of a Finger of the Goddess! So if we can fill in that missing leg somehow, with Conscious Attention or a natal planet there, for instance, we’ll have Dumb-Luck Grace, the Double Grace of a Truss Bridge, full Self-Resolution, and, as a Bonus, a Grand Sextile. A Grand Sextile is six planets more or less evenly spaced ’round the Zodiac, and represents Complete Grace this isn’t Self-Starting. You take the first step, the Universe does the rest. The Vacancy here is the same Cusp of Virgo as the Vacancy in the Boundaries / Pallas Challenge.

If we can fill this hole we’ll be Cookin’! And we’re in Luck – the Royal Star Regulus is there! Regulus brings Great Success, with one Caveat. The greater the Success, the greater is likely to be the Temptation to seek Revenge on someone who Betrayed us. Yielding to that Temptation will collapse the whole Enterprise. A Vacancy like this can easily become the Strongest Point in the chart.

So What might we be Afraid Of, here where we’re working to Own and Retire our Fear? Asking that Question would constitute Our Thoughts About Our Feelings, wouldn’t it. When we Figured It Out, we’d be Blaming our Feelings on something. In the Subtle Realms where Intention is Reality, that’s the same as Taking Revenge upon that something. So here’s another Big Opportunity to Prepare for the Harmonic Conciliation – Focus on Where you Feel Fear in your Body, and What It Feels Like there. Is it Tight? Warm? Close? A Portal? A Wall? If you get Ungrounded, Remember to Breathe, and Tap yourself back down. If you’re ready to Claim the Power in your Fear, meet it with Kegels. Tons of Kegels.

Abuse and Boundaries III

September 6, 2020

As we were saying…

About an hour and a half before our Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) on 5 September 2020 at 6pm PDT, we reached a Significant Milestone in a recently Initiated (1½ years old) Cycle that’s about Our Confidence in Our Ability to Have Control Over Our Own Life, as Opposed to Always Being Victims of Our Karmic Limitations (the 15-year-long South Node-Chariklo Cycle).

The Milestone peaked yesterday, but it remains very much in effect through the end of September (using one Degree of Sensitivity).  The Milestone is an Opportunity to Easily Let Go Of Obsolete Patterns, kind of a Karmic Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card (Waning Unx).  There is a bit of an Oxymoron there, because Karma is Never Easy to Let Go Of, simply because we’re so Deeply Habituated to it.  We often don’t even Recognize that there’s either an Issue or an Opportunity, it just feels like More of the Same Old Same Old.  We don’t Realize that we actually have Options.

One hint is that the Old Cycle that’s Obsolete began in September 2005, fifteen years ago.  If there’s anything you’ve been doing for the last fifteen years that now Feels Tired or Threatened for any reason, we’re probably better off Winding it Down than working harder to try to Resuscitate it.  In brief, the Old Cycle was about Continuing Pre-Established Patterns (Initiated in 15 Libra, “Circular Paths“).  The New Cycle is about Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything (Initiated in 24 Capricorn, “A Woman entering a convent“).

The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Confidence-That-We-Can-Create-What-We-Want Cycle (South Node-Chariklo)

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – Eliminating not just Racism, but Misogyny, and Exclusion of Anything, for example Eliminating Active Disrespect of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi [Respect for All Things]).
  • All about Grounding our Boundaries in the Heart.  The overall Configuration of the chart is a Parachute, with all of the Energy from the very busy left side of the cart focusing through the Boundaries-Truth of the Heart-Rebirth Portal (Pallas-Aletheia-Haumea) on the right side.
  • Challenged by Becoming Acutely Aware of our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (which of course are Karmic) and Expanding Beyond Them (T-Square to Vesta-Mercury-Sun [Unconscious Beliefs-Awareness-Essence] from Jupiter [Expansion] Opposite Sappho and Chaos [Self-Love and Unlimited Potential]).
  • About Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything complementing the Woman joining the Convent, the Vacancy that Completes the Full-of-Grace Grand Sextile is 24 Leo (“Totally concentrated upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, a man is Sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and  cleanliness“).
  • About Becoming Adept – the Vacancy that Completes the Acute-Awareness Challenge is 23 Virgo (“A Lion tamer displays their skill and character“).

Compared to the Dead-End of trying to Resuscitate the Dying Embers of our 3D past, this is a lot to Look Forward To.

More Ego Death

April 28, 2020

Until 11:20 am PDT 30 April 2020, the symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) is very Strong (Stationary).  It’s Merged with (Conjoins) the symbol for Oath-Making and -Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus), and Stands in Sharp Contrast to (Opposes) the symbol for Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  That sounds a bit ominous, but it offers Opportunities for Healing.  Just for starters, there are no major Challenges (T-Squares) involved in the Sharp Contrast, so Illumination can be the major function of the event.

Abuse, whether Chronic or Acute, is a horrendous Emotional Burden.  Like any Wound, our first Instinct is to Wall it Off, do everything we can to put our Attention on anything else but.  And as with a Physical Wound, by doing that we can create a kind of Cyst, which may fester, or may stay tightly Closed till some later event Opens it and flushes the Toxins out.  Either way, it’s a dark cloud in our Psyche, coloring our view of the Outside World.

Our Limitations are often the result of Decisions, Oaths, or Vows (Orcus) we made ages ago.  We then set up Lifetime Habits to make sure we Defended our Decisions.  When that was Successful, we forgot the original Oath, and our Defensive Thoughts and Behaviors just became our Personality.  The rest of our Self ended up Walled Off in its own Cyst.  Not so much a dark cloud, as a big chunk of Blue Sky that the Sun never seems to find.

The geometry in the chart of this Nemesis Station speaks Clearly…

The major Configuration is what we call a Parachute.  Often Parachutes are symmetrical, which is a great Blessing.  This one’s got a hint of umbrella-after-the-windstorm to it, but it looks like it will still float us to the Ground.  What’s the Crux?  Asteroid Moira, named after the Greek Goddess of Fate.  Does this mean that we’re Stuck with the ills that are befalling us?

Not at all.  Fate and Free Will form a Dichotomy, so we know that it’s an Artifact of the Dualistic Mind.  Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, so any time we encounter a Duality we know we’re looking at a Limitation in the Observer, not something “Objective” – as if there is such a thing.  If it’s Either/Or, it’s Political.  If it’s Real, it’s Both/And.

We’re Fated to Repeat our Karma until we Recognize that we’re running a one-size-fits-all Pattern in our Life that in fact, in most cases, doesn’t actually Work.  Once we Identify with our Observer Self instead of our Thinker or Actor, we can Choose at any point to modify our Thoughts and Behavior.  Since the World as we Experience it is a Mirror for our Thoughts and Behavior, modifying those Changes the World.

That’s a little harder to grasp if we’re an Emotional Thinker (Mercury in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio) or if our Emotions Dominate our Value System (Venus, Sun, Moon, or other major Indicators in Water Signs).  With my own planet of Values (Venus) in a Sign of Empathy (Pisces), I had a hard time accepting the notion that we can Choose our Emotions.  That felt like a major Self-Betrayal to me.  Eventually I Realized that I was being the Victim of my own Feelings, and began the long process of Separating my Identity from my Emotions.  That’s an important step toward Identifying with the Immortal and Limitless Soul and moving toward 5D.  What we Identify with, we cannot see without a Mirror.

For me personally, David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates’s Please Understand Me and Jane Roberts’s Nature of Personal Reality were major milestones.  Not to mention Tapping and Theta.

So this Nemesis Station gives us an excellent Opportunity to become a Witness to whatever Abuse we have Suffered, and if we’re very Lucky, perhaps even to grok the Original Oath (such as “I’ll never put myself in that kind of situation again!“) that has Constrained our Relationship with Reality, so that we can Revert it…

Don’t be deterred by the reference to the J-Man.  The same is true of any Personification of Godessness or Godness, or even of our own Making.  Religions like to insist on their own Fave, but we know that if it’s Either/Or it’s Political (Political is the adjectival form of Ego).  The part about Belief is Important, and may require some Tapping/Thetaing or other PIAVAing to Create.  And if we are indeed possessed of Free Will, which of course we are (Both/And), then any “Evil” that we encounter is just a Split-Off part of ourself.  When we made the Oaths that we’re Reverting now, they were in Earnest and served a Positive purpose for us in that Then.  Now they’re just Obsolete.

We aren’t just dealing with the Demise of Egos that evolved from Abuse, but also Egos that devolved from Privilege.  If Abuse is heads and Privilege is tails, the Coin is Power.  If we Claim our Power as Conscious Entities, Sacred Beings, and Lightworkers, then all other Conscious Entities (including Rocks and the like) are our Equals.  We use Negotiation and PIAVAs rather than Privilege, and we Step Aside from Abusers, letting them Act out their Aggressions and Regressions on those who still need that Curriculum.

So what do we do when Privilege comes into our Consciousness, as it has already around here?  The first step is Gratitude.  If we’ve Enjoyed Privilege it’s not because we’ve Earned it, it’s because in one way or another we Asked for it.  Asking necessarily precedes Receiving, and Gratitude necessarily follows it.

One key with Privilege is Abundance.  Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Sharing is Proof that our Belief is Intact, that we are Receiving from an Abundant and Generous, if not Infinite, Source.  A second key is Self-Love.  If we aren’t Satisfying our own Needs first, then Sharing is a Self-Betrayal, and our Betrayed Self may seek to exact their just Revenge – another dark cloud in our Psyche.

The chart agrees, as it tells us to Pay Attention! (Goddessfinger or green wedge) to the Relationships between our Mercy Killing of Olde Identities that are tied to Obsolete Oaths (Nemesis Stationary Conjunct Orcus), our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith), and the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia).

We may need to make some awkward Adjustments to a few of our Relationships when we do this, but then every Ego Death requires that we Stand Our New Ground when Others want to paint us back into the Boxes they recognize as “Us.”  No Blame, that’s a natural Reaction from anyone who isn’t always in the Present Moment – which includes virtually all of us.  We just need to be Patient but Persistent with them while we take advantage of the Opportunity to Practice being our Reborn self and re-Introduce ourself to them.  That’s , if the Relationship is worth keeping to our New Persona, and they are capable of Adjusting their Expectations (not everyone will be).

Self-Love and Sustainability have both arisen here in Important ways, but neither of their symbols (asteroid Sappho and dwarf planet Ceres) are prominent in the chart we have in front of us.  They’re very much indirectly involved, and we’ll take that up in a subsequent post.

The chart avers yet again, as a second Instruction to Pay Attention! (Finger of the Yoddess) points to the symbol for the Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) and it’s Relationships with not only the Loving and Gentle Demise of our Olde Oathy Identities (Nemesis-Orcus), but also to the New Identities we are Birthing (asteroid Klotho).

Tying the chart up and wrapping it with a bow is another Pay Attention! Missive, this one Focused on our Self-Sovereignty and of course it’s antithesis Codependence (Lilith) – we may even gain Insights into places where we’re in the Habit of Giving Away our Power.  Its Roots are our Ego Death (Nemesis-Orcus) and our Lesson Plan about Fate/Karma and Choice (Moira).  Remember that it’s Consciousness that Liberates us from what has been Disguised as Fate, so every time you Recognize another Ego Death with its accompanying Letting Go of Rigid Judgments, you Gain more Freedom to Be Yourself and to Pursue What You Really Want.

Also adding a second bow is the Great Gift of Effortless Grace (Grand Trine) between Fate/Choice (Moira), Abuse/Privilege (Nessus), and Rebirth (Klotho), virtually assuring that this whole Ego-Death Adventure will be Easy and Painless.  IF (it’s a big If) we remain Conscious that Karma is in fact Dead, and the only thing that can tie us to it is our ongoing Unconscious Expectation that the Future will be like the Past.  I mean, what Expectation is more Reasonable than that!  But it’s wrong, and Self-Sabotaging.  That’s the nature of Karma after all, Self-Sabotage.

I know, lots to keep track of, but we’re developing New Habits that will better Serve us as we move into a World with more Collaboration, Cooperation, and Community.  As we continue to Practice these Skills and Integrate them with our New Identities, they’ll become more automatic.  Then we can start over, since New Karma will by then have become Ossified.

Oh, one more thing.  We haven’t mentioned two more “bows.”

The big red square and cross or X (Grand Cross) connects Fate/Choice and the Truth of the Heart with our Essence (the Sun) and our Instincts about which Patterns need to be jettisoned (Moon and asteroid Lachesis).  The latter makes an excellent addition to our Identity-Pattern Purge, and the former helps us Identify the Keepers that are really Permanently Ours and not temporary and Obsolete.

The big blue rectangle (Golden Rectangle) makes a contribution of Grace that connects our Oathy Ego Death, our Essence, Fate/Choice, and Abuse/Privilege, providing yet another set of Guideposts to keep us from throwing any Newborns out the window by accident.