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New Awareness 1

July 6, 2019

As we approach 9 July we’re regaled with a Big Increase in our Awareness (Mercury Stationary in 5 Leo 4pm PDT 7 July) of our Victimhood (Chiron Stationary in 6 Aries 4:30 pm PDT 8 July)  and of our Hidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion Initiates asteroid Bee-Zed in 28 Sagittarius 1:30 pm PDT 8 July), which results in a Significant Rebirth for us (dwarf planet Haumea Stationary in 25 Libra 2:30 pm PDT 9 July).

We need to parse this, one phrase at a time…

The Awareness parameter (Mercury) links with great Blessings (Grand Trine and Kite) to our Ability to Manifest (Makemake), our Victimhood (Karma-Chiron), and Sustainability (Ceres), which is a fabulous Gift.  It also connects (via a Tricolor) to our Soul (Square to Uranus) and our Survival Instincts (Quincunx to Quaoar-Pholus).  Our Soul is best served if we don’t try to pin down our Survival Instincts too precisely, but we instead use them as General Guidance (the Quincunx in the Tricolor, which Advises us to stay in Curiosity), helping them to help us become Aware of their broad suggestions, and Letting specifics unfold as we and others Co-Create our Futures.

However, this Awareness is highly Complex because it’s Merged with (Conjunct) our Anger (Mars), our Vitality (Varuna), and our Self-Love (Sappho).  We need to be particularly Alert to our Anger, as it’s likely to be the doorway to our Increased Awareness of our Victimhood and our Genius.  For one reason or another most of us were Punished in our Youth for displaying our True Genius, and whether it’s Conscious or not, most of us are still Angry about that.  So if we’re Alert enough to catch the scent, we may be able to track down our Genius where She is hiding.

Enervation or Self-Doubt could also be doorways to our Genius.  Be careful to look beyond any Negative Thoughts and Emotions that arise to find the person who is Thinking or Feeling Negative, and Lovingly and Gently interview them.  Start with “How old are you?”  See if you can Discover why they’re Negative.  If you’re irreparably Merged, you might have to Ask “How old am I?” instead, and try to Discover why you were Negative at that age.

The Victimhood variable (Chiron) here is more than “just” your seemingly-Unhealable wounds, it includes your Karmic Baggage (asteroid Karma Conjunct Stationary Chiron).  We sometimes forget that Victimhood is Reversible, and many times we don’t even Realize that we’re embedded in our Victimhood – we’ve been there so long we just think that’s the way the World is.  But Karma is just a Habit, and it’s foiled by Becoming Conscious of it and Creating new Habits that plug in where the Old ones used to be.

If you’re anywhere less than Bliss, you’re in some way in a Victimhood trap, even if you don’t know it.  If you can Imagine being in Bliss, get in the habit of spending some time there every day.  If you can’t Imagine it, try saying “You Poor Sweetheart, Something is Holding you Back, isn’t it.”  And then, of course, Change the Subject – instead of either Bliss or Victimhood, think of a Purple Elephant.  Then go about your business.

The Focus of the astrological Configuration that Awareness and Victimhood – and Sustainability (Ceres) – are part of (Grand Tribe and Kite), is Manifestation (Makemake at the head of the Kite).  That’s where we’re heading, toward Manifesting What We Want.  If we spend time thinking and feeling What We Don’t Want, that’s what we’ll Manifest.  We might see that happening very quickly here.  Form follows Energy.  When we Imagine (that’s Energy) Bliss, we Create the Potential for Bliss to Manifest.  Whether it does or not depends on how many other Energies we’re Creating, Consciously and Unconsciously.

If we’re still Angry at Dad for not letting us pound on the Piano keys while he was watching TV, we may have an Unconscious Thought and Feeling that we don’t have Permission to have What We Want, and that our Unique Genius is Forbidden to Express themself.  If we grew up in an Either/Or household with lots of Rules, we may not even have Permission to Be our True Self, let alone Express our Genius!  Keep an eye out for themes like these in your Life over the next while.

Here’s the chart for the Awareness and Victimhood half of the Energy that dominates through 9 July…

Notice how Gloriously Symmetrical this chart is.  Symmetry is a hint that the chart is likely to Create Balance.  Let It In.

Rebirth Full Moon VI

June 19, 2019

In addition to the Energies we’ve already described for the Full Moon, the next few weeks will also carry the Energies of Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) and Truth (asteroid Veritas), because both of those Energies were Strong (Stationary) at the time of the Full Moon.  So we’ll continue to be Challenged to shift our thoughts and Anxiety about Scarcity, to Embracing the Memories and Imaginings about the Abundance we Want to Live in.

The chart of the Makemake Station itself features a number of Challenges that are really Boons, but only if we Recognize and Respond to the Challenge.  For instance, the Manifestation symbol (Makemake) is in Duality (Opposition) with the symbol for Despair and Miracles (dwarf planet Chiron).  Meaning that we could easily slip into Despair over our Scarcity if we weren’t Paying Attention to our Thoughts and Feelings, and so forgot to Poor Sweetheart ourself.  However, Abundance is actually pretty well assured here (Makemake makes a Diamond Star, or Self-Resolving Challenge) as long as we stay focused on What We Want.

This Abundance/Scarity-Despair/Miracles Axis (Makemake-Chiron) Dances with another very interesting Duality.  The second Axis pits our Willingness to Abort Unproductive Timelines (asteroid Lachesis) against (Opposition) our Need to Transcend our Fear that the Future will exceed our ability to Cope (dwarf planets Quaoar and Pholus, and asteroid Bee-Zed).  However, guess what?  The Challenge to Abort Unproductive Timelines (Lachesis T-Square) is also a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star)!

Here’s the chart…

In addition to that Grand Cross, there’s another red triangle or Big Challenge (T-Square), focused on yet another Challenge, which is the Merger (Conjunction) of the symbols for Belief (asteroid Vesta) and Soul (Uranus).  Of course if we’re not already Identifying Fully with the Descent of our Soul into our Body (Uranus in Taurus), it’s because our Beliefs Block it.  Try this sequence…

  • Tap Out “Even though I Believe that Souls and Bodies are Separate, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  We know you Believe this because there are still parts of your Life that you want to Disavow, parts that you don’t Recognize as your Soul’s Curriculum for your Ego.  The purpose of Tapping is to Acknowledge the Truth so that your mind and Energy Body are on the same page.
  • Theta Healing, “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently, Rapidly and Completely Come to Believe that My Body and My Soul Are One.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me!
  • Tap Out any Objections or Yes-Buts that you Feel, think of, or Are Shown.  For instance, “Even though I Fear All of the Life Events that My Ego Constantly Strives to Prevent, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  You know, all those horrible things you see happening to Other People on television and YouTube, that your Ego Fears that your Soul might Ask you to Endure.
  • Repeat as necessary, with modification reflecting what you’ve Learned.

The basis (Base Opposition) for this Soul-Belief Challenge (Uranus-Vesta T-Square) is almost Funny.  It has the symbol for Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) on one end of the Duality, and the Merger (Conjunction) of the symbols for Choice (asteroid Moira) and Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna) on the other.  It kind of Laughs at our Failure to Notice that if Soul and Ego are One, then Why Would We Choose Self-Sabotage?  The Curricula that Frighten our Ego are designed to make it Realize that Merging with Soul is the only way out!  The Fear is a picture of our Resistance, not a picture of the Consequences.

We could try Tapping “Even though I tend to Believe the Contents of my Anxious Thoughts, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” and “Even though I still haven’t Learned to Always Focus on What I Want instead of What I Fear, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  But, Boon of Boons, this too is a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star)!

Remarkably, even though the Full Moon and the Makemake Station are in totally different Degrees, their charts have the same major components in them – Grand Cross, T-Square, Golden Rectangle.

We introduced the Golden (aka blue) Rectangle in the Rebirth Full Moon IV post.  This one postulates that our Scarcity-Despair / Abundance-Miracles Duality (Makemake Opposite Chiron) and our Choosing-Vitality / Loving-It-All Duality (Varuna-Moira Opposite Hopi) Complement one another well.  Which makes a lot of sense.  After all, any of the Four Horsemen here – Scarcity, Despair, Judgment, or Fateful Ill Health – are great clues for where we need to Let Go of Karma we’re Grasping.

Oh, but there’s one additional Big Deal in the Makemake Station chart – a Dumb-Luck Spiritual Blessing for us (Grand Trine in Fire) that Harmonizes Despair-Miracles (Chiron), Fate-Choice-Vitality (Moira-Varuna), and Sustenance-Resilience (dwarf planet Ceres) so well that we don’t even notice there are other alternatives.  Not only that, but if we add Respect-Judgment (Hopi), Scarcity-Abundance (Makemake) and Youthful Strength-Recklessness (the Fixed Star Mirfak) we end up with Two Cats in the Yard (a Grand Sextile) that makes Everything Easy…

In other words, when you’re completing your Visions and Feelings of Abundance, Resilience, Mutual Respect, Free Choice, and Youthful Vitality, don’t hesitate to add any Miracles that you need to make them all work together.

Rebirth Full Moon IV

June 17, 2019

Speaking of plastic (as we were recently), here’s a status report…

As we said, the solution to this is super simple – just prohibit the manufacture of Instant Landfill.  But of course since the government and the manufacturers have merged, that can’t be done, because the manufacturers would lose money, and that’s obviously far more important than, say, the Oceans.  In ten US states you pay a deposit for a glass bottle, and 80% are returned and recycled.

But we were in the middle of busily listing out the many Prominent Features of the 17 July Full Moon.  We only had one Big One left before we get to the Hidden Treasures.  Here’s the chart, by the way…

You can see the Full Moon’s red triangle (T-Square) and the big red box with the X in it (Grand Cross).

Next up is the big blue rectangle, which astrologers call a “Golden Rectangle” because it’s blue.  No, not really, it’s because the ratio of its short sides to its long sides is the Golden Angle, φ or Phi.  We use blue to indicated a Friendly Energy, so Golden turns out to be blue.  In a Golden Rectangle the two central diagonal Dichotomies (red lines or Oppositions) interact in a very Constructive way.

Fortunately, we’ve already talked about both Dichotomies, because one (Moon-Ixion vs. Sun-Chaos) is the Full Moon itself, and the other (Haumea-Veritas vs. Klotho-Eris) is half of the Grand Cross.  That’s the nature of Duality, isn’t it – it always ends up being Soandso versus Whosit, so Competition is assured.

In the previous posts we summarized the Full Moon as “we Succeed by Dismissing the ‘Shoulds’ that shout at us, and instead Embracing the Intuitions that are always Whispering sweet nothings in our ear,” and the other Dichotomy as “our Fear about having to Face something we’ve been Ignoring is juxtaposed against our Intuitive Excitement about an Impending Future Feeling very Close at hand.”

You can read that last paragraph a couple of time and let yourself Imagine how those two will meld, but I’ll choose “You have Intuitions about your Future, but they’re pretty quiet.  You also have a bundle of Anxieties about it, and they’re pretty loud.  Put some Effort into Deciding What You Really Want for yourself, and then Commit to spending a lot of time Focusing on How It Will Feel when that Happens.”  That’s probably enough.

Our first Hidden Treasure is only partly shown on the picture of the chart.  In the lower left you can see the symbol for our Sacred Mission, the headphones (North Node), which sits next to the symbol for Awareness and Communication (Mercury), the legless stick figure with pointy ears.  That’s fine so far, as it indicates an increasing Awareness of our Mission.  But what’s not drawn in is the symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis), which sits in the same place.

Now we’ve been preaching for a long time that we should all be Celebrating Ego Death, because it’s just a Molt, and its primary function is to eliminate our Limitations.  But I know, We’d Rather Die than Feel That Again!  Which is kinda the point, it’s just that the “We” is the Ego, so yes, Die away, K?  Feeling That Again Happens to Be Exactly How We Eliminate Our Limitations.  ‘Nuff said?

The other Hidden Treasure happens as we speak, as the symbol for Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) is very Strong (Stationary 2am PDT 18 June), abetted by Strength in the symbol for Truth (asteroid Veritas Stationary 1pm PDT 18 June).  This is very Easy to interpret – Don’t Fall for the Temptation to Dwell on What You Don’t Want.  Focus on What You Do Want Instead, and if you can Imagine yourself Feeling the Way You’re Going to Feel When You Do Get What You Want, You’re GoldenEvery Thought Is a Prayer, and All Prayers Are Answered.

While Attending to your own Desires is Bottom Line (It’s like Love – you have to do yourself first), this especially applies to the Future of the Planet.  Imagine yourself Feeling the Way You’re Going to Feel When You’re Living on a Planet Where Collaboration Has Replaced CompetitionWe’ll explain that in the next post.

Most of you will be reading this after the fact, but no worries – it’s Never Too Late.

Whaddawe Make of That?

June 12, 2019

‘Twould be great if we could kick off our shoes and lean back after the last week of hard work around Abuse and Privilege, but, no dice.  Solstices are about Starting Over on something.  At the Equinoxes we Begin New Projects, and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been critiquing the Projects we began at the Ides of March.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What could be improved?  Next week we start Version 2.0, but the only thing we have to keep is What We Learned.  So Version 2 might not look anything like Version 1, but if you tease out the major Goals and Projects you’ve been working on for the last three months, you’ll probably be working on the same topics for the next three.

Northern Summer and Southern Winter will present two major Challenges, and most of us will be forced to multitask and work on both of them at once.  First of all, whatever Projects in the Material World that we’ve been working on, will get very Confusing.  It’s up to us to Recognize that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, stay Present with the Confusion, Avoid trying to Figure It Out, Focus our Attention on What We Want and NOT what we don’t Want, and then Let It Be.  If we can spend time Feeling what we Expect to Feel when we get What We Want, that’ll be like rocket fuel.  The more the better.

Second, whatever Projects in the Spiritual World that we’ve been working on, our Progress is likely to be so accelerated that we’re constantly amazed.  Go for it!  The Portal will be wide Open.  Be Mindful that we move to 5D on our own.  Some folks will come with us, some won’t.  We just have to Let Go of the ones who won’t.  By all means give them Big Blessings, but if they aren’t ready they aren’t ready.  You don’t have to Abandon them.  You just have to be Willing to Hold your 5D Space even when they don’t understand.  Give yourself advance Permission to do that.  It’s good Practice anyway.

We’ll be getting much Clearer on What We Want, even as we’re Confused about the Material implications of it.  By the end of June we’ll Trust it.

Here’s the outline; details to follow…

  • Full Moon 17 June (1:30 am PDT), 26 Sagittarius, quite close to the Galactic Center, which will strengthen your Inner Female for the several weeks to follow; if your Inner Male freaks out, be Compassionate with Him, but don’t back down If you Abandon your Inner Female here you’ll be in trouble.  Hint: She Knows What She Wants and you can’t talk Her out of it.  We aren’t talking about your partner; we’re talking about your INNER Female and Male.  Like it or not, you have both, even though you usually Project one or the other or both on Other People.
  • Until 17 June, The Truth of What You Want will be right in your face.  The astrosymbols for Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) and for Truth (asteroid Veritas) will both be very Strong (Stationary)(Makemake Station 2am PDT 18 June at 4 Libra; Veritas Station 1pm PDT 18 June at 27 Libra)
  • Until the Solstice, the Material World will be very Confusing.  Celebrate it, and Focus on the Spiritual Perspective.  The symbol for Material Confusion (Neptune) will be very Strong (Stationary) an hour and a half before the Solstice.  (Neptune Station 7:30 am PDT 21 June in 19 Pisces; Sun enters Cancer 9am PDT 21 June)
  • This Confusion will remain through September and beyond (Cancer Solstice Merged with Neptune).  We’ll be Challenged to Trust the Confusion and not try to override it with Cause-and-Effect thinking, because C&E thinking will be way off, it’ll divert our Attention from What’s Important, and it’ll totally screw up our Version 2.0 Projects.  Surrender to your Intuition instead.  (asteroid Eurydike Station 10pm PDT June 24 in 11 Aquarius)

Then we go back to Eclipse Season with the 2 July (noon PDT) Total Solar Eclipse at 11 Cancer in South America.  Have Fun!

Gordy’s Merit Badge for Knots #1

May 27, 2019

Now that we’re past the Orcus (Oath-Breaking) Station, we’re well into a Gordian Knot of Energies, starting with the Station of asteroid Hopi on 26 May (3am PDT) in 5 Aquarius.  Hopi is the symbol for Respect for All Things, and by Inversion, Letting Go of Judgment, or at least, Examining our Judgments.  Earlier in May, Hopi Initiated asteroid Eurydike, symbol of Trust, in the same 5 Aquarius, which Degree is about seeking the Guidance of the Ancestors.

The 18-year Eurydike-Hopi Cycle is about Examining our Prejudices, especially the places where we don’t know that our Respect is Lacking.  I’m lucky enough to be able to Live in a place where Respect for the Planet, and Nature, and all of her Constituents, including the Ancestors, is widespread – but by no means universal.  A few days ago I had a vision where this typical view of our Bay…

was replaced with one like this…

Was I just seeing an Earth with eleven billion people instead of seven?  While the county I Live in, or rather the local Land Trust, has done a good job of protecting Farmland and Forests from development, that’s not so in the urban areas nearby, where four feet of gravel has been shoveled onto the best Farmland, and miles-long single-story “Fulfillment Centers” built on top of it.  That was after damning the Rivers so they could no longer refresh the valleys every spring with sediments fertile enough to Feed us.  Only 3% of the Planet is arable.  If we “solve” Climate Change and find viable alternatives to Farms, will that rocket us to eleven billion all the faster?

Can we Trust that the Future Earth will Look or Feel or Be anything like someplace where we would like to Live?  Or are we just Once-Borns who are here to milk the Planet for all we can get out of Her, and leave our children and our own Future Incarnations to fend for themselves in what, if anything, is left?  Of course, if we make it to 5D we won’t have this Lebensraum problem, because our Universe will have many other Dimensions in addition to the three or four that we already know and Love.

Here’s a lovely map of how we can get to 5D from here (Marko Pogačnik, Sacred Geography, p.242)…

The chart of the recent Hopi-Eurydike Initiation and Hopi Station – and hence of the 18-year Cycle that we’re Beginning – makes several suggestions about this…

First, we notice that Hopi-Eurydike makes a Challenging Angle (Square) to the symbol for Our Soul (Uranus).  If our Ego and Body can Live in an eleven-billion Future, can our Soul Survive in it?

Second, the chart contains a Compounded Challenge (T-Square) focused on the symbols for Holding our Reality Stable (Moon), Self-Sovereignty (Lilith), and Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).  The base of the T-Square is an Opposition between the symbols for Sustainability (asteroid Ceres) and our Essence (Sun).  Sounds like more of the same – what’s the Challenge to Sustaining our Essence?  It’s maintaining our Identity as a Soul in a Physical Vehicle while Reality becomes so Virtual that we can’t keep track of which Emotions are our own.

And third, how exactly will we Manifest (dwarf planet Makemake as the Isolated Stand-Out in the chart) this Future?  Will we Co-Create it in the Image of our Despair (Makemake Opposite Chiron’s Unhealable Wound)?  Or will we Co-Create it as a Picture of the Miracles we can Imagine (Makemake Opposite Chiron’s Wound Healed by Empathy)?

Look at all the Options…

  • Through the Hard Work (Mars) of Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar, Square to Chiron-Makemake – thin red lines).
  • Through the Dumb-Luck Grace (Grand Trine – thin and thick blue lines) that will flow from Respect for All Things, especially Respect for our own Essence (Hopi-Eurydike Trine Sun and Makemake).
  • By Surrendering (Finger of God – thin green lines) to the Mysteries (Quincunxes) of our Soul (Uranus) and Holding our Reality Stable through our Attention to our Self-Sovereignty and to our Memories of what 5D Looks and Feels Like (Moon-Lilith-OR10).

Intrusive Memories are not intrinsically Negative.  They can be Memories of our Source.  And actually, these three major Options are not Either/Or; they’re Both/And, ie, All At Once.

The Timeline for this Knot unfolds like this…

13 May – Hopi Initiates Eurydike (Trusting Diversity) in 5 Aquarius

18 May – Sedna Full Moon (Mastering Fear) in 28 Scorpio-Taurus

19 May – Saturn Initiates South Node (The Most Important Thing Is Our Karma) in 21 Capricorn

23 May – Orcus (Oath-Breaking) Stationary in 10 Virgo

See the Karma Repair series of previous posts.

26 May – Hopi (Respect for All Things) Stationary in 5 Aquarius

30 May (11pm PDT) – asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) Stationary in 11 Libra

31 May (3am PDT) – dwarf planet OR10 (Intrusive Memories) Stationary in 5 Pisces

31 May (6:30 am) – asteroid Aletheia (Truth) Stationary in 16 Libra

3 June (3am PDT) – Sovereignty New Moon in 13 Gemini

Then we go back to dealing with Abuse (Nessus Station in 12 Pisces, 11 June), though not as the same Person we were last month.

Boundaries III

February 11, 2019

A we mentioned in Boundaries, “Other, of course, isn’t just Other Hupers.”  We’ve been writing about Libra and Pallas for several days without realizing till now that Other and Boundary are really the same concept or word, just seen from different Perspectives.  Without a Boundary there wouldn’t be an Other, and without Other we’d never have the notion of Boundary.  It’s all about Identity, which is a lot more Fluid than we usually think.  And about Duality, which is a lot more Limiting than we usually think.

We Hupers usually think of the Veil between us and the Other Side as more of a Limitation than a Boundary, but Boundary it is, and the Other Side is as much an element of Libra as your paramour.

“He was not wakened again by Alder, but he had a bad dream of his own.

“He was standing by a wall of stone near the top of a long hillside of dry grey grass that ran down from dimness into the dark.  He knew he had been there before, had stood there before, but he did not know when, or what place it was.  Someone was standing on the other side of the wall, the downhill side, not far away.  He could not see the face, only that it was a tall man, cloaked.  He knew that he knew him.  The man spoke to him, using his true name.  He said, ‘You will soon be here, Ged.’

“Cold to the bone, he sat up, staring to see the space of the house about him, to draw its reality about him like a blanket.  He looked out the window at the stars.  The cold came into his heart then.  They were not the stars of summer, beloved, familiar, the Cart, the Falcon, the Dancers, the Heart of the Swan.  They were the Other stars, the small, still stars of the dry land, that never rise or set.  He had known their names once, when he knew the names of things.

” ‘Avert!’ he said aloud and made the gesture to turn away misfortune that he had learned when he was ten years old.”  (Ursula Le Guin, The Other Wind, pp.12-13)

“We who have true names keep them when we die, it’s our use-name that is forgotten… This is a mystery to the learned, I can tell you, but as well as we understand it, a true name is a word in the True Speech. … When my master Aihal died, my wife was there with him; and as he was dying he said to her, ‘It is changed, all changed.‘  He was looking across that wall.  From which side I do not know.”  (ibid, p.45)

“Kalessin said: ‘Long ago we chose.  We chose freedom.  Men chose the yoke.  We chose fire and the wind.  They chose water and the earth.  We chose the west,  and they chose the east.’

“And Kalessin said: ‘But always among us some envy them their wealth, and always among them some envy us our liberty.  So it was that evil came into us and will come into us again, until we choose again, and forever, to be free.  Soon I am going beyond the west to fly on the Other Wind.  I will lead you there, or wait for you, if you will come.’ …

“Then Kalessin said, ‘Once we were one people.  And in sign of that, in every generation of men, one or two are born who are dragons also.  And in every generation of our people, longer than the quick lives of men, one of us is born who is also human.  Of these one is now living in the Inner Isles.  And there is one of them living there now who is a dragon.  These two are the messengers, the bringers of choice.  There will be no more such born to us or to them.  For the balance changes.’ ”  (Ibid, pp.167-68)

We can also compare our day-to-day Experience with that of Daphne Charters and her friends (Forty Years with the Fairies, pp.260-61)…

“This work, in which we all assist, is known as a transformation.  We seek and find a lost soul whose astral body, as well as the physical, has died, leaving no trace to normal Astral eyes.  However, because we cannot see a ‘dead’ person, owing to his faster rate of vibration, it does not follow that he has no body.  So it is with those whose vibrations have sunk through the years until only the Great Ones know where they lie.

“We find these people by their vibration, however slow and, although we are unable to see them when we reach them, we mark the spot and direct rays of power and love upon them until their vibrations are sufficiently raised for the bodies to become visible to us.  This is the first stage in the rehabilitation of ‘lost souls,’ as much power has to be directed to them over sometimes long periods before consciousness returns.

“In order to achieve even the first part of the transformation, it is necessary for many hundreds of people from the Astral to gather together.  By passing power through their bodies, it becomes sufficiently coarsened to be effective amidst very slow vibrating matter.  This is where Daphne is of use to us, for her physical body vibrates slower than those of us who live on the Astral, a higher plane, thus power which is passed through her coarsens the whole.

“Unless you are clairvoyant, you will not have seen a display of power so you cannot know the magnitude of the volume, or the intensity of light.  Fairies can naturally see this power for it is their life’s work to distribute it, but normally they know only the quantity which they can collectively produce in their own group.  Our own fairies, who always help us, are ever amused at the never-ending supply so we were interested to see how the delegates would be affected…”

“How different is the power which we witnessed today to that which is known by the same name on Earth.  Man ever seeks for power to overcome his neighbors, to add to his possessions, or to acquire authority over more people.  Today we were privileged to see the essence from which all these petty misnomers have their being.

“But this true-power, in its purity of purpose, performed a deed so wondrous that if men were told of it, they would not believe.  If only those who sought to misuse it understood the condition in which they will find themselves when their ridiculous, puffed-up physical bodies and accompanying personalities are no more, perhaps they would then use it to lift up instead of to crush, to comfort rather than exploit, and, in the happiness which they would at last know, they would find the key to a better world.”

So, I was Wondering about the Other planet in Libra, Makemake.  And it turns out that, at least for now, the Bottom Line of Makemake in Libra is that If we Want to Manifest What We Want, we have to Seek Out and Revert our Victim Postures.  Drawing up the Makemake chart for the moment when Juno enters Gemini – ie, when we are likely to be due for substantial Consciousness Expansion (8:30 pm PST 10 February)…

…Reveals two big Challenges (T-Squares)…

A Challenge to Manifestation itself (Makemake) between Making it a Value of ours to be Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts (Venus-Pholus-Quaoar) and Choosing Consciousness over Fate (asteroid Moira).

Fate is what happens To Us when we’re not Conscious of what’s going on.  It’s not about Why but rather about What.  What’s the Pattern?  When our Repeating Bummers happen, what Precedes them?  When “bad luck” befalls us, there’s a sequence of events that leads up to it.  We aren’t talking Cause & Effect – that’s a left-brain dead end.  Useful if you’re Stuck in the 3D Dynamic Masculine Creative process, but Obfuscating if you want to use 5D Magnetic Feminine Manifestation methods.

PIAVA that you become aware of What Precedes your Self-Sabotage.  If you already knew what it was you’d have fixed it long ago.  It’s behind your Blinders, and you won’t see it without enlisting the Cooperation of the Unconscious – that is, using PIAVA.  For instance, “Lord Ganesh, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Realizing How I Stumble into Self-Sabotage.”  Once you get Conscious about these Patterns, you can Choose otherwise.

We’ve been working with Responding Fully (Pholus) to our Survival Instincts (Quaoar) – ie, Disallowing our Yes-Buts that try to Protect our Routines – for a long time.  We’re running out of Excuses.  It’s past time to Accept this as a basic Value.

The second Challenge is about Reframing the Beliefs Created by our Victim Postures (Vesta-OR10-Nessus) between Ego Death (Nemesis) and Sustainability (Ceres).

Like our Survival Instincts, we’ve also been working with our Abuse Memories for a long time now.  First we have to Retrieve them – or Allow them to Retrieve us (OR10), and Acknowledge their Reality.  Then we have to Empathize with our Real Victim, Revert any Blaming-the-Victim behavior we indulged or encountered, and Deal with our Real Emotions.  That usually takes a lot more than a few hundred Poor-Sweethearts, though they can be useful.

People talk a lot about Forgiveness, but in a real sense what we need is the Opposite of Forgiveness, as our original Tolerance was a form of Forgiveness to begin with.  We don’t Forgive; we Discover that we’ve Forgiven.  It’s an Observation, not an Action.  As with Self-Sabotage, we need to Discover what Preceded our episodes of Abuse, so we can Learn to Recognize the Pattern before it turns Abusive, and Choose Otherwise.  While Sharing all this increases the Pain, it’s often very difficult to do alone.

Yes, just about every step in the process of Clearing Abuse – Recall, Acceptance, Self-Empathy, Embracing our Real, Explosive Emotions, Opening to the Patterns – requires an Ego Death (Nemesis).  Our Resistance to Ego Death must be Reframed, so we Recognize when it’s happening and Learn to Celebrate it as the fastest route to Living a Better Life.

And as we move through Abuse, we have to Recognize that we’re likely to be Abused in some ways every day.  Every “trivial” unkind remark, Intentional or otherwise, can make us Feel Less-Than.  So we have to get very good at Recognizing it, Owning and Healing our Reactions, and approaching Ego Death as we would a Latte, in order to make this whole process Sustainable (Ceres).

And Sustainability-Ceres is the kingpin of the whole chart, as it is the head of a Kite that connects the two T-Squares.  A Kite is a Grand Trine (three planets equally spaced around the Circle) with a fourth planet halfway between two of the three.  The fourth planet – Ceres – becomes the Focus of the substantial Dumb-Luck Blessings served up by the Grand Trine.

So we have a Golden Opportunity to bring these Challenges – Cleaning Up our Manifestations by Choosing to Support our Survival Instincts, and Rooting Out the Limiting Beliefs that our Abuse History has left us with – into Resolution, where they Serve our Deepest Desires rather than Sabotaging them.

The three corners of the Grand Trine, or Big Grace, are Manifestation (Makemake), Ego Death (Nemesis), and The End of Karma (asteroids Atropos and Karma).  We’ve actually been working on the Death of Karma for a lot longer than we’ve been working on Abuse Memories or Responding to Survival Instincts.  The Realization in the Western World that Karma is about Inertia rather than Retribution has been with us since Alan Watts’s books in the 1950s.

A corollary is that Karma does not Grasp us, we Grasp it.  Like our Other Challenges, Letting Go of Our Karma involves Noticing when it’s recurring, Reverting our Belief that it’s Inevitable, Discovering the Patterns that led up to it, Noticing when those Patterns Begin the next time, and Choosing an Alternative.  The Death of Karma is a Given in this Drama; it’s not something we’re being Scheduled to work on, it’s something that we can use as a model for the Abuse and Survival Issues we are working on.

Dragon, of course, is a synonym for Karma, and as we saw, Dragons have gone to fly on the Other Wind.

Creating What We Want III

January 3, 2019

“It takes a lot of time and energy to create a dream from the outside with an airbrush.  When it finally becomes a fully painted reality and you inhabit it, you may find that you have created what you imagined, but from the inside it is not what you actually want.  This is often what happens when dreamers stand outside of their dreams, separate from them, creating them.  Why not inhabit your dream from the start?  Inhabiting the values of your dream before you devote yourself to manifesting it empowers you to realize what you are truly seeking.

To optimize your alignment for bringing a dream into realization, translate your dream from images into values and feelings, and inhabit the values and feelings of your dream.  When your visualize, contemplate or meditate on your dream, or when you are communicating your dream to others, ask yourself, ‘What part of myself am I seeking to express by living this dream?  What aspects of myself will gain realization?  What values will I have an opportunity to explore?  What will I bring to life?  How will I feel living in this dream?  How will I grow?’

These questions will enable you to identify the values inherent to your dream.  It is these values, rather than the images you have dressed them in, that you are longing to inhabit.  And it is inhabiting these values that aligns you to magnetize your dream into reality.  Once you identify the values and find the feelings that will come to life in the realization of your dream, inhabit them deeply every time you visit your dream.  By doing so you generate a magnetic field for dream realization that is profoundly more powerful than the field generated by visualizing your dream from an emotional distance.”

–Elia Wise, Letter to Earth, pp. 123-4.

Creating What We Want II

January 2, 2019

Here’s an interesting, ironic, and surprising Perspective from Daniel Scranton’s Channeling of his Arcturian friends…

“We are planning to assist all of you in the sneakiest ways that we possibly can because we need to find the cracks that you will create for us so that we can slip in the help that you want and need.  You are constantly in a state of creating, asking, processing, or receiving, and you are mostly not in that receiving mode that is so important.

“So we have to look for opportunities, as do your guides and the other high frequency beings who want to help.  We are all seeking to find those cracks where you are allowing yourselves to surrender into the moment so that you can receive.

“Most of you are tense, afraid, resistant, or sad for the vast majority of your waking hours, but you’re not any of those things enough, in terms of intensity, to notice.  That’s why we will guide you towards that which is joyous to you, that which you love to do.  We will guide you towards play, as will the faeries, so that you will open up and let in that which you have summoned.

“Now of course, you do a lot of receiving while you are asleep, but then when you wake up your consciousness re-enters your body, and since your mind is unaware of what just happened, you go about your day as if you haven’t received everything you’ve been asking for.  Those downloads can sit in your energy field for years before you inadvertently let them in.

“We want you to recognize how much you are receiving, and take a few moments right after you wake up to let it in.  Put yourself in that receiving mode before your mind starts telling you about all of the things that you need to do, or at the very least worry about, and you can make this year be the year of conscious receiving.”

To be technical about it, we do suggest that we not send out more than a few PIAVAs at once, so we can be Open to Receiving the Information returning to us about why we haven’t been Manifesting that all along.  We’re all Adepts at Manifestation, but we seldom focus on What We’ve Already Created, because it’s in our Nature to Always Want More.  Immer strebend, as Goethe put it, which in his view is what allows us to be erlösten.

The basic idea is that when you PIAVA (Pray For, Intend, Ask For, Visualize, Affirm, Command, etc) something, if you’re Ready to Receive it, it will Manifest, since All Prayers Are Answered.  The tricky part comes when you Aren’t Ready to Receive it.  What Manifests then, is an Illustration of why you haven’t been Manifesting it all along – an Offering from the Universe to assist you in Learning how then to Get Ready to Receive.

Once you PIAVA, the next step is to Change the Subject.  Looking for your car keys is the classic example.  You look everywhere you remember having had them recently, and they aren’t there.  So you PIAVA, “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my finding my car keys.”  Well, if you keep looking in the same places, they probably still won’t be there (though sometimes “Inanimate” things do go Walkabout, then return later).  So you Change the Subject – check your email for instance, or look to see if Trump Tweeted you.

Chances are, once you Change the Subject, your car keys will “Magically” appear.  But if they don’t, step three is to Pay Attention, to what Did happen, particularly if something unusual occurs.  You want to wait a while between step two and step three – a day or two is best.  That allows time for the Lesson to ripen.  So, What Did Happen after you Changed the Subject?  If nothing unusual seemed to occur (such as a Tornado moving your car to the next block, or a complement from your mother-in-law), then among the usual things that did happen, did any of them have anything to do with cars or keys?

Maybe you get an email advertising car insurance, or the Antichrist Tweeted something about Key Maralogo.  Then we have to figure out what it means, which usually isn’t all that hard.  Maybe we forgot to mail an insurance payment, or left our keys in the car, and it’s now on its way to Florida.  If the Lesson escapes us, we may have to PIAVA to Receive Clarity about the Lesson we Requested (it actually behooves us to think of our PIAVAs as Educational rather than Acquisitive), because when we’re in Deep Denial we often end up with puzzles worthy of Gollum.

The most relevant Question is usually whether the Resistance is within the Object of our Desire, or within us.  That’s why we recommend that we toggle back and forth from Theta to Tapping…

Theta What You Want, then at the “Show Me” stage, if you don’t get a Clear Picture of Receiving it, then either Tap out any Resistance you detect in yourself and/or modify your Command to sneak up on your Object, Rinse, and Repeat; and

Now, if we have to wait even one day between Changing the Subject and Paying Attention, you can easily imagine that any Paying Attention we do will be very Confusing if we’ve PIAVAed three more times since our original Changing the Subject.  If our PIAVAs are Manifesting quickly most of the time, then rapid fire is no problem.  And if we get into the Habit of Visualizing every Action before we Commit it, then we’ll be doing exactly that.  But if we’re working on a Big Lifetime PIAVA like Abundance or Peace, or working on a smaller issue that’s proving to be thorny, then we might be limited to several PIAVAs a week.

Dan’s friends are talking about this Paying Attention stage, but without the Intellectual Analysis we’re accustomed to using to solve riddles like figuring out the connection between our mother-in-law and our car keys.  Even for that, we’d probably be better off Opening to the Question in Meditation rather than Dissecting it with Anal-ysis.  It is after all our Expectations that Limit our Reality, so Intending to Revert those is a Powerful Practice in its own right.

Creating What We Want

January 1, 2019

In an earlier post we talked about the Cluster of Stations that are Embracing us between now and 10 January (  Basically, it’s about Choosing a New Timeline that reaches beyond our Denial, accesses our Soul, and contains What We Want.  Step one: Being Aware that we have the Power to Choose.  Step two: Choosing It.  So, just how does one Choose a Timeline?  Is it like ordering from a menu or a catalog?  Does Amazon carry them?  Walmart?

It’s probably tactically easier to start with What We Don’t Want, especially since that’s where we often start anyway.  Anything in your Young Life that you’d just as soon Leave Behind?  How long has it been bugging you?  That’s a Timeline.  Can you Choose to End that Timeline?  If we see ourself as a Victim of our Timelines, we won’t have the Sovereignty we need to be the Chooser.  But we could certainly Intend, or any other PIAVA term (Pray, Visualize, Ask, Affirm, Command, etc.).  If we Trust the Process and Respond to Setbacks constructively, then Intending Is Choosing.  Creativity often involves one step forward, three sideways, and two back, before we can go four more steps forward.

This week, though, Creativity and Manifestation should be Easier including swapping Timelines – which is a bit like Changing Horses in Midstream.  If it’s not Easier, then rest assured you’re being Taught an important Lesson about Manifestation.  If you Intend to Create What You Want, this week should be invaluable.

The Foreground is the Station of dwarf planet Makemake on 3 January (7pm PST) in 6 Libra.  It’s another “Coincidence” that a planet named Make-Make is about Manifesting – Makemake was the God-figure who evidently taught Easter-Islanders how to Survive after they chopped down all their Trees, and the Makemake Discovery chart positively “reeks” of Manifestation.

We were otherwise engaged, so we’re a bit late, since this Energy has already been prominent for a week or so.  However, that’s useful, because now you can look back on the last several days to see how your Manifestation processes have been working for you.  And how have they?  If you’ve encountered Frustration, have you Responded constructively?

For example, I’ve Learned an important Lesson from trivial examples – if I Want to do anything Easily, I have to first Visualize it.  I already knew that the general rule is that everything forms in Energy first, before it translates into Matter.  But it wasn’t an automatic process, where I Remembered it every time.  Who knows how many Repetitions it’ll take to make it a reliable Habit, and to translate it into every Realm, but for the first time I now understand that I need to Intend to precede every Action with a PIAVA.


This Manifestation Province is abetted by the Stations that are lined up behind it…

  • Endings (Atropos) New Moon/Partial Eclipse on 5 January, which should be handy for Timeline-swapping.
  • Strong Soul Presence (Uranus Station) on 6 January, to keep the Wind behind us.
  • Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris Station) on 10 January, to Enlighten any Frustration around inefficient Manifestation.
  • Choosing Timelines (Lachesis Station) 12 January, to Anchor the Curriculum.

For instance, I find myself Intending to End my Old Timeline of Expecting “Inanimate” Objects to behave unpredictably, and Begin a New Timeline where Other Entities follow my Intentions when it’s within their Nature, and Let Me Know when I’m Asking for something that isn’t within their Nature in that Moment, so I can Adjust and Compensate.

For this to work I’ll probably have to become more Aware that All Things have their own Consciousness and Sovereignty, which Awareness would be great, so I can also Intend another New Timeline that includes this.  If I can Apply these Timelines Generally and Thoroughly Enough, that should also End a number of Timelines that are riddled with Anxiety.

While the ambient Strong Manifestation Energy will Dissipate after 3 January, there’s no reason we can’t Hold onto it with our Attention past that date.  To me “5D” means that we Manifest Effortlessly by Enlisting the Energies of the other Animate and “Inanimate” Entities with whom we wish to Collaborate, to our Mutual Advantage.

The Makemake Station chart is pretty straightforward, especially compared to the Ultima Thule Discovery chart we were working with yesterday…

We refer to this Configuration as a “Trine Fez,” because it looks like the silhouette of a trapezoidal hat made from stiff felt, and because it has Trines (Blessings) on the non-parallel sides.  The Challenge in it is the Square or red line between Nemesis (Ego Death) and Nessus-OR10 (Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege).  A Square is formed when two planets are three Signs apart, so named because if you have four of them back to back around the astroloop they literally form a square.

Abuse takes many forms, including not just the Sexual or Physical Abuse we’re familiar with.  For instance, if your parents weren’t very mature (and after all, in many cases they were just teenagers themselves), they may have Projected their unwelcome Emotions onto their Children, accusing you of all manor or ill deeds, yelling at you, or Shaming you for being yourself.  And of course, Karmic Intrusive Memories could well include Past Deaths, many of which were Abusive, and Tortures.  If your parents or other programmers saw you as a “blank slate” that needed to be Programmed, and made no effort to find out who you were as an Individual with many Past Lives, that too was Abusive, as having never been Seen or Heard, you’d end up Expecting to be Discounted by Others.

Then there’s Privilege.  Abuse is Perpetrated by folks who for one reason or another, often Unconsciously or Semi-Consciously, see themselves as Superior and therefore Allowed to or even Required to Abuse, sometimes “for your own good.”  Karma isn’t Retribution, it’s Inertia.  Being stuck in a Pattern of Abuse has two sides, Abuser and Abused.  But it’s one Energy, Abuse.  While the Emotional Experience might be very Different, the Energetic Experience is Unitary.  You see that when many Abused kids grow up to be Abusers.  So Privilege isn’t Balanced by Abuse, it Is Abuse.

Ego Death is necessary for Growth, because our Ego is a cage that surrounds us and prevents us from Growing larger.  We store much of our historical, herstorical, and Karmic Abuse in the Unconscious, where unseen it Controls our Life.  When it Emerges – as it’s done a lot lately while Nessus has been Dancing with OR10, it usually Creates a Big Ego Death as we Realize that the people we thought Loved us actually didn’t.  And once it Emerges, it usually Keeps Coming for a while – if for no other reason that We Are All One, and once we’re in the Energy of Abuse, we can run Other People’s Abuse as easily as our own, and if it’s Karmic, what does it matter whose Ego was involved; Rebirth Scrambles Egos.

So, this is a Big Manifestation Opportunity – why are we messing around with Abuse?  Well, Letting Go of Abuse is actually a huge step toward greater and Easier Manifestation.  For instance, you may suddenly Discover that you Deserve to Receive What You Want after all, after a Lifetime of not Believing that.  It’s very Difficult to Manifest when we Unconsciously Believe that we don’t “Deserve” it.  Since the Ego’s job is to Persevere, Ego Death is seldom welcomed.  We want to change that, and Recognize that Ego Death is our Soul’s best friend, even if its anathema to our Ego.

That’s the Challenge here.  You’ve been Laboring to Manifest something, and it just hasn’t been forthcoming.  That’s often because of Unconscious Internal Resistance to Receiving it, which is in turn often the result of Hesitation to Accept Change.  We aren’t Satisfied with What We Have and we Want More, or Something Else, but we’re Afraid that in order to move forward toward our own Wants, we’ll have to give up What We Have.  Because 3D is the Realm of Duality, we have Difficulty Visualizing getting What We Want and also retaining What We Have.

Which puts us between Fritz Perls’s two chairs, Negotiating Win-Win between What We Want and What We Have.  But our lack of Success at Manifesting this all along testifies that Duality is inadequate to solve this gollumish riddle.  We need to shift to PIAVA, in order to access the Unconscious and Open ourself to Wins that lie beyond our Dualistic mind, in a virtual Ultima Thule.  So, what do we PIAVA?  Can our frozen minds even formulate the Request?

In any Fez, the answer to the Challenges it presents, lie in the diagonal Quincunxes.  A Quincunx (two planets five Signs apart, the green lines) is about Curiosity, and not the sort of Curiosity that sends you to Google or Bing, but the kind of Curiosity that triggers our Awe and Wonderment.  The two diagonal Quincunxes are…

  • Veritas (Truth) Quincunx Nemesis (Ego Death) – What is the Truth about which part of our Ego needs to Molt?  That’s not a Question seeking an Answer.  It stands on its own.  If you can stand to put your mind away in its cigarbox for a time (which in itself may be a major Ego Death), and Change the Subject (see, then the Unconscious, which comprises Everything That’s Not You (your Ego) will provide plenty of Creative Alternatives.
  • Stationary Makemake itself Quincunx Nessus-OR10.  What, are we to Manifest Abuse?  Well, maybe the most Constructive thing we can do is to Manifest Memories of Abuse that have been pulling our strings unnoticed for decades if not Lifetimes.  How would our Ego Respond to that?  But it’s a Quincunx; we don’t even want to go there; it would be too predetermined.

We’d do better to PIAVA “Do Memories of Abuse have anything to do with Manifestation?”  If you have several internal voices piping up being Know-It-Alls, tell them Thanks for Contributing, and ignore them.  That would be a fine Question to Ask or Wonder or Pray about, but we need to Change the Subject if we want to be Open to Perspectives we haven’t already Rejected.

The other three sides of the Fez are also useful to examine.  The Trines tell us that…

  • Ego Death and Manifestation Complement each other Fabulously here.  That may not always be the case, but the Trine says it is this week.  When you review what it is about you that’s Worthy of Admiration, are there any adjectives you’re willing to Surrender in exchange for one that indicates Fulfillment?
  • Truth and Memories of Abuse make very Positive partners.  This is about getting those Held Emotions out of the Dungeon and into the Kitchen.

Then there’s another, final side, the short green line, which is called an “Unx,” which means one-twelfth, or the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and Goddess knows Breaking out of our Pattern of Unfulfillment is one way to Allow What We Have and What We Want to Live in the same house.  Which Pattern is that?

Manifestation Unx Truth.  What are we Learning this week about Manifestation?  What Fake News have we taken as gospel?  Maybe all we need to do is Intend that We Can Have It All, and Let the Universe Show Us How.

Astroevent Clusters

December 28, 2018

We usually, for good reason, focus on the next astroevent upcoming, because that’s the one that usually has the Strongest Energy Field.  But that doesn’t mean that the astroevent that will follow behind it isn’t already impacting today’s Energy too.  In the Olde Days, before there were so many dwarf planets, we used to consider an astroevent to be Active when it was within one Degree of Sensitivity (or “Orb” as old-school astrologers call it).

But some of these new dwarves are so far out there that it takes years for them to travel one Degree!  What if we looked at the whole 3-12 January Cluster of astroevents as one event.  How much Sensitivity would we need?  Let’s look.  As of 28 December…

  • Lachesis (Choosing Timelines) is 38 Arcminutes from its 12 January Station – a little more than half a Degree
  • Eris (Revelation) is one Arcminute from its 10 January Station – one sixtieth of a Degree
  • Uranus (Soul) is two Arcminutes from its 6 January Station
  • Makemake (Manifestation) is less than one half Arcminute from its 3 January Station

So there’s no question that all these events are going on now.  We read them one or two at a time for convenience, not accuracy.  In fact, Sedna (Fear/Power) is only ten Arcminutes from its 1 February Station, and that’s five weeks away!  So keep in mind there’s an undercurrent of Fear and Power beneath everything we’ll be talking about here.

All of these are Stations, and when we’re Conscious about them, the impact of Stations increases up until the event is Exact, then it drops off sharply.  When we aren’t Conscious, we can Personalize the Energy of the event, and in some cases carry it with us for the rest of our Life and beyond.  Looking at Sedna, for instance, knowing it’s Lit Up, when we Sense Fear we’ll Respond, “Oh, there’s that Fear in the Air, what a great Opportunity to study how it Feels, how people React, how I would usually React, and how I might Respond – if I even need to do anything except Observe.”

If I didn’t know Sedna was Lit, I’d be more likely to think, “I’m Scared!  I must be Scared of such-and-such.  I better Protect myself from that.  Let me see, how can I do that…”  Well, of course there’s a Learning Curve, but Vulnerability is the best Protection there is, because with nothing to hide, there is no need for Protection.  So this Reaction would take us backwards.  And you can bet that virtually All of us have Karmic Habit Patterns to Armor ourself against Fear and Power.

So our non-Conscious Reaction actually cements our Karma in place more Strongly, rather than Liberating us.  Every Repetition of a Pattern makes it Stronger, Easier to Repeat, and Easier to Forget that it’s Karma and not “Just the Way Things Are.”  This is exactly how we got from Lemuria to our “Modern,” Limited, Shrinking World!  And exactly the Opposite of the kind of Patterns we Want to Research, Rehearse, and Repeat if we crave the Unlimited Effortless Collaborative Creative Flow of 5D or “Ascension.”

So let’s start our Adventure in Consciousness with Lachesis – Choosing Timelines.  Not Choosing our Timelines is synonymous with Karma.  So the first prerequisite for Choosing a New Timeline is Knowing that we have the Option to do so.  Knowing that Lachesis is Stationary or Strong will remind us of that.  The second prerequisite for Choosing a New Timeline is that we’re Aware that a Limiting Timeline is Karmic.  That’s not always evident.

One of the greatest tools we have for Breaking through that Paper Tiger, though, is Eris – Revelation.  Eris is about Becoming Conscious of what we’ve been In Denial about.  So the near-simultaneous Stations of Lachesis and Eris is a great boon for us.

(Another great tool for this is Orcus – Pattern-Breaking – but it isn’t Stationary till 23 May.  How far is it from its Station now?  Two Degrees.  Nothing like the Intimacy of our current Cluster, but not so far that we can’t Intend to Invoke it anyway.)

And of course the quintessential Pattern-Breaker is the Twelfth Harmonic or Unx Angle – “Unx” means one twelfth.  The Uranus Station, for instance, is Unx to both Chiron (Pain/Miracles) and Sedna (Fear/Power), so we can Trust that we can make great Progress Releasing our Karma, and getting closer to Identifying with our Soul, by Poor-Sweethearting our Fear!  (See

Here’s a great Eris story…

“The thing that took three minutes thirty was programming the computer not to notice that it had noticed anything.

“It had to want not to know what Ford was up to, and then he could safely leave the computer to rationalize its own defenses against the information’s ever emerging.  It was a programming technique that had been reverse-engineered from the sort of psychotic mental blocks that otherwise perfectly normal people had been observed invariably to develop…

“The other minute was spent discovering that the computer system already had a mental block.  A big one.”  –Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless, p.91

So this is what we can count on Easily Manifesting over the next week (Makemake Stationary 3 January) – Breaking Out of our Karmic Limitations.  In the process, don’t forget to Focus on What You Want rather than What You Don’t Want.  You want to very quickly Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade any Negative Thoughts that arise this coming week, because we will be Learning Big Lessons about just how Powerful we are as Creators.  We just need to Formulate the Intention and Change the Subject, and we’re off!  (See

One more thing.  The impact or New and Full Moons is Strongest in the two weeks following the event.  The 5 January Partial-Eclipse New Moon Conjoins asteroid Atropos – Endings.  Specifically, Ending Timelines.  That’ll create vacuums where New Timelines will be Easier to slide in.  Once you Discover that you no longer need an Old Timeline, don’t dwell on it.  Just Declare your Intention to Let It Go and Change the Subject.  (I try to Avoid “Releasing” anything because I don’t want the Universe thinking I want to Renew my Lease on it, so I stick with “Let It Go.”)