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The Time is Now 2 – Fresh Violets

July 17, 2016

Here are the primary elements of what’s going on…

The 19 July Full Moon includes a complete Grand Septile, meaning that… 

This is about Timing.  Remember when Don Juan was always telling Carlos Castaneda to “Save his Power”?  Ever hear of the “Teachable Moment”?  The idea is that you can blather all you want trying to Teach someone without making any progress, but if you wait till just the right moment, you can sink the Lesson home in an instant.  Imagine reading six books about Beestings, and compare that to being stung once.  Plant Beans in early Spring and Peas in early Summer, and compare the results of that to planting Peas in early Spring and Beans in early Summer.  The Time is Now.

The Seventh Harmonic is about Power and Timing.

It also includes eleven of twelve positions in a Grand Unx.  That’s a planet in or very near the same degree in eleven different signs.  An “unx” is one twelfth.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Breaking Patterns.

Now that we’ve dropped our Masks, we’re Free.  You’ll be shocked how easy it is to Break old Habits and Let Go of Archetypes that have been binding you all your Life.  Be Adventurous here – there are so many Open Doors here that we won’t even notice most of them.  Let yourself Dream Big, and then multiply that by 100.

If you catch yourself dwelling on or thinking about Yes-Buts, Tap them Out.  Intention follows Attention, and you don’t want to Create more Limitations.  Think about What You Want instead.  Imagine how you’ll Feel when you Manifest What You Want, and spend a lot of Time with those Feelings.

One of the corners in the Twelve-Pointed Star (Grand Unx) is Eris, which is Stationary, turning Retrograde at half-past noon PDT on 19 July, only three-and-a-half hours before the Full Moon at 4pm PDT.  Eris is still Conjunct Uranus and asteroid Mnemosyne (Memory)…

The Potential here for Recovering Lost Memories is immense.  If any of them are Bummers, just Embrace them and yourself, “You poor Sweetheart, that must have been very hard to endure.”  While intense Emotions may arise, they won’t stay around for long if you don’t grasp them, and the result will be Liberation from Unconscious Limits.  Hold a Wake for them, to Celebrate their emergence into the Light of Day, where they can dissipate.  While they lurked in the Darkness, they partied with the Demons.  Here in the Light, they can only Laugh and Play with the Elves and Fairies. 

The twelfth point of the Grand Unx, the Vacancy, is 27 Aquarius, Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.  Recognize that glyph?  It’s the Degree of our 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation, the Cycle that symbolizes the emergence of the New Economy.  

The Old Economic Structure died in the 2007-9 Derivative Crisis.  The Central Banks have kept it on Life Support since by printing Monopoly money.  Survivors in the New Economy will be growing their own Food (mostly because Industrial Agriculture had poisoned almost everything else, including the Land) and making their Lives as Resilient as possible by using the Skills developed by Homesteaders of all Ages.  Remember the Back-to-the-Land-and-Community Movement that the Hippies started in the 1960s?  That was Practice; this is the Real Thing.

We’ll go into more detail next.

August I – Big Integration

August 5, 2015

neph2450bp Nephrite Jade, a Silicate of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, is knitted together very strongly, even though it’s Silicate Crystal structure is fairly simple – an excellent metaphor for the Integrated Self.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Here’s a great essay on Identity and Embracing one’s Feelings moment to moment – so very timely…

Relative to our May-to-October astroevent that dominates August (see ).  This astroevent been with us since May, but August is otherwise fairly quiet, so it was more in the background till now.  It’s appropriate to call this astroevent the Big Integration, as it asks us to put together several diverse and important parts of ourself. 

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

My camera and computer are still not Integrating, so I haven’t been able to illustrate our charts, but another blog that draws charts much like we do has come to my attention…

Grandtrines names some Configurations differently than we do, for instance their “Hele” is what we’ve been calling a Trine Fez, their “Rosetta” is to us a Square Fez, and their “Huber Learning Triangle” is our Tricolor.  We made up those names, so we aren’t attached to them.  I haven’t seen them illustrate a Diamond Star yet, but we have illustrations of those already – see Diamond Star in the CATEGORIES list to the right and below.

Turns out I’ve evidently been “channeling” Bruno and Louise Huber, in that they also seem to focus on Configurations, and they use colors more or less the same way I do: red for the First-, Second-, and Fourth-Harmonic Motivating Angles, blue for the Third- and Sixth-Harmonic Angles of Grace, and green for the Twelfth-Harmonic Curiosity and Pattern-Breaking Angles – though I add orange for the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics, gold for the Eighth Harmonic, and various odd colors for the Seventh and Ninth Harmonics when they’re strong.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

On 5 August – more or less 5am PDT ( plus or minus six hours, with peaks at plus or minus three hours – we’re out of the Big Grace of 3 August, but we’re in what we might call a Little Grace.  However, we’re also bumping up against the Energies of our June 2016 Honest-and-Fearless-Inventory business. 

If Unpleastantries pop up here, don’t push them aside, start to deal with them instead.  You don’t have to mop up everything – the Revelation is in its infancy and we’re still seeing through a glass darkly, so what we’re mostly dealing with here is our Anxiety about it.  Rather than Responding to your Worst Fears, just Pay Attention and step up your PIAVAs and Planning – this will probably require both sides of your Self before we’re done with it.

The Portal has already closed as I write this, but no worries.  Time travel is easy – just PIAVA it (if you’re new here, click on PIAVA in the CATEGORIES list to the right and below).  What was going on for you during this Window?  Interpretation is more important than prognostication; can you Integrate your Feelings and Circumstances with the ideas we present here?  That’s top Priority.  Never too late to stop Responding to your Worst Fears and instead Pay Attention and invoke your PIAVAs.

At around 2am the Moon crosses Uranus, and at around 5am it crosses Eris; the June 2016 Initiation of Uranus by Eris is going to be a big Truth-Telling capper to our 2012-2015 Yintegrity work.  However, the Oppositions between Uranus-Eris and Haumea, and between Chaos and Pholus-Ixion, form a Mystic Rectangle, which carries Grace, assuming we can assimilate the Oppositions.

Among other things, we might refer to the Oppositions as the Social Rebirth that follows our Willingness to Live our Naked Truth (Uranus-Eris-Haumea in Aries-Libra), and the Unlimited Potential that results from our Taking Full Responsibility for Who We Really Are and Letting Go of our various charades (Chaos-Pholus-Ixion in Gemini-Sagittarius).  If you have a journal, check back to see what was going on in your Young Life in January 2012; Ixion Initiated Pholus on 19 January at 19 Sagittarius, “Pelicans, manaced by the behavior and refuse of men, seek safer areas for bring up their young.”  Rudhyar’s take is “The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.

   Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ

We’ll look at the rest of the month in August II.

Breakout – 2.8.15

August 2, 2015

dtalc4067bp Dendritic Talc.  Talc is just a Magnesium Mica.  The green Dendrites are Pyrolusite, a simple Manganese Oxide.  Can you stop thinking long enough to understand what they’re saying?  Suppose you really already knew their meaning.  You don’t have to repeat it, just know it.

   ð    ð    ð    ð    ð 

A huge Blessing is upon us at half-past 1am PDT on 3 August (  The Portal is Open for about six hours on either side of this peak Opening.  If you’re stuck in one of the Traumas that are going on – your house burning down for instance – know that your Blessing is in disguise, to be revealed later.  Taking advantage of the Blessing is easy.  Here’s how Dr. Kim D’Eramo describes it in her fabulously Useful and Powerful little book The MindBody Toolkit (pp.43-46)…

“Become aware of how you are feeling right now.  Do this on a scale of 0-10, ten being the best.  Rate your emotional level and acknowledge it.  Just your awareness of your internal state actually shifts your chemistry immediately.  This shift occurs because it changes the thoughts you are having and the quality of your attention.  You shift from having unconscious thoughts, which are usually negative and limiting, to being consciously aware and focusing on your internal state.”

“The fastest way I’ve found to become awakened is by feeling your body.  You just bring your attention into your physical body and focus on how it feels.  Your body only lives in the ‘Now’ so this practice immediately gets your mind out of past or future focus…  Your internal state is never something in the past or something in the future.  It can only exist Now!”

Of course it’s a boon to be Loving and Gentle with yourself wherever you are, Listen to your Body, Talk to it, Ask it if it’s Feeling what you think it’s Feeling (it may reveal subtleties you didn’t notice).  Dr. Kim’s next step is to Breathe; ours is usually to Empathize.

This specific Window is the Moon crossing Chiron.  That’s a big deal because Chiron is currently the focus of a Diamond Star.

The Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Yod with the same focus.  The base of the Yod maps a double Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square, providing a bundle of Grace to help us resolve what would otherwise feel Frustrating and impossible to solve to our Satisfaction.

The fastest-moving planet in the Diamond Star (except for the Moon) is Mercury, which is currently covering about two Degrees a day.  So the Diamond Star will be in effect for about a day and a half on either side of our 1:30am peak – but the Moon (with it’s plus or minus 6-hour Window) is a Big Peak, and it’s Window is much more intense than Mercury’s.

This is also an excellent opportunity to begin to Open to the Secrets that will be spilling out under the closet door for the next ten months, as those Secrets – which ultimately promise a significant Rebirth – harmonize nicely with the 1:30am Portal.

The approaching Uranus-Eris Conjunction, which Opposes Haumea, forms an additional Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square.  That again gives us five of six points in a Grand Sextile, with the Vacancy again being the rug in the nursery – Self-Love, and Love for your Inner Rugrats – as the key to putting everything together.  As for the T-Square itself…

We are faced with a conundrum, a significant Life Choice that will Create one Future or another, neither of which will be recognizable from the other.

That’s the way it Feels.  It’s not really that way, but that’s how it Feels.  You were enmeshed in that Drama last week, and you’ll be there again next week.  You feel resolved now because of the Grace in this Portal.  Memorize what it feels like here, so you can take it with you.  The Anxiety isn’t useful, and Denying your real Feelings isn’t useful either.  Anxiety arises from trying to resolve a discomfort with the mind.  “Fake it till you make it” is useful at times, but it’s a form of Denial that we can’t afford at this juncture.  The easy way to recall the Grace we’re enjoying here, is to use Dr. Kim’s technique we introduced above to get into your body.  Her book has a lot more very Powerful techniques in it, and will prove useful over the next month.

The T-Square is the same one we’ve been talking about for a while now, as different foreground astroevents have emphasized various Perspectives on it.  The base of the T-Square is the long-lived Opposition between the dwarf planet Chaos and the Pholus-Ixion Conjunction.  In one form or another this T-Square has been hounding us since early May, and will continue until early October.  So what is the T-Square about?

The basic issue is how much we allow ourself to express our Truth.  As a child you were made to feel wrong about certain elements of your Self.  No accident and – contrary to the way it feels – no Blame, as your larger Self was just setting up a curriculum for your Ego Self in the Lifetime.  You’re very Confused about where the Edge is between Responsibility and Truth.  You’ve been repressing this part (or these parts) of your Self for so long that you’re well adjusted to your compromises.  But there’s still dischord there under the surface. 

You’re beginning to see how the buried part(s) of your Self are natural and legitimate parts of a normal Human Life – whether your Culture or your Programmed Values think so or not.  This Clarity may actually at times increase the Tension between your Truth and your Hidden Self.  These processes are going on deep in the Unconscious, so while you’re very aware of their dischord, they aren’t likely to jump out of the closet suddenly and betray your cover – and they may not even be totally Conscious.  But you’re beginning to see how other folks Enjoy this aspect of Life, and realize how much you’d like to do the same.

We of course have a complex web of Fantasies set up to normalize the Tension between our Hidden Truth and our Subterfuges.  Fantasies are like PIAVAs in cages.  They’re Intentions and Affirmations, but with blocks to keep them from Manifesting, because if they did Manifest into Form it would disrupt the rest of our Lives – which are built on the foundation of our Compromises and Compensations – too much.  If you look, you can see many examples in the news, about folks whose Hidden Self has broken out beyond their ability to keep things under Control.  You needn’t Fear that happening to you, simply because if you’re reading this, you’re much more Conscious than that.

Nevertheless, we don’t see a Resolution that won’t tear our Lives apart.

Which is the nature of an astrological Square.  There is no “Solution” because there is no “Problem.”  There is Tension, and Tension is Creative.  It’s the root of Motivation.  Whatever you’ve been thinking about the Tension between your Disallowed Truth and your Proper Persona, is just that – thinking.  As Einstein said, you’ll never solve a problem using the same thinking that you’re using to describe the problem. 

Stop thinking and Feel the Tension, as Tension.  Where is it in your Body?  Is it uncomfortable?  How much so?  What happens when you focus all of your Attention into the center of it?  Does it Change?  Feel better, worse, or the same – or just different?  How long can you hold your Attention there before wandering?  How many times can you bring your Attention back to it?  Can you imagine what Life would be like if you broke your addiction to thinking, and just Lived directly from your Experiences in your Body? 


Good, it’ll be a Surprise then – what Fun!  What we’re recovering here is our Innocence.  As children we didn’t need permission to be Curious and Explore.  That’s the internal state that we’re rediscovering.  All of the Tension and Anxiety about what we thought has been a Conflict for us, are just that, Tension and Anxiety.  When we escape from the Mental Body and just Be in the Physical Body, we can Feel that elemental Curiosity again.  Maybe not right away; it may take some dancing around with our various Selves before we come to it, but that’s where we’re headed.  Curiosity as our Natural State of Being.  Not Curiosity for the sake of finding Answers, but the kind of Curiosity that “killed the Cat.”  Permanent, Sustainable, Regenerative Curiosity.

Can you Recover a hint of it now, while this Window of Grace is Open?  Maybe it’ll help you remember after it closes.

  ð    ð    ð    ð    ð 

Here’s a gloriously concise description of everything I’ve been using so many words to say…

Full Moon 31.7.15 – Time to Act

July 30, 2015

gal3837bpGalena, Lead Sulfite, the ultimate Grouding Crystal.  Heavy, you only need a little.  Find a small Crystal and keep it in a pill capsule or a small plastic bottle; you don’t want to be handling or inhaling the Lead.  Galena collects and stores Energy that’s not ready to be used yet, so you can use it as a reservoir.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω  

There are places in our Lives where we Hesitate to take full control because no one has given us Permission or Authority to do so.  Power is never Given, only Taken.  These are precisely the places where WE need to Give Ourselves not just Permission and Authority, but a Mandate.  We need to Take the Power.  You know what needs doing.  This Full Moon is the time to Get Started.

There are places in our Lives where we Hesitate to take full control because no one has given us Permission or Authority to do so. 

Power is never Given, only Taken

These are precisely the places where WE need to Give Ourselves not just Permission and Authority, but a Mandate. 

We need to Take the Power

You know what needs doing. 

This Full Moon is the time to Get Started.

It bears repeating.  Read it again.  And stop Hesitating.  It’s your Mission.

The Full Moon (4am PDT on 31 July – ) is the focus of a Mjolnir Kite across the Square from Chiron to Pholus-Ixion.

The Mjolnir is formed by a third planet at the Far Midpoint of two planets that make a Square – a triangle with a Square on the base and two Triociles for sides.  The Trioctile is about Insight into bringing things back into Balance.  Mjolnir is the Norwegian term for Thor’s Hammer, which isn’t so much about Destruction as about Irresistable Force; Lightning is a common metaphor.  The Hindu Vajra is very similar in meaning.  The Mjolnir is then about Epiphany – Irresistable Insights that are Life-Changing.

The Mjolnir Kite has a fourth planet Opposite the third, or at the Near Midpoint of the Square.  The third planet is the Focus of the Mjolnir, but the fourth planet is the Focus of the Mjolnir Kite.  The Insights and Epiphany pertain to the issues raised by the Square.  The two planet in Opposition provide information about how the Epiphany is revealed.

In this case, the Moon is the Focus of the Mjolnir Kite, and the Opposition is the Full Moon itself – the Epiphany will be revealed through Illumination, Brightly.  No more through a glass darkly here.  The Square joins Chiron – Despair and Miracle – with the Pholus-Ixion Conjunction.  Ixion is about Unconscious Commitment to the point of pathology, and Pholus is about Responsibility to the point of Obsession.  Few of us are willing to let our Ixion out of the cage in the back room.  But if we do, and Take Full Responsibility (not Blame, which looks backward for Cause, but Responsibility, which looks forward for Impact) for it, Miracles await.

Confused?  Good – first stage of Growth, eh?

What are you Discouraged about?  That’s where your Mission is, and that’s where the Miracles are hiding.  You came here to do this, and it takes a whole bunch of Courage to Commit so strongly to what – because there’s no Support, it’s all your project – feels like a Suicide Mission.  Your Support will fall in line after you Take Full Responsibility and Commit – but you’ll be continually Teaching, because your Support has its own Mission that’s tangential to yours.  You can’t just delegate; you need to continue to monitor and stay fully involved.

Chaos Opposes Pholus-Ixion; there is Unlimited Potential here for those who are willing to risk Full Commitment.  Chiron T-Squares this Opposition…

Very scary but Miraculous results if you risk it.  Don’t expect easy going or early success; in fact any success will be partial.  You aren’t in this to succeed; you’re in it because it’s Who You Are.

The Full-Moon and Chaos-Pholus-Ixion Oppositions are Octile and Trioctile to one another, forming a Trioctile Box.

Box or Rectangular Configurations like the Mystic or Golden Rectangle (with Trine and Sextile sides) are all about the Energy in the Oppositions.  The Trioctile Box is about Adjustment, Balance, and Insight.

Giving us emphasis on both the Illumination aspect of the Full Moon and the Full Responsibility-Unlimited Scope aspect of Chaos-Pholus-Ixion, which multiplies the Power of the Mjolnir Kite.

Not only that, but the Opposition between Chaos and Pholus-Ixion, along with the Opposition between Uranus-Eris and Haumea (Rebirth as a result of the Revelation of what’s been Hidden – which is evolving into the first half of 2016), form a Golden Rectangle.  Golden Rectangles are about Grace – if we’re willing to immerse ourselves in the Oppositions.  In other words…

There is information we don’t have yet, and which we may not have until well into 2016.  Rather than wait for the information, you want to Trust your Instincts now, and get started now.  You really do know what your bottom line is, what to you is The Most Important Thing.  That’s all you really need to know.  What do want to Change, and what do you want it to look like after you Change it?  You know that much very well.

Saturn (The Most Important Thing) is Stationary on 1 August at 11pm PDT ( ).

There are two aspects to that.  First, where would you deploy them if you had the Resources you need.  And second, what is it that stops you from having those Resources?  Your Desires might seem Selfish, but they aren’t.  Selfish is what people called you because they were afraid of your Passion, and because their Ego was Competing with you.  If you believed you were Selfish then they could preserve their sense of superiority.  This is what Ixion is about – Selfish.  Selfish as an epitaph that slows you down, and Selfish as a Full Commitment to set everything else aside and Focus on your Most Important Thing.

So we need to drop any Shame or Hesitation we feel about Wanting what we’ve always Wanted – those are the Resources we need to Create our Most Important Thing.  Who will be upset with you if you put your own Wants first, ahead of theirs?  It’s not that they are holding you back; it’s your Limiting Beliefs about what will happen if you jet ahead.  Holding back isn’t an option any more; you’ll just have to find out what will really happen.  It’ll probably be quite different from what you imagine – our Limiting Beliefs are like that.

Confusion Is the First Stage

July 27, 2015

…of Growth.  As with Curiosity, we want to avoid the temptation to seek resolution.  We don’t want Answers, we want to Enjoy the sensations of Confusion and Curiosity without trying to Change them. 

Think of the Day before Christmas or the Day before your Birthday when you were four years old and really Excited about what was about to happen, even though you had no idea what it will be.  Even if you shook all the Presents to see if they rattled, it wasn’t really to guess what was inside, it was to make yourself more Excited by the Possibilities.  If your fourth Birthday or fourth Christmas wasn’t anything like that (or wasn’t even in your Cultural calendar), imagine some other circumstance where you were really Excited about a Big Surprise that was about to happen – maybe the day before your first Marriage or your first Big Date.

Of course that introduces Anxiety.  Which brings us to “Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement” – when it does.  Most of the time it’s probably actually underlying Fear that motivates us to try to get Answers to resolve our Curiosity and Confusion.  After a big noise in the night we get up to investigate, not to resolve our Curiosity, but so we won’t be bludgeoned after we go back to sleep.  We’re actually getting a great opportunity to examine what underlies our need to get Answers to resolve our Curiosity or Confusion.  Whatever Answers we get will follow from our prior Limiting Beliefs, blocking whatever Growth we were getting close to.

We could make a good case that Growth in Consciousness isn’t possible without either Confusion, Curiosity, or Trauma to neutralize our old Ego and its complex of Limiting and Self-Sabotaging Beliefs.  Since it’s entirely possible that our Soul’s Path will eventually have its way with us whether our Ego-Resistance likes it or not, it would make a lot of sense to practice appreciating Confusion and Curiosity as an effort to avoid Trauma.  There are lots of stories about Trauma pushing us beyond the Ego, but why not choose an easier path.

So our first step would be to Notice when we’re feeling Confused or Curious, and Notice any efforts we subsequently make to defuse those Feelings.  Just this simple practice would lead us to examine and Learn to recognize our Anxiety, and from there we could learn to Notice how we tend to try to attribute Anxiety to external effects rather than just Embracing it as an Emotion or Energy State of its own.  Lots of opportunity here to Empathize with ourself in subtle Feeling states that we don’t even usually include in the list of common Emotions.

We’d tell ourselves, “Oh, you Lucky Dog, you’re Feeling Confused, aren’t you!”  “O, are you Feeling Curious?  Wow, fantastic!”  “Is that Anxiety you’re Feeling, Sweetheart?  Tell me what it Feels like in our Body.”  We could put Confusion, Curiosity, and Anxiety in the same category as Discouragement – Feelings we have to avoid trying to “Fix,” and Learn to appreciate and Enjoy exactly as they are.  Miracles will follow.

Another detail I missed in Busy Weekend I and II – the Mars-Square-Haumea-Quincunx-Chiron-Trine-Mars Tricolor.  The interpretation is to resolve apparent frustrations between PlanningDoing (Mars) and Rebirth (Haumea) by maintaining our Curiosity about how Empathy with our Emotions (Chiron) will facilitate Rebirth.  Anxiety is after all a direct result of uncertainty about how to Plan and Do.  And Anxiety and Confusion are closet versions of Discouragement when viewed from the Perspective of our Need to Control or our Doingness.

Chiron is also Unx (Twelfth Harmonic or Pattern-Breaking) to Uranus-Eris, and also forms a Chaos-Square-Chiron-Quincunx-Haumea-Trine-Chaos Tricolor; Confusion between Unlimited Potential (Chaos) and Discouragement (Chiron) can be resolved through permanent Curiosity about how Rebirth (Haumea) can Change the way we experience our Emotions.  Lord knows Unlimited Potential can be as overwhelming as our Limiting Beliefs.

It’s a good time to review how Miracles happen.  A Miracle is simply an ordinary transaction that occurs in a different Time-Space-Concept Universe than the one we Live in.  If you parachuted into a ninetheenth-century desert encampment with a gallon of Pina Coladas, you’d be a Miracle.  Folks in the nineteenth century desert encampment would probably have the Concept of Pina Colada, but not the concept of parachuting.  Pick any chronic Limitation in your Life – Love, Money, Health, Pina Coladas, you name it.  Now think of ONE person who seems to have plenty of Love or Money or Health or Pina Coladas or Whatever.  If there is one person who Enjoys Abundance in your Limitation, you know it’s your Limitation.

That one other person Lives in a different Time-Space-Concept Universe than you do.  The Boundary between their Universe and yours, is your Limiting Beliefs.  Of course they may also be in Scarcity about something that’s Abundant in your Universe, so there may be layers of Boundaries.  All you need to do to Manifest Abundance in what you Lack, is to jump over the Boundary into their Time-Space-Concept Universe.  Of course Letting Go of your Limiting Beliefs is the same as Letting Go of your Karma.

And as our asteroid-hawk Elizabeth has advised, the asteroid Karma was Squared by Mars and only ten Arcminutes away from being Initiated by Uranus at the moment when Uranus was Stationary yesterday at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”  Which means Karma was Opposing Haumea and Unx to Chiron.

So what’s the easy way to jump from one Time-Space-Concept Universe to another?  Sit comfortably and call forth (if it isn’t there already) your Feelings about your Scarcity.  Then call forth a separate part of yourself to look back at the part of you that’s in Scarcity.  Have that separate part of yourself Empathize Lovingly with the part of you that’s in Scarcity.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling Frustrated [or whatever is True] about that, aren’t you.”  Put your arms around your Frustrated self and gently rock them, if they’ll let you.  They may want space – respect whatever they want.  Your job is to just be Present and Neutral, but Loving and Gentle.

Then Change the Subject – move your Attention to some other part of your Life.  Whenever your Frustration (or whatever it is) arises again, just quickly Empathize again, “You poor Dear, …” and move on to another part of your Life.  If getting lost in dwelling on your Lack would have helped, you would have gotten out of Lack a long time ago.  But dwelling on Lack manifests more Lack.  Empathy is like a PIAVA – you have to Change the Subject, then Pay Attention to what happens, without dwelling on your Lack. 

Keep a tally of how often you need to Empathize with your Lacking self, a list of dates and times.  Then, when you notice that it’s been a couple of days since you were last caught in that whirlpool, look to see what’s happened in the interim.  Whatever it was, it will contain information about your Limiting Belief.  Maybe my Scarcity was around Money, and once I was able to Empathize enough with my Fear that I could extract myself from my Anxiety tarpit for a while, I look back and notice that I had received good news about a job prospect.

That’s a pretty Direct message that my Fear is just that, Fear.  Not Fear about Money, but Fear.  So next time an issue arises, I won’t need to Empathize with my Scarcity, “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Scared about that, aren’t you” but with Fear itself – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Scared, aren’t you.”  Period.  Shades of Monsters Inc.

Often the message will be more Indirect.  Suppose my Scarcity was around Love, and once I was able to Empathize enough with my Loneliness that I could extract myself from my mental helicopter trip about why Love was Scarce for me, I could look back and notice that I was surprised several times about how people respected me more than I was thinking that they did.  It might occur to me that it was my Self-Love that was short-circuiting me.  So the next time my Scarcity arose, rather than “You poor Dear, you’re really Lonely aren’t you” I could try “You poor Dear, you’re really not Loving yourself very much, are you.”

The initial anthem of Tapping, where you repeat your Tapping phrase three times while Tapping the side of your hand thrice, is parallel – “Even though I’m Feeling Scared about Money” or “Even though I’m Feeling Scared” or “Even though I’m Feeling Lonely” or “Even though I’m Judging myself.”  While it’s not Loving and Gentle Empathy, it’s Neutral and Present and an Honest statement of what’s going on, so it goes a long way toward Empathy.

Busy Weekend II

July 26, 2015

danb2440bp2Pink Danburite, Calcium Borosorosilicate, one of the ultimate Yin Power Tools.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

I was describing our weekend to a friend yesterday and it came out relatively clear; let me see if I can repeat it…

Our Inner Female is undergoing a remake, particularly around how She relates to Others.  She’s learning a bunch of new tools to help us meet our deep Spiritual needs.  Meanwhile we’re strongly pulled to Let Go of things we’ve outgrown on the Soul level but still cling to on the Ego level.

Or something like that.  In a rush yesterday, I forgot to include another important detail or two…

We probably weren’t ready for it till after we Lived through that psychedelic Uranus Station – I should have saved the Cat-and-Dragons picture.  The Uranus Station (which is within three Degrees of Eris) closely Opposes Haumea, with Mars T-Squaring them.

The pull to Let Go of the obsolete is so strong because the resulting Transformation will be huge.  There’s a lot of Energy on both the Soul and the Ego sides of this equation.  We need to avoid Either/Or and work with Both/And.  The business about Tooth and Claw was a Mutual of Omaha advertising gimmick; it’s really about Listening and Hugs.  Of course the Ego will Resist when the Soul pushes (unless the Ego is already at the end of its rope).  But that’s just the first step; the process is supposed to evolve into Collaboration among Equals.  Look beyond your Resistance; imagine or PIAVA the place where both Soul and Ego are Ecstatic.  Use a Rainbow if you want.

This coming week, now that Uranus is Retrograde, features the Station of Saturn; last week was the Soul’s turn to shout, this week it will be the Ego’s turn.  Disparaging the Ego was a Political strategy of the Religions, to make you believe you were dependent on them; it’s not part of a Spiritual Life.

What’s The Most Important Thing you need to keep Everyone Inside Happy?  Focus on that this week, and let it evolve as the week moves on.  You may be asked to set aside secondary Priorities – do it.  We can come back to them in August without any downside.

And the Uranus Station is also one corner of a Mystic Rectangle with Chaos and Ixion-Pholus.  Which means Chaos and Ixion-Pholus both form Trine-Sextile Bridges to the T-Square, offering “easy ways out” of any potential difficulty.  Dwarf planet Chaos is particularly closely related to Uranus and Haumea, implying that we want to put our Focused Saturnian Attention into the long-odds possibilities that will really Elate us.

While Pholus isn’t as closely Trine to Uranus, it is closely related to Eris.  Pholus was blindsided by taking reasonable precautions but not Relentlessly pursuing the satisfaction of his Responsibility.  So this tight waxing Pholus-Eris Trine should give us great opportunities for Epiphanic Insights into Something Really Important that we haven’t been paying Attention to (noting as well that the upcoming Saturn Station is closely Biquintile to the Uranus-Eris Midpoint).

Which sounds important enough that we should look up the Initiation of the current Pholus-Eris Cycle – 22 April 1983 at 16 Aries, “Nature Spirits are seen at work in the Light of Sunset.”  Man, how many times have I seen that and just interpreted it as “Magical” without thinking about “mechanism”!  Magic was certainly afoot for me in the early 1980s, though it was Reagan’s third year in office.  1991 would also have been an important year, at the Waxing Square.

So on the Global level we’ve been Denying our Responsibility to Relentlessly Respect the Nature Spirits, and we now have a profound opportunity to bring that back into Balance.  How does/will this impact you Personally?

During that near-hallucinogenic Uranus Station this morning it became very clear to me that there were several bottom-line Most Important elements in my own Life that were way beyond my ability to Control, and that my only hope was to Surrender into more PIAVAing.

A Mystic or Golden Rectangle consists of two Oppositions, the ends of which are Trine and Sextile to one another.  They’re benefic, and their Energy is driven by the complementarity of the Energies in the two Oppositions.

Of course Ixion is all about Relentlessness.   We’ve talked about the Opposition between Uranus-Eris and Haumea – Rebirth awaits us and the Planet when we break through this Denial.  The other Opposition is from Chaos to Pholus-Ixion – the Potential is Unlimited when we do accept Relentless Responsibility.  If We Are All One that’s a big Responsibility.  But it’s certainly one that will Expand our Ego beyond petty Resistance to our Soul’s chosen Path for us.  Trust seems to be the missing element.

In addition to the Biquintile from the Saturn Station to the Uranus Station, Mars Quintiles the Makemake-North Node Initiation, which is in turn Unx (Twelfth Harmonic) to the Venus Station.  So even our Inner Female’s makeover (which is always likely to involve Surrender into more PIAVAing) and her New Tools are part of this Big Picture.

Busy Weekend

July 25, 2015


Here’s a thought experiment for you…

For the last five weeks you’ve been revising your personal Social Contract with the World. 

Can you recognize this process in your Life?  It may have something to do with your Shoulds and Want-To’s.  You’ve barely begun – you’ve only laid the foundation, but by the time you finish, the Changes will be major.  How has the process been working for you?  How are you feeling about it?  Where’s your jaw this morning?  Up?  Down?  Firm?  Quivery?

Our Bodies and Psyche and our Collaborative Environment run on Hypertoroidal Time; only our mind runs on Linear Time.  Starting on 21 June, our Bodies and Psyche and Collaborative Environment started a new project.  Starting now, they’re letting the mind in on the new agenda.  The Body and Psyche and Collaborative Environment do it this way on purpose, so the mind doesn’t screw up big important Changes with its Dualism and Reductionism.  Reductionism is the preference for working with parts rather than Wholes. 

Our Ego doesn’t end at the skin or the Aura or even the yard.  Everyone and Everything we interact with, knowingly or unknowingly, is engaged in a complex Collaboration with our Ego, setting up dramas and scenes for us.  We do the same for others.  We really are All One. 

Take a few minutes and Be the Planet. 

Wow, see all those tentacles reaching everywhere and tweaking this and that?  Notice that some of them are your fingers?  What if you had to run the Whole Planet with your mind?  How long would you last before you ran screaming for the Exit?  This is a good exercise in Surrendering Control.  Ego isn’t about Control; it’s about the Illusion of Control.

Venus crossed the midpoint of Leo on 21 June, initiating this process.  Venus turned Retrograde on the Cusp of Virgo today.  It will turn Direct again in early September, then it will take another five weeks to get back to the Cusp of Virgo.  So Venus crosses this last half of Leo three times.  And our Big Self – Body, Psyche, Collaborative Environment – knew on 21 June that we were taking an Intensive, a graduate seminar, on the Last Half of Leo.  The Last Half of Leo is the Aquarius Half; it’s about how the Ego relates to its Community.  While it’s Retrograde, Venus will cross Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars, and Square Saturn and Sedna.

The Venus Station makes an Unx with the 24 July Conjunction of the North Node and Makemake, and a Quincunx to Ceres.  Toby Hemenway points out that the permaculture perspective suggests that we replace the need for the Sustainable (Ceres) with a need for the Regenerative – that we seek Living processes that are Self-Sustaining.  On the other hand, the Initiation of the North Node by Makemake occurs at 1 Libra, “In a collection of perfect specimens, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.”  That’s an inauspicious beginning for the Social half of the Zodiac.  Let’s turn it around, and reframe 1 Libra as the Healing of the need to snapshot Life.

Then there’s the 26 July Station of Uranus, as it prepares to be Initiated by Eris.  It Retrogrades across the Scorpio and Libra Duads of Aries.  More of the same – the Dance between the Individual Ego and the Collective.  Eris will take the illusions of Individuality and Control and rip them wide open.

Uranus and Saturn

July 20, 2015


Now that we’ve survived the Station of Eris, what’s next? 


On July 25 Venus turns Retrograde, till early September.  Everybody’s writing about that, and Venus dances more in Consciousness than in the Unconscious, so we’ll leave that up to Everybody.  When the time comes, we’ll instead write about the Venus-Mars Conjunction and Initiation that’s coming up at the end of August.


Of more interest to us is the Station of Uranus, which occurs July 26.  That’ll have a huge influence on the Station of Venus anyway.  So this coming week is about having our Yintegrity tested.  Are we really willing to Support ourSelf and walk our Soul’s Path for us?  Or is it more important that we keep up “business as usual,” self-abuse, and Pleasing Others rather than ourSelf?  An old story by now, but gosh, there are so many layers, aren’t there?  And isn’t it amazing how persistently we can Resist?  Unfortunately, the longer we Resist, the harder the tests. 

At the very least, it will be Self-Loving to PIAVA a Gentle and Loving Release of our impediments to Yintegrity and an easy and smooth Transition to our next layer.  Just to be sure we remember…

  • Yangtegrity means doing what we said we were going to do.
  • Yintegrity means doing what we dang well Feel like doing, moment to moment.  It’s about Trusting our Instincts and Intuitions.

Remember that in order to Live Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, we probably need to reduce our Commitments, be willing to Renegotiate a lot, and make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Connection is important.

Yintegrity sounds harsh and Selfish, but if we want to follow our Soul’s Path for us, that’s what we need to do.  Yes, our less-than-stellar Emotions will trip us up at times, but when they do we can Trust that we’re Learning something that the Soul wants us to Learn.  That means we also have to Pay Attention, stay out of Victim, and Listen.  We probably won’t be able to think our way into what the Soul wants us to Learn from our follies, as the mind is such a narrow tool relative to the Soul.  We’ll probably have to hone our PIAVA skills and Ask for Clarity a lot.  No need to be proud.


Then on August 1, Saturn turns Direct.  Saturn means Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing, so when Saturn is lit up we’re often asked to not Pay Attention to everything less important.  That can be scary, since the Less Important Things are often sources of Security for us.  For instance, as the tests of our Yintegrity get more and more severe (whose side are we on, anyway – Soul or Ego?  Transformation or Inertia?  Rebirth or Karma?), increasingly The Most Important Thing may be just that – our Yintegrity

While that may be true in general, though, you’ll need to determine your own The Most Important Thing in the moment.  It’s not hard – it will be what keeps interrupting you as you’re trying to focus on the Other Things.

The current Saturn-to-Uranus Angle is a Waning Biquintile; that’s very close to a Phitile, or the peak of the current Saturn-Uranus Cycle that began at the Harmonic Convergence back in 1988 (when these missives first began, by the way) at 30 Sagittarius, “The Pope, blessing the faithful.

The Phitile is 222.5 degrees, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry.  A Cycle blooms at the Opposition, and fruits at the Phitile.  They’re not easy to calculate; for a table of Waxing Phitiles see .  For the Waning Phitiles, read the table backwards; ie, the Waning Phitile from Saturn at Sagittarius 1 to Uranus would be at Aries 19.

The current Pope is certainly one of the strongest voices around, if not the strongest, for breaking through the many Denials inherent in predatory capitalism.  So we can hope that this trend remains strong even if it’s fruiting.  The Waning Saturn-Uranus Phitile is exact at the end of September.

To what extent have we been faithful to the Promise inherent in the Harmonic Convergence?  And to what extent have we been swimming upstream trying to preserve the Security we have in business as usual?

Denial, Revelation, Revolution

July 20, 2015


Notice the shift yesterday?  Eris is no longer Stationary (Strong), as of about 7am PDT July 19 (  I started feeling a lot more in control of my Life, which is appropriate, since Eris is in charge of bringing Unconscious material forward so we can start to understand what it wants to tell us.  Denial is a healthy process; without it we’d be overwhelmed all of the time.  But sooner or later, the time comes when any given Denied cluster of Emotions and Memories and thoughts is ready to leave the closet, and Eris guards that threshold.  So Eris always involves Life Changes, and Anxiety is a natural result.

Eris is now Retrograde, and Retrogrades over 24-23 Aries, till January 2016.

A Duad or Dwad, recall, is two and a half degrees.  Each Sign is made up of twelve Duads, starting with its own and continuing ’round the Loop – for instance, the first Duad of Libra is the Libra Duad of Libra, the second the Scorpio Duad of Libra, the seventh the Aries Duad of Libra, and the twelfth is the Virgo Duad of Libra.

This is the beginning of the Capricorn Duad of Aries, where…

We’re in the process of planning the final version of a project we’ve been working on since 1926.  Those heady years at the end of the 1920s, before the Big Crash, were aflame with Excess.  For the first several years after the Crash, we thought the hair of the dog might solve the problem, as the high rollers convinced people that their tired version of Excess-and-Trickledown would still work. 

That was the Aries Duad – 1926-1934.  From 1935-1943, Eris moved through the Taurus Duad of Aries.  In the Aries Duad, we celebrate the birth of a new Era.  In the Taurus Duad we settle down and see how it applies to Material Life – does it grow Corn?  Non-GMO of course.

It took almost a decade of deprivation before Hitler gave us an excuse to crank up the Keynesian war machine and put everybody back to work.  And eight years after that before we were able to shift the US economy from bombs to cars.  “What’s good for General Motors is good for the USA,” was a prominent propaganda slogan in the US.

The Gemini Duad spanned 1943-1952, the Cancer Duad 1952-1962.  (About a third of this blog’s readers live outside the US.  I’m hoping that with the years listed, you can translate these trends to your own history and herstory.)  The Cancer Duad of a Sign is the equivalent of the Waxing Square of a Cycle – the time when “the Energy becomes permanent”; till the Waxing Square a new Energy is pretty much underground, once the Initial Celebration wears off.

Remember tail fins?  Some of them looked like they really might fly.  Henry Ford’s version of predatory capitalism (pay them enough so they can afford to buy your product, but make sure your product doesn’t last too long, so they’ll have to buy another one) brought back a resurgence of Excess.  Then the “spoiled” youngsters got too rambunctious (and Toyota got too talented) and ruined the party.

The 1963-1973 Leo Duad corresponded with the Pluto in Leo generation coming “of age,” and Uranus Conjoining Pluto – a potent combination for feeling bullet-proof.  Till Kent State.  The Virgo Duad spanned 1973-1984.  The Virgo Duad is about making our Fearless Moral Inventory so we can start over on a more stable footing.

The Ford-Carter years were a Wandering in the Wilderness, as folks tried to figure out whether they wanted to be young or old.  Eventually, they decided they preferred old – doddering even, as Reagan and Bush began disassembling the “Welfare State” so we (or they, depending on which side of the Trickledown you were on) could return to the Roaring Twenties. 

Eris crossed the Libra Duad of Aries in 1984-1994, the Scorpio Duad in 1995-2004, and the Sagittarius Duad in 2005-2015.

Which is where we are now, as Obama tries to cement his Trans-Pacific Partnership in place so capitalism, fascism, and Excess can rule the whole planet.

That’s using the 12-Sign all-progress view of Time.  In the Cyclical approach to Time, rather than developing one theme for all twelve portions of the Cycle, the Energy peaks after seven and a half Signs, and for the last four and a half Signs, the Energy declines in order to Open Space for a new Energy that will follow.  From this perspective, the Age of Excess began to decline around the turn of the Century, at the Dot-Com Crash.

Which makes absolute sense, as the decade which followed was about piling derivatives on top of derivatives.  A “derivative” is a wager – a bet, for instance, that the price of Tea in China will rise or fall.  While producing Tea provides a benefit to society (assuming you don’t think Tea is evil), wagering on its price does not – it only benefits the winner of the bet.  And creating derivatives of derivatives – wagers on wagers (such as betting that your bet is wrong) – creates a situation where eventually almost everyone loses, as no Energy is devoted to benefiting society, and the inevitable “margin call” (where everyone is asked to put up more cash to serve as bond to back up their wagers) can wipe out all but the most predatory players.

And it is worth noting that derivatives now are many times as large and multiplicative as they were prior to the last Crash, and that they’re held in far fewer hands – in other words, the next Crash is likely to make 1929 look like lunch.

From the Cyclical Perspective, the Capricorn Duad is when we start thinking seriously about alternative ways to fix the failures and shortcomings of the earlier Duads.  Since Eris is about what we’ve been Denying, this is probably a far more useful Perspective.

So we’re on an Edge here, where to gain maximum personal advantage (at the expense of social advantage) we may want to keep a few chips in the Game, because the stakes are getting very high and the odds long, so a win could pay off big.  On the other hand, the longer the odds the lower the likelihood of a win, so we want to have most of our chips under the mattress, after they’ve been converted into a form that will survive the Crash, whatever that might be.  Have they GMO’d a mold-proof Corn yet?

Then There’s Anxiety

July 15, 2015

soda8104bpSodalite – Sodium Aluminum Tektosilicate Chloride.  The Tektosilicates (Quartz and Feldspars; Sodalite is a “Feldspathoid,” or Feldspar-like) arrange their Silicates in Matrices, so they’re very tightly knit together.  Bring the image right in through your Third Eye and it’ll knit the Ego back together.  The Yang equivalent of Sodalite is Lapis Lazuli.  If your Sodalite turns white, bury it for a while.

  Ω    Ω  Ω   Ω   Ω  

Whenever there’s movement on the Cusp of Consciousness – as has been much the case lately – there’s going to be Anxiety.  “Omigosh, Change!  Will it be good?  Will Daddy take the T-bird away?  Will Elmer leave me before I can leave him?”  For most of us, Anxiety happens just below the level of Consciousness.  We feel it, but we don’t Witness it as Anxiety.  “Oh, Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Anxious, aren’t you.”  Instead we project it onto the myriad of Stresses that Material Being presents to us – money, Relationship, Community, Survival, Predatory Capitalism and Fascism, the Poisoning of our Food, and the many other elements of our Abandonment.

Or our Suffocation.  Some of us suffer more from Suffocation – we can’t stand to be Constrained – than from Abandonment.  Some of us do both. 

We might recognize it as Worry, or a Focus on Problem-Solving, or just “Mental Grinding.”  We fall asleep grinding away on the problem (if it will let us fall asleep), and we wake up grinding on it.  Or problems – Goddess knows there are many candidates these days.  The mind grinds away at perceived problems till they’re polished so smooth we could read our Fortune on them – if there was a connection.  Unfortunately, there usually isn’t.

 Anxiety is an Emotion, and the mind can’t “fix” an Emotion; it can only step aside and Witness it, Lovingly.  That’s the whole raison d’être of Emotions, to get us to Notice.  “There’s a Tiger behind you!” (Fear); “They’re ripping you off!” (Anger); “What will you do without them?!?” (Grief); “You aren’t Grounded!” (Anxiety).  We can’t make good decisions when we aren’t Grounded.  If there are important issues we need to Attend to, it’s important that we make good decisions.  So the Body warns us that we need to get Grounded. 

Unfortunately, many of us are programmed to solve problems in the mind, rather than in the Energy Body.  That’s what Humpty Dumpty was all about.  “All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty back together again.”  Of course not, we need the Queen.  The King’s men work for the mind, and you can never think your way out of any Emotion.  Anxiety shatters the thin-shelled Ego Egg.  And trying to work on any issue while the Ego is shattered, will only make things worse.  Mind and Spirit are Yang; Emotion and Matter are Yin.

We Ground the Energy Body by simply imagining a cable attached at one end to the base of our Spine, and at the other end to the center of the Earth.  We can also Ground by eating, or having sex, but when Anxiety is strong and we never attend to it directly (by Empathetic Witnessing it), eating and sex can become addictions.  The cable to the center of the Earth is more reliable.

Like any other persistent or difficult Emotion, or Programming, or Self-Sabotaging Patterns, the hardest part is Noticing.  Noticing that we aren’t Witnessing our Feelings, but Projecting them onto someone or something else.  Compared to Anxiety, Anger and Grief and Fear are easy, because unless we’ve undertaken psychological training, we don’t talk about Anxiety.  When you talk to your best friend, do you talk about your Anger, or who you’re mad at?  Your Fear, or what you’re scared of?  Your Anxiety, or what you project it upon?

After Noticing, the rest is easy.  You just Lovingly Empathize, Change the Subject, and get on with your Life.  Once an Emotion is Noticed, Embraced, Witnessed, it moves on.  Yes, Change is afoot.  Ground, Breathe, and you’re likely to find Excitement about it.