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The Bottom Line

August 30, 2015


This will take an hour out of your Young Life, but it will also save the Planet and yourself.  It’s Joseph Mercola interviewing soil scientist Ray Archuleta…

Here’s the website Dr. Archuleta refers to…

And here’s a lot more very usable information, on Dr. Mercola’s web page about his interview with Dr. Archuleta…

If you’re planning to Ascend purely to save your own ass, Rapture-style, you needn’t bother with any of this.  But even if you’re planning to Ascend and you also care at all about Mother Earth, this is the Bottom Line, where the Seed meets the Dirt.  If you kind of like it here, then this is The Most Important Thing you’ll ever do.  Let me know if you want more resources; I have tons.

August-September III

August 19, 2015

“Coincidentally,” several posts by others have popped up that are oh-so relevant to our several Adventures here in August and merging into September…

We don’t usually speak in these terms, but I have no doubt that Ascension is also going on…

And Dr. Kim provides a broader Perspective, along with a great tool, for Clearing persistently troubling Emotions…

And here’s a great view of the current Descent of Inanna (Inferior Conjunction of Venus), post-2012…

And finally, a quiz to see if we’re doing our Identity homework…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Let’s finish up August, as I’m eager to write about some fairly remarkable events coming up in September.

Our Old Egos are due for a comeuppance at, around, and/or after the 29 August Full Moon. 

Most of us still have one foot in the Old Industrial-Era World of Exploitation, and a portion of our Identity likely remains wrapped up in that.  Whether the Old Order gives us Validity through our Achievements or through Socialization with our workmates, gives us Security through our income, gives us a sense of Value through our “contributions to society,” gives us Juice because of the Competition, or however it props up our Self-Worth, we could be due for a shock. 

If this occurs, Acknowledge and Witness any Fear or Anger or Grief that arises, and be Loving and Gentle with it.  Review your understanding of Ego Death ( ), so you can respond positively to the signs after you acknowledge their Veracity.

Your other foot is already in the New post-Apocalypse World of Collaboration and Cooperation.  You may be growing some of your own food, establishing neighborhood tool-sharing, kickstarting or funding new ventures, playing with 3-D printers and milling machines at your local Makerspace, downsizing your use of resources, promoting Equality, or any number of other Activities oriented toward a Sustainable and Regenerative World.  Once you’ve Embraced your Emotions about whatever nicked your Old-World Identity, redouble your Efforts toward your New-World Identity.  If there’s a Leap of Faith involved, go for it.

While the Jupiter-Neptune Opposition isn’t Exact until 16 September, the Full Moon sits across it.  On the same September day Makemake (Creative Manifestation, and it’s no accident that Makemake shares a name with the Maker Movement) Initiates the North Node (our Mission).  This Opposition is a blooming of the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle that began in late May 2009, at 27 Aquarius.  Long-time readers may recognize that as having occurred within a few days of the Chiron-Jupiter Initiation in the same Degree, and within a few months of the Neptune-Chiron Initiation, also in the same Degree, “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”  This is the “New Paradigm” we’ve written much about, and which we regard as the major correlate with the Wall Street Crash of 2007-8.  If you aren’t a long-time reader, look up “Chiron-Neptune” in the Categories list at right (

Meanwhile, the Full Moon very closely T-Squares the asteroid Hybris, a “misspelling” of hubris.

Jupiter is now past its Waning Square to Saturn, which means we’re dropping into the Void with regard to Social and Economic Activities, so we’re overdue for a review of the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles.  Saturn-Jupiter Initiations occur in the same Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) for two Centuries, then they switch, with a stutter between Elements.  The Industrial Revolution and it’s Wage-Slave consequences spanned the last two Centuries of Earth-Sign Initiations.  Then, almost exactly coincident with the introduction of the mass-compatible (IBM-Microsoft) personal computer, the 1980 Initiation occurred in an Air Sign.  The final Earth-Sign Initiation that followed, in 2000, coincided almost to the day with the “Dot-Com Crash,” initiating twenty years where we’re reviewing the Industrial Revolution to see what elements of it we want to keep as we move into the Digital Age.

The next Saturn-Jupiter Initiation in 2020 will be again in an Air-Sign, as will the following seven Initiations, till our first Water-Sign Initiation in 2160.  While we think of the Age of Aquarius as being about Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust abounding, Aquarius is also an Air Sign, and Air Signs are about mindstuff and Duality.  So while the advances in Scienterrific Knowledge and Technological Gadgetry will be phenomenal, the Digital-Age potential to Create Sustainability and Regeneration will depend on a lot more than thinking.  Aquarians will need to do a lot more than sitting in the pub arguing about which Political system makes them happiest.  Hence the importance of what we’ve been calling the New Paradigm and its implications for greater Equality.

Meanwhile, we’re in the last quarter of the last Earth-Sign Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, and the last quarter of a Cycle is about “Descending” into chaos (Disorder, not the dwarf planet).  Interesting that many folks are focused on Ascension while our Social and Economic Order is Descending.  We need to look for a moment through Rudolph Steiner’s eyes – while Ascension is about Matter merging into Spirit, Descension is about Spirit merging into Matter, one being no less Sacred than the other.

What normally occurs during the last quarter of a Cycle, is that the proponents of the Old Order redouble their Efforts to propagandize everyone into believing that the Status Quo is alive, well, and will Live on forever, while scrambling to keep their cheeks covered.  In the interim, everyone else is focused on their struggle to keep it together.  If we take a hint from the dwarf planet Chaos, though, and see the Trend for what it is – deconstruction of the Old to make Space for the unlimited potential of the New – and we avoid trying to pin down the New before the next Cycle starts, as that would simply perpetuate the Old – then we can Cooperate in destructuring our Old Patterns and making Empty Space for New Patterns to evolve into.

Two days after the Full Moon – a sufficiently short time that these two events will be closely intertwined – we enter a new province in our Relationship Dramas.  Since this applies more than anything to our Inner Female and Inner Male, it’s impact will be wide-ranging.  If you aren’t familiar with John Gray’s amazing work, this would be an excellent time to introduce yourself to it…

The new Cycle will be quite complex, so we’ll save it for when we continue…

Portal 13-14.6 – Scorpio and Virgo

June 14, 2015

apon9061bpSagittarius and Scorpio.  Believe it or not, the Sagittarian Wisps are actually Crystals, of Natrolite, sitting on a more recognizable Crystal, Scorpionic Apophyllite.  Nevertheless, things are still not what they seem to be.  The recognizable Crystal is actually a Mica, Apophyllite, even though it looks nothing like a Mica.  And the Wisps are actually a Zeolite, even though they look nothing like any we’d recognize.  A Zeolite is a complex Mineral with pockets.  You wouldn’t think there’d be room in those Wisps for a pocket, let along a complex Mineral.  If you get the right Zeolite, you can dump it into a toxic mess, and the Zeolite will pocket the toxins and bring them out!  I know, She is truly amazing, especially when we forget She’s a Living Entity with many orders of magnitude more cleverness than we’ll ever dream of mustering!

Apophyllite (Potassium Calcium Fluoride Mica) is about Opening our Third Eye, appropriate for Getting to the Bottom of Things.  Green Apophyllite brings Compassion into our Intuition.  As we like to say, Apophyllite was used for Divining by the twelve Apophylls.  Natrolite (Sodium Aluminum Zeolite) is about Opening the Crown Chakra, appropriate for Letting Go of what Limits us.  Like much of the loveliest Apophyllite, this one comes from near Pune, India, a center for many different flavors of Spiritual pursuit.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month, as Pogo used to say.  Whatever you’re Grieving, Trust that it was not planning to be part of the next phase of this Gaia-Pi Adventure.  We’re in the process now of Co-Creating what we need for the next phase.

June 13-14…

  • Makemake (Manifestation) is Stationary Direct (Strong)
  • Saturn backs into Scorpio (Did we leave any Emotional Stones unturned?)
  • The Moon Occults Mercury (Beginner’s Mind) at 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action”)

Mercury and the Balsamic Moon rise ahead of the Sun, so they should make a lovely couple just before Sunrise, whether you’re in the right spot (east central Asia) to see the Moon cover Mercury or not.  The Balsamic Moon is about Letting Go, echoing our other themes.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Saturn points us to The Most Important Thing, and informs us that all of the other priorities will be just fine playing quietly by themselves while we put all of our Attention on The Most Important Thing.  Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things, so when…

The Most Important Thing Is Getting to the Bottom of Things,

we can – appropriately – be pretty obsessive.  Another useful key phrase about Scorpio, left over from the Recovery Movement in the 1980s (when Pluto was in Scorpio) is The Way Out Is Through.  Saturn has been in Sagittarius since Christmas 2014, and in Sagittarius The Way Out Is Letting Go.  So we’ve Lightened Up quite a bit since Christmas.  But there are still some bits of Egg clinging to the pan, so we need to go back and scrub a little more.

Till last Christmas, Saturn had been in Scorpio since October 2012 – in other words, The Most Important Thing has been Getting to the Bottom of Things since Time ended and Pi took over.  For the last two and a half years The Most Important Thing has been locating anything and everything that has stood between us and taking Full Responsibility for Everything in our Lives.  Though Pi gave us that first nine months of Grand Trines to ease our Rebirth into the New Era, of course that would feel like being poked with spears and knives by everyone and everything around us, as we were educated about where we weren’t taking Responsibility.

Soooo, what did we not quite finish up?  Responsibility means being able and willing to Respond.  It looks to improve the Future, not assign causality and Blame for anything from the Past.  Anyplace in your Life where you’re still feeling like a Victim, or where you want to Blame someone else for anything?  Those are the bits of Egg we need to work with; keep your eye out for them between now and mid-September, especially toward the end of July, as Saturn turns Direct on August 1.  After mid-September, we’re in the Let-It-Go Stage “for good” – well, for two and a half years anyway.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

The Station of Makemake in 29 Virgo (“A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines her mind”) suggests that…

We should be on the lookout for What We Need to Survive in this New Era.  We first experimented with meeting our new Next-Phase Tribe (Makemake in Libra) from mid-October 2013 to mid-March 2014.  Then last September we renewed this quest.  In mid-July we get serious about it.  In between – March-August of 2014 and mid-May through mid-July of this year, we review our own Blocks to receiving our new Community.  Virgo is about breaking down the Ego so we’re ready to meet Other without prejudice – without Judgment.  Ego is a force for good; it’s primary Mission is to keep us alive. The only problem with Ego is that it’s “sticky.”

Sure, Narcissism can feel like a pain if we’re stuck with having to deal with someone else’s Narcissism, but that’s just about our own unwillingness or inability to set working Boundaries.  Our own Narcissism?  Not to worry; it’s its own best frenemy. 

A caution for Virgo, though.  Since Ego-Recycling and Virgo are so poorly understood in Ego-dominated Western culture, Virgo ends up being seen as nit-picky and critical, and Virgo grows up with a programmed self-hate from introjecting this criticality.  So anyone with strong Virgo will likely worry about their own Narcissism.  But Virgo is the Opposite of Narcissistic.  What’s the Coin?  Self-Love.  Self-Transformation (Virgo) is about Self-Love, for sure.  Transformation isn’t about hating what’s being Transformed, it’s about Transcending what’s being Transformed.

A functioning Ego is flexible enough to Celebrate our own unique Skills fully – without having to compete them with the unique Skills of Others, and to Recognize when and where it would serve our Community better to delegate to the superior unique Skills of Another.  A “normal” Ego, more concerned with how many strokes we get, gets stuck on the last hurt or triumph, and loses track of the Present Moment.

This is what Virgo is about.  Pisces is about making a break from a Community that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of a Community without the assurance that we’ll be accepted into a new one.  Neptune and Chiron are working us through all that Drama and Trauma.  Virgo is about making a break from a sticky Ego that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of an Identity without the assurance that a new one will function any better than the old one.  Or, in a word, Ego Death.  Makemake is helping us through this wicket, and it’s an excellent Guide to have, as its focus is always on Co-Creating the new tools we’ll need to Survive in a new Era.

So as we go back into Getting to the Bottom of Things, we’re also back in Ego Death.  With Saturn, we’re just re-entering our last review period (ie, just tiptoeing back into Scorpio and hoping she doesn’t wake up).  With Makemake, we’ve already finished our review (ie, already backtracked into Virgo, and now we’re turning to exit for the final time), so we’re in better shape there.  Between now and mid-July we’ll be making the adjustments that will “fix” the Responsibility shortcomings that we’ve already encountered.

So while there may be a few Surprises awaiting us on the Emotional front, on the Ego front we’ve probably seen that last of them.  Is it any easier to step aside and Witness an Emotion that threatens to overwhelm us, than it is to step aside and Witness an Identity that’s sabotaging us?  You bet.  It’s when the Emotion and the Identity are intertwined, that the greatest difficulties arise.  And as we encounter the last few Emotions that Separate us from Joy and Light, we should already have some degree of Ego Detachment.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

Cuspal Saturn and Stationary Makemake are Sextile to one another, sharing the quality of Magnetism.

Sextiles connect two Signs that have either Magnetism or Dynamism in common, so on this basic level they aren’t competing with one another.  It’s the Sixth Harmonic, so the basic Energy is about Partnership – Win-Win. 

It’s a Waxing Sextile, several years into the Saturn-Makemake Cycle that began in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar.”  In terms of current events, we could trip into a number of directions on that one, about boy-priest relationships or about “making things smell better.”

In our tradition of focusing on what’s being Healed, we’ll do just that, and propose that the current 33-year Saturn-Makemake Cycle is about Healing the lost art of Apprenticeship.  In pre-Industrial society, as children we “played” at learning the “work” our elders were doing, automatically learning Survival Skills in the process.  Since that link was broken by the various forms of Industrial Slavery (schools that removed children from parents so they could be propagandized into one paradigm, work that separated the workplace from the family so compassion could be removed from working conditions, etc), child-adult relationships have been strained and forced into unfamiliar forms.

A Saturn-Makemake Cycle would be about Building the Structures that Support Survival in the next Paradigm.  So we could see the current Cycle as Restructuring Apprenticeship to reintegrate Spirituality and Survival (“Work”) and Everyday Life.  Industrial and Religious Culture rigidly divided these into separate days of the week.  Remember that what we’re going here (2000-2020) in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles is, on the Cultural level, deciding what parts of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into the Digital Age.  The Sextile represents Grace after we take the first step.  The Cultural level is assembled from accumulation of Personal levels.  So an appropriate question to ask ourselves might be…

Are there concrete steps I can take right now, to integrate my Spiritual Life with my Everyday Life and What I Do to Survive?  Have I already taken any steps like this?  Can I start to build them into Patterns that can become the infrastructure of Life in the Next Phase?

Many Hands

April 10, 2015

FSQ2Another Flying Squirrel

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

Another Perspective to add to our Both/Ands, from…

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

“The Intersecting Dimensions: Magnetic Anomalies

“Huge jumps in the magnetic aspect of the Shift took place during the Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway.  Remember the personal, planetary, and collective veils are directly related to magnetics.  Many of you may be dazzled by, or concerned about, the visible activity of the higher realms around you at the moment.  There is a lot of movement in the astral/4D as the magnetics adjust.  Entities, programs and collective constructs which were trapped in that realm are being released in a stronger, more vivid way.  The removal during the last Gate was a bit ruthless; anticipate that showing up in the collective reality soon.

One of the goals of Light Service is to ensure that the collective does not wake up in a nightmare, hence the consistent clearing and transmutation of the past.  Now that a core magnetic shift has occurred, that work runs on auto-pilot.  You may support collective clearing if that is your role – however it will distract you from bringing in the Cosmic Christ if you are involved in Gatework this year.  You do not have to engage with low 4D at all; the mass exodus is not judgment, it is merely a side-effect of the new light.  As mentioned before; you will have to look beyond that activity when communing with 5D and above.  It is what it is, don’t focus on it.

“Even though there are seemingly thin veils at the moment – personal, collective, and planetary – know there is much more to come.  As expressions of your reality – lower and higher vibrational fields/dimensions – merge during the Shift, your self-imposed veils reveal layers of energies, truths, beliefs, and collective coping mechanisms for dealing with density.

“Understand that a full exposure to the realities without veils would overload your body, mind and emotions.  The old light magnetics of Gaia allowed for illusion, or veils, to be placed between dimensional expressions.  This is why there is a gradual lifting, now rapidly increasing due to planetary adjustments to the photonic light influx.  Collective agreements are dissolved by those willing to do the work, which energetically allows collective veils to be removed.  Practice, focus, practice.  The awakened and Ascending collective has tremendous power.  Please use it wisely.  This is an era of Responsible Creation.”

(Thanks to SoulSpeak – – for the introduction.)

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

The magnetics will pull each of us in different directions.  So while it’s Both/And it may not be six of One and half a dozen of the Other, it may be ten of One and two of Another.  And it never hurts to move from Heads or Tails to the “Coin.”  So in our previous post we were Bothing Awareness of Dystopia And Focus on Sustainability.  Sandra Walter in the above Channeling offers us one possible Coin: “It is what it is, don’t focus on it” – excellent advice.  Detachment is the first necessity for Compassion, no matter which direction we’re pulled.  But you want to be Aware of the “bad news,” so you can contribute to raising the Consciousness of someone you encounter who’s bought into the Lie.  Or not, depending on where you’re pulled.

The chart above – another Flying Squirrel – is short-lived, since the Moon makes up its right hand, but it’s prophetic.  The Yods point to the North Node – our Mission – and Juno – the Growing Edge of Consciousness.  But the head of the Squirrel, the focal point of the whole Configuration, is the impending (April 16) Initiation of Vesta by Neptune – a Change in our Unconscious Beliefs about our Culture.  So the “bad news” in our previous post may be useful to have in mind, so we can perhaps add some of the Changes to the Growing Edge of our Consciousness.

The Neptune-Vesta Initiation is in the Gemini Duad of Pisces.  In this Duad we’ve already Embraced or Projected the core of our Held Emotions or Karma.

If we’ve been Embracing our Rejected Emotions, we’ve since burned their core away, found our Grounding, and now we’re opening up to all of its tendrils, subsidiaries, and associations, so we can Embrace those.  It’s an analytical interlude, a treasure hunt. 

If we’ve been continuing to Project our Undesirable Emotions, and we’re still focused on what they did to us, then we’re being given a second chance to loosen our grip on this Karma.  From this view, the “bad news” in the previous post is a Paper Tiger that we’ve created to shield ourself from Responsibility.  We would Take Responsibility by seeking any place where we’re a Victim of our Culture, Embracing that Victimized part of ourself with Compassion (“You poor kid, they’ve beat you up, haven’t they.”), and being Open to dialog with them, without Judgment.  We don’t want to correct them, we want to Listen to them, get to know them, understand them.  They may be legion.

The body of a Flying Squirrel is a Square Fez, and the Squares in a Square Fez are resolved by moving to Curiosity as recommended by the diagonal Quincunxes, which Curiosity liberates the Grace in the Trine and Sextiles that complete the Fez and Squirrel.

The Squares are Mars to Juno – the Edge between Fantasy and Desire – and Moon to North Node – the Challenge to Follow our Bliss.  The Quincunxes are Moon to Juno – I Wonder how I can distinguish my Guidance from What I Want?!? – and Mars to North Node – I Wonder what Actions will bring me closer to my Mission?!?

So our recipe for the next several days is Curiosity about Action, Guidance, and Mission.  Remember that when Neptune is lit up, viewing the World through Material eyes creates Confusion; viewing the World through Spiritual eyes creates Clarity.  If you’re expert as sitting with Confusion, without having to resolve it, fine.  Otherwise, whenever you feel like you know what to Do, or what to Want, or where your Guidance is leading you, laugh it off.  If you make a Decision or succumb to Certainty before April 16, you’ll be Creating a Future based on cementing your Past into place.  Stay with “I Wonder how all this will evolve?!?”


April 4, 2015

The audio interview of Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey that was online last week and again today (April 4), can now be downloaded, at

They talk about falling under the spell of the Goddess Archetype, as a necessary way to gather the Passion and Compassion and Fearlessness and Detachment from mind that we need if we are to actively and effectively promote the Reanimation of the Planet and the Rebalancing of the Feminine, before we “destroy” the Planet as a nursery for Life.  As I said earlier, it’s highly recommended.

Pi Speaks on the Water

November 27, 2014

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

Lots going on here with the Water.  How is it elsewhere?

Moon in Pisces crosses Neptune at 10pm PST November 28, and crosses Chiron at noon November 29.

More – Portals 9.1-8-11 and 9.2-3

September 1, 2014

herk2793bpA cluster of Herkimer Diamonds disguised as a Dragon.  A Herkimer Diamond is a Quartz Crystal that formed in solution, without a point of attachment to the walls of the cavity it formed in, so it’s a Crystal that’s complete on all sides.  Herkimer is the town in upstate New York where they were first found.

* * * * *

A second Grand Trine joins the Centaur Stampede from 1 September through 11 September, peaking around 5pm PST on 8 September.  While the Stampede Grand Trine occurs in the Fire Signs, this second one occupies the Water Signs – Chiron in Pisces, Juno in Cancer, and Ceres in Scorpio (no, silly, it’s Vesta in Scorpio).  The Moon crossing Chiron creates the 8 September peak, at about the same time that the Grand Trine is closest to Exact.  How might we experience this?

The longer-lasting September-October Fire Grand Trine is about opening up to what we’ve been Denying.  The upside of a Grand Trine is the availability of Grace.  The downside is a potential deviation from Gratitude.  We Deny things because they aren’t fun. 

In other words, whatever you feel afflicted by, the faster you shift to Gratitude that the pus is gathering in a surficial boil where it can be lanced, the less pain you’re likely to endure – and the more rapidly and thoroughly you’ll improve your Future.  That’s worth repeating…

Whatever you feel afflicted by, the faster you shift to Gratitude that the pus is gathering in a surficial boil where it can be lanced, the less pain you’re likely to endure – and the more rapidly, thoroughly, and radically you’ll improve your Future.

Read it again, translate it into your own words, and keep it handy until October 20.  Consider your affliction to be “Trial by Fire,” which is a lot more efficient than other sorts of Trials.

How about our new 1-to-11-September-and-peaking-8-September Water Grand Trine?  Waterboarding is no fun, so Gratitude is even more important.  We’re dealing here with Depression and Miracles (Chiron), the Edges of Consciousness (Juno), and creating Sustainability (Ceres), so this is a potentially Life-Changing couple of weeks.  We can Permanently shift our Perspective to allow our Intuition to find Miracles in the places where our Intellect finds only Hopelessness. 

What’s the key here?  Anything that Discourages you.  Focus your Energy (NOT your mental Energy but your Psychic Energy) on your Discouragement.  Your Intention will be to just be fully Present with your Discouragement.  To get to know it as if it was a separate Entity.  How do you know when you’re using mental Energy and not Psychic Energy?  With mental Energy, Judgment is involved.  With Psychic Energy, you’re just Curious, exploring, open, wanting to know more.  You’ve parked your preconceptions.

Yes, Grand Trines are about Grace.  But when you’re dealing with long-held Denial and the Growing Edge of Consciousness, you’re going to be encountering Emotions that are somewhere between nasty and life-threatening, and many of them will tend toward the latter.  The Grace is that these Zombies – they are literally the Living Dead – are coming forward to be Liberated from the Darkness of their dungeon. 

Watch the evening news, focusing intensely on your Emotional reaction to each of the horror stories they bombard you with.  Which Lifetime, where and when, was that your horror story?  You are over here; line up those Lifetimes over there on the other side of the room.  Find your Gratitude that this is you now, and that was you then.  Don’t let the Darkness pull you down the stairs into the dungeon.  Instead, pull your Karmic self out of the stairwell into the Light.

This isn’t Gaia’s Planet any more, it’s Pi’s Planet.  Pi has us scheduled for some tough challenges up ahead, so her workouts take no prisoners.  Know that you’re up to the task, or you wouldn’t be here.

* * * * *

Act I, Scene II

On 2-3 September, from around 7pm to 4am PDT, the Moon rides the Centaur herd and lights up the Fire Grand Trine.  Reminder…

Whatever you feel afflicted by, the faster you shift to Gratitude that the pus is gathering in a surficial boil where it can be lanced, the less pain you’re likely to endure – and the more rapidly, thoroughly, and radically you’ll improve your Future.

The Fire Grand Trine (29 August to 20 October) is in the neighborhood of 20-25 degrees of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, so whatever planets you have in those zones will be lit up.  The Water Grand Trine (1 to 11 September and peaking 8 September) sits in 13-17 of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Sedna Full Moon

May 14, 2014


Cacoxenated Amethyst.  The smaller brownish Crystals are Cacoxenite, or Hydrated Iron Aluminum Oxide Phosphate Hydroxide.  The Power in this combination derives from the Ascension of the Purple Quartz (7th Chakra) and the Phosphate (the “Bringer of Light”), the Grounding of the Iron, the Clarity of the Aluminium, the Energization of the orange-brown (3rd Chakra) Cacoxenite, and the unbounded Grace of the Waters in the Cacoxenite.  Like “Walking the Spiritual Path with practical feet” as Angie Arrien puts it, while having a Magic Wand to make it all effortless.

Declare the Intention that these Crystals will speak to you.  Then sit back, make your vision fuzzy, enjoy that for a little while, then let one part of the picture stand out and draw your Attention.  Don’t choose one part, let the picture choose the part and present it to you.  Focus your Attention on that part without focusing your vision.  Then Ask yourself, without allowing words in the answer, How does this Feel?

Which Full Moon occurs at quarter past noon PDT May 14. 

Start with Kelley Hunter’s excellent summary at, and don’t miss her section on Algol.  Kelley uses a slightly different angle on astrology than we do…

She doesn’t use the asteroids or the dwarf planets as much, and she uses a wider degree of Sensitivity than we do – we try to stick with three degrees.  Saturn, for instance, is four and a quarter degrees from the Full Moon, and Algol is three degrees and four minutes from the Sun.  I’m obviously splitting hairs there – her approach is absolutely as valid as ours, if not more so.

but she speaks from basically the same Worldview as we do…

In a word (so to speak), a Gender-Equal (if not more so) Jungian Worldview.  She has advanced degrees in this Worldview, we just have a ton of reading, access from past lives, an open Channel, and several appropriate natal planets.

We’ll look at the Full Moon from a slightly different perspective…

We’ll emphasize the Pallas Mjolnir and the Sun-Sedna Conjunction (they’re only ten minutes, or one sixth of a degree, apart – that is, Sedna Initiates the Sun only four hours after the Full Moon).

but if you combine her perspective with ours you’ll be a million miles ahead. 

You also don’t want to forget the two relevant issues we’ve already talked about, the Big Grace

The Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine.

and our evolving Yintegrity work as we restructure our orientation toward the Sacred…

The Jupiter T-Square with Vesta and the budding Uranus-Venus Initiation.

So those are two more perspectives to integrate.  Remind me a little later and I’ll try to help pull it all back together.

Our own perspective on the Full Moon itself involves mostly Boundaries and Responsibility.  Stephen Buhner (Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal World: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp.356-7) starts it off for us with some opportunities around Boundaries…

“During such moments, whether they come from a dolphin or a great tree we have unexpectedly stumbled upon in some ancient forest, we are suddenly caught up in something that has nothing to do with the human world.  We feel something coming into us from out there, something that is outside our narrow human perspectives.  In that moment, we are pulled out of ourselves into a world that is more ancient than the human – a place where living intelligences can teach each other as kin.  We discover then that trees have been doing something more for the past 300 million years than simply pining away for our emergence.

“We feel the touch of life, of a nonhuman awareness, upon us.  But more – we experience something unique to most humans in the West.  An intelligence, just as subtle and sophisticated as our own, but very nonhuman, reaches out and communicates with us.  Across the species divide, in spite of our isolation, a different kind of language than our own, one filled with meaning and intent, tells us something.  And a new world opens up.  When that happens we take a long floating leap, land somewhere else, and look around with new eyes.  We experience in that moment what the ancient Greeks – the Athenians – called aisthesis, the touch of a nonhuman soul upon the deeps of us – and know that ours touches them in turn.

We are not here for ourselves alone

“Aisthesis such as this often emerges into our experience at unexpected times.  It comes sideways to our normal orientation, grabs the depths of us and drags us unexpectedly into a world we did not suspect existed.

This is almost always how it begins for us in the West

“And when that happens, we abandon the view of life that does not allow us to extend interiority to dolphins or trees or rocks.

And so break the great injunction of reductionist science

“Being unable to extend interiority and consciousness outward, as Robert Bly once said, keeps human beings isolated in their own house and, in extreme cases, we simply look out at a world with which we have no possibility of contact.  We are cut off from the metaphysical background of the world and our perceptual capacities are kept in a box.

A box that science teaches us is the whole world

“If that box is very tiny, as it is with strict reductionists, the mind can see very little of the real world that lies outside the box; there is only the human on a ball of resources hurling around the sun.  All things in the universe – from that orientation – center around the human, for there is no exterior consciousness.  To such scientists the sun may no longer revolve around the Earth but it most certainly still revolves around human beings.

“But … once you are touched by a living intelligence from out there, you are changed.  It is nearly impossible not to be.  The living reality of that experience works on the self, undermining the old paradigm, and you begin to, more and more frequently, step outside the normal habituated boundaries of the Western world.  You begin to enter an older, wilder, less domesticated world, the place barbarians inhabit, where the hair begins to grow long, where wild lights begin to gleam in the eye.  You begin to enter the wilderness that still lies underneath the concrete of the civilized world.”

Boundaries used to mean being able to say No! and being honest without offending.  We’re stretching a bit here, eh?  A stretch that’s necessary if we give a shit about the future of the Planet, let alone our grandkids.  

The Sedna discovery chart features a Pallas T-Square with Chiron and Saturn.  Plus, the May 14 Sedna-Sun Initiation occurs at 25 Taurus, “A vast public park” – aka The Commons.

The folks who have been teaching us about Pi emphasize that our Piscean Victims no longer have a starring role in the Age of Aquarius.  We need to prioritize and Focus our Energy on What We Want rather than wallowing in our “They won’t let us have it” Victimhood.  Remember what we said about Unconscious Despair in The Ides of May?

Don’t waste the Chiron Grand Trine we have for the rest of May – get your butte in gear!

This Full Moon adds another layer of Responsibility.  We can no longer be Victims of our Relationship Patterns.

Kelley was riffing on the Venus-Uranus Conjunction square to Jupiter and Pluto, plus the Venus-Mars Mutual Reception, when she brought Relationship into her Full Moon reading.  We’re extending that, as our three-degree focus and adding the asteroids puts more weight on the Jupiter T-Square with Vesta and Uranus-Venus.  Plus, a major element of the Sedna discovery chart was a Venus T-Square with Mars and Jupiter, while Venus was flanked closely by Pluto and Vesta.  So Sedna tells us to stop projecting and get intimate and beyond Judgment and Denial with our own Anima and Animus.

In the Sedna discovery chart (which tells us about the Full Moon because it tells us about Sedna, and Sedna is very close to the Sun at Full Moon) the Sun is on the South Node (taking responsibility for one’s Karma), and there are two Pythagorean Tricolors – Pallas Square Saturn Quincunx Venus Trine Pallas…

If you aren’t sure where to Focus to stretch our Boundaries, Ask yourself What would the Heart do?

and Mars Square Venus Quincunx Saturn Trine Mars…

If your Inner Boy and Inner Girl are already married, then Relationship to you is something you do just for fun, not something you do out of need or with difficulty.  If that’s not you, then Ask yourself What’s The Most Important Thing I should be Focusing on? 

Okay, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Time to review and reintegrate. 

  • Kelley suggests that we work on our Victim spaces, reminds us that it’s our Inner Female who leads because she’s the one who understands what’s important to us, and challenges us to a fourth-step inventory of who we really are.
  • We remind about the Big Grace and Sacred Yintegrity work that’s part of the Full Moon.
  • Our own Full-Moon focus is on Boundaries, Responsibility, and Relationship.

Which all fits together surprisingly well.  We could wrap it up thus…

This is a remarkable opportunity to Let Go of any and all Patterns, especially Relationship Patterns, that keep us from living out our Deepest Desires.  Not only are they up in our face, but there’s very strong Grace behind our Intentions.

Awakening to the Universal Hologram

September 22, 2013

Connectedness and Individuality

A third Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

Today I’m thinking about Connectedness and its relationship to Individuality.  Eugenia, can you comment on that?


Jim, perhaps think of it from an expanded conceptual perspective – “we are part of everything” (a fractal of the Universal Hologram), and we are individuals, exploring that Hologram.  Here is an excerpt from the “Is-ness and Illusions” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.91):

There is one True Reality that is Spirit/Source/Is-ness – All That Is.  Is-ness is Holographic.  Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating a whole system is stored in each of its parts.  Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself, which is part of a pattern, that is whole and complete to itself, and so on.  Every, even the smallest, change made within a hologram, is mirrored throughout the entire hologram.  Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe – all are holographic in nature.

“Conceptually Is-ness/Spirit is a Divine Trinity: the ‘Root Cosmic Substance’ (material for creation), the ‘Creator’ (the original spark for creation), and the ‘Light/Word/Code’ (symbiosis of creation).

“Souls are individualized expressions of holographic Is-ness.  Each Soul creates its own reality through its own perception, in order to explore the Source-Code and become God again.  Through this exploratory process Souls gain self-awareness, enriching Source/Spirit/Is-ness with consciousness – an awareness of its own existence.”

What this means is that as individual Souls, we are gaining awareness of the Source/Is-ness that we all are parts of to begin with.


Eugenia, can you talk about negotiating the overlaps between “Merging with the Collective” on the one hand, and Individuality of “Focusing our Intent on our own Lessons” on the other?


Well, Jim, the “merging with the collective” is not really merging… Collective what?  Humans?  Universal entities?  God?  Instead it might be easier to think of it as a balance between “being part of the whole” and “following an individual path” – they are not mutually exclusive!  Most often we have to function within social settings as a part of a group.  Sometimes being alone on one’s path is required, but even then that individual benefits the whole of humanity by providing the point of reference of a particular experience (broadcasting it into the planetary holographic matrix).

If we look at this from a human perspective, this means that even though all humankind is sourced from the same place, each of us doing our part in enriching the whole by honoring our unique perception of reality.  The more we release the veils of our fears, pains and misconceptions, the closer that perception matches the Source.


In my experience we often tune into feral, contagious, “group” Emotions that seem to be escaping from the Cultural or even Universal components of the Unconscious.  How would you put that into perspective?  Would we simply tune in to the degree that the feral Vibrations matched our Karma, and not even notice the rest?  It also seems to me that there is an “impersonal” component of Karma – when we embrace our own, we contribute to cleaning up the Planet’s feral Emotions.  Is that notion at all useful in your view?


There are many Morphogenic Fields on our planet, created by everything on the planet, including us.  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 158):

“…The current level of human consciousness is the “training wheels” stage for the formation of Self.  It has created many morphogenic fields separate from Nature, not based on beneficial planetary instinctual intelligence.  The dominant consciousness (‘mass consciousness’) on the planet right now is fear-based, as it has formed from the negative sense of separation, scarcity and war.  Our ‘mass consciousness’ is disharmonic because it includes the actions, thoughts and feelings of humans who are locked inside of the image projections of what a self should be, instead of the true Self.  At the same time that our mass consciousness is fear-based, there are other morphogenic fields that exist based on peace, healing, beauty, and love.  All morphogenic fields in existence change their field strength with every individual feeling, thought, and action that occurs…”

We automatically vibrate as our karma – i.e. we are broadcasting the signal into space that matches our pre-set parameters of issues, fears and pains – unless we become aware, take responsibility for our out-puts, and apply effort to change the broadcast.  If we do that, we vibrate differently, and link with a different, not-karma-based, morphogenic field.

This means that most people on the planet right now are creating unconscious morphogenic fields, based on their karmic issues.  And since we all have similar issues (survival fears, jealousy, embarrassment, guilt, shame, anger, blame, etc.) they all clump together and vibrate as one.

In the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159) I said:

“…Individually and collectively we constantly contribute to the development of our Universe with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them.  This is why awakening to the next level of consciousness cannot be possible without responsibility – not only for our actions, but also for our internal environment – thoughts, feelings, senses.

“Morphogenic fields are accessed by generating a particular resonance to match the field’s frequency (fear attracts more fear; anger amplifies anger; compassion brings compassion).  Because higher frequencies are more harmonious, high frequency morphogenic fields can modify/heal lower frequency ones: a field of compassion will resolve hatred; a field of love will resolve war (these are usually the intents of the internet-based intention-setting morphogenic fields)…”

As for contributing to clean up of the planetary karma – really the cumulative human karma – yes, we do, by changing which morphogenic field we choose to amplify (by our out-put contributions).  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159):

“…Embracing our collective responsibility to achieve a level of personal transformation will impact our collective morphogenic field.  Transformation on this collective level is vital for sustainable enlightenment and continuing conscious evolution on both personal and planetary scales…”


Wow!  That’s farther than I’ve read in the book, and really nails it!  I need to get busy and finish the book.

Astrology tells us we’re in a period of Grace – even today we’re bathed in the Blessing of a Grand Sextile – a hexagram circling the whole Zodiac, made up of two Grand Trines (Free Lunches), one in Earth (Matter), the other in Water (Emotion).  When you draw a hexagram and then connect all the points to one another, you get two Grand Trines superimposed into a 6 pointed star.  The Sextile is a Sixth-Harmonic Angle, and the Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership, so our collaborative projects are particularly favored.  A Sextile is about “Creative Grace” – the Universe will smile on your projects once you get them started with your own Initiative.  It’s Creative Grace Galore!

Our Mission in September is to find our Gratitude for the Grace we’re under.  Pi has given us a probationary period, where we have a Free Pass for a while, so we can develop new habits for going without Time.  If we party it away, we may be in for a rude shock later in the year.  By now Pluto is Direct and Saturn is descending toward the South Node.  The latter puts us back into periods similar to 2002-2007, 1991-1997, and 1979-1985.  I’m suspecting that if we haven’t worked out our transitions within a few months, it’s going to get a lot harder to do.

Eugenia, what are your perspectives on this?


This is about being in Connectedness with all Life, vs. being in Separation from Life.  When we are in Separation, we are ‘brewing in our own juices’ – we cannot see straight because of the veils of our issues (misconceptions, pains, fears, and karma). Being in Grace is a point of reference for Connectedness.

The influence of the Comet ISON began to be felt energetically on earth on August 10th and we have been building momentum since then.  This comet, coming into planetary space during the Grand Sextile, is a reminder that we must remain connected to all life in order to become enlightened.  We lived for many thousands of years in Separation from life.  We will need to face that in October.  But to give us a chance to remember the Connectedness, we had a period of Grace before that.


Comet ISON is now at 19 Leo, Sextile to Mercury – speaking to us if we first Ask for an audience.


In the “Desire” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within I explain the concept of Separation (p.11):

“…Separation is a condition of perceptional limitation, when one’s Self is perceived separate from the Source, and from the rest of life.  We ARE everything even if our perception is focused on a detail of that everything (i.e. a body and a Soul are not separate; your body or someone else’s body, or any other object, are not separate; your Soul and other Souls are not separate; you and every detail of this Universe, in this or other dimensions, are not separate!).   When we forget this, we see ourselves separate from others, and desire something we do not have…”

And this elusive state of enlightment requires us to remember that we are connected to all life at all times.  As I mention in the “Enlightment” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.59):

Enlightment is a state of conscious Connectedness to all, the opposite of Separation.”

Thank you, Jim, for interviewing me on your blog.  Perhaps we can do it again as more questions arise in your mind, as you read further in my book.  Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit is available on my website, (along with a lot of free information!), and on Amazon as well.


Many thanks, Eugenia!  This has been very helpful.  It’ll take me a little time to digest it all and get that new parlor added to my Birdcage!

Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions

September 19, 2013

From Gaia to Pi – Time and Spiritual Adulthood

A Second Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

As I’ve said, I’m finding Eugenia Oganova’s new book to be a powerful tool for looking at old Patterns in new ways, and she’s been kind enough to grant us a continuation of our earlier interview.

I’m seeing what I think may be parallels.  For instance, when Eugenia says…

Witnessing feelings with our minds, parallel to experiencing them feelingly, is beneficial to our development.  Experiencing feelings without any mental Witness is detrimental to our spiritual growth, because we become limited by the perceptory range of that feeling.

I think she’s saying the same thing as I, when I say (with regard to Chiron)…

First, we need to open up to the Pain.  Then we need to step outside of the body that experiences it.  Then we have to reach back and embrace the part of ourself that’s in Pain.  You poor Dear, that really hurts, doesn’t it!  That act of Compassion is a wormhole that rematerializes you in an alternate Universe where you have more Power. 

Does it sound like I’m on the right track, Eugenia?


You are correct, Jim.  If we look at this from the energy anatomy perspective, it is the Emotional or the Astral body that is experiencing the pain, and it is the Mental or the Truth body that needs to be able to “witness” that emotional experience impartially.   Being able to do so allows the heart chakra to open and compassion occurs.

We can also look at this from the energy-psychology perspective.  The part experiencing the pain is the Lower Self (which is always in pain, due to being in Separation – from the Higher Self).  If Ego is impartial/neutral (does not take sides), i.e. the “witness,” this opens a pathway back to the Higher Self, which is like a parent to the Lower Self, the child.  The “parent” can then be compassionate to the “child,” helping us heal the pain.

All pains we experience come from misconceptions, from not seeing enough of the bigger picture.  But at the same time, pain is also a teacher, showing us that there is something we do not know.  Healing that pain does not mean simply that we “feel better” – instead, the goal is that we awaken!


There is an ongoing anxiety about Time, based on the Mayan-Calendar idea that “Time has been speeding up,” which certainly feels like the case – for me and for others.  Yet I know that Time “has ended” and we’ve entered a new portion of the Now, with different rules.  It feels like the new Saturn-North Node Cycle will represent a fairly momentous change.

Why does Time seem like it’s hanging from a rubber band now, bouncing up and down, and fast and slow?  Sometimes time slows down when I’m “having fun” or doing things that my “True Self” wants me to do, but sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s as if nothing has changed but everything has changed – is that your experience as well?


In 2012 (the Mayan “end year”) we had ended the limited perception of Time as “linear only.”  Moving into the new perception of time as spherical (simultaneous) and linear at the same time, we are experiencing all sort of odd states.

When we are connected to our Soul-Self (the true core part of us), we can experience spherical time – like when we arrive at a solution without having to go through the linear steps to get there, or when we feel it’s been only a moment, but linearly much more time has passed.


I ask myself if my anxiety is just an old pattern left over from the Old World, that just needs to be patiently corrected, or if I’m not understanding all of the parameters here.  Can you talk a bit about how Pi’s realm on the Planet will differ from Gaia’s?


The main difference between Gaia’s World (before 2012) and Pi’s (after 2012) is the human maturity requirements: Gaia was the Mother and we were the Children, while Pi is the Ally/Sister and we are now meant to be Adults.

This means that we have to grow up!  Being a Spiritual Adult means we must build a Self (the unique conscious self-sourced presence), with which come responsibility for what we are creating, freedom, and the expansion of the range of consciousness.

In 2012 we had ended the limitation of perception of reality as material.  We had entered the perception of reality as multidimensional.  It was the end of childhood for the human race.

This of course does not mean that everyone will suddenly experience reality as multidimensional – we are too steeped in materiality for that! – but at least now there is an OPTION of multidimensionality, available to the ones willing to work for it.

The anxiety experienced by many people in relationship to this change is related to the “having to grow up” piece! Pi EXPECTS us to be grown-ups, and this brings up fears like:

“I am not ready, I don’t know what to do!”

“How can I stay in control if I do not understand what is required of me?”

“How do I stay safe without the Mother?”

“My old drives/desires do not work anymore and I do not seem to have new ones!”

“What if I miss something?”

All these fears are human insecurities because we do not self-source, looking for the approval, support, and direction from the outside of ourselves instead. In my blog post New Planetary Formula: How to Create with Pi I further explain how we can modify ourselves in order to be “up to date” with the change.


I’m sure that part of my own anxiety springs from the inevitable Insecurity that envelops Humanity as we undergo the huge changes that are coming down.  I have guilt over the idea of Living Well when so many others are suffering.  Awakening the Harmony Within talks about our Soul Contract and Divine Plan – how do these fit in?


The guilt of “living well” while others are suffering is a very common issue for people who are on the spiritual awakening path. There are two things I can say on this:

  1. Guilt is a waste of time and energy, it is a parasitical emotion, supported by the lower astral beings who use us as energy-food.  When we are in Guilt, we are NOT learning the lesson that our actions/circumstances are teaching us.
  2. Everyone is on a journey and we arrive at particular circumstances in our lives because of our personal energy broadcast (which I explain in detail in Awakening the Harmony Within).  Our beliefs, our karma, our fears and expectations all create what we experience.  And the Soul, before incarnation, places the needed circumstances into one’s Soul Contract, in order for us to learn the lessons – clean up the past karma and build the Soul-Self.  And this means that some people need difficult, uncomfortable, even painful events to awaken them, while others, who do not experience these, had either already went through something like that in their previous lives, or do not require it for further development at that time.  We get EXACTLY the life that we require in order to awaken, always! – that is the Divine Plan.  Pain is the teacher, while suffering is the absence of consciousness when we get stuck in the pain, not learning the lesson – one must repeat this over and over until one learns the lesson.

From the “Earth as a Living Library” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.106):

“…Combining the open mind, and the trust in our perception, with research and personal experience allows us to choose our path inside this Earth’s library wisely.”

Thank you very much, Jim, for hosting me on your blog.  I hope your readers find this information useful on their spiritual journey, and they can find many more details on all these subjects in the book,

 Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit,

available on my website (along with a lot of free information!) or from Amazon.


Thank you, Eugenia!  You’re adding important perspectives to the understanding of what the Planet is up to, and adding new windows of clarity into it.  And I do highly recommend