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Reporters, Dolphins, Seaberries, and Pholus

September 8, 2016

The hard-nosed reporter… 

“spent the rest of the time leaning against the glass wall of the dolphin tank, chain-smoking cigarettes.”  

“Now for whatever reason the young dolphin was fascinated by the reporter and instead of swimming off with his family, he just kept floating there looking at him in the curious way young children, irrespective of species, have about something new.”

“After a while the reporter began to get twitchy, then mad.  So, he took a deep drag on his cigarette, turned, and blew smoke at the glass, directly in the dolphin’s face.  The dolphin back-pedaled in surprise, looked at the man for a moment, then swam rapidly off.”

“In a minute or two the young dolphin returned, swam up close to the glass, and just hung there … staring.  The reporter tried to ignore it, but after a while, in irritation, he turned and glared through the glass at the young dolphin.  As soon as he did, the young dolphin blew a cloud of smoke directly in his face.  

“And the whole room stopped.”

“Of course dolphins don’t smoke ,,, The dolphin, who was still nursing, had gone to his mother, taken some milk, and come back and puffed it in the man’s face.  Not bad for a six week old infant – of a species considered inferior in intelligence to humans.”

“One of the people who was there that day said he had never seen cynicism and skepticism evaporate in a human being so quickly.  In that tiny moment of time, the journalist’s separation from the other life-forms with which he shares this planet ended.”

Stephen Harrod Buhner, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp.355-6.

I have a pair of Seaberry trees that aren’t fruiting, and they’re calving and creating a thicket.  Lady Seaberry gave me a few Berries a couple of years ago, and their flavors were so incredible that I stopped cutting down her children.  Lord Seaberry, though, has started to invade the raised beds, and has taken a liking to the good soil there.  The other day, while working nearby, I had the thought that I should cut those down before they take over – he’s not “doing his job” of pollinating fruit anyway.

A Seaberry is a Sea Buckthorn, and while the thorns aren’t as stiff as a needle, they’re as long and as sharp.  They can scratch, but they’re not usually bothersome.  A few minutes after I failed to Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade my thought about Lord Seaberry’s knights, the Old Man poked me very directly, drawing blood.  Wrong finger, but it was otherwise just as if I was giving a blood sample, and it ached the same way.

Buhner’s book is about connecting directly to plants, out beyond botany and words, and I’ve been picking it up lately and reading a few pages, and thinking, I have to go sit down and try to actually Listen to Lord Seaberry.  My Attention is always elsewhere when I’m in the Garden.  Along with Prince Mullein, Princess Evening Primrose, and the Lily Girls, Lord and Lady Seaberry are a commanding Presence in the Garden.  And no other fruit – and few vegetables – provides the quality of nutrition that Seaberry does.

So I’m thumbing through Buhner, and read the story about the reporter and the dolphin lad, and thinking about wanting to try to be Present for Lord Seaberry.  For the first time I realize that I could Ask Ganeshi to Remove All Obstacles to my Communicating directly with the Plant People.  So I do.

Then I think about how I’ve been feeling disgruntled much of the day, almost as if I had done something wrong that would be considerable trouble to fix.  Maybe just Resistance about that phone call I’m supposed to return, which I expect to be difficult.  Maybe the childhood regrets that keep arising.  Or maybe something else.  The Feeling that there must be something I’m not doing right.

Then I remember that it’s now 8 September, and what’s happening on 8 September, and check the ephemeris.  Pholus Stationary – right now – but in Universal Time.  And I’ve been feeling this sense of bother for just about the number of hours that separate UT from where I am.

Shitodear, I didn’t just get a direct message from Lord Seaberry, I just got a direct download from Centaur Pholus!!

Centaur Pholus is about Taking Full Responsibility – returning the call, old regrets, etc.  

And on 9 September dwarf planet Quaoar is Stationary.  Lord Quaoar tells us what we need to know in order to Survive.  And his Station (on the Galactic Center – ) is almost Exactly Squared by asteroid Sappho – Self-Love.  Which for the last several hours is precisely what I’ve been failing to Take Full Responsibility for

The Square is Waning.  The current Sappho-Quaoar Cycle Initiated in January 2014 at 27 Sagittarius – also on the Galactic Center, “A sculptor at his work.”  Sedgwick talks on that page about receiving channelings from the Galactic Center in almost the same way that Buhner speaks of receiving wisdom from a Plant.

Our very busy timetable runs like this…

  • 7 September 7pm PDT – Pholus turns Direct
  • 8 September 4pm PDT – Moon triggers Saturn-Neptune
  • 9 September –
    • 5am PDT – Jupiter enters Libra
    • noon PDT – Quaoar turns Direct
    • 4pm PDT – Moon crosses Ixion
    • 7pm PDT – Moon crosses Pholus
  • 10 September –
    • 1am PDT –
      • Moon crosses Galactic Center
      • Moon crosses Quaoar
    • 5am PDT – Mercury Opposes Chiron
    • 7am PDT – Saturn Squares Neptune
    • 8am PDT – Hylonome turns Direct
    • 9am PDT – Moon crosses Hylonome
    • 1pm PDT – Moon crosses Chariklo
    • 3pm PDT – Chariklo turns Direct

I Wonder how many of these I can Take Full Responsibility to be Conscious for.