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New Year Portal – Pay Attention!

January 1, 2013

The New Year Portal is opening in a few hours, at 10pm PST (perhaps sooner) on January 1, 2013.  For review, this is a full Diamond Star, composed of both a Yod and a T-Square with Jupiter at the Apex, which puts a great emphasis on Jupiter the Magnificent.

Jupiter the Amplifer expands everything it touches.  That’s only negative when you’re already over-expanded, but Saturn the Arrow sits on one corner of the Base of the Yod, and Saturn the One-Pointed is very grounding, so the Portal should be tolerable for most folks.  Saturn the Single-Minded represents focused Intent.  Pluto the Transformer occupies the other corner of the Yod Base, so this Yod provides an opportunity for us to Amplify our Transformation.

This Amplified Transformation of our Intent is not something we’re doing, it’s something we’re watching (if we’re awake).  So it’s a fabulous idea to keep a close watch on what we’re Intending.  If we’re in a foul mood, we need to turn that around quickly, or we’ll be manifesting exactly what we’re dwelling upon!  We’ll have plenty of time for foul moods later, so there’s no need for us to hold tight to this one.

This Yod has been with us since December 13 – when Uranus went Direct and began unloading the 1960s in earnest.  It begins to fade tomorrow.  It returns at the Ides of March for a few weeks, and may be stronger then, because Jupiter the Expander will be Direct then; Jupiter the Blessed is Retrograde as we speak.  If we inadvertantly create foul weather now, we’ll likely have the opportunity to turn it around in the last half of March.

The Yod is powerful because it’s about Curiosity – we’re Curious about what’s being Amplified, what’s being Transformed, and particularly Curious about our Unconscious Intent, aka Denial, since Unconscious Intent is what runs our Lives.  Doesn’t mean we can’t steer our Trance(Re)Formation into a direction we’d like to see the World, and ourselves, evolve into.  In fact, it would be very wise to do some steering – just don’t white-knuckle the wheel.

But the Big Thing about the New Year Portal is not just the Yod, but the T-Square, because the Base corners of the T-Square are Chiron-Neptune the New Paradigm, and Moon the Manifestor.  So we have a fabulous opportunity to directly (though Energetically) influence how the World will be evolving, and how we ourselves will fit into that evolution.  A T-Square usually represents Mastery through Challenge, but in a Diamond Star, when it’s combined with an outpouring of Yodiosity, I don’t believe any of us will have much difficulty being Motivated toward the Mastery.  You can hardly be Curious and a Victim at the same time, and the T-Square Challenge is always about embracing and transforming our inner Victim.

Jupiter the Glorious also Trines (Grace) Mars the Active, so we’ll also be downloading information about what First Steps we can take in the World at large to manifest our New Role in the Transformed World.  Jupiter the Blooming also Sextiles (Creative Grace) Uranus the Soul-Messenger, so alignment with our Mission shouldn’t be an issue for us.

Enjoy!  The Portal should be open for at least four hours.

It’s very Curious that the US House of Lobbyist Representatives appears to be voting about whether to throw the World Economy off the “Fiscal Cliff” just about the time that the Portal is at maximum intensity.  That could go either way, either expanding the band-aids that keep the Zombie Currencies and Zombie Western Economies from bleeding to death, or accelerating their bleedout with an additional wound.

Elizabeth points out that I neglected to add a couple of Centaurs and those new TNOs to my 12am 1/1/13 chart, and when they’re added the chart becomes a lot more interesting and significant than it was, so we’ll be writing about that soon, as that chart will be coloring the year to come as it unfolds.

A Christmas Angel

December 23, 2012


Well, we know this is important, because I just hit the “wrong” key and erased everything I’ve written.  Fortunately, I’ve learned that it’s always easier the second time around.  But this time I’ll start with the bottom line, rather than building up to it.

At 12:00 am PST on January 2 (that is, the midnight between January 1 and January 2, in the Pacific Time Zone), the Moon Opposes Chiron-Neptune and Squares Jupiter.  Since the Jupiter Yod is still intact, this creates a “real” Diamond Star, without having to use the Ascendant and other ephemeral Angles to complete the pattern.  This will not be an event that occurs at the same clock time everywhere, it will vary around the globe – 8am in London on January 2, 7pm in Melbourne, etc.  And this time the Portal will not be open for 10 minutes, but for several hours!  The Moon is a Manifestor, so this will be Big!  Put the date and time on your calendar or your iphone.  This Portal should open as early as two hours prior to the indicated time, and stay open for as long as two hours afterward.

What’s it mean?  The Jupiter Yod is with Saturn and Pluto, so we expand (Jupiter) by Focusing (Saturn) on Trance Formation (Pluto).  We could do that with PIAVA, for instance, or Tapping, or Meditation.  Or if you’re in a group (or even not), ritual singing or dancing or chanting.  Pluto Trances are often worldwide trances – global versions of Culture.  The reason people can communicate with one another, when they can, is because they share the same Trance.  The Jupiter T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) forms with Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) and the Moon (Manifesting).  So we have a very powerful Opportunity to Co-Create the kind of Community we want to live in, both locally and globally.

And we have a smaller version of the same Opportunity on Christmas, at twenty minutes after 4pm PST, when the Moon Conjoins Jupiter.  Here’s the NASA version of it.  There won’t be a planet or hotspot to complete the T-Square at this time, but since this event is bracketed by the January 1-2 event and the Portals we’ve just been through, the field will be intact, so there will be some Diamond Star effect.  And in at least two World locations – the left coast of North America and eastern Australia, the IC and Descendant do complete the T-Squares.  In western coastal North America the Diamond Star is completed at the same 4:20 pm time on December 25 as the Moon-Jupiter Conjunction, and in eastern Oz this occurs at 10:15 am on December 26.  I couldn’t find a place in Europe or Africa where the Ascendant squared the Jupiter-Moon Conjunction, but you may be able to.  The Square to the Midheaven occurs in the mid-Pacific.

If you’re not in far western North America or eastern Australia, you can fill in the Christmas Vacancy yourself, by focusing on its degree, Virgo 6, “A merry-go-round.”  You could put that image into your ritual dance.  You could be Present with anything that the merry-go-round image invokes.  The cycle of Life, the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Karma, a Chakra.  Kids playing.  Imagine the realizations you’ve had over the last several months being thrown out into the World, the way centrifugal force tosses off anything that’s not hanging on to the merry-go-round.  Imagine anything that may have reached its Tipping Point – submachine-gun control, World Peace, Justice, Equality, Tolerance, Abundance – to fly out and shift the World Trance.

The Portals of the last several days have made me a believer in the Diamond Star configuration.  I’ve found it particularly useful for penetrating Fear.  Every discomfort and dis-ease in your body is blanketed by Fear, as if encased in bubble-wrap.  You can’t begin real Healing until you’ve penetrated the Fear, since it reflects your attempts to love your discomfort back into Balance.  When I’ve directed this Portal Energy into discomfort, it seems to melt the Fear envelope, leaving the Vulnerability exposed to be re-integrated.  It hasn’t Healed the discomfort, but the Fear is gone, and that’s the Tipping Point that full Healing follows.  The Portals have also been very good for downloading useful information.

Let’s review the Diamond Star.  It begins with a Yod – a skinny triangle formed by two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  Then add a T-Square, a wide triangle formed by two Squares to the same Apex.  The T-Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge, but a T-Square is very frustrating, because it’s impossible to “get it right.”  You have to recognize that Life is not about getting it right, but about exploration.  Since a T-Square is interminably motivating, we explore more than anyone else, and develop Mastery.  But we don’t develop appreciation for our own Mastery till we move beyond the frustration.  The Yod replaces the frustration with Curiosity, so we have an interminable motivation to explore, and interminable Curiosity to feed it.  No resistance to exploration, no Energy wasted on frustration, and Mastery of Masteries.

Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, is a Calcium Sulfate, like the Gypsum in your wallboard, but with a different crystal structure.  Angelite connects the physical with the spiritual, the personal to the global, the actual to the ideal, and facilitates Co-Creation.

All Too True

December 21, 2012


If you experience these Portals as waves of heavy Emotions, let them run right through you into Mother Earth.  She won’t make Lemonade from them, she’ll make Gold, or Tourmaline, or Turquoise.  Below are the times for today and tomorrow.  Again, these are clock times anywhere in the World, not adjusted for longitude.  They should be fairly exact for most of the Pacific Time Zone; in your neighborhood they should be within a half hour…

  • Jupiter-Lilith-Midheaven 4:50-5 am Friday, 4:45-4:55 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Midheaven 5:55 am Friday, 5:50 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Descendant 11:25-11:30 am Friday, 11:20-11:25 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Descendant noon Friday, 11:55 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-IC 4:50-5 pm Friday, 4:45-4:55 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-IC 5:55 pm Friday, 5:45 pm Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Ascendant 10:10-10:25 pm Friday, 10:05-10:20 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-Ascendant 11:40 pm Friday, 11:35 pm Saturday

They’re like Sabian Symbols – one of yesterday’s Jupiter Portals came through as Pigs and Elephants dancing on a table, with outlines of Lions and Cows circling around it, and again finishing off with that same Turquoise color, this time as mottles.

And again, Dorothy gives it to us straight…

“Turquoise is still the powerful protection against negative vibrations or influences that it has always been.  It helps you use all your knowledge and inner resources to understand and, if necessary, work with what is not understood.  It helps allay fears about being attacked by what is dark and of being cut off from the light.  It replaces fear with peace.”

“It can being back deep knowledge and memories of powers used.  It might trigger, for some, forgotten abilities that can be relearned and used again at new levels.  It stabilizes and calms the emotions and helps the mind to organize present knowledge while it opens to new ideas.  It can help resolve old karma having to do with misuse of knowledge because it once symbolized knowledge.”

Dorothy Roeder, Crystal Co-Creators, p.204.

Year of the Bunny

December 21, 2012


Downright Real

December 20, 2012


For me anyway.  I’ve been otherwise engaged most of the day, but I’ve managed to tune into two of the Portals so far, and found them to be quite Real.  The Ceres Portal this morning opened up in front of me, like a cave in a mountainside.  But the Jupiter Portal at 11am arrived, from above and behind, as if it was Superman, cape trailing behind.  It stayed intense for a while, then turned into a Turquoise-studded grey-green Frog on the ceiling, which slowly expanded and faded.  I don’t hallucinate on the average day, so I take that to be very clear.  Well, there have been a whole lot of wiggling around the edges of my field of vision, and a bat did fly out of my office the other night, but that’s just the Veil thinning.

Not noticing any contribution from Lilith, I did a quick calculation and figured that if she had a separate Portal, it should arrive about ten minutes after Jupiter – and it did.  It was brief, but quite clear.  It neither opened nor arrived, but announced its presence already in my body, just under the base of my ribcage, with a small pain and then a clear vision of a Geoduck-like Being.  Very curious.  Anyone else experience the Portals?  Or am I just self-hypnotizing?  I won’t publish your identity unless you say it’s okay.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Portals.  I’ll recalculate the timings for tomorrow, to see if we can get any more accurate.

Strike Debt

December 20, 2012

Here’s a fabulous example of New Community…

The gift isn’t a gift “to” the person you specify as a recipient, it’s a gift of debt relief to somebody neither of you know, given in the name of the recipient.  Kinda like Buddhist Heaven.

December 20, 2012

Sorry about all the text, but this is too good not to share!

Portal Reportal

December 20, 2012

Well, I did the first Portal in my Dreams (which were pleasant enough), but I was awake for the second Portal, and it came through loud and clear!  Subtle, but powerful.  Which is a relief!  I mean, it’d be embarrassing to get everybody to the party and then not have any punch!  The second Portal wasn’t so much about “Finding my Tribe” as it was about Healing (Bummer!) – I didn’t have the list with me, so I didn’t know what topic to focus on, other than remembering it was a Ceres Portal.  Depending on your own experience, you may want to forget about the topics I’ve assigned to each Portal, and just let them be whatever they want to be.  Which will probably happen anyway, unless you’re thinking them.  But even if you’re doing that, I recommend letting your mind wander.

One thing I did learn, is that Sustainability and Sustenance weren’t quite the right words for Ceres.  I don’t want to talk about Permanence, because that so rapidly ossifies.  When I look up a definition for Permaculture, that fits very well, but so far I’ve heard the word applied only to Agriculture…

Any system of sustainable agriculture that renews natural resources and enriches local ecosystems.  The design, installation and maintenance of indefinitely sustainable human communities set in balanced ecologies, both urban and rural.

The second part fits, but it’s not broad enough, as a true Permaculture would work with or without the Humans, and we’d want it to apply to such things as a Community of Internal Organs, or a Community of Critters That Co-Inhabit Your Body, if it’s going to cover the sorts of processes that I experienced in the Portal.  Even a Community of Thought Fields and Biological Responses.  Maybe that’s where we would focus – Ceres as the Ecological Field, the Matrix that Embraces You Multidimensionally.  Maybe the difference between the Entropic (naturally unwinding, like mechanical systems) and Syntropic (naturally rewinding, like biological systems).

The topics I listed were topics that I just “made up” by combining the elements involved.  For instance, “Finding Your Tribe” was a stab at finding a catchy phrase that  combined Ceres (the Ecological Field), Pallas (Wisdom, Boundaries), Mars (Energy, Assertion), Rahu (Mission), Venus (Values), Midheaven (Community), T-Square (Mastery, Challenge), Yod (Curiosity), and Diamond (Competence).  And of course, as we just discussed with Ceres, each of the parenthetical words is a stab at finding a keyword that might trigger Intuition about a much broader concept than the single word.  You can come up with a million other ways to merge these concepts – and then when we expand beyond Concept to other Universes (Emotional, Perceptive, Energetic, Creative, to name a few Universes beyond the Conceptual) it rapidly turns infinite.

So use the topics very loosely…

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

Let me know how the Portals work for you.

Big Solstice Chart

December 19, 2012


My hourglass is running low, but I wanted to say a few things about the Big Solstice End-of-the-World-as-We-Knew-it chart.  It kinda has the feel of a Spiderweb in a hole and isn’t particularly well organized.  I guess we could have expected that.

The central element is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm) at the Apex (primary issue) and Jupiter (Expansion) and Venus (Values) at the other two corners (supporting actor and actress).  Our Values are a relatively constant emanation from our Heart.  We can get stuck on intellectualizing our Heart’s Wisdom, and it’s always a constant struggle between our real Heart’s message and our programming.  Those little dudes on your shoulders with the halos and the horns aren’t part of your Heart or your Values, they’re part of your programming.  So when we’re asked to Expand (Jupiter) our Values (Venus), what that usually means is that we’re being asked to give up some of our false persona – our programming – in favor of our True Self.

The T-Square says that the New Paradigm is asking us to give up some of our false persona, that our New Communities will work better if we come straight from our Hearts.  Remember that during the Jupiter Portals (5am, 11am, 5pm, and 10pm) tomorrow – Ask for (or PIAVA) a loving and gentle and rapid and complete transition from your current persona to one that’s closer to your Truth.  The Jupiter Portals are open at about the same times on Friday, Solstice Day.  These are clock times anywhere in the World, they’re not times that need to be adjusted for longitude.

In addition to the Jupiter and Ceres Yods that we talked about in our Portals post, there’s a third Yod in effect, and we could even cast it as a complicating factor in the Jupiter Portals.  Jupiter is Conjunct Lilith, and both are Quincunx to Saturn and Pluto.  So we need to say that not only do we want to eschew some Heart-hiding programming here to facilitate our New-Paradigm lifestyle, it would also behoove us to open to the Deep Feminine.  And considering the Yod and the Jupiter Portals, it’s not “just” about

…putting our Attention into Expansion (Jupiter), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

It’s more like

…putting our Attention into Expanding (Jupiter) our Deep Feminine (Lilith), we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

Factoring in the Venus-Jupiter-New Paradigm T-Square as well, it becomes something more like

a Challenge to Co-Create (the T-Square) New Communities (Chiron-Neptune) founded on Open Hearts (Venus) by putting our Attention into Expanding (Jupiter) our Deep Feminine (Lilith), so we can open up to allowing our Focus (Saturn) on Transformation (Pluto) to surprise and delight (the Yod) us…

The thick plottens.  So what the devil is this Deep Feminine we keep talking about?  We could repeat the old line, If ya gots to ask, ya don’t gets to know, and in some sense that would be true, but it certainly wouldn’t be very helpful, except at splitting off the Muggles, and there’s more than enough splitting already, and in general She isn’t about splitting.  And we can certainly provide some preliminary clues about where in your Belly to look for Her.

You already know She’s About

  • Magnetism and Collaboration rather than Dynamism and Competition.
  • There’s certainly an element of We’re-All-in-This-Together as opposed to Us-Against-Them.
  • PIAVA/Change the Subject/Pay Attention rather than Plan/Do/Drink Beer.
  • Intuition rather than Logic.
  • Yin Integrity (doing what we feel like doing moment to moment) rather than Yang Integrity (doing what we said we would do).
  • Being led by your Heart instead of your Mind.
  • Trusting your Emotions more than your Rules.
  • Integrity over Morality.
  • Self-Love over Discipline.
  • Empathy over Expectations.
  • Compassion instead of Detachment.
  • Faeries over Fertilizers.
  • Holistic rather than Analytical.
  • Balance instead of Achievement.
  • Power-with not Power-over.
  • Listening more than Talking.
  • Love not War.
  • Curiosity over Judgement.
  • Sharing instead of Pride of Ownership.
  • Warm not Cold, Soft not Hard.

I could go on – are you getting the idea?

I mean, imagine a mother’s attitude toward her baby.  What if we all treated one another that way?  It would be horrible, worse than a small town where everybody knows everybody else’s business!  But not if people Listened, Respected your Truth and Freedom and Boundaries and Equality, Honored you for who you are, and made a constant honest effort toward Win-Win.  What if people got paid fair wages for “Women’s Work”?  I imagine most of us would be quite content, and quite productive, in a Community like that – what planet do you suppose that happens on?  Home?  What comes up immediately for me, is What about the millions of Win-Lose strangers that will try to break into the Community and rip everybody off?!?  I’ll be tapping on that old movie.

A lovely brown Raw Diamond for us.  We’ll need to quote Dorothy Roeder here, from Crystal Co-Creators

 Diamond’s “energy is difficult to use.  You must know exactly what you want and be specific in your invocations with it because it is so accurate in creating the structure of your thought.  It invokes the potential in your whole being to help bring what you desire into realization.”

“Diamond symbolizes ideal balance of male and female polarities within the life flow.  It wants to eliminate any blocks to achieving that ideal.  It enhances partnerships only if you are willing to work on yourself to release barriers to achieving perfect balance between you and your partner.  If you cling to selfishness and self-centeredness, your search for the ideal will cause it to dissolve the partnership.  To maintain the flow between partners you must be willing to maintain loving communication.  This job has traditionally belonged to the woman, so it is she who is given the Diamond.  With the growing realization that both partners need to be responsible for the health of marriage, Diamonds might not be used as much [for that purpose] any more.”

Enjoy the Trance Re-Formation, and I’ll see you on the Other Side!

12/20/12 Portal Timing

December 19, 2012

Kartia says,

Thank you for the awesome information but being in Australia Southern Hemisphere do the above times change as we are 9 hours ahead……Can you please let me know……Bright Blessings and thank you.

The times given in the 12/20 Power Portals post are times on your clock, no matter where you are in the World.  This is unusual; we usually give times as PST or PDT, with a link to a table of how that translates into clock time in your part of the Planet.  But these Portals are unusual events – they occur at the same clock time no matter where you are.  There will be some variations at different locations, but the variations won’t be large.  If you start your meditation at the clock times listed in the beginning of the post and repeated here –

  • The Community You Would Love to Live in, at 4:45 am
  • Finding Your Tribe, at 5:45 am
  • Your Ideal Partner, at 11 am
  • Your Soulmate, at 11:45 am
  • Getting Paid More Than You Ever Imagined Possible for Doing What You Most Love to Do, at 3:45 pm
  • The End of Hunger, at 4:45 pm
  • Being Respected by Your Peers, at 9:45 pm
  • Being Really Heard When You Speak, at 11:30 pm

– and meditate for half an hour each time, you should catch the Portal from almost anywhere in the World.