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Blessing Full Moon Eclipse II

February 8, 2017

Let’s start with a message from Nicole of Cauldrons and Cupcakes fame, a message which I couldn’t have said better myself, a message from…

Every morning when I wake up I sit in meditation.  

“I say prayers for my family and friends, I send healing to those who need it, I send energy and love to my students, and then to the world.  

“After which I always think about you, dear readers, and I ask ‘What do my readers most need to know today?’  This usually helps me to write a blog post, or to prepare an activity or meditation. 

“Today when I asked, I got a very clear message.  So clear that all I need do is record it here:

Everyone on earth should believe that they have something to give the world which cannot otherwise be given.

“I know that this is true.  

“And I know that it’s a message some of you absolutely needed to be reminded of today.  

“So, go be you.  Go be who you are and know that this is enough.  To live as yourself.  To act and think as yourself.  To interact with others as yourself.  To love as yourself.  Your true self.  Your whole self.  

“Even if you have never been brave enough to be you until now.  

“Because it’s time.

“I love you.  Go well today,

“Nicole  xx”

Wouldn’t hurt at all to repeat that, in Big letters…

Everyone on earth should believe that they have something to give the world which cannot otherwise be given.

You have a Huge Gift for the World which No One Else can Give, and your Gift is a critical piece of the Puzzle.  Don’t hold it back!  The rest of us need it!

“So, go be you.  Go be who you are and know that this is enough.  To live as yourself.  To act and think as yourself.  To interact with others as yourself.  To love as yourself.  Your true self.  Your whole self.  Even if you have never been brave enough to be you until now.  Because it’s time.”

Scary, I know!  But try this – every day say one thing to one person, which you otherwise would never have said, but which you Want to say.  Let yourself step over the “Nice” line a little every few days.  “Nice” is too often a filter that eliminates Truth and Clarity and even Intuition, and if you Want to say it, then they Need the information.  If more Anger slips out than you’re Comfortable with, just Apologize and “own” it – “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean it that way, I’ve been Grumpy all day – the traffic was horrible this morning!”

You “own” it by Admitting to your own Feelings – the Grumpy part – it doesn’t matter what you make up to “justify” your Grumpies.  You’re under no obligation not to Lie when it’s convenient – the Inhibition on Lying that you Learned as a Child was a Power-Over Manipulation to Control your Creativity so you’d Conform to their Norms.  It was “for your own good,” of course, and sometimes it actually was, so No Blame.  But it’s time to Unlearn that Lesson.

Take a few minutes every Nice-Transcending day to gaze at this stone…

It’s a double crystal of Manganotantalite, a crystal that helps run your cellphone.  One of its esoteric properties is that it allows you to speak in ways that communicate your True Compassionate meaning to others.  It always surprises me when I use it, as I say things that I had no idea I was going to say, but which are True and Supportive.

Here’s Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians version of this message, from∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/ , a few days ago…

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“It is time for all of you to recognize how significant you are.  It is time for you to realize that what you are is more important than what you do.  It is more important than what you say, more important than what you write, and certainly more important than what you believe.

“You are powerful beings who have massive amounts of untapped creative potential.  If you could work together, join forces with your fellow humans and direct your energies on something that would be beneficial to all, you would demonstrate to yourselves how powerful you are.

“However, each individual must first recognize that you are able to access more Source Energy through yourselves than you have ever dreamed possible.  When you are capable of bringing Source Energy through your unique perspective, you are able to add so much to this world of yours, and to the entire universe.  This is truly where your significance lies.

“You change the world by bringing through more of that high frequency Source Energy.  Now often you seek a mission, a purpose, or some goal to achieve that will summon forth the Source Energy that we are talking about, the Source Energy that is so powerful when grounded into the physical reality.  But just by living your lives, just by having your relationships with each other, and by at times just struggling to get by, you are doing all of the summoning that is necessary.

“You see, it doesn’t matter why you are summoning forth more of that energy.  It only matters that you allow it to flow through you, and then we encourage you to recognize how your uniqueness puts a particular flavor on the energy that you bring through.  It is a flavor that only you can add to the Source Energy that you ground into the physical.

It is your uniqueness, combined with your ability to access Source Energy and allow it to flow, that makes you so important.  There is not one of you who is more important than any other.  You are all equal in your diversity.  You are all fully capable of bringing through more energy and putting your stamp on it.

“If you were to just take five minutes of your time every day to seek out a place within yourself where you can access more of that Source Energy and allow it to flow, think of the impact you would have.  Imagine how powerful you could be and feel if you could radiate that Source Energy out, even for just five minutes of your time.  And as you demonstrate to yourselves just how good that feels, you will want to do it for longer.  You will want to feel the flow of Source moving through you, and everyone and everything will benefit without you having to lift a finger.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

All of which is precisely what we’ve been trying to say these last several months, about the Golden Rectangle in the Sky between…

  • Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover your Hidden Genius – but No Pressure, your Hidden Genius is YOU without any Editing – you just need to set good Boundaries against your Internalized Editors.  Asking “Who’s voice is that?” might help)
  • Chaos-Atropos (the End of our Self-Limitations – the only Pressure here is to Pursue those whisper-quiet messages about how You Can or Can’t Do That, it’ll help you get to know your Inner Editors)
  • Uranus-Eris (We can no longer Deny who we Really Are, on the Soul Level – and again, No Pressure!  This isn’t about Trying to Be Someone, it’s about Stop Trying to be Someone Who You Aren’t)
  • Jupiter-Haumea (Expanding into our Rebirth – and again No Pressure, it’s about Allowing, not Doing)

Then we add the Full Moon Eclipse, right at the Midpoint of the long sides of the Golden Rectangle, filling up the Grand Sextile!  And it’s in Leo, the Sign of I Gotta Be Me!  center-stage Energy.  You’ve probably all been to Concerts or other performances, where you’ve left Feeling Exhilarated and Inspired, and other Concerts where you were left Feeling Drained or Exhausted.  That’s the difference between Positive Leo Energy and Negative Leo Energy.

Do you have an a priori sense of Leo Energy in general, whether it’s Positive or Negative?  Some of us were Trained to never “blow our own horn” – that’s one of our Limits that are up to be Transcended.  If we React Negatively to the idea of “blowing our own horn,” we may want to PIAVA that we amply Demonstrate our Unique Skills, so we don’t have to talk about them.  Our Unique Genius is too subtle for words anyway.  We can get closer to Contagiously Inspiring Leo Energy by Intending it.

We aren’t done with this Full Moon yet – there’s still more to follow.

13.12 Full Moon IV

December 11, 2016

“Surely the paradox of all paradoxes.  The enlightened Being that I, and others like me, had struggled to reach was never above or beyond, or in some distant future, but the greater Truth of who we are, right here and now.”  –Michael Roads, Journey into Oneness: Into a Timeless Realm, p.13.

Before we move on to the rest of December (which is also busy – can we Expect otherwise?), let’s spend a few minutes on the several “niggling little irritants” in the Full Moon chart.

[1] A while back we mentioned that the Hylonome-Makemake Cycle, which is about how Manifestation is blocked by Archetypes that we’ve Merged with.  We keep Manifesting the Archetype instead of What we Want, until we do it enough times to figure it out, if we ever do figure it out (hint: it’d not about Judgment).  Here’s what we said then ( …

(8) Think about how the last week or two have been very different in your Life.  Seeing more Mysterious movements out of the corner of your eye?  Obvious signs of Ego Rebirth (such as feeling lost on a route you’ve traveled often)?  Long deep Sleeps?  Unusually sharp Intuitions?  Unexplainable surges of Excitement?  Angels are becoming more Present; keep your eye out for evidence of them. The more you Acknowledge their Presence, the more they can work their Magic.

(8) On 5 December at about 3am, Hylonome (Detaching from Archetypes) Waxing Squares (Challenge) Makemake (Manifestation).  The Hylonome-Makemake Cycle in general is about Letting Go of Self-Sabotage.  The Energy of a Cycle is strong around its Initiation, then goes underground till the Waxing Square, then reaches the mainstream.  The current Cycle was Initiated in June 1989 (think Harmonic Convergence) at 3 Virgo, “Two Guardian Angels“!

Turns out that was an error; this Cycle isn’t really about the Guardian Angels; it’s about “Black and white children playing happily together” (September 1988 at 4 Virgo).  Not to worry about the Angels, They’re here; I’ve long since learned that an “error” in a chart is a valuable Intuition.  It’s great news about the Children.

In the Full Moon chart, Makemake is at the focus of a T-Square with Hylonome and asteroid Atropos.  Atropos is about Endings.  

This is more good news, as Inhibitions to Manifestation End.  However, it’s a T-Square, so it’s a Challenge, and the Challenge is likely to be our Attachment to the Inhibitions.  Maybe you’ve been getting glimpses of Possibilities that you’d never entertained before, but dismissed them as too remote?  Reconsider.

In a “naked” T-Square (ie, absent a Grand Cross to Complete it), the Strongest point is the Vacancy Opposite to the planet at the focus.  Here that would be 5 Aries, which is about “Self-Transcendence.”

“People are never without help from Self or other Beings.  The help is always there, but of course, if  you are closed and unreceptive, then unfortunately you create and maintain your own helplessness.”  —op. cit. p.17

[2] The asteroid Lachesis, which is about Setting the Duration of an Ego’s Lifetime, makes a T-Square across the Opposition betwen Haumea-Pandora (Rebirth into Gender Balance) and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Clearing the Memories that Hold the Emotions which Prevent Our Heart’s Truth from Becoming the Permanent Essence of Our Identity).  Ah yes, those Ten Thousand Vignettes.  This sounds more like a huge Opportunity than a Challenge, but of course many of the Vignettes are No Fun.

The Vacancy for this T-Square is 23 Cancer, a “Literary Society.”  

Hmmm.  Are we overthinking this one?  Certainly those Vignettes will be bringing up lots of pregnant Emotions that will beg us to fill out their balloon with What-If and If-Only and Why-Didn’t-I and What-Could-Have thoughts.  But there’s another trend developing here.

While Jupiter is still five-and-a-half Degrees and nine months from being Initiated by Haumea, Both Jupiter and Haumea are within our three-Degree range of Sensitivity to Uranus-et al and Lachesis, giving us a second naked Lachesis T-Square, with Jupiter.  The Vacancy for this one is 21 Cancer, A virtuosa performing an opera.  So…

There is a Timing Issue here.  Next September our Rebirth into greater Identification with our Heart’s Truth will Blossom into full unmistakeable Glory.  There will be no Doubt!  All we’re doing now is Finishing Business, cleaning up the flotsam and jetsam from the previous Jupiter-Haumea Cycle.  That Cycle was about “Children blowing soap bubbles.”  From the Perspective of our Mastery, all these Vignettes, and their referents, are just playful shimmery bubbles, of no substance!  That’s a Revelation to remember!