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August II

August 13, 2018

Long about the middle of next week we get back into the Heavies, as Sedna (Transforming Fear into Power) then Saturn (The Most Important Thing) then Ixion (Forbidden Genius) then Pholus (Choosing Response over Reaction) then Quaoar (Survival Instincts) then Hylonome (Opening to Self-Sovereignty) all Stand Still over the following month, often combining and overlapping to make things Complicated.

And most of the Heavy Hitters are near or on Sign Cusps, meaning that they’ll have Station charts similar to the Lilith-Mars Initiation chart in the previous post – Busy Busy Busy.

  • 18 August – Mercury Stationary Direct 12 Leo (9:30 pm PDT)
  • 26 August – Full Moon 4 Pisces (5am PDT)
  • 27 August – Mars Stationary Direct 29 Capricorn (7am PDT)
  • 28 August – Sedna Stationary 28 Taurus
  • 6 September – Saturn Stationary 3 Capricorn
  • 7 September – Klotho Stationary 25 Capricorn
  • 8 September – Ixion Stationary 26 Sagittarius
  • 12 September – Pholus Stationary 28 Sagittarius
  • 13 September – Quaoar Stationary 0:00 Capricorn
  • 17 September – Hylonome Stationary 8 Capricorn
  • 21 September – Asbolus Stationary 21 Gemini
  • 23 September – Chariklo Stationary 15 Capricorn
  • 26 September – Chaos Stationary 26 Gemini
  • 29 September – Lachesis Stationary 6 Gemini
  • 1 October – Pluto Stationary 19 Capricorn
  • 12 October – Juno Stationary 1 Gemini

Active Self-Sovereignty

August 12, 2018

Today Daniel Scranton Channels…

“We are beginning to understand humanity’s motivations for doing things.  We have noticed that you believe very strongly in taking action, and that many of the actions that you take are done in an almost zombie-like state.  We see you going through the motions most of the time, but not really engaging with the actions that you take.

“So most actions that we see you taking are meant to make you feel better about something or to just feel better, period.  You take action not because you absolutely feel that you must, not because you are inspired and you cannot hold yourselves back, but rather you take actions because you feel they are necessary.

“We want you to start acting less.  We encourage you instead to see how long you can do nothing, because in doing nothing, you are more likely to become aware of what you are feeling.  Now, when you become aware of what you are feeling, you can do something about it.  You can raise your vibration.

“There is a chance, of course, that for some of you doing nothing will lead to an inspired action.  You will find yourself moving in a particular direction without even thinking about it.  You will spring into action because something inside of you will be guiding you towards that particular action.  We want you to realize that this is what you intended to do with the actions that you would take at this point in your journey.

“You intended to act from a place of joy or enthusiasm, a place of excitement.  You don’t need to prove yourselves through your actions.  No one is keeping track of how much you got done, unless you are talking about someone that you work for, or perhaps someone in your life that you are trying to impress.  But is that really where you want your actions to come from?

“Or can you imagine a life where every action that you take is taken because you feel inspired to move in a certain direction?  Take as much time as you need to receive that inspiration, and for as long as you can, sit and do nothing, and just see what happens.”

Actually, I do that a lot, just this morning for instance, and I usually Judge myself for it.

We usually find a high correlation between Daniel’s Arcturian Channelings and the current astrology, and for the last several days he’s been talking about a Big Download or Portal, consistent with the Uranus Station or Descent of the Soul.  So I Wonder if this Non-Action reflects something in the Eclipse chart that I haven’t noticed? 

Non-Action is of course an important part of Taoism and Buddhism…–%20wu-wei,%20inaction,%20actionless%20action.htm

Inaction or wu-wei does not mean that one literally does nothing (although more often than we think actually doing nothing is the best policy).  Rather, it means that one avoids unnatural action.  This is most often forced or aggressive or obsessively fussy action.  It also means, that one performs all one’s actions with a natural, unforced attitude.  The Taoist remembers that sand will settle out of water in time if the water is left undisturbed, and that no one person can do everything. 

“Above all the Taoist avoids fussing.  Excessive excitement over trivial matters is an annoyance to both self and others.  The Czech philosopher Comenius expressed the idea in his motto: ‘Omnia sponte fluant; absit violentiarebus‘ – ‘Let all things spontaneously flow; let there be no violence to things’.  Wu-wei is also related to tolerance: one does not insistently interfere in the lives of others unless they themselves are interfering with someone.  This letting alone of others is a form of respect and non-violence, and is akin to the modern notion of human rights.”

This extension to Tolerance makes astrological sense, as the Eclipse was about Boundaries (Conjunct Pallas) and Illuminated (T-Square) Contrast (Opposition) between Respect for All Things (Hopi) and Growth in Consciousness (Juno).  But any mention of Action, or Non-, steers us toward Mars.  Other than being Retrograde, what was Mars up to?

Mars was Conjunct Lilith, or Self-Sovereignty.  We associate Self-Sovereignty with Lilith because, once we eliminate Her Condemnation by the Patriarchy, Her most immediate and prominent Action was to decisively Reject Adam when he attempted to demand her Obeisance.  That explains the Arcturian message quite well. 

Lilith Initiated Mars less than a day before the Eclipse (8am PDT 10 August), and the Initiation was a doozy…

That’s all but one corner of a “Grand Unx,” where twelve planets are more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, which is probably going to be pretty useful as we begin sourcing our Sovereignty from Soul rather than Ego.  In the heavy lines we’ve drawn just the Angles that directly involve Mars-Lilith – yet another one of those usually-rare Self-Resolving Diamond Stars that are all over the Sky this month. 

Mars-Lilith is Contrasted to (Opposes) the Life Force (Varuna) and Challenged (T-Square) by our Soul (Uranus Stationary), implying that a Threat to our Health will be an indicator that we are continuing our Codependence rather than Surrendering to Soul’s Inspiration.  As a Diamond Star, though, the Challenge will be Self-Resolving, as Blessings flow to us from the “Basket of Grace” (blue truss) beneath the T-Square (red triangle).

The Blessings flow from Noticing our Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Responding rather than Reacting to the Triggers that Set them Off (asteroid Karma, which is Unx to Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar).  And from Manifesting What We Really Want rather than what we’ve been Programmed to Manifest (Venus-Makemake).

The Challenge between (Square) Self-Sovereign Action (Mars-Lilith) and Soul (the Uranus Station) is also Resolved by (the orange lines or Mjölnir) Epiphanies about the Truth of what’s Sustainable (Ceres-Veritas).

The Lilith-Mars Initiation occurred at 1 Aquarius, “an old adobe mission in California.”  That’s pretty much a poster child for “insistently interfering in the lives of Others who are not themselves interfering with Others” – Western Colonialism.  Who continues to Colonize us, to use us and our Resources for their own Gain without compensating us fully?  Full compensation would mean that every transaction leaves both parties equally better off.  Does that characterize most of the transactions in your Life, as Venus-Makemake suggests it should?

Anger is the Energy that Sustains Resistance to Colonialism, but Acting in Anger leaves us worse off as a Community, and unfortunately leaves echos for Centuries.  For instance, today’s “Celebration” of the Anniversary of the Debacle in Charlottesville Virginia, and everything it entails, is a direct continuation of the US Civil War, which has on paper been over for 153 years.

Dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) is noticeably absent from the Lilith-Mars Initiation chart, leaving the echos of Colonialism itself for another day.  But the principle of Non-Action implies that we deal with our Anger through means other than Action.  We Fear that if we Abandon our Anger we also Abandon What We Deserve, but it’s an unfounded Fear – we are much more Effective at Defending our Rightful Space when we do so from Worthiness rather than Anger.

Next II

August 11, 2018

A Diamond Star is an astrological Configuration that suggests a Self-Resolving Problem; a Challenge to Become Adept (a T-Square, red triangle) is Blessed with High Attention (a Yod, green wedge) and two Easier Pathways that Complement one another (two Trine Bridges, the blue truss). 

Diamond Stars are not common, but we’ve been seeing them all over the Zodiac lately, haven’t we.  Blessings from the Universe, making it a little Easier on us Visitors.  A Diamond Star looks like this (the heavier lines)…

The “Problem” here is that our Boundaries or Judgments (Pallas) need Adjusting, as they are Brightly Illuminated (Eclipsed), they’re the Focus of Attention (the Yod), and they seem to Present a Dilemma (the T-Square).  An Eclipse, by virtue of Absence, makes what we usually Take for Granted suddenly Stand Out.

The base of the T-Square (the long red line) further defines the “Problem.”  The Problem is always a Duality.  In this case it’s Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) versus Respect for All Things (Hopi).  That’s pretty Clear.  The Heavy Hitters – Social and Spiritual Pressure (Neptune) and a Shift in the Zeitgeist (Pluto, with Klotho/New Beginnings) pave the Easy Paths.  Blame the Millennials.

There are a couple of appendages (the lighter lines).  One of them shows us what’s Sustainable (Ceres and Veritas/Truth) and makes it Easy for us to Ground that (Juno-Pluto-Ceres Grand Trine in Earth) into the course of our New Lives, so newly Enhanced with the Descent of Soul into Matter (the Quantum Jump Uranus Station).  It also forms a third Easier Pathway for the “Problem” to Resolve itself (Trine Bridge).

The Second appendage is about Trust (Eurydike).  It’s Highlighted (Yod), and it Emphasizes Curiosity.  Not the “I gotta figure this out” kind of Curiosity, but the “Wow, that’s Amazing!” sort.  Yes, everything’s sort of Spacey here in the Infancy of our Rebirth.  We aren’t sure what we’re doing any more.  We can Trigger our old Habits if we want, but they don’t interlock with our Identity any longer.

Can we Trust all this Change, or are we just Stoned?  We’ll have to see what Happens, as someone we wish we didn’t know is wont to say.  Wait, is that a Judgment?  There are several counts of Curiosity here.  “If our old Judgments no longer work, what can we Trust?” (Eurydike makes a Quincunx Bridge to the T-Square).  I guess we just have to Trust that Spirit will Guide us Properly – we are after all being Driven by our Soul now! (the Yod, and a Eurydike-Juno-Pluto Tricolor). 

We get some free Insight too, as the Eclipse chart also features two interlocking Mjölnirs…

We could call this Configuration a Pedestal, like the one the Lion is sitting on…

It’s a trapezoid like a Fez, but instead of Curiosity-Quincunx Diagonals, it has Insight-Trioctile Diagonals (the orange lines).  The red sides present a potential Hassle, and the orange wedges point to the Epiphanies that Change our Perspective and make the Hassle moot.  With our new Perspective we’re like the Lion Tamer, about to Lose our Head (Identity).

“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Confused aren’t you” (Chiron) can help reduce our Xenophobia (Hopi Square Eclipse-Pallas), and we can Easily step our of our Discomfort (Saturn Square Chiron) by Shifting our Boundaries (Eclipse-Pallas).

Of course this is only the beginning, as there are many appeals yet to come, and thousands of other lawsuits in the wings, but in honor of the Eclipse a jury has awarded a man dying of cancer (and his heirs, we hope) just shy of $300 million because they concluded that Monsanto’s Roundup caused his cancer.

One of the toxic ingredients in Roundup is Glyphosate, an antibiotic.  They don’t just use Glyphosate on GMOs and as a Weed-killer.  They use it to kill growing plants like Wheat and Sugar Cane because it makes harvesting easier.  So every time you eat non-Organic Grains or Sugar, you inhibit your Immune System, as the Glyphosate kills your Gut Bacteria, which is your Immune System’s front line.

With the Soul in Charge now, can we overcome these silly Physical Limits and Judgments and give our Body free reign to do what it wants?  I’m finding that it’s quite the opposite, as my Body is very Clearly telling me to shape up and jettison Self-Sabotaging habits like Sugar, even Organic Sugar.  The Soul’s Message seems to be “Take Good Care of our Physical Vehicle – I Live here now!”


August 8, 2018

Kelley Hunter has some Wisdom for us as we approach the 11 August (3am PDT) Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 19 Leo.  The Eclipse is mostly about Relaxing our Judgments (Conjunct Pallas T-Square to Hopi Opposite Juno, a Diamond Star with Neptune and Pluto adding the Grace).

“New ‘Waves of Grace’ are entering our solar system and sweeping through our cells.  This is altering the whole molecular structure of Earth and all creatures — with a wash of higher frequency.  This is giving rise to anxiety as many of us are arguing with ourselves about our lives, concepts and belief systems.  Many feel a loss of control.  Mystic Beth Hin of the White Rose Foundation talked of this in a recent visit to Vermont as ‘our goodness seeking to remember its strength.’ 

“We can be kind and compassionate as well as grounded and centered in our higher Self, without getting out of balance to accommodate others.  All this retrograde movement turns us within, rediscovering internal space.  Turn off input from the world; find your strength within.  Let hope fill your heart, and maintain a steady vision of positive outcomes.”

Quantum Jump 27: The Real Thing VII

August 6, 2018

Remember the Mjölnir?  When a third planet is Trioctile to each end of a Square?  They’re the orange lines in this copy of the Uranus Station chart…

It means that the third planet may provide Insights to assist with your handling of the Square.  For instance…

  • If your Survival Instincts and your Values are tripping over one another (Saturn-Quaoar Square Venus-Makemake), what if it could be Both/And (Juno as Growth in Consciousness).
  • Confused about whether to Set a Stronger Boundary or Let Go of One? (Jupiter-Hopi Square Pallas-Sun-Mercury; oops, forgot to draw in that red line)  Give yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Confused, aren’t you.” (Chiron as the Miracles Created by Self-Empathy)
  • Another possibility for the same Dilemma (Juno Square Pallas-Sun-Mercury): what do your Survival Instinct tell you? (Saturn-Quaoar)
  • Feeling Victimized and Lack of Healthy Control in your Life? (Moira Square Chiron)  Who is it that you aren’t Respecting? (Jupiter-Hopi)  Too often when we’re Judging Others it’s because we’re doing exactly what we’re Judging them about, just in a different arena.  The Ego will Deflect Change whenever it can.
  • Regretting all those places in your Life when you didn’t Act in your own best interest? (Uranus Square Lilith-Mars-South Node)  Honestly now, would it have been Sustainable to have acted Differently then? (Ceres-Veritas)
  • Are you Rejecting your Survival Instincts because it feels like it would be too Painful to Trust them? (Chiron Square Saturn-Quaoar)  Their are Easier ways, but you’re Walling them out.  Try “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I be Shown the Shortcuts that I’m not Seeing.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

Here’s a wonderfully Insightful note from the Fairy & Human Relations Congress…

“Diomira D’Agostino joined us from Virginia, and she wrote us this beautiful letter…

“In my experience, The Fairy Congress is a one-of-a-kind gathering for so many reasons, not the least of which is that at its fulcrum is such a powerfully focused and specific intention: to heal and restore the relationships between the human and Fairy worlds.

“As this intention and vision has also been at the center of all I do for over a decade, I found a natural home at Fairy Congress and was easily able to ‘tuck up under’ and harmonize with the heart of your event!

“I’d also like to acknowledge you for all of your hard work, dedication and years of commitment [this was the 18th annual Congress].  The result of which is clearly evident to me in the palpable sense of willingness from the invisible realms to meet and greet the human participants.

“Also not unnoticed was the strength of relationship and trust that has been fostered over the years with the spirits of the land and the event itself.  And this energy seems to spill out beyond the scheduled ceremonies and rituals into every moment, activity, nook and cranny.

“The flame of creative partnerships between human and fairy vividly burns strong at Fairy Congress and in this geographic place once again because of your 18 years of service.  For upon arrival I was greeted by two Faery beings, members of what many refer to as the Sidhe.  Seemingly native to the area, I sensed a past that contained a long-standing relationship between these beings and the First Nations who once populated the area.  Between these beings and myself there was an openness and from them to me passed a gesture of welcome.

“Later, just before I departed I experienced a sacred communion with the Deva of the Land – beautiful golden rays of lights streamed over the land, the mountains and the valley below.  Then about 10 or so native Sidhe approached.  We spoke at length.  And while I know that you know this, I must pass this along anyway (because we humans sometimes need to hear it).  That is, that the beings I communed with there are so filled with…gratitude hardly feels like it conveys…filled with fullness of celebration and joyful hope and expectancy for humanity.”

Quantum Jump 26: The Real Thing VI

August 5, 2018

Let’s take those pairs of planets in the All-But-2-Grand-Septile, as they will indicate places where our Timing should be “automatic,” places where if we have to try to think it through of Figure It Out, we know we’re on the wrong track…

  • Timing between the Uranus Station itself (Integrating Ego with Soul) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege)… We’ll not only be Letting Go of our Attachment to Abuse, but also our Attachment to Privilege.  If there’s anything you’re still Angry about, or anything you’re Scared to Lose, Locate the Anger or Fear in your Body and be Loving and Gentle with it there.  Stay with it till it Shifts.  If your mind wanders, gently bring it back.
  • Timing between the Uranus Station itself and Klotho-Pluto (A New Beginning with less Resistance to the Inevitable)… Let New Beginnings happen, even if they seem Messy.  Trust that they will Evolve smoothly.
  • Timing between the Uranus Station itself and Sun-Mercury-Pallas (Setting Boundaries against Intellectual Interference with Growth)… Are you Conscious of the fact that parts of you may Resist Growth?  If you find yourself making up Stories to Justify this, Let It Go.  Lean into your Growth till you can Feel how Natural it is.
  • Timing between the Uranus Station itself and Moon-Chaos (Touching the Unlimited Potential that is Authentically Ours At This Time)… Can you Feel this Jewel gleaming just beyond your Reach?  Let It Come To You.  It Is Yours.  It’s not something you’ve Earned; It Always Was Yours, it just wasn’t Time for it yet.
  • Timing between Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and Klotho-Pluto (A New Beginning with less Resistance to the Inevitable)… You’ve already Given Up Privilege, because you won’t need it any more.  It’s Time for you to Trust that you’ll be Safe and Taken Care of, no matter what.
  • Timing between Nessus and Sun-Mercury-Pallas (Setting Boundaries against Intellectual Interference with Growth)… Trust that when an Opportunity to Abuse or Gain Privilege arises, you’ll just say No Thanks, without even thinking about it.
  • Timing between Nessus and Moon-Chaos (Touching the Unlimited Potential that is Authentically Ours At This Time)… Remember all those Dramas about how Abusive it would be to your Loved Ones if you Surrendered to your Deepest Desires?  Feel how Silly they now seem?  It’s just not like that, is it.  It’s just Easy to Let It Happen.
  • Timing between Klotho-Pluto (A New Beginning with less Resistance to the Inevitable) and Sun-Mercury-Pallas (Setting Boundaries against Intellectual Interference with Growth)… You’re Free now.  You no longer need Protection.  Let The New Stream out of the Sunrise into You.
  • Timing between Klotho-Pluto and Moon-Chaos (Touching the Unlimited Potential that is Authentically Ours At This Time)… Has your Resistance faded away completely yet?  Let yourself Swoon into that Irresistible Ecstasy.
  • Timing between Sun-Mercury-Pallas (Setting Boundaries against Intellectual Interference with Growth) and Moon-Chaos (Touching the Unlimited Potential that is Authentically Ours At This Time)… It seems Funny now, doesn’t it, to think that we used to have to Create Boundaries against Ecstasy.  Go ahead, have a good Laugh about it.

Quantum Jump 25: 3D and Ecstasy

August 5, 2018

Well, did you try Tapping while Affirming your Deepest Desires?  Or Affirming your Deepest Desires and Maintaining the Love and Respect of those you Love?  Respect for those you Love may be a part of your Resistance to your Deepest Desires, if you Fear that they wouldn’t Understand and Approve.  It’s certainly a Dilemma that Brenda Hoffman’s Channel is thinking about…

“Those of you reading this message no longer need to believe in doom and gloom. For you, en masse, have transitioned beyond fear.

“You are no longer of 3D no matter how diligently you try to be.

“Some of you are laughing because who would wish to remain in fear given the opportunity of a life of joy?  Who indeed?  So it is you have cleared entire lifetimes of fear, as well as fear dust pockets.  Resulting in your accurate proclamation that you are no longer of 3D.

“If you are angry or fearful, you are merely playing at being of 3D.  A somewhat difficult concept to grasp for who would wish to play with fear and anger?  You or you would not be asking about fear.

“So it is you are learning you no longer wish to feel or play with fear.  The fear that was is no longer fun, interesting, or practical.  For when you become fearful or angry, you halt the flow of love and joy that is now rightfully yours.

“What are you to do if someone in your inner circle is projecting fear or anger?  The answer is always your choice.  But the choice you are discovering as the most uncomfortable internally is to join them in their fear or anger.  For doing so merely enhances their anger, their fear…”

She goes on, at great length…

Tapping and Affirmation

August 5, 2018

I think this is worthy of General Consumption.  Only about ten percent of you seem to follow the Comments, and QuillessBending has Commented that…

“As for what we say while we tap, I also tend to go for positive affirmation sort of thoughts instead of focusing on the negative feeling… which doesn’t always need to be twisted into words… but something like ‘I am worthy of having my needs taken care of’ or ‘I am perfectly safe and bolstered by the universe, and all is well,’ that sort of stuff.  It really depends on which way the emotional wave may be taking me.  If the goal is to fully accept ourselves, then we accept ourselves whether we are looking right, left, up, down, or are totally confused.”

To which I Replied, more or less…

The Pudding (as in “the Proof is in the”) would be whether it works.

I use whatever Negative thing I’m Feeling or Imagining as my Tapping phrase under the theory that by Aligning the Meridians with The-Truth-About-What-I’m-Feeling, the Negativity will be Resolved, and the Apparent Truth that Nothing Changes Until It Is Fully Accepted Exactly As It Is.

So I might be Tapping on “Even though I’m Scared, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  But before I start Tapping I Ask myself, “How Scared Am I?” on the usual 1-10 scale.  Then I Ask the same question again after Tapping.  If I’m less scared, then the Tapping worked.

There is another advantage here; we’re Affirming that we Love ourself Unconditionally even while we’re Feeling untoward.  I haven’t figured out how to factor that into Tapping on a positive Affirmation, though in general it suggests that QuillessBending may be ahead of me here.

Since most of the time when I use Tapping this way it works very well, this is how I use Tapping, when I’m Feeling untoward.  So I Trust it.  If it doesn’t work, I Trust it enough to assume I’m not reading my Emotions correctly, so I change my phrase a little and try again.  And of course, always, if it doesn’t work enough, then I Tap again.

Tapping on “I am Worthy…,” we might Ask ourself, “How Worthy do I Feel right now?” and then Ask again after Tapping.  If our Feeling of Worthiness has increased, then Bravo! – we’re onto something.  Some Tapping pros start with the Negative and gradually shift into the Positive.

I don’t use Tapping on Affirmations, so I don’t know if it would work for me.  I’ll play with it.  My first few clumsy tries with it leave me very Confused, which is a good place to be, if I can Avoid putting it all back in the Birdcage.

Quantum Jump 24: The Real Thing V

August 5, 2018

We’ve already mapped “Grand” (complete or Powerful) Configurations in the Third (Grand Trine), Fourth (Grand Cross), and Sixth (Grand Sextile) Harmonics in the Uranus Station chart.  These Harmonics represent, in turn, Grace, Competence, and Partnership.  The First Harmonic by the way symbolizes Identity, and the Second Ritual.  Let’s look at Harmonics Five and Seven…

The Fifth-Harmonic Configuration (light purple lines) is one corner shy of a Grand Quintile and the Seventh-Harmonic Pattern (heavier purple lines) is missing two corners to complete a Grand Septile.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching, and the Seventh about Timing. 

This is Foundational, so let’s review…

  • First Harmonic (0 Degrees of Separation) – Identity
  • Second Harmonic (180 Degrees) – Ritual
  • Third Harmonic (120 Degrees) – Grace
  • Fourth Harmonic (90 Degrees) – Competence
  • Fifth Harmonic (72 Degrees and multiples) – Learning
  • Sixth Harmonic (60 Degrees) – Partnership
  • Seventh Harmonic (51½ Degrees and multiples) – Timing

and we may as well continue…

  • Eighth Harmonic (45 and 135 Degrees) – Rebalancing
  • Ninth Harmonic (40 Degrees and multiples) – Introversion
  • Tenth Harmonic (36 Degrees) – Abundance
  • Eleventh Harmonic (32.7 Degrees and multiples) – Confidence
  • Twelfth Harmonic (30 Degrees) – Pattern-Breaking

The Almost-Grand-Quintile or Big Learning Opportunity includes…

  • Lachesis-Sedna, Consciously Modifying Fear-Based Timelines
  • Neptune, Recognizing Confusion as the first sign of Growth
  • Saturn, The Most Important Thing
  • Atropos-Haumea, Ending Resistance to Rebirth

You can probably combine those yourself, right?  Something on the order of Learning that The Most Important Thing is to Recognize Confusion as the first Sign of Ego Death so we can Stop Fearing and Resisting it, and Embrace our Rebirth instead, eh?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been Programmed to Believe that Confusion, like Curiosity, Requires me to Figure Out What’s Going On, before it creates further Trouble.

This means Learning a whole new Way of Being, where I have to Celebrate Confusion as an Emotion in its own right, and Get Excited about the Unknown Changes that it portends.  Which means I need to Trust that I’m Safe in the Interim, and Trust that the Changes will be for the Better.

What about the Vacancy.  If there was a planet in the Fifth, missing, corner, this Learning could happen on its own, without my having to Midwife it.  If I can Create the Energy of the Vacancy, I won’t need the planet there.  The Vacancy is 10 Degrees of Leo, “Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field.”  In Nature at Sunrise on a cool Spring morning as the Warming Sun surrounds me with Diamonds – I been there, I can Embrace that Feeling.

So we could make this, Learning a whole new Way of Being, where I Celebrate Confusion as an Emotion in its own right, and Get Excited about the Unknown Changes that it portends by Knowing that the Rising Sun will Warm me and surround me with Diamonds.

In the All-But-2-Grand Septile, the Elements that are likely to Time themselves well here are…

  • The Uranus Station itself, Integrating Ego with Soul
  • Nessus, Abuse and Privilege
  • Klotho-Pluto, A New Beginning with less Resistance to the Inevitable
  • Sun-Mercury-Pallas, Setting Boundaries against Intellectual Interference with Growth
  • Moon-Chaos, Touching the Unlimited Potential that is Authentically Ours At This Time

I think a good way to proceed would be to look at the ten Combinations (Uranus and Nessus, Uranus and Klotho-Pluto, etc) and go from there. 

We’ll do that, and look at the many Eighth-Harmonic Configurations (Mjōlnirs) in the next few installments.


Quantum Jump 23: The Real Thing IV

August 3, 2018

A reader writes…

“The post you made this morning about PTSD really hit home.  I don’t think you totally understand the actual biochemical experienceof being triggered, though.  It’s not something that one can ‘laugh off.’  It, in one instant, starts a chain-reaction of chemicals that, even in the most peaceful of people, takes a certain amount of time to ‘come down’ from.  I can sometimes choose to ‘channel’ the energy – into exuberant song, physical activity, dance, speech, performance, whatever: but people don’t like that either.  Rock and hard place doesn’t begin to illustrate it.”

I do appreciate that, and didn’t mean to reduce PTSD to anything less than the Monster that it is.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I’ve been impressed by Bessel van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score (which recommends Theater as a pathway to Healing) and by Gary Craig’s success with Tapping (see Gary’s – not Dawson’s – book EFT for PTSD, or Gary’s website

Besides the T-Squares in the 7 August (10am PDT) Uranus Station chart, there’s the Grand Cross…Which is four Squares end-to-end.  A Grand Cross doesn’t make its four T-Square Challenges automatically Self-Resolving, but the four do tend to Assist one another, if by no other way than Distracting us before we can get hung up too much on any one of them, the way we do when they’re Isolated.  Grand Crosses tend to make us good at Multi-Tasking, and good at Tolerating Incompleteness, if not Disorder – Skills very useful for Creativity.

The Grand Cross introduces us to two new Corners; asteroid Moira and Saturn-Quaoar. 

Moira represents the Choice we all have between Accepting Our Fate and Changing it.  Virtually all of the Greek and other Classical Dramas, which seem so Fated, are about Consciousness, or lack of it.  Yes, “Fate” can Chase us out of town or Shame us into a Speck, but What If we turned around and Stood Our Ground? 

I know, there’s a bus about to flatten us, but what have we got to Lose?  Our Karma.  Flattened might be a far better Choice than being Stuck in an Archetype that constantly Abuses us.  If stepping in front of the bus was the final Choice that Liberated us from the Archetype, in the next go-round we could be Reborn as the Abuser.  That may not be much of an improvement, but it might be Easier to Stop Abusing than it is to Stop Being Abused.

Fate is nothing but the Choice to Not Choose one of the many Alternatives.  I know, it’s usually not Conscious, but that’s the point.  Fate – aka Karma – is what happens to us when we aren’t Conscious.  If we Don’t Like it, we need to Get Conscious about it.  Our Fate starts to Change when we stop Feeling Bad about going through the Olde Pattern again, and start Feeling Good about Noticing that we went through the Olde Pattern again.

You probably remember that Saturn means The Most Important Thing, and since Quaoar is about our Survival Instincts, Saturn-Quaoar tells us here that Our Survival Instincts Are The Most Important Thing.  Not sure about you, but this week I hear more people talking about how it feels like the End Times, than I did last week.  Which is Good, because the End Times is the Track we’re on.  The sooner we stop Lamenting that we’re on the End Times Track and start Feeling Good about Noticing that we’re on the End Times Track, the sooner we’ll start Choosing Alternatives.

Notice that in the Grand Cross, the Venus-Makemake T-Square makes another Diamond Star…

So whether or not we can Manifest (Makemake) What We Want (Venus) depends on whether we can start Choosing Alternatives to being on the End Times Track (Moira Opposite Saturn-Quaoar).  But as a Diamond Star, this is Self-Resolving.  The Grace which Allows that Flows from the Uranus Station itself (Allowing Soul to come Home) and OR10 (making Lemonade from our Intrusive Memories).

The Moira T-Square and the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square are also Diamond Stars.  In the Moira T-Square…

Our Choice (Moira) is to Get Conscious that our Despair Because We Can’t Always Get What We Want (Chiron Opposite Venus-Makemake), is a natural result of our Failure to Choose one of the Many Alternatives to the Choices we make every day.  For instance, we could make the Choice to Feel Grateful that Sometimes We Get What We Need.

The Cosmic Assistance we get to make this Dilemma Self-Resolving, is Consciousness of our Karma (asteroid Karma) so we can Act Contrary to it in order to Create Self-Sovereignty (Mars-Lilith-South Node).

In the Saturn-Quaoar Diamond Star…

the Duality to overcome (base of the T-Square) is about our Despair (Chiron) and Desire (Venus-Makemake).  Definitely try Poor-Sweethearting.  If you’re a Buddhist you know that Desire and Despair are really One and the Same from the start, but even then you may not make a Clean jump from Idea to Emotion.  It’s a Human Dilemma irregardless.

The Self-Resolution (the Trine Bridges or blue lines) arrives through Appreciation for our Vitality (Varuna-North Node) and through Comfort with Molting (Sappho-Nemesis).  We’ll need a separate post on that, as it’s a much bigger event and topic than the iceberg-tip we see here.

This leaves only the Chiron T-Square as failing to Self-Resolve.  However the Chiron T-Square is also a Corner of a Grand Trine, which may make it even Easier than a Diamond Star…

It’s a Fire Grand Trine, fitting for Chiron now in Aries.  This will be a big Change for us, as we get enough Chiron in Aries under our belts to see the Difference from Chiron in Pisces.  Sure, we’ll Encounter Spiritual Despair, but that’s a whole lot less gut-wrenching than Emotional Despair, even if it’s more serious from other Perspectives.  Spiritual Despair eventually leads to Surrender, and as long as that happens before we pull the trigger, it Opens us to a Whole New World of Miracles.  Chiron does a Pisces Debriefing between late September and early December, but other than that we’re home free.

The Duality that we need to overcome here is between Fate and Survival (Moira and Saturn-Quaoar) – we do need to Choose Alternatives to business-as-usual, and we’re running out of time.  The Dumb-Luck Blessing is about Distinguishing the parts of our Karma that we actually want to keep.  Our Karmic Patterns are some of our greatest Skills, we just use them in too many inappropriate situations.

Once we Learn (Notice) and Practice breaking out of our Karmic Straight-Jackets, we need to put them in a closet.  Later on they’ll become Life-Jackets instead, once we Learn to apply them only when they fit the circumstances.  Think about your most tenacious and unpleasant knee-jerk Reaction, the one you’d most like to Change but that causes you the most Difficulty. 

Then Imagine someone else Reacting that way.  Now Imagine yourself in any given situation, and freeze-frame while you consider whether to use it or an Alternative as your Response to the situation.  I know, you’ve been in that Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda place a zillion times – after the fact.  You just have to Practice going there before the fact.  Acting it Out with friends will help.  Karma is a wound in our Timing, and when we get to the Seventh Harmonic we’ll see how favorable this week is for Good Timing.

Notice that Uranus and OR10 do make Trine Bridges to the Chiron T-Square, they’re just on the “wrong side” of the tracks to make a Diamond Star.

The Venus-Makemake T-Square is positioned the same way, with an Air Grand Trine enhancing its Diamond Star.  The Friendly terms are Unexpected Ease at Loving Ego Death (Sappho-Nemesis), and the Willingness to Take Action to Choose an Alternative to our usual Reactions, an Alternative that Enhances our Self-Sovereignty rather than Surrendering it.  PIAVA Painless Self-Sovereignty, then Change the Subject and watch it happen.