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I’m Melting

February 25, 2012

I can tell that things are rocky cuz both of my most reliable sources are sold out of the good Chocolate.  And more folks than usual are looking to see if there’s a new blahg post.  So why d’ya spose?  Well, I don’t think it’s that gorgeous Moon-Venus-Jupiter triad out there in the evening sky, as glorious as that is!  I mean, if your good fortune is so overwhelming that you can’t stand it, you’re probably responding to the Moon-Venus-Jupiter Spectacular.

Of course my first guess was Uranus and Uranus-Pluto, our 2012 Main Event.  The Moon just crossed Uranus on Friday.  But no…

It’s our New-Paradigm friends, Chiron-Neptune!  Remember the old Despair-and-Miracles Show we been talking about for several years now?  Most folks still don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, because the transformation happens on the level of Identity, and who among us can transcend their Identity at will, anyway?  Well, I’m sorry, but it’s no longer optional.

You know how to manifest – you PIAVA (Pray for, Intend, Ask for, Visualize, and/or Affirm) what you want, then you think about an Elephant.  That is, you gotta change the subject, get your mind off of what you’ve asked for, cuz as long as your mind is on it like stink on poo, you’ll never create it.  If you could create it with your mind, you’da done it long ago.  What you want and don’t have is outside the box for you, and the only way you’re even gonna see it, if ya do get it, is to get yerself outside the box too.  That is, transcend your Identity.  Not optional!

So, you just PIAVA to transcend your Identity!  You don’t even gotta worry about changing the subject, cuz you don’t know what I’m talking about anyway!  Easy as pie.

So then, what’s going on astrologically?  This configuration has been building since mid-month, it started getting intense on Friday, and it peaks on the 28th.  Meanwhile, of course, Vesta enters Aries on Sunday, but we already talked about that, didn’t we?  So what is this configuration that peaks on the 28th?

Pallas crosses Chiron while Juno Squares them both from the Waning side of Chiron.

That is, Pallas (Boundaries) is Initiated by (begins a new Cycle with, on a higher level) Chiron (Identity Transcendance, aka Despair into Miracles, aka Healing), while Juno (Identity) Squares (creative tension) them both from the Waning side (the Waning side is about letting go) of Chiron.

Let’s take it apart.  An Initiation or Conjunction means that the two Energies represented by the two co-initiators merge with one another.  We can’t tell them apart.  So Chiron, the essence of which is transcending the bars on the birdcage of our Reality-space, and Pallas, which represents the bars on the birdcage of our Reality-space, become as One.  Kindofa mind-twister, eh?  Sounds like a melting of our traditional Boundaries.  Well, what happens when we transcend our IdentityWe feel like we’re dying!

Get it?  Identity = Us.  Transcendence = Moving Beyond.  That’s exactly what needs to happen, yer old Identity needs to retract its fingernails, trust the Void, and like the Wicked Witch of the West, let itself be annihilated.  It needs to happen, to make space for the new Identity we all need, to survive in the New Paradigm.  Not optional.  The New Pair’O’Dimes is already two years old.  The Old Paradigm is being vaporized to make way for a bypass, so ifya really wanna die, then continue to resist.

And so far we’ve just talked about Chiron and Pallas, we haven’t even opened the lid on Juno, which symbolizes Identity!  Whoo boy.  No wonder the Chocolate’s sold out.  No better way to numb ourself to Identity Transfo, than Chocolate.  It’s not like we have a choice, it’s happening, no matter what our opinion of it or reaction to it, so we may as well numb ourself to it, if we aren’t able to look it squarely in the eye.  Of course all those rhetorical we’s are just irony, cuz we is just Identity.

Pallas, recall, was the Goddess of War and Wisdom – Mars shoots first and asks questions later, while Pallas asks questions first but is ready to shoot if necessary.  So Pallas is usually very grounded and secure – in fact, as our birdcage, Pallas symbolizes security.  But security through willingness to defend ourself, not security through defending the status quo.  So we’re kinda being tossed into the ring with the Lions.

The Sabian Symbol for this Initiation, “A parade of army officers in full dress,” would lead us to believe that Pallas comes through the Chironic mill relatively unscathed.  Or that we’ll see martial law before we see economic recovery.  Or that we’ll be needing to knuckle down and follow orders in order to stay alive.  As the Empire collapses, Chaos is inevitable, so neither of those sound implausible.  Pallas-Chiron is a five-year Cycle, give or take, so this Cycle carries us through the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto event chain.

The anthem for the previous Cycle, which began in January 2007, was “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal.”  Oh my, Identity again.  And we haven’t started talking about Juno yet.  Well, if you had to choose one theme to characterize the last five years, what would it be?  Collapse of the World economy and the fascist takeover by the Banksters.  So for a time we believed that Abundance ‘R Us, till we discovered we ‘Rn’t.  Now we put on our hair-shirt dress uniform, and march in step.  For a while.

So what about that blasted troublemaker Juno?  The Waning Square indicates that the meat of a Cycle is complete, and it’s time to wind it down as gracefully as we can, in order to return to the Void for a new inspiration.  This Juno-Chiron Cycle began in March of ’09, and has danced to the tune of “A man, having overcome his passions, teaches deep wisdom in terms of his experience.”  Okay, so we had achieved some sort of neutrality, after our initial reaction to the Crash of 2008, and it provided us with some degree of objectivity, though of course it was personal.  Sounds like them Republico contenders, all out there trying to teach deep wisdom in terms of their own experience – aka Babel.

The Juno-Pallas Cycle is more complex, since the extramartial asteroids all move at about the same speed, and by the time they all do their retrograde dances, it’s hard to tell which one is traveling faster than the other.  So is this a Waning Square from Juno to Pallas, or a Waxing Square of Pallas to Juno?  Juno and Pallas last Conjoined in 1953-1965!  So it hardly matters who’s Waxing and who’s Waning.

Juno represents merging, and Pallas represents setting boundaries, and a Square symbolizes creative tension.  We don’t need no Square to get creative tension between merging and boundaries!  So how would we deal with such a conundrum?  Don’t even try.  It’s way beyond the mind’s dualistic nature.  Give it over.  Embrace the Grief – for every death or loss there’s a Grief, no matter how small or welcome the death or loss.  Tap it out if it persists.

Don’t try to find reasons for your feelings.  It’s a maelstrom.  They could be your feelings or somebody else’s.  Hatred one minute, all-embracing forgiveness the next – the lines are all blurred.  We’re simply pixelating.  Let it be, let it go.  A friend of mine once said of bummers that she knew that “this too shall pass.”  But that I, as an astrologer, knew when.  She was right.  It’ll pass by the end of February, and March will dawn anew.  When our ability to focus returns, the Boundaries will be different, and we’ll see new Patterns emerge from the tapestry.

Apatite on Albite Feldspar – Calcium Phosphate Fluoride on Sodium Aluminum Tektosilicate.  Think of Feldspar as the matrix, the complex background of undifferentiated patterns, the modern art of Minerals.  Feldspar isn’t like that, but imagine it to be for a moment.  Then embedded in the undifferentiated, we have sharply defined Apatite Crystals.  Your Teeth are made out of Apatite.  Good Boundaries.  Or not.  Cavities?  Just PIAVA that they go away come March.


February 21, 2012

A motley collection of bits and bobs today…

This might look like a slightly piqued Blowfish,

but it’s really the Sun being surprised by a partial Eclipse visible only from Space, photographed from a satellite.

Then two articles about surviving post-Apocalypse…

And one on how the Apocalypse could be triggered…


Tapping In

February 19, 2012

Carol Tuttle often has worthwhile suggestions in her email series, like this one…

When you are feeling joy, hope, happiness, excitement, peace or any other positive feeling and want to anchor in those positive energies do some third eye tapping.

Your third eye point is your 6th Chakra energy station.

It is located between your eyes, above the bridge of your nose about the center of your forehead.

This Chakra assists you with insight, intuition, seeing the bigger picture, connecting with your soul-knowing, all the energies that help you feel good.

When you want to anchor in a positive emotion tap on this point with your fingertips for about 20-30 seconds.

Say out loud or to yourself:

“I am grateful I am feeling better and better more and more of the time.”

Do this several times a day and then when you are feeling down or depressed, start tapping on this point to stimulate your positive energy flow.

You can change the way you feel instantly when you know and are willing to use energy techniques.

I hope you do feel better and better more and more of the time!!
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At the Seams

February 19, 2012

A good mantra for the first half of 2012 would be All is not as it seems.

We been claiming that the Change Has Already Occurred (ie, Chiron-Neptune, May 2009-February 2010), and our “leaders” (sic) and the Corporate Propaganda Machine are having to run faster and faster to keep it covered up.  What is the nature of the Change?  Well, we haven’t finished creating it yet, have we.  If we roll over and submit to our collective Karma, based on the events that have been going on so far, we’ll mostly just revert to the Stone Age (could be worse, considering that many of us are fond of Rocks).  But if we recognize that the decks are being swabbed, we can get a nice clean start on whatever we wanna create.

For instance, at the last Chiron-Neptune, the folks who converted their war machine for WWII into automobile factories for the 50s made out like bandits.  In the one before that, the folks who converted their railroad factories for the US West into war machines for WWI also created enormous wealth, and many of them were bandits.  For the rest of us, who’re content to have good food to eat and a warm dry place to sleep, we survived without our railroad bonds and we survived without our infantry uniforms.  It’s just Change, nothing to be alarmed about.  What was it that Fear + Breathing equaled?

Richard Brautigan gave us the answer a half-century ago…

Karma Repair Kit: Items 1-4
1. Get enough food to eat, and eat it.
2. Find a place to sleep where it is quiet, and sleep there.
3. Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until you arrive at the silence of yourself, and listen to it.

With Neptune now in Pisces, illusion is the order of the day.  In Pisces, the Matter is Closed.  What’s the Matter?  We’re Done with Matter.  We gotta move to Energy if we wanna see clearly.  Karmic Pisces moves to Emotional Energy, which can be fun, but it’s kindofa dead end because Emotion is the glue that holds Matter together.  As the Seams of the Matter unravel, all the Emotion spews out.  That’s endlessly entertaining to some folks, highly motivating to others, and completely inane to others.  Behind the Emotion smokescreen lurks constant, and constantly transmogrifying, Spirit.  That’s where you wanna be, cuz that’s where the silence of yourself is.

Ifya wanna take it alla way, just remember where you were and what you were doing before you came into yer Mum’s womb.  Lotsa Emotion there, maybe?  Well, you gotta get neutral about all that, tap it out, so you can just watch it play out like the Wayang that it is, before you can reduce the intellectual and emotional noise.  If you don’t believe you was nowhere before you came into yer Mum’s womb, that’s some serious intellectual noise you’re going to have to eliminate first.

When you study Intuition, you practice filling in the Unknowns with Well, what if I did know?  And then accept the answer you’ve been rejecting.  It’s a hypothesis, it’s not a Certainty.  Certainty is a heuristic, a game you play with yourself in order to move forward.  Since any act or scene can legitimately be seen from an infinite number of angles, there is no such thing as Certainty.  There is a part of You, You as Energy, that is uniquely you.  But shift the angle slightly, and your You drama is just another Human drama.  Alls ya need is a soap company to sponsor you.  Shift it again and your You drama is just another Entity drama, not essentially different from a Dragonfly or a Quaking Aspen or an iPad or a Greensand or a Romulan drama.

Details differ, but not the basic plot.  The basic plot has two themes, the Unconscious theme, where the drama takes a predetermined path, and the Becoming Conscious theme, where the protagonist can mess up on his or her own.  Some folks’ll try to tell you there’s a third theme, the Enlightened theme, but that’s just a comedic version of the other two.

So why bother with this?  Cuz the World can Change in the blink of an Eye.  Sure, you can stock up on toilet paper and ammo for your semiauto, and if that’s fun for you, don’t let me slow you down.  But why not go a little deeper to the Kaleidoscopic Constant that is really You.  I guarantee you won’t be bored there.  And you’ll never be caught unprepared.

The Shadow Play runs through May, before the seams really come apart in June.  Meanwhile, there’s a coupla interesting little changes coming up in the next few weeks.

On February 25, Vesta pushes into Aries.  Vesta takes about four years to go ’round the loop; she last entered Aries in April 2008, just before the Big Wall Street Dramas.  I’ve told this story many times, but it won’t hurt to tell it again.  Vesta is the Roman version of the Greek Hesta.  She was the Goddess of the Hearth.  You toasted Hesta before you toasted the Head Dude Zeus, and you toasted Hesta after you toasted Zeus.  Cuz without Hesta – heat and food, even in a semitropical climate – you were toast.  Hesta was the Bottom Line.  The Romans saw this and, always the politicizers, made Vesta the Goddess of the State.  See the picture?  Bush II tried to take us back there, and he partially succeeded.

So Vesta represents your Bottom Line, that which you hold sacred.  Not what you want, or what you respect, or what you think is cool, but that for which you’d be willing to die or kill for.  Life-and-death sacred, that which makes life worth living.  And by now you know about Aries, eh?  Aries the reboot, Aries the blank slate for Spirit, for that Kaleidoscopic Constant of You to write on.  See why it’d be useful to touch your Essence?  So you can stay in the Becoming Conscious theme, and not get rinsed out into the Karmic drain with the other detritus.

So there’s a real sense in which Vesta entering Aries is even more important than Jupiter entering Aries (January 2011) or Uranus entering Aries (March 2011) or Venus entering Aries (February 8), because Jupiter is just your next adventure, and Uranus is just your Integrity, and Venus is just what you Love.  Uranus knows what you Want, but Vesta knows what you need, to paraphrase Mick.  So keep your Eyes and Ears and Belly and Heart open February 24-26.  We’re likely to discover things we didn’t know about our Kaleidoscopic Constant Us.

Then on March 3, Vesta and Uranus embrace.  That’s a pretty big deal, Integration with the Sacred.  Worth paying Attention.  The Vesta-Uranus Cycle that we’re just completing began in March 2008, “A table set for an evening meal.”  The Last Supper, for too many.  A teaching in Gratitude.  This new Cycle will be about “Two Lovers strolling on a secluded walk.”  It would be smart if this was You and Yourself, your Conscious Identity and your Kaleidoscopic Constant.

That’d put you in a great position to spring into Action and Being when come June you begin to see how you fit into the New Paradigm, more than how there isn’t room for you in the Old Paradigm.  The Old Paradigm is a deflated balloon.  Anybody who’s still trying to squeeze into that old parapants will be embarrassed to discover that the butt’s been torn out, with no hope for mending.

Remember, this is Aries we’re talking about.  You aren’t gonna be taking any hundred-page Business Plan to the bank.  Never mind that the bank is a hollow shell, its the whole idea of Planning and Executing that’s gone away.  Aries doesn’t work that way.  You get an idea and you wonder what that would look like, so you make a sketch.  Well, it don’t look like much, so you put it on the shelf.  Then a few months later (well, this is 2012, so it may be a few hours instead) you get another idea, and you sketch it out too.  Well, that don’t look like much either, but as you reach to put it on the shelf you notice the one you did earlier.  When you fit them together, you see something else emerging, like a Mysterious Island.

Things aren’t what they seem, and the seams are open.  Time to sow something new.  Aries has no idea what it’s doing.  If Aries isn’t too frozen by Karma and held Emotion, Aries just follows pure Intuition, and is as surprised as anyone else to see what arises out of the motley collection of seemingly disconnected fits and starts.  Curiosity is what will take us across the crumbling bridge to the Other Side.

BTW, I been erroneously referring off and on to Mars Outabounds.  I was confused; Mars aint Outabounds, it’s Retrograde.  It turns Direct April 13.

This imposing Battlestar of a Crystal is a great metaphor for Neptune in Pisces.  Ikaite is a hydrated (bonded to water molecules) isomorph (distorted form) of Calcium Carbonate that forms in cold salt water, usually at the bottom of a Fjord.  Bring an Ikaite crystal up off the bottom, and the water disperses like a melting Snowflake.  But if you leave it there for a long time, and conditions are just right, it’ll turn into Glendonite, which is just another name for An Odd-Shaped Calcite Crystal Found at the Bottom of a Fjord, as in the picture.

It’s kinda like a pseudomorph (where one mineral takes the crystalline shape of another mineral, because geologic transmogrification replaced the atoms of the original mineral with atoms of a new mineral, but left the original form), but there hasn’t really been any replacement, just the drifting away of the hydration.  A synonym for Calcite or Calcium Carbonate is Tums.  Or the Lime you put on your garden to reduce the acidity of yer Dirt.  Or Eggshell, or Clamshell.  As the Oceans warm up, they’ll dissolve the Clamshells, and we’ll be surrounded by Nekkid Clams.  I would expect that to be enough to get the Wackos off the Planned Parenthood witchhunt and onto the Global Balming bandwagon, but evidently not.

Carbon, Oxygen, Calcium, Water – add a little Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen and maybe a pinch of Sulfur and Magnesium, and you got a good start onna nice variety of Life Forms.  See, these Big Changes, even if they’re still seen through a glass darkly, aint so bad, ‘specially when we look through the shroud-penetrating Eyes of our Kaleidoscopic Constant.  Aint much gonna be the Same, but it could be Fun.


February 6, 2012

Of course, the other thing to keep in mind when Saturn is lit up – as it is this week, being Stationary on Tuesday, is that Saturn is about Focus, not Limitation.  Saturn asks you to trust yourself and concentrate on what’s most important to you, and let go of distractions, for now.  If circumstances want to force you to let go for good, not just for now, that’s okay.  Just grieve the loss.  Don’t try to postpone Grief, just let it in, and tap it out.  We cling to our backup plan because we’re afraid we aren’t up to carrying through on Plan #1.  But even if – or especially if – we fail at Plan #1, we’ll learn more about ourself and the World than if we’d stuck to our fallback, and that Learning will have far more value for us than anything Plan B would have brung.  If self-trust isn’t your forte, it’s a great week to fake it tillya make it.


February 5, 2012

Busy coupla days.  Neptune entered Pisces on Friday last.  And on Tuesday, the Full Moon (which of course is Moon Opposing Sun) Quintiles the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, with Saturn Standing Still and turning Retrograde.

What does that all mean?  Well, first, if any apparent dilemma arises, where you’re not sure whether to set a better boundary (Saturn) or loosen up and let it go (Jupiter), don’t.  Or whether to knuckle down and get to work (Saturn) or relax and let the Universe handle it (Jupiter) – again, don’t.  That is, do neither.  It’s not about decision or action, it’s about Awareness.  Oppositions are about Awareness.  So it’s a heuristic, a learning opportunity, where your job is to look and listen and feel, because there’s a door open that isn’t open all that often, and if you slam it shut (by deciding to be serious or relaxed or firm or flexible), it’ll be many years before you can pick up on this Lesson so easily again.

So what’s the Lesson?  It’s not an intellectual Lesson, it’s an experiential Lesson.  It’s about living out beyond dichotomies.  It’s a lot more exciting out there, as Rumi would attest.  If you’ve never looked at Julie Henderson’s book, you probably know what I mean.  The Jupiter-Saturn Opposition’s been going on for a while, so it’s not a new Teaching, but the Quintile (which is about Teaching and Learning) and the lineup with the Full Moon (the quintessential symbol of Illumination) gives it alotta oomph.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about “A Jewelry shop filled with valuable Gems” (23 Taurus, May 2000) so it’s not something you wanna ignore.

Saturn, meanwhile, is having one last Retro fling in Libra, before it moves on into Scorpio, which it does in early October.  Saturn Retrogrades across much of the Gemini Decanate (or third) of Libra, namely the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Dwads (or twelfths) of Libra.  Sounds astrobabblical, I know, but here’s what it means.  The first third of Libra is about “Whoa, I didn’t realize that this wasn’t all about me!” – mostly shock.  The second third (the Aquarius Decanate) is about “Guess I better pretend to be social and try to make a meaningful contact with these Others.”  And the last third of Libra is about “Well, that didn’t work out, so I better let all that go, and see what I can learn!”

By the time we get to the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth twelfths of Libra, we’re into “Wait a minute, I care about these People” (Cancer) and “But I care more about ME” (Leo) and “Fuck it, I don’t understand any of it!” (Virgo).  Which sets the stage for Scorpio.  Scorpio’s fundamental urge is to Get to the bottom of things!  No cost is too great.  Scorpio needs to understand, there is no alternative.  So you’ll be millennia ahead when you get out there come October, if you’re willing this week to set aside your Ego and your Programming, forgo Decision and Action, and just Watch.  Curiosity.  I wonder what’s gonna happen to all that?  I wonder what they’re gonna do! (when I don’t react).

With Curiosity in full Flower, the next several months will be incredibly entertaining!

Pepe Escobar seems to be pretty good at seeing through all of the Diplomatic Hubris that the US projects.  Here’s his take on the Iran business…

And here’s some very useful background…

Hard to beat Topaz for creating Clarity.  That’s what Neptune in Pisces is all about, Clarity.  As long as you aren’t Ego-involved in Shopping As Usual.  I mean, as entertainment, by all mean go for it.  Stuff is fun.  (Be careful not to get yer Ego wrapped up in the Potlatch either, though!)  Topaz is the simplest of Aluminum Silicates, with a touch of Fluorine for Color.  Simplicity and Clarity, what more could we ask for when our Ego confuses us with pressing questions about Boundaries and Forgiveness and Work and Play!


February 3, 2012

Finally, some hard scienterrific perspective about those Bastards on the other side!

Don’t miss Dr. Hate’s, er, Haidt’s, TED talk as well.

He makes some fascinating points, though he fergot to mention the Polarization that characterized the first decade of the current Century, and to a lesser (thank Goodness) extent the Century as a whole (by which we mean of course the Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Cross in the 1/1/2000 chart).  He also fergot to mention that Madison Avenue and the Repubs were the eagerest market for consulting on NLP methods for manipulating folks, as Lakoff and Dean reminded us (interesting trio of books, there!) back in ’04.

Somebody Stole January

February 2, 2012

It ain’t just 2012, it’s February already, and I’ve barely had time to blink.  I mean, being halfway to Spring is fabulous, and I’m welcoming Brigit and her Light as we speak (it’s more or less Sunny here today), but January whizzed by awfully fast!

These folks are hardly extremists or alarmists, they’re just a fabulous Food co-op, and I take their comments on Food very seriously…

I’m told that when you’re driving at 200 mph (320 kph), the sides of the road ahead of you are no longer parallel, but converge to a point that seems alarmingly close.  With banks and governments colluding to bankrupt us all, Humanity expanding like we was Bunnies, Food sources collapsing, Peak Oil, Masters of Denial dominating the news fighting for the chance to joust with Obomba, and all of the other dysfunctions around us – not to mention Mars Outabounds and Neptune bellyflopping into Pisces – the road seems to be getting narrower and pointier.

I head a very reliable source say the other day that the “international organization that defines when a Default occurs,” will very soon decide whether the Greek situation is officially a Default.  Default as a normal word means somebody owes you money, but they can’t pay.  Various sources say that it currently seems as though Greece will only be able to pay back about 30% of what it owes, and that number shrinks steadily.  But Default as an Officially Declared Event means that those infamous Derivatives (insurance on, eg, government debt) have to pay up.

The biggest American Banks supposedly own most of these Derivatives, that is, it’s they that would be having to pay up, and it’s very well known that they’re already in deep trouble, despite already receiving taxpayer handouts big enough to bankrupt the USofA.  We’re told that it’s Social Security and Medicare that are bankrupting the USofA, but we know who’s telling us that.  Anybody you know ever have trouble getting an insurance company to pay up?

Well, guess who makes up the “international organization that defines when a Default occurs”?  The biggest American banks!  So are they gonna shoot themselves in the already-mortally-wounded Foot by declaring Greece in Default?  They’ll probably continue to find excuses.  That shifts the 70%-or-more loss from the banks to the folks who hold Greek debt, which could lead other organizations to bankruptcy, much as MF Global went bankrupt last October.

MF Global was a large financial firm that dealt in a lot of “futures” contracts, and was run into the ground by just another former Goldman Sachs boss (and a crony of Obomba’s), who used their client’s money to speculate on European government debt.  The clients still haven’t gotten their money back, and a lot of the clients were farmers who were using “futures” contracts to try to protect themselves from future price swings.

So it’s likely to be pension funds and other organizations and investors that feel the hurt for now, not the banks.  But then, once it’s realized that Greece can’t pay back any of its debt (debt foisted on it by Goldman Sachs, by the way, in much the same way dishonest mortgage brokers and banks foisted debt on all those “deadbeat” householders who got stuck with too-hefty mortgages they couldn’t pay back), which is likely to be later in 2012, the “international organization that defines when a Default occurs” may be forced to face the music.

Then we come back to scenes of Henry Paulson begging Congress to give the deed to the USofA to the banks “or the whole house of card will collapse” and it’ll be yer fault!  Remember that the Tea Party originally started out as a protest against the government giving the next 40 years’ tax revenue to the banks.  Then the Kochs and their friends cleverly diverted it to a protest against firefighters and teachers and pothole-fixers.  So we may yet find out whether The World As We Know It really will turn into a cloud of acrid green smoke when the Banksters hit a Waterloo.

And gosh, I forgot to mention Iran!

Good thing we have the option to Identify with our Energy self, cuz it seems like the odds that our Material self will be squeezed are on the upswing.  Our Energy self’s a lot more flexible, and can adapt faster to Change (“real” Change, not the Obomba kind).

In Deutsch, gar is kinda like waaay in English.  Driving waaay fast is kinda like gar schnell, more or less.  One of the reddest Reds you’ll ever find (and some glorious Oranges) can be found on Realgar Crystals like these.  They’re gorgeous, and poisonous as can be, since Realgar is Arsenic Sulfide.  Realgar is gar Real.  Dragon Energy fer sure!  You may not wanna spend too much time with it under Mars Outabounds, cuz you could burn out quickly.  But a few minutes every couple hours could be a great therapy!