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Confusion and Stelliums

January 31, 2023

Wikipedia says either (or ether) Stelliums or Stellia works as a plural for Stellium, which means a group of three or more planets in Conjunction, or Merged.

Interpreting Conjunctions

And that’s the whole “problem” with Stellia – some things (like maybe rhythm) Merge while others (like, say, language) don’t, and everything gets complicated. It actually the same “problem” with Conjunctions, so let’s start there. Suppose we had a natal Conjunction between dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) and asteroid Kassandra (Credibility). Fear and Credibility would be Merged. While most people would be able to tell the Difference between Fear and Disbelief, we wouldn’t be able to. When our Body Encounters Fear we might Disbelieve it and Dismiss it, then Stumble into Untoward Circumstances naively. When People don’t seem to understand what we’re saying, we might Experience that in our Body as Fear.

To most Other People, Fear and Disbelief are different things, and Experiencing them would Trigger different circuits in their Brains. Fear would likely Inspire folks to Seek Safety, and Disbelief might make them try harder to Explain, or Ask more Questions. We’d just be in Fight or Flight, and focusing on an Escape Route. That sort of Merging gets Complex, because being Unable to Communicate can Trigger Ancient Karmic Fear of Banishment and Abandonment from when we were Tribal and completely Dependent upon our Community. Not that this isn’t true of Today’s World, but when the Present Moment reinforces Karmic Fear, it strikes us at a Deeper Level.

Yes, we know that if we’ve Experienced it Before, it’s Karmic and therefore not Present Moment, but when Deep Karma hits we may not have enough of us “home” to Notice – all of our Bandwidth may be tied up in Survival Anxiety. Like any Repetitive Pattern in anyone’s Life, especially Self-Sabotaging Patterns, our first Task is to Find a way to Notice when the Pattern is Triggered. We could Ask ourself, The Last Time that Happened, What Was My Experience Just Before that Pattern Occurred?

When we first start to Work with Negative Karma, the Repetition of the Karma will Overwhelm our Consciousness, and we’ll Regress to the last time, or the worst time, or the first time in the Current Lifetime, or to a Previous Lifetime, and our Attention will likely be Hijacked by the Karma. Greek Tragedies specialize in this Process, and seldom move beyond it, even though I’m sure their Purpose was to bring the Pattern into Consciousness. So we can also Ask ourself, How Old Did I Feel when that Occurred? If you don’t get an Easy Answer to that, Ask yourself, What If I Did Know?

The “First Rule” for Working with Karma of any sort is Safety First. If there’s Any Question about Safety, make Safety your first Priority. When we try to Manifest anything, the first thing we’re going to Manifest is More of the Same. Even if your natural Reaction is Curiosity because you Disbelief your Fear or misinterpret it as Excitement (Fear + Breathing = Excitement after all), and you’re Conscious that you’re Working on Sedna-Kassandra Karma, Ask yourself, What Would I Do If This Was Real Fear? and Follow Up by Making Yourself Safe. Otherwise, by trying to Work while Unsafe or In Doubt, you’ll just add Grout to that Karmic Limitation.

Once we’re starting to Notice when the Pattern Recurs, we can move to Step Two. We tend to Blame ourself and otherwise Feel Badly about Repeating the Pattern, but again, that’s just a Vicious Circle that regrouts the Karmic Wall. Instead of Negatively Reinforcing ourself over the Pattern, we want to Congratulate ourself for Noticing. That begins to set up a Virtuous Spiral instead, and each time you do that, you chip off some of the Karma, and it Weakens.

If the Karma Regresses you to 5 years old, you’ll have Forgotten everything you’ve Learned since you were 5. That can seem like a huge chasm, between 5 and Now. But once the Virtuous Spiral begins, you’ll be Amazed at how Quickly you Recover, because thanks to Congratulating Yourself for Noticing, your Present Moment Self is there to guide your 5-year-old forward. Treat your Inner Children with the utmost Gentleness and Care, and you’ll accelerate the Process even more. With this Process you can Eliminate a Lifetime Karmic Curse within a few weeks.

Interpreting Stelliums

Now let’s see what happens when a Conjunction like Kassandra-Sedna turns into a Stellium. Suppose your natal Kassandra-Sedna is Conjoined by (ie, Merged with) asteroid Magdalena. You might want to read some of the Stories about Mary Magdalene. You might discover how the Romans treated her, and how the Popes made her into a Demon like Lilith or Joan d’Arc, in order to Reinforce two Pillars of the Patriarchy – the Supremacy of the Male, and the Taboo on Relying on One’s Own Authority. You might even Discover that you are, in fact, a Reincarnation of Mary Magdalene.

Or, you could read about how Mary Magdalene was Christ’s most Accomplished Apostle, but had to do it all backwards and in high heels, so no one would notice that a Female was Excelling. And how she moved to the South of France after Jesus left town, and started a Movement. In an undergraduate history class, I was told in all seriousness that the Popes were Compelled to Eliminate these Albigensians or Cathars because they Refused to Procreate. The Popes evidently couldn’t wait till they died out on their own.

Or, you could read about how, in her Soul Form as the Goddess of Love and Ascended Master Lady Nada (Aurelia Louise Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames, pp.159-195), …

“Formerly embodied in their last incarnation as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and Sananda work together to assist the Earth and the evolution of [huperity] towards Ascension through the pathway of Unconditional Love on the Sixth Ray of Service and Ministration of the Love of Christ.”

Could that be? If you Experience the Feeling of that, then you Are that. Forget Validation – Life is All Metaphor anyway. Our 2D brains, self-congratulatory as they are, simply don’t have enough Bandwidth to Grok the Mysteries of Many-Dimensional and Unitary Reality. The 2D Mind Specializes in Separation. It Struggles to Grok anything that’s Unitary. Unitary is not two things Combined, it’s two things Merged. They were never Separate, except in the Separative 2D Either/Or Mind of the Observer. If you’re Overwhelmed by being a Reincarnation of someone Famous, use the Lightworker Lounge Metaphor instead…

As Lightworkers, we were Relaxing in the Lightworker’s Lounge in Paradise reading the Guardian, when we got a little Bored, and Decided we’d Take on some Earth Karma, and go down there and Help Heal it. So we spent time in the Lightworker Lounge’s Simulator, Allowing it to Hypnotize us into Believing that we Carried Mary Magdalene’s Karma. Then the Simulator triggers its Neuralyzer…

And then the Trap Door Opens, and we’re dropped into a Well-Prepared Waiting Womb. Our Programming begins immediately, via our Gestating Mother’s Emotions and the Chemical Soup they Create, which we Live In for nine months. Then we Hatch and begin to Live our Lightworker Life on Earth with the Mission of Helping to Heal Mary Magdalene’s Traumas. Our Programmers have been Carefully Chosen to Prepare us for our Mission, which is an Important Part of the Demise of the Age of the Patriarchy and the Birth of what Genia Haddon refers to as the Era of the Yang Female.

Eventually we become Conscious of our Life Missions (we may have many), and, once we Learn that the Universe is not Either/Or like the Mind but Both/And like Nature, we Realize that what we Previously Experienced as Bummers were actually an Amazing SuperPower. Eventually we’ll probably Meet Others who Share our Mission. They’ll Feel Like Soulmates at first because for once we’ll Understand each other till we Realize that, like us, this Mission is only one of our Many Missions.

A Monopoly-like Game called The Transformation Game was Created by several people at Findhorn, and included piles of small cards like the “Get Out of Jail Free” and “Chance” cards. It’s been decades since I played the Game, but I’ll always remember one of those cards. It said, The hardest Tasks are only Given to the Best People. It was very eye-opening for me.

This is how we Interpret Stellia. We Empathize ourself into the “Native” (the person whose astrological “Nativity” is being Read) or the blog reader, and make up Stories using the relevant planets, Signs, Configurations, etc as Seeds. If our Intuition hits home, the Native or Reader will Respond, and you can go from there. It doesn’t matter if the Story is Literally True. What Matters is whether or not the Native or Reader Connects to the Story. As an astrologer on a Free-Will Planet you have no business telling anyone else How the Universe Works. Your job is to Trigger the Native’s or Reader’s Own Hidden Knowledge of How Their Universe works. So you start your Story slowly, with lots of Questions about whether or not it Resonates for them. If it doesn’t Resonate, you Choose another Story. The Universe of Stories is Literally Unlimited.

A Story About an Extraordinary Coincidence


Confusion Is the First Stage of Growth 1

January 31, 2023

And will we ever be Growing over the next few weeks!

We start mildly enough, though we begin with both Moon (Our Instincts) and Mars (Action) Out of Bounds (Amplified). The Moon returns In Bounds (Reducing the General Level of Panic) on 4-5 February 2023 (PST 2:11 pm 4th, GMT 10:11 pm 4th, IST 3:41 am 5th, AEDT Qld 8:11 am 5th). Mars remains Out of Bounds (Actions and Reactions have more Impact than usual) all month and beyond, till 5 May.

Ceres (Sustainability, Resilience) is Stationary (Strong) 3-4 February (PST 11 am 3rd, GMT 7 pm 3rd, IST 12:30 am 4th, AEDT Qld 5 am 4th) in 7 Libra (Front-Row Enthusiasm). Remember that Sustenance – Eliminating the Unnecessary – is the first Step toward Sustainability. The chart Challenges us to Let Go Of Attachment to Old Dramas,1 though it’s Fully Self-Resolving. The whole “Climate” Crisis Armageddon (including the Demise of the Patriarchy, Intensified Competition for Dwindling Resources aka War, the Wrath of Mom aka Pestilence and Storms and Floods and Fires and Worse, etc etc) is the Old Drama we need to Let Go Of, because its Scale and Inertia is beyond the Powers of all of us, except when we’re All on the Same Page, and we certainly aren’t that! Time to follow Jewel’s Sage Advice and No Longer Lend Our Strength to that which we Wish to Be Free From – the first Unnecessary we can Eliminate.

We still have our Moira Station-New Moon writeup in the oven, but the 5-6 February Full Moon in 17 Leo will also be worth a separate post, as only one of its three Challenges are Self-Resolving. One of the Open (non-Self-Resolving) Challenges is an Argument between our Essence and our Instincts, refereed by our Soul (Sun Opposite Moon T-Squared by Uranus). Kind of like the argument your Head was having with your Heart over who was more important, when in walked Uranus.

There are four Sign Changes 6-8 February…

  • Asteroid Pinocchio Out of Bounds moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn (from PST 4:19 am 6 February till 20 May) means that our Colorful Little Lies will probably be used Less Often to Distract, and More Often to Manipulate. George Santaclos may find Less Humor and More Accountability in his Fabrications.
  • Asteroid Icarus explores Pisces (from PST 3:29 am 6 February till 22 March, then returning to Aquarius). Icarus, like its namesake, flies close to the Sun and then out past Mars, but its orbit is steeply angled relative to Earth’s. Because it’s so close to us and has such a weird Orbit, it’s all over the Zodiacal Map rather than following orderly Loops like “normal” ‘roids. In Pisces it implies Emotional Risk-Taking, maybe even Exciting Flings followed by Deep Crashes, perhaps at the Ides of February, when OOB Pinocchio crosses Sociopath OOB Ixion in 5 Capricorn. Remember Angels Fly because They Take Themselves Lightly – it’s all just Education about how we get Stuck on Our Thoughts About Our Emotions instead of Appreciating All of Our Feelings as EnergyInmotion. That’s such an Important Lesson for Ascension that it will be worth whatever Chagrin it generates. It won’t be our first Adventure in Overexcitement, this time we can Notice how we use Fantasy to Whip Up the Energy to Soft Peaks.
  • Asteroid Atropos Enters Pisces 6-7 February (PST 8:43 am 6 February), till 5 April, meaning we’ll be working with Emotional Baggage that’s Beyond its Expiry Date. Karma is Addictive, and when it Expires we’re Lost, as things no longer Feel Normal! We’ll get to Confusion soon, but this is excellent Practice. Your Mirror’s probably already pretty full of Admonitions, but maybe you could paste it on the wall – Confusion is the First Stage of Growth. We Believe Confusion happens in the Mind, but it’s an Emotion, pure and simple. That means Confused By… or Confused About… are Off Limits, they’re Thoughts About Our Emotions, certain This Way to 2D Forever signs, Flashing Red. Yes, it feels Strange, Something Is Missing! Wait a minute… Yahoo, Open Space!! Room for Something New And Exciting (well, not too Exciting, maybe we should wait till after that Pinocchio-Ixion thing).
  • Asteroid Vesta Leaves Pisces and Moves into Aries 7-8 February (PST 8:17 pm 7 February), until the Ides of April. Vesta is about the things we Take for Granted without even Thinking about it. Our Unconscious Limitations is the prime example. Aries is about Starting Over, a little more Tangy this time. But you know, that Pinocchio-Ixion thing is only a week away, is that too long to wait? We don’t want to Burn Out our Tang Buds. Seriously though (not that Pinocchio-Ixion isn’t Serious), the next two months are a good time to Test Our Limits. Some will have Magically Disappeared, and we may not know which ones till we Test them. Karma is basically Expectations, however, so when Testing we constantly have to Ask, Is This Really Present Moment, or Is It Just a Flushback?
  • And while we’re at it, asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) comes back In Bounds 7-8 February as well (PST 8:23 pm 7 February). It’s been Out of Bounds since early November. It’s in 11 Cancer, Retrograde, and it’s been in Cancer since early September, and will be till early May, 9 months. It usually takes a ‘roid of Pallas’s Orbit more like two months to cross a Sign. It entered it’s Shadow Period 29 September 2022, turned Retrograde 1 December, will turn Direct again 16 February, and finish with its Review by 23 April. The Shadow Period span is 11-27 Cancer. That covered the Scorpio Duad through the Taurus Duad of Cancer – more than half of Cancer.2

This’ll take us through the first 8 days of February 2023. Then it gets Complicated and Confusing! In the following 8 days we have 7 Stations – Narcissus/Focus on Self, Sedna/Converting Fear to Power, Zhulong/Enlightenment, Aletheia OOB/Truth of the Heart Amplified, Ganesa OOB/Remover of Obstacles, Turbocharged, Hopi OOB/Great Respect for ALL Things, and Pallas/Boundaries – a Workshop on Stelliums or Stellia3 (3 or more planets Merged)! And five more Sign Changes. Coming soon to a blog near you.

On the last page of Wired Magazine you’re given a sentence, such as “An Animal that hasn’t been Discovered yet,” and you’re Asked to Write a Story about it, using only six words. Then they have an artist draw a picture of your Story. Stellia are like that, but we aren’t limited to six words, though we rapidly loses the Reader’s attention the furthur we go beyond that. It’ll be a Miracle if we can squeeze 7 planets into 6 words, especially since it’s taking us up to six words just for one of the seven planets! But we’ll try, next time.

1 A single Fully Self-Resolving T-Square to Requiem (Ego Death) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) in 7 Scorpio (Banished for Dedication to Embracing Our True Self and Letting Go of All Masks) from the Dialog (Opposition) between Enlightenment (Samadhi) and Obsolete Intrusive Memories (Lachesis Merged with Gonggong). The Resolution arises from Harmony (Sextile) between Truth of the Mind (Veritas) and Our Lifetime Mission (Mean North Node), both of which Relate to Ego Death in Mysterious Ways (Quincunxes in a Finger of the Goddess). Grace is added by a Grand Trine from Requiem to Varuna OOB Merged with Black Moon Lilith (Letting Go of Health Limitations Associated with Codependence) and to the Stellium of Jupiter, Atlantis, and Salacia (Choosing between the Drama of Expanded Memories of the Fall of Atlantis, and the Peace of 5G).

2 A Shadow Period, like a Triple Conjunction, has three phases. In the first phase, Pallas crossed 11-27 of Cancer, adjusting its Boundaries as it went. In the Scorpio Duad of Cancer, Pallas probably kept Boundaries too Tight. Then in the Sagittarius Duad it Loosened them – too much. So it tried to Attune them to the Specific Situation in the Capricorn Duad. In the Aquarius Duad it would have Adjusted them to be Socially Appropriate. In the Pisces Duad Boundaries would be an Emotional Issue, and may have been Adjusted Codependently. The Aries Duad would have seen a Liberation of some sort, Testing Free Will. Finally, Pallas in the Taurus Duad of Cancer would see the Final Version of Cancer’s Boundaries after it’s 2022-23 Adjustments, with all Bells and Whistles Polished.

Here’s a handy table you can use to figure out Duads, should you ever have the need. Duad is sometimes spelled “Dwad,” but I always thought that sounded too much like something you’d Dspit across the Droom with a Dstraw, and Duad is easily compared to Triad, making definition easier. In the table we’ve put 11-27 Cancer in bold as an example…

To use the table, you have a {planet/keyword} such as {Pallas/Boundaries}. You also have a {Sign/Quality} (the columns in the table) such as {Cancer/Nurturance}. So you have {Pallas in Cancer/Nurturing Boundaries}. Now we want more detail, so we go down to the Duads. Here we add {Secondary Sign/Secondary Quality} (the rows in the table) such as {Pallas in Capricorn Duad of Cancer/Pragmatic Nurturing Boundaries}. It’s easier than it looks, and it will add a lot of mileage to your astrology.

Now, the second phase of the Shadow Period is when the planet is actually Retrograde. There may have been snags and hiccups during the first, Direct Crossing of the Shadow Period. The Retrograde Crossing does it backwards, so you can see where there were imperfections and Adjust them. Finally, the third phase, when the planet Crosses the Shadow Period Direct again, is the Confidence-Builder phase. By 23 April, you can consider yourself to have an AA degree in the Social Side (Libra through Pisces) of Nurturing Boundaries. Park this Experience in your Imaginal Resume, and you’ll have it Forever. They say “You Can’t Take It With You” when you Leave the Planet, but in fact, you take with you, for future Intuitive use, everything you Learn in the Lifetime!

3 Depending on how recently you studied Latin. For the authors and editors among youall, there’s an entertaining essay on plurals of words ending in -us at . The author doesn’t mention words ending in -um, and it’s been half a century since I studied Latin, so I just took my cue from Cat on a Hot Tin Streetcar.

Upper Limits?

January 27, 2023

Anybody else besides me Suspecting Upper Limits are Afoot? Upper Limits happen when we find ourselves threatening to enter circumstances that seem to be “Too Good to Be True,” or circumstances that we’ve Striven For and Dreamed About All Our Life, but which Up Until Now have always Disappointed us because they never seemed to Hatch, leaving us Wondering whether or not we knew the Difference between Manifesting and Creating a Fantasy.

Gay Hendricks’s treatise on the subject, in his book The Big Leap, lists some of the things People do when they’re beginning to Receive, or sensing the possibility of Receiving, More of What They’ve Always Wanted than they’ve ever had. People like us. If we know to watch for these Clues, we can Stop Self-Sabotaging Ourself. Gay’s list (pp.111-112) includes…

  • Worrying about things we can’t Control, like the Condition of our Species and Planet.
  • Blaming or Criticizing Ourself or Someone Else.
  • Squabbling with People Close to you.
  • Getting Sick or Injured, or Experiencing Chronic Pain.
  • Hiding Significant Feelings from our Significant Others.
  • Failing to Keep or Renegotiate Agreements or Make Amends with Significant Others.
  • Communicating Discomfort to Third Parties rather than to the Significant Other that Triggered the Discomfort.
  • Deflecting Complements and other Positive Energy.

For myself, I can check off at least three of these just off hand. Gay’s Suggestion for Surmounting many of these is to Realize that what you’re Worrying About or Criticizing or Squabbling About, are Usually NOT The Real Issue. Even Pain, Hiding, Betraying, and Triangulating are seldom about The Real Issue. He suggests Examining the Circumstances that occurred just before we began these Behaviors or Experiences. For instance, did we Daydream about 5D? The Real Issue is often Great Grace is knocking on our Door, and since it’s New and Scary and Looks a Lot Like What We’ve Always Wanted, we’re Unconsciously trying to Change the Subject in order to keep ourself in our Comfort Zone.

Gay takes fifty pages (pp.63-112) to Explain it all, with ample Details and Examples, far better than I am. I just finished Reviewing it, and it’s been very Helpful. Just as a f’rinstance, my Chronic Back Pain. I’ve been encountering more and more circumstances that change my Attitude toward it that Lift my Victim Consciousness (including a marvelous Magic Potion for it from, and a visit today with my itinerant Magic Chiropractor), and this adds another.

There are so many Seemingly Objective Signs that Ascension is At Hand. Can we Believe them? Do we Believe that Everyone has to Ascend at once for it to be Real? That Ascension has to be All-At-Once and Forever? Or that we can Celebrate every Step in that Direction, knowing that they’ll eventually Add Up? Or that we Can Ascend, or take Steps toward it, all by our Lonesome, and the more of us do that, the greater the Odds that Others will gradually join us? Do we have to Do All the Work, or do we have to depend on Grace to drop from the Sky? Or does Grace Flow in Increments to us, not because we’ve Earned it, but because we’ve Stopped Resisting It?

All those Self-Resolving Challenges lately, more than I’ve ever seen at once? So many Oracles talking about it? What about today’s astrology? That too! – Haumea (Rebirth) Stationary 27-28 January 2023 (PST 10:30 pm 27th, GMT 6:30 am 28th, IST noon 28th, AEDT Qld 4:40 pm 28th) Merged with Deep Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi Out of Bounds) in 3 Scorpio (Addiction to Karma Till the New Energy Makes us Realize that Karma is Empty).

The chart has a single Challenge, and it’s Fully Self-Resolving. The Focus of the Challenge is Self-Destruction (Jupiter-Atlantis) Enduring an Argument (Opposition) between Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos Conjunct…) Delivered by the Most Omnipotent Remover of Obstacles Ganesh (asteroid Ganesa) on the one hand, and Our Residual Belief that our Unlimited Potential is Illegitimate (dwarf planet Ixion) on the other. The Self-Resolution (the green Finger of the Goddess) Arises through Grace (Sextile) between Rebirth into Equality (Haumea-Hopi OOB itself) and Self-Love (asteroid Sappho), each in Mysterious Relationships with Self-Destruction. Enhancement to the Self-Resolution comes from Dumb-Luck Grace (Grand Trine) between Self-Destruction (T-Square Focus Jupiter-Atlantis), Respect for Ego Death as the Doorway to Rebirth (asteroid Requiem), and the Demise of Codependence (dwarf planet Cyllarus Out of Bounds Merged with Black Moon Lilith)…

Let’s say that again – The 27-28 January Rebirth into Equality chart has a single Challenge, and it’s Fully Self-Resolving. The Focus of the Challenge is Self-Destruction which is Enduring an Argument between Our Unlimited Potential Delivered by the Most Omnipotent Remover of Obstacles Ganesh on the one hand, and Our Residual Belief that our Unlimited Potential is Illegitimate on the other. The Self-Resolution Arises through Grace between Rebirth into Equality and Self-Love, each in Mysterious Relationships with Self-Destruction. Enhancement to the Self-Resolution comes from Dumb-Luck Grace between Self-Destruction itself, Respect for Ego Death as the Doorway to Rebirth, and the Demise of Codependence.

Pink Danburite is one of many Crystals that facilitate Rebirth. It can be used to shrink tumors into Oblivion (that’s a Galaxy far far away where they eat tumors for lunch) because it can Direct so much Light, especially in Shamanic hands. It’s a Calcium Sorosilicate, where its Silicate units are arranged in pairs in the Crystal, and a Borosilicate. As it is in the Tourmalines, Boron, the fifth-Lightest Element, is one of the most Healing of the Elements. Light as in weight, Light as in Lightbulb, Light as in Mood, Light as in Lightning, Light as in Spirit, they all Share the same root. Angels can Fly because they Take Themselves Lightly. Pink Danburite enhances Yin Energy and Balances Yin with Yang

Natalie Glasson, echoing the same theme of Ascension, and looking much like a Pink Danburite Crystal herself, Channels Archangel Metatron Confirming Our Right to Own Our Own Power

There’s a transcript at

A Gift from the Heavens 3

January 25, 2023

Let’s finish that chart of the Saturn-Venus Initiation.

I think of the Slower Planet, here Saturn, as Giving Guidance to the Faster Planet, here Venus, and the Faster Planet Implementing the Slower Planet’s Aims. Of course that assumes some sort of Consciousness in both parties, for the Slower Planet to have Aims, and the Faster Planet to Implement them in its own Realm.

What? Planets have Consciousness? Of course they do, how else would astrology work? Oh, your “Left Brain” objects. I guess you’ve never Talked to Mother Gaia, or Listened to Her. Well, no worries, it’s just a Metaphor. Does that Discount Mother Gaia as an Imposter? Not at all. Our Minds are 2-Dimensional, while Reality is many-dimensional. So all Thoughts, including Scienterrific “Laws,” are just Thoughts, and all Thoughts are just Snapshots, Kodachrome. Not even Videos.

When you turn a Snapshot over, do you see the Other Side of the Mountain? No, you see the back of the photo paper. You can use your Thoughts to Imagine Videos, even Change the Plot, but Reality is more like a Hologram than a Movie, and it’s Living, not a Recording. The Subjects in the Hologram are Living, All of Them, with Free Will. They can follow your Expectations or Not. Now factor in, from the Traditional Wisdom, “All There Is Is Now.” Anybody on your Hologram can do Anything anytime, and a “Recording” is just a Sample, one out of All Possibilities! Our Thoughts are Beginning to Look pretty Puny.

Where were we? Oh yeah, 3D. Saturn moves 12 Degrees in a year, during which time Venus loops the entire Zodiac. So Saturn becomes the Ponderous Planner, while Venus Rushes about like Hammy,1 putting the Plans into Operation.

Saturn’s imputed Aims in the 25th Degree of Aquarius, at the end of its Scorpio Duad2 and beginning of its Sagittarius Duad, might be to Coach People to Lighten Up on their Intensity and Learn to De-Stress Themselves and Others. This would be the specific methodology for Saturn to Delegate to Venus its (Saturn’s) Aim of Honing our Inner Witness in order to Become more Aware of our Expiring Relationship Karma, Take Ownership of it, and Heal it (Lonsdale). De-Stressing would be an essential first step toward Honing our Inner Witness.

Venus’s Shtich is Values. So as Venus moves around the Zodiac, in its Role as Saturn’s Herald (it has many such Roles, as many as it has Cycles), will be Asking us to Question our Values. The first Question would be, “Which, if any, Value (Venus) are your Prioritizing (Saturn)?” When we Operate from Karma, we’re just a Robot following a Program, which probably doesn’t have anything to do with our Values. So that first question might Shock us into the Present Moment. That’s a start for Honing our Inner Witness.

As Venus moves through Pisces (27 January through 20 February), its second Question might be, “What Are You Feeling?” If Self-Awareness wasn’t a High Priority at that time, again we could be Shocked into the Present Moment, and a Follow-Up Question might be, “No, I don’t mean the Story you’re Thinking about, I mean What Are You Feeling?” Feelings are usually single-word descriptions of our Emotional State, like Angry or Sad or Euphoric. The next Follow-Up might be, “Does that Feeling have anything to do with your Relationship Patterns, especially the ones you’re Tired of, where you’re Reacting to a Memory instead of Responding to the Now?”

As Venus moves through Aries (20 February till 16 March), the next Question Venus might Ask us could be “Well, what would you Feel if it was a Perfect Relationship? Can you Imagine what that Movie would Look Like? What’s Most Important to you in a Relationship?” And So On, Und So Weiter.

But what about the Snapshot of the Initiation? As astrologers, we know that in Linear Time a Snapshot of the Heavens at a Birth is a Powerful Tool for Grokking the Subject that was Born, be it a Person or a Cycle or anything else. We’ve already talked about the Stellium, or group of planets surrounding and Merged With Venus-Saturn, the Honing our Inner Witness (Aquarius 25) in order to Become more Aware of our Expiring Relationship Karma (Atropos in Aquarius), Take Ownership of it (Damocles), and Heal it (Panacea)…

The Expiring Relationship Karma Stellium Argues with (Opposes) asteroid Artesian (an Aid to Manifestation), and Challenges (is T-Squared by – the red triangle) Trust (Eurydike). It’s Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star, the T-Square and overlain green-wedge Finger of the Goddess), so for the next year we’ll be ahead to say to ourself when it arises, “Oh, there’s Distrust again. Thanks for Contributing, but we’re doing something else just now,” like we do when Thinking butts into our Meditation. If we can Ignore Distrust it will Resolve itself.

Just consider Distrust to be an Emotion in it’s own right, and therefore Notice when you’re trying to attribute it to something or someone, or attach other external qualifiers to it, and Realize that this is Thinking about Distrust, and Not Feeling Distrust. If you can’t Identify the Emotion without Thinking it, Experience it through Sensation – Where do you Feel it in your Body? Is it Cold? Tight? Contracted? If you have trouble with this, work with Julie Henderson’s powerful little book The Lover Within.

They aren’t drawn in, but the Trines and Sextiles between the ends of the base of the red T-Square and the ends of the base of the green Finger, create the Bowl of Grace which makes the combination Self-Resolving. The green lines are Quincunxes, joining planets five Signs apart and symbolizing Curiosity. Each Quincunx is a Mystery School, a Portal that leads beyond 2D into the Intuitive, where Intellect can only Mislead. So the Relationships between Trust and Denial (Eris), and between Trust and The Truth of our Intuition (Heart’s Truth Aletheia Merged with Intuition Asbolus) must be Accepted as is, not Analyzed.

Aletheia and Asbolus, both Out of Bounds (Intensified), have been Dancing together since September, and they’ll continue into early May. Their September Initiation was at 30 Gemini, Home of Betelgeuse, Achievement and The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed, so they’ll Teach us to Look Inward for our Intuition by Realizing how Empty Achievement is. When you’ve Learned to Sit With Distrust as a Sensation, and Quieted the Mind, and Waited silently long enough for your Intuition to begin to Trust that you won’t Dismiss it Out of Hand again, and you Ask Respectfully, your Intuition will Sing to you.

Aletheia-Asbolus is also one side of the base of a second T-Square, this one without Self-Resolution, so it’s up to us to sweat this one out. Its Focus is Vesta-Neptune, almost a cliché, as Vesta symbolizes Unconscious Limitations, and Neptune Confusion. Neptune is always about Trance, and our normal situation is that we’re Entranced by our Unconscious Limitations so that we Believe they’re characteristics of Reality rather than Barriers in our Mind. Confusion is of course the First Stage of Growth, but to take Advantage we have to be willing to Sit With Confusion as a Feeling, without trying to Analyze or Intellectualize or Attribute it to anything.

We should by now be getting familiar with that speech about Feelings versus Thoughts, understand what it means and what we have to do with it. If you’re already a Pro with Emotion, Ignore me, I’m just Preaching to Myself, the part of me that’s Entranced by the “Left Brain.” The Cosmic Joke is that Confusion about our Unconscious Limitations is caused by the Argument (Opposition) between this tenuous Trust in the Truth of our Intuition and guess who – Pinocchio, the famous Unconscious Serial Prevaricator! The Bronx is dealing with a Pinocchio grifting their seat in the US House of Reprehensibles as we speak, and they’re totally Confused about it. As we discussed in the recent A Gift from the Heavens 2 post, it’ll probably be May before they figure it out, if then.

The Saturn-Venus Initiation chart also features a single Naked Square (one not connected to other Squares), between Eris and Hylonome-Pandora Out of Bounds, suggesting that we’re Hoping (Pandora) that we can squeak by without having to Deal with the Codependence (Hylonome) that we’ve been Denying (Eris). Alas, Hope is not a Winning Strategy, so we probably will have to do that in order to stay in Coherence with ourself. Ditch the Guilt though (Guilt is another one of those attribution- and object-free Emotions that we have to deal with through Sensation, as these Feelings are never Present-Moment) – Denial is a Healthy Protection for the Ego when it’s not quite ready to process something else because its plate is already too full. You’ll know when its Moment Arises, so don’t worry about it.

One of my favorite Intuition Crystals is Apophyllite, so named because it was also a favorite of the twelve Apophylls. I even carry a small matrix of Apophyllite Crystals on my dashboard, where it watches the Road ahead, since Intuition Sees Around Corners and through Haze. Apophyllite is a Phyllosilicate, a Mica, even if it doesn’t look like a Mica. The flat diamond shapes at the from of the Crystal below, are where smaller Crystals broke off between their “sheets.” Micas are strongly melded within their Phyllo-dough-like sheets, but poorly attached between their layers. A group of Mica sheets is even called a “Book!” Notice the Fish swimming off to the left…

1 This video of Hammy in Over the Hedge is a Perfect Illustration of what happens when you do enough Kegels to Stop Time. Of course that would be a whole lot of Kegels, but you can see from the Video a dramatization of how useful Kegels are for Dealing with Fear.

2 This is pretty Esoteric, but also Basic, and will help you Understand the Relationships between Signs, avoid Memorization, and Overemphasis on a few Samples as “Types.”

A Duad means a twosome (like a Triad is three), but in astrology it refers to a 2½ Degree section of the Zodiac. Each Sign has 12 Duads, the first being eponymous, and the rest proceeding in order – an example would best explain that. Saturn is in Aquarius. The twelve Duads of Aquarius are like so…

0-2½° Aquarius Duad of Aquarius2½-5° Pisces Duad of Aquarius5-7½° Aries Duad of Aquarius
7½-10° Taurus Duad of Aquarius10-12½° Gemini Duad of Aquarius12½-15° Cancer Duad of Aquarius
15-17½° Leo Duad of Aquarius17½-20° Virgo Duad of Aquarius20-22½° Libra Duad of Aquarius
22½-25° Scorpio Duad of Aquarius25-27½° Sagittarius Duad of Aquarius27½-30° Capricorn Duad of Aquarius

Through all twelve of these Duads, Saturn’s Aim would be Aquarian. We could define that lots of ways, for now let’s just say that Aquarius Aims to Improve Social Order. The secondary sign might be described as a Method that Aquarius might use. So the Aquarius Duad of Aquarius might be Improving Social Order by Talking about it (Aquarius is Fixed Air – Idealism, so the Aquarian Method might be Discussing Our Ideals with Others, or Arguing about how Our Ideals Are So Much Better than Others – the “Fixed” part). We say “might be” instead of “is” because there are many good ways to characterize each Sign. The Pisces Duad might be Improving Social Order by Empathizing with Others, the Aries Duad by Creating new Intuitive Models for Society

Aquarius Duad of Aquarius might be Improving Social Order by Talking about itPisces Duad might be Improving Social Order by Empathizing with OthersAries Duad by Creating new Intuitive Models for Society
Taurus Duad perhaps by Testing the Models in HardcopyGemini Duad by Including Lots of OptionsCancer Duad by Demonstrating how Nurturing it Would Be
Leo Duad by Describing How Good People Would FeelVirgo Duad by Adding ways for Members of the Society to GrowLibra Duad by Opportunities to Meet Others
Scorpio Duad by Including Ways to Mitigate Ongoing DifficultiesSagittarius Duad by Breathing Exercises to De-stress CompetitionCapricorn Duad by Writing the Report

Signs are also divided into Decanates, 10-Degree sections, where the first Decanate is eponymous, like the Aquarius Decanate of Aquarius (0-10°), and the other two Decanates are named for the other two Air Signs, in order, so 10-20° is the Gemini Decanate, and 20-30° is the Libra Decanate. The Decanates, like the Duads, Express the Underlying Sign in ways that are reminiscent of the Secondary Sign.

A Gift from the Heavens 2½

January 24, 2023

The curse of astrology – while the Present Moment only takes an Instant, astrology has so much to say about It that one is always way behind, with no hope of ever catching up! We could belabor a Future Present Moment, but that’s not the same. The Illuminating Insights aren’t there, like they are when you’re reading the Present Present Moment. We still haven’t finished the Saturn-Venus Initiation, or done justice to the Uranus Station. And in the process, several People have slipped through the cracks, such as…

I think we mentioned the 11 January 2023 Station of Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied ) but I don’t think we had time to say much more about it. When our aim is to ferret out Unconscious Karma, Eris is damn Important. It was in 24 Aries, Fully Engaged with the Flow of the Present Moment, to the Extent that We Wonder If We Have any Separate Identity. (I didn’t know that while writing the previous paragraph! No wonder – my natal Hylonome [Codependence] Lives there! Curious!) 24 Aries is the Home of the Star Achernar, Fast-Occurring Events like Flood or Fire, Demanding Immediate Attention.

Given the astrological circumstances and my own recent Experience, I’d guess that the Station might indicate that Karma associated with such Events might be Triggering your Potentially-Traumatic Memory of them. For me these aren’t like Floods or Fires, but Opportunities Lost because I was too Focused on Repressing my Reactions to the Expectation of more Trauma. Rather than Ruing what actually occurred, Imagine recording a video of the Most Delightful Outcome Imaginable, as your Template for Next Time. This is part of the Venus-Saturn Cycle’s Honing our Inner Witness in order to (1) Become more Aware of our Expiring Relationship Karma, (2) Take Ownership of it, and (3) Heal it (see previous post).

More recently, the Uranus Station and Saturn-Venus Initiation occupied my Attention so much that I let slide several other important events from 19-22 January…

Moira (Fate and Choice) – which is Critical to whether we even Believe that it’s Possible to Root Out our Karma – Stood Still 19-20 January (PST 6:54 pm 19th, GMT 2:54 am 20th, IST 8:24 am 20th, AEDT Qld 12:54 pm 20th), in 29 Taurus (Full Self-Expression without Ego-Attachment). It’s not so bad that we temporarily ignored that, because the New Moon says more about its following few weeks than it does about its Present Moment, and the Moira Station occurred very close to the…

New Moon (Change of Scenery) 21-22 January (PST 12:59 pm 21st, GMT 8:59 pm 21st, IST 2:29 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 6:59 am 22nd), in 2 Aquarius (Deeply in Tune with Mother Earth, but Unconsciously, and Carrying this Contagious Energy for Others to Unconsciously Imitate), Channeling the Fixed Star Altair (Boldness, Courage, and Compassion Combined). Another Gift!

And, there on the Cusps between the Moira Station and the New Moon, there were a couple of Sign Changes late last week…

Lachesis (Karma that is Unexpired, but which We Can Choose to Let Go Of ) moved into Pisces (Finishing Processing of Emotional Baggage from Many Lifetimes) on 20 January (PST 4:37 am, GMT 12:37 pm, IST 6:07 pm, AEDT Qld 10:37 pm). The Last Degree of Aquarius is about Channeling the Light into Earthly Grace with Total Presence and Total Detachment. The first Degree of Pisces is (Lonsdale, p.372) “Present to our own personal soul in the midst of life is an achievement. It’s something to live for. It’s the one thing we cannot do without.” Our Held Emotions prevent that, and Letting Go of Held Emotions is Exactly what Pisces is about. Of course that Requires Experiencing them, even though We’d Rather Die than Feel Them. Mother Teresa had the Great Gift of being Able to Be Fully Present with People while they were in their worst Anguish, exactly when someone’s Presence is Most Healing, yet She was able to do that without taking the Anguish Home with Her, because She had finished Her Pisces Work. Lachesis is in Pisces till the Ides of April.

Sappho (Unconditional Self-Love) backs into Leo (Self-Appreciation) 20-21 January (PST 8:07 pm 20th, GMT 4:07 am 21st, IST 9:37 am 21st, AEDT Qld 2:07 pm 21st). That will be a Relief, since Virgo, where Sappho’s been since 26 November 2022, is all about Ego Death. Yes, all of our Olde Egos that Put Conditions on our Self-Love, need to be Upgraded. It’s just not the most Fun thing we do, till we Train ourself to Recognize the signs of Ego Death, Appreciate that we’re in the Process of Letting Go of our Unconscious Limitations, and Focus on how much Greater our Life will be Without them. We won’t have any idea What our Life will be like afterwards, but we do know that it will be as Glorious as when a Brutal Storm Clears Away and just when we’d Forgotten that the Sun was still there behind the Dark Clouds, It Shines so Brightly on a Newly Washed Earth that it Takes our Breath Away.

Finally, the Moon returned In Bounds from its Southerly Adventures on 21-22 January (PST 8:52 pm 21st, GMT 4:52 am 22nd, IST 10:22 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2:52 pm 22nd), and remains In Bounds till 30-31 January (PST 11:17 am 30th, GMT 7:17 pm 30th, IST 12:47 am 31st, AEDT Qld 5:17 am 31st). The US Federal Reserve Board meets 31 January and 1 February, so if you mess around on Wall Street, your Risk goes way up after 28 January.

A Gift from the Heavens 2

January 22, 2023

This is about the Venus-Saturn Cycle, one of our Most Important Cycles because it’s about how we Prioritize our Values. As we described in the previous post, we Sabotage Ourself when our Programming Violates our Values. Moving into Enlightenment requires that we Self-Betray as little as possible, as it messes up our Emotions and takes us Out of Coherence. It also Requires that we Relate to The World from our True Self, from our Soul or at least our Heart, rather than from our Programming. When we try to Relate Intimately with Nature from our Programming, She Knows the Difference, and Dismisses us as the Clown that we are.

The Gift in the Cycle is the Revelation of our Potentially-Hidden Karma, which Gifts us Opportunities to Change and Cancel it. Below is the Birth chart for the 14-month Cycle that runs through mid-March 2024, whose Anthem is something like Honing our Inner Witness in order to Become more Aware of our Expiring Relationship Karma, Take Ownership of it, and Heal it. The Active part of the Cycle, before it begins to Wind Down,1 lasts only till the end of this May.

So we’ll be Focused on Honing our Inner Witness (25 Aquarius)2 till late May, Integrating that into our Lives for the following two months, then diving into a Huge Reorganization of Who we Believe Ourself to Be and How We Relate to the World until late in 2023.3 If you run into Difficulty on this Journey, especially around Intrusive Memories or Challenging Ancestors, Remover of Obstacles Lord Ganesha is your Best Friend. Get to know Him long before August, so you already Know and Trust one another before you Need Him.

1 At the Phitile, that is. See previous post, The Phitile. All Karma comes with an Expiry Date, though it doesn’t matter, because we’re so Accustomed and often Addicted to our Karma that we don’t often Let It Go when it Expires. We don’t feel Safe without it. And, we can Let Go of Unexpired Karma almost as easily as we can Expired Karma. We just need to make the Choice, and Follow Through.

2 See the post before that, A Gift from the Heavens. The Venus Retrograde occurs during the Wind-Down period; see note 1 of A Gift from the Heavens.

3 Referring to the Shadow Period of the Venus Retrograde Episode – see note 1 of A Gift from the Heavens. Venus Retrograde Conjoins asteroid Ganesha on 10-11 August, and Saturn Retrograde dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) on 6-7 August.

The Cycle will be Slathered with Soul by virtue of occurring simultaneously with the Uranus Station – if we drew up the full Birth chart for the Cycle, we’d see Uranus Stationary in it. The Initiation, and therefore the Cycle, is Merged with three other planets – Atropos (Naturally-Expiring Karma, Damocles (Fear of Accountability), and Panacea (Universal Healing). So for the next year we’re ahead to think in terms of Noticing, Accepting, and Canceling Expired Relationship (Aquarius) Karma and Healing the Wounds.

Our Programming is imprinted on our Aura. Manipulation is the most Efficient way to get Others to do what you want them to do, especially when the Manipulatees are Naive, such as some Children. Our Manipulators created code-words that Opened Holes in our Auras, in our Back where we’d be less likely to Notice. Often the code-word was our name, said a certain way. They could then, Metaphorically, Reach in and Pull our Puppet-Strings. Those Holes are still there, where anyone who Intuitively “sees” them can reach in and Pull our Strings. That gives Grifters much of their Power.

We Seal those Holes by becoming Conscious enough of our Programming that we Recognize Manipulations, and Learning to use Mirrors to send their Manipulative Energy back to the would-be Manipulator. Holding up an Imaginary wardrobe mirror facing them does the trick. With a little Practice, we can hold a Mirror while carrying on a Conversation. You can watch the Manipulator’s Confusion as they don’t get the Reactions they Wanted and Expected.4 Most Manipulations are Unconscious about what they’re doing, so they have no idea what’s going on, they’re just Confused. As we Practice this, the Hole in our Aura gradually Heals, till it’s Sealed, and we Discover that we no longer need to use a Mirror for that Karma.

The previous Venus-Saturn Cycle started 28 March 2022, and it was about Reanimating Nature and the “Inanimate” (22 Aquarius). It was Merged with Our Instincts (Moon) and the Felt Need for Growth in Consciousness (Juno).5 That was not only our Personal Most Important Value, but it was also the Earth’s, as it’s an Essential First Step in Healing Huperity’s Relationship with Mother Gaia. You would have Felt it through whatever natal planet you have near 22 Aquarius.

4 With our Childhood Programmers, Mirroring can be a bit arduous. Often we can Feel their Programming – with our own Should Thoughts, for instance – while we aren’t in the same Space. Practicing with a Mirror in that situation makes it Easier. They know our code-words very well, and they can be either very naive or very cunning about it, so at times we need to surround ourself on all sides with a Dome of Mirrors, and sometimes it can take a year or two to Break their Habit. It’s worth the Hassle. If we Feel Guilt or Shame about doing this, we know we’re Exactly On Target. We may Feel Resentment that we have to do it, as Self-Sovereignty should be our Birthright, but Ownership of our own Karma is the second step (after Noticing) to Clearing it. Nobody gonna Clear our Karma but us – Others can make suggestions, but nobody else can Clear it for us. Clearing it is part of our Commitment to Seek Enlightenment, and it doesn’t happen without Commitment.

5 The 28 March 2022 Saturn-Venus Initiation also T-Squared the Nodes, which you might have Noticed as a Tension between What You Were Taught Was True and Right (and Protected by Held Emotions, perhaps your Programmers’ more than your own), and your Sense of your Mission in the Lifetime. I’m guessing that your Mission won out over what you were Taught, as the latter end of things was Merged With Deep Transmutation (Ka’epaoka’awela in Scorpio), while the Mission end was Merged With Techniques for Manifesting into Hardcopy Form (Artesian in Taurus).

That Reanimating Energy will Hang Around, sometimes even in the foreground, till the Ides of April, when the New Cycle reaches its Waxing Square and the Old Energy hands the baton to the Inner Witness Energy. Meanwhile, both Energies will be Present, and our Inner Witness will probably Notice that things we Thought were Inanimate, start moving around on their own Volition. If you haven’t Noticed already. It’s sure true already at my house. If they’re Willing, do strike up a Conversation! That’ll Grow the Hell out of your Inner Witness.

An “Initiation” is a Conjunction or Merger between two planets, and it Begins a New Cycle. Sometimes two planets make several Conjunctions in a row, as one or both turns Retrograde to Emphasize something. In this case, only the first Conjunction is the Initiation. Like a Guru or Shaman Initiating a Student with Shaktipat, the Slower Planet (here Saturn) Initiates the Faster Planet (Venus). The Faster Planet is much more Active, so we Hupers (it’s always about us, isn’t it ) have much more Experience with it, so it can carry out the Assignment for the Slower Planet.

Saturn says to Venus, “Go tell these People how Important their Values are! They keep Deprioritizing their Values in favor of Ease or Fun or Obedience or Ideology or Idiocy, or for Goddess’s Sake, Thought of all things, and Mother Gaia Suffers for it! You may have Thought they were Inanimate. Of the 50 or so planets we use, around 35 of them are Faster (they have shorter Orbits, closer to the Sun) than Saturn, So Saturn has about three dozen Minions, and that’s only in our carefully Curated asteroid Team. There are thousands of asteroids for Saturn’s many other Multidimensional Purposes. The other 15 or so planets we use are Slower than Saturn (their Orbits are furthur from the Sun and therefore longer), so Saturn is their Minion when it comes to doing Assignments for their Goals.

Saturn’s Assignment for Venus in this Cycle, is to Awaken us to Honing our Inner Witness in order to Become more Aware of our Expiring Relationship Karma, Take Ownership of it, and Heal it. This particular Venus-Saturn Cycle is Stronger (More Impactful ) than the average Bear, because at their Initiation they’re also Parallel – that is, the two planets are not just in the same Longitude (location East or West of an arbitrary starting point), but they’re also at nearly the same distance above the Horizon. The same will be true of the next Initiation, 14 months hence.

4 With our Childhood Programmers, Mirroring can be a bit arduous. Often we can Feel their Programming – with our own Should Thoughts, for instance – while we aren’t in the same Space. Practicing with a Mirror in that situation makes it Easier. They know our code-words very well, and they can be either very naive or very cunning about it, so at times we need to surround ourself on all sides with a Dome of Mirrors, and sometimes it can take a year or two to Break their Habit. It’s worth the Hassle. If we Feel Guilt or Shame about doing this, we know we’re Exactly On Target. We may Feel Resentment that we have to do it, as Self-Sovereignty should be our Birthright, but Ownership of our own Karma is the second step (after Noticing) to Clearing it. Nobody gonna Clear our Karma but us – Others can make suggestions, but nobody else can Clear it for us. Clearing it is part of our Commitment to Seek Enlightenment, and it doesn’t happen without Commitment.

5 The 28 March 2022 Saturn-Venus Initiation also T-Squared the Nodes, which you might have Noticed as a Tension between What You Were Taught Was True and Right (and Protected by Held Emotions, perhaps your Programmers’ more than your own), and your Sense of your Mission in the Lifetime. I’m guessing that your Mission won out over what you were Taught, as the latter end of things was Merged With Deep Transmutation (Ka’epaoka’awela in Scorpio), while the Mission end was Merged With Techniques for Manifesting into Hardcopy Form (Artesian in Taurus).

The Phitile

January 21, 2023

A while back (early 2004 to be exact), I decided that the Traditional interpretation of the Opposition, 180 Degrees, didn’t really work as the Culmination of a 360 Degree Cycle. A Cycle doesn’t begin to Break Down till the Waning Square, 270 Degrees. So what happens then between the Opposition and the Waning Square?

Well, if we look at just the first dozen Harmonics, there’s the Quinnovile, 5/9, 200°, Learning Introversion. There’s the Quadriseptile, 4/7, 206°, Mastering Time. There’s the Septunx, 7/12, 210°, Breaking Time Karma. There’s the Quinoctile, 5/8, 225°, Learning to Adjust. There’s the Septelvile, 7/11, 229°, Natural Timing. There’s the Waning Trine, 2/3, 240°, Natural Guidelines. The Sepdecile, 7/10, 252°, Timing of Fortune. The Quinseptile, 5/7, 257°, Learning Timing. And the Octelvile, 8/11, 262°, Adjusting our Self-Respect.

Oh, and there’s the Phitile, 360/φ or 360/1.618, 222½°, Attunement with Nature. φ is the “Golden Angle” that appears everywhere in Nature.

All of those Angles sound like they map out a good path toward Getting Ready to Shift Gears. But it seemed to me that the Harvest of the Fruits of the Cycle should occur at the Waning Trine, where Harvest should be Effortless, something Given To Us rather than something we Do or Take. So I’ve been referring to the Opposition as the Blooming of the Cycle, rather than the Culmination, and to the Waning Trine as the Fruiting of the Cycle, with apologies to Rudhyar. And it seemed to me that an appropriate place for the Culmination of a Cycle would be the Phitile, the Angle where Nature Feels Complete in her Design Process.

The Phitile, though, is hard to compute, even harder than Quintiles and Septiles. Here’s what I wrote about the Phitile in February 2004, in a DIY blog (WordPress didn’t appear till 2007 – it has its faults, but it’s still far superior to the old HTML/FTP process)…

The old Pagan cross-quarter holiday Samhain, halfway between the Libra Equinox and the Capricorn Solstice, at the Midpoint of Scorpio, one of the Power Points of the Zodiac. Lonsdale‘s take on 13 Scorpio is Compulsion to Explore What’s Denied by Everyone, Living in the Shadow of a Culture. Taking the shutters off the Windows to our Programming, in other words. Like Karma and Dogma, Programming is supposed to seem like it’s the only way things could possibly be.

Yes, now that you mention it, that was a “Fun” table to make in HTML.

A Gift from the Heavens

January 20, 2023

Our ever-watchful Chief Asteroid Officer has noticed that 45 minutes before the 22-23 January 2023 Station (Prominence) of Uranus (Our Soul), Venus (Our Values) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Convene and Initiate a New Cycle. The Venus-Saturn Cycle should Obviously be ranked among our Most Critical Cycles. At the times when our Values are NOT The Most Important Thing to Us, we Betray Ourself. While such Self-Sabotage is a result of our Programming, our Programming is a Mirror for our Karma, since Programming is how much of our Karma was installed into the Current Lifetime.

If you’re reading this, one of your Most Important Values is Enlightenment, aka Ascension or 5D. A primary prerequisite for Enlightenment is to Clear our Karma. That’s more Difficult while our Karma remains Unconscious, so Noticing our Karmic Patterns becomes Bottom Line. We get this Opportunity every time our Karma is Triggered, which includes every time we React from our Programming rather than Responding from our Values. Enlightenment means that our Ego and our Soul are Merging, and that can’t happen as long as Karma has a Leghold Trap on our Ego, which is exactly what Karma does for a Living.

This is a particularly Important Window for those of us who were Programmed to favor Thinking over Feeling, because as Jung said, People who Prioritize Thinking are Irrational, because they’re not in Touch with their own Emotions and therefore not in Touch with their own Values, since Values arise from the Heart, not the Mind. Many of us are much more Aware of Our Thoughts About Our Feelings than we are of Our Feelings themselves. Too many of us haven’t yet Learned to tell the difference.

Many of us first need to Learn to Find our Emotions, buried under the Thoughtstorm that they evoke. It can help to Focus on the Sensations that arise with Emotion. When we’re trying to Think Through a particularly difficult Conundrum, we can Ask ourself, What Is my Body Telling me through its Sensations? rather than What is my Mind Telling me through its Thoughts? Emotions (Water) and Sensations (Earth) share the same Style (Magnetic), as we explained in the previous post, so they tend to Collaborate.

Emotions and Thoughts (Air) have Opposite Styles, so they tend to Conflict. So Emotions and Thoughts are in Competition with one another before we even Feel or Think. And thanks to Western Medicine, with its ban on Intuition and its Intense Advertising Campaigns, we also have to Struggle with and get beyond our Thoughts about our Sensations (“O My Goddess, is that Cancer?”). We have to Focus on Where our Sensation Resides in the Body and What It Feels Like there, while Rejecting Thoughts the same way we do when they Intrude on our Meditations – “Oh, there’s Thinking Again. Thanks for Contributing, but we’re Doing Something Else now. Where was I?

Venus-Saturn Value-Priority Cycles last about a year. The Cycle that’s Ending spanned 10 months, but the New Cycle will last 14 months, till the Aries Equinox of 2024, because Venus slows down and turns Retrograde in the Northern Summer and Southern Winter. Angles between Retrograde planets are called Expositions because they Expose the internal workings of a planetary Relationship. Consequently, they’re more educational. In this Retrograde part of the Cycle1 we may be more Alone than we usually prefer, because we’ll be Learning to Appreciate our own Unique Strengths, some of which we’ve theretofore never Appreciated or even Noticed.2 Knowing Ourself – our Natural Strengths and the situations where we’re better off Delegating to Others or to Spirit – is an Essential Foundation for Enlightenment.

The New Cycle Begins in 25 Aquarius (Honing the Inner Witness in order to Rebirth Intelligence). Without Realizing the Connection to Lonsdale’s interpretation for the Degree, in note 1 below we’ve already written a lot about the Inner Witness! An Initiation is the Birth or a New Cycle, so it’s chart is a Birth Chart. So we shouldn’t be surprised when a Retrograde Period in the Cycle reiterates the Birth Reading for the Cycle. But the Cycle and the Degree are Independent of one another, so the “Coincidence” is still Remarkable.

We’ll look at the chart tomorrow. “Chrysanthemum Stone” is a good Rock to Contemplate for bringing forth the Inner Witness. The mineral composition can vary quite a bit. The Stone is so unusual that it’s known more by its Morphology and Mythology (of Immortal Love between Stones and Flowers) than for its chemistry. The fact that it appears in only a few places in the World, and appears with a mix of Chemistries when it does, speaks loudly that it’s Meaning lies in its Mythology. It’s also a Metaphor for the Bright and Focused Soul breaking through the Dark and Amorphous Matrix of the Ego and Karma.

1 Venus is actually Retrograde from 24 July to 4 September 2023 and 29 to 13 Leo, but the Shadow Period spans 19 June through 7 October. A Retrogradation is like a Remedial Course – we have to take it three times to pass, and sometimes we don’t. That’s the case when we don’t Learn from an astroevent. When we do Learn, it’s not Remedial at all. A Retrograde Shadow Period has three stages. The Retrograde period, here 24/7-4/9 and 29-13 Leo, is stage 2. Stage 1 is when the planet crosses this Degree Zone the first time, while Direct. That will be 19 June to 23 July and 13 to 29 Leo. Stage 1, called the Can-Opener, is when we get Blindsided by the Lesson Plan, often quite Stressfully. So we may hit Loneliness and Self-Doubt during the Can-Opener.

Stage 2 is the Exposition, where since the planet is Retrograde, the Curriculum is Repeated, more Slowly this time, Step by Step, allowing us to Learn the Lesson. If we’re Paying Attention. If we aren’t Paying Attention, we’ll Re-Experience the Stress of the Can-Opener, and remain its Victim. Stage 3 is the Confidence-Builder, where the Curriculum is Repeated Again, and this time we Sail Right Through it, because we’ve Learned How! If we noticed the Correlation between the Can-Opener and the Exposition. It not, we could have a third Stressful Victim Episode.

Karma and Unconscious Limitations are Created when we Remain in Blame, making our Stress Someone or Something Else’s Fault rather than our own Curriculum, and make a Decision or Vow or Oath or Promise that we’ll Never Put Ourself in that Position again. Of course, it’s unlikely we’ll have a strong Negative Reaction unless it’s already Karmic for us. So we don’t Create New Karma nearly as often as we “just” add Fresh Cement to our Old Karma. If we are Accountable for our Reaction to the original Stressful event rather than Blaming or Projecting it onto Something Else, or if we Notice the Repetition and Become Accountable, we can Learn and Practice Changing our Original Reaction to a Different Response. Then we really do Gain Confidence in the third Stage. Our Skills don’t mean much without our Confidence in them!

Many people misunderstand this Process as Blaming the Victim, which it’s not. We’re Expecting the Victim to take Ownership of their own Reactions to Repeating Stimuli. We can all be Blindsided by New Can-Openers, and since our Karma is many-dimensional, we often have to Re-Experience it in many different Arenas before we Let It Go Completely. We may React with Blame to a Relationship Hassle once, and then React with Blame to a Job Hassle another time, without Realizing that our Reactions are Repeating. That happens to all of us all the time, as we have many Karmic Patterns happening in many different Arenas. But if we’re Alert to Noticing the Similarities between two Reactions, we can Become Conscious that it’s Karma and Choose to Change it.

2 The Angles made between Venus and Saturn while they’re Retrograde are closest to four ninths and five elevenths of the Zodiac (the Quadrinovile and Quinelvile, 160 and 164 Degrees), which are about Mastering (4) Contemplation and Introspection (9) and Learning (5) to Appreciate our own Gifts and Talents (11). We derive the meaning of odd (indeed, all ) astrological Angles through the Correlation between the Tarot Major Arcana (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook) to the Harmonics of the Angles. For instance, the Quadrinovile is four ninths, or a combination of the 4th and 9th Harmonics (360/4=90° and 360/9=40°), equated to the 4th and 9th members of the Major Arcana (Emperor = Dominion and Hermit = Meditation). So the Quadrinovile implies Healthy Control over Meditation).


January 19, 2023

The Moon is now Out of Bounds (Folks are more likely to Panic than otherwise), as of 18-19 January 2023 (PST 7:27 pm 18th, GMT 3:27 am 19th, IST 8:57 am 19th, AEDT Qld 1:27 pm 19th), over the Southern Hemisphere (Southerly Folks are even more likely to Panic), until 21-22 January (PST 8:52 pm 21st, GMT 4:52 am 22nd, IST 10:22 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2:52 pm 22nd). The Moon goes Out of Bounds (OOB) for several days every two weeks for a decade or so, then for another decade it doesn’t go Out of Bounds at all. Its first OOB adventure of the 20-year plus Cycle is usually Momentous – for instance, the last two were called “COVID-19” and “Nine-Eleven” – Lotsa Panic.

If you live where you can see the Sky, you can see the Moon go OOB. When the Moon is OOB North, it rises in the Northeast and sets in the Northwest. When it’s OOB South, it rises in the Southeast and sets in the Southwest. I used to live in Seattle, which sits 50 miles/80 km East of an 8,000-foot/2,500-meter high, 50-mile/80 km wide Mountain Range. At the June Solstice in Seattle, the Sun set right on the Northern Edge of that Range. At the December Solstice it set at the very Southern Edge of it. To Seattle, it was the Stone Henge Range. You Felt the difference on your Skin.

Before I lived there, I’d never hung out where there were landmarks at the Solstices, so while I knew conceptually that the Sun traveled from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer (23:27° South and North Latitude) and back every year, I had no idea what that really meant “on the ground.” When you can see how far that really is, it’s Shocking. When the Moon is OOB S, it’s further South than the Tropic of Capricorn, and when it’s OOB N, it’s further North than the Tropic of Cancer.1 Furthur than the Sun ever goes, in other words.

The next Big Event is the Station (Peak Energy) of Uranus (Our Soul), on 22-23 January (PST 2:57 pm 22nd, GMT 10:57 pm 22nd, IST 4:27 am 23rd, AEDT Qld 8:57 am 23rd), in 15 Taurus (The Need to Surrender, Erupting Repeatedly). The difficult Star Menkar lives in that Degree. A natal planet in 15 Taurus means that we’ll have to Surrender Repeatedly to Something. Uranus in 15 Taurus on the other hand means that we have to Surrender Our Egos to Our Soul.

For instance, a friend has their Venus in 15 Taurus, and they’ve Surrendered to their Values so thoroughly all their Life, that they’re Fortunate but Burdened by their acute Conscious Awareness of the Karma that Separates them from their Values. The rest of us are just Burdened. We don’t know we’re Separated from our Less-Conscious Values till we Betray ourself, and then we’re still not sure how we’d Avoid the same Betrayal tomorrow.

The twelve Signs are divided into several Qualities. There are…

two Styles – s1=Dyamic/Masculine/Positive, s2=Magnetic/Feminine/Negative,

three Modalities – m1=Creative/Cardinal, m2=Stabilizing/Fixed, m3=Changing/Mutable, and

four Elements – e1=Spirit/Fire, e2=Flesh or Matter/Earth, e3=Mind/Air, e4=Emotion/Water.

Each Sign has a Style, a Modality, and an Element, and the combination of the three is unique for every Sign. Aries starts at s1/m1/e1, and each next Sign just moves and cycles to the next quality in order. Like this…

The first Sign, Aries, is s1/m1/e1, Dynamic Creative Spirit.#7 Libra is s1/m1/e3, Dynamic Creative Mind.
The second, Taurus, is s2/m2/e2, Magnetic Stabilizing Flesh.#8 Scorpio is s2/m2/e4, Magnetic Stabilizing Emotion.
The third, Gemini, is s1/m3/e3, Dynamic Changing Mind.#9 Sagittarius is s1/m3/e1, Dynamic Changing Spirit.
The fourth, Cancer, is s2/m1/e4, Magnetic Creative Emotion.#10 Capricorn is s2/m1/e2, Magnetic Creative Flesh.
#5 Leo is s1/m2/e1, Dynamic Stabilizing Spirit.#11 Aquarius is s1/m2/e3, Dynamic Stabilizing Mind.
#6 Virgo is s2/m3/e2, Magnetic Changing Flesh.#12 Pisces is s2/m3/e4, Magnetic Changing Emotion.

Each Sign Balances what the previous Sign has Overstressed. For instance, when Aries gets “Airy-Fairy,” Taurus Grounds it. When Taurus gets Stuffy, Gemini Breaks its Rules. When Gemini gets Scatterbrained, Cancer Asks “What are you Feeling?” When Cancer gets Codependent, Leo Prioritizes Self. When Leo gets Full of Itself, Virgo brings Ego Death. When Virgo gets Self-Critical, Libra Invites Other to Refocus Virgo Outward.

When Libra can’t figure out how to do Relationship, Scorpio resolves to “Get to the Bottom of it.” When Scorpio gets too Intense, Sagittarius Advises Letting Go. When Sagittarius gets Lost from Letting Go of everything, like our friend to the left, Capricorn gets Pragmatic. When Capricorn gets Techy, Aquarius Wonders how People fit into the Engineering. When Aquarius gets too Idealistic, Pisces Feels the Pain of History’s Ideological Failures. When Pisces gets Lost in an Emotional Muddle, Aries Appeals to the Angels for Help.

This is why we have natal planets and Transits (visiting planets) all over the map, Sun in one Sign, Moon in another, Mars in Limbo, etc etc, to help us stay In Balance. And why Signs without planets, and Signs with too many planets, contribute their own kind of Karma.

Signs of the same Element Cooperate with one another because they Understand one another. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius foor instance are all Spirit Signs – Aries Creates, Leo Stabilizes, and Sagittarius Changes, or Adjusts to better fit the next Iteration of the Loop.

Signs of the same Modality Clash, because they’re seeing the World as Composed of different segments. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all Stabilizing Signs, but they Stabilize different parts of the Puzzle. Give them a Problem, and Taurus will fix the Fleshy part of it, Leo will fix the Spirity part of it, Scorpio will fix the Emotiony part of it, and Aquarius will fix the Mindy part of it. What a Team!

But this is the Fourth Harmonic, the Evolutionary Edge of Huperity according to Dane Rudhyar, and it’s stuck on the backside of the Edge. These are called Fixed Signs for a reason – in a Patriarchic Culture based on Domination, these Signs prefer to Dominate. So instead of fixing the Spirity part of the Problem, Leo prefers to tell they other three that they’re All Wrong, the onliest way to fix a problem is the Spirity way! And the other three do the same!

The Fourth Harmonic is really Dominion, not Domination. Dominion means Healthy Control, combining the Inspirational part of Competition with the Multiplicative Benefits of Collaboration. In Domination, the primary Inspiration arises from Fear. Your Success depends on the Success of your “Superior,” and you’re always in danger of being kicked off their Team after you’ve invested a Lifetime of Learning their Rules for your Life.

Twelve Signs and three Modalities means that there are four Signs for each Modality, one for each Element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. When a number of planets line up near the same Degree of each Modality, Conflict and Challenge result. When all four Elements are represented, there’s Balance and Self-Resolution. But with three, or even two Elements, their Competition, and hence the Challenge, becomes Intense. Every Conflict or Challenge is an Opportunity for SuperPower, but before we get there we have to Learn to Handle the Challenge. In any chart, three Challenges are Possible, one for each Modality – Creative, Stabilizing, Changing. This is how the Challenges we speak of arise…

The 22-23 January Station of Uranus has Challenges in all three Modalities, and none of them are Self-Resolving. That means our Work is cut out for us. As is Her wont, Soul (Uranus) is patiently waiting for us to make a Conscious Choice about whether we want to continue to Live as Ego-Master of Hollow Materialism, or Let Go of our Karmic Limitations and Move to 5D.

In the Creative Modality, the Top Dog is Compassion (Cancer). The Top Dog itself is Boundaries (Pallas), and it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds). The two Lieutenants fighting to Dominate the Conversation are Intuitive Action (Aries), and Relationship (Libra). In the Intuitive Action corner we have Despair and its trainer Miracles (Chiron). When Miracles has its Ear, Intuitive Action Rushes forward to Compete, but most of the time, like our friend to the right, it’s too Depressed to Act. In the Relationship Corner sits Disbelief (Kassandra).

This is a good Metaphor for COVID. The Matriarch of the family says, “Shitodear, this stuff is Dangerous, Let’s Draw some Firm Boundaries” – Masks, Quarantines, Strict Rules about Engagement. The Libertarian Skeptics Disbelieve, saying “Dangerous? No Way, all you need is some Dewormer and you’ll be fine. Those People were already Dying. COVID’s just a Worm.” The Intuitive Actors, many already chronically fatigued, are Paranoid about Long COVID, and mostly Hibernate, Poor-Sweethearting themselves and PIAVAing Safety whenever they run low on Groceries. The Pragmatists (Capricorn), who could perhaps have Balanced the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Drama, are Absent, relaxing in their Fallout Shelters.

The Panic of the Day in the US is the Debt Ceiling. In the Changing Modality of the Uranus Station chart, the Leader of the Pack is Resilience (Gemini), impersonated by an Environment that Will Sustain Life (Altjira), which is Urgently Needed (Out of Bounds). One Pretender to the Throne is Defense of the Status Quo (Virgo), peopled by The Rule of Law (Orcus) and The Fierce Enforcer (Thereus). The other Wanna-Be Boss is Karmic Emotional Baggage (Pisces), represented by the motley crew of The Patriarchy’s Hit Man (Heracles), Abuse and Privilege (Nessus), and The Web of Life (Arachne). The Web of Life is an Abused Slave Kidnapped by the Hit Man and Privilege. Missing in Action is Letting Go of Ideologies (Sagittarius), who could have been a great help if anyone would listen to them.

Stabilizing Influences are Scarce, with two of them on Vacation, Emotional Stability (Scorpio) and Social Stability (Aquarius). No one is In Charge. The two remaining Stabilities are duking it out, with no Clear Winner. The Stationary Star of our Show, Uranus, is Standing In for Material Stability (Taurus), and joined by Pan, the All-Important Chief Architect of Nature. Meanwhile, the fourth and last Fixer, Leo, the Spiritual Stabilizer, is Led by none other than Hubris (Hybris). How Tricky! It’s Self-Importance that fills the Spiritual side of the Contest, while Our Soul and Nature Itself Team up on it from the Material!

Sounds backward, but Think about it for a moment. We have to be pretty damn Focused on the Self to Commit to Ascension and Follow Up on it, and Flesh is what Our Soul is Descending Into, assisted by the Grand Master of Matter Himself, Pan. If we make the Choice, our Huperity and our Spirituality can Meet in the Middle, as our Self Ascends and our Soul Descends. As we do, we have to Abandon all Expectations and Mindstuff, as we Enter the Unknown, the Great Mystery, symbolized by the Lingam.

1 To be more precise, the North-South measure of the Moon’s Location is measured not in Latitude but in “Declension,” which is a Projection of Latitude onto the Sky. Declension measures in degrees how far from the plane of the Earth’s Orbit an Object appears to be, while Latitude measures in miles how far the Object is from the Equator. Or something like that – my mind navigates natively in two linear or circular dimensions, while astronomy works in three, and it’s spherical geometry besides. Some day I’ll get Confused enough to Grok the latter.

Insomnia vs Inspiration

January 15, 2023

Everybody caught up on their missed Sleep after that intense 12-13 January 2023 Mars (Energy, Action, Anger) Out of Bounds (Intensified ) Station (Peak Impact)?1 Fortunately, the Moon wasn’t also Full. Insomnia’s hard in a Yangtegrity World where we’re Expected to Do what we said we was gonna Do, when we said we was gonna Do it, and we Believe that our Survival (or at least our cashflow) can Depend on it.

Our Sleep Schedule will be a lot different this coming week, as we head into the 22-23 January Uranus (Our Soul, Inspiration, Disruption of what Our Soul considers to be Obsolete) Station.2 When Uranus is Lit Up, we can miss quite a bit of Sleep and not even Notice, as long as our “head” is in the right place. If we go to bed at our usual and accustomed time and can’t Sleep, and we Worry about our Performance tomorrow, we’re likely to be exhausted when the alarm goes off. On the other hand, if we realize, Oh Yeah, Uranus is Stationary! and get up and Work On or Play With whatever is tapping us on the Wanter (as distinct from the Should-er), we’re more likely to be Energized, both as we Enjoy our Wanting, and in the morning as well.

1 Mars Out of Bounds Stationary 12-13 January 2023 (PST 12:56 pm 12th, GMT 8:56 pm 12th, IST 2:26 am 13th, AEDT Qld 6:56 am 13th) in 9 Gemini (Unstoppable New Energy Forcing Its Way In, Changing Everything). Note that the Planet and the Degree are Independent of one another; there’s only a 1 in 360 chance that the Mars Station would fall on a Martian-sounding Unstoppable Energy Degree. As we’ve said many times, it’s as if Lonsdale wrote his Degree symbols specifically for the current period!

2 Uranus Stationary 22-23 January (PST 2:57 pm 22nd, GMT 10:57 pm 22nd, IST 4:27 am 23rd, AEDT Qld 8:57 am 23rd) in 15 Taurus, the home of Difficult Fixed Star Menkar (The Need to Surrender, Erupting Repeatedly). Shoulds are one of the Ego’s best way to keep our Lives “Safe” from the “Intrusions” of Soul. In Yangtegrity we Live from our Shoulds, which are often very different from our Wannas, as in “I Should Do That, but I Wanna Do This.” In Yintegrity (aka 5D), instead of Doing what we said we was gonna Do, We Do What We Feel Like Doing, When We Feel Like Doing It. Since for most of us our Culture is still in Yangtegrity, in order to get along we need to Minimize Our Commitments, Renegotiate Often, and Make Amends When Renegotiation Isn’t Possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

Again, note that the Planet and the Degree are Independent of one another. In 3D astrology, Uranus means Disruption. In 5D, Uranus Disrupts that which is Obsolete relative to our Soul’s Desire for our Mission and Evolution. Our Wannas are one of the easiest ways for our Soul to communicate to the Ego its Desire for our Mission and Evolution. Lonsdale’s Repeated Need to Surrender sounds like a description of 5D Uranus, but it’s not; it’s the description of 15 Taurus. So again, we have a double whammy – Uranus Intensified (Stationary) in a Uranian Degree. At least it’s not a triple whammy, like the earlier Mars Out of Bounds and Stationary in a Martian Degree.

The Current Energy is about Transmutation, as asteroid Ka’epaoka’awela was Intensified (Stationary) on 14 January.3 That’s certainly what I’ve been Living! Several days ago I had the Thought, What If I could Receive All of My Inconveniences and Discomforts as Information about my Unconscious Limitations! So I PIAVAed just that, and since then I’ve Witnessed myself Responding that way to some of my most persistent Hassles. It’s been no less than Transmutative! It’s Rare, and also an excellent sign that we’re On Target, when the Unconscious Responds so quickly and thoroughly to a PIAVA – there are usually Riddles and Delays and Indirections to Remind us that Confusion is the First Stage of Growth.

3 Ka’epaoka’awela Stationary 14 January (PST 3:02 am, GMT 11:02 am, IST 4:32 pm, AEDT Qld 9:02 pm) in 11 Scorpio (Staying Open To and Present With Our Demons until they Surrender to Healing). Wow, planet and Degree match three times in a row! Staying Open and Present is the best way to Transmute our Demons.

Staying Open and Present is also exactly how we Respond most Effectively to Self-Resolving astrological Challenges, like the Fully Self-Resolving Challenge to Mars in the combined chart for the Mars and Ka’epaoka’awela Stations, along with the 18 January Station of Mercury (PST 5:11 am, GMT 1:11 pm, IST 6:41 pm, AEDT Qld 11:11 pm) in 9 Capricorn, home of Combative Fixed Star Faces (Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed)…

Cinnabar, the dark red Crystal below, is Mercury Sulfate – not something you want to eat, though historically it was Ingested in Eastern Alchemy to promote Immortality. A good reminder to be careful what you Ask for – it expedited Deeper Contact with the Immortal Soul by expediting Dementia (or, arguably, Other-Dimensia) and Physical Death. It’s not a good idea to Ingest any Crystal, as they usually contain Impurities of one sort or another. Even when making Crystal Elixirs, it’s good to separate, via glass or ceramic, the Crystal from the Water you’re recording its Vibration into. That should make the Elixir Safe to drink, if you’re using Pure Filtered Water that never actually touches the Crystal.

Cinnabar is said to Balance runaway EMF, making it useful for apnea, Turette’s, Parkinson’s, and worth a try for Blocking 5G pollution. Both Mercury and Sulfur are important in Western Alchemy, their union representing the Sacred Marriage. Sulfur in the Body, essential for cartilage maintenance and useful for Heart health, Cancer control, and Diabetes, is contributed by Alliums (Onions, Garlic, et al), Brassicas (Broccoli, Cabbage, et al ), and other common foods. Let these vegetables sit for five minutes between cutting and cooking, to allow the most Healing form of vegetative Sulfur to develop.

The distinctively quadrilateral white Crystals hosting the Cinnebar Crystal are Dolomite, Calcium Magnesium Carbonate. It’s especially useful for Harmonizing the Frequencies of Disparate Minerals, and serves as a tonic for the Body when used Crystallopathically. Use a Crystal this way by placing it on the Body near an Organ that’s out of Balance.l