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More Big Doin’s

September 28, 2022

We’re starting to see why folks from around the Universe – Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, et al, not to mention the more Etheric Realms – have been trying to talk sense into Hupers. Solar Outbursts are increasing in frequency, strength, and unpredictability. They’re more than capable of wiping out Electrical Grids1 and Computing Networks on the Sunward side of the Earth if the Planet doesn’t take precautions to prevent it (mostly shutting down Power to hardware so Surges aren’t routed through the equipment). Keep up with this trend at

A US NASA program just blasted someone else’s asteroid home as casually as Pootin’ blasts a Ukrainian village…

The old Patriarchic adage “All’s Fair in Love and War” obviously still holds, as NASA believes itself to be defending its Home. Hupers may never find Peace till they Accept Death as a natural part of Life, which means Accepting Ego Death as a natural part of Ego. An Ego Death is a Molt.

When a Crab Molts, as he does annually, he has to laboriously wriggle out of his old exoskeleton, pulling each leg and claw out of his old shell as he frees his body. King Crab males molt first, then graciously hold a female’s old shell while she wriggles out. It takes several days for a Crab’s new shell to harden, during which time, as a tasty naked morsel, he’s very vulnerable…

You can see how Ancient our Karmic Fear of Ego Death is. In 3D Linear Time, Crabs have been around for 500 million years, Hupers less than 10. In the 3D Linear view of Evolution, which is based on hardcopy Fossils and intellectual extrapolations from theories about how Genes work, Crabs and Hupers are on different Branches of the Tree. But if you approach it from the Respect-for-All-Things Hopi Perspective, and take into account that we’re still in the Field where many Pantheistic planets are Lit Up,2 and that our Multidimensional Intuition is Lit Up Brilliantly as we speak,3 you’ll quickly Remember that Crabs are our Brothers and Sisters – as are Stingrays. (Continuing on the other side of Purple.)

1 Including destroying transformers in the Electrical Grid that could take months to replace. Transformers are already in short supply because of the “Supply Chain” issues.

2 Dwarf planets Altjira, Pholus, and Quaoar, and asteroids Pan and Arachne all Stationary 18-22 September 2022.

3 Dwarf planet Asbolus both Out of Bounds and Stationary (each of which Amplifies the Impact on us) 8:21 pm PDT 29 September (4:21 am BST and 1:21 pm AEST, both 30 September), in 1 Cancer (Surrendering to Spirit ) and Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ), which is also Out of Bounds and Stationary 4:28 pm PDT 2 October (12:28 am BST and 9:28 am AEST, both 3 October), in 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else). The Asbolus Station adjoins the Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ) in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ).

The chart of the Asbolus-Chaos OOB Stations is basically the same as the New Moon chart in the Still Big Doin’s post. The OOB Moon moves ahead to Conjoin asteroid Karma OOB in Sagittarius for the Asbolus OOB Station, and has moved through the Capricorn-Cusp Stellium (Icarus OOB-Ixion OOB-Quaoar-Pholus) to 10 Capricorn by the time Chaos OOB Stands Still.

The Asbolus-Chaos Stations Oppose the recent Stations of Icarus-Ixion (both Out of Bounds) and Pholus-Quaoar. That Opposition is Squared by the Opposition between Jupiter in 4 Aries (Playful and Exuberant True Self When Liberated – Till then, Nobody) and asteroid Hopi Out of Bounds in 2 Libra (Drawn into the Mysteries, Terrifying to Ego but Exhilarating to Soul, with Potential to Transform the World ), the latter Conjunct the 25 September New Moon in 3 Libra (Passionate yet Detached about a Unitary Future No One Else Can See).

The Moon moves Out of Bounds (Hupers get more Anxious than usual ) over the Southern Hemisphere at 8:46 am PDT 30 September (4:46 pm BST 30th, 1:46 am AEST 1 October), until 3:39 pm PDT 4 October (11:39 pm BST 4th and 8:39 am AEST 5th). The Moon spans 7 Sagittarius to 8 Aquarius while Out of Bounds, crossing many Lit-Up planets in the process.4 (Continuing on the other side of Purple.)

4 Including Pandora OOB (Exaggerated Hope) 4pm PDT 30 September, the Ixion OOB-Icarus OOB-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium (Very Radical Innovations to Adjust to Climate Change et al ) 2-10 am PDT 2 October, Panaceas OOB (Amplified Healing) 11 pm PDT 2 October, Stationary Hylonome (Exaggerrated Sovereignty-Codependence – see below) 9am PDT 3 October, and Pluto (Compulsion) 8pm PDT 3 October. The Moon moves OOB while Conjunct asteroid Karma OOB (Karmic Patterns Exaggerated to Get Our Attention), and returns In Bounds while Conjunct still-Stationary asteroid Arachne (Emphasis on The Web of Life).

In between our Opportunity to Practice our Intuition SuperPower and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it (Station of OOB Asbolus 29 September) and our Opportunity to Move into our Unlimited Potential and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it (Chaos Station 2 October), we get a Splendid Opportunity to Adjust the Balance between our Self-Sovereignty and our Codependence and/or Let Go of Any Inertia We Have to Over-Emphasize Either (Station of dwarf planet Hylonome 8:28 am PDT 30 September, which is 4:28 pm BST 30 September and 1:28 am AEST 1 October).

Well, it’s not really “in between,” since all three are Merged into One Experience, though our Sovereignty Challenges and SuperPowers may be a bit more Prominent in between. We should probably refer instead to our Opportunity to Practice our SuperPower of Intuiting the Exact Balance between Self-Sovereignty and Codependence that Will Best Facilitate Our Moving Into Our Unlimited Potential and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it, Moment to Moment. We could well be Practicing Our SuperPower AND Letting Go of Our Resistance at the same time, if we’re well Practiced at Noticing Our Karmic Patterns.

While what we Learn this coming weekend may be a series of One-Time things, the Boon derives from Exercising these SuperPowers and Letting-Go Skills Moment to Moment into the Future. Bear in mind that Tigger may not always make the best Decisions. We’re always in Danger of Overextending our Growth and end up taking one step forward and three steps backwards. If we Shatter the Ego instead of Stretching it, we have to Stop Everything and Reassemble a Functioning Ego. That’s not Optional, the Ego is not our Enemy, it’s our Protector.

Reassembling a Functioning Ego from scratch is of course an Opportunity, and many of us have that as a SuperPower or we wouldn’t be where we are (for instance, when natal Pluto Strongly Impacts the Nodal Axis), but it’s seldom Fun unless you’re Really Good at Cosmic Humor. In a way, Dr. Joe’s Imagine Yourself as Nothing is a Gentle way to Crack Open the Ego so we can start over with less Karmic Baggage. But if you’ve ever started to Freak Out while doing Heavy Meditations, you want to have a talented Guide not far away. Kesey’s Observation that “You Can Trip Out so Far that You Never Get Back to Know that You’ve Left” is Real, and since Real Growth involves Growing Beyond Social Conventions, the Edge between Enlightenment and Insanity can be as thin as whether or not you “get caught.” Just ask the Salem Witches.

The chart for our Splendid Opportunity to Adjust the Balance between our Self-Sovereignty and our Codependence and/or Let Go of Any Inertia We Have to Over-Emphasize Either (30 September Station of dwarf planet Hylonome) looks like this…

I’m sure the first thing you’ll Notice is the two adjacent light green Xs in the middle of the chart – a Yin Gate or Mystery School, Offering us the Opportunity to Blank Out Everything We Think We Know about the Central Axis, assign it the Status of Paradox, and Open our Mind and Heart to Learning about it. The Paradox? Between Codependence or Self-Sovereignty on one hand (dwarf planet Hylonome in Capricorn) and Self-Sovereignty or Codependence on the other (Black Moon Lilith in Cancer)! Sounds like one of Gollum’s riddles, don’t it. Well, the two symbols are quite different actually, we just shortcut their Interpretation the same way.

Hylonome Killed herself with the same spear that Killed her Lover, the Ultimate in Codependence, or Loyalty, depending on how you look at it. She may have been watching his Soul depart, and Chose to accompany it to their next Adventure together. Lilith on the other hand was Adam’s first wife. When Adam made it clear that he was Da Bossman, she Laughed heartily and Left for the Coast, leaving God to have to make Adam a new Wife from one of his ribs. The Patriarchic Religious Media promptly made Lilith into a Demon that Curses men, and erased her Presence from the Orchard of Eden. So Lilith represents Self-Sovereignty quite strongly, and Codependence only because it could be the other side of her Coin, while Hylonome, if we take a Materialist Western European Psychological view of Relationship, really personifies Codependence, and Sovereignty only because it could be the other side of her Coin.

I don’t think Self-Sovereignty is the only Obverse of Codependence, I’m sure there are many other options, especially when you consider the issue from other Perspectives on Relationship. Those other Obverses could be a major key to the Paradox, so I’ll leave them for you to Conjure and Contemplate. We could also riff on the Signs – Hylonome being Practical and Down to Earth (Capricorn), and Lilith being Nurturing and Emotional (Cancer). The other big Clue to the Paradox is the chart’s most important T-Square, the red triangle pointing at asteroid Narcissus (Self-Obsession or Self-Appreciation). I think the Condition of our Self-Love could be the Crux of the Paradox. Everybody has a natal asteroid Narcissus, but except for the devotees of a certain ex-president, most of us are not Sociopaths or Psychopaths, so we know that asteroid Narcissus means a lot more than DSM-5 NPD. I often interpret the asteroid when it’s Lit Up as a Reminder not to regard Self-Love as Selfish.

The Narcissus T-Square is triply Self-Resolving – (1) Converted by the green-wedge Finger of the Goddess to a Diamond Star, (2) Enhanced by Narcissus being a corner of a blue-equilateral-triangle Grand Trine, and (3) Mutually Complementary with the other two T-Squares because the Grand Trine links Narcissus positively with one side of the base of each of the other two T-Squares. It’s still a T-Square, ie, it will include Challenges, but the Challenges will, if left to their own devices, turn out to balance each other. For instance, you may Encounter a painful Experience that turns out to be the Abolition of a nasty Karmic Self-Sabotage Habit. The SuperPower involves Enhancement of Our Unconditional Self-Love. That is, if you avoid Intervening to “correct” the apparent Challenges, you can end up with Less Judgment and more Self-Acceptance, for both whatever Codependence you Accept as Useful, and for whatever Self-Sovereignty seems Most Desirable or Powerful.

The Key is a Searching and Fearless Inventory of your Self-Judgments. Considering the importance of Compensation in Psychlogy, Tapping would probably be a Powerful Tool to use here, to Align your Ideas about yourself with your Body’s Reality. For instance, a definition of Narcissist includes Inflated Self-Importance with Low Self-Esteem – sounds like a Paradox for sure, but we can see it clearly in our Classical ex-President example – a Blowhard with a strong Compensatory need to Punish those who won’t genuflect. His Belief in his own Power to Punish Compensates for his Low Self-Esteem.

The other two T-Squares are not Self-Resolving (no Finger), but they are Enhanced (by the Grand Trine). The Foci are Uranus (Soul ) and Nemesis (Guilt ). The Challenges to Soul are most profound, from a base of a “My God, I’ll Never Get to Enlightenment, the Krap Just Keeps Coming!” Voice (asteroids Samadhi-Sisyphus) Arguing with a Preacher Reminding us that The Most Important Thing is to Keep Expanding Our Consciousness – it’s not how many times we fall down that counts, it’s how many times we get back up! (Saturn-Stationary Vesta), with the latter on the corner of the Narcissus Grand Trine. The SuperPower is about Counseling the Hupers who are Discouraged and who Focus on the Death Throes of the Patriarchy rather than Focusing on the Bright Light Rising Behind It.

The Guilt Challenges are between Expired Karma (asteroid Atropos) which is hard to Let Go Of because it is so Familiar, and Active and Passionate Support for Gaia’s Mission to Ascend (Mars-Stationary Out of Bounds Altjira). Again its the latter corner that has the Support of the Narcissus Grand Trine. The SuperPower is about Reminding Others that they No Longer Need to Lend Their Strength to That Which They Wish To Be Free From, to quote Jewell…

In addition to all that we’ve mentioned above,5 Mercury goes Direct 2:07 am PDT 2 October (10:07 am BST, 7:07 pm AEST). That should Improve Communication and Travel.

5 The Hylonome Station is in 20 Capricorn (Staying Commited to Clearing the Present when the Future is so Compelling), asteroid Narcissus is at 23 Libra (Compulsion to Let Go of Karmic Habits), Uranus is at 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image), and Nemesis is at 21 Pisces (Bouncing between the Compelling Safety of Karma and a Strong Longing to Let It All Hang Out ).

The four-day fourth and penultimate phase of Aluna Joy Yaxk’in’s 20-Day Core Ascension Portal begins 28 September. This phase will give us access to “higher forms of natural forces” that can be adapted for use on Earth, and will much revise our Relationships and our Communities. The full reading is in the right-hand column of her Facebook Page under September 15, 2022.

Harmonic Conciliation 1

February 7, 2022

At least for some of us it’ll be a Harmonic Conciliation. For others of us, Harmonic Condensation will be closer to what happens, depending on how Stuck we are on the Either/OR Us-versus-Them Duality. It’s going to take a lot of work just to Explain what’s happening in the planetverse, but my advice is to file your taxes early, take a few Selfies, and get your Affairs in order over the next week of two, because by April Fools Day 2022 you’ll be such a Very Different Person that you won’t Recognize yourself. There’s a huge gauntlet of astroevents Related to Venus-Mars-Vesta-Pluto-et al filling the space between the Ides of February and the Ides of March, plus the Climactic Initiation of the new Quaoar-Pholus (Global Climate Change) Cycle in the middle of all that, on 21 February.

But before we Dive Deep into that, there’s a bit of Other Business to finish…

First, for those of you who keep track, Mercury (Communication, Transportation) turned Direct at 8:12 pm PST on 3 February, in 24 Capricorn. That should make day-to-day Life Easier for us, though the Action Lit Up any Denial of Narcissism1 that was going on, probably more for everyone else than for the Narcissists. Mercury’s now rushing to get out of the way of the seven planets, dwarfs, and asteroids that will converge in 21-23 Capricorn for the Harmonic Conciliation or Condensation.

  • 1 The Mercury Station T-Squared the Opposition between dwarf planet Eris in Aries and asteroid Narcissus in Libra.

Second, speaking of Narcissism, we outlined asteroid Narcissus’s Discovery chart in the last footnote of the previous post. Here’s the chart…

There’s no better term for a Configuration like this, than a Parachute, safely lowering the God of Greed to the ground! Narcissus was Important in the Mercury Station above, and it will continue to be Important as we move into the Harmonic Conciliation or Condensation.

Third, our next major astroevent, at 10:40 am PST on 9 February, is all about Converting Fear to Power.2 It provides us with two major Challenges. The biggest Challenge is for us to make permanent our Skill at Converting Fear to Power, recognizing that this Challenge is a Big Deal for fulfilling our Mission in the Lifetime.3 We’re also Doubly Challenged to Get Conscious of our Karma so we can Transcend it.4 This puts us literally on a Knife-Edge, as the Sword of Damocles hangs over this process. As if it isn’t harrowing enough on its own!

The second Challenge is more subtle. Headquarters (the Galactic Center) is Requiring that we make Contact with our Unlimited Potential, our Superpowers, and that we Finesse the Boundaries between us and this Potential Future, such that we Know It’s There, Know How Important It Is, Yet Keep It From Overwhelming Us.5

  • 2 Dwarf planet Sedna Stationary in 29 Taurus. Though a few asteroids have moved around, the chart is a dead ringer for the 27 January chart of Haumea Stationary.
  • 3 The Sedna Station Conjoins the North Node (Our Life Mission) and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability).
  • 4 The South Node (Held Emotions), which of course Opposes the North Node (note 3 above), Conjoins asteroids Karma (Our Karma) and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence, formerly known as Bee-Zed). Asteroid Damocles (Anxiety) T-Squares the Opposition.
  • 5 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), which is Out of Bounds (Strong), Opposes the Galactic Center, T-Squared by asteroid Pallas (Boundaries).

So we’re being Asked to Finish Rubbing off the rest of our Karma at the same time that we Look seriously into the Impossible Things we can “Do” when we begin to Identify with our Superpowers. In 5D we Manifest Constantly and Effortlessly, by Remaining Conscious of exactly Whose Help We Need, Respecting Them, and Courteously Requesting Their Assistance. For instance, I bang my Toes into Obstacles all too frequently, followed by a quick Curse at Whatever I’ve hit (or at my own clumsiness). Well, I need the Help of the Obstacles around my House, and I need the Help of my Legs and Feet, so they stay Conscious of the location of these Obstacles. It’s hardly Respect when I Curse at a Stair or a Threshold or a Molding.

So I’ve Learned to immediately Apologize and Request their Cooperation. Everything Is Conscious, and Everything Loves to Cooperate, but only when they’re Acknowledged and Respected! My eyes are tuned to different Distances, so I have lousy Depth Perception, or Death Perception as I usually call it. That doesn’t Help. Even if I kept my eyes glued to the ground in front of me it might not Help me lift my Feet high enough to reach the Step. But my Toes and Feet and Legs also have Their own Consciousness. So I need to stay Conscious of Asking Courteously and Respectfully for Their Assistance whenever I’m on the move. Impossible! you might say, to keep Everything in mind like this all of the time!

But we manage to somehow Stay Alive while driving automobiles, and often avoid Killing Others. That’s Remarkable! When you think about it, rushing around at Easily-Fatal and Easily-Maiming Speeds in two tons of Metal, is one of the stupidest things we could imagine doing to our fragile Bodies. When we Know Whose Help We Need, have Learned to Respect and Communicate with Them, it becomes automatic. You don’t have to Thank the Toaster and the Knife and the Butter and the Bread and the Dishes and the Refrigerator every time you Enjoy a piece of Toast, but you do need to Thank them often enough that they Know they’re Appreciated. It’ll take us a while to Recognize that Everything is Conscious and Animated by its own Deva or Elf or Sprite or Salamander or Spirit,6 but the Recognition is Cumulative and rapidly becomes Habitual. And that’s where we need to be.

  • 6 In modern Physics, where it’s indeterminate whether a given Physical Entity is a Wave of Energy or a Particle of Matter at any given moment, and where it seems to be more a matter of Who’s Looking than of What’s Being Looked At, there is a Particle for every Force, and a Force for every Particle, and they’re interchangeable. It’s the same with any supposedly Inanimate Object. The Object corresponds to the Particle, and it’s Consciousness or Spirit corresponds to the Force.

This Sedna Station Exercise is critical, because when we’re in Fear, the only thing we can Manifest is more Fear. We have to park Fear at the Portal when we enter 5D.

We have a great deal of Help here, in the form of Grace. One of the best forms of Grace we can have is something called a Diamond Star, like at right. We have a red-triangle Challenge (T-Square) and a green-wedge Pay Attention Configuration (Finger of the Goddess or Yod ), the feet of which form a Bowl of blue-web Grace (Truss Bridge). This is a fully Self-Resolving Challenge, one where we actually need to be careful not to Intervene, because we can mess it up that way. Neither of the two Challenges in the Sedna-Station chart match this pattern.

The Diamond Star in the first picture benefits from the green wedge because it adds a Pay Attention to the crux of the Challenge, the planet at “A.” If you haven’t Learned yet that you can Heal many Discomforts in your Body just by Holding your Attention on them for a while (perhaps with a few optional embellishments), it’d be a good time to start. It’s the same with a Challenge. If your Unconscious or Conscious Attention is focused squarely on a Challenge, the Challenge can Dissolve.

Both Challenges in the Sedna Station chart match the pattern at right here. They’re not as easy to see because the chart is busy. We still have the blue Truss Bridge or Bowl of Grace, but it’s flipped over so it’s on the same side as the Challenge. It’s still Double Grace (two interlocking Trine Bridges), but now you can tell at a glance that it’s out of Balance. The first picture fills the Zodiac, the second picture only half. Here we still have a Challenge, but it’s tempered by significant Grace.

To increase the Grace you could focus some of your Attention on the half of the Zodiac that’s unoccupied. For instance, if you look at the Boundaries / Pallas Challenge in the Sedna Station chart, which matches this Pattern, Haumea is one leg of the missing Finger of the Goddess that would make this Challenge fully Self-Resolving. Well, can we find the other leg and fill it in? It’s around 29 Leo, on the cusp of Virgo. If you have your own planet there, you’re Golden. Just be sure to Acknowledge and Thank it – planets are Conscious too, and have their Devas.

If you don’t have a planet there, you can fudge it. The end of Leo is where we’re just getting into really Enjoying all the Attention everyone has been showing us because we’re so Competent and our Power is Clean, and Bang, the whole house of cards comes crashing down, as in Virgo we have to cut that Inflation back down to size with a series of Ego Deaths. We never really Lose anything in Virgo, we just Rebalance the mix. You’re more likely to injure yourself while Patting Yourself on the Back, than you are by Hugging Yourself. Virgo makes sure that your Hug Yourself more and Pat Yourself on the Back less.

Here, again at right, is a third type of Grace, in this case “Dumb-Luck” Grace. The blue triangle is a Grand Trine, which can make some things so Easy that we initially take them for granted and wonder why everyone else is so dumb. Eventually we realize that no one is more Skillful than anyone else, it’s just that everyone’s skillset is Different. That’s why they do team sports in school, so you can Notice and Appreciate how good other people are at their Skills. One corner of the Grand Trine is on the crux of the Challenge, making it Easier.

The Anxiety / Damocles Challenge Enjoys this type of Grace in addition to the second, Truss-Bridge type of Grace. And lookie there – it also has one leg of a Finger of the Goddess! So if we can fill in that missing leg somehow, with Conscious Attention or a natal planet there, for instance, we’ll have Dumb-Luck Grace, the Double Grace of a Truss Bridge, full Self-Resolution, and, as a Bonus, a Grand Sextile. A Grand Sextile is six planets more or less evenly spaced ’round the Zodiac, and represents Complete Grace this isn’t Self-Starting. You take the first step, the Universe does the rest. The Vacancy here is the same Cusp of Virgo as the Vacancy in the Boundaries / Pallas Challenge.

If we can fill this hole we’ll be Cookin’! And we’re in Luck – the Royal Star Regulus is there! Regulus brings Great Success, with one Caveat. The greater the Success, the greater is likely to be the Temptation to seek Revenge on someone who Betrayed us. Yielding to that Temptation will collapse the whole Enterprise. A Vacancy like this can easily become the Strongest Point in the chart.

So What might we be Afraid Of, here where we’re working to Own and Retire our Fear? Asking that Question would constitute Our Thoughts About Our Feelings, wouldn’t it. When we Figured It Out, we’d be Blaming our Feelings on something. In the Subtle Realms where Intention is Reality, that’s the same as Taking Revenge upon that something. So here’s another Big Opportunity to Prepare for the Harmonic Conciliation – Focus on Where you Feel Fear in your Body, and What It Feels Like there. Is it Tight? Warm? Close? A Portal? A Wall? If you get Ungrounded, Remember to Breathe, and Tap yourself back down. If you’re ready to Claim the Power in your Fear, meet it with Kegels. Tons of Kegels.

Social Guilt

February 2, 2022

Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if more people started Feeling Guilt about how well they’re performing their Roles in Society! Or even if Society started expecting a bit more from the Narcissists, especially the Greedheads and the folks who think they’re being Tread Upon when Society expects them to help keep other people Alive, and who think it’s only Fair that they block residential streets for a week with their 18-wheelers, honking their air horns and belching out toxic Diesel Smoke while the police protect their right to make assholes of themselves and ignore the rights of a million other people to live in Peace.

Though, It Is What It Is, isn’t it. So where’s the Gift? Maybe the idea is that a Pestilence of Ohmicorn and Diesel Smoke, and Famine caused by Hoarding, are better ways to Die than the Wars featured in the average Apocalypse, though more Wars and Genocides seem imminent anyway. Is this Mother Gaia’s way to focus Huperity’s Attention on the fact that it’s Killing all of Her other species as it fouls its own Nest?

While we were looking up the antics of last weekend’s Out of Bounds Moon, we Noticed that asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) was Changing Signs on 31 January 2022, leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. What does a Narcissist do when they Feel what others would call Guilt? They figure out Who wronged them and blow their brains out, of course. Capricorn’s way is the Practical way, and what’s more Practical than that, for a Narcissist? Nemesis has been in Capricorn since 21 November 2021. The senseless Violence has been going on a lot longer than that, but it has seemed more Obvious recently.

So how might a Narcissist React to this Unfamiliar Feeling when Nemesis is in Aquarius? They figure out How they were wronged and make it illegal, I suppose, like all the movements to make Voting illegal if you aren’t pale or rich enough, or if you didn’t think America was Great Again in 2016-2020. While Capricorn stands for Creativity with Material things like Guns, Aquarius stands for Inflexibility with Ideas, as in If you don’t Agree with me you’re my Enemy. Aquarius has this patina of Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding, but that’s how Narcissists Expect everyone else to treat them all the time anyway.

Nemesis leaves Aquarius on 11 April 2022, and enters Pisces. Among the features of Pisces, is the Skill of Wallowing in our Emotions. It’s what we all need to do in order to Make Peace with our Emotions so we Learn to stop Projecting or Introjecting them, which is what Pisces is all about. Consciously or Unconsciously, Pisces Strives to Leave Unfinished Karmic Business behind so it’s not dragged over the Threshold into the New Aries Dawn. Immune to Guilt, what will the Narcissists be doing when Nemesis is in Pisces? What else but Wallowing in their Victimhood. If we Pity them we’ll just send them on another Zodiacal Loop as Narcissists. Pass them by and let them Wallow till they figure it out for themselves, as it’s the only way they’ll Learn. I know, they’re Narcissists, they won’t be Learning that in this Lifetime, but once they Graduate they might.

How much Wallowing is enough? Nemesis Changes Signs again and moves into Aries on 20 July. Is that enough Wallowing? No way. It turns about on 4 August, and goes back into Pisces on 18 August, staying there till New Years Eve 2023 (31 December 2022, that is). So we have a reasonable chance to see the Narcissists Wallowing in their Losses in early November. Won’t that be a Blessing.

As is its wont, Nemesis mostly minds its own Guilty Business while it’s in Aquarius, crossing only two other planets…

  • Nemesis Merges with Chariklo (Confidence), in 6 Aquarius, till 11 February. So we can Expect the Narcissists to continue pounding their chests for another week and a half. Chariklo of course can also mean Doubt (another Emotion that Narcissists don’t Feel), so don’t get Discouraged by the continuing Idiocy and Diesel Smoke. They’ll slink back to their caves soon.
  • Nemesis Crosses Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 21 Aquarius on 19 March, and we’ll likely Experience this for several days prior, longer if we have a natal planet there. Of course for Narcissists, the Most Important Thing is Getting Their Way. But for the rest of us, the Most Important Thing will be Rooting out our own Guilt, so it no longer Inhibits us from moving toward What We Want. I’m betting that the Narcissists will end up being the Minority, while the Majority Roots out their would-be Guilt about Setting Reasonable Boundaries to keep the Narcissists from ruining their Lives even more than they already have. So I’m Hoping to see Society calling a 2-Year-Old a 2-Year-Old, and insisting that they Grow Up or Get Banished. Like all What-Ifs, the counter-arguments are all Spurious.

Ever hear of a Herxheimer Reaction? It’s when you convince a tucked-away Toxin to Leave your Body, and while it’s on its way out the door, you Feel terrible, you Feel the Sensations and Emotions that were the original reason that your Body tucked it away. A Herxheimer needs to be Endured, because when the Toxin is tucked away, you still Feel it, it’s just more Subtle. And while it’s Unconscious, it actually has more Power. To Take Our Power Back, we need to Flush the Toxin and Endure the Herxheimer. Well, on the Social Level, our Experience with Narcissism since 2016 has been a Herxheimer. As a Culture, we need to stop Worshiping Narcissism if we hope to move into Multidimensional Unity and 5D. 19 March may see a Climax of these underlying trends.

  • Speaking of Growing Up and Bringing Certain Things into Consciousness, Nemesis and asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) don’t cross one another while Nemesis is in Aquarius, but they’re less than one Degree apart until 1 February, and less than 3 Degrees apart till 23 March – in other words, they’re still Merged. While it takes Nemesis about a week to cross Saturn, it takes Nemesis a month and a half to cross Juno, because they’re moving at about the same speed.1 Nemesis is slowly accelerating away from Juno, after Juno Initiated Nemesis on 8 January 2022 in 21 Capricorn.2 21 Capricorn means “A relay race: The value of competition in developing group consciousness.”

A Juno-Nemesis Cycle2 is about Growing Beyond Narcissism, so what we as a Culture are Learning here, is that we need to stop Worshiping Greed and Confidence, and start Worshiping Sharing and Competence instead. The reason why the 1% can lead the rest of us around by the rings in our noses, is because the 50% Worship the 1% as if they were Gods to be Emulated. Everyone Wants Abundance, but not everyone Realizes that, as Catherine Ponder averred a long time ago, Abundance is Having Enough to Share. Abundance without Sharing is Greed.

So, since it seems to be the Missing Link in this Drama, just where is asteroid Narcissus3 while Nemesis is doing all this? Well, it left Ego-Death Virgo last August, and it’s been Meeting Other since in Libra, including a long Retrograde in Libra. It doesn’t get out of Libra till 20 November 2022, spending a total of fifteen months in Libra.

  • 1 Using one Degree of slop or “Orb” on either side. If you’re going 100kph, you can pass someone going 10 kph in a few seconds. It takes a lot longer to get past someone going 95kph.
  • 2 Nemesis is the slower planet, with an orbit of 4.56 years. Juno’s orbit spans 4.36 years. So most of the time, Nemesis would be Initiating Juno, with Guilt being the Guru and Growth in Consciousness being the Disciple. That’s kind of a Mystery School in itself. But Juno’s shorter orbit in time is twice as elongated in space as Nemesis’s longer orbit in time. So they take turns being the Guru, crossing and recrossing one another. So together they don’t have complete circular Cycles per se, instead they have Segments where each in turn Rules the Segment. In this case, a Juno-Nemesis Segment, Growth in Consciousness is Teaching Guilt a thing or two. So it’s time for the 2-Year-Olds to Grow Up a bit by Learning to Recognize and Acknowledge the “Golden Rule” or its Cultural equivalents. In a Nemesis-Juno Segment, Guilt would be pushing Consciousness to Learn to Make Amends when it Forgets and Hurts someone. If we take Shame out of the Equation, which we need to do, then Recognizing Guilt or Remorse, and Learning when and how to Make Amends, are two very different Skillsets.
  • 3 Narcissus is a Centaur-like minor planet. Centaurs generally have elliptical orbits between Jupiter and Neptune, and behave to some degree like comets. Narcissus’s orbit spans 3 to 11 AU (earth-distances) from the Sun, max just beyond Saturn, and takes 18 years to complete an orbit. It’s about 11km in diameter. Appropriately, Narcissus was all alone on one side of the Zodiac when Discovered, in 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.” ), in of course a Grand Trine (with Karma-Haumea in Libra and Sappho-Vesta-Atropos-Neptune in Aquarius, implying that Narcissus is Important to us for Transcending our Karma, but difficult to Escape the Sappho-Neptune Trance, though Atropos is there, indicating that we could do it if we Chose to get Conscious of it) with no other planets in the 8-Sign span between these two Stellia. Also appropriately, it Opposes dwarf planet Ixion, which was named for the quintessential Narcissist among Zeus’s sidekicks. It’s also at the Apex of a Finger of the Goddess, from the Sextile between Moon-Nessus in Capricorn and Mercury-Hylonome-Pholus-Quaoar in Scorpio. As our CAO would say, You can’t make this stuff up!

Rebirth into Self-Love

July 11, 2021

Rebirth is Front and Center until at least 11 July 2021 (dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth or Destruction) Stationary 11 July 3:54 am PDT, in 27 Libra). In particular, because of the recent and ongoing Prominence of Self-Love 1, our interpretation is that we’re being Reborn into Greater Self-Love. Haumea is Pele’s daughter – think Hot Molten Stone forming new Land, eventually. In the interim it Burns away and Buries everything that was already there. That’s Wonderful when what’s Burned and Buried is Dysfunctional Karma. It may feel a bit Less Than Wonderful when we haven’t yet Realized that the Karma was dysfunctional, such as when we’re Ego-Attached to our Victimhood around it.

  1. Asteroid Sappho (Self-Love or Self-Judgment) Stationary 8 July 3:45 pm PDT, in 28 Aquarius, closely Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) to the Haumea Station. See the earlier posts Love Is the Answer and Love Is the Answer 2, and the forthcoming post Love Is the Answer 3.

Take an Inventory of your Friends and Confidants. Does your Relationship with any of them depend on your Habit of sharing Victim Stories? Also Strong during July is the asteroid we interpret as Boundaries (Pallas Stationary 14 July, in 28 Pisces). When we Change Boundaries with Friends, if they don’t Adjust, we can Lose the Friendship. Once you Realize that you don’t have to continue to be Victimized by your “Bad” Karma, you have the Power to Change it.

Sometimes our Investment in our old Patterns is too great for us to be Willing to Change them. Karma comprises Habits we carry with us from one Lifetime to the next. Our Planet is in the process of Clearing Away Its “Bad” Karma, so we may end up having to move to another Planet if we aren’t Willing to Shift our own Energies. I’m sure you know people who have already made that Choice.

All of July’s many Stations except the 15 July Exaggeration of Despair and Miracles (Station of Chiron) share the same chart, the major feature of which is a “Grand Unx,” which is twelve planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, and which means Lots of Easy Pattern-Breaking, which we can Leverage into Swapping our Self-Sabotaging Patterns for Habits that Serve our Life Goals

The Glory of a Grand Unx is that it Gifts us with twelve different Arenas wherein Pattern-Change is facilitated.

For example, the asteroid we associate with Guilt (Nemesis Stationary 18 July, in 29 Scorpio) makes a Waxing Unx Angle (one Sign ahead) to the Haumea Station. This five-year Nemesis-Haumea Cycle began in mid-October 2020 at 28 Libra, “A person becoming Aware of Spiritual Forces surrounding and assisting them.” The Waxing Unx is our second Opportunity to Let Go Of any remaining Investments and Attachments we’ve made to the previous Cycle (8 December 2015 in 24 Libra, “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side“). So we might be waiting for another Metamorphosis that may or may not work (can a Flutterby really Fly with three Wings, even if the third one is on the Left?), while the New Cycle Advises that We Just Channel It Directly. If we’re stopped because we don’t know how to do that, we can Ask ourself, What If I Did Know? and then Change the Subect.

The asteroid we associate with Growth in Consciousness (Vesta, in 26 Virgo) makes a Waning Unx (one Sign behind) to the Haumea Station. The 3½-year Vesta-Haumea Cycle is winding down. It began in early November 2017 in 25 Libra (“The sight of an Autumn leaf brings to a Pilgrim the sudden Revelation of the Mystery of Life and Death“), and will expire into their Next Cycle in mid-September 2021 in 28 Libra (“A person becoming Aware of Spiritual Forces surrounding and assisting them“). Hmmm, there seems to be a Pattern developing here. The suggestion is that, when we Notice that we’re straying from Self-Love, we should Ask for Assistance from our disincarnate Guides.

There are three other Benchwarmer asteroids – Minerva, Pandora, and Narcissus – Conjoining Vesta in this chart, which can instruct us about our Growth in Consciousness.

  • Asteroid Minerva is the Roman Incarnation of Pallas Athena, Goddess of Boundaries. Pallas is already in the mix, as She is Exaggerated (Stationary) until at least 14 July. Minerva Guards our Boundaries, and Acts to prevent their Violation.
  • Asteroid Pandora is the Greek equivalent of Eve in the Hebrew Bible, the First Woman and the Bane of Huperkind, a Political figure intended to help downgrade the Matriarchy and upgrade the Patriarchy. She’s most famous for her “Box,” a 16th-Century pre-Freudian slip. Unlike Eve, Pandora leaves Hope in her wake.
  • The role of asteroid Narcissus in our Embrace of Self-Love should be Obvious, yet Narcissus has been burdened with baggage about Pathology. The astrological Perspective is that the Personal gradually evolves into Leo, then breaks down in Virgo (Ego Death) before meeting Other in Libra. We don’t just meet Other Hupers in Libra, we meet the Unconscious, the Not-I, the quintessential Other.

Before we can meet Other, we have to meet Ourself. Narcissus is the original Mirror. Greek Tragedy emphasizes the Untoward, Inviting us to Invent Alternatives. In the illustration below, Mentality-Obsessed TechnoMan tries in Vain to Find himself on the Outside rather than on the Inside, to Ego-Identify with his ability to Manipulate External “Reality,” while his Inner Female tries in Vain to get his Attention.

Every pair of adjacent Unx Angles forms a base for a Finger of the Goddess or Yod (two planets two Signs apart, with a third planet at their Far Midpoint). A Finger of the Goddess points to the third planet and says Clearly, Pay Attention to this! Here dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied), which also joins the July Party of Self-Loving Stations, on 20 July.

Sappho makes a Waxing Trine (four Signs ahead) to Haumea. At the Waxing Trine, the Cycle is at the Top of It Game. The Trine signifies Dumb-Luck Grace, where everything seems to fall into place Effortlessly. It’s past the Waxing Square (three Signs ahead) where it reaches the Mainstream, but it has yet to encounter the Waxing Quincunx (five Signs) where it begins to Wonder how far it can go. The current three-year Sappho-Haumea Cycle began in September 2020, in 27 Libra, “An airplane sails, high in the clear air.” The Sky’s the Limit for Birthing ever more Self-Love into our Lives.

Moon Springing OutaBounds

March 21, 2021

The Spring Equinox chart looks very Benign – a Fire Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) among…

  • Sun (Essence) entering Aries (Intuitive New Adventures),
  • Asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) on the Cusp of Sagittarius (Letting Go of What’s Obsolete), and
  • Dwarf planet Varuna (The Life Force) on the Cusp of Leo (Self-Confidence)


  • Dwarf planets Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius) on the Cusp of Capricorn (Pragmatism) and
  • Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) at the end of Taurus (Manifested Form)

…sit at the Midpoints, making an Almost-Grand Sextile (Great Ease with Any Project After We Take the First Step).

That leaves a Vacancy (We have to supply the Missing Energy ourself to make it work) at the Cusp of Libra (Meeting Other). However, asteroid Narcissus is there – handy, since it’s their time to Bloom. The Suggestion is that we should Meet Other with Full Self-Assurance and Nothing to Hide for the next three months. If Other isn’t Receptive to your Confident Vulnerability, it’ll be Their Loss, not yours. It’ll just tell you not to Waste Your Time, as there are an Infinite number of Others in the Universe, and most of them are more Open.

If your Feelings are Hurt by their Rejection, it’s Your Own Pre-Existing Abandonment, and it’s up to you to Own It. Have a good hard look at How it Feels, so you Recognize it whenever it arises, and then be very Loving with Yourself there. Abandonment doesn’t happen in the Present Moment, it’s Karmic, and it’s yours. Rejection might occur in the Now, but so what, that happens frequently and it’s not a Big Deal. When it becomes a Big Deal, it’s because of Contamination from Your Own Karmic Abandonment. Then, Poor-Sweetheart yourself and move on.

We all have varying degrees of Karmic Abandonment and Karmic Suffocation (when, rather than Rejection, we Feel the Need to Reject Other), usually one stronger than the other in our Personality, though we all have both. If your Emotions get involved when you are Criticized or Not Seen, that’s you, not them. When you Feel the Need to Criticize somebody, it’s not about them, it’s about you. Of course the general rule is, If you want to Criticize someone, first walk a mile in their Shoes – that way, when you do Criticize them, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their Shoes. Sounds right out of the Narcissus playbook, doesn’t it!

Meanwhile, the Moon…

  • Went Out of Bounds (Expect to be more Emotional – and watch how your Intellectual Rationalizations for your own Karmic Limits arise so Effortlesslythat is, how Easy it is to Blame Other) at 7:06 am PDT 20 March 2021 in 19 Gemini, on asteroid Psyche (Jealousy, Goddess of the Soul).
  • It reaches its peak Outaboundedness and Stands Still to turn around at 1:35 am PDT 22 March at 26 Degrees North in 11 Cancer on asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limiting Beliefs).
  • It returns In Bounds at 6:18 pm PDT 23 March at 2 Leo on Varuna (Vitality).

It’s Intriguing that, with Narcissus filling the Solar Vacancy, the Moon is Stationary while Merged with (Conjunct) Vesta, but only a Degree from asteroid Aphrodite (Love, Beauty, Passion, Vanity), as it was Aphrodite’s Jealousy that intended to Punish Psyche, who was already dealing with the Jealousy of her sisters. So, in the context of our Vanity, the Out of Bounds (Lit Up) Moon (our Instincts and our Willingness to Manifest our Heart’s Desires) moves from Psyche to Vesta-Aphrodite – Reviewing the status of our Unconscious Self-Love – and then on to Varuna.

The Teaching is that a, if not the, cause of Physical and Emotional Dis-Ease (Varuna) is our Belief that we aren’t Lovable as we Are, so we have to Compete to Obtain Love. Yet Love is about Partnership and Collaboration, the Opposite of Competition.

And if we’re talking about Jealousy, Vanity, and Competition, where is Eris? Aphrodite was one of the three Contestants for Eris’s Golden Apple for the Fairest of them All. We talked about the Waning Square from Pluto to Eris in the previous post. If we’re investing in preparation for 5D, Teachings about Unconscious Competition will be one of our most Valuable Gifts.