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Women and Chaos 5

March 13, 2018

A Grand Cross is often considered the Grandaddy of Configurations, consisting as it does of four T-Squares, each of which represents a collection of Challenges.  As is often the case, we’re  bit more sanguine about it; we consider the four T-Squares in a Grand Cross to compensate for one another pretty well and Balance things out. 

Do you know people who are Powerfully Productive, but always seem to be rushing around?  That’s kind of a caricature of Grand Cross folk, but not a very Reliable one, as so much depends on what else is going on.  Very rarely do Grand Crosses stand on their own, without Graceful Energies to temper them.

It’s a strong testament to how much is going on in the March Stations chart that it’s chart segment number five before we get around to including the Grand Cross…

We’ve drawn it nekkid, but it’s definitely not, as for starters the vertical Truth-Transformation Alethea-Pluto axis is also the spine of the Pluto Kite in the Grand Sextile subchart.  We would expect the Ego Death-Nemesis T-Square to be more Challenging than the Grand Cross, but Nemesis is also a corner of the Water Grand Trine, so the potential Challenges are pretty well Graced Out.  Nemesis Bridges both axes of the Grand Cross – it’s the Easy way.

Which is the way it should be.  Just think how Easy we could make every hassle by Learning to be fast and efficient at Ego Death!  With no Resistance from us, the World might look downright 5D.

There’s a fairly standard list of traditional Godly attributes – Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and the like.  Most lists don’t usually include Omnidigitous, but the March Stations chart provides a handful of Fingers of God…

The five Energies singled out for Attention by the green pointers include Expansion (Stationary Jupiter), Infinite Improbability (Stationary Chaos), Harnessing Fear (Sedna), Active Beliefs (Mars-Vesta), and Rebirth into 5D (Haumea plus Arcturus).

There’s one additional chart we need to look at, the Fifth Harmonic chart, what we can expect to be Learning…

We have an Almost-Grand-Quintile between the Energies of Mission (North Node), Rebirth (Haumea), Concentration (Saturn), and Essence (Sun), with a Vacant Energy that we need to supply ourself in order to make it all Flow together smoothly.  The Vacancy is about Accepting Gifts without Analyzing them to Death (2 Gemini). 

Which is exactly the advice I need right now!  I’d been getting a little bored going through every subchart, but this was well worth waiting for.  Rather than continuing to Focus my Attention on What-I-Want and What-I-Want-to-Feel, I’ve been Attending to What-I-Fear-I-Won’t-Be-Able-to-Make-Happen, focusing on Mechanism rather than Outcome.  Dynamic stuff, classic Manifestation miscue relative to Creating Magnetically.

We’ve added Tenth Harmonic Deciles and Trideciles to fill in the gaps between the Fifth-Harmonic planets.  The Tenth Harmonic is about Abundance and Expansion, mirroring Jupiter.  The Trideciles will be particularly Beneficial – Soul to Mission (Uranus-North Node), Rebirth to Compost (Haumea-South Node), Attention to Soul (Saturn-Uranus).  Exciting.


June 6, 2016

Natacha asks…

Could you please post an article about the Quintile series of aspects?  I have hard time understanding how they work together, and the specific vibration of each one of them.  That would be: decile (36°), quintile (72°), bi-quintile (144°) and tredecile (108°).  I understand that the quintile is the matrix of all the others, but it is hard to grasp the working mechanic of the series.  This would be very helpful. Thank you so much.

Sure.  I’ll even do it in bold italic, since these kinds of underlying geometries are bottom line to the way we do astrology.

I use Angeles Arrien’s excellent Tarot Handbook to define the “Harmonics.”  If two planets are a fifth of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop from one another, they are “Quintile” to one another, and they dance together in the Fifth Harmonic.  I don’t know Music, but if you do, you probably know a lot more about this than I do.

Since we follow Rudhyar’s Cyclical astrology (his Lunation Cycle, for instance), it’s technically more accurate to say that the faster planet Quintiles the slower one, or the slower planet is Quintiled by the faster one.  So for instance on 9 June, Vesta makes a Waxing Quintile to Pluto while the Moon makes a Waning Quintile to Pluto.  The Angle Waxes while it’s still growing, but then, after the Opposition, it Wanes.  The difference is that the Energy of the Cycle is still Expanding while the Angle is Waxing, but when it’s Waning the Energy of the Cycle is moderating.

The combination creates a Quintile Yod Configuration – two planets Quintile to one another, each of which is Biquintiled by a third planet.  The third planet is the focus of the Q-Yod.  

To interpret the Q-Yod, we would say that we are Transforming (Pluto) the relationship between our Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) and our Instincts (Moon) – hopefully that means we’re Learning to Trust our Instincts more, so that they’re less censored and censured by our Unconscious Beliefs.

To interpret the Waxing Vesta-Pluto Quintile by itself, we would say that we are Learning (Quintile) more about this Vesta-Pluto Cycle, which is about artifacts of an ancient culture (the Cycle was Initiated at 14 Capricorn), and more specifically, we’re beginning to establish new Habits (Biquintile) based on what we’ve Learned to Trust (we’re now past the Waxing Square, or the place where the Energy of the current Cycle has forced out the Resistance of the previous Cycle) about which of our Unconscious Beliefs still “grow Corn.”

Which, “coincidentally,” resonates with the primary 9 June Energy, which is about Removing our Masks, or the places where we hide from ourself and others.

To interpret the Waning Vesta-Pluto Quintile by itself, we might say that we are Learning (Quintile) to be Grateful for the Gifts of previous Privilege, as we prepare to Let them Go (the Waning Biquintile occurs just prior to the Phitile, or Fruiting of the Cycle) and move on to a different sort of relationship with Slavery (the Cycle was Initiated at 18 Capricorn).  Again, the Biquintile is about Changing Patterns.

The Waxing Moon-Vesta Quintile, occurring as it does prior to the Waxing Square, may involve Unconscious Learning (Quintile), as we adapt to the building of the Energy of the new Cycle, which in this case is about Preparedness (Vesta Initiated the Moon at 9 Gemini).  Of course, if we were aligned with the new Energy at the Initiation, and we Trust the new Energy, we may be very Conscious about it.

For instance, if we Trust the Uranus-Pluto and Uranus-Eris Cycles and we Believe in Yindependence (which we might paraphrase as Freedom and Compassion), we’d be Preparing for four years of Bernie.  If we Believe in Yangdependence (Freedom and Competition) we’d be Preparing for regresssion to the 19th Century with The Donald.  If we just prefer Dependence, we’d be relaxing back into the 20th Century and Hillary.

That’s all “tongue in cheek,” so don’t get riled about it – but do try to understand the astrological Perspective I’m offering there, even if it’s not the Perspective you’d use.  It’s just meant as a Heuristic, not any sort of interpretation or prognostication.

The Fifth Harmonic, and the Quintile, is about Learning and Teaching.  To get quickly to the essence of things, we (I’m using the “editorial we” here, not trying to dictate how everyone should do things) shortcut all Quintile Angles, including the Biquintile, as simply about Learning.  A Waxing Triquintile is just a Waning Biquintile.  When looking for a first-cut overview, we don’t bother with Cycles, so we don’t worry about which planet is faster, we just look at the Angle between the two planets.

The Biquintile, as distinguished from the Quintile itself, would be about Learning to adopt (Waxing) or Release (Waning) new Habit Patterns, as it combines the Fifth Harmonic with the Second, and the Second Harmonic is about the Power of Ritual.  Or, if we were ignoring the Waxing/Waning dimension for the sake of an efficient overview, the Biquintile would be about Changing Patterns.  Since it’s Repetitions that cement Habits and Patterns and Rituals and Archetypes and Karma, we could say that the Biquintile is about the Power of Repetition.  Roke’s Master Patterner, for example.

Numerologically, the Tenth Harmonic reduces to the First Harmonic, or the Magic of Communication in all its forms and applications.  But in a Cyclical rather than Linear context, the Tenth Harmonic is subsidiary to the Fifth, because a Bidecile Angle is in fact a Quintile.  The Tenth Harmonic is Fortune.  Technically, it’s The Wheel of Fortune, which can run over us as well as turn in our favor.

Our bias, though, is that it’s all about Learning, so even when Fortune seems to turn against us, it’s only in order to provide us with Information that we can use to Manifest even more Fortuitous circumstances than we otherwise would.  When we PIAVA, the Universe always Responds.  If we’re ready, the Universe gives us what we Asked for.  If we aren’t ready, the Universe gives us Information about why we had to Ask for it, and haven’t been Enjoying it all along.

It’s kind of like the old story about Give a man a Fish and he’ll eat, but Teach a man to drink beer in a boat, and he’ll Fish all day long.

This a Powerful Perspective to bring to our Victim spaces.  Whatever it is we’re Asking for, someone somewhere probably already Enjoys it.  Even if we don’t know anyone, we can Imagine it.  So, why not us?  Well, if it’s hard, we probably have Unconscious Resistance to Manifesting it.  So we get the homework assignment to Get Conscious of any relevant Unconscious Limits and Choose to Create different Patterns. 

That’s why we Pay Attention if nothing appeared to happen after a few days of Changing the Subject, so we can Ask ourself what did happen, and Wonder how that might possibly be related to what we PIAVAed.  It’s also why we don’t recommend making too many PIAVAs at once – we won’t be able to sort out all of the new Information in order to use it to our greatest advantage.

So we simply regard the Decile Angle as fortuitous.  The Tridecile, or Tredecile, brings in the Third Dimension, Love with Wisdom – even more fortuitous.  We get the Grace of Love, without the Codependence of Naive Trust.

We could take it a step further.  The Tridecile is one Twentieth of the way ’round the Zodiac past the Square.  The Square, or the Fourth Harmonic, signifies Healthy Control, as the place where Clarity returns and it’s now Clear that the new Cycle is in Charge (Waxing) – or the place where it’s now Clear that the current Cycle is descending into the Void (Waning).  Either way, we don’t have to hedge our bets any more.  The Twentieth Harmonic is about Decisions that can withstand the test of Time.  So at the Tridecile we’re firing on all cylinders.

If we’re going to talk about Learning, we need to also talk about Curiosity and Confusion.  We live in a Patriarchy where the “left brain,” with all its Analysis and Logic and Debate and Rules, dominates the surface.  The “right brain,” with its focus on Vision and Intuition and Relationship and Yindependence, runs underground, or, we might say, has been run into the dirt.  Logic is a house of cards built on top of Assumptions that are almost never explicit.  The Assumptions of Yangtegrity are the equivalent of Unconscious Limits – they need to be brought into the Light of Day where we can see if they still grow Corn.

The “left brain” is useless for examining the Unknown, and by definition, the Unconscious is the Unknown.  On the other hand, the “right brain” has a fabulous Skillset for doing exactly this.  Intuition, yes, but foremost, Curiosity.  Not Curiosity as in Questions looking for Answers, that’s “left brain.”  But Curiosity as in Invitation to Insight.  As with PIAVA, there must be a Change of Subject between Curiosity and Insight, or our old Patterns will absolutely Resist any Change.

Insight is very different from Analysis, because Insight leads us to New Perspectives, the very New Perspectives that can shift us from Despair to Miracles, as seeing the World through new eyes reveals different dimensions and relationships. Analysis can only shuffle the existing deck.  Curiosity is akin to Love (the “greatest of these three”), in that they both eschew Judgment.  Analysis seeks out Judgment.  Without being Open to the New, we’re condemned to repeat the same old same old.

The first stage of Growth is Confusion, as our old mental structures are no longer adequate to constrain our World.  A fundamental question to Ask ourself, if we want to follow the tremendous Changes that are shaking our Planet, is How is it that we Unconsciously Respond to Confusion?  Fear is a common Response, as is Anger.  Talk to someone whose Rhetoric is different from yours, and you’ll notice that when you get close to touching their faulty Assumptions, they get Angry – and we probably do the same.

One of our most important Masks to remove, is the one between Confusion and our usual Response to it.  Neither Fear nor Anger serves to help us Grow quickly into new circumstances.  By examining our Fear and Anger, we can work our way back to Confusion itself, and Teach ourself to relish the Feeling of Confusion, to invite it into our house as an honored guest, toast it, and Relax into it.  Learn to Enjoy it.

To do that you’ll have to Feel Safe, and to the extent that our Safety depends on our mental structures, that’ll never happen.  So to Enjoy Confusion we need to move our Assemblage Point from Understanding to Trust or Faith.  We can’t do that “on Faith,” we need some kind of Support for a Belief that Trust or Faith is even possible.  How to start on that project?  PIAVA it.

7.6-7.11 – Busy Week

July 5, 2014


 Diamond Consciousness.

* * * * *

” ‘When I worked for other people, I tried to fit in,’ Sando says, ‘When I gave up everything and said I’m only going to make myself happy, that’s when everyone came on board.’ “

–“The Bean Tracker: Steve Sando and the Quest for Heirloom Beans,” by Nancy Matsumoto, in Organic Gardening, Aug/Sept 2014, p.35.

* * * * *

Busy week.  Earlier we tagged it

Boundaries which have been difficult may fall into place

But it turns out to be a lot more than that.

The Boundaries business was “Sun-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine with Pallas Opposite Chiron, making a Kite focused on Pallas,” aka…

714KiteThere’s also a Tricolor – Sun Square Uranus Quincunx Saturn Trine Sun…7143CThese are drawn for July 7, as the Moon crosses Saturn, but the Moon will be there only briefly.  Using three degrees of Sensitivity, these Configurations with the Sun are in effect for six days.  We can translate the Tricolor as…

When you feel the ground slipping out from under you, shift your Attention to Wondering about who you’re about to become.  Later you can grieve the loss of who you used to be.

And a new kind of Fez, which we’ll have to call a Sextile Fez

714SF1The Square Fez has Squares along the non-parallel sides, a Trine along the bottom, and a Sextile across the top.  The Trine Fez has Trines along the sides, a Square at the botom, and a Semisextile across the top.  The Sextile Fez has Sextiles along the non-parallel sides, a Quincunx across the bottom, and a Square across the top. 

In all of these, the Squares provide the Energy, Motivation, and Challenge, while the crossed Quincunxes in the center provide the keys to Resolution.  Notice that this Fez has an extra Quincunx, making two Yods pointing at the bottom corners. 

The Yods say Pay Attention! to the bottom corners, Saturn (Focus on The Most Important Thing) and Uranus (Who You Really Are when you drop your Masks).

And the Venus-Pallas Square advises that we can set Boundaries sweetly to make space for our own priorities.  Being a Square, it also suggests that our Nice programming might be an impediment to same.

When faced with the Choice of trusting our Nice habits or trusting the Expression of our True Self, we gain most by Wondering where we can most effectively Focus our Attention – which is likely to be somewhere totally unexpected.  We don’t Decide, we Wonder who will respond and how they’ll handle it.  We don’t know our New Self until we meet them.  If our Old Self makes decisions about it, we’ll never meet our New Self.

There’s also a Venus T-Square, as Chiron is Opposed by Pallas.  The T-Square is Bridged by Saturn…

714TWatch carefully for Discouragement or Impossibility.  Miracles are available if you let go of trying and Wonder how the Universe will meet your needs.  Discouragement or the sense that that what you Want is not Possible are cues that tell you you’re on the Edge of a Miracle.  All you need to do is shift to Wonder.  “If that WAS possible, I wonder how it would evolve!?!

Notice that Saturn’s involved – and on July 7 Moon-Saturn – in all of the Configurations above…

The Most Important Thing we can do is shift our Attention from what is NOT working, to Wondering what it might look like if it WAS working.  It’s not something we can Plan and Execute – our current Self doesn’t believe it’s Possible.  But we can Dream.  By eschewing both Discouragement and Expectation and sticking with Curiosity, we can find the narrow wormhole that will take us to a new Self where anything is Possible.  It takes perseverance to stay alert and navigate through that narrow space between Discouragement and Expectation, and patiently and lovingly keep bringing ourselves back to Curiosity and Wonder, over and over again.

If we put all those Configurations together, we get this Knot…

714AllCount the Angles (colored lines) emanating from each point.  Saturn and Pallas have five, all the others have four…

We encounter our New, True, Self by Focusing our Attention on the Boundary between who we’ve been and who we’re becoming.  We want to support our New Self whenever possible, but how will we recognize Her to support Her?  We can’t.  We just have to keep supporting our Curiosity about how She’ll evolve and how we’ll meet Her.

We can’t ignore the Stellium that we’ve been working with, and that will continue to work us over for a while yet.  How does it relate to the Knot above?  Through Biquintiles and Deciles…

714QThe Pallas-Chiron Opposition makes a Biquintile Bridge across the Nodal axis.

The Decile is a Tenth-Harmonic Angle.  It represents Fortune.  It’s in the Fifth-Harmonic family, so we know it’s Learned, rather than inherited. 

We “Choose” the quality of our Good Fortune or Misfortune by Taking Responsibility for it.  Responsibility is not Blame, it’s The Ability and Willingness to Respond rather than React.

Through Learning what evolves when we Wonder about how our New Self will emerge, we move into our Mission.  From there we can watch “everyone come on board.”

Earlier in the day on July 7 (several hours around 10am PDT), the Moon makes a second Sextile Fez by Squaring Lilith, Sextiling Pluto, and Quincunxing Juno.

714SF2July 7 is a critical day, when deep urges arise that may seem foreign to us.  Trust yourself to follow them, as they will reveal Treasures.

Dropping Our Masks II

January 29, 2014

galk5564bpSmall, complex, red Crystals of Galkhaite, a Sulfide made up from three substitution groups – Cesium or Thallium, Mercury or Copper or Zinc, and Arsenic or Antimony.  These components are mostly poisons, but in homeopathic quantities.

Adjuncts to the Uranus T-Square

Here we need to consider the Configurations that relate directly to the Uranus T-Square…

  • The T-Square itself – dark red in the picture below – endures till May 9.
  • The Pluto-Uranus-Pallas dark red/green/blue Tricolor lasts only till February 3, and the green-and-blue Pallas Yod with Uranus and the Sun only until February 1.
  • But the Big Orange Box hangs around till the end of March.

UTS14We’ve never dealt with a Big Orange Box before.  A Mystic Rectangle has the Sixth Harmonic on two sides and the Third Harmonic on the other two, and it’s primary characteristics are determined by the two Oppositions, or the big red “X” inside it.  The Big Orange Box has the Fifth Harmonic (Learning) on two sides, and the Tenth Harmonic (Fortune) on the other two.  More specifically, the longer sides are three tenths of the way ’round the Zodiac, Tridectiles, so they combine elements of the Tenth Harmonic and the Third Harmonic (Love with Wisdom).  I think we’ll call it a Quintile Box.

How would we interpret such an animal?  Well, we know Learning is involved, as well as Fortune and Healing.  And extrapolating from the Mystic Rectangle I think we can safely assume that the two Oppositions from it’s corners are important.  So let’s make a stab…

Ignoring for the moment that the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition is the base of the Uranus T-Square, we can just think of a Jupiter-Pluto Axis as an Accelerated (Jupiter) Transformation (Pluto) or a Compulsory (Pluto) Growth Spurt (Jupiter).  Don’t be surprised if your bones ache.  With Uranus adding the tension of course, it’s likely to be an Accelerated failure of our Masks and a Compulsory Growth into Authenticity.  Since it’s often Trauma or Shame or both, or debilitating Fear, that has caused our Authenticity to hide out under the couch, it’s an excellent idea to start practicing being Loving and Gentle with our Traumatized Inner Little Ones as soon as possible.  You don’t want to be caught by surprise out in public, unprepared, when deep Shame arises.

Which is bleeding into the second Opposition, which is the Nodal Axis.  Abetted by Ceres on the North Node.  The Nodal Axis, as we’ve averred frequently, is the path from Karma to Mission, if you’re willing to accept it, and of course if we run that movie in reverse, from Failure of Mission to more Karma.  But it doesn’t really work that way, because as we know from working with our T-Squares, every Failure is a step toward Mastery.  Here’s how Paul Wheaton puts it…

” ‘Do or do not.  There is no try.’ — such bullshit.  Trying stuff is about all we ever do here.  Look at Picard and the gang on the enterprise, they are constantly weighing probabilities and trying stuff.  So maybe Yoda is a bit like what Morphius says about the Oracle: she tells you stuff to nudge you onto a particular path.  It doesn’t mean that what she says is THE TRUTH. “

And Gar Alperovitz

“The recent economic failure of one of the most important units of the Mondragón cooperatives offers an opportunity to clarify the issue and begin to think more clearly about our own strategy in the United States.  Mondragón Corporation is an extraordinary 80,000-person grouping of worker-owned cooperatives based in Spain’s Basque region that is teaching the world how to move the ideas of worker-ownership and cooperation into high gear and large scale.”

We frequently say that the Nodes are prone to swap positions, North to South as well as South to North.  By that we don’t mean accumulating Karma, though that’s always possible (remember that by Karma we mean Inertia, not Retribution) through avoidance.  We mean that like Frodo our goal shifts from Achieving our Mission, to Acquiring the Tools necessary to Achieve our Mission.  You know how something gets a lot easier when you have the right Tools.  So rather than hammering away at our Mission with the wrong Tools, which most of us are wont to do much of the time when we Follow Our Passion directly, we would hammer away at our Limiting Beliefs and Deferred Emotions, knowing that hidden underneath those are exactly the Tools we need to Accomplish our Mission effortlessly in the Lifetime.

In fact it could be easily argued that this is our Real Mission.

But everybody’s Mission is different, and everyone’s conception of their own Mission is different.

It’s short notice, but there’s a free webinar by Rick Hanson at 8am PST on January 30 pretty much on this topic, at

It’s kind of a talking-head lecture like they peppered you with at school, so you might get more out of his book, Hardwiring Happiness…

and you wouldn’t have to worry about missing the webinar.

Back to our original point – how would we interpret this particular Quintile Box then?   Including Ceres (Sustainability) on the North Node?  Well…

For the next two months we’ll be Learning a great deal about Rapidly and Permanently Transforming our orientation toward our Mission and toward our Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions – and Learning how to profit from what we LearnAfter all, while Avarice won’t do you much good, self-deprivation will do you even less good.  There’s nothing Compassionate about self-deprivation.  When you remember that Abundance is Having Enough to Share, you understand that self-deprivation just deprives everyone.

When we speak of Rapid Transformation, we start to edge into Miracle territory, Chiron’s province.  Well, don’t forget that the Chiron Mjolnir runs through April 2.

The Tricolor would be something like…

The Challenge is to manage Rapid Transformation of our Identity in its shift from focusing on the Ego’s orientation toward Other, to focusing on the Ego’s relationship to our own Soul.  The key to this Challenge lies through paying Attention to our Edges, to the places where we Judge rather than being open to Learning and Collaboration.  That will open us to Grace.

The Yod just adds emphasis to this Energy.

The Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto Cycles

We’ve looked at Jupiter-Pluto before…

The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle began in December 2007 at 29 of Sagittarius…

A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street

A Jupiter-Pluto Cycle would be about Accelerating Transformation and I’m not sure why, but every time I run across this image it feels like the drama is about to break wide open.  Maybe because the lad is overweight and thus out of tune with the lawn order implied.

Sagittarius 29 is the Galactic Center.  That explains the fat b0y – in the same sense that the Nagasaki bomb was nicknamed Fat Man.  Meaning an Energy of consequence.  So the current Jupiter-Pluto Cycle is a vehicle for carrying the End of the Mayan Calendar Energy.  December 2007 was a high point in the “Sub-Prime Derivative Crisis” that led to the collapse of the then-current World financial system and it’s replacement with direct taxpayer funding through unlimited debt borrowed from current and future generations and handed to the gamblers who had already gotten rich destroying the former house of cards – the gamblers who mostly lived on elegant suburban streets in Connecticut.

This is the Exposition phase of the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition; the Can-Opener phase occurred at the initial Jupiter-Direct Uranus T-Square of August 2013, and the Confidence-Builder will occur at the Pluto Station in April.  How do we make constructive use of this Energy?

By unhooking ourselves from the tattered ghost of the old debt-based World financial system and orienting ourselves toward Sustainable Collaborative Community.

As long-time readers know, I don’t consider the Opposition to be the Fruiting of a Cycle, I call it the Blooming.  I consider the Phitile to be the Fruiting.  The Jupiter-Pluto Phitile occurs July 2015.  It will be an interesting test of the Phitile to see if the ghost of the World financial system collapses between now and April, or waits until 2015, after the seventh and last Uranus-Pluto Square.  I suspect both will prove relevant.

The timing of the three Waxing Squares in the current Jupiter-Uranus Cycle is the same as that of the Jupiter-Pluto Oppositions – August 2013, now, and April.  Uranus Initiated Jupiter in June 2010 at the Aries Point, the first degree of Aries, “A Woman just risen from the Sea, embraced by a Seal.”  Like 29 Sagittarius, this is a major milepost of the Zodiac.  At the Waxing Square the Energy becomes permanent and reaches the mainstream.

We could see Jupiter-Uranus Cycle as Accelerated Self-Realization.  The Aries Point represents the Zero-Point Field, where nothing is Manifest and all Potential resides.

So anything is possible, limited only by the inertia you’ve created since June 2010.  What is that?  It’s probably about to break open and leap forward.


October 24, 2013

Very busy times.  In addition to the many other Configurations we’ve already talked about, there’s another Lunar Quintile Yod formed between around 9pm PDT October 25 and about 5am PDT October 26.  The base of the QYod includes Venus and Neptune.  This is a very different Energy from the Grand Sextile’s Mars, Chiron, and Pluto vibes.  Venus stands for our consistent Emotions, our Values.  Neptune symbolizes our Relationship with Anything Larger than Ourselves – God and our Culture are typical examples.  An Unconscious planet, Neptune can be considered deeply involved with our Cultural programming.

The main effects are the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Juno-Nodes T-Square, both having to do with releasing our Cultural and Karmic programming in favor of our True Self and Deep Desires.  So a Moon-Venus-Neptune Learning Opportunity as the supporting actress is likely to bring us into circumstances that allow us to notice where our Emotional Values are out of synch with our Truth.  Neptune is also famous for producing Confusion when seeing the World as Materialistic, and Clarity when viewing the World through a Spiritual perspective.  Which means, if we embrace the Confusion as a first step in growth of Consciousness, we may Manifest (Moon) a clearer picture of the relationship between our Ego and our Truth.

DSCN4635The Quintile Yod is the big orange Triangle.  But there are also two other things going on here.  First, the Tenth-Harmonic yellow Lines.  And second, the “wings,” or two orange Quintiles on either side of the larger Triangles.

The wings are Quintiles from Jupiter to the South Node, and from Pallas to the North Node.  The first will conveniently Expand our Karmic Limitations, so it will be easier for us to distinguish them from the Cosmic Background.  And the second will help us say NO! to the cultural forces that want to make us conform to their rules rather than trusting our own Truth.  The yellow and orange Triangle and cut-stone shape add an element of Learning about Abundance to the Yin QYod.  That is…

Mercury (Awareness) Teaching us (Quintile) about our Truth (Uranus) as a Tenth-Harmonic (Abundance) “wrapper” around the Moon-Venus-Neptune QYod.

The yellow Configuration is in place from around 3am PDT to about 6am PDT October 26.

Eris Eclipse

October 18, 2013


If you read nothing else about the October 18 “Penumbral” Lunar Eclipse, read this…

It’s a bit indirect, but it’s right on.  An “umbra” is a full shadow, and a “penumbra” is a partial shadow.  So the Moon won’t darken completely.  In the other direction, toward the out side, is…

which translates into something like…

You’ll see most of the Moon turn reddish around half-past 4pm PDT if it’s not cloudy and you’re in Europe, western Siberia, west of Iran, Africa, coastal Brazil, Quebec, or the MerryTimes.  You might be able to detect some darkening in the rest of Asia and the Americas, but not in Alaska or Australia.

Abundance Means Having Enough to Share

The Eclipse itself occurs at 26 of Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  You can say that again.  Rudhyar calls it “Obsession by potentiality,” whatever that means.

You know me, I don’t think Eclipses are as important now as they were when you could tell the Grand Whizbah that today is when he should tell the peasants that a Dragon will eat the Moon if they don’t freely offer up the best of their harvest and their offspring.

But the glorious thing about Eclipses is that they hide or Occult an element of the obvious.  That’s good because Consciousness grows by differentiating a new thing or concept out of the general undifferentiated background.  So when the Elephant in the room is suddenly missing, whoa, everybody’s all Where did the Elephant go?!? instead of the usual What Elephant?  I don’t see any Elephants.

Too Many Golden Apples

Especially when the Eclipse is Conjunct our Mistress of the Revelation of Denial, Eris herself.  The Eclipse is three and a third degrees from Eris, so it’s a little outside the range we usually use to measure our sensitivity, but I think there’s little doubt that you’ll notice, if you haven’t already.  For comparison, the Full Moon is about half a degree wide, so if you measure six Moon’s-widths behind (west of) the Moon and squint really hard, you’ll see Eris.  In your Mind’s Eye.

So there’s a good chance we’ll all find some things out on October 18, that shift the way we view the World.  And I guess if we’re possessed of more gifts than we can hold, it must be Potlatch time.  In a Potlatch – a tradition on the left coast of North America – your respect in your community grows not by how much you have but by how much you give away.  Basically the opposite of what’s happening in most of the “civilized” World, and most particularly the opposite of what the US Congress and its fascist puppetmasters have been practicing.

Angles to the Eclipse

The Eclipse is Quincunx to Ceres, which invites Curiosity about How can we make this Abundance Sustainable?

And it makes Quintile-Decile Angles to Pluto and Vesta.  If you want details…

(The Moon Biquintiles Vesta, which in turn Deciles the Sun.  And the Sun Quintiles Pluto, which in turn Trideciles the Moon.)

But the important thing is that we’re dealing with Pluto and Vesta, and the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics.  That is, Inevitability/Transformation, the Sacred, Learning, and Abundance.  That does sound obsessive with potentialities, doesn’t it.  Perhaps an excellent time to permanently shift our attitude toward how much we’re willing to Receive.  That’d be nice.  Just remember to dwell on the good stuff, k?

The Mercury-Jupiter Angle

Vesta is embellished by Sextiles (Creative Grace) to both Mercury (Communication) and Jupiter (Expansion), which means that Mercury and Jupiter Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) one another.  So, are we talking more about what’s Sacred to us?  Maybe allowing the Sacred to talk directly to us!  Vesta is the focus of this little Triangle after all.  Maybe all of the sudden we’ll notice that the Fairies are on vacation – then we’ll have to admit that they were there all along, wouldn’t we.  Or maybe someone will pull the curtain aside to reveal the Golden Cash Cows being worshiped by all those fascists who call themselves more “Christian” than thou.

Mercury also makes a Square to Pallas, implying that there’s some Boundary-setting to be accomplished here.  Mercury turns Retrograde at half-past 3am PDT October 21, and at the Eclipse it’s only a third of a degree from it’s Station.  Which is to say, this is actually a Mercury-Stationary Eclipse.  A Mercury-Stationary Eris Eclipse.  They used to say “Loose lips sink ships” in another era.  How would we phrase that today, if someone threw a Golden Thumbdrive into the party?

We’ll talk soon about the October 21-November 10 Mercury Retreat across 3-19 Scorpio and the paths of Juno, Dragon, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The Ongoing Karmic Drama

Like many of us, the Eclipse chart has two distinct sets of Angles, with little relationship between the two.  That gives the Eclipse a bit of a multiple personality – two pretty independent entities joined at the hip.  That can lead to some mutual “self”-sabotage.  That’d be an oxymoron if it weren’t for the link at the hip.  In this case though, collaboration seems more likely, mostly because of the nature of the two chart segments, but also because here the two parts are joined at two points – Jupiter and Pluto.

The Mr. Hyde portion of the Eclipse chart is one we’re quite familiar with from recent posts if not from “real” Life – the Juno-Nodes T-Square Bridged by Chiron and Pluto, with help from Uranus.  That’s the Karmic Gorgons we’ve been wrestling with off and on since May.  The Ceres Mjolnir across the Juno-South Node Square is recently deceased, but it’s been replaced by a Pythagorean Triangle with Comet ISON…

(That is, ISON is Quincunx to Juno and Trine to the South Node, making a constructive Challenge-Curiosity-Grace loop on the Square from the South Node to Juno, the Quincunx from Juno to ISON, and the Trine from ISON to the South Node.)

and a Venus Quintile Yod across a Jupiter-South Node Quintile.

A Quintile Yod is a “Learning Opportunity” in all the least welcome senses of the phrase.  It’s fabulous – after the fact – because we usually learn something important and useful.  But during the adventure, we’d mostly just as soon not.  However, this is Venus and Jupiter – how can we lose with these two greatest of Benefics?  Well, okay, there’s the third corner, the South Node.

We just have to reprogram ourselves to recognize that every time those Regressions to Childhood (and beyond!) occur, it’s another Opportunity to heal them.  Regressions are windowless, we don’t normally realize that we’re Regressed, we just know that we’re terrified, or enraged, or distraught.  Maybe we could post a note on the toilet lid that says…

Feeling Great?  No?  Then you’re Regressed!

Because all we need is a reminder to take a step back out toward the Present Moment, where we can Witness the Feelings from outside of their sealed canister and begin to recover our adult competence.

Remember the article that we started with, where neurons that fire together wire together?  The opposite is true too – neurons that aren’t wired together don’t fire together.  That’s why Regressions are windowless canisters, because when those Lost-Child neurons fire, the rest of the brain goes dead.  So we need to purposely start adding the links between our Lost Child and the rest of our brain, starting with an independent Witness that can differentiate the Lost Child inside of us from the otherwise undifferentiated Emotional background, and extend a loving and gentle helping hand.


My favorite Stones are the Micas, and my favorite Mica is Zinnwaldite!  From the Zinnwald, literally the “Tin Forest” on the border between Saxony in East Germany and Usti in Bohemia (nowadays aka the Czech Republic).  It’s a complex Potassium-Lithium-Iron-Aluminum Mica Fluoride, like the Eclipse chart not a one-dimensional undertaking.  Never have I experienced greater Peace from a Stone than from Zinnwaldite.

Big Full Moon Portal

August 20, 2013

If we use three Degrees of Sensitivity, Juno (Unconscious Identity) is slowly stretching its way out of its T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to the Nodes (Karma and Mission) over the next week, which should give some degree of “relief” to many, as the pressure to come into Integrity with our True Purpose should lighten up a bit.  Of course it’s all gradual and relative, depending partly on your Degree of Sensitivity and what else you have going on at 6-11 degrees of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

The other side of the Coin is that Juno is moving into a Square with Saturn, as Saturn approaches the North Node.  That’ll all start heating up around the end of August, and basically means that we’ll all be Asked to Focus on our Unconscious Identity and how it relates to our Mission and Karma.  The Universe usually Asks us to Focus by arranging circumstances where we sabotage ourselves or something dear to us.

Other than this, we still enjoy our Five-out-of-Six Grand Sextile, and our Uranus T-Square to Pluto and Jupiter (a Challenge to Transform our Lives through Expanding our Authenticity), though Lilith will be replacing Jupiter in that T-Square by the end of the month (a Challenge to Trust our Instincts on a much deeper level).  The Vacancy of the Grand Sextile has moved to 11 of Virgo, “In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered.”  That should make our cultural Gender Confusion adventures more entertaining.

But the noteworthy thing about the Full Moon lies in the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics – issues of Learning and Abundance.  The Moon itself is tightly Quintile (one fifth of the way ’round the circle) to the South Node, implying that we could be Learning a great deal about our Karma over the next couple of weeks (at least), amplifying the Saturn-Juno-Nodes adventures we mentioned earlier.  Since the Full Moon is an Opposition and the Nodes are Opposite one another, this makes a Fifth-Harmonic equivalent of a Mystic Rectangle – two Quintiles on Opposite sides of the Wheel, with Trideciles between their ends.

A Tridecile is three tenths of the way round the Zodiac, combining Energies of the Tenth (Abundance) and Third (Love with Wisdom) Harmonics – sounds potentially quite benefic.  Of course when we’re dancing with the Unconscious, as the Nodes do for a living, we can always see the Opposite of what we expect to see.  Which is great if we’re Awake, because that makes an ideal Learning Experience.  In fact, even if we aren’t Awake, that should be enough to Awaken us!  If you see any Victims running around (including in the Mirror), it’d be a great Teachable Moment.

So a Quintile-Tridecile Mystic Rectangle should have meaning parallel to that of a Sextile-Trine Mystic Rectangle.  The latter means phenomenal Grace but you may have to provide the initial innoculant.  The former then should mean phenomenal Charity if you’re Awake to the Learning Opportunity.  That would be Charity extended by the Universe to us, by us to others, and by others to us.

Since it’s the Full Moon and the Nodes on the corners, we could easily expect to see Charity in Elightenment.

That Portal should be open widest for a half hour starting at quarter to 7pm PDT August 20, but three Degrees of Sensitivity would open the Gate for about four hours on either side of 7pm PDT.

That is, starting right now.  An excellent period to spend in Meditation, though since much of our Karmic Drama plays out in interactions with other people, hanging with other people should be interesting as well – just be sure to examine any Judgment, Blame, or Victim issues that arise, as that’s where the meat is likely to reside.

The Moon-South Node Quintile also has Venus at its Far Midpoint – that is, a Venus Quintile Yod.  Venus is at 6 of Libra, “A person watches their ideals taking concrete form in their inner vision.”  More validation, suggesting that our Focus should be on What We Want (North Node/Mission Quintile Sun/Source) and What Prevents Us From Having It (the South Node/Karma Quintile Moon/Manifestor).  Notice again that the Manifestor Quintiles the South Node, making it likely that we may be Learning here by realizing how we Manifest what we Don’t want.  The Moon also Tridectiles the North Node, giving potential to Manifest oodles of what we Do want, but the Quintile is the stronger Angle.

We move from Bummer to Delight by realizing that it’s our own Habits that create the Bummers, noticing how we’re doing it, and PIAVAing that we do it differently from now on.

A Massive Rocky Shore

July 7, 2013


A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the waves” is the symbol for 5 Scorpio, where Saturn is Standing Still and about to go forward again, at 10pm PDT on July 7.  Saturn, recall, is about Focusing on Priority Number One.  If Saturn feels limiting or stressful, it’s because you’re trying to hold on too tightly to secondary priorities.  Let them go – for now.  They’ll have their own season, but for now you need to Concentrate on the One Most Important Thing.

When I studied time management, that was the cardinal rule – always focus on the Most Important Thing.  Of course, that’s worthless unless you’re consistently able to Intuit what the Most Important Thing is.  You have to Intuit it, not think it.  Thinking about the Most Important Thing is only good for discovering your hidden assumptions, the ones that sabotage you – of course, if you haven’t done that yet, maybe it is the Most Important Thing you can do.  But in order to keep your Intuition on target, the minimum requirement is that you stay relaxed.  So most of the time it turns out that the Most Important Thing is to stay relaxed.  Probably why meditation is so effective, let alone Tapping.

Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things.  It’s Intense, in Scorpio the Most Important Thing is always Getting to the Bottom of Things.  No unturned stones here. Five degrees of Scorpio is right at the end of the Sagittarius chunk of Scorpio.  That’s the place where we’ve long since noticed that by being so Intense we were sabotaging our efforts to Get to the Bottom of Things, so in the Sagittarius chunk we’ve tried to lighten up.  In our methods, not our Intention.  Here at the end of the Sadge segment, we’re about to enter the Capricorn portion, where we really get serious and take an engineering approach to uncovering the Bottom of the Most Important Thing.

Even though this Stationary Saturn – planets are at the Strongest when Stationary – has been dominating the airwaves for the last few weeks, Uranus and Eris are also Stationary.  Their Stations are 10-12 days off, but they’re each only a fraction of a degree from their Station positions, ie, moving verrry slowly, ie, verrry Strong.  So we can make a good case that the Most Important Thing here is likely to have something to do with Confronting Denial (Eris) about our True Self (Uranus).  If you’re Focusing on other people’s Denial, you’re on the wrong page.

Its important when we turn around a Projection that we don’t just replace it with a Judgment.  If your boss makes unreasonable demands, don’t get down on yourself for being impatient about whatever you get impatient about.  A Projection is no different from a Dream.  When we have any Insight into how we sabotage ourselves, it never works to do the opposite of the sabotage Pattern.  We have to keep the basic Pattern, but adjust it by five or ten percent, in a direction that’s a little less self-sabotaging and a little more likely to produce what we Want.  If we just flip to the Opposite, we’re still on the same Coin.  But a tangent can take us to new perspectives and potentially Miracles.


The New Moon occurs only two hours after the Saturn Station.  That will stretch the Saturn-Station Energy out for a month or so.  Saturn and the New Moon are Tridecile to one another.  That’s three tenths of the way around the circle.  The Tenth Harmonic is about Fortune – through willingness to change and to take risks on new opportunities.

Which mirrors the Big Grace inherent in the ongoing Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter/Lilith Grand Trine – the growth in Female Power.  What we read and hear about in the corporate media is the prominent Resistance to that.  The only other prominent Angle made by the Saturn Station is a Biseptile (two sevenths of the loop – Magic) to Juno.  The Angle to Juno says that Magic is Afoot if we’re willing to take risks on new opportunities – the tangent again.

Of course Juno is still Square to the Nodes, representing significant changes in our Unconscious Identity – either so that we’re more aligned with our Lifetime Mission and more actively releasing our Karma (if we’re Awake), or so that our face is getting rubbed in our Karma (if we aren’t Awake, in an effort to Wake us up).  Given that we’ve been working on this for several months now, it’s an excellent candidate for the Most Important Thing, though since it’s Unconscious, and since our Mission is probably not very knowable (as it’s far more multidimensional that the mind can grasp), many of us won’t see the connection.

Those Nodes are the busiest places in the Saturn-Station/New Moon chart, along with Venus.  The North Node forms a second Grand Trine with Chiron and the New Moon – which by the way is Conjunct Mercury.  More Big Grace, and Magic available to us.  We find the Magic by facing where we believe our Mission will take us, and turning very slowly until we feel the click as we find the correct direction for our next step.  Which doesn’t mean the step after that is in the same direction – you have to repeat the slow-rotate-till-it-clicks after each step.  Or you’ll run headlong into a tree.


An example would probably behoove here, as we’re using a spatial metaphor to stand in for a multidimensional process.  Suppose you’re bored with your job, or scared about not being able to find one.

  • Find the Magic by facing where we believe our Mission will take us means to imagine yourself doing what you most love to do and being paid abundantly while doing it.  (Not necessarily for doing it.)
  • Turn very slowly until we feel the click means to alter your fantasy slightly, repeatedly, and watch to see how it feels in your body.  Maybe you first try being paid for doing what you love, but that doesn’t feel fair.
  • So you turn slowly again, maybe trying being paid while doing what you love, and that feels better, but the Dream falls out of the sky because you have no idea who would pay you or why.
  • Turning slowly again, you might see a Robin crossing the yard listening for Worms.  He must love what he does, as much as he does it – and he seems to be getting paid abundantly – in Worms.  Okay, he’s paid indirectly, but Worms aren’t your cuppa, so you
  • Turn slowly again, and maybe stumble onto the idea of living in Community with someone who has a knack for generating cash while doing what they love and loves to share it, someone who loves to grow food and cook it, and someone who loves sharing their house – all of whom deeply appreciate what you love doing.
  • Sounds like we might be starting to click – time to let go of the process so it can rumble around in the Underwhere for a while and see what sticks to it…
  • Then later, we catch ourselves thinking about all the downsides of our notion – that depression business.  Write down each downside and flip it to what you do want.  You aren’t sure you’ll like living communally – maybe the flip side of that is a need for privacy.  Okay, so the house is roomy enough for everyone to have their own space.
  • Et cetera.  This Future-building process can go on for a long time, as well it should, since you don’t want a flimsy, tossed-together Future after all.
  • At each step you need to give up your Expectations.  This isn’t about returning to the Womb, it’s about Living your Mission in a practical, workable, imaginative way.

Does that help clarify?  Once you do this enough (which could be years), your Future will begin manifesting on its own.  In fact, each time you turn slowly, your Future changes.  You just can’t see it yet.

More Relationships

In addition to the Juno T-Square, Venus is also T-Square to the Nodes.  It’s not a Grand Cross because Venus isn’t opposite Juno yet – it will be by Wednesday, but not for the Station/New Moon.  That’s kind of a unique situation, where our Values get adjusted, but we don’t yet see the relationship to our Identity.  Probably designed to minimize our intellectual interference.  Venus is also the Focus of a Yod with Pluto and Chiron – implying that our Attitude Adjustment isn’t optional, and will seem Miraculous.  If you catch your Attitude tending toward depression, be mindful that you’re looking at Chiron, and that Miracles await if you’re willing to release your Expectations and try the slow-rotate trick.

We’ve talked about what for lack of a better name we call a “Pythagorean Triangle,” a Configuration consisting of a Square and a Trine and a Quincunx in one triangle.  We’ve averred that this is a very favorable Configuration, as the Square provides Motivation and Challenge, while the Trine contributes Grace and Ease, and the Quincunx keep you in Curiosity about what’s coming next.  The Saturn Station/New Moon chart contains two of these, sharing the Venus-Uranus Trine, like so…

TwinPythThis is pretty slick, as it combines an element of our ongoing Unconscious Reorganization, namely our Attitude-adjusting Venus-North Node Square, with the Uranus-Pluto Square – which remains the Biggest single astrological relationship that we’re dealing with.  We talk a lot about the accoutrements, but the Chiron-Neptune Initiation (a New Paradigm) and the Uranus-Pluto Square (I gotta be Me) still represent the biggest trends in our Conscious and Unconscious Worlds.

It also includes one leg of the Venus Yod, drafting Chiron (the other leg) into the picture.  In any chart where Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron are all active, there’s turmoil in the Unconscious that will be mirrored by turmoil in the Cultural and Psychic Realms.  And with Jupiter and Saturn heavily involved, big changes in Consciousness are in Relationships are also prescribed.  Walking around each triangle, we have…

  • Discovery of a clash(es) between our Mission and our Values (Venus-North Node Square),
  • Which resolves itself in favor of our Mission, since our True Self is much deeper than our Values, many of which were programmed by our family of origin (Venus-Uranus Trine), and
  • Excitement about how our Life will change when we stop forcing ourself to be other than Who We Really Are (Uranus-North Node Quincunx)


  • The need to change our Lives so they better match Who We Really Are (Uranus-Pluto Square), and Fear that this will leave us too vulnerable (Uranus-Pluto Square),
  • Which resolves itself in favor of Who We Really Are, because Grace allows us to see through our programming (Venus-Uranus Trine), and
  • Curiosity about how our Values will be reframed to allow us to release our programming without Guilt, Shame, or Resentment (Venus-Pluto Quincunx).

Wrapping It All with a Bow

That all actually sounds fairly easy, though we may need to…

  1. Own a Projection or two,
  2. Wake up out of Blame, reduce our Victim space, and take active Responsibility for our Karma,
  3. Learn a few new Chironic tricks like turning slowly to facilitate getting the Miracles to flow,
  4. Accept some Attitude adjustment without getting all defensive about who we used to be, and
  5. Be willing to take risks on new opportunities –
  6. All the while remembering to keep our Attention on the Most Important Thing, and
  7. Enjoy our sleuthing to try to Get to the Bottom of Things;
  8. AND remembering that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and being okay with Sitting Still while in Confusion and not having to fix it or figure it out.

All this is so important because we’re surrounded by Grace right now, with these Grand Trines, and they go away in October.  By then we want to be pretty adept at handling these new Post-Time Energies, so we can fly on our own when we’re kicked out of the nest!


Vesuvianite is a very powerful Healing Stone, used in all manor or Psychic Surgery – and believe me we’re in the middle of Psychic Surgery!  Not surgery on our Bodies done through nonphysical dimensions, but surgery on our Psyches so we can appreciate the extra dimensionality of our Post-Time venue.  In these Crystals some of the Magnesium that would normally be in Vesuvianite has been replaced by our old friend Manganese, hence the reddish tints here and there.  Manganese mops up ancient wounds and bruises, clearing our Consciousness so we’re more prepared for the Present Moment.