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Denying Nature, Transmuting Abuse

January 10, 2023


Pan, Nature’s Head Dude, represented by the asteroid that bears His name, is Lit Up Bigtime today,1 and has been for several days. It’ll also hang around for a week or so, but the Peak of the Energy was today. Unless we made an important Self-Protecting Decision, in which case it can become Karma and Hang Around till we Let It Go.2

The most important thing to know about this, is that Pan is Merged with both Our Soul and Our Mission.3 That’s a Powerful combination. The second-most important thing to know is that Pan and Our Soul and Our Mission have been ganging up on our Held Emotions, trying to talk them into Emerging from Hiding and Liberating us into Enlightenment.4 Held Emotions are the ones that we’d Rather Die Than Feel, and they’re usually Unconscious. Held Emotions are always Karmic, and Karma is never Present Moment until we make it so through Belief, so it’s not Physical Death that we Unconsciously Fear, it’s Ego Death.

And Rightly So, because the Ego is the part of our Psyche that’s in charge of Keeping us Alive! Crabs wear their Skeleton on the Outside, so they have to Molt in order to Grow, and once they Molt it takes them a week or so to harden their new larger Shell, during which time they’re extremely vulnerable to being eaten, nutcracker not required. While we probably aren’t direct descendants of Crabs, we may still have that Genetic Memory in our Karma, and for sure, when we Molt our Egos – Shell is actually a good synonym for Ego – we’re quite Defenseless until we Learn to Explain and Justify our new Ego, so there’s more than one parallel between us and Crabs.

We have to Accept Ego Death if we’re Committed to Ascension, and once we do we realize how many Ego Deaths we’ve already Lived Through Successfully – the Proof is in the Pudding. We Learn to Recognize the signs and Embrace the Fear that arises, and Learn to sail through them with Ease. The Held Emotions are always harder to Embrace, because they’re often Karma cemented by Vows we made to ourself while we were Physically Dying in another Lifetime – “I’ll Never do that again!” Those stick like Glue #10.

The third-most important thing abut Pan’s visit, is that we’re being Asked to Let Go of our Patterns around Abuse and Privilege.5 While we’ve had a lot of Practice over the last few years, especially when Abuse and Privilege was traveling hand in hand with Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) during 2015 and 2016. Revisiting Childhood Abuse is never Fun, and Dealing with Ancestral Abuse is always Tortuous and Confusing. And while Privilege seems like it should be a Privilege, it has its own Karma.

I’m always reminded of Stephen Levine’s story about a Meditation Retreat where in one session he was Reliving an Auschwitz Experience and Feeling Relieved that his Sense of Victimization was Justified. Then when he went back into Meditation after a Break, he was the one wearing the Jackboots. Wise men have said it before, but Doing Unto Creates the same Karma as Being Done Unto. That’s why Karma, which is the Inertia of Habit, is easily Confused with Retribution. When you Accept the Traditional Wisdom that We Are All One, that becomes Obvious.

Today in Florida and Texas they’re only Burning Books and The Mouse, and in Florida and Georgia and Colorado they’re trying to Burn Down Democracy, so the Oligarchy can Take All. They aren’t Burning and Drowning Witches again yet. Everyone’s Cutting Down and Burning Down the Sacred Groves again, as if they ever stopped. And some Races are undergoing Genocide as we speak. Abuse and Privilege stretches far beyond the Sexual.

The fourth-most important thing about Pan’s Illuminations, is that we’re also being Invited to Revisit and Let Go Of our Karma around the times when our Cultures Expanded so far Beyond our Values, or Beyond Values that would have Permitted our Survival, that our Civilization Collapsed.6

1 Asteroid Pan Stationary 10 January 2023 (PST 4:20 am, GMT 12:20 pm 10th, IST 5:40 pm 10th, AEDT Qld 10:20 pm) in 13 Taurus, “What we carry around with us is whatever we can believe in and partake in with fantasy, speculation, wonderings, and with every tool of our soul. Whichever world we dream up we can enter, ensoul, and become entirely absorbed in. It is up to us whether it is life-giving or sterile, theoretical or practical, isolating or connecting us with something vast, more universal, more archetypal.” —Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Soul Destiny, p.77.

2 Life-or-Death Decisions often become Karma because we either already Believe, or have to Make ourself Believe, that our Choice was the only way out. Once we convince ourself of that, it becomes an Unconscious Limitation that’s an integral part of our Worldview as if it was a “law of Physics” (which are actually Cultural Karmic Limitations). Worse, it could have been a distant ancestor that made such a Decision (like avoiding Pork in the Middle East in the Olde Days), and the Limitation was passed down to us through Programming. Since we have no way of remembering the origin of such Karma, and since we’re Ridiculed or Shamed for Ignoring it, Letting Go of that sort of Karma has its own Difficulties. We have to lean on our natal Ixion (Psychopathic Ignorer of Traditions) to Transcend it.

3 Conjunct Uranus and North Node.

4 Pan-Uranus-North Node Opposite Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation), South Node (Held Emotions), and Zhulong (Enlightenment).

5 Naked (by its lonesome, without Squares) Opposition between Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in Pisces (Emotional Baggage) and Orcus (Pattern-Breaking) in Virgo (Ego Death).

6 The Pan-Uranus-North Node (Soul-Mission-Nature) Opposition to Ka’epaoka’awela-South Node-Zhulong (Transmutation-Held Emotions-Enlightenment) is T-Squared by the Merger of Venus (Values), Icarus (Dangerous Ambitions), and Atlantis (Civilization Collapse).

Amethyst, Clear Quartz turned purple by Radiation, is the Classical Aid to Ego Death. Its CrownChakra Color reminds us nonverbally that we are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, and that Emotional Drama is part of Physical Experience for Hupers, so it Behooves us to Activate our Observer Self, make some Popcorn, and Enjoy the Movie, rather than Empathizing ourselves into the Drama.

Of course, if we Detach like this before we Explore and Embrace the Experience, we can drive our Resisted Emotions further into the dark corners of the Dungeon, especially when we’re Dealing with Held Emotions. So we don’t want to Skip that Explore-and-Embrace Step. We can Explore Emotion through Sensation, for instance, since Sensation involves less Drama, as long as we Avoid Indulging our Thoughts about our Sensations. If we do, we just withdraw our Attention from the Thoughts and Re-Invest It into the Body. To Embrace, we only need to remember that Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.

When we Ask ourself Where in my Body am I Feeling this? and Focus our Attention Deeply into that Place and Hold it there, persistently Returning our Attention when it Wanders, our Judgment-Free Laser Attention can Heal without time-consuming distractions to Story, which is just Metaphor anyway. When we’re Working with Karma, there’s no one Story, there are probably at least hundreds, so Story really is a Diversion. Story is good for Invoking the Occulted Emotion, but beyond that it can become the Ego’s attempt to Avoid Change by monopolizing the Conversation.

Once the Discomfort or Intensity in our Body Moves, we’re Done, we can Detach, though we may need to Return later for a Booster or several. This all sounds Mechanical and Unfeeling, and Held Emotions often involve Horrific Terrors. They’re best just Touched in the Emotional Realm, then Explored and Embraced in the Sensation Realm. Then when we Return to Touch them again, the Intensity may be Less. If it’s not, Gary Craig, who developed EFT or Tapping, has a series of videos demonstrating the use of EFT on PTSD. PTSD and Karma are not the same thing, but PTSD is probably usually Karmic.

Amethyst from the Thunder Bay area of Lake Superior in North Ontario Canada, is often speckled with dots of Rust or Hematite, Iron Oxide. These are red, the color of the Root Chakra, so they can help us Stay Grounded while we’re Exploring out Beyond our Crown Chakra and Deep Inside our Skin. As Angie Arrien liked to say, it will help us Walk the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet.

One of my first Rock photos. Most of these were taken with a very early digital camera, before they had large “viewfinder” screens. Using that camera was very much point and shoot, as the screen was too small to really see what I was photographing. I used to call it my Magic Camera, as many of its photos were just that. I suppose I could claim some credit via my Intuition or Instincts, as my Intellect was pretty much blinded by the small screen. Sometimes I imagine how it would be to Live like that, watching Crystals spontaneously and Magically sprouting Flames. I expect 5D to be as full of Delightful Surprises. Hopefully some day I’ll Deprogram my “left brain” enough to approach it.

Fear of Liberation

July 25, 2021

If you don’t know Zach Bush, MD, there’s no better time to start than the Eternal Now…

The Heart: Understanding the vascular system, resilience & repair

Via Zoom at noon PDT 29 July 2021.

With Fate and Choice Exaggerated for the last several days (asteroid Moira Stationary 22 July) in the last few Degrees of Pisces (Letting Go of Excess Emotional Baggage), I imagine most of us have been doing significant Pruning in our Karmic Garden. The bottom line for asteroid Moira is that our Karma remains our Fate as long as it’s Unconscious, and it becomes Choice, Potentially, as soon as we bring it into our Awareness. That’s “Potentially” because even after we’ve Let Go of our Karma, we’re still surrounded by the Habit Patterns that we developed over the years, and Lifetimes, to Accommodate the Karma.

For instance, suppose we always wanted to Travel, but our Fear of the Abandoning the Comfort we Know always stopped us. The Stories we heard about the Pickpockets in Rome and the heavy Rains in India and the Vampires in Transylvania, didn’t help a bit. Well, we may have Let Go of our Resistance to Travel last week, but our Habitual Thoughts about those Pickpockets and Rains and Vampires may still be a Deep-Seated Pattern – the more reps we have Believing them, the sturdier they are.

We have elaborately-constructed Justifications for every Resistance we’ve ever had, and some of them aren’t even our own. Somebody’s Grandmother caught a nasty Flu and died once, generations ago, after she went out in the Rain, and ever after whole generations of people have been told that going out in the Rain “will be the Death of you.” Even after we’ve Let Go of our Flu Karma, we still may Fear going out in the Rain – we may never make the Connection.

This is why Consciousness is so Helpful. Karma has its own Timeline, including its own natural Expiry Date, and those Expiry Dates can pass without our ever noticing them. Without being Aware that we’ve left our Flu Karma at the train station on the way Home from work yesterday, our Chances of Connecting Fear of Flu with Going Out in the Rain diminish, and our Opportunities to Let Go of Obsolete Limiting Beliefs can pass us by. This is also why it is Critical to Recognize Confusion as a Valid and Important Emotion, and Avoid trying to Intellectualize it away. Confusion means that our Habitual Mental Cage of Limiting Unconscious Beliefs – the Justifications for our Fears and Limiting Beliefs that we’ve Memorized to Keep Us Safe, is losing Strength.

What’s left behind is usually Fear – Fear that Granny has left the Cage door open and Sylvester will be home any minute from work at the Mousery. Fear is another Valid and Important Emotion that we need to Avoid Intellectualizing away. If you really were facing a Sabre-Toothed Tiger in your kitchen, you’d Know it, you wouldn’t have to Intellectualize it. Even before we’ve Let It Go, Karma is always a “Paper Tiger” (a residual Symbol of Fear, not a Current-Moment Object to be Feared). Once we’ve Let It Go, Consciously or not, it becomes a Diaphanous Paper Tiger. We don’t have to Think about it, we just have to Look Through It.

Which is why we need to Work Hard to Distinguish our Emotions from our Thoughts about our Emotions. It’s not at all as Easy as it sounds. Any time you add an Object or a Cause or a Prepositional Phrase to an Emotion, you’ve Abandoned your all-important Emotion (the Original Intuition), and walked into the Fantasy World of Thought. Nothing wrong with Fantasy, but use it to your Advantage, not to Sabotage yourself. “I am Angry at…” is a Thought, as is “I am Angry about…” and “I Fear Vampires.” The Thoughts are just part of the Mental Cage we use to Create the Illusion of Safety. When we are Truly Safe, which many of us are a good deal of the Time (any time we aren’t Thinking about whether or not we’re Safe), we have no need for Thoughts to keep out the Dangerous Windstorms.

Even “I am Angry,” without the Grammatical Embellishments, is Misleading. “I am Angry” is a statement of Identity, an Ego-Identification, not a description of Emotions. When we really want to Clarify our Emotions, it would be “I Feel Anger” or “I Feel Scared” or “I Feel Pain” or “I Feel Safe” or “I Feel Ecstatic,” no more, no less. Rather than Embellishing your Emotional Clarity with Dysfunctional Thoughts, Go Inside, Locate the Feeling in your Body, and spend time Sitting With It. There’s so much to Learn from that process, and it’s not Intellectual. If it’s difficult to Locate, Ask yourself, “What If I Did Know?” and if the Answer isn’t Immediately Forthcoming, Wait for It. While you’re Waiting, take Inventory to see if you’ve already gotten the Answer but Dismissed it Out of Hand because it wasn’t Politically Correct to your Ego-of-the-Moment.

The 23 July (7:37 pm PDT, in 2 Aquarius) Full Moon, and the two weeks which follow, is about our Confidence in our Instincts (dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] Conjunct Moon), and our Lust to Reconnect with our Soul (asteroid Psyche [Goddess of the Soul ] Conjunct Sun). It’s Challenged by the Red Dragon of Enlightenment (T-Squared by minor planet Zhulong)…

Just as Unexamined Thought Separates us from our Emotions, Unexamined Thought also Separates us from our Soul. Our Concepts about Enlightenment will stand between us and Reunion with our Soul. Brenda Hoffman’s recent Channeling at reminds us…

“This is a confusing time. Your new world is no longer linear.  Circular is your new action word – and soon-to-be, belief. Even though that which was is no more, this new is different than you expected…

“Your new world has very few clear divisions. The deciding factors of yesterday are no more. Your actions and beliefs change daily. So it is, you are flitting from belief to belief, action to action, and thought to thought. In 3D, clear-cut delineations were necessary to promote community thought. You are in a new place in a new time, discovering that nothing is clear regarding who you are or what you believe.

“That last concept is frightening because you are not used to the freedom of thought and action while of the earth. You are now exploring new frequencies, dimensions, beliefs, and actions in Universal terms – as has been true since you were conceived eons ago. But when you were of 3D earth, you limited your thoughts and actions to fit within the accepted parameters established by others to create a 3D cohesiveness.

“That 3D cohesiveness no longer exists.”

This Full Moon Challenges our Existing Unconscious Beliefs (asteroid Vesta [Unconscious Limiting Beliefs] T-Squares the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential ] and the Conjunction between dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar [Global Change]). We need to parse this furthur. Quaoar symbolizes our Survival Instincts, and Pholus represents That Which We Haven’t Prepared For, but which is Essential. And Chaos is about The Zero Point Field, or the Vacuum of Space, which in the Quantum World is a version of the Infinite Improbability Drive that Zaphrod Beeblebrox pilfered (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, pp.76ff). You haven’t read that yet? That’s as Unprepared as not having bothered to see the definitive documentary Men In Black. The Centaur Pholus got himself dead by Failing to be Prepared.

Seriously, any Limiting Belief is Risky these days. We have to continue to PIAVA What We Want, NOT What We Think We Can Manifest. Ice Cream for Breakfast? The Antichrist for Ambassador to Xinjiang? World Peace? Environmental Justice? Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding? What Is It That You Want? Don’t Hold Back. You’re In Charge of Your Piece of the Pie. Clotted Cream, or Ice Cream? Which Is It You Want? It’s Not a Time to Think Small.

It’s None of Your Business What Others Want for Their Piece, unless you’re Negotiating Win-Win with them and Helping each other Out. Competition and Scarcity are Obsolete; revise your Thinking toward Cooperation and Sharing instead. You don’t want to Know how What You Want might be Delivered – you’re not In Charge of that. It’s not about the Mechanisms which might Create it; many of those aren’t invented yet. It’s about What You Want Created. That and That Alone is Your Assignment.

We’ve made it through our six Cuspal July Self-Love Challenges (Stations). We have some Sign Changes in the next few weeks. Venus and Mars enter Virgo on 22 and 29 July respectively. That will be Challenging, as our Values, our Actions, and our Relationships will all seek reorientation through Ego Deaths. Mercury moves into Leo 27 July, so the Mind should Sparkle, as long as we keep it out of places where it’s way out of its League – Emotions and Enlightenment for instance. Jupiter backs into Aquarius 28 July, and Ceres moves into Gemini 31 July. Our Emotions should calm a little, and our Notions of what Sustainability means will Expand as much as our Limiting Beliefs are, if we let them.

We start August with Atropos moving into Virgo on the first – more Ego-Death-like Adjustments to Replace Expired Karma with something more Constructive. Till 2 August (4:23 pm PDT) we’ll be Feeling our Consciousness continuing to Expand (asteroid Juno Stationary in 9 Sagittarius) to fill the Voids Created by the July Demise of our Self-Judgments. Then we pretty much Get A Break till the Ides of August, though the subsequent Exaggerations of The Truth of the Mind and Descent of Soul (Stations of asteroid Veritas and Uranus 19-20 August) are likely to Expand to fill the empty space.

Heavy Duty Full Moon

February 28, 2021

The 27 February 2021 (12:17 am PST) Full Moon has a noteworthy chart. Full and New Moons usually have their greatest impact in the two weeks following them. The loudest event is probably the Debate (Opposition) between our Victim Spaces (Chiron) and our Manifestation Results (dwarf planet Makemake), as it’s both the base of a Major Hassle (T-Square) over Climate Change (dwarf planets Pholus-Quaoar), and the Central Focus of a Mystery School (Yin Gate). It should be pretty obvious that our attempts to Manifest Energies that we Consciously or Unconsciously don’t Believe are Possible, are likely to be difficult. In usual circumstances we may be able to squeak past this kind of Unconscious Despair by Poor-Sweethearting ourself and then Changing the Subject.

For instance, I’ve been encountering Worry over a Potential Future where I have no control over important parts of my Living Circumstances (think “HOA”). Anything like that in your own Young Life? Assuming you don’t live in Texas, of course. The suggestion that the Energy will emerge through Climate Change or the like (Pholus [our Ability and Willingness to Recognize and Respond to…] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]) can refer to any situation where we Personally, or our Community, or Huperity in general, are in Denial about a Grave Danger that we don’t really Feel Competent to deal with. No shortage of those Energies in the News these days. It could refer to Earthquakes or Floods, for instance.

Chiron also represents Miracles, in the sense that we can’t Solve a Problem using the same Thinking that postulated the Problem – we need a new Paradigm. Once we find the right Paradigm however, Miracles follow. Miracles because from our previous Frame of Reference, they were Impossibilities. The Linear Mind isn’t capable of Thinking beyond its current Concept Set, it’s Limited not just by having great Difficulty escaping Duality, but also by its own Linearity. Our current Concept Set defines what’s Possible and what isn’t. To escape that box we need PIAVA, or Intuition, or Epiphany, or some other Flash of Nonlinear or Multidimensional Inspiration that allows us to Transcend our Concept Set.

Which is precisely what the Yin Gate Mystery School (two green X’s in a blue rectangle) requires us to Invite. We do get a Clue, in the form of asteroid Karma (Karma) making a Mjölnir (in orange in the chart below) to the Chiron-Pholus/Quaoar Square. A Mjölnir is a Trioctile Yod (a Square with a third planet four-and-a-half signs from each end) or crushing Hammer of Thor in the language of Ego Astrology, but like its Hindu predecessor the Vajra, a bolt of Illuminating Lightning in our Cosmology…

The Clue is a bit circular, as any Chironean Victim Energy that’s stopping our Manifestation is almost certainly Karmic. But recalling Seth’s advice that our Karma is written in our Life History, we can at least Examine our Emotions for traces of I-don’t-know-what-to-do or I-feel-like-a-Failure or I-feel-like-Giving-Up-but-I-Can’t Victim Energies around the places where our Manifestation is stalled. Given Saturn’s position, it’s probably about The Most Important Thing. You can see that “I” occurs four times in those three sentences, so there’s obvious Ego Entanglement. Our Karma is embedded into the current Lifetime by our Childhood Programming. If you want to Give Up (aka Surrender Control and Open to Guidance), which Ghost of Christmas Past would be Disappointed in you? Trying to “Prove Something” to somebody is a sure way to short-circuit Creativity.

As they say on Wall Street, “It’s not what you Earn, it’s what you Learn.” Succeeding or Failing at Manifesting any given thing is no big deal compared to What We Learn about How to Manifest, because We Take That With Us from Lifetime to Lifetime. And we know enough about Karma to get mileage out of it. For instance, we know that Karma Is Dead. In the same way that a Virus needs to borrow a Cell-Copying Device from a Victim in order to continue mimicking Life, Karma needs to borrow a Repetition-Repeating Process from its Victim, Consciously or Unconsciously. The only thing sustaining our Karma’s mimicking of Life-On-Its-Own is our Willing Repetition of the Pattern. Unconsciously Willing sounds oxymoronic, but it’s just the Absence of Willing to Change the Pattern.

Especially when the Pattern is Unconscious or Addictive, we “just” need to PIAVA otherwise – for instance with a Theta such as…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I am Willing to Substitute More Constructive Habits for the Karmic Pattern I Want to Break. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me.”

Since WeGetWhatWeAskFor, and since we never know which of our Contrary Egos might be lurking in the background and Manipulating our Intent, our PIAVA will probably work better when we’re fairly specific about which Pattern we Want to Break. You probably don’t want to be more specific about the More Constructive Habits you want to provide instead, because you want to be Open to new Patterns you haven’t Thought of yet – you’ve probably already Failed using the Mechanisms you can Think of, and we need to carefully avoid Mechanisms when Asking to Manifest something New. If we already know that all of the Mechanisms we can Think of will never work, we’ll never be able to Manifest. We need to Solicit Mechanisms that we haven’t Thought of yet.

The eight “Unx” Angles (one Sign – the short green lines) in the chart are a Fortuitous Complement to this process. Each one is a Get-Out-Of-Karmic-Jail-Free card, as the Unx (one twelfth of the Zodiac, aka the Twelfth Harmonic, corresponding to the Hanged Man – by the Heels for a New Perspective – in the Tarot Major Arcana) is all about Pattern-Breaking. Let’s take two of the eight for examples, using the Foci of the other two T-Squares (the red triangles drawn using lighter lines) in the chart, Saturn and Nemesis. Nemesis (Guilt) is a Major Challenge (T-Square) to the Full Moon itself, and Saturn (Priorities) is a Major Challenge (T-Square) to Our Allowing Our Soul to Enlighten Our Ego (the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment [minor planet Zhulong] Opposite Our Soul [Uranus]).

We can think of our own Personal Global Warming (Pholus-Quaoar) Issues as All of Our Patterns that Prevent us from already Living in 5D – that is, Effortlessly and Collaboratively Manifesting What We Need or Want. So these two Unxes tell us that…

It’s an Opportune Time to Reduce or Reverse the Priority we assign to Karmic Habits that Protect our Ego from Enlightenment by our Soul (Pholus-Quaoar Unx Saturn T-Square to Uranus-Zhulong), and

It’s an Opportune Time to Change Karmic Habits that Trigger our Guilt about Living from our True Instinctual Self (Pholus-Quaoar Unx Nemesis T-Square to Sun-Moon).

We just need to be willing to PIAVA these things, and Surrender to the Changes that are Initiated as a result. We may not Manifest our Orange Robes in one sitting, but we can make good Progress.

The other six Unxes? They provide Blessings around Letting Go of our Victim Postures and substituting Patterns of PIAVAing What We Want (Chiron Waning Unx Uranus), around Letting Go of Patterns that Fall Short of Appreciating and Celebrating the Miracle of Who We Really Are (Sun Waning Unx Chiron), around Giving First Priority to Who We Really Are rather than to our Ego-Protecting Masks (Sun Waxing Unx Saturn), around Letting Go of Confusion that Manifestation means Material Creativity rather than Creating New Integrated Spiritual-Emotional-Intellectual-Physical Practices (Makemake Waning Unx Zhulong), and around Letting Go of Programmed Limits on our Instinctual Creativity (Moon Waning Unx Makemake), and around Connecting with New Spiritual Guides (Nemesis Waxing Unx Zhulong).

Zhulong by the way has an irregular orbit of about 412 years, where it ranges from about 32 to 77 Earth-Distances (“Astronomical Units” or “AU”) from the Sun – for comparison Pluto has an orbit of 247 years that spans 30-50 AU. Zhulong reaches its closest approach to the Earth (Perihelion, more or less) on 14 May 2029, in 23 Scorpio, “A Rabbit morphing into a Nature Spirit.” Like Pluto, Zhulong spends a long time in Taurus (72 years) and zips through Scorpio (13 years). Zhulong dipped a toe into Scorpio on 27 November 2018, then entered Scorpio “for good” on 24 September 2019.

The current Nemesis-Zhulong Cycle began on 6 November 2020 in 4 Scorpio, “A youth carries a lighted candle in a Devotional Ritual.” At the Waxing Unx of a Cycle, the Excitement of the New Cycle has faded, and the Defenders of the dead previous Cycle are loudly reminding everyone that they used to be in charge, in the hopes that no one notices that they aren’t any longer, under the theory that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people believe it.” The Creators of the New Cycle meanwhile, are quietly building its Foundations. The momentum of the New Cycle reaches into the Mainstream at the Waxing Square, which in this case occurs on 17 February 2022, in 8 Aquarius-Scorpio, in time for the next Congressional elections.

We usually think of Nemesis in the Negative, as a Punisher of Transgressions or a successful Antagonist. Our Antagonists however are Invitations to Examine our Ego, to see whether we can be 100% in Integrity, or Yintegrity, when our Motives or Behaviors are questioned. And if we’re In Tune, we can Recognize our about-to-be Transgressions before they occur, and take another course. So then, if we Reframe Nemesis in the Positive, what do we get? Perhaps we get Our Spiritual Guides. Or, that which we can Do or Be without Triggering our Guilt.

Zhulong was in Taurus from 1775 (the founding of which country, more or less?) until 1847 (when Abe Lincoln was elected to Congress), reaching Aphelion (farthest distance from the Sun) around 1822 (when the first freed slaves from the US set up housekeeping in Liberia in west Africa).

We hope to find time to look at the rest of the busy 27 February Full Moon chart soon, and we’d still like to review the current and newly Waning Saturn-Uranus Cycle.

Abuse Flushbacks II

November 22, 2020

The second red-triangle Challenge (T-Square) and blue-triangle Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) combination in the 22 November 2020 Exaggeration (Stations) of dwarf planets Gonggong and Nessus (Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege) is Focused on asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) and dwarf planets Pholus (our Ability to Respond) and Quaoar (our Survival Instincts). (Even though the new WordPress editor makes it really clumsy and time-consuming to add those pinknesses and brownies, the sentence was just too complicated without them!)

Fate aka Karma Happens To us when we’re Unconscious about it. We can’t help being Victims when that Happens. When we get Conscious about our Fate/Karma, then we are able to Choose alternatives. This isn’t about Blaming the Victim as our Resistance wants to label it, it’s about the old saw Fool me once, Shame on You – Fool me twice, Shame on Me. Except that we need to toss the Shame part, and extend it a bit. Something more like, The first time someone rear-ended me, it was an Accident. The second time, it was Suspicious. The third time, my tail-gunner shot out his right front tire before he got there.

A little extreme, but the idea is that once we Notice that there’s a Pattern, we can Choose to Alter it. Of course we feel like the Victim the first several times, and it may take us more than three repetitions – or three hundred Lifetimes – to Notice the Pattern, let alone begin to Take Action to Alter it. The nature of Karma is that it flies under the radar, so we need to be Alert to Identify it. As Seth famously said long ago, It’s Easy to Identify our Karma – it’s writ large in our Personal History. It just looks like it’s Happening To us, not something we have anything to do with.

It’s not our Ego that Creates Our Own Reality, it’s our Soul, and it’s Adamant that we get hip to our Ego’s Habitual Negative Creations, so we can Change them to Creations that we Want to Manifest. That’s why it Repeats our Bummers for us. Folks often say “You can’t take it with you (beyond Death),” but we certainly do! Just not in Material Form, but in Habitual Form!

Pholus-Quaoar, as we’ve written many times, is the astrological correlate of Global Balming. So the second critical Challenge in this Memories of Abuse chart is about whether or not we’re going to continue to be Victims of Climate Change, or have our tail-gunner shoot out it’s tire before it gets here. Well, before it gets worse. We’ve already dallied the first several thousand times. But what can We do, we’re just One Person! everyone says. Except Greta of course. The rest of us just don’t have her Courage. We need to get rear-ended, or Coronavirused, a few hundred more times before we figure it out.

They built a huge concrete Sarcophagus around Chernobyl. We can do the same with the White House – lock the doors from the outside, flip the lid open, and fill it with concrete, like any other irretrievably polluted SuperFund site. Joe can work from home, in Delaware.

The base of this second Challenge/T-Square is the Opposition between Chiron (Despair and Miracles) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). This is really straightforward to interpret – we just have to Decide (Moira) whether we’re going to continue to Create (Makemake) more Victimhood, or Create Miracles (Chiron). The World we Live in is a Mirror for What We Believe. We Believe we’re Powerless to Manifest the World We Want to Live in because we Focus on the Media that’s continually telling us that we need more Stuff to be Happy, and using the Senseless Dramas that they thrive on to keep us Engaged and Anxious.

Who in the World Outside Yourself captures your Attention? That’s who you’re Giving Your Power to. No wonder we don’t feel like we have the Power to Impact our own Survival and Create a World We Want to Live In – we’re Giving Our Power Away. If you want the Monster to get Bigger, Keep Feeding It. It’s Eating Your Power. Every time you Notice yourself Thinking about WhatYouDon’tWant, Stop! Bring your Thoughts back to WhatYouDoWant. Our Thoughts are the first step in the Creative Process.

Not having Control over our Thoughts is one of the most debilitating Karmas we can reinforce. Every time we Think about WhatWeDon’tWant, we Strengthen our Negative Habits. Every time we Stop and Shift to WhatWeWant, we break the chain and Strengthen our Positive Karma. It really is One Thought At A Time. Like climbing a Mountain, putting one Thought in front of the Other.

The blue triangle, Dumb-Luck Blessings, in this combo with Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future (Moira-Pholus-Quaoar T-Square) connects firstly to Vesta-Orcus – Canceling the Oaths we once made (Orcus) which subsequently Created our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta). That was part of the first Combo we talked about in the previous post. Secondly the Blessings Link in Lilith-Uranus – Claiming our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) by Following our Soul’s Path for us in the Lifetime (Uranus, which in Taurus is in the process of Descending into Matter).

If you can pick out the faint blue lines that Bridge the T-Squares – such as Chiron to Aletheia to Bee-Zed to Makemake, these are additional Allies for us. The presence of Bee-Zed here says that the entire first Challenge (Transcending our Abuse Karma) is an Ally to this second Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future Challenge. Asteroid Aletheia is new to us here. She means The Truth of the Heart. Following your own Heart’s Truth, which is Different from everyone else’s Heart’s Truth, and which has nothing to do with Facts and Fabrications. When you take your Attention out of the gutter of External Events, you can put it into Your Own Heart.

The Bridge or faint blue lines in the first Challenge, Transcending our Abuse Karma, runs from Ceres-Gonggong-Nessus to Moira-Pholus-Quaoar to Nemesis-Zhulong-Venus to Vesta-Orcus. Moira-Pholus-Quaoar in the Bridge says that the second Challenge, Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future, is another Ally to Transcending our Abuse Karma. The newcomer here is Nemesis-Zhulong-Venus – minor planet Zhulong is the Red Dragon of Enlightenment that’s Awakening our Heart (Venus) to Realize that our unpleasant Ego Deaths (Nemesis) are only the Suicides of the parts of ourself that are Stuck in the Status Quo and are Afraid to go to 5D because they Fear Change of any kind.

Which illustrates that the two Challenges are just one Sign apart. An Angle of one Sign is an “Unx,” which symbolizes Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth Harmonic). So the two Challenges are mutually assisting one another to break through the Muck into Clarity. While we’re doing that, all we can see is the Muck, because that’s what we’re being Shoved Through. Once you get through (the Nessus Station was complete a half hour ago as I write this), grab the Imaginary Energy Hose that’s lying there, and hose yourself down with it.

Then Enjoy some Wild Dreams, or a Disorienting day. You’ve just been Reborn, so you’re seeing Everything through New Eyes. Confusion is the first stage of Growth – practice Celebrating Confusion. It’s a new Habit that will serve you well, as Confusion is a Guiderope on the path to 5D.

And just in time, as the Exaggeration (Station) of Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity) dominates the coming week (peaking 28 November at 4:30 pm PST).

Asteroid Atropos, which is in charge of Ending Timelines (whether Habits, Chunks of Karma, Lifetimes, Relationships, anything bounded by Time), is also Exaggerated this week (peaking 27 November at 1pm PST). Atropos-Eurydike-Varuna was a corner of the Transcendence (Bee-Zed) Grand Trine. Atropos Standing Still so close to Varuna (the Life Force), and beginning to back over it, will give us excellent Opportunities to Heal Physical ailments and the Earth, since Varuna animates Mother Nature.

Remember that Healing happens not when symptoms disappear, but when we stop Fearing Negative Future Outcomes, whether because we can See or Feel symptoms diminishing, because we accept the Limitations that our symptoms cause (which is often the moment when symptoms start to fade), or because we simply Surrender to Higher Powers and put our Attention elsewhere.

Orcus (Oath-Breaker) Initiates it’s new Cycle with Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) on 29 November, giving us greater Motivation and potentially greater Ease in Letting Go of Negative Unconscious Beliefs If you come upon Negative Limiting Beliefs this week, they could Feel very Oppressive. The more the better, because that Oppression is your Signal to Let Them Go.

You can Revert them, Tap Them Out, PIAVA them away, Theta otherwise, Poor-Sweetheart them, use a Fire Ceremony or a Water Rebirth, or any other Magic Ritual to Thank them for Serving you, wish them well in their new Life, and Let Them Go Once and For All. An Oath sworn in different circumstances and then Forgotten becomes a Karmic Curse in the Present, so if you can Revert and mean it, you’ll be Golden. If your Climate and Weather permit, you can Ask Mother Earth to use your Trauma as Compost, and sit for a while with your back against a Tree, or lie on the Earth. I once completely dispelled a nasty cold in a half hour by laying on my back on the Earth in a grove of small Trees.

Handmaids and Handbaskets 2

November 5, 2020

I’m hearing lots of comments these days about “How Heavy the Energy Feels,” “How it Feels like a Regression to Nazi Germany,” “How it feels like we’re Being Psychically Attacked.” And in a sense we are. Astronomers have recently been detecting “Fast Radio Bursts” or FRBs, which are milliseconds-long, repeating, intense radio signals from “Outer Space.” Now one has been detected from within the Milky Way, a Magnetar (Magnetic Neutron Star) which emits “as much energy in radiowaves in one millisecond as the sun does in half a minute.” That’s 30,000 times as Powerful as our Sun.

Like I do, you may know folks who are Sensitive to Solar Flares. We all probably are, Physiologically, just not Consciously, as our Pineal Glands are detectors of Magnetism and Electrical Current – that’s how Birds navigate across Continents and Oceans, and how Dowsers find Water underground. You’re reading this because my computer has placed coding that represents letters into a Carrier Frequency, and dispatched it onto the Internet where you can tune into it, subtract the Carrier Frequency, and read the letters. A Solar Flare, and an FRB, are Carrier Frequencies orders of magnitude more powerful than the microwave or fiber-optic connections between the two of us.

Our Cultural Narcissism trains us to Believe that we’re the only Species around that’s Conscious, has Language, etc etc – Fallacies that anyone who’s ever owned a pet and thinks about it, knows to be ridiculously flawed. A lot of us carry on conversations with Trees and other Plants, Crystals, other Rocks, Weather, Elementals, and Seldom-Visible Entities of all manner. When we think about it, we quickly Realize how Dumb it is to assume that the Milky Way doesn’t have a Consciousness of its own, just as does Nature-Mother Earth-Gaia-Sophia. We would have to be very naive to assume that there Isn’t a coherent signal encoded in an FRB from a Milky Way Magnetar.

As we speak, the Galactic Center sits behind dwarf planet Ixion=Our Unique Hidden Genius, which Opposes dwarf planet Chaos=Our Unlimited Potential. Yes, it feels Heavy, it feels Oppressive, it feels like an Attack – to our Ego. I don’t there there’s much question that our Hidden Genius Dancing with our Unlimited Potential, which are both Verboten to “us,” would feel pretty Heavy to the Ego, which is Heavily invested in maintaining the Status Quo.

And a Strong characteristic of our Hidden Genius is that we were Punished as Children for displaying it, because it would have Challenged our Caretakers on several levels (I can hear them saying, “Artists starve! Engineers make steady incomes!”) and because on the Evolutionary level that’s the Best Way to Draw Our Attention to it! So yes, it should feel Oppressive. And yes, since the Ego’s job is to Protect the Sanctity of the Ego, it is a direct Attack against it if “someone” tries to drill a hole in its Firewall and pass a cable or other Carrier Frequency through the hole!

The FRBing Magnetar sits in late Capricorn=Just Fix It behind Pallas=Boundaries, Jupiter=Expansion, Pluto=Compulsion and Trance including Karmic Trance, and Chariklo=Confidence and Doubt. So we’re Receiving the Energy, and whatever signal it’s carrying, in those areas – Am I Allowing no Boundary Against the Expansion of my Compulsive Karmic Self-Doubt Trance? or Am I Setting New Boundaries that Support the Expansion of my Self-Confidence Trances? We’ll come back to that…

In our first Handbasket we spoke about Vesta=Unconscious Limitations moving through Virgo=Ego Deaths, and how any revision to our Unconscious Limitations Requires an Ego Death, whether Vesta is in Virgo or the third trimester. The Firewall between Consciousness and the Unconscious is the Ego, so wiring in a secure link between them requires a reboot. We just don’t always have to make our Ego Deaths miserable, we can Notice their Necessity and their Approach, Welcome them, Recognize their usual Tells, and Sail right through them.

We have to remember that Deconstruction precedes Reconstruction. We can’t Rebuild from the Foundation Up by hanging a new painting in the hallway, and if Huperity is to Survive with anything resembling a “Civilization,” we have to start in the basement. No, we have to start below the basement, Culturally and Personally. So everything is indeed Breaking Down – going to Hell in a Handbasket, and that’s a necessary and positive thing, even though it’s a severe Threat to our Status Quo.

It’s why Permaculture folks have been talking up Resilience for a couple of years now. If we want to move into the New World with Ma Dirt, we’ll have to be willing to get Dirty, and give up many of what are really Luxuries. The flip side of Sustainability is Sustenance, and the first and most important step toward Sustenance is Eliminating the Unnecessary. Our Cultural Narcissism trains us to hear “Sustenance” as a Dirty word, something that “Primitive” People do. But it’s where we need to go (and they aren’t Primitive – they’ve Survived a lot longer than we have, on a lot fewer Resources).

Besides Vesta in Virgo, the other Big astroevent that’s making us feel like we’re going to Hell in a Handbasket is asteroid Nemesis (Guilt and Ego Death) moving into Scorpio (Fearlessness about Getting to the Bottom of Things). Nemesis entered Scorpio on 26 October (2:40 pm PDT). Both Nemesis and Scorpio can Feel a lot more ominous and Heavy than either Vesta or Virgo. Nemesis stays in Scorpio for only three months, though it returns for seven weeks next summer.

When we were researching our discussion about Varuna (the Life Force), 3 November’s Main Event, we discovered minor planet Zhulong, the Torch Dragon, signifying Light and Enlightenment. It was Challenging (Squaring) Varuna in Leo=Confidence from Scorpio=Fearlessness. The Suggestion is that if we can Eschew our Self-Doubt (the other side of the Confidence Coin), then we can be Fearless about Healing whatever ails our Life Force, whether the ailing is Physical or Mental or Emotional or Spiritual. The Torch Dragon shines its Light on this.

Well, it turns out that, with both Nemesis and Zhulong in Scorpio, they Conjoin very soon – in a few hours in fact – 6:30 am PST 5 November 2020! Some of us grew up in households that Validated and Encouraged Spiritual (as opposed to Religious) Work, but not most of us. So many of us who came here to do Lightwork were made to feel Guilty about Our True Self because we weren’t enthused about the Cultural Party Line of Dollars, Competition, Overwork, and Over-Consumption. Again, that’s a Strategy that the Soul uses to get us to Pay Attention.

So for Lightworkers, Nemesis on Zhulong may be the event that’s Triggering our Guilt about our True Self, inviting us to Recognize this Self-Doubt Karma and Let It Go. The flip side of Guilt is Accolades. Next time someone Acknowledges your Lightworking Skills, instead of passing off the Complement with “Oh, it was Nothing” or “Namaste” or “My Pleasure,” Stop and Take It In. Something like “Thank you, it Feels Nice to be Recognized” might be an alternative. Write it down, and keep it in a scrapbook or notebook with all of the other Accolades you’ve Received for Lightworking.

Or use one of our Letting-Go “Tricks.” A few days ago when I was in a Funk, I was Noticing that I was, and thinking about how to approach it, whether to Meditate, or Tap It Out, or Theta it, I didn’t even move, I just said to myself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling like a Failure on all Levels, aren’t you.” Then I just kept working, and the ennui faded. Did I really Let that Karma go, or did I just push it Deeper into the Unconscious?

That may not be the last time this Self-Deprecation Pattern arises, but the important point is that instead of Allowing my Thinking to drive me Deeper into negative Emotions, I Chose an Alternative. Every time I Believe Negative Thoughts and Emotions, I Deepen the Karma. And every time I Choose an Alternative, I Deepen that New Pattern. Our Karma is Comfortable, even in a perverted sort of way Comforting. Karma is just Inertia, and every Action we take Reinforces that Pattern, whether it’s Self-Sabotaging or Self-Honoring.

Sleep overcomes me – we’ll write about the Nemesis-Zhulong chart tomorrow.

Tuesday’s Curriculum

November 2, 2020

“The initial stages of our individual spiritual unfolding inevitably involve the experience of enchantment early in life. As we move into our lives as active participants, the enchantment may withdraw for a time, and then sometimes, mysteriously, it may reappear, often through a powerful conection with nature. This re-enchantment through nature, in my opinion, is predictable, even inevitable, because nature is where the juice is. I’m talking about the Life Force that breathes essence and wonder into our world and into our selves.” –Hank Wesselman, The Re-Enchantment, pp.3-4.

What we don’t Bring into Consciousness we’re doomed to Repeat. And Repeat. And Repeat. And Repeat – you probably get the idea. We all have a Mission in each Lifetime. It’s Multidemensianal, so the 2D Either/Or Mind has Limited Access to its Nature. When we’re able to Step Outside of our Ego-Self and our Physical Body and our Attic Full of Unresolved Emotions, and Review our Life as an Outsider who knows every little Detail and Secret, we can see the Themes we “Love” to grind on over and over, the Themes that occupy most of our Time. Owning those Themes is a Big Step toward Bringing them into Consciousness.

Here in the Pandemican Republic, the Overarching God is the Dollar. That’s why nobody’s outraged when we dispatch a couple hundred thousand Elders, who have been a big drain on our Dollars anyway, so we can get back on the Treadmill that the Bazillionaires use to Enslave us. We don’t have Time for this Coronavirus shit, we’ve got an Earth to Plunder! Our Relationship with this Dollar thing might be an example of a Theme to review, as an Outsider who knows every little Detail and Secret, from a Place Outside of our Ego and our Body and our Unresolved Emotions.

Does this Relationship Serve us, or Torture us?

Are we Excited to Follow it’s twists and turns?

Is it a Loyal and Reliable Partner that makes Everything Easier, with two Cats in the yard?

Do we play Games with it?

Are they Win-Lose, or Win-Win?

Do they feel like they’re Life-and-Death?

Are we Meeting our Goals with it?

How much Stress does it give us?

Do we feel like we have Healthy Control over it?

Or are we at its Mercy?

Do we spend much of our precious Attention Worrying about it?

Are we Able to stay in the Present Moment with it, or do we Hang Out in the Future when we’re Negotiating with it?

How much and how often has this Relationship Changed over the course of our Life?

Changed toward Ease?

Toward Stress?

How has it Changed during 2020?

Are these Changes similar to any other Period in our Life?

This isn’t a quiz, just some Suggested Perspectives to have Recent as you Ask for Insight, Move into Trance, Step Out of your Ego, Step Out of your Body, Step Out of your Emotions, Expand your Attention into the Emptiness, and Wait to see if any Messages arise.

In a recent post we talked about a Grand Quintile, or five planets more or less equally spaced around the Sky, that was occurring. Quintiles are about Teaching and Learning. While planets dodge in and out, the Pattern is still with us…

Here it’s drawn for when the Moon (our Instincts) crosses the North Node (our Mission). The Big Opportunity here has nothing to do with whether we have a Blue Wave or a Fascist Coup or a Civil War. It’s about how we use the Opportunity to Examine our own Reactions, Emotions, Thoughts, and Healthy Control amid everything that’s going on. Even our Lightworker Selves have to work from Neutrality. The whole Game becomes a Control Trip otherwise. How many of us are Neutral here? Which doesn’t mean giving up the Objectives we’re Passionate about. If that seems like a Contradiction to you, just call it a Paradox and Move On.

Here’s an interesting Perspective…

In addition to Heightened Instincts about our Mission in the Lifetime (Moon-North Node), the other corners of the Grand Quintile (Free Seminar with Cosmic Teachers) are Vesta (An Opportunity to Expand or Eliminate our Unconscious Limitations), Juno (An Expansion of our Consciousness, like it or not), Chiron (Elimination of Victim Postures), and Saturn-Chariklo (Confidence that we’re tuned into The Most Important Thing – For Ourself). Which may not be The Most Important Thing For Others. These are the Parameters of our Curriculum. I guess the Seminar might not be totally Free – it may come at the Cost of some Discomfort, maybe an Ego Death or two.

Let’s review this week’s Calendar…

Overthinking and its Toxic Effect on our Emotions or Suppression thereof (Mercury Stationary) is Exaggerated till 11am PST 3 November. Mercury is turning Direct, so all of the textbook versions of Mercury Retro should be Reversed, since Travel and Communication, and hopefully voting, should be much Enhanced as Mercury Leaves its Retrogradation.

Our Insights about our Lifetime Mission (Moon Conjunct North Node) should get Stronger till 10pm PST 3 November.

We’re probably fortunate that Mercury (Thinking) finishes it’s Exaggeration (Station) before our Emotions become Inflamed Beginning at 11pm PST 3 November when the Moon moves Out of Bounds again. It’s going OOB in the Northern Hemisphere, so it wouldn’t be too surprising that Emotions are Inflamed even more in that half of the Planet. I present that “without evidence,” as the Media likes to say these days. I’ve never studied the difference, nor read about anyone who has, so I’m Intuiting.

Our Investment in The Life Force increases till 2pm PST 4 November. Among other things, we could Experience this Investment as Healing, Illness, Fear of Death, Fear of a Life That Feels Worse Than Death, a Deep Appreciation of the Mystery of Nature, and/or a Deep Rage at the Destroyers of Nature. We aren’t overdramatizing this, as we’ve all Endured Lifetimes That Felt Worse Than Death, and the Threat of a Coup by an Unstable Narcissist, Sociopath, Bully, and Tyrant who Loves to Destroy Nature – should we ever Encounter such a Threat – will most certainly Trigger our Held Emotions (the ones we’d Rather Die Than Feel) from those Lifetimes.

This is one of our Greatest Opportunities here – to Recognize that our Terror and Rage aren’t Present Moment, they’re Karmic. The sooner we Realize this and Lovingly Welcome it into Consciousness, the sooner we can be Neutral enough to be Effective in Preventing a Repeat of the Destruction of the Sacred Groves by the early Popes and their Henches, and a Repeat of our Slavery at the Mercy of Sadistic Masters – which is exactly what the BLM movement is about.

In honor of Varuna’s Station here, I’m going to introduce one of Her Priests – Zhulong, or Torch Dragon, Bringer of both Light and Enlightenment. The Mythic Zhulong Creates the Day by Opening his Eyes, and the Night by Closing them. The minor planet that bears his name is what’s called a “TNO” or Trans-Neptunian Object – too small to be a dwarf planet, more or less an asteroid, but nothing like the folks who hang out in the usual Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, as it Lives out there closer to Pluto. Probably an Iceball.

TNO Zhulong is as we speak in early Scorpio, Challenging us to Cast the Light of our Conscious Respect on the Life Force Herself, as personified by Nature (aka Squaring Varuna in Leo). Zhulong also joins Vesta (Unconscious Limitation) to form a Finger of the Goddess (meaning Pay Attention!) to Chiron (Graduating from Victimhood), which like Vesta is a member of our Grand Quintile Faculty. A warning in other words that Victimhood will be on the final exam.

(We stop Learning once we move from Curiosity to Judgment, and it’s not that many Degrees between the 144-Degree Biquintile of (Rote) Learning and the 150-Degree Quincunx of Curiosity, so if we stretch our Sensitivity (“Orb”) a little, Vesta can be both Quincunx (in the Finger of the Goddess) and Biquintile (in the Grand Quintile) to Chiron. The fact that the Grand Quintile Pattern is Long-Lived helps give us Permission to stretch the Sensitivity – the Pattern has developed a Life of its Own apart from its planets, like wearing a path in a lawn by repeating the same route. The Biquintile combines the Fifth Learning Harmonic with the Second Tradition Harmonic, so the Biquintile tends toward the Rote, which is useful as long as one Remembers that it’s History and not Dogma.)

Examine your Emotions and Reactions to your Fantasies about the Events of 3 November from the Perspective of Victimhood. Are you Fearing you’ll be a Victim of the Blue Wave or the Fascist Coup or the Civil War? Our Karmic Victims are hiding out behind every Bush, and since they’re Karmic, we tend to think of them as JustTheWayThingsAre rather than WhatWeCanLetGoOf because Karma Is Dead. It Died with Time in 2012, but we’re slow to Notice, because it looks so much like JustTheWayThingsAre to us that we don’t know there’s more. Victimhood is not a Fun way to Live, and we don’t have to. We just need to Bring it into Consciousness so we can Recognize it and Choose Otherwise.

Recognize that if we get Entangled in any untoward Dramas as a result of 3 November, it’s because on some level “we” have Chosen it – it may be an Unconscious part of “we” that’s Chosen it, or our Fear or Resistance may have Drawn it to us (in which case an Unconscious part of “We” may be trying to Manipulate Ego-Us into Letting Go Of our Fear or Resistance because it Attracts what we Don’t Want). “We” may have to Review just exactly Who “We” is.

The Chiron Finger of the Goddess has been with us since before 31 October (when Vesta Sextile Zhulong was Exact), and will slowly Wane after 5am PST 6 November (when Vesta Quincunx Chiron is Exact). The Curiosity Angle (Quincunx) between Chiron and Zhulong will be with us till at least March, since they both move pretty slowly. Remember to Eschew Understanding and Preserve your Curiosity about how Victimhood and Enlightenment are Related. Their Relationship is more Complex than the Dualistic mind can comprehend, and by Believing we Understand, we Prevent furthur Learning and Freeze out Wisdom.

The Moon stays OOB till 11pm PST on 6 November. You may want to mark your calendar and reread this post shortly after that, to review how the Moon OOB Interacted with your Karma and the Potential Traumas of 3 November. All week, up until 3am PST 7 November, Respect for All Things, and its Evil Twin Disrespect (do we know anyone like that?), will be Enhanced (asteroid Hopi Stationary). This is a major part of the Seminar, as we Easily get to see where Other People are Out of Respect, especially Respect for the Life Force and Enlightenment (which is very tight with Neutrality). Once we Recognize that the Real Issue is that they’re Out of Respect, we can Walk a Mile in Their Shoes.

By the way, if you do Encounter Trouble with any Blue Wavers or Coupists or Civil Warriors, definitely do Walk a Mile in Their Shoes. That way, by the time they Notice, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their Shoes.

Here’s a photo, by Swedish photographer Göran Strand (, of the Mythic Zhulong, who’s Red and Lives in the North. They say this isn’t an Aurora, but my Physics isn’t deep enough to understand the difference. I guess this is about Heat rather than Light, which seems fitting for a Red Torch Dragon.