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Epiphany and January

December 29, 2013

actino4133bpActinolite.  Not to worry, we’ll get January’s rough edges smoothed out soon.

Epiphany has three meanings – a sudden and profound Insight, and a theophany – when a Deity appears to a Human, as the January 6 holiday celebrates.  And it’s the primary keyword we apply to the Mjolnir or Vajra, when a third planet passes the far Midpoint between two planets that are Squaring one another.  We equate it to the Mjolnir because both Thor’s Hammer and Indra’s Thunderbolt carried the impact of Lightning.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I certainly haven’t emphasized it.  Since December 10, until December 28, we’ve been working under the influence of a Neptune Mjolnir with Jupiter and Ceres –

Potential for Lightning-like Insights into Permanently Expanding our Relationship with Spirit.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, until a reader asked about a Lifetime-scale Epiphany they had at the Solstice.  I looked for an astrological correlate in their Natal chart that would provide a context for it – no luck.  Then while I was looking up the centaurs and new dwarf planets that I don’t usually pay attention to, I finally noticed this Double Mjolnir in the Transit chart (the sky at the then-present moment) –

AngelWe’ll have to call this Configuration an Angel en Pointe.  The Moon is often a trigger for larger-scale Events, and here it would trigger Lightning from Uranus and Pluto –

Potential for Epiphanies into the relationship between our True Self and the Global Trance.

Added to Potential for Epiphanies into Permanently Expanding our Relationship with Spirit, that’s pretty intense.  Uranus, discovered around the same time as electricity, is associated with Lightning anyway.

We bring this up because, while the Neptune-Jupiter-Ceres Mjolnir ended yesterday (given our usual three degrees of Sensitivity), a whole family of related Mjolnirs hangs around for months.  Look at the New-Year chart…

NeptuneMjolnirVesta has moved in to replace Ceres in the Neptune-Jupiter Mjolnir

Potential for Lightning-like Insights into Expanding our Connection to the Sacred, likely through real Experiences with Spirit that cause us to rethink our Beliefs.

This Mjolnir runs from December 23 until January 7, and, being prominent in the New-Year chart, will be in effect through all of 2014.

Meanwhile, Ceres has moved ahead to create a second Mjolnir with Lilith, focused on Chiron…

Potential for Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts to make room for Miracles.

This Mjolnir endures through January – and its indirect impact all year.  And as you can see, Mars and Juno are queued up to join the show!  Well, Mars cops out, as it’s slowing to turn Retrograde on March 1.  But Juno, representing

The Threshold of Consciousness or quite literally, the Veil that occults the Other Side,

jumps in starting January 4, first

  • Joining Neptune in the Neptune-Jupiter-Vesta Mjolnir from January 4-8, underscored by the Moon from 11am till 3pm PST on January 4
    • Potential for Lightning-like and literally mind-blowing Insights into Expanding our Connection to the Sacred, opening a Permanent gap between the bars of our Birdcage or Limiting Beliefs;
  • January 9 brings us a brief Grand Trine between the Moon, Pluto, and Pallas…
    • A good time to begin deciding where we want to put the bulk of our Efforts at helping to Reform the Planetary Trance – we don’t have to do it all ourselves, we can pick a specialty;
  • Starting a new 4-year Juno-Neptune Cycle on January 9 at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seashore resorts“…
    • Opening major links between Source and  Consciousness;
  • On January 13-14, the Moon briefly makes a Grand Trine with Neptune and the North Node, and shortly thereafter a Uranus-Pluto-Moon T-Square…
    • New Insight about our Mission, and about how we can enlist help from the Goddess, will trigger our Yintegrity;
  • On January 15, the Moon makes brief Neptune-Moon-Mars, Juno-Moon/Lilith-Vesta, and Chiron-Moon/Lilith-Ceres Mjolnirs in turn;
  • Starting January 15, Vesta joins Ceres in the Chiron Mjolnir with Lilith…
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to make room for Miracles;
  • Starting January 16, Juno forms a Mjolnir with Lilith and Vesta…
    • Our Birdcage suddenly Opens to make space for both raw Instinct and ancient Wisdom;
  • Starting January 18, Juno joins Chiron in a Juno/Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir…
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles;
  • Also starting January 18, Jupiter backs into a Mystic Rectangle with Chiron, Pallas, and Pluto…
    • In order to make room in our Lives for the Increasing demand to help shift the Global Trance, we need to stretch our Edges to make room for more Miracles, and set solid Boundaries against Discouragement;
  • On January 18, the Moon briefly creates a Moon-Uranus-Pluto Mjolnir like there was on December 22, creating an even more precise Angel en Pointe with the Juno/Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles that align our Yintegrity with the changing Global Trance;
  • That’s intense.
  • On January 22-23 the Moon crosses Vesta and Ceres…
    • Adding an additional layer of Epiphanies to Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and Personal Mythology so as to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles;
  • After January 23, Juno joins Chiron in the Chiron-Pallas-Pluto-Jupiter Mystic Rectangle…
    • In order to make room in our Lives for the Increasing demand to help shift the Global Trance, we need to stretch the Edges of our Consciousness to allow more Miracles, and respond quickly to avert Discouragement;
  • On January 25 Juno is Initiated by Chiron to begin a new Cycle at 12 Pisces, “In the sanctuary of a Mystery School newly initiated members are examined and their character tested.”  This is getting heavy…
    • Sounds like a good day to separate the Oats from the chaff and compost the chaff;
  • Starting January 31, Juno sweeps the North Node into its influence, so we have a Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir and a Juno-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres/North Node Mjolnir…
    • Now our Mission gets involved and we begin to realize Why we’re being so Transformed;
  • Starting January 31, Retrograde Jupiter backs into a Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square…
    • Now we have to start Expanding our Yintegrity into more areas of our Lives;
  • On January 31, Venus Stands Still and goes Direct within spitting distance of Pluto and…
    • We have to start integrating all these Epiphanies into our Everyday Life and Values;
  • And so on into February!

Sounds like it’s time to cut back on our fiddling and get serious about our work Transforming our Planet.  While the Mystic Rectangle is a boon, I think January may find us longing for the persistent Grand Trines and Grand Sextiles of “Good Ol’ 2013.”  When we meet friends we’ll be starting conversations with “Wow, do you remember 2013?  Wasn’t that a great year?”

neph2450bpTheir are few friends better than a smooth Nephrite Jade boulder, which you can make by tumbling Actinolite in the surf on a beach of nice Quartz-Sand polishing grit for several millennia.  You can even use it for Scrying.  Do you remember where you left yours?  Oh well, by the end of January you’ll be able to just call it to you.

Venus and Mars II

December 28, 2013

2YrOldVive la différence

Natal Venus and Mars

As we were saying, the more we Act out our nominal gender, the more we Project our hunger for Wholeness onto others, and the more we depend on Relationship to provide for us what it was never intended to provide.

In general, the Angle between our Natal Venus and our Natal Mars tells us how much work we may need to do to achieve Androgyny.  Those fortunate enough to be born with Venus Conjunct Mars are already there – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such strange ideas about Relationship – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  While they’re expert on Relationship, because they innately understand its purpose (Play, Collaboration), they may be hard-pressed to Teach it, because it’s so automatic to them.  It will likely take them many years just to discover how gifted they are.

A Square between Venus and Mars can be nasty, because such a person isn’t here to enjoy the kind of external Relationship that Cultures mandate, they came here to explore the Edges of Relationship – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such apparent “success” about it – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  They of course are our real Teachers about Relationship, especially in a World in flux, because they know from Experience where the Boundaries and Edges are.

In a stable World the Expert is someone who knows all the right answers and how to do things the right way.  When the World is in transition (such as now), such a traditional Expert is useless.  That’s when we need the self-taught people with Squares, who’ve spent their Lives exploring what might work and what might not work. 

This is why we refer to Squares as Mastery through Challenge – it’s a very different and very organic kind of Mastery that traditional Experts, who have learned from what worked in the past, cannot match.  As long as the person with the Square measures themselves against others or arbitrary standards (like what Mom wanted), they come up short, and the result is frustration. 

Once the person with Squares begins to measure themselves against their irrepressible Curiosity about the unexplored, the result is more like Excitement.

Appreciating the Square for the real Gift that it is, usually takes even longer.

Of course a Trine between Venus and Mars provides Blessings, but it can also leave its “owner” helpless in the face of relationship difficulty, as their Experience with difficulty may be limited.  A Sextile is nice – there is Grace, but some effort is required.

The Quintile (72 or 144 degrees) can be like the Square – there is so much hunger for more knowledge (Experiential or otherwise) that satisfaction is uncommon without Conscious self-talk.

A Venus-Mars Septile (51, 103, or 154 degrees) can feel like a pain because when we Act at the wrong Time, we don’t just waste effort, we make things worse.  Yet when we get our Timing right, this is where Power resides.  If your Venus-Mars are Septile, cultivate clumsiness – if others see you as awkward and clumsy (as you will feel when your Timing is off – that is, much of the time) but light-hearted about it, it can be a very lovable quality.  If you watch the videos in the earlier post, notice the difference in the way you respond to the speakers who are a little awkward, compared to those that are slick.

The rest of us, with no particular Harmonic between our Venus and our Mars, are left muddling along.  Trying to sing along with the near-universal theme of popular music, but not at all sure whether it’s mirroring us or programming us.  A Square to our Mars or Venus from some other planet can be almost as Challenging as a Square between Venus and Mars themselves.

Transiting Venus and Mars

The current Venus-Mars angle, in the sky now (“Transiting” in astrologuese), is a Biseptile.  The Signs are Square, but the Degrees are not.  It’s like a Square with a Wormhole through it.

Venus-Mars applies not just to Relationship, but to any endeavor where our Goals and our Efforts are involved – are there any other endeavors?  The Cycle is about knee-jerk Nurturance – “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  The Biseptile says to

Hold back if the Timing isn’t perfect, and Launch when the Timing is there, but don’t be attached to Outcomes

As is often the case, our endeavors are more often responses to prior PIAVAs and Unconscious Patterns than they are what we think they are.  Outcomes are always Teachings.  The less we involve our Ego with our Emotional Reactions to Outcomes, while fully honoring our Reactions, the faster we Learn and the fewer courses we have to repeat.

How to tell when Timing is perfect?  Not easy.  It’s a Magnetic process – you have to be fully prepared to Act, but Focusing on something else, so your mind isn’t trying to figure it out.  But not so Focused that you miss the cue.  A friend’s six-year-old once called it his “corner-eye” – always in one’s peripheral vision, but never in one’s focus.  It’s not about the words, it’s about the Body Language – your Body will know when the Timing is perfect, your mind won’t.  I’m not talking about lovers, I’m talking about anything we’re trying to Do or PIAVA – lovers just happens to be the perfect metaphor for Venus and Mars.

The concurrent Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Cycles are about Creativity – “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

The current triple Waning Square from Venus to Eris tells us that

It’s not a time to Create or Give Away Secrets, it’s a time to hunker down and save our Power for moments when it will be more effective.  We’re storing material and ideas for the next Creation, but at this time it has more value as Potential than as Manifestation.

The imminent triple Opposition from Mars to Eris can be Confusing –

We’ve been Acting to remove obstacles to our Creations and Creativity, but now we hesitate to Act, fearing we’ll go too far

Which is good – remember that

Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and the Opposition begins the Waning half of a Cycle, the half where we Grow out of Certainty and into Faith, or at least into Curiosity.

In simple terms, Mars is concerned with the Characteristics of things, and with changing those Characteristics, while Venus is concerned with the Relationship between things, and with changing those Relationships.  For instance, to Mars, when something is Vulnerable it’s open to Competition – like replacing your negative self-talk with positive self-talk.   From the perspective of Venus, when someone is Vulnerable they’re open to Connection – like empathizing with your despair.  Very different Skills, each very useful in context.  The more Perspectives we have in our toolkit, the more Skill we bring to the table.

Venus and Mars

December 27, 2013

vill7359bpVilliaumite – Sodium Fluoride

Take the Chlorine out of Table Salt and put in Fluorine instead, and you have Villiaumite.  Sodium provides Structure, Fluorine the flexibility to break free of old Patterns and create Fresh Violets in  Ancient Pottery.

A couple of folks have asked me to write about the Venus-Mars thing, and while Venus is Retrograde it’s probably a good time.  I think of Venus as a teenage female, and Mars as a teenage male.  Why teenage?  Because that’s when the hormones rage most purely.  In a sustainable Village, teenagerhood is a stage between childhood and adulthood where Play and Consequences dance together to create some mix of Authenticity and Responsibility in Adulthood.

It’s okay to have “some mix” rather than full tilt Maturity because in a Village there’s a lot of redundancy between roles, and when one person cops out of a particular task that needs to get done, others are usually available to fill in – while the copping-out person is usually off doing some other task that needs doing.  In Western Culture, where the “Nuclear Family” reigns in place of the Village, “some mix” produces the nuclear disaster that we live in.

When “some mix” doesn’t do what needs doing, the kids have to fill in as best they can, and the result is that the kids miss critical elements of their childhood and teenagerhood, with the ultimate outcome that in the next generation “some mix” has yet bigger holes in the cumulative Authenticity and Responsibility.  Besides that, since the parents are by norm wage slaves away on the plantation, the kids end up in asylums called “schools,” where they’re treated like machines that need to be programmed, so the opportunities for unstructured Play are constrained, producing even bigger holes.

Then, when someone gets old enough to leave school, the opportunity for communal Play is greatly and suddenly diminished.  Consequently, we’re all left with unlearned Skills which we would have picked up through Play, and no opportunity to learn them remedially.  We can’t usually trot out our inner six-year-old at work so they can finish their lessons.  And trotting out our unfinished inner fifteen-year-old will get us busted for harassment.  So for all of us, there are unfinished elements of our Inner Female and Inner Male in our Psyche, many of them walled off by Shame.

Brené Brown on Shame…

There are a lot of these links in here, and they’re all very worthwhile, so I recommend you watch as many as you can, which may take you several sittings.  I had trouble hearing these, till I discovered the little “loudspeaker” symbol just to the right of the “start-stop” symbol in the lower left corner of the screen.

The antidote for Shame is Privacy – when we have unfinished growing to do that our Urge to Wholeness demands we try to finish, but our Shame and their Norms limit our ability to Learn in Community, we can move forward in Privacy.  Maybe.

Ed Snowden on Privacy…

We all understand on one level or another than Women and Men are different, and vive la différence.  Which is why we prize Androgyny.  Dynamism and Magnetism are very different Skills, and to one degree or another we all need both.  While Specialization has its advantages, so does redundancy.  The degree to which Dynamism (Plan, Do, Review) is associated with Male and Magnetism (PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention) associated with Female, is unfortunate, because the social pressure to Act out our nominal gender is often very strong.

Amanda Palmer on Asking and Sharing:

And of course, the more we Act out our nominal gender, the more we Project our hunger for Wholeness onto others.

In general, the Angle between our Natal Venus and our Natal Mars tells us how much work we may need to do to achieve Androgyny.  Those fortunate enough to be born with Venus Conjunct Mars are already there – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such strange ideas about Relationship – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?

A Square between Venus and Mars can be particularly nasty, because such a person isn’t here to enjoy the kind of external Relationship that Cultures mandate, they came here to explore the Edges of Relationship – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such apparent “success” about it – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?

Today we’re working on the complex April 2013 New-Moon Venus-Mars-Eris Cycle – a Cycle that begins a major reboot of our relationship to Dynamism and Magnetism, a reset that Eris will use to blow away a lot of Self-Sabotaging Cultural Mythologies about gender – I expect exponentially more than has already been happening.  It’s an unusually long Cycle, almost two years, as Venus goes Retrograde now, and then Mars on March 1.  That means it’s an important shift for us to Pay Attention to.

The Waxing Square of this Venus-Mars Cycle is triple – another flag advising Attention.  It reached its Can-Opener at the end of September 2013.  The Exposition will arrive at the Ides of January, and the Confidence-Builder just when Mars is Stationary on March 1.  The Venus-Mars Cycle is about “A young girl feeding birds in winter.” The Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Cycles are developing the theme “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.

Alisa Vitti on “Lady Parts”…

Familiar themes – unabashed Creativity and Nurturance.  Venus-Eris is also in the middle of a triple Square, this one Waning (in November, January, and February).  Mars-Eris is near Opposition, which will also be triple – in January, April, and July.

When we talk about Venus and Mars, we’re talking about Manifesting Power on the Material level.  Real Power derives from the outer planets, because they symbolize the currents in the all-Powerful Unconscious realms.  But that Power Manifests onto the Planet through Venus and Mars – our Magnetism and Dynamism.

Cameron Russell and The Representation Project on the pitfalls of trusting our Cultural gender programming, and shedding our Masks…

Amy Cuddy and Ivan Joseph on Body Language, Power, and Self-Talk…

Seema Anand and Ingrid Vanderveldt on the Manifestation process…

These videos are about 20 minutes each.  Watch them all, they’re very good and very relevant.  In addition to PIAVA, which is actually a fairly Dynamic form of Magnetism, the Venusian approach to the World emphasizes Unity, Synthesis, Connectedness, Empathy, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Both/And, while the Martian approach focuses more on Reductive Thinking, Either/Or, Analysis, Competition, and Separation.

When our Venus and our Mars don’t operate together, we Self-Sabotage because our Martian Actions don’t align with our Venusian Goals.  As Jung said, people who emphasize Thinking over Feeling are irrational, because they aren’t in touch with their own Values.

The British Royal Society of Arts and Roman Krznaric on Empathy

And finally, putting it all together on the bottom line, Jeremy Rifkin relates it all to the 2007-2010 Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in Ancient Pottery Initiation and its New Socioeconomic Paradigm that we’re just starting to Co-Create (this video’s almost an hour long, and worth every minute)…

Think of the “one and only Life” part as a Heuristic.  We still have seven years to go before we reach the final end of the Industrial Era.  The next 200-Year Era begins at 1 degree of Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California” in December 2020.

2014 Natality and Portals 12.25-1.1

December 24, 2013

AngelWing2132bpAngels and Dragonflies: Wollastonite Crystals

Starting around 3pm PST December 23 and running through the Pluto New Moon at 3am PST on New Years Day 2014 and beyond, the Main Event is Mars Opposing Uranus, making a Pluto T-Square.

So it’s quite reasonable to consider 2014 to be ruled by this Pluto-Uranus-Mars T-Square.  In addition, Mercury joins Pluto, heightening our Awareness of the whole Consciousness process. 

Since there are several planets involved, the Window will be riddled with specific more-Powerful Portals, many overlapping one another.  As always, the time prior will be more Powerful than the time after, and the duration of the Portal will depend on your Sensitivity

  • When Mars is exactly Opposite Uranus, at 12am PST December 25, plus or minus a day or so.
  • When the Moon crosses Mars and Opposes Uranus, at 3pm PST December 25, plus or minus six hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Uranus, at 1pm PST December 29, plus or minus 18 hours.
  • When Mars exactly Squares Pluto, at 5pm PST on December 30, ± a day.
  • When Mercury crosses Pluto, at 3am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Mars, at 7am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • The New Moon itself, at 3am PST on January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Pluto, at 4am PST January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Mercury, at 7am PST January 1, ± six hours.

If we settle for these narrow Orbs (a half-degree for Mars, a degree for Mercury, 3 degrees for the Moon) and pool the overlaps, then December 27 is our only “day off.”

Mars Events haven’t in general been as nasty for the last decade or so, as they were prior to that, which is good.  So I would expect the trend toward Peace to continue in 2014, with the obvious exceptions contained.  I would guess the impact of Mars here would be to make our Self-Sabotage a bit more injurious, with side-effects more on the Physical side and maybe less on the Emotional.

So during this Window, and during 2014 in general, I’d recommend viewing every stubbed toe and sliver as a message from the Unconscious about what you may be in Denial about. 

How would we read that message?  Well, we could consider what we were doing at the time.  We could correlate the location of the injury with our Natal planets and their House and Sign positions (eg Pisces for the feet, Aries for the head, etc.).  Suppose, for instance, we banged an elbow on the “crazy-bone.”  What’s in Gemini in our Nativity?  Jupiter?  Are we being inflexible (anti-Gemini) and not making space (Jupiter) for something new?  What House is this in?  The Sixth?  What aren’t we cleaning out and recycling?  What’s our Ego attached to?  We were doing what when it happened?  Getting in the car to go shopping?  To buy more stuff?  Hmmm.

Not that we really want to trust the Mind to give us Guidance of this nature; we’re much better off using PIAVA, because the Mind is usually heavily invested in the status quo.

And of course Eris is Stationary at the New Moon, turning Direct January 10.  On January 1, Eris is less than half of an arcminute from its Station.  And, Stationary Eris is Biseptile to Pluto!  Septile to Neptune, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Saturn!  Seventh-Harmonic Angles are about accumulating Power and the Timing of Action.  This Septile Bridge says that

We need to Focus on the Teachable Moment in bringing Cultural and Planetary Denial out into Consciousness.  Global Transformation can, and will, happen in a split second, so fast we may not even notice that Change till we sit down to reminisce later!

2014 The Septile Bridge is in light blue, the Pluto-New Moon T-Square red.

Denial is a healthy psychological process, to protect us from being overwhelmed by personal, cultural, or Planetary Unconscious material that we aren’t ready to deal with yet.  Uranus is in charge of the personal Unconscious and Pluto the Planetary Unconscious, so they’ll be lit up in particular.  But Pluto has also begun its journey across the footprint of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction, and the Pluto New Moon Septiles Neptune, so the cultural Unconscious will also be illuminated.  For instance…

  • Uranus will continue to rub your nose into any elements of your current Incarnation that you don’t fully Love yet, and any Resistance you have to your own death and rebirth.
  • Neptune will continue to rub our noses into any Beliefs that our Culture has about Intolerance, narrow gender roles, and income inequality, as well as about solving problems with Violence.
  • And Pluto will continue to rub our noses into Climate Change, and our silly Beliefs that Humans are in control on this Planet, and that Humans are the onliest “intelligent” Life.

Is there no Grace in this New-Year chart?  Not much, compared to most of 2013.  Pluto and the gang do make a Trine to Pallas (dark blue), and with Mars makes a Tricolor (green, dark blue, red) to Chiron.  These are clues to ease our path.  The Trine says

We can respond Gracefully to changes in the Global Trance by adjusting our Boundaries and Edges.  By, for instance, Resisting Hate rather than Resisting Cultures with different Traditions than ours.

And the Tricolor tells us

Miracles are available to shift Violence in the World, but to get to them we have to do two things:

  1. Wonder or PIAVA what we can do about it
  2. Make one small and practical Action in that direction

2014 will be a fun year only if you consider it a Mystery Treasure Hunt.  You win if you can identify the Self-Sabotage behind every affront to your Values and Integrity, and PIAVA that you discover how to end the Sabotage.

What the World Needs Now

December 22, 2013

Is (Self-)Love, Sweet (Self-)Love / That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…

A reader writes:

You said, ‘If you know where your Natal planets are, and you have planets in any of these zones, that will show where you will have the greatest Power to change the Future.’  Where is my greatest power?  (Where are my planets?)

They were born in the early 1950s.  Saturn Squared Chiron repeatedly from 1945 to 1952 (Chiron as the Soul’s Messenger was busy giving Saturn as the Ego its post-war “marching orders”), Chiron Opposed Uranus from 1951 to 1956 (Chiron as the Messenger picking up a new Message from Uranus as the Soul), and Saturn Squared Uranus in 1951 and 1952 (Let’s make sure Soul and Ego are Aligned).  Between 1954 and 1956, Uranus Squared Neptune.  That was the Waning Square prior to the 1993 Conjunction that we discussed earlier.

Our reader has a Natal Grand Cross (a Grand Cross keeps a person very busy putting out one “fire” after another – they become a Master at multi-tasking) between  a Uranus-Chiron Opposition (Awareness of the apparent distinction between Yintegrity and Reframing – maybe a shred of lingering doubt about the practice of keeping thoughts positive) and a Jupiter-Saturn Opposition (possible chronic uncertainty about whether to extrovert or introvert, advance or retreat, expand or focus).   In general a Grand Cross keeps us too busy “putting out fires” to worry about the frustrations in each of its four T-Squares.

But in our reader’s chart the Moon is close to Saturn, making a more exact T-Square with Uranus and Chiron.  Still, our reader may not experience this as a T-Square per se (a T-Square meaning frustration because in this Lifetime their Soul’s objective isn’t to “get it right” but to explore all the angles) directly, but more as part of their Grand Cross (it’s “always something”!).  If they did experience it as a T-Square it would be about something like being frustrated by never seeming to be able to get Yintegrity and Reframing aligned just right to Manifest exactly what they Want.

As is typical of a T-Square, they’re likely to be much more of an expert at Manifesting through Reframing and Yintegrity than they give themselves credit for.

This Moon-Uranus-Chiron T-Square is lit up by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square at 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs and the repeated T-Squares made to it by Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Jupiter, Lilith, Mars, and others in 2013 and early 2014.  We don’t get a break from the Uranus-Pluto Square until June-October 2014, when Uranus moves ahead.  Then in January 2015, as Uranus sets up for its final March Squaring of Pluto, the South Node crosses Uranus.  We’ll be very grateful then, for any work we’ve done in the interim to Shed our Masks.

Consequently, one of our reader’s roles in the evolution of the Planet at this time is to help other people Manifest through Yintegrity and Reframing.  Our reader expressed frustration with a few of their close friends who keep arguing with them – but these friends may not have much in 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs, so they may not be responsive to our reader’s efforts to help them Manifest through Yintegrity and Reframing, nor to our reader’s efforts to help them Shed their Masks.

The point is that our reader may not be feeling appreciated for one of their greatest talents, and this could triggers their own Self-Doubt about whether it’s even a skill, since it’s so subtle, and since they seldom seem (in their own eyes) to “get it right” anyway.  It’s a T-Square after all.  The Spiritual Purpose of having the T-Square light up, is to give our reader one more opportunity to drop their Self-Judgment and find appreciation for their Skills and Expertise – this is what the New Earth is all about: everyone finding appreciation for their own Skills and Expertise, so they can put these Skills to work without being intimidated by the bullies who are doing everything the can to maintain the status quo and worse, push the species and the Planet backwards.

There are many other people who need this help from our reader, people who might not want to argue about it – they may just be dumbfounded by it (while they think through the implications of a Reframe), or their Resistance might argue (you can always tell when it’s someone’s Resistance that’s arguing, because their arguments are ingenuine), or they might just be nonplussed (if it’s not a Teachable Moment for them).

Here’s the nature of our reader’s Skill that others need – both for our reader to help solve their distress, and to learn from our reader, either by watching and imitating our reader or by our reader’s instruction.  Since someone somewhere is adept at just about anything we can name, it follows that any ineptitude we suffer from is due to Self-Sabotage – either we’re trying to be someone we aren’t, or our Limiting Beliefs stop us from reorganizing our view of the World so that what we Want is as easy for us to get as it is for others.  Like cashflow for instance, to take a currently-relevant example – for some it’s effortless to the point of Avarice, for others its difficult to the point of desperation.

So with this Moon-Uranus-Chiron T-Square, when our reader Wants something, they probably consciously or unconsciously run through a process something like this…

  • First they ask themself whether it’s really in Yintegrity for them.  If it isn’t, they Reframe the Want.  My favorite example of this is the red convertible – maybe when they examine a Desire for that, it might turn out that what they really Want is for people to recognize who they are and give them respect.  The heuristic is to imagine how they’ll feel when driving the red convertible.
  • Second, they look to see what inhibits their Desire, and move to Both/And.  Maybe it’s shyness, or pragmatism, or simply more pressing Needs that keep them out of their red convertible.  So they look for a Win-Win Reframe.  Is their shyness Karmic?  Can they be more loving with their shy Self?  Do they overdo pragmatism?  What would happen if they loosened up a little?  What would they need to have or do in order to bring more Self-Respect into satisfying their more pressing Needs?
  • Third, they Focus their Intention, Change the Subject, and then follow the threads that present themselves.  They may notice that they’re out of Bananas and set off to the store to get some.  When they pull into the store parking lot, another shopper is just getting into a red convertible with a For Sale sign on it.  Because the seller needs the money, the price, though more than a bunch of Bananas, is far below what they’d expect to pay.  Excited, they go over to talk to the driver. But when they walk around the car, they see that there’s an obvious and serious rust problem on the other side of the car.

They’re deflated because they would NOT feel Self-Respect while driving a rusty red convertible!  They did everything right, and they still got shut down.  Discouraging!  It’s a T-Square, not a Trine – it’s not about getting it right, it’s about exploring the Edges.  And it’s Chiron – Miracles and Despair, and the many paths between them.  But any Square, T-Square, or Grand Cross is motivating – our reader will be out there practicing their Manifestation techniques again tomorrow, maybe not on a red convertible, but something else.  Even though the results are never perfect, they keep working at it.

And exactly that motivation and perseverance and willingness to explore all the angles is how they’ve become an expert on Manifestation through Yintegrity and Reframing.  They just may not recognize their expertise because it never works out perfectly.  But that process is exactly what they’re being called to Teach.  They go into the store to get their Bananas, and without thinking about it they start a casual conversation with a stranger in the produce section.

Turns out this stranger is trying to Manifest a better job.  Our reader instinctively asks them what it is about their current job that’s out of Yintegrity for them (in our reader’s own words, of course, without defining Yintegrity for the stranger).  Our reader asks the stranger what’s holding them back from making a change, and without even thinking about it suggests ways they might Reframe their fear of Change.  In our reader’s own words, they ask the stranger about the Focus of their Intention, and whether the stranger may be so Focused on the downsides that they don’t see the opportunities for upside when they arise.

This is what our reader does, it’s who they are.  And the World needs that, badly.  People are struggling with what they fear are the downsides of dropping their Masks, even though they’re highly motivated to do so.  If my story rings any bells at all for our reader, the World is asking them to walk around and be themself, talk to strangers, listen to their stories, ask them questions that lead them along a path that our reader might have taken if our reader was in their shoes.  Not to worry about responses; some will thank our reader, some won’t.  Others will overhear.  It’s the process that evolves the species, not the results.

Above all, our reader needs to let go of Perfection and Judgment, and just let themself Be themself.  It’s not about doing anything different or unusual – other then dropping Self-Judgment and reticence, and letting themselves just be who they really are.

Amerikan Cake

December 21, 2013

This 3-minute clip is from August…

but the Daily Kos has used it to introduce a list of what the current “budget deal” neglects to include…

The sound quality in the Daily Kos copy of the video clip is horrible, but they include a written transcript.

Authenticity and Community

December 20, 2013

aquamusco4813bpAquamarine Crystals on a bed of Muscovite

Vandana Shiva,

gives us an Eris-inspired lesson on Venus and Lilith and their contrast with the Old Male World.  A few excerpts…

“The notion of growth is the one big thing that must be questioned in our times.  The second big thing is the mechanistic idea of the world as a machine.  The idea of growth was created during the wars.  It was deliberately created to move the resources of society out of homes and communities into financing armaments and militaries.  Therefore, the way they defined growth was by creating a fictitious production boundary which said, If you produce what you consume, you don’t produce.”
“On the one hand, that means that the amazing work of reproduction that nature does is not counted as producing anything, though there is so much work being done now on the ecological services of nature showing that honey bees, for example, contribute $150 billion worth to the agriculture sector through pollination.  The work of communities who live lives of self-reliance, self-provisioning are not counted. 

“They’re producing amazing food.  Some of the best clothing in the world is in the hands of communities who produce for themselves, because they don’t produce a commodity, they’re producing beauty.  They are producing and creating art, whether it’s food or clothing or shelter.  In self-provisioning economies, it is not a product.  It is part of reproducing the richness of culture, the richness of identity, the richness of our embeddedness in a larger creative world.”

“You are not just mining a mountain.  You are destroying our world, our entire cosmology.  Even the farmers around Delhi who have resisted, and five farmers were killed, why are they resisting?  For them that land is sacred.  It’s their mother.  They say, You will not separate us forcefully from our mother.  Five of them gave their lives, right in the national capital region.  So, yes, the fact that this is the basis of life and livelihood.  But even more important, these resources are the basis of living in another world, a sacred world, where everything has value, a deep sacred value, and nothing has a price.  There is no price in the market that could ever be able to buy it.”

“It’s time for those who promote hazardous technologies like GMOs, just for the sake of monopolizing seed, to take responsibility for the implications, for the bees that die, for the farmers that die, the 284,694, more than a quarter million, farmers who have committed suicide.  I think this irresponsible use of power to rearrange the earth, her resources, the wealth of society and think there is no consequence and you don’t have to bear that consequence, that huge irresponsibility, for me it’s power in the ultimate crude, patriarchal form.  And it has to end.  That’s why I’m so happy movements are growing around
the world to say enough is enough.”

“What is demanded at this point is a shift in world view.  What is demanded is a shift from thinking of ourselves as consumers and tweaking within our role as consumers to realizing we are earth citizens and exercising our duties as citizens of the earth, recognizing the rights of others, who also are citizens of the earth, other species as well as human beings.  The problem with extending the idea of consumerism and individuals with money buying their way out is wrong because it makes us assume we are individuals.  But we are not.  We are embedded in community — the human community and the earth community.”

In 2012-2015 the primary theme in the ongoing Planetary horoscope is the Square of Uranus to Pluto, the “coming out” of the Authenticity that Pluto demands as part of its redesign of the Planetary Trance.  And the rebirth of Mysticism foretold in the Initiatory Symbol, “An Ouija Board.”  But there’s another, more subtle process starting.  When I looked it up to find the exact parameters I was very surprised to see that, if we stick with our very-reasonable three degrees of Sensitivity, the influence begins tomorrow.

When we try to dissect the Planetary Trance and its constituent components, we look first at the dynamic relationships between the outer planets – such as the many Waxing (Building) Angles, including…

  • The current Uranus-Pluto Square (Mandatory Authenticity and Mysticism) about “the 1960s becoming permanent”
  • The nascent (7 degrees) Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle (the New Paradigm that recycles ancient ideas)
  • The turn-of-the-Century Flag turning into an Eagle morphing into a Rooster Chiron-Pluto Cycle (in a nutshell, “Adapt or Die” – the Symbol tells us to stop with the nationalism and tribalism, view the World with a wide perspective, and herald the Dawn of the Light) that’s currently in a very friendly Sextile
  • The venerable Quiver full of arrows (Cupid?  Robin Hood?) 1891 Neptune-Pluto Cycle that even after 120 years is still only a Septile along

The 12th-Harmonic Chiron-Uranus Cycle is Waning (dropping into the Void), as are all of the Eris Cycles.

Which leaves the culmination of the Harmonic Convergence of the late 1980s and early 1990s –

the 1993 Initiation of Uranus by Neptune. 

Uranus-Neptune unifies the Soul of the Individual with the Soul of their Culture – from the Warrior Cultures stuck in the Age of Aries to the Keening Cultures stuck in the Age of Pisces, to the nascent Co-Creative Cultures that are reverse-engineering the Age of Aquarius, starting from What We Want and working backwards to figure out how to create a structure for it from the Emerging Future.  These Ages regress after all, they run widdershins to our usual view of Time.  We start at the “end” and work backwards.  If someone brings a complete package out and we think, no, we need transitions first – revise your thinking.  There will be a lot of sudden transitions and big leaps.

The Initiatory Symbol (Capricorn 20) was “A hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony” – in Rudhyar’s view “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through their participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of Unity.”  Not only is Venus crossing this still-warm degree thrice, but starting tomorrow Pluto begins a five-year adventure crossing the three-degree span leading up to this degree.

You may not recall that the period before an exact astroevent is the time when the Energy is strongest, growing to a peak when the event is exact.  Like the recent Uranus Station – the pressure to be Authentic increased up to the hour of the Station (subject to assists from the Moon), then fell off rapidly.

There are exceptions – for the Muggles who continue to resist their Authenticity with an increasingly stiff upper lip on their Mask, there’s no such respite.  For them the pressure continues unabated.  And if, despite our most cooperative intentions, we misinterpreted the pressure and made inappropriate decisions, then those decisions will haunt us after the event has passed.

For example, if our programming made us think the pressure to be Authentic was pressure to be Nasty (which would happen if we were programmed to reject our True Self – this often arises from a simple Cultural preference among our childhood Significant Adults; they may have thought tidiness was next to godliness, which could have crimped our Creativity so we ended up believing that Messy was Nasty), then we may have renewed our vows to be Good, especially with Santa packing the sled as we speak!

Of course, since on the Soul Level “you” chose your programmers, they wouldn’t have had negative beliefs about Messiness unless it was an issue “you” wanted to explore in this Lifetime.  In other words, there’s probably a Past Death or other trauma involved there somewhere.  Maybe you Messed your pants and caused a stink that the Nazis detected or something.

The point is, we PIAVAed something somewhere, and Changed the Subject so well that we forgot all about it.  We do that all the time, don’t we.  So we also forget to come back and Pay Attention.  When we PIAVA anything, the first thing the Universe gives us is an illustration of why we haven’t had that all along.  So we may have PIAVAed to eliminate our Self-Sabotage, but then when the Uranian Energy felt like pressure to be Nasty, we didn’t make the connection.

Basically, if we reprogram ourself to interpret all Self-Judgment as a signal to review our recent PIAVAs (which actually includes I Wish and I Wonder) and look for the hidden message, that’ll supercharge our Chironic Miracles and help reframe us into Yintegrity.

So, no matter what the Angle between Uranus and Neptune in our nativity, as Pluto crosses this 20-Capricorn hot spot over the next five years, it’s going to light up our own Uranus-Neptune issues.  Namely, Do we belong here?  Is this my Tribe?  Who am I to criticize my Culture, but it sure seems to be bent on self-destruction!  And any other friction between the Self and the Culture.

But for people born around 1993, Pluto will be directly triggering their natal Uranus-Neptune Conjunction!  Unfortunately, some of those people who don’t get the memo, will feel and act a bit “crazy” by social standards, and some will end up medicated.  That’s a bummer, but it’s better than medicated and incarcerated, or lobotomized like they did not so many years ago.  It’s particularly a bummer because the medication will dampen and disfigure the natural Spiritual Crisis that Pluto over Uranus-Neptune is bound to create.

Uranus and Neptune only come together every 170 or so years – that’s once in about six generations!  So the folks with natal Uranus-Neptune are storm troopers here for a special Mission.  Basically, Uranus-Neptune paints a picture of a Culture where the Community performs best when everyone is unabashed about letting their True Self out.  Like a well-oiled sports team, but without the practice, and without defined positions, all Serendipity.  The “practice” is everyone being their Authentic Self.  It’s hard to even imagine.

Pluto crossing this space for the next five years (and the five years after the actual astroevent, since even though the Energy drops off, it does continue) will light these people up like pinball machines.  The rest of us are going to be hard-pressed to contain our Judgments that they’re out of bounds.  Like an audience with a Saint, once we see that Energy in action, our Energy Bodies will try to imitate it.  It will frighten us, even as it exhilarates us.  We won’t have their finesse about merging Self and Culture – we’ll have to depend on their Guidance for that – but we will certainly have a lot of practice at our own Yintegrity, won’t we, and some good beginning ideas for the New-Paradigm Culture we Want to live in.

Give these Angels your support.  Help them stay grounded.  Remind them who they are, so they don’t go thinking they’re the strange one, rather than us self-sabotaging Earthlings.  You may need to intercede, translate, negotiate for them if they have trouble lifting the rest of us out of our rut.  Remind them if necessary that it’s not just they that need to run at a higher Vibration – they need to help bring the rest of us up a notch or several too.  We won’t be able to match them, but if they are to lay the foundation for the Age of Aquarius (Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding), they have to lift us up out of our rut as well.

Venus Station and Solstice

December 20, 2013

topaz4220bpTopaz (“To Peace”), in any color a powerful helper for releasing Limiting Beliefs and the ancient trauma that holds them in place; in pink a gentle cleanser for the Heart

The Solstice occurs at 9am PST on December 21, and Venus turns Retrograde at 2pm.

Then there’s this part…

“Most leadership issues can be boiled down to this one primary contradiction: we have an objective economic reality that works as a global eco-system, and then we have individuals and institutional leaders focused according to their institutional ego-system awareness.  Consequently they consider the concerns of others to be externalities.”

“The world is full of grandiose leadership visions that were beautifully communicated  – before they crashed and burned…  The problem was not a lack of vision.  The problem was that the vision was completely out of touch with reality.  The problem was a lack of listening.  All great leadership starts with listening.  That means listening with a wide-open mind, heart, and will.  It means listening to what is being said as well as to what isn’t being said.”

–Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future, pp.111-113.

So, astrology tells us that Mercury is about the Talking.  But where’s the planet for the Listening?

Short of recasting all of astrology to remove Testosterone Poisoning from it (we’ll get to that later), I guess we’d have to enlist Venus for that purpose – she is Stationary after all, and she’s been within one degree of her Station since December 14.  Uranus’s Station has been claiming the spotlight, but we’ve lost that excuse now.  Venus backs over the second half of Capricorn between now and January 31 – 14 to 29 degrees, in the process making Waxing Squares to Ceres, Vesta, and Mars.

The next few months will likely find us willing to vigorously Defend and Institutionalize the Sacred.  Problem is, the Sacred is something different to each of us – read the fine print before you commit to anything serious.  We could all end up on the Defensive!

The second half of Capricorn is the Cancer half – we’ve scoped out the problems that need fixing, and now we have to consider what sort of influence the fixes we’ve chosen will have on the Conscious Entities that it will impact.  Like how many of them can eat cake, and what kind of frosting they like.  Of course if our Vibration is too dense to understand how widespread Consciousness really is, our impact analysis will be very short-sighted.

Will we have to Choose between slight progress and no progress?  Probably.  Go for Both/And, your dance and theirs – Listening will help.

While the first Venus-Mars Square occurred at the end of September, its recurrence in mid-January and March 1, 2014 tells us we need to look a lot more closely at the Cycle.  As we said earlier,

The Mars-Venus Initiation occurred Conjunct the Sun (this Cycle is of the Essence), and Conjunct Eris (time to reveal what’s been hidden).  It’s in a Sixth-Harmonic relationship (partnership) with Lilith (she who Sacrifices for Community but does not submit to dominance), and forms Twelfth-Harmonic Angles (breaking out of Limitation) with the Nodes (Liberation from Karmic Patterns) and Mercury (moving our Center from Mind to Heart).  In one sentence,  This Cycle represents a very important time to Clearly see the Feminine.  The Angles echo the Symbol, multiplying the significance of the Cycle.

If you haven’t noticed, the relationship between the Dynamic and the Magnetic on the Planet is changing.  You see people becoming more fluid in their Gender Identity because they are being more Authentic about their understanding that our ability and willingness to use Magnetic Feminine Skills (PIAVA-Change the Subject-Pay Attention) and Dynamic Masculine Skills (Plan-Do-Review) with pride doesn’t depend on our plumbing.

The Olde Male backlash, even though they think they’re Institutionalizing their version of the Sacred, won’t last, even in Sochi.  It makes the headlines only because the Olde Male media owners are trying to extend their Trance.  It’ll never work, because they’re swimming upstream against a Pluto-Uranus current that’s far stronger than they are.

When a new planet is discovered, current events mirror the impact of the new planet.  For instance, the rise, use, and abuse of atomic energy coincided with the discovery of Pluto.  Newly-discovered (2003-2005) Eris’s namesake’s main claim to fame was calling out the Greek Goddesses for their undercurrent of Competition – their masculine qualities.  Her role in this Century lies in aiding her partners Lilith and Pi (replacing Gaia as the current incarnation of Mother Nature) in their ascension into self-respect and the respect of all – into pride in the Independence of the Feminine and Her unique ability to Manifest.

The Lilith-Eris-Saturn Tricolor we’ve talked about connects to the Venus Station in two ways – first, Venus Quintiles Saturn – as well as Uranus…

We’ll be Learning to Focus on Walking in Beauty – aka Authenticity.

and second, Venus Trioctiles Pallas, which in turn Septiles Lilith…

If we allow the spontaneity, we will be able to set some surprising and powerful new Boundaries.

At the Venus Station the Moon also Squares Saturn and Trines Eris, forming a second Tricolor…

We can unblock any Manifestation difficulty we are having by PIAVAing what it is that we’re Denying.

Notice that Curiosity – I Wonder – is the same as PIAVA – if we don’t Change the Subject our old Patterns will reject the new information.

In the Old Calendars, the day began at Sunset, and the New Year began on the shortest day.  That would mean we’re entering a 12 year on our calendar, where the dominant theme will be Pattern-Breaking and the subtheme Love with Wisdom, which is the Feminine form of Dominion, or Healthy Control.  Breaking any Pattern that interrupts Self-Love with Wisdom, and nurturing Self-Love that isn’t narcissistic, but has deep roots in Self-Knowledge and Self-Trust, allowing us to acknowledge and project our unique Skills Authentically and Powerfully.  Power-With, not Power-Over, as Starhawk would put it.

From Uranus to Solstice

December 17, 2013


Blue Turquoise will help us focus and transmit the Energy of Collaboration and Cooperation that the Planet so badly needs.

Portals 12.18-19

And there are several.  After we talk about the Moon-Pluto that finishes up the Uranus Station, we’ll consider Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Lilith.  Then we’ll talk about the Degrees.

From 2am until 2pm PST December 18, it’s Moon Opposing Pluto that runs the show, along with help from Pallas Opposite Chiron.  Oppositions are about Awareness – Duality made manifest, giving us the opportunity to shift our Attention from heads or tails to the Coin – to shift from Either/Or to Both/And.

Pallas (Boundaries, Edges) and Chiron (Despair and Miracles) shine a powerful Light on our Limiting Beliefs.  The easiest way to escape from Despair or Discouragement is to shift your Belief in Limitation.  The Pallas-Chiron Opposition has been in effect since November 25, and will fade by December 22.  It’s a strong point in the Pallas-Chiron Cycle that began in late February 2012 at 6 Pisces – “The dedication of folks to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.”  Sounds like a Choice Point between the Community of Shoppers and Consumers, and the New-Paradigm Community of Sharing and Collaborating.

Moon Opposite Pluto

You can see Moon as Random Emotions, as Instinct, as Authenticity, or as Manifestation.  Or, of course, All of the Above.  The Moon looks like Random Emotions when we’re out of touch with our Authenticity, so we don’t recognize our Instincts as useful Guides.  Hard to Manifest when that happens.  Pluto doesn’t take prisoners, so this opposition gives us the Opportunity to bring that more into Alignment.  You can think of the Moon here as Uranus’s moll.

The Uranus T-Square across the Moon-Pluto Opposition runs from about 2am till 9am PST December 18, in 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs.  That Portal should give us something like…

Yes, Manifesting Yintegrity looks painful from this side (the side where we’re out of it, er, I mean, out of Yintegrity), but the sooner we make the move, the easier it will be.

But it’s accompanied by a couple of other Windows.  For instance, from 5am until 11am PST, the Moon-Pluto Opposition joins the Pallas-Chiron Opposition to make a Mystic Rectangle in 10-13 degrees of the Magnetic Signs…

This Portal gives us an excellent opportunity to gracefully find ways to stretch our Edges in new ways, to make room for our Authenticity.  It’s a PIAVA thing, so don’t try to force it.

Then from 7am until 2pm PST, still on December 18, it’s Vesta that makes a T-Square across the Moon-Pluto Opposition, in 11-14 of the Cardinal Signs…

Yes, there are some entrenched Beliefs that will have to change in order to make room for all this newfound Authenticity.

Which will make for some interesting overlaps.  For instance, 5-7am PST will overlap the Uranus T-Square and the Mystic Rectangle…

Where would you have to stretch, in order to feel more True to yourself and Secure in yourself?  Is there something you need to tell someone?  I Wonder how you could tell them, and stay Safe as well.

From 7-9am we already have those two Windows open, and the Vesta T-Square opens too – maximizing our leverage…

So what is it that holds you back?  Is it some Belief about what’s right and wrong, so you feel Ashamed or Guilty?  Or just some Expectation about how they’ll react?  You don’t want to “spin” your Story so it sounds good, because folks see through that.  And you don’t want to just reject your own Beliefs, because you’ll see through that.  You want to PIAVA some Magical way to restore your own Self-Respect, so even if you have to make Amends, you can stand up straight and look them in the eye while you’re doing it.

Or you may need to set a Boundary with someone, and make it clear that while they’ve intimidated you in the past, you Intend to change that in the future.  You might do that verbally, or Energetically – using Mirrors for instance.  It should be easier in this Window than you Expect.

And from 9-11am, the Mystic Rectangle and the Vesta T-Square Portals are both open…

What is it you Want, or want to Be, that your Beliefs won’t let you have or be?  Guess what.  You don’t really Want that.  You just think you Want it because it looks good from inside the Birdcage that your Beliefs have you trapped in.  Once you step outside of the Cage and look in the direction of what you thought you Wanted, it’ll be quite different – and much prettier.  You’ll be surprised at how much your Belief warped your Want.  Now you only have to PIAVA that you can find a way to stay Safe outside your old Birdcage!

Lots of adventures for one half-day!  Then things shift…

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

The Moon Conjoins Jupiter (Expansion) and Trines (Easy) Saturn (Definition) for about twelve hours starting around 4pm PST December 18, lighting up 18-21 degrees of the Water Signs.  The Jupiter-Saturn Trine is Live from November 28 till December 25.  Jupiter’s Retrograde, so the whole Jupiter-Saturn-Trine province runs from early July 2013 through early June 2014.  This is a Waning Trine, part of the May 2000 Jupiter-Saturn Cycle born in 23 Taurus – “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”  Remember the “Dot-Com Crash”?  Almost to the day.

The “valuable gems” are the fruits of the last couple hundred years of Industrial Revolution.  The internal combustion engine, for instance, and electricity and the telephone and wages.  All those things that are up for renegotiation here in the new Century.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles deserve their own book.  But in a nutshell, 2000-2020 is about reclaiming any of the Industrial-Era jewels we want to carry with us into the Computer Age.

The Waning Trine is the time when we make a final evaluation about what will be most useful for us in the future.  NSA surveillance, for instance?  Wage slavery?  Global Warming?  The Trine is closing up in a week or so; it’ll be a lot easier to make choices now, than it will be again until 2020.  Resistance from the profiteers of the previous Centuries will be intense.

Jupiter is simultaneously being Squared by Ceres (Sustainability, Sustenance).  This Waxing Square brings the Ceres-Jupiter Cycle out into the open.  It began in June 2012 at 7 Gemini, “A Well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic Trees.”  A Square often feels like a Crisis – we’re asked to make Choices, and the options are all compromises.  We become Masters by making these Choices – we’d otherwise be Unconscious of the Issues involved.  Will we Sustain those majestic Trees so we can nurture ourselves with the Water from their roots?  Don’t neglect the Water = Emotion = Moon connection and our Work from the earlier part of the day…

How do we really feel when they fell the Trees to make room for more profits?  Will our Planet continue to nurture us if we continue to allow short-term profits to dictate all of our Choices?  If it’s not too late to turn around already, it will be soon.  If we all PIAVAed a nurturing Collaboration with out Planet, we may help shift the Energy.  Even a small shift today can make a huge shift over the Future.

Moon Conjunct Lilith

Jupiter and Lilith are only four degrees apart, so when we use our three degrees of Sensitivity, Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Lilith have four hours of overlap.  Moon-Lilith spans 19-23 Cancer and the first twelve hours of December 19, peaking at 6am PST.  Lilith left Adam because his Greed for Power was not Sustainable, and because bowing to his Competitive Ego would interfere with her own Instincts about Collaborative Survival.  When the Moon crosses Lilith it triggers Lilith’s Waxing Square to Eris.  Messing with Eris isn’t good for a body.

The Lilith-Eris Cycle that we’re bringing into the open was Initiated in early October 2011 at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  I’m not sure that symbol shows much preparation for winter.  But it certainly shows faith in the Sustainability of Life.  And of course Saturn is Squaring Eris, and Trining Lilith, making the Pythagorean Tricolor that we talked about earlier

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to – that Wondering and Attention will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

The Moon-Lilith Window brings this into sharp focus.  The overlap with Moon-Jupiter, from midnight to 4am PST December 19, will give us something like…

Okay, if we PIAVA a significant shift in the Human and Global drama away from tragedy and toward Cooperation and Collaboration, then specifically, what Angle should you focus your Attention on?  This is a huge vessel we’re trying to turn, it will take a monstrous group effort – where is your station in the effort?  I think we each need to focus on how we Want to see the World and Humanity change, because that’s where we’ll be able to focus the most passion.  Make it as narrow as you can, but whatever you PIAVA, ask for a gentle and loving and rapid and complete release of all Resistance.

The Eris-Lilith-Saturn Pythagorean Tricolor endures until January 14, 2014.

The Moon-Lilith crossing also triggers another Pythagorean Tricolor across the Lilith-Eris Square, as Mercury Trines Eris and Quincunxes Lilith.  This Tricolor is with us from December 16 to December 2o.  We could express this one as

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Talk about – that Wondering and Talking will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

It spans the same time period as the Eris-Lilith-Saturn Tricolor, so will have the same overlap with the Moon-Jupiter-Ceres-Saturn Configuration.  So…

When we PIAVA a significant shift in the Human and Global drama away from tragedy and toward Cooperation and Collaboration, and Discover what Angle we should focus our Attention on, then we need to Talk about it.  Not to Expect any specific result or convince anybody of anything, just to put it out into the World.  You don’t know who will overhear, and for whom it will be the “straw that broke the back” of a passing Tea-Partier or Climate-Change-Denier or Greedhead.

It’s a busy few days.

The Degrees

For each of these Portals we’ve specified where in the Zodiac it’s happening…

  • Moon-Pluto T-Squares: 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • The Mystic Rectangle: 10-13 of the Magnetic Signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces)
  • Moon-Jupiter-Lilith: 18-24 of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • Saturn: 18-22 of the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • The Initiatory Degrees: 23 Aries, 23 Taurus, 7 Gemini, 6 Pisces

If you know where your Natal planets are, and you have planets in any of these zones, that will show where you will have the greatest Power to change the Future.

What’s Next

December 21 brings us the Solstice, and Venus turns Retrograde.  From December 23 through 31, Mars comes around to Oppose Uranus and make a T-Square to Pluto.  Eris turns Direct January 10, so we’ll be feeling the impact of her Station by the end of December.

Black Hole-ograms

December 16, 2013

Well, even though my Guides told me to put “Black Whole” into the title of the last post, I still missed the connection.  And as is often the case, Kelley Hunter didn’t.  Being as we are near the Capricorn Solstice, the Galactic Center is behind the Sun.  So we can think of  the Sun as an amplifier for what the rest of the Galaxy wants us to know.  They know what Greed and Scarcity are doing to this Planet, and they want us to stop, because our actions reverberate across the Universe.  Science just doesn’t know how to measure things like that yet, and Denies what it can’t measure.  If we stretch our Sensitivity to four degrees, Eris (Secrets Revealed) and Juno (Growing Consciousness) make a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Full-Moon Opposition.

Here’s the start of Kelley’s message…

“This Full Moon opens the gates to an influx from the mysterious and powerful black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, zodiacally positioned at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. We’ll be downloading new information for the next several days that rewires neural pathways in our brains. Sagittarius is a sign of the Big Picture, of scope and vision.”

Read the rest; it’s important information and good stuff…

Whoa!  I just read the last of it myself, and I see that she’s quoting me!  Shocking!