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Karmic Digital Age 3

December 27, 2020

The other Isolated Square (see previous post) in the 21 December 2020 Karmic Digital Age chart pits our Hesitation to Confront the Status Quo (the Moon [our Instincts in General]) against the Realization that it may already be too late to Rescue Huperity from possibly the Greatest Suffering that our Species has ever seen (Sun-Mercury-Pholus-Ixion, with Quaoar not far away). We need to unpack that. Dwarf planet Quaoar represents our Survival Instincts, and dwarf planet Pholus stands for our Need to Respond. We’ve been doing a good job of Hoping that someone else would Step Up for us and Respond. Now it dawns on us (Mercury-Sun) that we need to Call on our own Superpowers (Ixion) because no one else is intervening.

Everyone is running around like they can’t do anything about the big Stalemate around Climate, Disease, Frozen Economics, and Dysfunctional Government. They didn’t have any trouble moving Vice President Spiro Agnes out of the way when they needed to ditch Nixon. They didn’t have any trouble locking up Black Males in their Wars on Drugs and Crime. Let’s see them lock up Rich Polluters in a new War on Climate Change. Let’s see them pull the 25th Amendment on the Antichrist before he does more damage. They aren’t helpless, they’re hapless.

Look at all those they statements. Who the hell are they anyway? By now it should be Clear that “they” don’t have our Needs at the top of their agenda. Who best understands our Needs? Hopefully, us. So what can we do?

Ixion has been in Sagittarius (Letting Go of Impediments to our Unique Genius) since 1995. It dipped a toe into Capricorn (Just Do It, Ok?) in March and April. It returns to Capricorn on 27 December 2020 (1:20 am PST), and this time it’ll stay till mid-July, giving us half a year to get warmed up. It goes back to Sagittarius then for four months, before returning to Capricorn “for good” (till 2039). So we Practice with our Special Skills till mid-July, spend the four months after that conspiring about how to Deploy them, and then we roll up our woolly sleeves and get to work (Big Merino by Moondyne,, Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0;

I can hear you saying “Whaddaya mean, my Special Skills? What are those?” I know, we’ve Repressed it, because our Programmers thought it was Dangerous. What was it that you liked to do as a tyke, that you got punished for till you gave it up? This isn’t the movies, it’s Real Life, so we probably aren’t talking about Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman stuff. We might be talking about tactfully telling people how they’re being hurtful, or making “jokes” that gently penetrate layers of Denial, or noticing someone else’s Special Skill and praising them for it to help them Learn to Honor it in themself, or shooting spitwads without getting caught. Whatever it is, it’s important. We need to work from the bottom up as well as from the top down and the middle outward, and every Skill is useful.

This Isolated Square Challenge between our Hesitation to make a big Stink (Moon) and our Perceived need to Do Something because no one else is (Mercury-Sun-Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion) isn’t without Help. It’s part of what we call a Tricolor Configuration – a Challenge (Square), a Curiosity (Quincunx), and Grace (Trine) put together end-to-end. Follow the red line (Square or Challenge) from Mercury et al to the Moon, then the green line (Quincunx or Curiosity) from the Moon to Karma, then the blue line (Trine or Grace) from Karma back to Mercury et al. We unlock the Grace in the Trine, so it can be applied to the Challenge, by Remaining in Curiosity about the Quincunx, and Avoiding Anal-ysis of it. Curiosity as in Awe or Wonder and Both/And, not the sort of Curiosity that inspires Research and Either/Or Decision. Remember that Love Dies when Judgment replaces Curiosity, and Grace is Love.

So we have here, “I Wonder how my Karma Inhibits my Unique Genius.” An Answer would stick you in a 2D Solution, when you need a Multidimensional but Cohesive Response. You might Tap Out something like “Even though my Karma Inhibits my Unique Genius, I deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…” and then Change the Subject, to avoid Analyzing. That can Trigger your Multidimensional Intuition and Tune it to the subject. If you’re Brave you could even ThetaGod/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently Let Go of Any Karma that Inhibits my Unique Genius. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me.

But be Careful to notice the Emotional Tone of your Show Me, not the technical details or Mechanisms. Emotions are Multidimensional and can be Coherent, but only if you Allow them to be Emotions in and of themselves, not Thoughts about Emotion such as Excited about or Angered by... Any hint of Cause and Effect (Because, About…) or Comparison (Feels Like…) or Mechanism (By…) or Generalization beyond the Present Moment puts you back in the realm of Thought, 2D. In this regard Emotions are far superior to Thoughts, and will serve you far better in 5D. You can use adverbial clauses like when” – “I got Angry when…” But don’t Generalize – “I Get Angry when…” is a Thought about your Emotion, it’s not an Emotion. Emotions are Different every time. It’s tricky to do this, and requires Practice, but the rewards are worth it.

It’s also timely to Practice working with our Emotions as Emotions, because the Moon moves Out of Bounds starting at 11:42 am PST 28 November, till 11:12 am PST 31 November. Emotions are stronger when the Moon is Out of Bounds. This “OOB” journey is over the Northern Hemisphere – you may have noticed that the Moon is way Overhead in Germany or Canada, and way on the Northern Horizon from Australia or South Africa. It’s easy to tell just now because the Moon is Full on 29 December, at 7:30 pm PST. We’ll save that for next time.

Karmic Digital Age 2

December 26, 2020

Hope everyone is having Rewarding and Enjoyable Holydays in spite of the impediments, and mostly staying Safe. Speaking of Karma, getting this particular Gorillavirus can create all manner of PTSD (or Held Emotions, some of the hardest kind of Karma to shake) for the rest of this Lifetime and probably many to come. Instead, Choose to Die Peacefully in your sleep at some unspecified future date, if you’re planning to Die at all.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with Post-Trump-Syndrome, assuming we eventually get to the Post part. The astrology can always go either way, depending on what we Co-Create, but I’d say the odds are good that we get to move on, since as we pointed out in the previous post, the Karma (the T-Squares) is Self-Resolving on all three counts.

More Monoliths…

Be sure to scroll down on this one to see all the Critters…

There are a couple of isolated “Squares” (two planets three Signs apart) in our two Karma charts. Isolated Squares aren’t as Challenging as a “T-Square” (two Squares end to end) or as Balanced as a “Grand Cross” (four Squares end to end), but they can Require Ingenuity to Resolve. There are two in the Digital Age chart…

One is about Trusting the Process (Jupiter-Saturn-Chariklo Square Haumea-Lachesis). A Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is about Changing Horses in Mid-Stream or Lifting our Boat with a Sky-Crane – we have to Expand into Contraction (which might look like Respecting our own Boundaries) or Contract into Expansion (we might Contract one part of our Life to Make Space for Expanding another), or somehow deal with the Merger of Opposites. Which of course is just a Paradox, and since it’s Either/Orish, we know the Limits are in the mind of the Observer and not in What’s Being Observed. Reality has no problem Merging Opposites, because Opposition occurs only in the Languaging. Even without slipping out of 3D we can envision getting an Edge or a Coin if we Merge heads and tails, or even a number between 65 and 75.

We can also think of Saturn as Compression. Julie Henderson (The Lover Within, p.42) talks about Compression and Containment as “the line between control and abandon” which allows Pulsation and Flow. “We move into a position that requires control to maintain and, in that position, abandon ourselves to it, surrender to is effects… To describe what’s involved is a bit difficult because it isn’t often modeled to us as children. We learn repression and explosion of our energies instead.”

And Jupiter-Saturn in turn is Merged with Confidence and Doubt (dwarf planet Chariklo). We might link Jupiter with Confidence, and Saturn with Doubt, but we have to consider it the other way around as well. We can Create Confidence by Contracting into an Ego – “I’m not one of those people who…” And easily Create Doubt by Expanding beyond our Competence. Isn’t this what Growth is all about, Tolerating and Embracing the Confusion and Doubt while we Decide how much it’s Safe to Stretch. You can see why Conjunctions are circled in red (Tension) rather than blue (Grace) or green (Curiosity) – Merging Energies that aren’t always Comfortable with each other Creates Stress.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Challenge (Square) yet. The other end of this Square is itself another Conjunction – between Rebirth (Haumea) and Choosing to End a Karmic Pattern (Lachesis). The Rebirth is Happening, like it or not, and we have to Decide how much we can Afford to Grow and where to set our Boundary between Control and Abandon. If we’re Lucky – the Boundary may appear to be set for us by Outside Forces over which we have no Control. That always indicates the Presence of The Most Important Thing (Saturn) in any Life – the Edge (or Gap, or Yawning Chasm) between Ego and Soul.

Soul is Always in Control, Always making Choices. When “You” aren’t, you need to make a Soul Retrieval to get back Within Yourself. Many ways to do that. You can Call Forth a Ceremonial Soul Retrieval by a trained Shaman. You can Mirror an Oppressor or Abuser if they’re Localized, or the Spirit of a Programmer if you can Identify the Programming involved (someone Teaching you that you weren’t good enough for instance). You can PIAVA to Call Forth the part(s) of your Soul that are Missing from your Ego (whether you can guess what they are or not), and Ceremonially Merge with “them.” Who have you always Admired, for instance?

Close your Eyes, hold the Image of yourself in one hand and the Image of your Hero in the other, bring your hands together, and as you Merge those two Images into one, Locate any Discomfort that arises in your Body and Love it to Death (Hint: Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard). Asteroid Atropos is about Karma that’s Done with us, whether we’re Done with it or not. Asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that we’re Done with before it’s Done with us. That’s Scary, because we’re stepping into the Unknown, even when we know that Karma is really Dead, and we’re just going through the motions like the Karmic ‘Bot that we actually are till we get Conscious about it. You might need some Kegels, or some combined Theta and Tapping.

You could Look Up who if anyone sits in the Vacancies near 1 Degree of Taurus and Leo to see if they can offer any clues (they would Complete the Grand Cross, bringing your Energy more into Balance). For instance, you may be being Called to “Own” or Embrace your qualities of Devotion or Beauty (asteroid Cyllarus, near 1 Leo), or your Creativity or Ability to Make Things (asteroid Hephaistos, near 1 Taurus) in order to bring your Soul and Ego closer together. You could also try Owning or Embracing the qualities you most Admire in your Hero.

Between finding Confidence in our Expanding Contraction and Stepping out of an ongoing Karmic TimeLine into a whole new Trance where we aren’t even sure Who We Are (it’d be a good idea to jot down your passwords somewhere first) there’s an Empty Space.

By the way, the Fairy and Human Relations Global Congress will meet online 15-17 January 2021, featuring presentations by David Spangler on Incarnational Spirituality, Indigenous Earthkeeper Brooke Medicine Eagle‘s Wisdom Teachings, RJ Stewart on the Living World of Faery, UNESCO Artist for Peace Marko Pogačnik on GaiaTouch, Faery Seer and Teacher Orion Foxwood, Land Healer Mahala Frye, Shamanic Herbalist Julie Charette-Nunn, Jaap van Etten on Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology, Jeremy Berg on the Card Deck of the Sidhe, Camilla Blossom on Earth School, a David Adam Journey thru the Realms concert, Deborah Koff-Chapin leading the Saturday Ritual, and Joanna Schmidt on Heart-Centered Shamanism. Find info at

The Karmic Digital Age

December 24, 2020

Since Karma is Dead, it won’t be a problem that the Digital Age is Karmic, right? Almost enough to make a person subscribe to Retribution…

But no, Karma is Inertia, and do we ever have Inertia! Huge Inertia in government dysfunction, possibly increasing Inertia with apparently more Powerful Mutant Ninja Garudaviruses in the wings in spite of the nascent Vaccines, Inertia with Inequality as the Robber Barons use Virus-Rescue dollars for their own lunch money and worse, far too much Inertia in Global Balming, und so weiter.

The chart for the 21 December 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Initiation, which Initiates the 140-year Digital Age (the span during which the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in Air Signs) and especially the next 20 years (the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle), features only one Big Challenge, and that’s Karma (a T-Square to asteroid Karma from the Opposition between Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and Juno [Expansion of Consciousness])…

If that’s not enough, asteroid Karma itself is also Strong (Stationary), with Peak Exaggeration on 27 December at 2:30 am PST and two Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles), one to Our Instincts (the Moon, from the Opposition between asteroid Karma herself and Gonggong [Flushbacks]) that Challenges us to Stay in the Present Moment, and the other to Our Willingness to Break Karmic Habits (asteroid Lachesis, from the Opposition between Jupiter-Saturn itself [the Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it] and the Conjunction of Atropos [Karmic Patterns that have Finished their TimeLine, which our Ego may or may not have Let Go Of] and Varuna [Our Vitality])…

The Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it (Jupiter-Saturn) in the Karma Station chart mirrors the apparent Contradiction between Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) in the Digital Age Initiation chart. Notice that these are both Either/Ors, which by now we automatically associate with the Observing Mind rather than Observed Reality – right? If we want to deal with Reality we have to Change the Subject and switch from HeadsOrTails to the Coin. Since the Mind mostly does only Either/Or, we have to Intuit the Both/And Coin.

Well, obviously, when we Contract (Saturn) away from Reality, we only drive it into the Unconscious, from where it Controls us from behind the Curtain of our Denial. No Pressure – Denial is our Best Choice when we aren’t Ready to Integrate something into Consciousness. Overwhelm will usually set us back. So at least we can Expand into Embracing (Jupiter) our Contraction. In fact, a Poor Sweetheart might be an ideal Response – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really Frightened by that, aren’t you.” If we can then Change the Subject and go about our business without Obsessing on what Frightened us, we may be able to just Manifest the Miracle of Transcending our Fear of the New rather than Denying it.

Chiron is Positively Related (Sextile, two Signs apart, meaning Grace but we have to take the first step) to Jupiter-Saturn, and Chiron is the Unhealable Healer who Connects us to the Wisdom that What Heals is Empathy – hence our Self-Empathy Mantra, You Poor Sweetheart… Like Tapping, it Recognizes the Truth of our Heart and brings various parts of ourself into Alignment, while moving our Assemblage Point or our Identity, the Place Behind our Attention, from WhatAfflictsUs to Compassion.

Notice what Opposes Jupiter-Saturn – Varuna-Atropos (the End of Karmic Limitations to our Vitality). We can carry this directly to the Crapolavirus. Atropos stands for Karmic Patterns that have Finished on their own Accord but which our Ego may not have Let Go Of yet. In other words, the Virus is Optional if we Wish it So. Which means we have to Let Go of our Belief in Disease. Sounds Dangerous, doesn’t it. Sounds like a good way to get Dead. Yes, that’s the Sedna part. If you get stuck on that, Locate your Fear in your Body and focus Intensely on it while doing a hundred Kegels, to Convert the Fear to Power, whenever the Fear arises or returns.

Meanwhile, consider it an Experiment, and don’t Act like a Covidiot. This is like a Placebo – it works best if you Believe in it. And it will work (Jupiter-Saturn is joined by dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] – Choose the Confidence side). But we’re Playing on the Growing Edge of our Consciousness (asteroid Juno), so we never quite know ahead of time if we’re Ready to Transcend. If your Intuition is working fairly well, Thetas can help you evaluate your Readiness. When we Ask for What We Want, the Universe will either Give it to us directly, or Give us a demonstration of what else we need to Let Go Of in order to become Ready to Receive. Let the Universe stub your toe, instead of Dancing with a Miserable Death.

For folks who don’t Believe in Magic (ie, Choice) – and therefore Karma isn’t Dead for them – Karma still means Cause and Effect. Like Blame, Cause and Effect is a very sticky artifact of the Dualistic “Left” Brain. It’s not Easy to Think in terms other than Cause and Effect, because that’s the way the Observing Brain is wired. If you Allow it, the “Right” Brain – Intuition – can go Directly from Want to Outcome without worrying about Mechanism. For Left-Brainers, the Digital Age’s focus on C&E is good, because it may Allow them to Connect their Beliefs and Behaviors to their Outcomes in spite of their red hats. And there’s a lot of Inertia there which needs to Shift before Mother Gaia can Finish her Trance(Re)formation, though when it’s Ready it can Shift overnight.

When we look more closely, we see that all three Challenges (T-Squares) are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars – red-triangle T-Square and green-wedge Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet). This means that, when the Universe Threatens to Repeat your worst deja vus All Over Again, the Appropriate Response is to Smile to yourself and raise your Energy, while you Recognize that the Universe is a Trickster, and share a Chuckle with Her. She’s giving you another Opportunity to Practice using the Belief and Action that you’ve Chosen to Replace your Obsolete Karmic Pattern, or any Alternative Pattern, so you can Erase through Repetition your old Connections and cement New Patterns into your Flexible and Opportunistic Brain.

Warmup for the Digital Age 2

December 20, 2020

Sheila asks, “So does the Age of Aquarius start Monday?”

The answer is, “Kinda sorta.” The Digital Age lasts about 2 Centuries, while the Age of Aquarius spans more than 21 Centuries. It’s a lot harder to pinpoint a Threshold for a 21-Century Cycle than a 2-Century one. We’re using the term “Digital Age” to apply to a time period very specifically bounded by astrology, and we’re labeling it based on Huper History and Herstory.

The Age of Aquarius is astronomically bounded. We know how long the Ages are (given certain assumptions), but if we have a firm date for when the current 25,920-year Great Year began, I don’t know what it is. I know there’s a lot of disagreement and many estimates, which vary by Millennia. It’s okay with me if you consider the Aquarian Age to begin on Monday. We could also choose the beginning of the 21st Century, or the first performance of Hair.

If I was going to research a firm date on an unlimited budget, I’d have AI review all of the World’s news media for the last many years, and score all news reports on whether they emphasized Intellectual Issues (Aquarius) more than they emphasized Emotional Issues (Pisces), examine the results by daily average to see if they described a smooth curve, and if so choose the year when Intellectual Issues first dominated. If they didn’t describe a smooth curve, I’d look for modes (clusters of similar data), and if none emerged, I’d say it was N/A.

Aquarius is Fixed Air, so it’s not just more Intellectual, it’s also more Opinionated. The 1/1/2000 chart foresaged Polarization, which has been the case in spades, as folks Confuse their Immutable Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia) with their Debatable Truth of the Head (asteroid Veritas) and get sucked into Life-or-Death Ego-Association with Ideas, forgetting that everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Unique, and everyone is a Front for an Immortal Soul, so Killing them will only prolong the Agony of Ego-Association. Pity that the greatest Joy some Hupers seem to savor is Self-Righteousness.

However, these Polarized Opinions are all heavily Emotionalized, so I’d have to suppose that we’re still in a Transition period of indeterminate length. If the Digital Age produces a Lie Detector that gives binary answers that everyone Trusts, then, Perish the Thought, we might be able to definitively declare Aquarius to have arrived, though we’d have to rename it the Age of ‘Bots. We may have to anyway, if Ray Kurzweil has it right.

While we refer to it as Truth of the Head, our Intellectual Truths are really Truth of the Solar Plexus, because that’s where Thought is actually Centered. Small wonder that Thought is Confused with Anger, Judgment, and Hatred. Blame Descartes and Newton and everyone else who Believes that Thought can be dissected out of the Whole and become anything except a small bloody chunk of a Corpse, or a dead Butterfly impaled on a pin. You won’t be far off to envision an Argument as two people plucking out their giblets and throwing them at each other.

Sign Changes

Last time we mentioned that a number of planets Change Signs as the ~Aquarian Digital Age begins…

Asteroid Lachesis is named after the Greek Goddess of Fate whose job it was to Measure the Length of your Karmic TimeLines. Each Karmic Habit you brought into your current Lifetime came with an Expiry Date. Well, we know that Karma is Dead, so how does that work? If we’re Unconscious of a Karmic Pattern, it defaults to our Fate.

Once we become Conscious that we’re Repeating an Obsolete Habit that doesn’t really serve us in our current Lifetime, then we can Choose an Alternative rather than continuing to “beat that Dead Horse” all over again. Since we’re Addicted to our Karma because it’s What We Know and what we’re Comfortable with, we’d have some Inertia to overcome, but again, with Awareness and Motivation we can do that.

So we give ourselves the Benefit of Consciousness and interpret Lachesis as Consciously Choosing to Shift our TimeLines, where a TimeLine is anything that unfolds in Time – a Habit, a Job, a Relationship, a Trip, a Nap, a Residence, or a Jail Term. Lachesis is a kind of Get Out of Jail Free card, if you’ve ever played Monopoly.

Asteroid Atropos is the Goddess who actually Cuts the Lachesian Chords. So Atropos is about TimeLines that end on their own, without our Conscious intervention. Maybe. Karma is addictive, so we can sleep through an Atroposian alarm. We’d probably eventually wonder why in the devil we did that and Choose to shift the Momentum.

On 15 December 2020 (2:40 pm PST), Lachesis moved from Libra (Meeting Other) to Scorpio (Getting to the Bottom of Things). It was in Libra for only three months, but it’ll stay in Scorpio for almost a year, as it does Remediation (Retrogradation) next Spring. So you’ve been Inconvenienced in your Relationships with Others for the last several months.

You’ve probably been Blaming it on the Custardovirus, or on dastardly abrogations of your precious FREEDOM to not have to wear a Mask, but in Scorpio you’ll be searching everywhere for what it was that got you so upset, especially if you inadvertently kill somebody with your callousness. We hide our True Feelings every day, yet we object to wearing a physical Mask? Maybe it’s because a Mask inhibits our Ability to Manipulate others with disingenuous facial Expressions. No Accusation, just a Speculation or even a Projection – what’s True for you is for you to Discover through your Scorpionic Deep Dives next year.

Asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) left Scorpio for Sagittarius on 18 December (9:20 am PST), which should make our Lessons Feel a lot Easier. Juno’s timetable is similar to that of Lachesis – it was in its prior Sign (Scorpio) for only about three months, but it stays in its new Sign (Sagittarius) for most of 2021, with Remedial work (Retrogradation) during the summer.

I’d guess we’ve been clawing at our scabs for the last several months while Juno was in Scorpio, to try to Expose as many Limiting Beliefs as we could find, so we could carry less Baggage into a Digital Age where who knows how much of Life might become Virtual. Much of our Life is already Lived through Fantasy anyway. Sagittarius is Mutable (Changeable, as in Mutation) Fire (Spirit), so it’s the Sign where we Let Go of what we no longer need for protecting our Material Ego from Scarcity.

And of course Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on 16 December at 9am PST, and Jupiter (Expansion) on 19 December at 5am PST, waved adieu to Pragmatic Just-Fix-It Capricorn and moved into Idealistic NoNotThatWay-ThisIsHowToFixIt Aquarius. It’s Catty of me I know, but I imagine Aquarians sitting in a bar arguing about how to Fix Society. We have the poster child for Fixed Air (Rigid Ideology) in the US Congress.

To be Honest, we have to wonder what planets have been in Aquarius for the last while already, as Congress has been unable to Negotiate with itself at least since the Tea Party came ashore, if not since Newt crawled out from under his rock. Asteroid Aletheia (The Heart’s Truth) has been in Aquarius since April 2020, which makes sense relative to the closure of the Federal purse since the March CARIES Act. Asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) has been in Aquarius since Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 7 December, and will be till April 2021.

But actually, if Hupers Learn to differentiate their Heart-Truth from their SolarPlexus-Truth and find the nanobit of Awareness and Empathy necessary to look in the Mirror and see how Upset they get when someone else Forces foreign Beliefs on them, and then Realize how Odious it must be for them to Force their Beliefs on Others (Duh!), they might Loosen Up a bit. Pour me another before closing time, ok? – an Aquarian anal-ysis if there ever was one. Aquarius is completely capable of figuring this out, it’s just my cynicism about Huperity that Limits my Optimism.

I get it, that’s my Karmic Pattern that, if I don’t look in the Mirror, will lock me into a Future of Competition to the Death. I’ll have to turn it around, so I can Manifest a Future of Peace and Collaboration and let the rest of the Hupers Manifest whatever they want in their own back yards. You know the First Law of Manifestation, Whosoever Farts in Church, sits in their own Pew. Or is that the Law of Karma. Can’t be, that one’s been Repealed.

Saturn averages two and a half years in each Sign, and Jupiter one year. Saturn in Aquarius should Teach us that The Most Important Thing is to Avoid Taking our Metaphors Literally. That’s the definition of Fundamentalism, and it applies to just about everybody, including us if we don’t constantly Let Go of our Natural tendency to want to have Burnt Umber clearly differentiated from Beige (Black and White are no longer PC).

What’s difficult to remember is that It’s All Metaphor. Even with our Best Multidimensional Intuition and our Most Outrageous Channelings, we Perceive such a tiny sliver of Reality, that while our Heart’s Truth defines Our Own Values, it doesn’t have anything to say about the Nature of Reality. Our Solar Plexus-Truth is even less descriptive, even though it’s Useful for helping us find Food and Shelter.

Saturn’s last sojourn in Aquarius was 1990-1993. Remember Daddy-Bush’s First Gulf War? Collapse of the USSR? The End of Apartheid? The first breath of the World Wide Web?

Jupiter in Aquarius can lead us to Tolerate, and even Embrace, Cognitive Dissonance, the Practice of being able to hold Contradictory Beliefs in mind, as equally Valid, at the same time. Huper Mind Perceives Duality, Either/Or, while Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, or Both/And. If we Allow our Thinking to Define our Concepts about Reality, we’ll never escape Judgment, and Love Dissolves when Judgment Replaces Curiosity.

We don’t get to 5D without Unconditional Self-Love, so Embracing Cognitive Dissonance is a Critical Skill. Every Perspective contains valuable information (even Mask Denial), so we can’t afford to Reject any of them, even though we probably want to rank them in order of their Utility.

Jupiter last visited Aquarius in 2008-2009. Hard to believe that was a dozen years ago. We had the H1N1 Swine Flu. Obama took over to sweep up the shards of the US Economy after the Derivative Crisis, often misnamed the Housing Crisis. Sully landed in the Hudson. And Bitcoin took its first breath.

Easy to forget in Light of the Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star,” but of course the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn at 2:05 am PST on 21 December. Our Perception of our own Essence should become less Scattered and more Pragmatic. That’ll be welcome.

Dwarf planet Ixion (Forbidden or Hidden Unique Genius) sticks its toe back into Capricorn on 27 December (1:20 am PST), for the second of three times as it stutters it’s way out of Sagittarius. It enters Capricorn “for good” (till next time, 250 years hence) in November 2021. We’ve hopefully used its 15-year passage through Sagittarius to Let Go Of our Inhibitions on Allowing it to Exist and Bloom, so we can use its 19-year trip through Capricorn Putting It To Work Healing the Planet, or at least building a very large Ark.

Cusps are tricky. Planets that are four Signs apart (Trine, Dumb-Luck Grace) get on well with one another because they share the same element – Water to Water and Fire to Fire. Planets that are three Signs apart (Square, Challenge) create Stress because they don’t share the same element – Air to Earth or Water to Fire. But look at these Cuspy Angles in the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation chart above…

Sedna to Karma is three Signs (with a little slop) so it should be Difficult, yet it’s Earth to Earth (Taurus to Virgo), which should make it Easier.

Moon to Juno is four Signs so it should be Easy, yet it’s Water to Fire (Pisces to Sagittarius), which should be more Difficult.

Some of each, perhaps? Both/And? An Opportunity to Practice our Cognitive Dissonance? Maybe a completely new kind of Relationship, neither Easy nor Difficult, but Orthogonal to that Dimension? A Paradox?

Warmup for the Digital Age

December 19, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn are considered the “Social Planets” – the Inner Planets are more or less in charge of Personal Character, and the Outer Planets in charge of the goings-on in the Underwhere. Which, even though it underlies everything, is kind of a Freudian Perspective – we could instead be calling it the Overwhere, as we agree with Jung’s Perspective that the “Unconscious” provides a map to our Wholeness, Integration, Coherence, Enlightenment, Ascension, 5D, nD. It’s a Puzzle Map, not a “Turn Left in 32 Feet” kind of Guide, because if it was so Easy, who would Value it? Hupers are like that.

Many people are in stiff Resistance to this sort of notion, however, so I’ve always found it easier on everyone to assume that some folks are inherently Jungian, and some inherently Freudian. That way we never have to argue with anybody about whether or not they Roll Their Own.

The Political Economy is one of the stalwarts of Society (one of the warts as well of course), and the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions fall into 180-year Cycles that have a reputation for being heavily involved in the Political Economy. Jupiter laps Saturn every twenty years, and seven of their Conjunctions occur (and Cycles Begin) in the same Element, then they toggle, then seven in the next element. Here’s a full Turning of the Spiral…

… Preview in Water (first Conjunction in Water 1444, one Water Cycle 1444-1464),
Debriefing in Air (one last Conjunction in Air 1464, one last Air Cycle 1464-1484),
Age of Water (seven Conjunctions in Water 1484-1603, seven Water Cycles 1484-1623),
Preview in Fire (first Conjunction in Fire 1623; one Fire Cycle 1623-1643),
Debriefing in Water (one last Conjunction in Water 1643; one last Water Cycle 1643-1663),
Age of Fire (seven Fire Conjunctions 1663-1782; seven Fire Cycles 1663-1801),
Preview in Earth (first Conjunction in Earth 1801; one Earth Cycle 1801-1822),
Debriefing in Fire (one last Conjunction in Fire 1822; one last Fire Cycle 1822-1842),
Industrial Age (seven Earth Conjunctions 1842-1961; seven Earth Cycles 1842-1980),
Preview in Air (first Conjunction in Air 1980, one Air Cycle 1980-2000),
Debriefing in Earth (one last Conjunction in Earth 2000, one last Earth Cycle 2000-2020),
Digital Age (seven Conjunctions in Air 2020-2140, seven Air Cycles 2020-2159),
Preview in Water (first Conjunction in Water 2159, first Water Cycle 2159-2179),
Debriefing in Air (one last Conjunction in Air 2179, one last Air Cycle) …

and so on, with variation as always, of course. By “seven Water Cycles” we mean seven Jupiter-Saturn Cycles that Initiated in Water Signs. Like people, we characterize Cycles by the Sign they were born under. Notice we have Columbus and his fellow Colonialists and Thieves Sailing the Ocean Blue during the Age of Water, and Revolution common in the Age of Fire. The Industrial Age was filled with Coal and Iron and Oil and Mechanicals, Stuff of the Earth. The Digital Age will be all about Electromagnetism and Robotics and Stuff of the Mind – as was our 1980-2000 Preview of it.

The IBM PC was introduced in 1980, and the Dot-Com Crash occurred in 2000, both almost to the day of the Conjunctions. A large swath of Kansas (at high altitude) was reserved today for testing of a new generation of commercial supersonic aircraft. Musk and Bezos will be shooting their tin cans to Mars. The electromechanical technological leaps in the coming century-plus will make the 1980s and 1990s look like kindergarden. Unfortunately the next Water Age won’t be about Sailing the Ocean Blue, it’ll be about the Ocean Blue coming to live in our neighborhoods.

The Digital Age starts in earnest at 10:21 am PST 21 December 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Initiation, aka the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. Conjunctions frequently repeat (as the faster planet turns Retrograde), and it’s the first Conjunction of a sequence that begins a Cycle. We call it a Faster planet-Slower planet Conjunction because the Faster planet is overtaking the Slower planet. And we call it a Slower planet-Faster planet Initiation because at the Initial Conjunction the Slower planet plays the role of the Shaman or Guru or Mentor, conferring Shaktipat on the Faster Planet and giving it an assignment till they meet again. The Faster planet does the Bidding of the Slower planet.

We read the character of a Cycle by reading the chart of the Initiation. When we read the 21 December Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, which we’ll do soon, it will be a reading about the political economy and social milieu of the next twenty years. There are several Sign Changes this week that we’ll need to talk about, which we intend to do soon, because they’re laying the foundation for the New Cycle – including Saturn and Jupiter entering Air Sign Aquarius. Saturn enters at 9am PST 16 December, and Jupiter at 5am PST 19 December. And of course the Sun enters Capricorn at 2:05 am PST 21 December, defining the Capricorn Solstice, aka the Northern Winter Solstice and the Southern Summer Solstice, when the Sun goes Stationary and our Essence is particularly Strong.

Asteroids Lachesis (Finishing Karmic TimeLines) and Juno (Growth in Consciousness), and dwarf planet Ixion (Our Hidden and Often Forbidden Unique Genius) also Change Signs this week, and the Exaggeration (Station) of asteroid Karma (Karma) dominates the rest of the week, giving us a chance to move into the New Age with a Clean Slate if we’re willing to Let Go of our Karmic Identities and Attachments.

Despair and Miracles

December 17, 2020

There are three Hassles, er, Challenges, nay, Opportunities, in our Experience of Exaggerated Despair and Miracles (Chiron Station) that peaked on 15 December 2020 at 2pm PST. If you know anything about your natal chart, it’ll Light Up anything around 5 Degrees, particularly in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra (these are the Cardinal, or Creative, Signs). If you’re Sensitive, consider 2-8 Degrees. If your Thick-Skinned, try 4-6 Degrees. If you got Discouraged and haven’t come out of it yet, I may be able to help, though I may have to charge a fee. Or, you can try what we suggest below.

The Mythic Chiron was considered the “Unhealable Healer.” He gave up his Immortality in order to get Pain Relief by Dying. But it’s Empathy that Heals. So we recommend Self-Empathy, because it’s Easy and oh so Inexpensive. There’s only one hitch, which we’ll discuss in a minute, along with suggestions for getting past it. Self-Empathy works like this – you say to yourself, matter-of-factly, silently or out loud…

You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged, aren’t you.

Then comes the hitch. You have to Change the Subject and Think about something else. If you don’t do that, your Thoughts will take you right back into Despair. Thoughts are Toxic to Unpleasant Emotions. They’ll twist you in knots and wring you out to dry, torturing you till you scream. When we’re Living Right, we Feel our Emotions, we don’t Think them, but for most of us, most of the time, that’s such a weird notion that, should we attempt it, Perish the Thought, we’ll just feel like this blog spends too much time on the Moon, and give up. And by the way, Feel Like describes a Thought, not an Emotion.

The Mind is a Demon, it takes Lifetimes of Meditation to Learn how to Detach our Ego from its constant Livestream. But it’s also fickle, and easily Distracted by shiny objects or things that move, or Chocolate, or Thinking about Sex. Unless you’re ADD, or XXX, reading probably won’t work. Music might, but definitely not if it doesn’t Change the Subject for you. Vivaldi maybe, but probably not Beethoven, unless you’re a musician. YouTube cat videos, they might work, they often feature movement…

Really, anything that takes your Attention away from your Thoughts will do. Periodically, they’ll try to Take Over again. You can try…

“You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t stop Thinking, can you.”

Of course, you’ll be back in the same Dilemma, having to Change the Subject. It might work to Tap It Out, “Even though I can’t Stop Thinking, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”

Of course you could try Tapping your Discouragement Out in the first place, and if that works, great! What Poor-Sweethearting does, is Change your Identity. You start with “I am Discouraged,” and as you Poor-Sweetheart yourself, you move to “I am Compassion.” Sounds like a trick of grammar, but the Unconscious Reacts immediately to your Language. Even changing from “I am Discouraged” to “I Feel Discouraged” can make a big difference. But moving to “I am Empathic” literally makes you the Healer and the Healee at the same time. Tapping changes you from Out of Integrity to In Integrity, because as Jessica explains, you’re bringing your Consciousness to where your Body’s Energy System already is – you Tap on the Acupressure points at the ends of your Energy Meridians. Putting yourself in Integrity or Coherence will make it very difficult to continue to Feel Out of Sorts, because now you’ve Sorted Yourself Out.

Chironean Miracles arise because, once you succeed in Changing the Subject, now you’ll Unconsciously Do and Feel and Think things that were Impossible to Do or Feel or Think while you were Discouraged. Of course you can’t Think About Doing or Feeling or Thinking Miracles, because then you’ll Think yourself out of it. But several days later, when you’re back-filling your Journal, you’ll Recognize that Miracles have happened. Small ones probably, but maybe not!

Our three Opportunities include Ending the Consequences of Climate Change. You may not single-handedly Resolve the Whole Enchilada, but if you aren’t in Discouragement, one of the things you’ll Do instead, is Resolve your own Relationship with Climate Change. For instance, your Immune System becomes much less Vulnerable when you get out of Bummersville, so you may Reject a spikey Virus or two, without even knowing it. You could easily make other small changes to your Lifestyle that improve Life for everyone and everything on the Planet. (Opposing Stationary Chiron is dwarf planet Makemake, which is all about Manifestation. T-Square to this is the Conjunction [Merger] of dwarf planets Pholus [Responding] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]. It’s this ongoing Conjunction that brings us face to face with our Survival, and with Huperity’s Inability to Respond.)

A second Challenge is to Improve our Health by Increasing our Self-Sovereignty. Sounds potentially oxymoronic, but when we Give Away Our Power by Allowing Others (including Social Norms and/or perhaps the internalized Voices of our long-ago Programmers) to override What Our Soul Needs to Do, we literally Give Away a significant chunk of the Energy that keeps us Whole and Hale. (Uranus [our Soul] is Merged with Lilith [Self-Sovereignty], T-Square to the Opposition [Apparent Contrast] between the Conjunction [Merger] of asteroids Pallas [Boundaries] and Veritas [Facing Facts] on one side, and a Merging of dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force, our Vitality] and asteroid Atropos [Ending Untoward Habits] on the other.)

Those poor Covidiots may be stuck in this trap. We can’t Transcend Cause and Effect and get to 5D where we can Manifest Directly, without first Experiencing how Cause and Effect works. Clearly some people Believe that they can just Manifest Directly without worrying about the Trail of Disasters they leave in their path, and whatever substitutes for their Missing Soul obviously Needs to Do Big Risks in order to prove to themselves that they’re Superhuman. Eventually they’ll Create enough Ill Will by Operating this way, that its weight will bring them thudding back to Earth.

So we have a whole Cult of Mask-Deniers that are bringing Civilization to its knees by spreading the Cruelavirus like peanut butter, and a whole army of Believers in Scientism that are trapped in a misguided primitive version of Cause and Effect, Giving their Power to the “Experts,” and Collaborating to kill economic activity for the Common People so the Elite can take more. The simple “fact” is that, without a Miracle (which we definitely needn’t Exclude), we can’t Jump Directly to 5D either way. And what a Demonstration! When we Ask for something that we aren’t Ready to Receive, what the Universe gives us is an Illustration of what Limits our Receptivity. Touché, says the Universe!

The third Hassle in this week’s Despair and Miracle Exaggeration, is the solution to the whole mess, for whomever is Ready to Receive it. It’s not about your Wounded Society, it’s about your Wounded Individual Self that your Wounded Society Mirrors, about the Choices you make moment to moment for yourself. It’s about Recognizing our Karmic Trances and Trance-Sending them on their way. Karma is Dead. The only thing keeping it in place is our Attachment and Addiction to it. It’s what we Know, and we like it better than what we Don’t Know, because we Don’t Know how that will work out for us. We’d rather Commiserate with each other about how the External World has us under its thumb, than Step Out from under it and truly Create Our Own Reality that’s Sustainable.

When I was a wee lad and my father was rebuilding the house around us, every few minutes I’d Ask him Why he was doing something, or How it was going to work. He wasn’t a Builder, he was just trying to keep the Rain and the Cold at bay with his ample Ingenuity – his Why and How were Intuitive, not easily Explained. So when he wasn’t telling my nuisance self that Why was “Just for a Minute,” he was telling me that How required “Holding your Mouth Right.” Which is what it takes to Step Out of a Lifelong Trance, one that everyone has always told us, if we ever had the gall to question it, that it was The Only Way It Can Be Done.

An acquaintance used to say, “Don’t Get Even, Get Odd!” Breaking out of a Karmic Habit requires that we Do It Differently this time. Nine times out of ten we’ll discover that it was the same thing anyway, we just gave it a different name. So we have to Do it Differently ten times in order to catch that one time when what we Do is Really Random. It doesn’t matter What we Do, and it doesn’t matter whether it Works or not, what matters is that it’s Different this time. We can tell by the way it Feels. It will Feel Strange – it’s Different after all! All these years we’ve been looking for Comfort, how were we supposed to know we should have been looking for Strange?!?

(Asteroid Bee-Zed [Transcendence] T-Squares the Opposition between on one side asteroid Karma [Karma], and on the other side the Conjunction of dwarf planets Ceres [Sustainability] and Gonggong, formerly “OR10” [Intrusive Memories]. In that perpetual Livestream of Thoughts, how many are actually your own? How many Voices are babbling in there, and what Century did they live in, on which Planet? Sure, they have good advice – for then and there. But it’s not then and we aren’t there. Our job is to Be Here Now, and it ain’t Easy.)

Here’s the Chiron-Station chart with it’s three T-Squares…

Extra Day of Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

Because there have been technical difficulties, Brooke Medicine Eagle has extended her free replay of all of the interviews in her Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human series. Find the portal at, and our intro in the previous post at

Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

In honor of Chiron’s Station, for the last month or so long-time Earth-Healer Brooke Medicine Eagle has been hosting a series, called Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human, of daily free-to-watch-at-the-time online interviews with a variety of people who are engaged in Reanimating the Earth (a necessary first step for Healing the Planet from the chronic Western Civilization Disease that’s afflicting Her) in many different ways. The series is purchasable, but today she’s offering free replays of all of the interviews. I haven’t had time to watch very many of them, but some of them are exquisite, such as the interviews with Ilarion Merculieff (Becoming a Real Human Being), David and Emma Farrell (Becoming Indigenous in Your Own Land), and Don Beans (The Power of Integrative Wholistic Medicine). Fortunately I haven’t needed to try to contact him about this, but Dr. Beans says he has Homeopathic remedies for the Cursonavirus. Find the interviews today at

Revealing Total Solar Eclipse

December 13, 2020

The 14 December 2020 (8:17 am PST) New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse, as is often the case, will be visible where you aren’t. Well, almost. We do have occasional readers in South America. This one is mostly about Insight.

Our Mind should be Sharp (Eclipse [New Moon] Conjunct [Merged With] Mercury [Mind]), or Dull and Overloaded – you know how astrology works, we either get the Referent of the astrological symbol, or its Opposite. Well, actually, that’s how the Unconscious works, we just use astrology to try to Illuminate the Unconscious, since we can’t See it otherwise.

Our Intuition should be Sharp (Eclipse Opposite [Contradistinct From] dwarf planet Asbolus [Intuition]) here too unless, as we often do, we Drown It Out with our Sharp Mind. If our Mind is Dull and Overloaded, maybe that’s because “we” (our Unconscious string-pulling Puppet-manipulater, the fellow behind the curtain that Toto exposes [the Puppet is our Conscious Ego]) wants us to Pay more Attention to our Intuition. It’s a rare person who Excels at both Sharp Anal-ytical Mind and Sharp Intuition, especially at the same time. Which doesn’t mean we can’t Practice doing it.

Next time you go for a Walk, Imagine that your Opposite-Gender Inner Mate is Walking with you. Of course, they occupy the same space as we do, so they probably have to Walk Backwards all the time. Suppose you’re Female, by Birth or Otherwise. As you’re Walking, Imagine that when you move your right foot Forward, he moves his left foot Backwards, and when you swing your left arm Forward, he swings his right arm Backwards. Isn’t that his everyday Experience? Walk slow – we don’t want you to get crossed up and fall over.

Not that Anal-yzing and Intuiting are necessarily Gender-related, but Anal-ysis is usually more prominent in the left side of the brain, which is wired to the right side of the Body, and Intuition is usually more active on the right side of the brain, which is wired to the left side of the Body. If you’re Androgynous, Imagine your Inner Minotaur Walking Backwards while you walk Forward – or vice versa. After a little while you may be shocked to realize that you can see what’s Behind you.

Our Newly Expanded Intuition – or our Anal-ysis – may lead us to Information that we’ve been looking for (Eclipse Trine Mars-Eris [Active Revelation of What’s Been Denied]), and we may Realize that we need to Start Over on some of our Projects (Eclipse Sextile Klotho [Beginning New Timelines]) as a result.

Another chart with more white space in the middle than we’re used to…

Meanwhile, by the time the Eclipse occurs, the Moon has already been Out of Bounds (Strong) for an hour, beginning at 6:58 am PDT and 23 Sagittarius. It stays Out of Bounds until 10:56 pm on 16 December, at 1 Aquarius, the same Degree as the 21 December Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. In between, we have a Lunar Southern Solstice as the Moon Stands Still in the Sky at 2:25 pm PST on the 15th, in 12 Capricorn. We’ll talk about that in our next post.

Recess Is Over II

December 10, 2020

Orcus Energy is a big part of the Patriarchy, as it’s about Doing What You Said You Were Going to Do, which is part and parcel of Yangtegrity. In the Olde Male World, Breaking your Word is a major Betrayal. In Yintegrity, where we Do What We Dang Well Feel Like Doing instead, you’ll definitely Renegotiate when you can (and when the “Agreement” wasn’t forced on you by some creep), and Make Amends when you can’t, but otherwise, I mean Cheeze, I’ll Change my Mind whenever it’s Appropriate and I Want to! It’s a big part of Self-Sovereignty. The Patriarchy of course is all about Hierarchy, so Self-Sovereignty is banned from the start there, except for the Head Cheese.

Dwarf planet Orcus Stands Still in the sky at 4:10 pm PST 11 December 2020. As veteran readers well know, we put a lot of emphasis on these “Stations” or Still-Standings or Exaggerations, because the Energy of the planet is so Lit Up that it gives us our best Opportunity to Learn About the planet. That’s a heckofa lot more important than just being able to dazzle your astrofriends, because like the other dwarf planets it represents a prominent part of our own Unconscious, and since our Ego runs maybe 5% of our Life and our Unconscious runs the other 95%, we dang well better get busy Getting to Know and Befriending that Invisible Entity, before it trips us up again to get our Attention – which it always does when we don’t Listen Carefully to it. Self-Sovereignty is a Relative term.

We introduced the wonderfully straightforward chart of the Station in the previous post…

As you can see, to our Great Advantage, the Core Message is Coming into Awareness (Mercury T-Square to the Orcus Station). Since our Most Important Lifetime Work is Getting to Know the Unconscious, what a Gift this is! Even if we’re Addicted to Sturm und Drang, the Unconscious holds the key to even that. The gilt wrapping paper on this gift is its intimate Connection with our Limiting Beliefs (Orcus Conjoins – is Merged With – asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs), promising us some Liberation.

That bright shiny ribbon and bow? It’s our Abuse History that’s scheduled to get Exposed (dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Opposes Orcus-Vesta in the base of the T-Square). We’ve been working with that a lot lately, so here’s hoping it doesn’t catch us flat-footed. Today we have the Advantage that the Abuse planet is no longer bunking with the Intrusive Memory planet (Gonggong, nee OR10), so it should actually be easier than it was last month. Remember to make it a Flushback instead of a Flashback, by Carefully Inventorying what’s actually happening in External Reality in the Present Moment so you can Discern any inappropriate elements in your Internal Reaction to the Memory.

Traumatic Experience Conditions us to autonomically Respond to situations similar to our Traumas as if they were recurring, when most of the time they aren’t, though we can sometimes recreate them by Reacting as if they were recurring. When we Become Aware (Mercury again) of that process, we can reprogram the SNAFU in the autonomic wiring of our Emotional Brain, as Annie Hopper details in her book Wired for Healing. It’s the same process we use to Defuse our Karma – Awareness Allows us to Choose an Alternative and build new Habits using Repetition, same as we do for Physical Muscles and Memorizing.

And, this Present of Awareness comes with two additional (and unhackable) Gift Cards, like Get-Outa-Jail Cards from the Monopoly game. These are the blue lines, or Grace, in the chart, which Illuminate places were the Universe is at our Service rather than putting us through our paces. One of the Gift Cards is Self-Sovereignty (dwarf planet Hylonome). It should be Easy here for us to switch from Codependence (Abandoning ourself to Please Others) to Serving our own Goals and Values instead – give it a try. When you notice you’re starting to Give Away Your Power, stop yourself in midstride, Ground and Rebalance yourself, and Claim Your Power for yourself. You could be surprised how Effortless it is here, and it’s excellent Practice irregardless.

The other Gift Card is our Real-Time Guilt Instinct (Moon Conjunct asteroid Nemesis). Guilt usually Torments us with Regrets about past miscues of one sort or another, appropriately or not. But in Real Time, the Feeling of Guilt informs us that we’re about to Violate our Values – and Create new Regrettable events. Tuning into that Real-Time Guilt, which should be Easier than usual here (because of the Grace in the blue lines), will Allow us time to Pause and Reconsider our Reactions to what seem like more Abuse coming our way but probably really aren’t. More excellent practice.

When the blue Cage or Truss Bridge is on the other side of the red T-Square (along with a green wedge or Finger of the Goddess), we refer to it as a Self-Resolving Challenge. We don’t have that luxury here, but we do have a noteworthy substitute…

The dark purple wedge is what astrologers call a “Quintile Yod.” Yod because if we connected the center of the chart with each of the three points (Mercury, Uranus, Hopi-Hera) we’d get a “Y.” Quintile because the planets are separated by one fifth (and two fifths) of the Zodiac. The Quintile Family (Fifth Harmonic) is about Learning and Teaching. The curriculum here comprises Coming into Awareness (Mercury), Soul (Uranus), and Expanding our Consciousness into Respect for All Things (Hopi-Hera – Hera is the Greek equivalent of Juno).

In other words, this whole process of potentially Clearing more of our Limiting Beliefs and Abuse Patterns and increasing our Sensitivity to Self-Sovereignty and to Real-Time Guilt, is practice at Becoming More Aware of our Connection to our Soul. Which of course involves increasing our Respect for All Things. And it promises to pretty much take care of itself.