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Extra Day of Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

Because there have been technical difficulties, Brooke Medicine Eagle has extended her free replay of all of the interviews in her Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human series. Find the portal at, and our intro in the previous post at

Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

In honor of Chiron’s Station, for the last month or so long-time Earth-Healer Brooke Medicine Eagle has been hosting a series, called Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human, of daily free-to-watch-at-the-time online interviews with a variety of people who are engaged in Reanimating the Earth (a necessary first step for Healing the Planet from the chronic Western Civilization Disease that’s afflicting Her) in many different ways. The series is purchasable, but today she’s offering free replays of all of the interviews. I haven’t had time to watch very many of them, but some of them are exquisite, such as the interviews with Ilarion Merculieff (Becoming a Real Human Being), David and Emma Farrell (Becoming Indigenous in Your Own Land), and Don Beans (The Power of Integrative Wholistic Medicine). Fortunately I haven’t needed to try to contact him about this, but Dr. Beans says he has Homeopathic remedies for the Cursonavirus. Find the interviews today at

Self-Love New Moon 5

November 16, 2020

In the Self-Love New Moon 3 post we forgot to include the Initiation point of the Moon-Eurydike Cycle. We described the year-long Sun-Eurydike Cycle (which is about Do We Trust our Essence?), but not the month-long Moon-Eurydike Cycle (Do We Trust our Instincts?). The Moon Cycle began 6 November 2020 (11pm PST) in 30 Cancer, “A Daughter of the American Revolution,” which is kind of hilarious in the political context.

I didn’t catch his name, but a fellow on NPR this evening was talking about a book he wrote that aspired to compassionately inform Conservative “Christians” about how, to get along in the modern world, they would have to recognize that other people didn’t share their Beliefs. He had a publisher and was ready to go when he showed it to several of his Conservative friends, and they became ex-friends. They told him that they couldn’t do that, because their Beliefs are part of their Identity.

Then I picked up the book I’ve been reading, and came across “An egregore is a nonmaterial psychic entity, or minded energy field, uniting members of a group or organization (religion, state, corporation, political party, or cult for example) generated and maintained by the thought energy (belief systems) of the group members. Such an entity can… take on a life of its own that may persist even when [the group dissolves]… Egregores are not spirits [but] dense collective thought-forms… created by… the mental focus of their [human] believers. They do not live in the dreaming of the spirit world but… in the mental-emotional-psychic realms of the human mind as dark and uninvited guests.

“There is an egregore astride our Western society, a mind parasite that may be one of the seed children of ancient Rome whose organized hierarchical social order and legalistic rules enforced by the Roman military machine were and are designed to support the lords of finance, political power, and religion… Their rules were and are designed to enslave us financially, politically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and this has been going on since the emperor Constantine’s conversion seventeen hundred years ago!” –Hank Wesselman, The Re-Enchantment, pp.134-5.

Which egregore was a more organized version of the Patriarchy Egregore installed by the Mythic Greek “Heroes” decimating the symbols of the preceding Matriarchy. I hope you can watch Ilarion Mercurieff’s video in the previous post, where he talks about one of the things we need to do now is Stop the pendulum swing between Feminine Imbalance and Masculine Imbalance. I’m impressed by the similarity in spelling between Ilarion and Ixion – from the Perspective of the Patriarchy, Ilarion is an Ixionic anarchist.

It’s been decades since the DAR (Daughters of…) were in the news, but they were a prominent political force in the 1950s and 60s, the classical face of Conservatism.