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Gauntlet XI – Winding Down

April 22, 2018

We’re down to the last day of the April Gauntlet.  The Pluto Station (Changing the Water in the Aquarium we’re immersed in) and the Chariklo Station (Transforming our Concept of Walking in Beauty) are a day and two Degrees apart, so they basically share a chart…

The Stations are complicated by issues of Self-Sovereignty and Action, not to mention a big Challengeto Acknowledge the Truth that our previous Timeline has run its course and, should we Choose to Accept it, our Life will be very Different from now on – or at least from tomorrow on, once the Chariklo Station (6am PDT 23 April) finishes with us.

Once again with astrologuese…

The Stations are complicated by issues of Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) and Action (Mars), not to mention a big Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Acknowledge the Truth that our previous Timeline has run its course and, should we Choose to Accept it, our Life will be very Different from now on (the base of the T-Square is Rebirth/Haumea and Truth/Veritas Opposing Ego Death/Nemesis, Revelation/Eris, and Choice of Timelines/Lachesis) – or at least from tomorrow on, once the Chariklo Station (6am PDT 23 April) finishes with us.

We’ve highlighted should we Choose to Accept it because that’s a key to the whole complex.  Asteroid Lachesis is the “Fate” or Goddess that “measures the length” of a Lifetime or a Timeline (a thematic segment of a Lifetime).  Fate is what happens to us when we Live from the Unconscious.  When we Live from Consciousness, we substitute Choice for Fate.

Pluto is the Big River of Time, the personification of Irresistible Power.  Planets exercise their Strongest Impact when they’re Stationary.  So we can read the Stationary Pluto-Stationary Chariklo-Mars-Lilith Stellium (group of 3 or more planets) as Having the Supreme Confidence (Stationary Chariklo) to Use the Momentum Created by the Current Big Shift in the Flow of Time (Stationary Pluto), to Act (Mars) in Support of Our Willingness to Create Our Own Reality (Lilith).

Remember that our aim here is Consciousness, so we regard Interpretation as much more important than Prediction.  So if you’re thinking, “Shit, I wish I’d have known that ahead of time,” see if you can reframe that to “Oh, okay, I see where I might have Responded Differently.”  However we didn’t Live our Brutus Moment, that’s the Experience that is leading us to Wisdom, to where we might see it as a Mandela Moment instead.

The part about Truth (Veritas)-Rebirth (Haumea) is pretty straightforward.  The Ego Death/Nemesis-Revelation/Eris-Lachesis/Choice Stellium is more complex.  Eris is about Accepting the Revelation of what’s been hitherto Denied.  Nemesis is the Revelation that a Timeline, and the Value System that supported it, has reached a Dead-End.  In the Unconscious, it’s Ended by Punishment.  In Consciousness it’s Ended by Choosing a better Path into the Future.

So when we Face the parts of our Life that are no longer Working and Accept that we have to Let them Go, we’re Liberated into Birthing a New Reality for ourself.

The Big Challenge (T-Square) reveals an Easy Way Out (Trine Bridge, the blue lines) through our Recognition of Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).  In other words, we’ll jump forward by thinking in terms of What Do I Really Want in this Lifetime rather than “How Can I Weasel my way out of this Pickle.”

The second Opposition (long red line) in the chart is closely related conceptually as well as astrologically – Fate Herself (asteroid Moira) Opposing Expansion (Jupiter).  As if there’s a simple Dualistic Choice between Unconsciousness (Moira) and Growth (Jupiter).  The fact that the Stations and their Baggage form the Easy Way Out (Trine Bridge) to this Opposition belies that simplicity. 

Unconsciousness is an Addiction, and while Choice is a critical step in Confronting Addiction, it’s only one step of many – ten by one common measure.  We have to Choose Consciousness over and over again until it’s Second Nature to do so (and then we have to Confront that Habit as an Archetype).  We have to Sustain Choice, and we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Then we notice that the Stations are involved in another important, if subtle, Configuration – a “Sextile Fez” (trapezoid).  In any Fez, we want to Pay Attention to the diagonals, in this case…

  • Unlimited Potential (Chaos) Quincunx (Curiosity) to the Stations and their Baggage (Pluto-Chariklo-Mars-Lilith)
  • Growth (Jupiter) Quincunx to Choosing Ego Death (Nemesis-Eris-Lachesis)

The important thing is to Allow the Curiosity to stay Curiosity, and not try to “Figure It Out.”  Figuring It Out creates Knowledge, which may be useful but is never complete or accurate.  Letting it sit as is creates instead Awe and Wonder, which is where we need to be, Awestruck by the unfathomable Miracles that surround us every day, rather than Powerhungry with the Egobound Illusion that we have Dominion here.  So we might PIAVA something like…

  • “I Wonder just how much Power I could Contain if I had the Confidence to Assert Who I Am” – notice we’re “Containing” Power, not “Asserting” it.  Reread Castaneda if you don’t understand how this works.
  • “I Wonder how Growth and Ego Death are Related – like a Crab or a Butterfly perhaps?”

Notice that these are this week’s Quincunxes, therefore this week’s Curiosities.  We’re blessed that astrology isn’t all Quincunxes, leaving us Stoned out of our minds with Awe all the time.  Curiosity and Confusion are twin Feeling States that Western “left-brain” don’t allow to be the Emotions that they actually are, instead co-opting them as Challenges to the Intellect and shutting down their pathways to Intuition and Wisdom.

Then we notice that there is a lovely perfect Five-Pointed Star in the chart, drawn in light purple lines.  That’s called a “Grand Quintile,” as it divides the Zodiac into five equal parts.  Five is the number of Learning and Teaching – we could even refer to it as Curiosity! 

The Quincunx after all if Five Unxes, or five twelfths of the way round the Zodiacal Loop.  The Twelfth Harmonic is Pattern-Breaking.  So Learning to be Present with Curiosity as an Emotion in its own right is a Powerful Pattern-Breaker and a Powerful tool for breaking free of Unconsciousness and our Limiting, Self-Sabotaging Archetypes.

So this time is shown to be a humongous Learning Opportunity.  We’re Learning about the Relationships between the five planets that make up the Grand Quintile.  Remember that while all Learning leaves a permanent Impact, it’s important that we Recognize that this chart is about the Present Moment, not about Eternity.  It’s the Wisdom we gain from Experience that can Work in Time Provinces other than the current one.  The Conclusions we draw in the Present Moment are only as good as they increment our Stash of Wisdom.

The five corners of this Grand Quintile are…

  • Rebirth-Truth (Haumea-Veritas) – This is the most important corner because it cohabits with the Configuration that holds the Stations.  The most valuable Lesson is that Ego Death is just a reboot, not a hard disk crash.  Rebirth is actually a tremendous Gift, because without if we’re stuck in Limbo, in the Void, for a while.  If you think Resisting the Temptation to pigeonhole Curiosity and Confusion is hard, what till you get to spend time in the Void!
  • Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) – Being Unconscious, these are not generally subject to Choice, so we usually have to approach them through PIAVA.  In this case, the chart will be Exposing many of our Unconscious Beliefs for the ancient scams that they are, perpetrated by the historical equivalent of the St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency
  • Confusion (Neptune) – Ah, there She is.  She should be in here somewhere.
  • Values (Venus) – As our Unconscious Beliefs evolve, so must our Values, though we may not realize it for a while, till all the Contradictions work their way through.
  • Sustaining Commitment to our Mission – To the extent that we can generalize our Individual Missions, it’s fair to say that it’s about Growing our Consciousness, since it’s next to impossible to execute any nontrivial Mission without Growing in Consciousness.  We hinted at this while we were discussing Addiction earlier, and here it is.

Jupiter Full Moon

June 7, 2017

Feel the Expansion?  After a total Ego meltdown last weekend, I ran across a review of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine,

The review was so good that I went for it, and it turned out to be very cathartic.  Not as heavy and Authentic as The Borderliners, and not as thorough as The Body Keeps the Score, but very Healing nonetheless.  Expanding.

The Full Moon is 6am PDT 9 June at 19 Sagittarius, and the Jupiter Station is an hour later at 14 Libra.  As soon as that peaks we start in on a Makemake Station (Manifestation), which peaks at 8am PDT 15 June at 2 Libra.  The Full Moon is about Remembering What’s Sustainable (Sun Conjunct asteroids Ceres and Mnemosyne) and Remembering that in the 3D World Everything Has a Timeline (T-Square to asteroid Lachesis).  The other side of the Sustainabilty Coin is Letting Go of what isn’t Bottom Line.

Sagittarius is about Letting Go and Moving On, and the Moon at Full isn’t far from Saturn, which symbolizes The Most Important Thing.  Saturn of course still Conjoins Ixion (our Forbidden Genius).  The message is that We Won’t Find our Abandoned Genii by Looking under the Lightpole or Where We Last Saw Her.  Forget about everything you’ve Learned about Her so far, Ask for More Guidance, Let Go of both Doubt and Certainty, and Change the Subject.  She needs to Find you, not the other way around That won’t happen till She’s Ready, and She won’t be Ready until your Love is, quite literally, UnconditionalThis Is about Trust and Self-Love (The Full-Moon Sun is one corner of a Square Fez, which are driven by the diagonal Quincunxes, here Lachesis to Eurydike and Sun to Sappho).

We need to retell the story of Eurydike or Eurydice, who took Opheus for her husband.  Eurydice drove the Sun’s Chariot across the SkyWhile trying to escape a rapist, she was bitten by a poisonous Snake and died quickly.  In his Grief, Orpheus was given permission to retrieve her from the Underworld, on one condition – as he led her back out of Hades, he was Forbidden to Look to see if she still followed.  He turned after he had cleared the exit, but she hadn’t done so yet, so she was lost.  So Eurydike is about Trust, and Trust that Every Prayer Is Answered is The Most Important sort of Trust you can have.  Next week, Makemake will agree.

Hades of course is another name for Pluto, and Pluto is the Key to this Full Moon (the Full-Moon Fez has a Chinstrap to keep it from blowing away during a haboob – namely Pluto).  Pluto’s message is that You Can Steer and Transform, but You Can’t Reverse Course.  It would be good this week to Review all of your outstanding PIAVAs, to make sure they’re all Current, and not Redundant.  Make sure you’re Asking for What You Really Want.  And make sure you’re Spending Quality Time with How You Expect to Feel when you Achieve What You Really Want.  And, make sure you’re Letting Go of What You Don’t Want.

Put Pluto at the bottom to see the Square Fez (trapezoid with red sides and blue top and bottom) and Chinstrap (blue triangle).  It’s not Square in shape, it’s a trapezoid; it’s a “Square” Fez because its sides are Squares, ie, astrologically important Angles spanning one fourth of the Zodiac (short red lines).  Fezzes are “driven” by their diagonals, in this case the Quincunxes (green lines) between Eurydike and Lachesis, and between Sappho and Sun-Ceres-Mnemosyne.  Notice that there are three Fingers of God (green wedges, meaning Pay Attention!), pointing

  • at the Sun from the base (short blue line) of Pluto-Sappho
  • at Eurydike from the base of Pluto-Lachesis
  • at Pluto from the base of Sun-Eurydike

To celebrate Sappho and Unconditional Self-Love, here’s a portrait of the first Daylily of the Northern Spring…

Karma-Chariklo-Pluto II

April 16, 2017

It’s been a long time since we saw a relatively straightforward chart, because it’s been a long time since all of the action hasn’t been happening in the last third of the Signs.  This week asteroid Karma’s Stationary at 3 Degrees, Chariklo at 15 Degrees, and Pluto at 20 Degrees – Pluto turning back just as it’s about to enter the 21-26 Degree zone that’s been so busy!

Not that there isn’t still a whole lot of Action in the last third of the Signs, it just happens not to be what’s Lit Up most Strongly this week.  Let’s start with the Station of asteroid Karma in 3 Virgo…

Not even sure what silly name to give to this Configuration.  Maybe we could call it an “Anchored Truss Bridge” or the like, as it’s certainly a Truss Bridge (two Trine Bridges – the blue lines – on the same side of an Opposition) across the Nodal Axis, with Makemake at least sitting on the beach below if not Anchoring the whole Bridge.

A Trine Bridge of course is a Boon, offering as it does an Easy Path across the Opposition.  A Truss Bridge is even better, offering two Easy Paths!  And when the Opposition is the Nodal Axis it’s a Big Boon, as it suggests Easy Paths for our long-sought Psycho-Spiritual Progress.  And having asteroid Karma Stationary on the North Node should be much Easier than having it Stationary on the South Node.

This is especially true with 2007 OR10 (a dwarf planet that hasn’t been officially named yet, so still goes by it’s discovery code – we usually abbreviate it “OR10”) sitting on the South Node, as OR10 is about Irruptions from the Unconscious.  In this case we can expect Irruptions of Karmic Material, so having that occur in the context of a Big Boon with the promise of Easy Growth is Huge.

Remember too that our usual associations of Karma as negative is a misunderstanding.  As Alan Watts famously said, our Good Karma is harder to Let Go Of than our Bad Karma, as we’re accustomed to thinking of Good Karma as, well, Good.  Karma is Inertia, and we can just as easily get stuck on “Good” Habits as “Bad” ones.  The Bane lies in Reacting to everything one way – even if we’re actually Making Love with Stella – rather than having Free Choice about how to Respond.

Habits and Archetypes are incredibly handy – we couldn’t drive a car without them, for instance.  We don’t Judge Habits.  We just Prefer not to let them enslave us, because they keep us from achieving Presence.

Our two Easy Paths are through Atropos – Endings, and through Mercury – Communication, Thought, Analysis.  In this case Analyzing might be useful, though in general whenever we’re dealing with the Unconscious, PIAVA will usually work better.  If we’re Conscious that it is us that grasps Karma rather than the other way around, then Ending Patterns is indeed Easier.

The Finger of God (green arrowhead) pointing to Makemake suggests that we will be able to Manifest What We Want more Easily if we take advantage of the Sextile (short blue line) at its base – between OR10-South Node and Mercury.  That would involve Understanding what the Unconscious Irruptions are all about.  

I know, Understanding is usually inferior to Intuition, but of course it’s ultimately Both/And – and always Responding one way is counterproductive, even if it’s superior in most cases.  Sometimes we want to mix it u just for the sake of mixing it up.

Now, let’s see what happens if we loosen our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity a bit and add asteroid Nemesis to the chart; Nemesis is 3.06 Degrees of Sensitivity from the Degree of asteroid Karma, …

Nemesis symbolizes Ego Death, so we might say that the Finger of God pointing at it tells us that Ending (Atropos) an Archetype (Karma) is Easier if we Pay Attention to facing down (Lovingly of course) the Ego Death.  

It also introduces a Square (red line) to Mercury, suggesting that Analysis could slow us down after all, if it rationalizes our Olde Ego – which Analysis is always likely to do, because it’s logic based on often-unstated Assumptions, and the unstated Assumptions are very likely to be exactly the Limiting Beliefs we’re trying to Liberate ourselves from.

So, are we Contradicting ourself here?  Be mindful that Contradictions are Either/Ors, while Reality is a Both/And.  Contradictions exist only in the mind of the observer, never in observed Reality.  So sure, we can Contradict all day.  We aren’t building a legal argument, we’re charting a Path into the Unconscious, where Paradox abounds and where Dualities are Illusions.

By the way, this second chart is a Square Fez, embellished with the Nodal Opposition across the center of it.  A Fez is shaped like the hat, here on its side.  The Square Fez has Squares (red lines) for sides; we could also have a Trine Fez, with blue lines for sides.  The essence of a Fez is in the diagonal Quincunxes (green lines, or True Curiosity) – Atropos-Nemesis and Mercury-Makemake.

The Quincunx always Asks us to PIAVA

  • “I Wonder what it would be like to End (Atropos) an Archetype with an Effortless Ego Death (Nemesis).”
  • “I Wonder if I can Manifest (Makemake) just by Thinking (Mercury) about What I Want.”

And then Change the Subject.  That’s probably an Easier way to Allow this Great Leap Forward to occur. 

Despair New Moon

January 26, 2017

In addition to being a Serpent and Hope Moon (previous posts), the 27 January New Moon (4pm PST) will also go a long ways toward Healing our Despair.

The Lachesis New Moon is Octile to Venus-Chiron on one side, Octile to Saturn-Ixion on the other side, and Trioctile to Chaos-Atropos.  If you drew that out you’d see that Venus-Chiron is at the peak of a T-Square, Square to both Saturn-Ixion and Chaos-Atropos.

As Recovering our Forbidden Genius becomes The Most Important Thing, and we begin to see the glimmer on the horizon of our Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented and Fabulous Self, we will be Confronting Values that Limit us.  It we Trust those Values we sink into Despair, because there is No Exit for us.  When we come up against what seems to be a Value, it’s Important to Ask whether the Value springs from our mind, our Gut, or our Heart.

A Value that comes to us through the mind will be an Either/Or.  A “Good Girls and Boys don’t do that.”  That’s Morality, and it’s easy to mistake for Values.  But as we’ve averred many times, Either/Ors are always Political.  A Culture, and especially a Culture masquerading as a Religion, will try to enforce some form of conformity, and educating its children to “proper” behavior is a big part of that.  Morality keeps us in Judgment, Xenophobia, and Defensiveness.  It Divides, it does not Unite.

So if you feel Psychic Pressure to Act contrary to what you always thought of as a governing Value, that can easily create Despair.  Look to see if your Value is an Either/Or.  If it is, try readjusting your Standards so that you Expect yourself to follow that rule on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and Experiment with other rules or variations on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  After a couple of months you can re-evaluate.

A Value that comes to us through the Gut is probably a Defense.  As a Defense, it may not be Present-Moment.  It will always alert you to situations that are similar to situations where you have been Hurt or Abused in the Past, whether or not the current situation is as dangerous.  Proceed Cautiously, constantly Evaluating as you go.  Ask yourself “Am I still Safe?”  “Am I still Safe?”  every several minutes.  Always know where the exit is, where there are Safe people who would Intimidate a Predator just by virtue of numbers.

A process such as this will bring your Gut Value up into Consciousness, where you can make Moment-to-Moment Decisions whether to Trust it or Stretch yourself.  Safety First – don’t try to Stretch much beyond your Comfort Zone without a thorough review of your Safety and the Reliability of your backup troops.  If there’s a Conflict between a Gut Value and Psychic Pressure to Act or Express differently, you want to ease into the space between.

A Value that comes to us through the Heart is likely to be an expression of your Soul Self.  There is always ambiguity, but a fairly Reliable indicator is that you always tear up when you see someone Expressing or Following your Value.  I read a story today about a senior living facility in Europe where six college students were given free rent to live there, to provide “fresh blood” and variety for the residents and educate the students in Empathy and Compassion (and Realism!), and I teared up reading it.  Why?  What is my Value there?

I believe it’s Community, Cooperation, Collaboration.  Of course it could just be a Contradiction to my Abandonment.  My Abandonment says that Collaboration is a pipe dream that will never endure.  If my Abandonment remains largely Unconscious, and I reach for too much Collaboration or step into it before my Abandonment becomes more Conscious, my Fears will come True – we See what we Believe.  I may not be Abandoned, I may instead come up hard against my Suffocation – and Abandon myself.

The T-Square tells us that the Contrast between the place where there are No Edges, No Boundaries, and the place where our Forbidden Genius dwells, is likely to be Acted out through Despair about how our “Values” – True or otherwise – trap us into being Unable and Unwilling to Follow Our Joy.

The problem is that our Values, whether True or not, will inevitably be interpreted as Either/Ors, and Stop us from moving into Higher Frequencies.  That’s exactly the nature of our Forbidden Genius.  Ask yourself…

What is it I Want above all else, regardless of consequences?

What is it that Stops me from Pursuing it?

You’re probably up against your Highest Values on one side of that equation, and perhaps up against your Fear or Inadequacy or Shame or Abandonment (or all of the above) on the other side.  Recognize that these are Intellectualizations of the World, not the Reality of the World.  

There are almost certain to be many people who Enjoy What You Want above all else, without giving it a second thought.  They run a different Frequency than you do.  They probably have the same kinds of Limitations as you in other areas of their Lives.  If someone does it, you can.  How?

When I come to a fork in the road on a road trip and I’m not sure which fork I want to take, I often set my mind aside and let my hands on the steering wheel make the Decision.  It may take some practice, but if you can get your Either/Or mind out of the Conflict you may be able to Allow some portion of What You Want to Descend (or Ascend) into your Life.  

This probably won’t be foolproof, as your Values will probably continue to Stop you before you Allow your Wants to Manifest.  But it may well start to break up the icejam between your Wants and your Values.  At least it’s likely to Create a Space where you have Experienced the Feelings that you Anticipate Feeling when your Wants are Achieved.  The more often you do that, the closer you are to Manifesting What You Really Want.

Another strategy is Yes-And.  Imagine moving toward What You Want, and when you hear the Yes-Buts interceding, Change them to Yes-Ands.  Yes, But what would my Mother say?  Switch that to Yes, And what would my Mother say?  You may realize that your Future could evolve in ways you never suspected were possible.  Instead of Betraying someone’s Trust you may find yourself Enjoying a Fantasy of What You Want without Betraying their Trust.  At the least, the exercise may loosen up the Boundary between the Forbidden and the Possible, between the Unconscious and Consciousness.

The full Configuration is a Trioctile Fez – two Squares separated by an Octile on one end and a Trioctile on the other, with Trioctiles for the diagonals.  A Trioctile implies a Beneficent Adjustment, so even though we’re dealing with two Challenges, they mutually encourage our Mastery of both.  

The corners of the Trioctile Fez here are the Lachesis New Moon, Pandora, Chaos-Atropos, and Venus-Chiron, which creates two Mjolnirs, one pointing at Pandora and the other at Chaos-Atropos.  A Mjolnir signifies Insight, Epiphany.  Insights about our Hope for Transcending our 3D Limitations and Ascending into Miracles.

Holiday Shopping

December 19, 2015

Format reminder…

For Everyone.

Still for Everyone.

For folks who know some astrology, or who want to Learn some by osmosis.

Definitions for folks who are more serious about Learning astrology.

  Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ  

Lots coming up here, with the Solstice only a few days away and a Full Moon to guide St. Nicholas on his rounds.  Let’s have a look using December 22 as an anchor, as dwarf planet Haumea – Rebirth – Initiates Mars (Action) that day…

the Initiation takes place at 24 Libra, “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side” – the Yin side…

a Rebirth of Mars as Consort to the Goddess.  Mars Opposes his sister Eris, Revealer of the Denied, who is strongly illuminated.

Eris is the focus of both a Finger of God based on Venus Sextile Jupiter, and a Mjolnir based on Saturn Square Orcus.  Mars is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.

Mjolnir -Thor’s Hammer in English – symbolizes Lightning, or sudden and irreversible Illumination of the Darkness.   It’s a third planet at the far Midpoint of a Square, so there’s a Trioctile to the third planet from each end of the Square.  The “Tri” is Love with Wisdom; the “Octile” is Adjustment, Rebalancing.  The Square may be Frustrating, but the Mjolnir‘s Epiphany suddenly makes it Miraculously Easy.

It’s about our Discovering the Roots of our Limiting Oaths.  Gently and Lovingly, but Solidly.

I Wonder…  I’ve Wanted so badly to have or be or do THIS, and I’ve been trying forever but I just can’t Create it.  What if I’m Stopping myself.  I Wonder if I swore some sort of Oath a long time ago, that’s still Blocking me.  Something happened, and I reacted by Swearing never to let that happen again.  It’s like trying to remember a Dream – it’s right there, I can taste it, I can almost see it.  What was it?  It’s not about THIS, but it must be related.  There must be a connection between THIS and that, so my Oath against that stymies THIS.  Ganeshi, would you be willing to Lovingly and Gently remove any obstacles to this Revelation and Rebirth?

Orcus Opposes Neptune, with Saturn T-Squaring them both.  That means Mars-Haumea and Eris each make Trioctile Bridges across the T-Square, and together form a Trioctile Rectangle or Box.  

Boxes are driven by the Oppositions between their corners.

Our Oath seems murky because it was an integral part of our Social Programming; if we had or were or did that, we would be ostracized.  And at that age we had no Survival Skills; it would be certain Death, or on earlier Timelines slavery to a rival Tribe.  This is not Child’s Play, we’ve lived many variations of this Pattern on many Timelines, in many Lives.  With the fate of the Planet in our hands, we all need to Let Go of these Limiting Patterns so we can find our Voice to have and be and do what WE need to have and be and do in order to fulfill our Mission.  It seems small, but one missing piece in a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle makes a glaring hole.  It may be Child’s Play, as your Oath may have resulted from Games that are Innocent to Children, but Impermissible to adults.

Mars-Haumea is also Sextile to Ixion-Pholus, and this Sextile is the base of a Sedna Finger of God.

Actions taken out of Fear often have Unintended Consequences, because we don’t have time, or a clear head, to think through the outcomes.  And the same is true of Actions NOT taken out of Fear.  While our Oath may have prevented “sins” of Commission, it has almost Certainly been Creating “sins” of Omission.  There are important roles in your Community that you shy away from because you Unconsciously Fear Punishment if you defy your ancient Oath.  Roles meant for you, and Communities with missing pieces.  Our Rebirth can allow us to Take Full Responsibility for our Unique Genius that we’ve been hiding because we Fear it will appear Pathological.  We may have to Tap out some Fear along the way.

Which makes a Trine Fez: Jupiter Trine Sedna Unx Eris Trine Pholus-Ixion Square Jupiter.  

Fezes are driven by the Quincunxes between their corners.

So we have two assignments, both requiring Permanent Curiosity.  There are no Answers here, only Questions.  Where there are Insights, they should introduce more Questions.  It’s not an intellectual exercise, where an Answer eases our Anxiety and we can relax.  We want to Surrender to Wonder, and be Awed by how incredible the Universe works when we Witness our Ego and Act from Ongoing Curiosity instead.

Great Spirit, how can I Safely navigate my Fear about Living my Unique Genius?  I Wonder what I will need to discover in order to Grow into my rightful place in my Community and on the Planet.

Mars-Haumea is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.  Pluto is the focus of a Quintangle from Juno and the South Node.  The Moon and Juno form the base of a Septangle focused on Ceres.

A Quintile Yod is formed when a third planet is at the far Midpoint between two planets that form a Quintile; the third planet is the focus.  A Quintangle is a third planet at the near Midpoint between two planets forming a Biquintile; again, the third planet is the focus.  A Septangle is a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that make a Triseptile, with the third planet as the focus.

We’re Learning here to Trust our Instincts, and to recognize Despair as the sign that Miracles await; we need only Witness our Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, you really feel Discouraged, don’t you.”  It’s not a Choice; we’re Learning how to Choose Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness instead of continuing to Fear the Edges of our Held Emotions.  Business as Usual is not Sustainable.  We have Instincts that tell us where and how we need to Grow.  We need only to stop ignoring them.

Here’s another way to look at it all...

With thanks to Soulspeak for the introduction to Celia.

Orcus II

December 4, 2015 

We’re writing about Orcus just now because it’s Stationary, which means Strong, on Monday December 7.  It also happens to be Opposite Neptune, with Saturn T-Squaring the pair, which will compound the issues Orcus brings up.  As we wrote in our previous post, Orcus I, dwarf planet Orcus can bring up Conflicts between what we’ve Sworn to Do or who we’ve Sworn to Be, and what or who pops spontaneously out of the Unconscious, the Great Underwhere.  

Well, Saturn is the perfect reinforcement for what we’ve Sworn to Do or who we’ve Sworn to Be, and Neptune the perfect conduit for beautiful Insights bubbling up from the Deeps.  Pay Attention this weekend; The Most Important Thing is likely to be Interruptions that are pregnant with Meaning.  And while it’s not Neptune that’s Stationary, whenever Neptune is Activated, it’s good to remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and that switching to a Spiritual Perspective will often provide Clarity.  Or, just savor the Confusion – use it to stimulate your Perpetual Curiosity.

We have to define a whole new Configuration for the second primary layer of Orcus’s Personality.  Till we think of a better name we’ll call it a Flying Yoda.  I still can’t draw a picture of it because of technical difficulties; we hope to get that fixed soon.  But we talked about and illustrated gliding Flying Squirrels, one with a tail and the other tailless, at 

To make a Flying Yoda we give the Squirrel long ears.

You could also see it as a Fez with a chinstrap.  But there’s a lot more going on with a Flying Yoda.  We have the same portentous Pentagram and Pentagon, the same Finger of Yod pointing to the Squirrel’s or Yoda’s head, or the chinstrap of the Fez, and the same Tricolors inflating the Wings.  But now the Squirrel grows long ears like Yoda.

In a Flying Yoda we have two T-Squares, the bases of which are the Oppositions in a Golden Rectangle.  The foci of the T-Squares – the hands of the Squirrel or Yoda – are Trine to one another.  The four corners of the Golden Rectangle are the Squirrel’s or Yoda’s feet and eartips.  A Flying Yoda would have three points of focus – the head is overlighting, but the foci of the two mutually complementary T-Squares will attract most of the Attention.  All three corners of each T-Square is either Trine, Sextile, Quincunx, or Unx to each of the three corners of the other T-Square, so you have two Masteries through Challenge that educate one another. 

In this case, Mars forms the overlighting head, and the T-Square-focusing hands are Saturn and a Conjunction between Uranus and the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  So Action rules the day, but again we have Order/Yangtegrity/Priority on one pole, and Truth/Yintegrity/Spontaneity on the other – but with consummate Cooperation between the Yin and the Yang.

The base of the Uranus-Asbolus T-Square is Chaos Opposite Ixion, with Chaos Stationary.  That’s a very Strong push toward the Unlimited Potential of our Pathological Genius, fueled by Spontaneity that’s likely to be irrepressible.  The base of the Saturn T-Square is Venus Opposite a Conjunction between Haumea (Rebirth) and Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), a very Strong push toward the unbreakable Confidence and Clarity that flows from Standing in one’s own Truth.

So the basic Energy in the Orcus Flying Yoda is the recommendation to Act in such a way that we Unite our Yintegrity and our Yangtegrity.  How would we do that?  Well, in a nutshell, we would withdraw from Commitments that do not serve our Soul’s Path.  How would we do that, having made those Commitments for good reasons.  Well, we’d have to carefully evaluate each Commitment, to see whether the Oath is still relevant, PIAVA to disentangle ourselves from any Archetypes that are not really or no longer Ours to ride, and renegotiate the Commitments that remain relevant so they better serve our own Mission, while we Lovingly and Gently Witness (Empathize with) any Emotional Baggage involved with either process.  

Easy Peasy, eh?  But it defines a Strategy – Both/And, while PIAVAing Peace between the poles of apparent Conflicts.

We usually think of Archetypes as hijacking our Integrity, but we can also think of them as Horses.  If we’re Unconscious of the Archetype that runs our life, it’s the equivalent of being tied to a wild Stallion.  If we Consciously align ourself with an Archetype that’s “going our way,” we may be able to dismount when we need to switch Horses.

We don’t know what time of day Mike Brown first noticed that Orcus was moving relative to the background Stars, so we don’t know if the Pentagram and it’s five-pointed star point up (White Magick) or down (Black Magick) or askew (Grey Magick), and we won’t go into the Mythology here, but suffice it so say that it’s portentous.  

In common parlance the word “Mythology” often refers to what is more or less considered a fanciful or fictional fabrication of how various aspects of Reality are constructed.  We don’t use the word that way; we consider a Mythology to be just another Perspective, and often one that has great Value.  For instance, when you’re dealing with Huper psychology, there are many Mythologies that are far more useful than the Scienterrific Perspective.  Here’s a great example, comparing antidepression drugs to Light Therapy:

August I – Big Integration

August 5, 2015

neph2450bp Nephrite Jade, a Silicate of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, is knitted together very strongly, even though it’s Silicate Crystal structure is fairly simple – an excellent metaphor for the Integrated Self.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Here’s a great essay on Identity and Embracing one’s Feelings moment to moment – so very timely…

Relative to our May-to-October astroevent that dominates August (see ).  This astroevent been with us since May, but August is otherwise fairly quiet, so it was more in the background till now.  It’s appropriate to call this astroevent the Big Integration, as it asks us to put together several diverse and important parts of ourself. 

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

My camera and computer are still not Integrating, so I haven’t been able to illustrate our charts, but another blog that draws charts much like we do has come to my attention…

Grandtrines names some Configurations differently than we do, for instance their “Hele” is what we’ve been calling a Trine Fez, their “Rosetta” is to us a Square Fez, and their “Huber Learning Triangle” is our Tricolor.  We made up those names, so we aren’t attached to them.  I haven’t seen them illustrate a Diamond Star yet, but we have illustrations of those already – see Diamond Star in the CATEGORIES list to the right and below.

Turns out I’ve evidently been “channeling” Bruno and Louise Huber, in that they also seem to focus on Configurations, and they use colors more or less the same way I do: red for the First-, Second-, and Fourth-Harmonic Motivating Angles, blue for the Third- and Sixth-Harmonic Angles of Grace, and green for the Twelfth-Harmonic Curiosity and Pattern-Breaking Angles – though I add orange for the Fifth and Tenth Harmonics, gold for the Eighth Harmonic, and various odd colors for the Seventh and Ninth Harmonics when they’re strong.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

On 5 August – more or less 5am PDT ( plus or minus six hours, with peaks at plus or minus three hours – we’re out of the Big Grace of 3 August, but we’re in what we might call a Little Grace.  However, we’re also bumping up against the Energies of our June 2016 Honest-and-Fearless-Inventory business. 

If Unpleastantries pop up here, don’t push them aside, start to deal with them instead.  You don’t have to mop up everything – the Revelation is in its infancy and we’re still seeing through a glass darkly, so what we’re mostly dealing with here is our Anxiety about it.  Rather than Responding to your Worst Fears, just Pay Attention and step up your PIAVAs and Planning – this will probably require both sides of your Self before we’re done with it.

The Portal has already closed as I write this, but no worries.  Time travel is easy – just PIAVA it (if you’re new here, click on PIAVA in the CATEGORIES list to the right and below).  What was going on for you during this Window?  Interpretation is more important than prognostication; can you Integrate your Feelings and Circumstances with the ideas we present here?  That’s top Priority.  Never too late to stop Responding to your Worst Fears and instead Pay Attention and invoke your PIAVAs.

At around 2am the Moon crosses Uranus, and at around 5am it crosses Eris; the June 2016 Initiation of Uranus by Eris is going to be a big Truth-Telling capper to our 2012-2015 Yintegrity work.  However, the Oppositions between Uranus-Eris and Haumea, and between Chaos and Pholus-Ixion, form a Mystic Rectangle, which carries Grace, assuming we can assimilate the Oppositions.

Among other things, we might refer to the Oppositions as the Social Rebirth that follows our Willingness to Live our Naked Truth (Uranus-Eris-Haumea in Aries-Libra), and the Unlimited Potential that results from our Taking Full Responsibility for Who We Really Are and Letting Go of our various charades (Chaos-Pholus-Ixion in Gemini-Sagittarius).  If you have a journal, check back to see what was going on in your Young Life in January 2012; Ixion Initiated Pholus on 19 January at 19 Sagittarius, “Pelicans, manaced by the behavior and refuse of men, seek safer areas for bring up their young.”  Rudhyar’s take is “The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.

   Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ

We’ll look at the rest of the month in August II.

More Eqclipsinox

March 19, 2015

diopt8931bpA brownish Cerussite Crystal (Lead Carbonate) nestled into the center of a bed of emerald-green Dioptase Crystals (Copper Silicate).  Dioptase invites Magnetic Magic while Cerussite connects the Crown Chakra to Source.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

I’ve discovered an error; the Eclipse is at half past 2am PDT March 20 ( and I’ve been saying that the Equinox is an hour later, but it’s not, it’s thirteen hours later, at quarter to 4pm PDT (  I’ve been misreading the am/pms.  Here’s a non-Coca Cola website that’ll have a live broadcast…

starting at half past 1am PDT.  Anything’s gonna be better than the horrible Live (sic) Astro-Events that Coke’s been sponsoring since the Venus Transit in 2012.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

Bonnie adds,

“And the secret must be broadcast at last: What we call ‘emotion’ is the ‘living connective tissue’ of All-of-Life in a domain, as Darin says, that we have neither name nor model for.  When we are in love, in joy, in awe and wonder, we are experiencing ourselves connected to this ‘living connectivity’.”  (see

I’d add “in Curiosity” to the list.

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

And SoulSpeak (as she of all folks would) guides us to one of the most Powerful, if not The most Powerful, Healing Meditation I’ve ever heard.  It would be a fabulous way to meet the Equipse or the Ecualnox, or just to Celebrate our Uranus-Pluto graduation, as if Healing needs an excuse.  It takes an hour; find a place to lie down near your computer speakers, and bring plenty of Kleenex…

Find SoulSpeak’s fount of wisdom at .

  ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞    ∞ 

And Elizabeth points out that we might want to mention some of the other dramas unfolding as the Eclipsquinox unwinds.

For instance, Uranus and Pluto, even though the Square is past Exact, are still within ten arcminutes of one another…

So really, even though the burner has been turned off, it’ll be mid-May before the Yintegrity pot cools.  It will be lit up on March 21 and 27, April 4-8, 11, 17 and 24, and May 1 and 8, so you’ll have opportunity for remedial work if there are still things you need to get off your chest – especially after that Meditation!

The Uranus-Pluto Square makes a Major Tricolor with Jupiter during the Eclipse, and a Minor Tricolor with dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder)

There is still more than enough Yintegrity Energy around for plenty of Life-Changing Breakthroughs.  Aim high.  I know, all your Life you’ve assumed that what you’d really Love isn’t possible.  But just for once, What if it Was?

There is a Quintile Yod pointing at Juno from Pallas and Neptune…

Some of the Bigger Breakthroughs will be surprising, as they’ll involve Learning how to change the way we set Boundaries in Social situations, so we don’t “give ourselves away” as much, or have to hide our True Self as much.  Who knows, we might be enlisting our Inner 2-Year-Old and start saying “No” to people.

And a Trine Fez between Juno, Saturn, Venus, and the Chariklo-Hylonome Conjunction…

If our concept of what it means to Walk in Beauty is Challenged by our Growth in Consciousness, we may find that there are More Important Things than pleasing everyone – like maybe, pleasing ourSelf.  All Losses must be Grieved, though, and we may have to Grieve the Loss of an Identity that was built on “Nice.”  Yintegrity may involve more Grief than Nice did, so it’ll be good practice for Mastering Grief.

Just to review some terms here, a Major Tricolor is a triangle made up of a Square, Quincunx, and Trine, while a Minor Tricolor is one comprising a Square, Quincunx, and Sextile.  Since we use red for Squares, blue for Trines and Sextiles, and green for Quincunxes, these Configurations end up in three colors.  You unlock the Grace in the Trine or Sextile, to neutralize the Challenge in the Square, by Attending to the relationship between the two Quincunxed planets with CuriosityA Sextile requires an initiatory Action to liberate the Grace.

A Trine Fez (so named because it’s shaped like the Turkish hat) is a parallelogram with a Square for a base, an Unx (Semi-Sextile) at the top, and Trines for sides.  The Challenge in the Square is dealt with by applying Curiosity to the relationships between each of the two kitty-corner planet pairs.  Here that’s Venus and Saturn (Walking Beauty and Priorities), and Juno and Chariklo-Hylonome (Edges of Consciousness and Grief over Loss of a Free Pass).

Full Moon Lingering

January 7, 2015


It’s pretty obvious we aren’t done with this Full Moon Emotionally, so we better have another look at it astrologically.  We’re also dealing with an Eris Station in a few days, but that shouldn’t be that strong yet,

unless we have natal planets in the 20- to 25-degree range.  The Full Moon will be tickling (or wringing) our planets in the 10- to 17-degree span, and to a lesser extent 0 to 3 degrees.

The chart above is upside down.  So what looks like earbuds at the top is really the North Node, and what looks like headphones at the bottom is really the South Node.  When they’re right-side-up, the North Node looks like headphones and the South Node looks like earbuds.  We turned it upside down to better show the emphasis on Saturn.

A Kite is a Grand Trine with a fourth planet at the Midpoint of one of the Trines.  The fourth planet becomes the focus, channeling the Grace of the Grand Trine.  This is a Grand Cross with a fifth planet at the Midpoint of one of the Squares, so I guess we could call it a Box Kite.  The fifth planet would become the focus, channeling the Challenge of the Grand Cross

In this chart it also has “wings” – those symmetric Sextiles from two corners of the Grand Cross.  They actually make another new Configuration, a Sextile Fez, to join our family of the Trine Fez and Square Fez.  The Sextile Fez consists of two interlocking Yods or Fingers of God, telling us to Pay Attention to the two planets at the base of the Sextile Fez, and suggesting that we can resolve the Square on top by making sure that our Curiosity – about the relationship between the two planets in the base – is genuine.

Combining a Box Kite and a Sextile Fez that have parallel bases, gives us a complex symmetric Configuration with seven sides and dominated by the Mjolnir focused on the fifth planet in the Box Kite.  The seven-sided figure brings the Seventh Harmonic into the picture, so we may want to check to see if there’s any Shamanic Magic afoot.  For lack of a better term, let’s call it a Septogram.

Got all that?  Well, let’s start with the Mjolnir

If we’re confronted with the Manifestation of our Karma, what’s The Most Important Thing for us to do (or be) about it?

That is, the base of the Mjolnir is a Square (Challenge) between the Moon (Manifestation) and Uranus on the South Node (the Held Emotions which prevent us from Living our Truth).

That’s pretty heavy.  I’d say that The Most Important Thing would be to not get sucked into the pretense that this is a Present Moment issue.  There’s a high likelihood that we’re Reacting to past events, not to the Reality of what’s going on in the Present.  When Emotions arise we crave Justifications for them – so we know what to Grieve, or who to be Angry with, or what it is that’s Scaring us, or what makes us Ecstatic or Excited or “just” Satisfied.  But when the Emotions aren’t Present-Moment, the reasons we’re making up are unfortunately just noise, and it’s noise that can do significant damage to our Present-Moment circumstances, if we React to our reasons.

The Most Important Thing to “do” with non-Present Moment Emotions, is to Witness them, lovingly and gently.  It helps to locate them in your Body, where you can warm and soften them.

How do we know when Emotions are non-Present Moment?  When the Moon Squares the South Node, it’s a sure bet (even without Uranus on the South Node.  Uranus just makes the whole thing more personal).  The Present-Moment Triggers for our Emotions could even be valid reasons for us to Respond as if the Emotions were “Real.”  But our Reactions will be out of proportion to the Trigger.  When our Reactions make the situation worse, it reinforces our justifications, so now we believe we’re “right,” adding another brick to our narrow Karmic silo.

So the Insight (the Mjolnir) that’s available here is provided by the situation that grabbed you, whatever it was.  That situation always Regresses you so you aren’t bringing your Present-Moment Skillset into the situation with you.  You’re using an incomplete Skillset from an earlier age and era.  You can “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” by recognizing that you’re Overreacting Emotionally, and stepping aside to Witness your Emotions.  Even if you’re in the thick of your Reactions, you can Stop, make Amends if necessary (“Gee, I’m getting Emotional here, aren’t I.”), and take a timeout (“Lets finish this discussion later, okay?”).

What about the Sextile Fez?  The Square across the top is Sun-Pluto to North Node, so the Challenge is likely to be that…

You’ve been doing very well working toward a Goal or Mission of yours that feels critically important, you may not even be sure why it feels that way, and the Emotional situation that has arisen has kind of sucker-punched your efforts toward your Goal.

And what’s the Quincunx about at the base of the Sextile Fez?  Juno to Chiron – the Edge of Consciousness and Despair/Miracles.

Recognize that, whatever other Emotions have been Triggered, you’re also feeling Curious about something.  What is it that piques your Curiosity?  It may be whether or not the Motives that you’re attributing to the other parties in your Drama are really theirs.  They might be and they might not be, but when we’re Regressed, the important thing is to be present with those Motives as if they were our own.  Not so we feel Guilt or Self-Judgment – those feelings indicate that we’re off-track.  But is there a sense in which we weren’t being completely straightforward?  Maybe we just weren’t speaking the Whole Truth, maybe we were holding something back.

When we Own the Motives that we’ve been attributing to Others, if we can do it without Judgment or Blame, we stretch the Edges of our Consciousness and Create Miracles.  Situations that felt Hopeless are suddenly salvageable.  We could even find Despair replaced with Excitement.  The Other is a funhouse Mirror.  Our hidden Motives are never perfectly parallel to the Motives that we believe drive the Other, but they’re “something like that.”  You probably don’t even want to name them.  You could even just state your Curiosity…

“Gee, I’m really intrigued by how I might actually be Creating this Drama.  What if this is a play and it’s Me that’s writing it?  Who would I want to play the part of Me in the movie?  Who would play The Other?  Suppose I’m the Director, and I have to give Direction to the person playing The Other.  How would I advise them?  How would I Direct the person who’s playing Me?  Wow, what a Trip!”

Friday’s Eris Station will give us more clues.  We’ll talk about them next.

Aqua Full Moon Redux

August 10, 2014


Now that the Full Moon is upon us, I’ve had time to look at it in detail.  It’s obvious why Kelley emphasizes Saturn, which is asking us two things…

  • What’s The Most Important Thing for our Yindependence?
  • What’s The Most Important Thing for our Emotional Stability?

Emotional Stability is paramount if we want to be able to Focus on any sort of Manifestation, whether it’s Healing, Abundance, World Peace, or a fun weekend.  If we don’t have Emotional Stability we’ll Manifest a picture of what we’re actually Feeling – Fear, Anger, Grief.  Even if we’re Feeling Joy but not Stability, we’ll manifest a picture of transient Joy.

The Full Moon is Square to Saturn.  The two questions are represented by the Square to Sun-Lilith and the Square to the Moon.  Since the Sun Conjoins Lilith, our Yindependence is likely to be near the top of our priorities.

The “answer” to both is our Yintegrity, but it’s not like we just need to go out and splash our True Self onto the World.  Mystery is present; we need to Wonder how being True to our Deeper Self will respond to those questions, then step aside to see what happens.

Uranus makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Full Moon Opposition; however, it’s on the other side of the Opposition from Saturn, hence the Saturn-Uranus relationship is a Quincunx – Curiosity or Wonder.  So the Sun/Lilith-Saturn Square makes a Major Tricolor with Uranus, and the Moon-Saturn Square makes a Minor Tricolor with Uranus.  With a Minor Tricolor, since the Grace arrives in the form of a Sextile, we’ll need to Act to start the good flowing.

In the case of our Emotional Stability, we’ll also need to take a step in the direction of Healing.  In addition to Wondering about how our Truth will Heal jittery or negative Emotions, we need to PIAVA the Freedom to set our Masks aside, or tell someone what we’ve been afraid to say.

There is a second answer to the Yindependence question, and it’s about Allowing Miracles.  Which means that we need to work on our Beliefs, especially our Unconscious Beliefs. 

Chiron is Quincunxed by Sun-Lilith from the other end of its Saturn Square, making another Major Tricolor.

Paul Gautschi models a fabulous way to approach this in

“This is too big for me,” he says, “so I have to ask God.”  Or Goddess, or Great Spirit, or your Guides, or your beloved Grandmother on the Other Side.  That is, PIAVA it.  Except in flashes of Insight, we don’t have access to our Unconscious Beliefs, they’re the fellow behind the curtain pulling the levers.  So we need to PIAVA to be advised about any Unconscious Beliefs that inhibit our Yindependence so we can then PIAVA to get them changed – Lovingly and Gently – so we can proceed to Healing.

Whenever you work directly with the Unconscious, always add “Lovingly and Gently” to your PIAVAs.  Otherwise it’s too easy to “get what we asked for” – with unintended consequences.

* * * * *

What’s the difference between Yintegrity (Uranus) and Yindependence (Lilith)?  Yintegrity is about Creating the space where we can choose to exercise our Want-Tos instead of our Shoulds.  Yindependence is about pursuing our own Goals and Values rather than giving our Power to someone else.  They’re obviously very intertwined. 

Yintegrity is alignment with our Soul.  Most of us “hired” (on the Soul level) the significant adults in our childhood to Program us to Believe, Think, Act – and even Feel – contrary to our Yintegrity.  The potatoes of a Lifetime – the meat is our Mission – is detecting and overcoming our Programming.  In many cases our Programming is a mirror image of our Karma.  In many cases pursuing our Mission requires overcoming our Programming.

Yindependence is alignment with our Inner Female.  Yes, by and large, women are more likely to be in touch with their Feelings and therefore more likely to be in touch with their Values.  But you can’t take that for granted.  For instance, you may believe that it’s important to be nice to people.  PIAVA to discover whether that’s a Value or a Should.

* * * * *

All of which describes a Trine Fez over the Sun/Lilith-Saturn Square. Here’s the T-Square and the Fez…

IMG_1048A Trine Fez is capped by a Semi-Sextile – the Twelfth Harmonic.  So we can encapsulate the Fez and resolve the base Square by Breaking the Pattern between the two planets in the cap – Uranus and Chiron…

There is a portion of our True Self which remains under wraps because we don’t believe it’s Possible to let it out of its cage.  We were probably pretty bummed by the censorship once, but then we just got used to the notion that we couldn’t do anything about it, and just put the whole issue out of our mind.  We’ve been repressing that bummer for so long that it’s just no longer part of our Reality.  It’s become part of our Mythology instead.  That’s just the way it is.

How do we detect our Unconscious Beliefs about what isn’t Possible? 

Start with your Deepest Desire. 

Why is it that you don’t dedicate every waking Act to it? 

What would it Feel like if you could do that? 

What would it take for you to devote just one Act per day to your Deepest Desire, starting with the safest Edge of it? 

What would happen if you spent six minutes twice a day where you did nothing else except imaging how you’d Feel if you were Free to devote every waking Act to your Deepest Desire? 

I imagine that several things might happen.  You might start to Forgive yourself for having a forbidden Desire.  You might start being more relaxed about things and more able to “be yourself” in general.  Your Desire may shift.  When our Desires present themselves to us, they do it in code. 

Our Mission on the Planet is really far larger than we can ever hope to understand with the linear dualistic mind.  So the carrot or chocolate bar or wine bottle on the end of that stick that extends out from our forehead is painted in colors that make sense to us from where we’re at.  When we get closer to it, it repaints itself.  We never know what it will morph into.

* * * * *

The Full Moon also contains a whole new animal – what we’ll call an Octile Fez.  It’s a Square Fez (Squares on the non-parallel sides), but instead of a Trine at the base and a Sextile for a cap, it has a Trioctile (Sesquisquare) for a base, and an Octile (Semi-Square) at the top.  It’s two interlocking Mjolnirs that provide Epiphanies to unlock each of the Squares.

IMG_1047The Moon-Saturn Square is the base of a Juno Mjolnir – Insight about Stabilizing ourself Emotionally comes to us from the Growing Edge of our Consciousness.  What the heck might that mean?

Let me review – what are The Most Important Things I’ve been Learning over the last several months?  Okay, there’s this.  And oh yeah, that.  Good. 

And what is it I’m anxious about right now? 

Hmm, I can see how the first two are related – whenever anxiety arises I can just remember the larger context of what I’m Learning. 

But I do Wonder about how the second one relates.

The other Square is from Juno to Pallas, with the Mjolnir focused on the Moon; Insight about which Boundaries we may need to tighten or loosen in order to find greater Emotional Stability…

If I try to grow my Yindependence, they’re going to be upset with me.  I Wonder how I can set a clean Boundary that doesn’t make things worse. 

You know, I may not need to be quite so reserved with those other people – they seem to like me and may be more accepting than I’ve been giving them credit for.  I should test that gently, to see how they respond.

So, can we summarize this Fez like we did the other one?  The base is a Trioctile between the Moon and Juno, implying that we can enhance our well-being by Adjusting how we Manifest.  What sort of Adjustment?  The cap is an Octile between Pallas and Saturn – it’s Important that we Realign our Boundaries and Reassess who we Trust.  It’s a Waning Octile, meaning we want to err on the side of Surrender more than Action.

Maybe I should just be more honest and direct with people, rather than trying to control how they react to me – then see where the chips fall.  I’d find out more about whom I can Trust that way, instead of trying to please everybody.  I think I’ll try that.

* * * * *

We’re left with a couple of Fifth-Harmonic Triangles…

IMG_1049The big one, pointing at Saturn, is two Trideciles across a Venus-Neptune Biquintile.  It suggests that…

One thing we’re Learning here is how to Walk in Beauty with Spirit.

The smaller triangle is a Quintangle focused on Ceres from a base of Sun-Lilith Biquintile Pluto…

We’re also Learning how important it is, and how to, make our Yindependence Sustainable.