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Ego Edges

September 6, 2021

We’re still trying to satisfy two Goals with one Blog – describing what’s going on on the Planet while gradually teaching astrology, since anything you Learn about astrology will greatly deepen your Experience of Life on Earth and your Adeptness with it. In this post, read through it first while Suspending Disbelief and ignoring the footnotes. Then go back and reread the whole post, exploring the footnotes as you go. Even if you have no interest in Learning anything about astrology, there is much to gain by simply skimming the footnotes to see if anything catches your eye. Skimming may not get us a PhD, but when we’ve skimmed the same or similar material many times, a lot more has sunk in than we Realize.


One of the greatest Toxins that we Encounter is Certainty. My training as a Psychic was rudimentary. I had fabulous Teachers, I just didn’t pursue it very far because there were too many other Threads going on at the time, but one of the first things I learned was that an easy way to access our Intuition is to Ask ourself, What If I Did Know?

It’s a great technique, and it almost always serves us, but without additional Discernment Skills, it serves our Heart’s Truth, not necessarily the Etheric Truth, and not necessarily Someone Else’s Heart’s Truth. Our Heart’s Truth is a Reliable Guide for Avoiding Self-Sabotage, but it doesn’t Clear our Limitations. Of course, for most everyone reading this, your Heart’s Truth will include a Life Mission of Clearing your Limitations, but that can’t help but compete with other, more trivial matters, such as Survival, or Getting Bald and High…

We’ve just been through a couple of weeks of Fear and Anger,1 and we’re already diving into another week that isn’t per se about Fear and Anger, but is by its nature heavily encumbered with Fear and Anger.2 We’ll talk more about this Forbidden Genius of ours soon, but I want to introduce Them through a prominent (though subtle) feature of the 22 August Full Moon…3

1 The 30 August 2021 Station of Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] in 30 Taurus, stretched out by the 30 August-3 September Out-of-Bounds Moon [Excess Emotionality Covered by Deep and Wide Culturally-Supported Justification, AKA Focusing on our Thoughts about our Emotions rather than on how and where we Feel the Emotions in our Body]. Can we tell the Difference between our Emotions and our Thoughts about them?

Our Thoughts about our Emotions are Mental Gibberish serving only to prop up our Old Ego, Prevent Rebirth, and Maintain our Karmic Limitations. Emotion Itself on the other hand, is the Portal to our Sacred Intuition, to our Future, and potentially to our Liberation from Karmic Limitation (if we have the Fortitude to tackle our Thoughts about the Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel ).

If we can Learn this Discernment1a in this Lifetime, it will be the Pinnacle of Cosmic Success that will Change our Karma forever. Our fellow Gronabixoleans won’t recognize us when we return to our Home Galaxy. Discerning our Emotions (Pisces) from our Thoughts about them (Aquarius) is the Central Lesson of the Pisces-Aquarius Cusp, and if we don’t Learn it here we could be Stuck in Piscean Victimhood for possibly another 25 thousand years, till the next Progressed Pisces-Aquarius Cusp rolls around. Won’t that be Fun. Thank the Goddess that Linear Time is an Illusion.

1a We also have to Learn that Emotions aren’t Ours or Theirs, any more than the Weather is. Emotions are Independent Energies that Visit us, and can Attach to our Egos like Leeches and Suck Away our Life Force. But they also Serve us as a Portal to our Sacred Intuition. We Feel and Dismiss them in a flash, till we get Stuck on Our Thoughts about Them. If we make Decisions based on our Thoughts about Them, we Create sticky new Karma that can follow us around the Multiverse like a hungry Coyote, just Out of Sight. But we know they’re There, don’t we.

2 The 12 September (5:07 am PDT) Station of Ixion [Our Forbidden Genius] in 30 Sagittarius, the same Degree (in different Signs) as the Sedna Station and the Full Moon. When planets are in the same or nearby Degrees, the Interactions between their Domains of Impact are much more Intense. The Full Moon, the Sedna Station, and the Ixion Station span three weeks, but the Unconscious doesn’t Live in Linear Time. There in the Universe beyond the Bounds of our Ego (which Universe, if you haven’t noticed, is usually very much Larger than we are), everything is Simultaneous. Natives of North America (nee Turtle Island) Believe that everything that ever happened in a place is still going on there. If you bother to Look for it, you can Feel it.

3 In 30 Aquarius. The New and Full Moons primarily impact the 2-4 weeks following them. Find the complete chart for the 22 August Full Moon in the Expanding into Fear II post.

…namely, we have a Challenge between a double symbol of Rebirth and a double symbol of Death.4 This is not a Duel, but a more nuanced Conflict with many combatants and collaborators and involved spectators who have Skin in the Game.5 Our Self-Confidence is deeply Involved,6 as is The Integration of Feminine Power into our Life.7

4 Asteroid Klotho [Beginning New Fateful Adventures] Conjunct [Merged With] dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth in an Unformed Molten State] on the Birth side, Square to [Challenged by – drawn as the shorter red line] two Strangers we’ve added to fill Vacancies, asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death] Merged With dwarf planet Cyllarus [Death in Combat] on the Death side. Centaur Cyllarus was Killed in the battle that Wounded Chiron.

5 The Square is part of a Grand Cross [Difficult and Complex Process involving many Related Issues – four planets equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, shown by the red square with a cross in the middle].

6 The other two corners of the Grand Cross are dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] – Chiron’s wife, and…

7 Two Fixed Stars, Al Rescha [Bringing two disparate Concept Sets together to Create Deeper Understanding] and Mirach [Harmony, Receptivity, Intuition, Magnetism, Collaboration].

Remember our first sentence? When we’re in a Life-and-Death Struggle, Certainty is the Order of the Day. We’re Certain that the Oxymoronavirus will kill us if we Let It. Or Wait! No, the Vaccine will Certainly Kill us! Meanwhile, Global Warming is Killing us, drowning some of us while we sleep. The Emperor has no Clouds. What is it that the Howlers Fear Most? Loss of Freedom, all seem to say.

Freedom to continue Life As It Was Known. Freedom to Blame the Threat to Survival on Viruses, Vaccines, Abortions, Masks, Political Opponents, anything which will Focus Attention on those Thoughts about the Fear that Life will Change drastically, because if the Caterwauling is loud enough, Influencing the Outcome of those Issues may be Possible. Won’t it be a shock when it’s discovered that Stopping Abortions and Vaccines and Viruses and Political Opponents doesn’t Stop Floods and Wildfires and Freezeouts. Won’t it be a shock when parents who risked their Children’s Lives sending them back to School discover that the Schooling that the Surviving kids received is worthless because it was only Relevant to Destroying the Earth.

In any four-cornered astrological Configuration, the Diagonals between the corners provide useful information. In this Death-Rebirth Configuration the Diagonals are Oppositions, usually signifying that two Concepts are Arguing, or if we aren’t in Resistance, that they’re willing to Cooperate.

The Rebirth corner Dances with the Integration of Feminine Power corner.8 If we’re indeed on the Cusp of Letting the Patriarchy Burn Itself Out, this will be a Delightful Dance. If we’re Terrified that our Investments in the Patriarchy are Bankrupt, then we’re likely to be Screaming into our Zoom Meetings that it’s Imperative to Bring Back Business-As-Usual, because that’s More Important (to them) than how many people are Dying.

The Death corner Dances with Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.9 If we’re Confident we’re on our Path, then we’ll Embrace the Ego Death. If we’re in Self-Doubt, our Fear of Death will probably be Lit Up, and we might even be contemplating Physical Death.

But it’s not that simple. If we look closely we can see that both of these Oppositions are Mystery Schools.10 In a Mystery School we Learn something completely Surprising and Unexpected from the Dance, something that’s not accessible to the two-dimensional mind. If we’re Open to it, that is, and if we Avoid trying to “Figure It Out.” The Insights available are not accessible by the Mind, as they’re more multidimensional that the Mind is able to Grok. We have to be Mindful of the Presence of Thinking, Thank it and Bless It, and Open our Intuition instead.

There is something Profound to Learn, available to us over the coming week, about the Relationship between (Ego) Death and Confidence or Doubt, and something Profound for us to Learn about the Relationship between our Rebirth and our Integration of Feminine Power. Astrology does give hints about where to look for these Insights.11 Death and Confidence-Doubt are somehow tied up in this Adventure with Being More Open to Embracing our Hidden Genius and Acknowledging How We Were Punished For It in our Youth. Rebirth and Feminine Power are somehow bound up in this Workshop with Acknowledging our Guilt and Tapping It Out.

8 Klotho-Haumea Opposite Mirach-Al Rescha.

9 Requiem-Cyllarus Opposite Chariklo.

10 These Oppositions are both Yin Gates. The Klotho-Haumea to Mirach-Al Rescha Opposition is surrounded by a big blue “Golden” Rectangle, Golden because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the “Golden Angle” of Sacred Geometry fame, an Angle that is Replete in Nature. Its corners are Karma, Nemesis [Guilt], the Fixed Star Scheat [Creative Freedom from Conventional Thinking], and Sedna.

The Chariklo to Requiem-Cyllarus Opposition is also enclosed in a Golden Rectangle, but it’s drawn in thinner blue lines. It connects Ixion et al, Moon-Jupiter [Expanding our Instincts], Chaos-Asbolus [Intuitive Insight into our Unlimited Potential], and Sun-Thereus [The Places in our Essence where we’re Willing to Wrestle with Bears].

11 In the six diagonals embedded in each of the bisected Golden Rectangles…

For Rebirth-Feminine Power they’re the Karma-Scheat and Nemesis-Sedna Oppositions, Klotho-Haumea’s Quincunxes to Scheat and to Sedna, and Mirach-Al Rescha’s Quincunxes to Nemesis and Karma. Quincunxes are 5-Sign Angles, drawn in green lines.

For Death-Confidence they’re Chaos-Asbolus’s Opposition to Ixion-Pholus-GC, the Sun-Thereus Opposition to Moon-Jupiter, Chariklo’s Quincunxes to Chaos-Asbolus and Sun-Thereus, and Requiem-Cyllarus’s Quincunxes to Jupiter-Moon and Ixion-Pholus-GC.

These many Relationships are for Meditation, not Analysis – that’s 12 Meditations. If you’re up for that, more Power to you! Remember that Quincunxes represent Questions, not Answers or Statements. And Remember that in a Yin Gate, Oppositions will not be Arguments or Collaborations, but Paradoxes, like Zen Koans. What’s the Sound of One Bear Wrestling while Expanding? might be an example (Thereus Opposite Jupiter). The Insights in these Gordian Knots will be Personal, not Global. If you have any natal planets on Cusps, the Rewards from this Exploration may be Immense.

Rebirth into Self-Love II

July 12, 2021

Brenda Hoffman’s Channel today concurs…

“You have a need to be perfect, to be immediately clear of all impediments to new you.

“Becoming new you is a process, not an overnight activity.

“You will clear or shift when you need to do so. Even though a toddler wants to be as skilled as their older sibling, such is impossible until they develop the necessary skills. Or, it may never be possible because the toddler and their older sibling are different entities.

“Many of your new skills need to be developed further before they can be actualized.

“Do you remember having interests as a child that evolved into adult 3D interests or your career? So it is now. Each interest might seem minimal until it is attached to a new skill set or idea.

“Allow yourself to flow into your new you without fear, shoulds, or have tos.

“Even though you might revert to 3D fears or compulsions because that is your former comfort zone, you have completed the difficult work of exiting your 3D being. Just as many 3D infants, toddlers, and young children reverted to their Universal knowledge through invisible friends and other indicators until they became so enmeshed in 3D life they forgot their Universal accesses.

“The reverse is now happening to you. You are rapidly forgetting or ignoring your 3D knowingness. As you do so, some pieces might come to the surface, just as the wind might create choppy lake waves.

“If choppy waves arrive for you, address them as you wish, knowing your waves will soon be light and airy again.

“You no longer require an earth life to explore a specific fear as you did in 3D. This is a new world. And in this new world, you address, function, react to or create as you wish. Do you wish to address the choppy waves? Do so. Do you wish to wait until the waves recede? Do so. Do you wish to ignore the choppy waves and continue moving forward? Do so.

“This is not your parents‚Äô world. You are a new being in a new world. Exploring this and creating that ‚Äď when you wish. Even though you are an infant new being learning new skills, this is not months or years-long process.

“You are a wondrous being in a new world. Skills will become apparent when you are ready to use them, just as answers will become apparent when you are ready to access them.

“As you flit from one interest to another, you will automatically achieve the skills you want when you need them.

“Universal skills are about ease and grace. Three-D skills are based on fear and punishment.

“Likely, you repeated a 3D fear in 3D life after life to ensure you were no longer tied to that fear. Think of yourself now as a honey bee flitting from interest to interest, gathering sweet honey here and there.

“Many of you claim that you remain in your cocoon. We, of the Universes, beg to differ.

“Even though it appears as if nothing much has changed in your life, you have not been in a cocoon for several weeks. Think back to those pieces that indicated something was changing. Perhaps a new memory, a fogginess of being, interacting with new people or animals, or finding little need to do what you once found productive.

“Thousands of little pieces that indicate you are no longer in a cocoon state. What you have not acknowledged is you are in the midst of a new norm, despite a disinterest in leaving your home, community, or any indicator you have created to believe you remain in a cocoon.

“You are in a new place, expanding your horizons. Perhaps not as you once did in 3D, but most certainly as a new being.

“Even though an infant smiling or picking up a rattle is considered growth, you admonish yourself despite your amazing growth the past few weeks. Some of you are merely creating or utilizing less visible skills.¬†

“You still measure your growth in 3D terms ‚Äď loud and brash. New you is subtle and gentle. So it is new you has arrived in ways best for your peace and contentment.

“Will your current life change? Most decidedly so. Just as a 3D newborn becomes a toddler, teen, and adult.¬†

“The difference is, your new you expansion is soft and gentle, just as is true for Universal life. So be it.”

Ancestors Full Moon 3 (Boundaries VII)

February 18, 2019

A reader asks…

“Now how to come upon that ego death, what is that – and what does that look like?¬† I know it‚Äôs in the ‚Äėliterature‚Äô; the fine print!¬† And am I reading between the lines, perhaps, that seem to be about moving up and beyond karmic entanglement?¬† …it feels so weighted now.”

Yes, I realized last night that I should say more about Ego Death, but I’d already written so much that I didn’t want to stretch it out more.¬† So I appreciate the Question.

And yes, Ego Death is “in the literature,” at¬† The essence is¬†Noticing that you’re feeling like “I’d rather die than go through that again,” and a key to becoming Adept with this “ED” is to reframe the Experience from “I’d rather Die than…” to “I would rather die than…”¬† Making that a PIAVA would also be a boon.¬† There’s much more “in the literature,” for instance, when you get lost in your own ‘hood or can’t remember your own phone number, those are signs that you’re Newly Reborn.

Ego Death is a Psychological Molt that needs to occur whenever we feel Overwhelmed and Recognize that we have to Change something in order to Enjoy going on with our Life, but we also feel Trapped by our Commitments (or lack thereof if we’re Feeling Isolated) and don’t know what we even can Change.¬† Making our Ego Death a PIAVA Surrenders all that Change mishmash about What and Why and How and Who to our Intuition, which Knows well What needs to be Changed, and How to do it.

We might PIAVA an Ego Death with something like “I Wonder what I need to be Happy” or “Great Spirit, Please Make My Life Enjoyable (Again)” or Asking yourself “What Do I Really Want?” and then spending some time with the Feeling you would have in your Body if you had the Luxury of Allowing Yourself to Receive Exactly That.¬† And certainly “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel at your Wit’s End, don’t you” or “… you feel Anxious, don’t you” would be a quick way to Change the wallpaper.¬† Of course you’d Change the Subject after each PIAVA.

Folks say that all this “New Agey” stuff is just another excuse for putting off the Action that we need to take, but I differ adamantly about that.¬† Taking Action from our Dynamic Planning-Doing mindset Changes nothing, as our Inner Male can only perpetuate His Limitations.¬† We have to Appeal to our Inner Female to Change anything.¬† She Knows what must be done, and She Knows how to Motivate your Inner Male to¬†Enjoy getting to Work when it’s Time and when it’s Right.

The whole idea behind PIAVA is that, sometime after you Change the Subject, you Wake Up and Notice that You Are Doing What It Takes to Solve the Problem, without even Noticing that you’re Doing it, because once you Changed the Subject you Changed your Perspective, and now the World is running on a whole New engine and transmission, and the words you used to use to describe your Frustration (if you even remember them, which often you won’t) aren’t even Relevant anymore.

Your Inner Lady IS your Heart, She Knows What You Want Intimately, and She Knows How to Get It, because She Knows the World Intuitively.¬† Your “Head” (really we’re talking about the Third Chakra, not the Sixth, so “Head” is a misnomer – your Inner Male comes out of your Solar Plexus) only Knows What You Think, and you’re Thinking that What You Want is Unreachable, and since He only Knows the World Empirically, He can only Act to Keep On Doing What He’s Been Doing, which Aint Working, or you wouldn’t be in need of an Ego Death.

And yes, Karma has been Dead for a long time now, except for our own Grasping of it.  As for the Weight,

there’s probably an Ego Death in there, and probably a Held Emotion (aka Karmic PTSD).¬† The quickest way to find out is to make yourself Comfortable, Locate the Heaviness in your Body, Warm It, Soften around It (Fear is Hard and Cold, Love is Soft and Warm), put your Full Attention into the Center of It, and Hold It there until the Heaviness Moves. Then Change the Subject.

Of course it will help to Give your Inner Child Permission to Blubber unashamedly and uncontrollably, and to Complain to friends – but only those who will understand that your Intention is to Let Go rather than to Bitch (a la RC – see or to Accuse anyone of anything.

By the way, do you know how to Complain without putting the load right on your Listeners?¬† You speak in I statements rather than You or They Statements, and you use Feeling verbs rather than Thinking verbs (“Feel Like” is a Thinking verb – a Feeling verb is always followed by an Emotion word such as Angry or Excited or Bummed).¬† This way your Listeners can Enjoy your Story, and to the extent they’re able, Empathize, without having to Take Responsibility for your Process.¬† If you want to study how to do this, see

Stress – St. Gemain

August 14, 2018

Ego Death and Rebirth, like the one we’ve just been through, is usually Stressful.¬† This Channeling of St. Germain by Natalie Glasson is worth repeating in whole.¬† Slow down and take the time to read it through slowly…

“Stress is a general word that covers a multitude of feelings and inner experiences.¬† Anxiety, tension, worry, nervousness, and trauma can all be described as stress and yet each can be a completely different experience and have different impacts upon your entire being.¬† Stress can be experienced in certain areas of your body, mind or emotions or as a full body experience.

“Stress is a reaction within you which can take place due to thoughts, emotions, memories of the past, fears of what could happen, a traumatic situation of the present or can seem to manifest due to situations within your reality.¬† Stress is such a common experience in everyday reality that people believe it to be a normal and natural aspect of existence upon the Earth.¬† There are many types of stress and many ways in which stress can be activated.¬† However, I, Saint Germain, wish to share some insights with you to aid the release and healing of stress within your entire being.

“Rather than looking into the causes of stress, I, Saint Germain, wish to engage with the presence of stress within your being, how it influences you while supporting you in releasing stress from your being to recognise the light, truth and presence of the Creator within you.

“What is Stress and How is it Impacting Your Being?

“The presence of stress creates an appearance of disconnection and separation within your being and to the Creator.¬† You may feel isolated, alone, without support, experience a lack of trust in yourself and the continuous presence of the Creator, a feeling of disconnection with your intuition, conscious mind, guides and true self.¬† Stress can create feelings of wanting to give up, to flee, to hide, to blame the outside world or yourself, to judge yourself and to use anger as your power.

“When you are experiencing stress, you are unable to relax your entire being and to connect with the guidance and truth within your being.¬† Instead, you act and react from the wounds you are holding within you which causes you more distress, upset and a feeling of separation from others.¬†¬†Some forms of stress can encourage you to achieve your goals, to move beyond limitations and boundaries.¬† The stress I am speaking of can be continuous and can be paralysing in some way or another.

“When stress is apparent within your being, this is a confirmation of a false perception of yourself and/ or surrounds as well as a disconnection from your power and inner guiding light.¬† Your false perception has been created by you to allow you to engage with and recognise wounds you are holding within your being and are ready to be released.

“The stress you are experiencing is the energy of the wounds fully connecting with you and can also be caused by your unwillingness to recognise the wounds.¬† Your wounds may be from this lifetime or different lifetimes, energy unresolved within your being remains within you trying to find a way to be released or healed.¬†

“Certain situations occur in your reality or you perceive things in a certain way in order to direct your attention to the energy you are holding onto that requires to be released, bringing you back to balance with yourself and the Creator.

“When stress remains and is ignored this can cause a deterioration in the mind, emotional balance and the health and wellbeing of the physical body as well as limiting the way you live your life.

“The Purpose of Stress

“Stress is a warning that you are energising a false perception, and this is activating a wound within your being.¬† Stress alerts you that healing is required, and a new awareness is waiting to dawn from within you.¬† You could say that stress signals to you that you are ready to move to a new level of awareness of yourself as a spiritual being and expression of the Creator.

“There is no need to try to eliminate the reaction of stress within your being as this will only create inner turmoil.¬† If stress is experienced for a few moments and then you react to release the inner wound or energy being activated and recognise the false perception, receiving the true perception then stress has achieved its purpose.¬† When you allow stress to remain within your being for days, months or even years without taking action, then you are misusing the purpose of stress and causing yourself further pain.

“The more you recognise stress, releasing and healing that which it is directing your attention to, the less stress will manifest because you are addressing and cleansing the wounds within you, therefore experiencing greater peace and balance.¬†

“Your body or¬†being¬†no longer needs to act with such vigour to get your attention because you are listening to and observing the energies within you and the perceptions you make constantly about yourself and the world around you.¬† Due to a greater connection with your inner balance and peace, you perceive the world within and around you from the space of truth and clarity within you.

“Have you ever read something or heard someone say something, reacted negatively only to realise you misread or misheard and interpreted it as something different to the original intention?¬† You are reading or hearing from wounds within you, you are perceiving your reality from those wounds and then reacting from the wounds.¬† It is only when you begin to clear the wounds that you perceive from the truth within you.

“Cleansing Stress from Your Entire Being

“It is important to experience this practice as much as possible until you notice that when stress activates within you it activates in a calmer way.¬† With repetition, you should notice a sensation of lightness as well as a greater sense of freedom within.

“I, Saint Germain encourage you to lie down and state the below invocation, place some crystals of any type around your body as if in the aura of your body beside of you.¬† At the end of the meditation, cleanse the crystals with water, sage smoke, intention or as you wish, to release the¬†stress energy¬†that has been absorbed by the crystals.¬† Achieve this each time.¬† This can also be achieved in a bath of water with some salt added and crystals.

” ‚ÄėSaint Germain, I call upon your Violet and Pearlescent Healing Spiral to cleanse my entire being of the presence and impact of all forms of stress.¬† I allow your Violet and Pearlescent Healing Spiral to move up and down through my being as it spins gently dissolving the presence of stress within my entire being.

” ‘Saint Germain surround me with twelve 7th¬†Ray of Light Angels of Alchemy.¬† I invite the Angels of Alchemy to awaken the light within my being and assist the flow of light throughout my entire being.¬† Please assist in the healing of the presence and influence of stress while aligning me with the truth of the Creator within me.

” ‘Saint Germain, I call on your presence and love, please lend me your light and expanded awareness so I may realign to the core and truth of my being while recognising false perception and the messages they wish to share with me.¬†

” ‘With your light and love pulsing through me, oversee the release and healing of all stress within my being in a beautiful and harmonious way.¬† Reprogram my entire being so I am ready, willing and able to realise that when stress manifests I need to take action and listen within my being to understand the message that will offer to me greater enlightenment.

” ‘I recognise Saint Germain, the Violet and Pearlescent Healing Spiral and the twelve 7th¬†Ray of Light Angels of Alchemy as my trio of support to assist me in releasing stress and its impact upon my being.¬† Help me to understand the purpose of stress within my being and where my attention needs to be directed to.¬† I know I can call on my trio of support to assist me at any time.¬† Thank you.‚Äô

“Please call upon me whenever you feel the presence of stress, ask me to assist you.¬† Take action and realise you are energising a false perception and a wound within you, that requires to be released, is moving to the surface.¬† Ask yourself what is the message and insight for you to gain to move to the next level of awareness and enlightenment.”

Quantum Jump 3

July 7, 2018

The two Trine Bridges (Blessed Paths) in the 8 July Haumea Station-Lilith T-Square were from Vesta-Ixion and Moira-Chaos.¬† Let’s examine those a bit.

The Vesta-Ixion Cycle is short enough that we’ve already noticed one Ixion-Vesta Initiation, in November 2014 –¬† The Cycle itself is about the Unconscious Beliefs that “we” (that is, us collaborating with our programmers and our Karma) use to keep our Hidden Genius Forbidden.¬†

Hopefully we will use each Initiation and Cycle to skim the Edges off of those Beliefs so we can get closer and closer to Embracing the Held Emotions at their Core.¬† Alternately, we’d be likely to use the Initiations and Cycles to cement our Karma further into Stone – we do that every time we re-Experience the Energy as its Victim, rather than using the Opportunity to become Conscious and Adept with it.¬†

We used to say “Master,” but we’ve changed that to “Adept” to eliminate any connotation of Slavery or Hierarchy, which as elements of the Patriarchy, are dead meat.

The New Cycle was Initiated at the last Equinox, 23 March, in 28 Sagittarius.¬† That’s the Galactic Center, so this Cycle means business.¬† 28 Sagittarius is about “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use.”¬† Without the Bridge we’d have to Wade the Stream, or Endure the Emotion.¬† So this year and the next few, we get to rediscover and use Ancient Techniques for Letting Go of the Restraints on our Forbidden Genius.

The Arch, which allowed folks to build Bridges when felling a tree or two didn’t work, like the Wheel, was a Miracle when someone “first” Channeled the idea.¬† Before they Channeled the notion of Brakes, the Wheel probably killed a lot of folks, and early imperfectly implemented Arches probably tumbled on a lot of heads too.¬† If you’ve ever tried building a small stone Arch, you know that it’s still a Miracle.¬† When we think of Miracles, we think of Chiron, so maybe one of our Ancient Techniques is Empathy – Poor-Sweethearting ourself.

“You Poor Sweetheart, you don’t have Permission to let your Greatest Genius Shine through to the rest of the World, do you.”

The Planet is a giant jigsaw Puzzle, and Each one of us is a piece in the Puzzle.¬† Before it can come together into a Collaborative, Peaceful, Magical World, Enough of us need to stop hiding our Light under a Basket, and Let the World Enjoy it.¬† The other pieces that mate with it are Waiting.¬† Yes, the Boundaries of those Limitations and Restraints are tinged with Pain, but with our current Rebirth, they’re worth Testing again, as the Pain may have Magically Dispersed.

If it hasn’t disappeared, the best way I know to Magically Disperse Pain is with Warmth and Softness.¬† Locate it in your Body.¬† It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right place; here it’s Intention that counts.¬† Warm that place with your Hand, while you Imagine the flesh around it getting Soft and Receptive.¬† That brings in Blood, Energy from the Heart.¬† When your mind wanders, patiently bring it back to Focus on the place where Pain still resides.¬† When the Pain moves, you can Follow it, or you can take a break from the exercise – when the Pain moves, you’ve succeeded in breaking the Trance.

The Physical World is not Distinct or Separate from the World of Emotions or Spirit or thoughts or Beliefs or Limitations.¬† Each is just an alternate view of the Unity, as if you were walking around a house to see it from all angles.¬† Moving Pain in your Body and Shifting Limiting Beliefs are Surrogates for one another.¬† That’s another Miracle – how often has anyone in your Culture showed you how to Shift the Physical World by Shifting your Emotions or your Thoughts or your Prayers.¬† How often have you succeeded at it?¬†

More than once I’m sure, but it’s still a Miracle, isn’t it, because it’s outside of our Birdcage-Belief that the Physical and Emotional and Mental and Spiritual Worlds are “Levels” Distinct from one another.¬† Time to Realize that if you’ve seen these Miracles even once, it’s your Birdcage-Belief in Separation that’s Obsolete and Limiting.¬† Time to Realize that Trust is what Separates Doubt from Faith.¬† Doubt kills Miracles, Faith Creates them.¬† You can’t fake Trust, but you can Intend it.¬†

Imagine how Powerful you will be – using your Power for the Benefit of All, including yourself, of course – when you can address every roadblock in your path with Tools from ALL FOUR of your Toolbelts – Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental.¬† It doesn’t matter which of these Realms your roadblock Manifests in.¬† You can address it with All Four.¬† And many others – for instance, to these four astrology adds Creation, Stabilization, and Mutation.¬†

You can Create a detour around your roadblock, Stabilize a Bridge over it, or Mutate it into a smooth path – in any of the Four Realms that you once considered to be Levels of Reality.¬† You probably once considered them to be Hierarchical Levels even, where one was better than another, or at least more equal than the others.¬† Hierarchies are dead meat, as is Separation.¬† Imagine Living at the Edges where Spirit and Matter meet.¬† Guess what – that’s where all Conscious Entities Live.¬† And all Entities are Conscious, whether or not we’ve Conceived of their Identity as Entities yet.

This is where we’re going.¬† Pure Magic, relative to where we’ve been.¬† Take a Deep Breath and Imagine every roadblock in your Life dissolving into Nothing.¬† This is the Rebirth we’re Experiencing right now.¬† Breathe It In.

Identity and Perspective

May 11, 2018

Here’s a great short video essay on Identity, Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Perspective…

My considerable distractions are starting to wind down, so we should be able to return to our “regularly scheduled programming” shortly.

Gauntlet XI – Winding Down

April 22, 2018

We’re down to the last day of the April Gauntlet.¬† The Pluto Station (Changing the Water in the Aquarium we’re immersed in) and the Chariklo Station (Transforming our Concept of Walking in Beauty) are a day and two Degrees apart, so they basically share a chart…

The Stations are complicated by issues of Self-Sovereignty and Action, not to mention a big Challengeto Acknowledge the Truth that our previous Timeline has run its course and, should we Choose to Accept it, our Life will be very Different from now on – or at least from tomorrow on, once the Chariklo Station (6am PDT 23 April) finishes with us.

Once again with astrologuese…

The Stations are complicated by issues of Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) and Action (Mars), not to mention a big Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Acknowledge the Truth that our previous Timeline has run its course and, should we Choose to Accept it, our Life will be very Different from now on (the base of the T-Square is Rebirth/Haumea and Truth/Veritas Opposing Ego Death/Nemesis, Revelation/Eris, and Choice of Timelines/Lachesis) – or at least from tomorrow on, once the Chariklo Station (6am PDT 23 April) finishes with us.

We’ve highlighted should we Choose to Accept it because that’s a key to the whole complex.¬† Asteroid Lachesis is the “Fate” or Goddess that “measures the length” of a Lifetime or a Timeline (a thematic segment of a Lifetime).¬† Fate is what happens to us when we Live from the Unconscious.¬† When we Live from Consciousness, we substitute Choice for Fate.

Pluto is the Big River of Time, the personification of Irresistible Power.¬† Planets exercise their Strongest Impact when they’re Stationary.¬† So we can read the Stationary Pluto-Stationary Chariklo-Mars-Lilith Stellium (group of 3 or more planets) as Having the Supreme Confidence (Stationary Chariklo) to Use the Momentum Created by the Current Big Shift in the Flow of Time (Stationary Pluto), to Act (Mars) in Support of Our Willingness to Create Our Own Reality (Lilith).

Remember that our aim here is Consciousness, so we regard Interpretation as much more important than Prediction.¬† So if you’re thinking, “Shit, I wish I’d have known that ahead of time,” see if you can reframe that to “Oh, okay, I see where I might have Responded Differently.”¬† However we didn’t Live our Brutus Moment, that’s the Experience that is leading us to Wisdom, to where we might see it as a Mandela Moment instead.

The part about Truth (Veritas)-Rebirth (Haumea) is pretty straightforward.¬† The Ego Death/Nemesis-Revelation/Eris-Lachesis/Choice Stellium is more complex.¬† Eris is about Accepting the Revelation of what’s been hitherto Denied.¬† Nemesis is the Revelation that a Timeline, and the Value System that supported it, has reached a Dead-End.¬† In the Unconscious, it’s Ended by Punishment.¬† In Consciousness it’s Ended by Choosing a better Path into the Future.

So when we Face the parts of our Life that are no longer Working and Accept that we have to Let them Go, we’re Liberated into Birthing a New Reality for ourself.

The Big Challenge (T-Square) reveals an Easy Way Out (Trine Bridge, the blue lines) through our Recognition of Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).¬† In other words, we’ll jump forward by thinking in terms of What Do I Really Want in this Lifetime rather than “How Can I Weasel my way out of this Pickle.”

The second Opposition (long red line) in the chart is closely related conceptually as well as astrologically – Fate Herself (asteroid Moira) Opposing Expansion (Jupiter).¬† As if there’s a simple Dualistic Choice between Unconsciousness (Moira) and Growth (Jupiter).¬† The fact that the Stations and their Baggage form the Easy Way Out (Trine Bridge) to this Opposition belies that simplicity.¬†

Unconsciousness is an Addiction, and while Choice is a critical step in Confronting Addiction, it’s only one step of many – ten by one common measure.¬† We have to Choose Consciousness over and over again until it’s Second Nature to do so (and then we have to Confront that Habit as an Archetype).¬† We have to Sustain Choice, and we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Then we notice that the Stations are involved in another important, if subtle, Configuration – a “Sextile Fez” (trapezoid).¬† In any Fez, we want to Pay Attention to the diagonals, in this case…

  • Unlimited Potential (Chaos) Quincunx (Curiosity) to the Stations and their Baggage (Pluto-Chariklo-Mars-Lilith)
  • Growth (Jupiter) Quincunx to Choosing Ego Death (Nemesis-Eris-Lachesis)

The important thing is to Allow the Curiosity to stay Curiosity, and not try to “Figure It Out.”¬† Figuring It Out creates Knowledge, which may be useful but is never complete or accurate.¬† Letting it sit as is creates instead Awe and Wonder, which is where we need to be, Awestruck by the unfathomable Miracles that surround us every day, rather than Powerhungry with the Egobound Illusion that we have Dominion here.¬† So we might PIAVA something like…

  • “I Wonder just how much Power I could Contain if I had the Confidence to Assert Who I Am” – notice we’re “Containing” Power, not “Asserting” it.¬† Reread Castaneda if you don’t understand how this works.
  • “I Wonder how Growth and Ego Death are Related – like a Crab or a Butterfly perhaps?”

Notice that these are this week’s Quincunxes, therefore this week’s Curiosities.¬† We’re blessed that astrology isn’t all Quincunxes, leaving us Stoned out of our minds with Awe all the time.¬† Curiosity and Confusion are twin Feeling States that Western “left-brain” don’t allow to be the Emotions that they actually are, instead co-opting them as Challenges to the Intellect and shutting down their pathways to Intuition and Wisdom.

Then we notice that there is a lovely perfect Five-Pointed Star in the chart, drawn in light purple lines.¬† That’s called a “Grand Quintile,” as it divides the Zodiac into five equal parts.¬† Five is the number of Learning and Teaching – we could even refer to it as Curiosity!¬†

The Quincunx after all if Five Unxes, or five twelfths of the way round the Zodiacal Loop.  The Twelfth Harmonic is Pattern-Breaking.  So Learning to be Present with Curiosity as an Emotion in its own right is a Powerful Pattern-Breaker and a Powerful tool for breaking free of Unconsciousness and our Limiting, Self-Sabotaging Archetypes.

So this time is shown to be a humongous Learning Opportunity.¬† We’re Learning about the Relationships between the five planets that make up the Grand Quintile.¬† Remember that while all Learning leaves a permanent Impact, it’s important that we Recognize that this chart is about the Present Moment, not about Eternity.¬† It’s the Wisdom we gain from Experience that can Work in Time Provinces other than the current one.¬† The Conclusions we draw in the Present Moment are only as good as they increment our Stash of Wisdom.

The five corners of this Grand Quintile are…

  • Rebirth-Truth (Haumea-Veritas) – This is the most important corner because it cohabits with the Configuration that holds the Stations.¬† The most valuable Lesson is that Ego Death is just a reboot, not a hard disk crash.¬† Rebirth is actually a tremendous Gift, because without if we’re stuck in Limbo, in the Void, for a while.¬† If you think Resisting the Temptation to pigeonhole Curiosity and Confusion is hard, what till you get to spend time in the Void!
  • Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) – Being Unconscious, these are not generally subject to Choice, so we usually have to approach them through PIAVA.¬† In this case, the chart will be Exposing many of our Unconscious Beliefs for the ancient scams that they are, perpetrated by the historical equivalent of the St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency
  • Confusion (Neptune) – Ah, there She is.¬† She should be in here somewhere.
  • Values (Venus) – As our Unconscious Beliefs evolve, so must our Values, though we may not realize it for a while, till all the Contradictions work their way through.
  • Sustaining Commitment to our Mission – To the extent that we can generalize our Individual Missions, it’s fair to say that it’s about Growing our Consciousness, since it’s next to impossible to execute any nontrivial Mission without Growing in Consciousness.¬† We hinted at this while we were discussing Addiction earlier, and here it is.

Cutting the Cloth IV

March 14, 2017

Hoo! ¬†Spaced Out! ¬†Confusion Reigns here this morning! ¬†Feels like my eyeballs are rolling around in their sockets. ¬†The CafFiend doesn’t help, Napping doesn’t help, just gonna hafta Celebrate it! ¬†If it’s visiting your house too, I hope you don’t try to Fix it or find Excuses for it – our Rebirth is plenty of “Excuse.” ¬†Ahhh, Celebrating it “Fixes” it, makes me Feel a little more Grounded.

What’s happening in the Klotho-Station chart from early today? ¬†

Rebirth of course! ¬†Even the UK and Scotland have been Reborn today, and probably the Netherlands tomorrow. ¬†The Big Deal is the Klotho-Sedna¬†Yin Gate. ¬†A¬†Yin Gate is a rare occurrence where three planets are one sign apart, and each is Opposite another planet. ¬†In a¬†Yin Gate we’re Challenged to Accept Pardoxical Relationships between the Energies represented by the planets involved, particularly between the two planets in the middle – here, Klotho and Sedna. ¬†

So we’re Challenged to Revise our Fixed Beliefs to Allow new ways for the Energies of Rebirth (Klotho) and Abandonment/Fear/Anger (Sedna) to Integrate with one another. ¬†You can hear this in the Dance¬†between¬†Nicola Sturgeon and¬†Theresa May at…

In the Sedna story, Sturgeon plays the role of the Abandoned daughter, May the role of the Abandoning father, and the EU plays the role of the tormenting Shaman/Monster. ¬†Klotho doesn’t symbolize Rebirth¬†per se, but the Construction of the Foundations for a Lifetime or Timeline – the Cloth from which the Tapestry of a Timeline is stitched. ¬†It’s Haumea that symbolizes Rebirth¬†per se, and Haumea, along with Amplifier Jupiter, occupies one corner of the Golden Rectangle that encloses the¬†Yin Gate. ¬†

So as of today, with Klotho’s Station in the Yin Gate,¬†alea iacta¬†est – the Die is Cast¬†–¬†as Caesar famously said as he led his army across the Rubicon into Rome, initiating Civil War. ¬†

Of interest in the Klotho chart, likely indicating the nature of the coming Civil Wars we’ee likely to encounter personally and collectively, are two T-Squares. ¬†A T-Square is three planets, two of which are three Signs apart. ¬†A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – what we’re about to Learn through potentially difficult Experiences.

The first T-Square deals with the Longevity of our Timeline and the Robustness of the New Identity we’ve Forged. ¬†On the Personal level this Longevity and Robustness depends on our Self-Sovereignty, our Determination to Trust the Decisions that have Designed our Tapestry, and our Relentlessness in its Defense – and our Willingness to Stare Down our own Guilt over disobeying our Programming. ¬†Our steadfast Allies in this Effort include our Self-Love and Self-Trust, and the Self-Honesty and Unique-Genius Recovery we’ve Achieved over the last five years.

¬†Asteroid Lachesis (the Length of a Timeline) T-Squares the Klotho-Sedna Opposition at 26 Aquarius,¬†Testing a car’s Battery. ¬†Sappho (Self-Love) has moved into Conjunction with Lilith (Self-Sovereignty). ¬†The T-Square is Trine-Bridged by the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium we addressed under the Cutting the Cloth Big Blessing Full Moon. ¬†There’s a sense that we’re trapped in a Greek Drama here, but Liberation from your¬†Karmic Archetypes will allow you to step outside of the Drama and watch it from the audience – thus maintaining your Sovereignty, Determination, and Relentlessness. ¬†Lachesis is also Sextile to both Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity) and Saturn-Ixion (Recovering our Forbidden Genius).¬†¬†

The second T-Square involves our Willingness to Embrace the Ego Deaths necessary to Allow Life Changes of the degree we’ve been Designing. ¬†We don’t really have a Choice, the Ego Deaths will continue to be upon us, but how readily¬†we Recognize, Acknowledge, and Accept them will determine how Painful out Path becomes, as our Unconscious Beliefs are Reorganized to accommodate our Growth and Rebirth.

The Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) corner of the Golden Rectangle has become the focus of a T-Square across the Opposition between Pluto-Nemesis (“Mandatory” Ego Death) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs). ¬†Pluto represents the¬†Mandatory¬†in the sense that its Energy can be Directed and Transformed, but not Avoided. ¬†This T-Square is also a Diamond Star (a T-Square rendered Easier), however, as Jupiter-Haumea is also the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between the¬†Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium and Sedna.

Big Blessing Full Moon – Projects

March 13, 2017

Let’s start with some Wisdom Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele at…

We wish to speak of alignment.¬† The energy you align with, you manifest.¬† Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours‚Äďtemporarily or permanently.¬† Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences.¬† This is because¬† planetary and personal energy has¬† become very intense, resulting in the¬† instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with.¬†

“It is important from now on to align only with your highest truth.¬† When you remain aligned with three dimensional concepts and beliefs, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, it is what you will quickly manifest because there is no unexpressed consciousness.¬† Likewise, where there is alignment with truth (harmony, completeness, love etc.), forms that reflect this manifest.
Begin to use ordinary experiences¬† as reminders‚Äď’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as‚Ķ? ¬† Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’¬† The days of thinking about, studying, and discussing truth while continuing to live out from the old belief system, are finished for any serious student of truth.”
You are powerful because you are made of the very substance of the Divine.  When you are in alignment with this fact, you will begin to see it manifest in every aspect of your lives.  This does not mean that everything suddenly becomes rosy and there are no more problems.  In fact, your conscious realization of completeness may very well  manifest as something you have long feared to look at but which desperately needs to be cleared.

Once Marilyn Channels another message, this one will move to her Archives. ¬†You can find a permanent copy of this message at…

We recommend the remainder of Marilyn’s¬†Channeling.

We’ve been speaking of the “Now” portion of the we March¬†Full¬†Moon chart, the three-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part¬†that applies to this week and the next several. ¬†Now let’s look at the “Project” portion of it, the six-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that applies to any New Projects we’re Beginning now, including the Rebirth we’re Engaged in right now, as the asteroid Klotho is Stationary. ¬†Stationary means Strong, and Klotho means the Cloth out of which we’re cutting the Patterns for a new Timeline.

What do we mean by a new Timeline? ¬†Most folks who Strive for Liberation have natal charts suggesting that they will Live multiple “Lifetimes” within their current Physical Vehicle – that is, they will Molt several to many times, Allowing themselves to be Transformed into someone entirely New. ¬†Not that they¬†won’t Recognize their¬†various selves, because on some level they Understand that they are All One. ¬†The Transition from one of these “Lifetimes” to the next is an Ego Death. ¬†

We Experience an Ego Death differently depending on our Willingness to be familiar with the process. ¬†It can Feel anywhere from a “Dark Night of the Soul” to a “Oh Wow, I Feel Confusion! ¬†That means I’m Changing! ¬†Yippee!” ¬†We’ve mentioned Starhawk’s book¬†Truth or Dare as an excellent guide to the Goddess Inanna’s Ego Death, which¬†we can easily relate to the current Retrogradation of Venus (see “March IV,” starting at

It’s the space between Ego Deaths that we call a “Timeline.” ¬†A Timeline can also be a Physical Lifetime or a Walk-In, but once we…

“Begin to use ordinary experiences¬† as reminders‚Äď’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as‚Ķ? ¬† Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’ “

we Discover that we don’t need all that Drama and Disruption. ¬†

We talked about Klotho’s 14 March (4am PDT) Station in “Cutting the Cloth,”

With all that background, I don’t think we need to dissect the New-Project portion of the New-Moon chart; let’s skip straight to the Bottom Line.

In the previous post (“IIIc”) we talked about how important Breaking Patterns is, as it can grant us Freedom from Bondage to an Archetype or Addiction. ¬†Breaking Patterns is what the Twelfth Harmonic is all about, and in the “New-Projects” portion of the Full Moon chart we find eleven planets that are one-twelfth of the way ’round the astroloop from their mates. ¬†One twelfth of the way ’round the Zodiac is called an “Unx,” and when twelve planets are thus, we have a Grand Unx.

Nothing quite like a Grand Unx for Breaking Patterns in a big way. ¬†With only eleven planets, we have an Almost-Grand-Unx, a Grand Unx with a hole in it. ¬†The hole is called a¬†“Vacancy,” and the Vacancy becomes the Most Important Point in the imputed Grand Unx. ¬†The Universe provides the other eleven points;¬†we have to Consciously provide the Energy that the twelfth point would contribute. ¬†

We interpret the quality of this Energy from the Degree of the Vacancy, which in this case is 24 Leo, which means that in order to Break Through the prison of Archetypes and obsolete Habits and Beliefs that enchains us, we want to be “totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment,” even to the extent of sitting in our own poo. ¬†Like the Tibetan Buddhist Initiates who meditate while sitting on a corpse as it decomposes. ¬†You can’t make this stuff up.

Like Michael Roads said in “II” (, “‚ÄúWhere you focus, energy flows. ¬†So… obviously the last thing you should do is maintain a focus on that problem. ¬†Problems feed on energy, the same as we do. ¬†If you refuse to feed the problematic behaviour with energy, it dwindles and fades.” ¬†In other words, just PIAVA the Freedom and Grace that you’d rather have in your Life.

Big Blessing Full Moon – Cutting the Cloth IIIb

March 11, 2017


  • We’re still in the “Now” portion of the New Moon chart (ie, the three-Degrees-of- Sensitivity part that pertains to this weekend, this coming week, and a few weeks thereafter), and
  • We’re about to look at the Grace and Curiosity segments of this chart. ¬†
  • In the previous post we looked at the Challenges in this Now portion of the chart. ¬†
  • In our next post we’ll start to look at the “New-Projects” portion of the New Moon chart (ie, the six-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that pertains to any new projects we’re Beginning, including the New Ego Timeline we’re Birthing with the 13 March Station of Klotho.

So, the Grace in the Now portion of the New Moon chart…

First, paradoxically, Fear and Anger are our Friends here. ¬†Remember that the purpose of a Yin Gate like the one we’ve been Enjoying, is to Teach us to Accept Paradox, and not try to Squeeze it into Either/Or boxes. ¬†If we Strive to Eschew Judgment, which we need to do if we are to move “onward and upward,” then we have to Realize that Everything is at times our Ally¬†and at times our Challenge.

In general, a Full Moon represents a reasonably-friendly Contest between our Paternal Programming and our Maternal Programming.  There may not be one-to-one relationships between Paternal Programming and Paters, and between Maternal Programming and Maters, as we could have gotten either sort of Programming from literally anyone.  In general, our Paternal Programming is Rules-based and Clear, while our Maternal Programming is Situational and Fuzzy.  The former is an intellectual interpretation of the Spiritual, and the latter is more Emotional and Grounded in the Body.

At a¬†Virgo Full Moon like this one, the roles are Confused. ¬†We’re looking at the Emotional side of the Paternal, and the Medusal, apparently-Destructive¬†side of the Maternal. ¬†Our Paternal Programming is especially Confused in this one, because it’s facing Despair, having to make Choices in unfamiliar territory, and Feels like it has very little wiggle-room. ¬†In these circumstances, where our normally-Reliable Archetypes are failing us, Fear and Anger are natural Reactions to the Confusion and Disorder. ¬†

So we have to follow Daniel Scranton’s advice around Fear and Anger…‚ąěthe-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

And then Choose¬†to Relate¬†TO our Fear and not¬†FROM our Fear, and Relate¬†TO our Anger and not¬†FROM our Anger, to use Stephen Levine’s Guidance. ¬†You can use Poor-Sweethearts if you want – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling Confused/Scared/Angry, aren’t you.” ¬†Or any other method of Emotion-Bending and Mind-Bending that works for you. ¬†

Yes, this is very Convoluted. ¬†That’s the whole point. ¬†And from the Perspective of Expanding (or even Exploding) our Perspectives, it’s one hell of a Teaching if we can stick it out and Avoid the Temptation to¬†revert to Certainty.

Whoa, you’re thinking, “That’s Grace?” ¬†Yes, incredible Grace. ¬†In this Rebirth we’re turning ourselves Inside-Out, moving¬†our Vulnerabilities to¬†the Outside, in the form of Openness to the Unexpected, and moving our Protections to¬†the Inside, in the form of Trust that this process with which we have no Current-Lifetime Experience, is Safe for us. ¬†And this Teaching is an excellent Lesson in exactly that. ¬†Without that Trust, we don’t Grow.

Intense. ¬†We’re looking at Sun (Paternal Programming) in Pisces (Exploring the Limits of Emotion) Conjunct (Merged With) Chiron (Despair and Miracle), Pallas (Boundaries), and Moira (Fate), Opposite (Dancing with Duality) Moon (Instinct and Manifestation via¬†PIAVA) in Virgo (Deconstruction of the Ego), with the Opposition Trine-Bridged (Graced) by Sedna (Fear and Anger) in Taurus (Interpretation of Meaning).

I think that’s enough for one sitting, don’t you? ¬†Especially if you actually do the homework, ¬†We’ll continue tomorrow.