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Cutting the Cloth IV

March 14, 2017

Hoo!  Spaced Out!  Confusion Reigns here this morning!  Feels like my eyeballs are rolling around in their sockets.  The CafFiend doesn’t help, Napping doesn’t help, just gonna hafta Celebrate it!  If it’s visiting your house too, I hope you don’t try to Fix it or find Excuses for it – our Rebirth is plenty of “Excuse.”  Ahhh, Celebrating it “Fixes” it, makes me Feel a little more Grounded.

What’s happening in the Klotho-Station chart from early today?  

Rebirth of course!  Even the UK and Scotland have been Reborn today, and probably the Netherlands tomorrow.  The Big Deal is the Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate.  A Yin Gate is a rare occurrence where three planets are one sign apart, and each is Opposite another planet.  In a Yin Gate we’re Challenged to Accept Pardoxical Relationships between the Energies represented by the planets involved, particularly between the two planets in the middle – here, Klotho and Sedna.  

So we’re Challenged to Revise our Fixed Beliefs to Allow new ways for the Energies of Rebirth (Klotho) and Abandonment/Fear/Anger (Sedna) to Integrate with one another.  You can hear this in the Dance between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May at…

In the Sedna story, Sturgeon plays the role of the Abandoned daughter, May the role of the Abandoning father, and the EU plays the role of the tormenting Shaman/Monster.  Klotho doesn’t symbolize Rebirth per se, but the Construction of the Foundations for a Lifetime or Timeline – the Cloth from which the Tapestry of a Timeline is stitched.  It’s Haumea that symbolizes Rebirth per se, and Haumea, along with Amplifier Jupiter, occupies one corner of the Golden Rectangle that encloses the Yin Gate.  

So as of today, with Klotho’s Station in the Yin Gatealea iacta est – the Die is Cast – as Caesar famously said as he led his army across the Rubicon into Rome, initiating Civil War.  

Of interest in the Klotho chart, likely indicating the nature of the coming Civil Wars we’ee likely to encounter personally and collectively, are two T-Squares.  A T-Square is three planets, two of which are three Signs apart.  A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – what we’re about to Learn through potentially difficult Experiences.

The first T-Square deals with the Longevity of our Timeline and the Robustness of the New Identity we’ve Forged.  On the Personal level this Longevity and Robustness depends on our Self-Sovereignty, our Determination to Trust the Decisions that have Designed our Tapestry, and our Relentlessness in its Defense – and our Willingness to Stare Down our own Guilt over disobeying our Programming.  Our steadfast Allies in this Effort include our Self-Love and Self-Trust, and the Self-Honesty and Unique-Genius Recovery we’ve Achieved over the last five years.

 Asteroid Lachesis (the Length of a Timeline) T-Squares the Klotho-Sedna Opposition at 26 Aquarius, Testing a car’s Battery.  Sappho (Self-Love) has moved into Conjunction with Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).  The T-Square is Trine-Bridged by the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium we addressed under the Cutting the Cloth Big Blessing Full Moon.  There’s a sense that we’re trapped in a Greek Drama here, but Liberation from your Karmic Archetypes will allow you to step outside of the Drama and watch it from the audience – thus maintaining your Sovereignty, Determination, and Relentlessness.  Lachesis is also Sextile to both Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity) and Saturn-Ixion (Recovering our Forbidden Genius).  

The second T-Square involves our Willingness to Embrace the Ego Deaths necessary to Allow Life Changes of the degree we’ve been Designing.  We don’t really have a Choice, the Ego Deaths will continue to be upon us, but how readily we Recognize, Acknowledge, and Accept them will determine how Painful out Path becomes, as our Unconscious Beliefs are Reorganized to accommodate our Growth and Rebirth.

The Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) corner of the Golden Rectangle has become the focus of a T-Square across the Opposition between Pluto-Nemesis (“Mandatory” Ego Death) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs).  Pluto represents the Mandatory in the sense that its Energy can be Directed and Transformed, but not Avoided.  This T-Square is also a Diamond Star (a T-Square rendered Easier), however, as Jupiter-Haumea is also the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between the Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira Stellium and Sedna.

Big Blessing Full Moon – Projects

March 13, 2017

Let’s start with some Wisdom Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele at…

We wish to speak of alignment.  The energy you align with, you manifest.  Alignment means becoming one with the energy of some person, idea, belief system etc., allowing it to be yours–temporarily or permanently.  Many of you may be finding that you are having more accidents, little mishaps, and irritating experiences.  This is because  planetary and personal energy has  become very intense, resulting in the  instantaneous manifestation of whatever you are in alignment with. 

“It is important from now on to align only with your highest truth.  When you remain aligned with three dimensional concepts and beliefs, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, it is what you will quickly manifest because there is no unexpressed consciousness.  Likewise, where there is alignment with truth (harmony, completeness, love etc.), forms that reflect this manifest.
Begin to use ordinary experiences  as reminders–’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as…?   Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’  The days of thinking about, studying, and discussing truth while continuing to live out from the old belief system, are finished for any serious student of truth.”
You are powerful because you are made of the very substance of the Divine.  When you are in alignment with this fact, you will begin to see it manifest in every aspect of your lives.  This does not mean that everything suddenly becomes rosy and there are no more problems.  In fact, your conscious realization of completeness may very well  manifest as something you have long feared to look at but which desperately needs to be cleared.

Once Marilyn Channels another message, this one will move to her Archives.  You can find a permanent copy of this message at…

We recommend the remainder of Marilyn’s Channeling.

We’ve been speaking of the “Now” portion of the we March Full Moon chart, the three-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that applies to this week and the next several.  Now let’s look at the “Project” portion of it, the six-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that applies to any New Projects we’re Beginning now, including the Rebirth we’re Engaged in right now, as the asteroid Klotho is Stationary.  Stationary means Strong, and Klotho means the Cloth out of which we’re cutting the Patterns for a new Timeline.

What do we mean by a new Timeline?  Most folks who Strive for Liberation have natal charts suggesting that they will Live multiple “Lifetimes” within their current Physical Vehicle – that is, they will Molt several to many times, Allowing themselves to be Transformed into someone entirely New.  Not that they won’t Recognize their various selves, because on some level they Understand that they are All One.  The Transition from one of these “Lifetimes” to the next is an Ego Death.  

We Experience an Ego Death differently depending on our Willingness to be familiar with the process.  It can Feel anywhere from a “Dark Night of the Soul” to a “Oh Wow, I Feel Confusion!  That means I’m Changing!  Yippee!”  We’ve mentioned Starhawk’s book Truth or Dare as an excellent guide to the Goddess Inanna’s Ego Death, which we can easily relate to the current Retrogradation of Venus (see “March IV,” starting at

It’s the space between Ego Deaths that we call a “Timeline.”  A Timeline can also be a Physical Lifetime or a Walk-In, but once we…

“Begin to use ordinary experiences  as reminders–’What belief am I in alignment with that has manifested as…?   Am I aligned with current and popular concepts of duality and separation or am I in alignment with truth?’ “

we Discover that we don’t need all that Drama and Disruption.  

We talked about Klotho’s 14 March (4am PDT) Station in “Cutting the Cloth,”

With all that background, I don’t think we need to dissect the New-Project portion of the New-Moon chart; let’s skip straight to the Bottom Line.

In the previous post (“IIIc”) we talked about how important Breaking Patterns is, as it can grant us Freedom from Bondage to an Archetype or Addiction.  Breaking Patterns is what the Twelfth Harmonic is all about, and in the “New-Projects” portion of the Full Moon chart we find eleven planets that are one-twelfth of the way ’round the astroloop from their mates.  One twelfth of the way ’round the Zodiac is called an “Unx,” and when twelve planets are thus, we have a Grand Unx.

Nothing quite like a Grand Unx for Breaking Patterns in a big way.  With only eleven planets, we have an Almost-Grand-Unx, a Grand Unx with a hole in it.  The hole is called a “Vacancy,” and the Vacancy becomes the Most Important Point in the imputed Grand Unx.  The Universe provides the other eleven points; we have to Consciously provide the Energy that the twelfth point would contribute.  

We interpret the quality of this Energy from the Degree of the Vacancy, which in this case is 24 Leo, which means that in order to Break Through the prison of Archetypes and obsolete Habits and Beliefs that enchains us, we want to be “totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment,” even to the extent of sitting in our own poo.  Like the Tibetan Buddhist Initiates who meditate while sitting on a corpse as it decomposes.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Like Michael Roads said in “II” (, ““Where you focus, energy flows.  So… obviously the last thing you should do is maintain a focus on that problem.  Problems feed on energy, the same as we do.  If you refuse to feed the problematic behaviour with energy, it dwindles and fades.”  In other words, just PIAVA the Freedom and Grace that you’d rather have in your Life.

Big Blessing Full Moon – Cutting the Cloth IIIb

March 11, 2017


  • We’re still in the “Now” portion of the New Moon chart (ie, the three-Degrees-of- Sensitivity part that pertains to this weekend, this coming week, and a few weeks thereafter), and
  • We’re about to look at the Grace and Curiosity segments of this chart.  
  • In the previous post we looked at the Challenges in this Now portion of the chart.  
  • In our next post we’ll start to look at the “New-Projects” portion of the New Moon chart (ie, the six-Degrees-of-Sensitivity part that pertains to any new projects we’re Beginning, including the New Ego Timeline we’re Birthing with the 13 March Station of Klotho.

So, the Grace in the Now portion of the New Moon chart…

First, paradoxically, Fear and Anger are our Friends here.  Remember that the purpose of a Yin Gate like the one we’ve been Enjoying, is to Teach us to Accept Paradox, and not try to Squeeze it into Either/Or boxes.  If we Strive to Eschew Judgment, which we need to do if we are to move “onward and upward,” then we have to Realize that Everything is at times our Ally and at times our Challenge.

In general, a Full Moon represents a reasonably-friendly Contest between our Paternal Programming and our Maternal Programming.  There may not be one-to-one relationships between Paternal Programming and Paters, and between Maternal Programming and Maters, as we could have gotten either sort of Programming from literally anyone.  In general, our Paternal Programming is Rules-based and Clear, while our Maternal Programming is Situational and Fuzzy.  The former is an intellectual interpretation of the Spiritual, and the latter is more Emotional and Grounded in the Body.

At a Virgo Full Moon like this one, the roles are Confused.  We’re looking at the Emotional side of the Paternal, and the Medusal, apparently-Destructive side of the Maternal.  Our Paternal Programming is especially Confused in this one, because it’s facing Despair, having to make Choices in unfamiliar territory, and Feels like it has very little wiggle-room.  In these circumstances, where our normally-Reliable Archetypes are failing us, Fear and Anger are natural Reactions to the Confusion and Disorder.  

So we have to follow Daniel Scranton’s advice around Fear and Anger…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

And then Choose to Relate TO our Fear and not FROM our Fear, and Relate TO our Anger and not FROM our Anger, to use Stephen Levine’s Guidance.  You can use Poor-Sweethearts if you want – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling Confused/Scared/Angry, aren’t you.”  Or any other method of Emotion-Bending and Mind-Bending that works for you.  

Yes, this is very Convoluted.  That’s the whole point.  And from the Perspective of Expanding (or even Exploding) our Perspectives, it’s one hell of a Teaching if we can stick it out and Avoid the Temptation to revert to Certainty.

Whoa, you’re thinking, “That’s Grace?”  Yes, incredible Grace.  In this Rebirth we’re turning ourselves Inside-Out, moving our Vulnerabilities to the Outside, in the form of Openness to the Unexpected, and moving our Protections to the Inside, in the form of Trust that this process with which we have no Current-Lifetime Experience, is Safe for us.  And this Teaching is an excellent Lesson in exactly that.  Without that Trust, we don’t Grow.

Intense.  We’re looking at Sun (Paternal Programming) in Pisces (Exploring the Limits of Emotion) Conjunct (Merged With) Chiron (Despair and Miracle), Pallas (Boundaries), and Moira (Fate), Opposite (Dancing with Duality) Moon (Instinct and Manifestation via PIAVA) in Virgo (Deconstruction of the Ego), with the Opposition Trine-Bridged (Graced) by Sedna (Fear and Anger) in Taurus (Interpretation of Meaning).

I think that’s enough for one sitting, don’t you?  Especially if you actually do the homework,  We’ll continue tomorrow.