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Love Is the Answer 3

July 18, 2021

We’re still deep in this Self-Love Pressure-Cooker Portal. We’ve endured the 8 July 2021 Challenge to Self-Love Itself (asteroid Sappho Stationary or Exaggerated), the 11 July Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea Stationary), which always requires an Ego Death, the 13 July Reset of our Relationships (Mars Initiating Venus) with its Challenge to our Codependence, and the 14 July Scrambling of our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas Stationary). Of our six July Stations in the 25-29 Degree Zone, we’re three down and three to go. We don’t expect the last three to be any Easier than the first three, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Buried in the middle of this first trio was a 15 July Challenge to our Élan (Chiron Stationary 9:40 am PDT, in 13 Aries). It happens seven Degrees and two days from our Relationship Reset (Mars-Venus Initiation), so each event is prominent in the other’s chart. It proposes a Healing of our Abuse Karma. Not a Healing of Abuse, but a Healing of our Abuse Karma – meaning a Change that will echo back and forth across Time, with Potentially Huge Implications.

Occurring in July where it’s Surrounded and Embraced by Self-Love, and Supervised by our Soul (Uranus T-Square), it stands a good chance of Succeeding. But of course, as with any Healing, the Ego has to accede, and also as with any Healing, we have to Fully Embrace what we’re Intending to Heal before the Wound will Budge. The general rule, and it’s Solid, is that In order for Anything to Change, we must first Accept It Fully Exactly as It Is. Change means we’re Passionate about NOT Accepting Repetitions, but if we don’t first Accept Historical or Herstorical occurrences with Neutrality, the Change won’t stick.

Sound Contradictory? Contradictions occur only in Duality; in higher Dimensions, it’s Paradox. Passionate Neutrality is a Paradox. It means that we have no Emotional or Identity Attachment to Past or Future occurrences, in this case, of Abuse, but we have both Emotional and Identity Attachment to the Active Prevention or Avoidance of ongoing Current-Moment occurrences. If that sounds difficult to pull off, it’s because it is, when seen with the Dualistic Mind. When seen with the Heart, it makes perfect sense. One implication is that every setback is simply another Lesson in the ongoing Committed Effort. As with Addiction, we’re never Recovered, but always In Recovery.

But let’s look at the chart…

We see the two big red triangles, or Challenges (T-Squares). The upper one, pointing to asteroid Juno (Expansion of Consciousness), tells us what’s happening “to” us. The lower one, pointing to Uranus (Soul ), tells us what to do to succeed at the Task presented by the upper one, namely to Let Go of Our Abuse Karma.

In the upper T-Square, the Focus is on Expansion of Consciousness (asteroid Juno), and the Root of the Challenge is an Opposition between Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus) and the Source of our Karma (asteroid Karma Conjunct dwarf planet Orcus). Orcus is about Oath-Making and Oath-Breaking. Karma results from an Oath or Vow or Promise, or even a Decision. When a Vow has Life-or-Death consequences, we avoid getting Dead by reorganizing our Worldview such that the Oath Limits our Perception of Reality. We aren’t a Person performing Military Service, we ARE a Soldier, our Identity, and the rest of our Reality follows from that base. When Soldiering becomes an Identity rather than an Action, one forgets that there are Options, and Karma is Created. Orcus Breaks Oaths by Reminding us that there are Options.

The 4½-year Karma-Orcus Cycle outpictures the stages of our Karmic Evolution in the Current Lifetime. The recently-completed Cycle began November 2016 in 10 Virgo – “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows: The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.” The New Cycle was born 14 July 2021 (12:49 pm PDT) in 12 Virgo, “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride.” Why would the groom feel the need to “snatch away” the veil, rather than just tenderly removing it? Both Insecurity and Disrespect are implied. This doesn’t mean that our New Relationship Cycle will necessarily be characterized by Insecurity and Disrespect. It does mean that, if we Choose to Pursue it with Passionate Neutrality, we can Potentially Banish Insecurity and Disrespect from our Relationships.

The chart of the 14 July Orcus-Karma Initiation (the Beginning of the Cycle) is the same as the Chiron-Station chart above, with one adjustment. In the Orcus-Karma chart, the South Node Conjoins Juno, and the North Node Creates a Balanced Grand Cross out of the Juno T-Square. That turns the Challenge into an Inconvenience. Since Banishing Insecurity and Disrespect from our Relationships would normally require Ego Death, this is a Blessed Inconvenience.

We still have the Soul Challenge (Uranus T-Square) in both the Chiron Station and the Orcus-Karma charts. On one end of its base we have The Most Important Thing (Saturn), and on the other we have Trust (asteroid Eurydike). The question is whether we Trust the Soul enough to Allow the Ego to follow the Soul’s Directions. Chiron is about Discouragement or Despair, and Miracles. From a place of Despair, it’s not Physically or Spiritually Possible to Manifest What We Want and Need. If we suddenly do start to Create it, it’s a Miracle, because something Impossible is now Manifesting. Discouragement is less Final than Despair, but it leans the same way. How do we Exit a place of Despair or Discouragement? One way is to Empathize with our Despair or Discouragement. That can be as simple as Poor-Sweethearting ourself, and then Changing the Subject.

Love Is the Answer

July 5, 2021

A reader and friend and Healer always signs their emails with “Love is the answer whatever the question,” and that’ll pretty much be the theme for July, and if we make it through July Alive, for the rest of our Lives.

We interpret asteroid Sappho as Self-Love and its obverse, Self-Judgment. Self-Judgment happens when our Self-Love is Lit Up but we’re Rejecting it. If we can Learn to Be Loving with our Self-Judgment and with ourself when we’re in Self-Judgment, and make it an automatic Habit, we’ll Expand our progress Exponentially toward Enlightenment, Ascension, 5D, Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding, World Peace, Apple Pie, and All Things Wonderful. We regard this as the Single Most Important Thing that we can do toward that end. We even regard it as the Most Important Thing we can do for our Health and Vitality.

Long-time readers know that we focus in this blog on the Stations of the planets. As we all go ’round the Sun, as we appear to do, each planet travels at a different speed, and therefore sometimes pass one another. If you’ve ever noticed – as a passenger, not as a driver – that when you pass another car on the freeway and continue to go faster than it is, the other car appears to be going backwards (if you’re the driver, everyone wants you to keep your eyes on the road ahead!). The same happens when we pass another planet, or it passes us. When a planet appears to be going backwards, astrologers say that the planet is “Retrograde.”

Many astrologers pay attention to Retrograde motion, and to the subtle differences it makes in how the planet influences the Affairs of Hupers and other Earthly Entities. We pretty much Ignore that, as I’ve found in my many decades of following astrology that, except in special cases, it’s not that big a deal to me. Or it’s too subtle for me, which is fine with me, since I like to keep my eye on the Big Picture. On the other hand, what we Do pay Attention to in this blog, are the Transitions that planets make between Direct and Retrograde motion, and back again. We and other astrologers refer to this Transition as a Station, because in the process the planet becomes Stationary in the Sky.

When we speak in English instead of astrologuese, we often refer to a Station as an Exaggeration of the planet’s Energy. So we might say that there’s an “Exaggeration of Self-Love or Self-Judgment (asteroid Sappho Stationary),” or when we slip into astrologuese, “Station of Sappho (Exaggeration of Self-Love or Self-Judgment),” or the like. We pay Attention to planetary Stations because the impact that a planet has on us Earthlings is much Stronger when the planet is Stationary. This makes it Easier to Learn about the planet and its Tricks, and it’s especially important when the Station happens to fall close to one of our natal planets, because it will Trigger whatever Karma or Unfinished Business that we have with the Energy embodied by that natal planet. If we really Learn to Be Loving with our Self-Judgment and with ourself when we’re in Self-Judgment, and make it an automatic Habit, we can Clear whatever untoward Karma we have with that Energy, quite possibly for good.

All of which is a long way of saying that the first Station of July is a Sappho Station, on 8 July 2021 (3:45 pm PDT), in 28 Aquarius. So this coming week will give us the Opportunity to Clear any Negative Karma we have around any natal planet we have within several Degrees of 28 Aquarius. To a lesser extent, we can also use it to Clear Negative Karma around natal planets we have near 28 Degrees of any of the other “Fixed” or Stabilizing Signs (Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus). All we have to do is to Be Loving with our Self-Judgments and with ourself when we’re in Self-Judgment.

We can’t just suddenly Love what we Judge, because your Deeper You will know you’re just scamming it. The first thing we can do, is Love ourself while we’re in Judgment. We can try TappingEven though I’m in Judgment, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…” That should bring your Mental Body into better Alignment with your Energy Body. You want to repeat that Tapping as many times as it takes to feel solid about yourself. From there you can begin to work with What it is you Judge about them. Use all of your Critical Observer Skills, but try to Avoid your Analysis Skills. For me, “Even though I Judge Greed, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…” might come next. Probably good to Change the Subject and give it a rest around this point, and check back in tomorrow or the next day. We have all month after all.

We assign the Sappho Station to highlight the whole month of July not only because Love is The Most Important Thing and Love doesn’t happen without Self-Love, but also because after Sappho there are six other planetary Stations in July, and five of them are within three Degrees of the Station of Sappho, plus seven Sign Changes, which occur two Degrees away. That’s a huge Emphasis on the Cusps between the Signs, which are about Changes.

The Impact of a Station is Strongest in the week prior to the Station, but it remains Strong in the week or so afterward as well. The Impact often Peaks when the planet Stands Still, but it can be Felt before or after, depending on interactions with other planets, and interactions with your natal planets. The other Stations…

  • Exaggerated Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea Stationary 11 July 5:54 am PDT, in 27 Libra). To the extent we succeed in Loving our way through the Sappho Station, this Portal could take us to places we’ve only Dreamed of.
  • Exaggerated Boundaries (asteroid Pallas Stationary 14 July 12:40 am PDT, in 28 Pisces). Time to harden Boundaries with the folks who have been sharing our Pity Party about how Abused we’ve been by those we’ve been Judging, and Soften our Boundaries yet more with the Parts of ourself that have been propping up our Ego with pride about our Judgments. NOT to soften our Boundaries with those whom we’ve been Judging. We still may not Like those people, and we don’t want to be Self-Abusive about all this. We mostly want to Recover the Parts of ourself that we’ve been Rejecting, see if we can Befriend them and Negotiate a Win-Win with them, and see where that leads.

We also Reset our Relationships (Venus Conjunct Mars 13 July 6:32 am PDT, in 20 Leo) on the same day as we Reorganize our Boundaries. What a “Coincidence”! 20 Leo is “Zuni Indians perform a Ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.” Hallelujah!

  • Possible Exaggerated Despair (Chiron Stationary 15 July 9:40 am PDT, in 13 Aries). Note that this isn’t close to our 28 Degree Hot Spot, but we’re talking about some potentially devastating Ego Deaths here, and Discouragement lingering in the background can hardly be helpful. Remember your Self-Empathy (“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Horrible, aren’t you ” – then Change the Subject), as it Creates Miracles that will mesh with this Rebirth beautifully, and probably Ecstatically.
  • Exaggerated Guilt (asteroid Nemesis Stationary 18 July 1:06 pm PDT, in 29 Scorpio). We’ve been Confused by this since early April, when Nemesis went Retrograde in mid-Sagittarius (the Way Out is through Letting Go) and fell back into Scorpio (the Way Out is through Diving Deeper, till we Get to the Bottom of This) on 24 June. Nemesis has been in Scorpio (Compulsively Wallowing in our Guilt) since 26 October, and what a Healing Crisis that always is! It will move back into Sagittarius “for good” on 11 August, and what a Relief that will be! Meanwhile, be sure to be Loving with your Guilt, and with yourself while you’re in Guilt. Later we’ll Tap this out like we’re doing with Judgment.
  • Exaggerated Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris Stationary 20 July 2:08 am PDT, in 25 Aries). What a “Coincidence” that Eris would Light Up while we’re working with the Parts of ourself that we haven’t Acknowledged.
  • Exaggerated Fate, and if we’re Conscious, its obverse, Choice (asteroid Moira Stationary 22 July 9:12 pm PDT, in 29 Pisces). Another remarkable “Coincidence,” that our Fate (ie, our Karma) should be Lit Up just as we’re Clearing that very Karma. What a Gift this is. Notice that this is the same location as our earlier Pallas (Boundaries) Station. It’s a good time to recall that our Karma/Fate is a Political Fiction that disappears as soon as we Bring it into Consciousness, and do the hard work of Noticing that it’s been Screwing Up that part of our Life too! while we Patiently and Consciously Replace it with New Habits.
  • Exaggerated Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Juno Stationary, 2 August 4:23 pm PDT, 9 Sagittarius). Another remarkable “Coincidence” – Growth in Consciousness is exactly what’s needed to Revert our Negative Karma.

Plus, we have seven Sign Changes, which of course also occur close to our Open Wound at 28 Degrees, and three of which are moving into the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo)…

  • Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) enters Taurus (Walking in Beauty) 9 July 6:22 am PDT.
  • Mercury (Mental Gymnastics) enters Cancer (Nurturing) 11 July 1:35 pm PDT.
  • Ixion (our Unique Genius) backs into Sagittarius (Letting Go of our Inhibitions) 16 July 2:48 am PDT.
  • Venus (our Values) enters Virgo (Ego Death) 22 July 5:36 pm PDT.
  • Mercury (Communication, Anal-ysis) enters Leo (Self-Appreciation) 27 July 6:11 pm PDT.
  • Mars (Action) enters Virgo (Ego Death) 29 July 1:00 pm PDT.
  • Atropos (Karma Reaching Its Natural Expiry Date) enters Virgo (Ego Death) 1 August 4:07 pm PDT.

And, did we mention that the 8 July Sappho Station, the 9 July New Moon, the 22 July Moira Station, and the 23 July Full Moon all occur while the Moon (Instincts, Manifestation) is Out of Bounds (Strong).

Manifesting Abundance

January 3, 2021

Abundance, according to Catherine Ponder in her 1962 book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, means Having Enough to Share. Of course that’s not the only possible definition. The Findhorn Garden for instance quoted the Wormwood Deva as saying something like “You Hu[per]s shy away from Power, but to us, more Power means we can Serve God Better.” Joe Dispenza points out that research by the HeartMath people shows that PIAVAs (Prayers, Intentions, Affirmations, Visualizations, Askings, et al) work much better when they’re Shared from a place of high Energy, such as Joy, Excitement, Gratitude, Love, and the like. I’m reading two recent books by Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap and Conscious Luck, that describe very fast, easy, and effective paths to Abundance – I recommend them highly.

I don’t doubt that this fellow, below, knows what he’s talking about, and if he didn’t mumble into his mustache so much, and was actually trying to Communicate rather than just Express, I’d probably also recommend this Dan Winter video…

As it is, I can only recommend it to folks who’ve played around with the likes of Scalar Energy or the Zero Point Field or Sacred Geometry or Ley Lines or Rife Machines or Distance Healing or Sound Healing or Dowsing or Fractals, or were able to watch last month’s Joe Dispenza video. He defines Ascension differently than we do, but the tiny portions of it that I was able to comprehend, were fascinating. He’s not a Teacher, but if you already know a little about what he’s mumbling about and you’re Patient, you might be able, as I was, to pick up a few more clues about how it all fits together. Many thanks to Casey for sending it.

At any rate, we’re deep into a Lesson on Manifestation (Station of dwarf planet Makemake), peaking 2:35 am 5 January 2021. Or as is often the case, an Opportunity to Explore our Resistance to Manifesting Abundance. Resistance?!? Why would anyone want to Resist Abundance?

I used to think that one factor in Global Warming has been all the times we’ve Complained about how Cold it is, but with Joe’s Insight, maybe Complaining doesn’t work so good because we seldom Complain from a place of high Energy. Besides, maybe we Complain about the Heat as often, especially if we live somewhere warmer than I! The Guardian has published fascinating excerpts from Greta’s mom’s new book about their family’s pre-Protest travails (

We mention this because a symbol for Global Warming (Conjunction [Merging] of dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness and Ability to RespondOr Not] and Quaoar [Our Survival Instincts]) is the primary Challenge (T-Square) in the Makemake Station chart, along with Despair and Powerlessness about it (Chiron [Despair and Miracles], which Opposes Makemake in the base of the T-Square)

The fastest planet here is Chiron, with its 50-year orbit, so this is a long-lasting T-Square or Challenge (roughly April 2018 to February 2022 using 3 Degrees of Sensitivity), it’s just more pronounced here because of the Makemake Station.

The Karmic Digital Age

December 24, 2020

Since Karma is Dead, it won’t be a problem that the Digital Age is Karmic, right? Almost enough to make a person subscribe to Retribution…

But no, Karma is Inertia, and do we ever have Inertia! Huge Inertia in government dysfunction, possibly increasing Inertia with apparently more Powerful Mutant Ninja Garudaviruses in the wings in spite of the nascent Vaccines, Inertia with Inequality as the Robber Barons use Virus-Rescue dollars for their own lunch money and worse, far too much Inertia in Global Balming, und so weiter.

The chart for the 21 December 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Initiation, which Initiates the 140-year Digital Age (the span during which the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in Air Signs) and especially the next 20 years (the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle), features only one Big Challenge, and that’s Karma (a T-Square to asteroid Karma from the Opposition between Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and Juno [Expansion of Consciousness])…

If that’s not enough, asteroid Karma itself is also Strong (Stationary), with Peak Exaggeration on 27 December at 2:30 am PST and two Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles), one to Our Instincts (the Moon, from the Opposition between asteroid Karma herself and Gonggong [Flushbacks]) that Challenges us to Stay in the Present Moment, and the other to Our Willingness to Break Karmic Habits (asteroid Lachesis, from the Opposition between Jupiter-Saturn itself [the Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it] and the Conjunction of Atropos [Karmic Patterns that have Finished their TimeLine, which our Ego may or may not have Let Go Of] and Varuna [Our Vitality])…

The Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it (Jupiter-Saturn) in the Karma Station chart mirrors the apparent Contradiction between Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) in the Digital Age Initiation chart. Notice that these are both Either/Ors, which by now we automatically associate with the Observing Mind rather than Observed Reality – right? If we want to deal with Reality we have to Change the Subject and switch from HeadsOrTails to the Coin. Since the Mind mostly does only Either/Or, we have to Intuit the Both/And Coin.

Well, obviously, when we Contract (Saturn) away from Reality, we only drive it into the Unconscious, from where it Controls us from behind the Curtain of our Denial. No Pressure – Denial is our Best Choice when we aren’t Ready to Integrate something into Consciousness. Overwhelm will usually set us back. So at least we can Expand into Embracing (Jupiter) our Contraction. In fact, a Poor Sweetheart might be an ideal Response – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really Frightened by that, aren’t you.” If we can then Change the Subject and go about our business without Obsessing on what Frightened us, we may be able to just Manifest the Miracle of Transcending our Fear of the New rather than Denying it.

Chiron is Positively Related (Sextile, two Signs apart, meaning Grace but we have to take the first step) to Jupiter-Saturn, and Chiron is the Unhealable Healer who Connects us to the Wisdom that What Heals is Empathy – hence our Self-Empathy Mantra, You Poor Sweetheart… Like Tapping, it Recognizes the Truth of our Heart and brings various parts of ourself into Alignment, while moving our Assemblage Point or our Identity, the Place Behind our Attention, from WhatAfflictsUs to Compassion.

Notice what Opposes Jupiter-Saturn – Varuna-Atropos (the End of Karmic Limitations to our Vitality). We can carry this directly to the Crapolavirus. Atropos stands for Karmic Patterns that have Finished on their own Accord but which our Ego may not have Let Go Of yet. In other words, the Virus is Optional if we Wish it So. Which means we have to Let Go of our Belief in Disease. Sounds Dangerous, doesn’t it. Sounds like a good way to get Dead. Yes, that’s the Sedna part. If you get stuck on that, Locate your Fear in your Body and focus Intensely on it while doing a hundred Kegels, to Convert the Fear to Power, whenever the Fear arises or returns.

Meanwhile, consider it an Experiment, and don’t Act like a Covidiot. This is like a Placebo – it works best if you Believe in it. And it will work (Jupiter-Saturn is joined by dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] – Choose the Confidence side). But we’re Playing on the Growing Edge of our Consciousness (asteroid Juno), so we never quite know ahead of time if we’re Ready to Transcend. If your Intuition is working fairly well, Thetas can help you evaluate your Readiness. When we Ask for What We Want, the Universe will either Give it to us directly, or Give us a demonstration of what else we need to Let Go Of in order to become Ready to Receive. Let the Universe stub your toe, instead of Dancing with a Miserable Death.

For folks who don’t Believe in Magic (ie, Choice) – and therefore Karma isn’t Dead for them – Karma still means Cause and Effect. Like Blame, Cause and Effect is a very sticky artifact of the Dualistic “Left” Brain. It’s not Easy to Think in terms other than Cause and Effect, because that’s the way the Observing Brain is wired. If you Allow it, the “Right” Brain – Intuition – can go Directly from Want to Outcome without worrying about Mechanism. For Left-Brainers, the Digital Age’s focus on C&E is good, because it may Allow them to Connect their Beliefs and Behaviors to their Outcomes in spite of their red hats. And there’s a lot of Inertia there which needs to Shift before Mother Gaia can Finish her Trance(Re)formation, though when it’s Ready it can Shift overnight.

When we look more closely, we see that all three Challenges (T-Squares) are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars – red-triangle T-Square and green-wedge Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet). This means that, when the Universe Threatens to Repeat your worst deja vus All Over Again, the Appropriate Response is to Smile to yourself and raise your Energy, while you Recognize that the Universe is a Trickster, and share a Chuckle with Her. She’s giving you another Opportunity to Practice using the Belief and Action that you’ve Chosen to Replace your Obsolete Karmic Pattern, or any Alternative Pattern, so you can Erase through Repetition your old Connections and cement New Patterns into your Flexible and Opportunistic Brain.

Despair and Miracles

December 17, 2020

There are three Hassles, er, Challenges, nay, Opportunities, in our Experience of Exaggerated Despair and Miracles (Chiron Station) that peaked on 15 December 2020 at 2pm PST. If you know anything about your natal chart, it’ll Light Up anything around 5 Degrees, particularly in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra (these are the Cardinal, or Creative, Signs). If you’re Sensitive, consider 2-8 Degrees. If your Thick-Skinned, try 4-6 Degrees. If you got Discouraged and haven’t come out of it yet, I may be able to help, though I may have to charge a fee. Or, you can try what we suggest below.

The Mythic Chiron was considered the “Unhealable Healer.” He gave up his Immortality in order to get Pain Relief by Dying. But it’s Empathy that Heals. So we recommend Self-Empathy, because it’s Easy and oh so Inexpensive. There’s only one hitch, which we’ll discuss in a minute, along with suggestions for getting past it. Self-Empathy works like this – you say to yourself, matter-of-factly, silently or out loud…

You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged, aren’t you.

Then comes the hitch. You have to Change the Subject and Think about something else. If you don’t do that, your Thoughts will take you right back into Despair. Thoughts are Toxic to Unpleasant Emotions. They’ll twist you in knots and wring you out to dry, torturing you till you scream. When we’re Living Right, we Feel our Emotions, we don’t Think them, but for most of us, most of the time, that’s such a weird notion that, should we attempt it, Perish the Thought, we’ll just feel like this blog spends too much time on the Moon, and give up. And by the way, Feel Like describes a Thought, not an Emotion.

The Mind is a Demon, it takes Lifetimes of Meditation to Learn how to Detach our Ego from its constant Livestream. But it’s also fickle, and easily Distracted by shiny objects or things that move, or Chocolate, or Thinking about Sex. Unless you’re ADD, or XXX, reading probably won’t work. Music might, but definitely not if it doesn’t Change the Subject for you. Vivaldi maybe, but probably not Beethoven, unless you’re a musician. YouTube cat videos, they might work, they often feature movement…

Really, anything that takes your Attention away from your Thoughts will do. Periodically, they’ll try to Take Over again. You can try…

“You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t stop Thinking, can you.”

Of course, you’ll be back in the same Dilemma, having to Change the Subject. It might work to Tap It Out, “Even though I can’t Stop Thinking, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”

Of course you could try Tapping your Discouragement Out in the first place, and if that works, great! What Poor-Sweethearting does, is Change your Identity. You start with “I am Discouraged,” and as you Poor-Sweetheart yourself, you move to “I am Compassion.” Sounds like a trick of grammar, but the Unconscious Reacts immediately to your Language. Even changing from “I am Discouraged” to “I Feel Discouraged” can make a big difference. But moving to “I am Empathic” literally makes you the Healer and the Healee at the same time. Tapping changes you from Out of Integrity to In Integrity, because as Jessica explains, you’re bringing your Consciousness to where your Body’s Energy System already is – you Tap on the Acupressure points at the ends of your Energy Meridians. Putting yourself in Integrity or Coherence will make it very difficult to continue to Feel Out of Sorts, because now you’ve Sorted Yourself Out.

Chironean Miracles arise because, once you succeed in Changing the Subject, now you’ll Unconsciously Do and Feel and Think things that were Impossible to Do or Feel or Think while you were Discouraged. Of course you can’t Think About Doing or Feeling or Thinking Miracles, because then you’ll Think yourself out of it. But several days later, when you’re back-filling your Journal, you’ll Recognize that Miracles have happened. Small ones probably, but maybe not!

Our three Opportunities include Ending the Consequences of Climate Change. You may not single-handedly Resolve the Whole Enchilada, but if you aren’t in Discouragement, one of the things you’ll Do instead, is Resolve your own Relationship with Climate Change. For instance, your Immune System becomes much less Vulnerable when you get out of Bummersville, so you may Reject a spikey Virus or two, without even knowing it. You could easily make other small changes to your Lifestyle that improve Life for everyone and everything on the Planet. (Opposing Stationary Chiron is dwarf planet Makemake, which is all about Manifestation. T-Square to this is the Conjunction [Merger] of dwarf planets Pholus [Responding] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]. It’s this ongoing Conjunction that brings us face to face with our Survival, and with Huperity’s Inability to Respond.)

A second Challenge is to Improve our Health by Increasing our Self-Sovereignty. Sounds potentially oxymoronic, but when we Give Away Our Power by Allowing Others (including Social Norms and/or perhaps the internalized Voices of our long-ago Programmers) to override What Our Soul Needs to Do, we literally Give Away a significant chunk of the Energy that keeps us Whole and Hale. (Uranus [our Soul] is Merged with Lilith [Self-Sovereignty], T-Square to the Opposition [Apparent Contrast] between the Conjunction [Merger] of asteroids Pallas [Boundaries] and Veritas [Facing Facts] on one side, and a Merging of dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force, our Vitality] and asteroid Atropos [Ending Untoward Habits] on the other.)

Those poor Covidiots may be stuck in this trap. We can’t Transcend Cause and Effect and get to 5D where we can Manifest Directly, without first Experiencing how Cause and Effect works. Clearly some people Believe that they can just Manifest Directly without worrying about the Trail of Disasters they leave in their path, and whatever substitutes for their Missing Soul obviously Needs to Do Big Risks in order to prove to themselves that they’re Superhuman. Eventually they’ll Create enough Ill Will by Operating this way, that its weight will bring them thudding back to Earth.

So we have a whole Cult of Mask-Deniers that are bringing Civilization to its knees by spreading the Cruelavirus like peanut butter, and a whole army of Believers in Scientism that are trapped in a misguided primitive version of Cause and Effect, Giving their Power to the “Experts,” and Collaborating to kill economic activity for the Common People so the Elite can take more. The simple “fact” is that, without a Miracle (which we definitely needn’t Exclude), we can’t Jump Directly to 5D either way. And what a Demonstration! When we Ask for something that we aren’t Ready to Receive, what the Universe gives us is an Illustration of what Limits our Receptivity. Touché, says the Universe!

The third Hassle in this week’s Despair and Miracle Exaggeration, is the solution to the whole mess, for whomever is Ready to Receive it. It’s not about your Wounded Society, it’s about your Wounded Individual Self that your Wounded Society Mirrors, about the Choices you make moment to moment for yourself. It’s about Recognizing our Karmic Trances and Trance-Sending them on their way. Karma is Dead. The only thing keeping it in place is our Attachment and Addiction to it. It’s what we Know, and we like it better than what we Don’t Know, because we Don’t Know how that will work out for us. We’d rather Commiserate with each other about how the External World has us under its thumb, than Step Out from under it and truly Create Our Own Reality that’s Sustainable.

When I was a wee lad and my father was rebuilding the house around us, every few minutes I’d Ask him Why he was doing something, or How it was going to work. He wasn’t a Builder, he was just trying to keep the Rain and the Cold at bay with his ample Ingenuity – his Why and How were Intuitive, not easily Explained. So when he wasn’t telling my nuisance self that Why was “Just for a Minute,” he was telling me that How required “Holding your Mouth Right.” Which is what it takes to Step Out of a Lifelong Trance, one that everyone has always told us, if we ever had the gall to question it, that it was The Only Way It Can Be Done.

An acquaintance used to say, “Don’t Get Even, Get Odd!” Breaking out of a Karmic Habit requires that we Do It Differently this time. Nine times out of ten we’ll discover that it was the same thing anyway, we just gave it a different name. So we have to Do it Differently ten times in order to catch that one time when what we Do is Really Random. It doesn’t matter What we Do, and it doesn’t matter whether it Works or not, what matters is that it’s Different this time. We can tell by the way it Feels. It will Feel Strange – it’s Different after all! All these years we’ve been looking for Comfort, how were we supposed to know we should have been looking for Strange?!?

(Asteroid Bee-Zed [Transcendence] T-Squares the Opposition between on one side asteroid Karma [Karma], and on the other side the Conjunction of dwarf planets Ceres [Sustainability] and Gonggong, formerly “OR10” [Intrusive Memories]. In that perpetual Livestream of Thoughts, how many are actually your own? How many Voices are babbling in there, and what Century did they live in, on which Planet? Sure, they have good advice – for then and there. But it’s not then and we aren’t there. Our job is to Be Here Now, and it ain’t Easy.)

Here’s the Chiron-Station chart with it’s three T-Squares…

Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

In honor of Chiron’s Station, for the last month or so long-time Earth-Healer Brooke Medicine Eagle has been hosting a series, called Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human, of daily free-to-watch-at-the-time online interviews with a variety of people who are engaged in Reanimating the Earth (a necessary first step for Healing the Planet from the chronic Western Civilization Disease that’s afflicting Her) in many different ways. The series is purchasable, but today she’s offering free replays of all of the interviews. I haven’t had time to watch very many of them, but some of them are exquisite, such as the interviews with Ilarion Merculieff (Becoming a Real Human Being), David and Emma Farrell (Becoming Indigenous in Your Own Land), and Don Beans (The Power of Integrative Wholistic Medicine). Fortunately I haven’t needed to try to contact him about this, but Dr. Beans says he has Homeopathic remedies for the Cursonavirus. Find the interviews today at

Abuse Flushbacks II

November 22, 2020

The second red-triangle Challenge (T-Square) and blue-triangle Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) combination in the 22 November 2020 Exaggeration (Stations) of dwarf planets Gonggong and Nessus (Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege) is Focused on asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) and dwarf planets Pholus (our Ability to Respond) and Quaoar (our Survival Instincts). (Even though the new WordPress editor makes it really clumsy and time-consuming to add those pinknesses and brownies, the sentence was just too complicated without them!)

Fate aka Karma Happens To us when we’re Unconscious about it. We can’t help being Victims when that Happens. When we get Conscious about our Fate/Karma, then we are able to Choose alternatives. This isn’t about Blaming the Victim as our Resistance wants to label it, it’s about the old saw Fool me once, Shame on You – Fool me twice, Shame on Me. Except that we need to toss the Shame part, and extend it a bit. Something more like, The first time someone rear-ended me, it was an Accident. The second time, it was Suspicious. The third time, my tail-gunner shot out his right front tire before he got there.

A little extreme, but the idea is that once we Notice that there’s a Pattern, we can Choose to Alter it. Of course we feel like the Victim the first several times, and it may take us more than three repetitions – or three hundred Lifetimes – to Notice the Pattern, let alone begin to Take Action to Alter it. The nature of Karma is that it flies under the radar, so we need to be Alert to Identify it. As Seth famously said long ago, It’s Easy to Identify our Karma – it’s writ large in our Personal History. It just looks like it’s Happening To us, not something we have anything to do with.

It’s not our Ego that Creates Our Own Reality, it’s our Soul, and it’s Adamant that we get hip to our Ego’s Habitual Negative Creations, so we can Change them to Creations that we Want to Manifest. That’s why it Repeats our Bummers for us. Folks often say “You can’t take it with you (beyond Death),” but we certainly do! Just not in Material Form, but in Habitual Form!

Pholus-Quaoar, as we’ve written many times, is the astrological correlate of Global Balming. So the second critical Challenge in this Memories of Abuse chart is about whether or not we’re going to continue to be Victims of Climate Change, or have our tail-gunner shoot out it’s tire before it gets here. Well, before it gets worse. We’ve already dallied the first several thousand times. But what can We do, we’re just One Person! everyone says. Except Greta of course. The rest of us just don’t have her Courage. We need to get rear-ended, or Coronavirused, a few hundred more times before we figure it out.

They built a huge concrete Sarcophagus around Chernobyl. We can do the same with the White House – lock the doors from the outside, flip the lid open, and fill it with concrete, like any other irretrievably polluted SuperFund site. Joe can work from home, in Delaware.

The base of this second Challenge/T-Square is the Opposition between Chiron (Despair and Miracles) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). This is really straightforward to interpret – we just have to Decide (Moira) whether we’re going to continue to Create (Makemake) more Victimhood, or Create Miracles (Chiron). The World we Live in is a Mirror for What We Believe. We Believe we’re Powerless to Manifest the World We Want to Live in because we Focus on the Media that’s continually telling us that we need more Stuff to be Happy, and using the Senseless Dramas that they thrive on to keep us Engaged and Anxious.

Who in the World Outside Yourself captures your Attention? That’s who you’re Giving Your Power to. No wonder we don’t feel like we have the Power to Impact our own Survival and Create a World We Want to Live In – we’re Giving Our Power Away. If you want the Monster to get Bigger, Keep Feeding It. It’s Eating Your Power. Every time you Notice yourself Thinking about WhatYouDon’tWant, Stop! Bring your Thoughts back to WhatYouDoWant. Our Thoughts are the first step in the Creative Process.

Not having Control over our Thoughts is one of the most debilitating Karmas we can reinforce. Every time we Think about WhatWeDon’tWant, we Strengthen our Negative Habits. Every time we Stop and Shift to WhatWeWant, we break the chain and Strengthen our Positive Karma. It really is One Thought At A Time. Like climbing a Mountain, putting one Thought in front of the Other.

The blue triangle, Dumb-Luck Blessings, in this combo with Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future (Moira-Pholus-Quaoar T-Square) connects firstly to Vesta-Orcus – Canceling the Oaths we once made (Orcus) which subsequently Created our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta). That was part of the first Combo we talked about in the previous post. Secondly the Blessings Link in Lilith-Uranus – Claiming our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) by Following our Soul’s Path for us in the Lifetime (Uranus, which in Taurus is in the process of Descending into Matter).

If you can pick out the faint blue lines that Bridge the T-Squares – such as Chiron to Aletheia to Bee-Zed to Makemake, these are additional Allies for us. The presence of Bee-Zed here says that the entire first Challenge (Transcending our Abuse Karma) is an Ally to this second Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future Challenge. Asteroid Aletheia is new to us here. She means The Truth of the Heart. Following your own Heart’s Truth, which is Different from everyone else’s Heart’s Truth, and which has nothing to do with Facts and Fabrications. When you take your Attention out of the gutter of External Events, you can put it into Your Own Heart.

The Bridge or faint blue lines in the first Challenge, Transcending our Abuse Karma, runs from Ceres-Gonggong-Nessus to Moira-Pholus-Quaoar to Nemesis-Zhulong-Venus to Vesta-Orcus. Moira-Pholus-Quaoar in the Bridge says that the second Challenge, Choosing to Manifest Our Own Future, is another Ally to Transcending our Abuse Karma. The newcomer here is Nemesis-Zhulong-Venus – minor planet Zhulong is the Red Dragon of Enlightenment that’s Awakening our Heart (Venus) to Realize that our unpleasant Ego Deaths (Nemesis) are only the Suicides of the parts of ourself that are Stuck in the Status Quo and are Afraid to go to 5D because they Fear Change of any kind.

Which illustrates that the two Challenges are just one Sign apart. An Angle of one Sign is an “Unx,” which symbolizes Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth Harmonic). So the two Challenges are mutually assisting one another to break through the Muck into Clarity. While we’re doing that, all we can see is the Muck, because that’s what we’re being Shoved Through. Once you get through (the Nessus Station was complete a half hour ago as I write this), grab the Imaginary Energy Hose that’s lying there, and hose yourself down with it.

Then Enjoy some Wild Dreams, or a Disorienting day. You’ve just been Reborn, so you’re seeing Everything through New Eyes. Confusion is the first stage of Growth – practice Celebrating Confusion. It’s a new Habit that will serve you well, as Confusion is a Guiderope on the path to 5D.

And just in time, as the Exaggeration (Station) of Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity) dominates the coming week (peaking 28 November at 4:30 pm PST).

Asteroid Atropos, which is in charge of Ending Timelines (whether Habits, Chunks of Karma, Lifetimes, Relationships, anything bounded by Time), is also Exaggerated this week (peaking 27 November at 1pm PST). Atropos-Eurydike-Varuna was a corner of the Transcendence (Bee-Zed) Grand Trine. Atropos Standing Still so close to Varuna (the Life Force), and beginning to back over it, will give us excellent Opportunities to Heal Physical ailments and the Earth, since Varuna animates Mother Nature.

Remember that Healing happens not when symptoms disappear, but when we stop Fearing Negative Future Outcomes, whether because we can See or Feel symptoms diminishing, because we accept the Limitations that our symptoms cause (which is often the moment when symptoms start to fade), or because we simply Surrender to Higher Powers and put our Attention elsewhere.

Orcus (Oath-Breaker) Initiates it’s new Cycle with Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) on 29 November, giving us greater Motivation and potentially greater Ease in Letting Go of Negative Unconscious Beliefs If you come upon Negative Limiting Beliefs this week, they could Feel very Oppressive. The more the better, because that Oppression is your Signal to Let Them Go.

You can Revert them, Tap Them Out, PIAVA them away, Theta otherwise, Poor-Sweetheart them, use a Fire Ceremony or a Water Rebirth, or any other Magic Ritual to Thank them for Serving you, wish them well in their new Life, and Let Them Go Once and For All. An Oath sworn in different circumstances and then Forgotten becomes a Karmic Curse in the Present, so if you can Revert and mean it, you’ll be Golden. If your Climate and Weather permit, you can Ask Mother Earth to use your Trauma as Compost, and sit for a while with your back against a Tree, or lie on the Earth. I once completely dispelled a nasty cold in a half hour by laying on my back on the Earth in a grove of small Trees.

Abuse Flushbacks

November 22, 2020

Flashbacks if we get sucked under by Invasive Memories of our historical or Karmic Abuse, and Flushbacks if we discern the difference between then and now, and Celebrate another win in the contest with our Demons (dwarf planets Gonggong [Intrusive Memories] and Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Stationary [Exaggerated] 20 November 2020 8:10 pm PST and 22 November 9:20 pm PST respectively). It’s a long game, and each win counts.

So often our Flashbacks are beneath our Awareness, and we don’t know why we just need another hit on the Chocolate or the Baileys or the Ganja or the Caffiend. Back in the 1980s, Pluto was in Scorpio and The Way Out Was Through, and when we Noticed that we were starting to Feel That Way again, one Teacher suggested that we Ask ourself, “What color is the Wallpaper?” Not that we necessarily remembered how it was then, but at least we’d be Reminding ourself to Observe the Present Moment to some degree. And not that folks use much wallpaper these days, but we can think up a working alternative. “What color is my Coffee Cup?” for instance, or “What brand is my Chocolate?”

The Energy’s been pretty bleak hereabouts. Hope it’s better in your ‘hood. It doesn’t help that the two events occur in Pisces, which is about Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, so Pisces will be doing its darnedest to get us to shift from Flashback to Flushback. Unfortunately, Pisces’s modus operandi is to tighten our Emotional thumbscrews in the hope that we’ll Notice that we need to Flush.

The two Stations are seven Degrees and two days apart, so we’ve charted them on the same graph…

The salient feature is the two red (T-Square) and blue (Grand Trine) triangle combinations pointing to Capricorn and Sagittarius at the top of the chart. These are very Powerful combinations of Challenge (red) and Blessing (blue), further Graced by the lighter blue lines, as we’ll delineate later.

The most important of the two pairs of triangles points to “Bee-Zed” in Sagittarius. Bee-Zed is a nickname for an asteroid (recently given the official name Ka’epaoka’awela – you can see why we still call it “Bee-Zed”) that orbits backwards (almost all the other planets go the other way ’round the Sun) out near Jupiter. We interpret Bee-Zed as Transcendence. It’s the more important of the two because Gonggong and Nessus are Standing Still in the base of the red triangle. And what are we Transcending?

We read that in the base (Opposition) of the T-Square, which has on one side Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (asteroid Vesta) and Pattern-Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus), and on the other side Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege (Gonggong and Nessus). The Abuse side is aided and abetted (from Pisces’s somewhat perverse Perspective) by Intensified Instincts (the Moon passing by) and a Need to Create Sustainability (asteroid Ceres). So it’s not so much that we’re Learning to Flush as we’re Learning to Flush Repeatedly and Plunge if Necessary, to make our Liberation from our Abuse Karma Permanent by Perfecting the Automatic Habit of Flushing it.

We’ve talked about Vesta and Orcus before (they meet on 29 November), and about how Vows and Decisions we made and Forgot we made (Orcus) are a common, if not the only, way that Karma is Created. Abuse and Privilege involve a ton of Vows and Oaths, like “I’ll never tell anyone because he said he’d kill Mom if I do!” or “I’ll get even with you if it’s the Last Thing I Do!” or “I Demand thirty-five Recounts!” By Forgetting that it was our own Choice to Vow or Decide, we eliminate second-guessing by making it non-negotiable, so it becomes Just the Way Things Are.

So the Potential is here to Transcend our Abuse Karma, if we’re willing to Let Go of our Resistance to Healing it. A good place to Alternate Thetas and Tapping, Commanding that we Let Go, Noticing any Resistance, and Tapping it Out before we Theta again. I’ve been working on an Intrusive Memory of being Distraught at not being able to Heal a favorite Kitten of Distemper when I was in College, and how that still facilitates Self-Doubt around Healing. I probably had to Vow to Give Up Magic to Survive one of the many Purges of Natural Law in the European Middle Ages.

The blue lines point to Allies in our Transcendence. In this case Victimhood and Power (Chiron) and Surrendering our Distrust in the Life Force (Atropos-Eurydike-Varuna) are here to help. Chiron is in charge of the Shift from Despair to Liberation. We recommend Poor-Sweethearting as a quick way to make that Transition. When we’re Discouraged by our Karmic Limitations (which we often consider to be Just the Way Things Are) – by our Lack of Success at something we Want to Accomplish, we say to ourself, out loud or not, “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Discouraged about… [ eg Being Able to Heal ], aren’t you.”

It’s not a Declaration (no “!”), just a simple, Neutral acknowledgment (“.”) of Present-Moment Reality. Then we Change the Subject, or put our mind on other things, as Completely as we can. Sometimes when we do this, the Transformation is so complete that we never remember that we used to be Discouraged. This sounds like a Word Game, but it works because it Shifts our Identity. We become a different person. Before Poor-Sweethearting ourself, we were Discouraged. That’s very Different from Feeling Discouraged, in which case we are an Observer reviewing our Current-Moment Emotions. In the earlier case, our Identity was, literally, Discouragement. The verb “to be” is a verb of Identification, of Equality, Discouragement R Us.

The Unconscious interprets our thoughts at this level. Once we Poor-Sweetheart ourself, Compassion R Us. We’re Being Compassionate with ourself. If we can manage to Change the Subject, we’re Transformed. As Compassion, we can Change many things, and often Easily. From the Perspective of who we were before, we can now do Miracles. Without Changing the Subject Completely, our old mental Habits will reconstruct our Previous (Discouraged) Identity. So we may need to Poor-Sweetheart ourself about not being able to Change the Subject, Theta it, or Tap it Out. Keep at it till you find something that absorbs your Attention.

The blue lines symbolize Grace, so Poor-Sweethearting (Chiron) and Surrendering our Distrust in the Life Force (Atropos-Eurydike-Varuna) and Transcendence (Bee-Zed) are all Collaborating Effortlessly at this time, so Effortlessly that we usually don’t even Notice. Dwarf planet Varuna represents Mother Nature, the Magic that underlies All of Life, the Energy that Separates Coyote from Dust Bunny and gives the former Sovereignty over their own Domain. Not that Dust Bunny doesn’t have Consciousness, but under what we consider to be “normal” circumstances, he seems to be at the whim of every breeze or broom.

If we Focused on it long enough, we could invite Dust Bunny to tell us the History and Herstory of the Universe. We may not need to Trust the Life Force that much to be able to Surrender into the Grace of the blue triangle (a “Grand Trine” or Dumb-Luck Blessings). But while we Hupers are Creator Beings, much of the time we aren’t the most Powerful Creator Being around. If we aren’t Ready to Transcend, we won’t. It’s that simple. But what the astrology tells us is that there’s a heck of a lot that we Can Transcend right now, so it’s a great time to Stretch into Expanding our Limits, and making it Sustainable.

Whom Will Your Soul Inhabit

August 2, 2020

The Big News of this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon is its square to Uranus.  Plan on an accelerating frequency, electric, unexpected, lightning shocks to the system.  Oh yeah.  Could be quite a roller coaster ride.  Keep strong in body and spirit.  Engage your integrity, clarity and higher mind.  The Great Awakener shocks us out of any complacency, laziness, or ignore-ance that has kept us living our lives in the back seat.”

So says Kelley Hunter in her Electric Lion Full Moon post at

Ignore-ance!  Brilliant!  I’ve certainly never thought of Ignorance that way!  How appropriate, when the Primary Energy in most of July and  August is about Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) and Surrendering our Victimhood (Chiron and Uranus).  Before we can Surrender our Victimhood we have to Notice that we’re Choosing to Give Away Our Power.  That would make a fabulous Revelation of What’s Been Denied, wouldn’t it.

A reader last week pointed me toward another place of my own Ignore-ance, the Potential in the phrase “Up Until Now.”  Evidently psychic John Edward and Austrologer Maggie Kerr have been slipping this phrase in between a statement about the Truth of What’s Going On and an Affirmation of What We Want (see 7:33ff of this video for an example).  I’m imagining that this might be useful when we alternate Tapping and Theta Healing to demonstrate to ourself that we’ve Identified and Let Go of Resistance.  For example…

Even though Up Until Now I’ve Felt that My Best Strategy Was to Ignore Abusive Statements, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…”

God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Pleasantly and Diplomatically, but Firmly and Safely, Respond with Integrity in Situations where Up Until Now I Haven’t Responded Honestly.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me!

In our process we would Evaluate the result of Show Me! and if it didn’t demonstrate Confidence and Comfort, we’d go back and Tap again, adjusting our Set-Up Statement to address whatever Resistance that Show Me! Identified.

Testing this out just now, I realize that I could stay in the Present Moment, rather than Regressing to Sibling Competition.  Instead of Reacting tartly with “It takes one to know one” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue” or “So’s your Old Man!” I could Respond with “Ouch!  That Hurt!” or even “Am I really Denying that about myself?” or “I’ll consider that possibility.”

So I might change my followup Tapping Set-Up Statement to “Even though Up Until Now I’ve often Regressed when insulted…” and my subsequent Theta Command to “I Command that I Remain in the Present Moment in Situations where Up Until Now I’ve Regressed when Insulted” and see where that takes me.

The nature and purpose of Tapping is to Acknowledge the Truth of what is Happening, in order to align the Emotional/Mental Contents in our Consciousness – and the Unconscious – with the Spiritual Energy in our Meridians.  Once that is accomplished, we’re more Free to Allow What We Want to come through.  So adding Up Until Now isn’t totally necessary.  However, it might be Powerful as a more explicit Invitation to Change.

When we look at the 3 August 2020 (9am) Full Moon (in 12 Aquarius) chart, we’ll see how this is a very relevant example, as the Fixed Star Aldebaran (in 10 Gemini), which is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Royal Stars of Persia, fills a very important Vacancy, and completes several Zodiac-Wide (ie, Overarching and thus Important) Configurations (Dynamic Grand Sextile, Mutable Grand Cross, Hylonome Diamond Star).  Aldebaran signifies Great Success, with the Caveat that a failure of Integrity, or failure to maintain “Purity of Thoughts and Dealings” (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.233), will result in an equally Great Downfall.

If you want to Commune directly with Aldebaran in the night Sky, it’s the very bright star to the right of Orion.  Orion’s belt points to both Aldebaran and, beyond that, the Pleiades.  (The Antichrist’s birth chart finds Urania, Tantalus, Minerva, and Pandora Channeling Aldebaran.  His Challenger’s birth chart finds Saturn there.)

What Am I Remembering? II

July 28, 2020

The culprit who started the whole Canolavirus thing has been found, and she doesn’t seem to be projecting much Remorse…

She may be working for Mother Earth.

The major problem with Denial is that sooner or later, Mythology and Reality collide in ways that we have to stand on our heads to try to maintain our Denial, and all our Credibility falls out of our pockets, if we’re lucky enough to be wearing pants…

Maybe Chris Cuomo can be our modern-day Edward R. Murrow…


Here’s some Perspective, from the Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele…


“Dear readers, during these times of so much turmoil and confusion our hope is that these messages will bring information and encouragement.  Do not become discouraged for present times are the very reason you chose to be on earth at this time.

“The shift that so many have hoped and prayed for has begun but does not look like so many expected it to look.  This is because they were imagining it with three dimensional concepts of what a perfect new world would look like.  All the bad guys would be removed and all the good guys would live happily ever after with no problems.  Release any remaining concepts you may still hold regarding the earth’s ascension and allow the process to unfold as it must.

“Many old and well established three dimensional creations must first surface in order to be seen and recognized for what they really represent before the majority can be aware of, reject, and stop energetically feeding them.  This is a process, but as maps point out, ‘You are here.’

“This will continue for a while and there is more to come.  Stand centered in your highest spiritual realization as an observer, but one who is open to helping as needed.  Some are being guided to take an active role, while others are to simply hold the Light.  Neither is more important than the other but both must be done without ego involvement.  Follow your intuition, listen, trust, and know that you are always being guided.

“We see many changes coming soon and more to be revealed that are not yet energetically ready for manifestation.  Do not be shocked and upset when people and issues begin to be exposed for who and what they represent.  You are prepared and have had fair warning but some information will be shocking to those still living in old energy.  You may be called upon to reassure and assist those unprepared for information and change.

“It can be a time of celebration if you allow it to be and if you are able to let go of concepts about how everything should or shouldn’t look.  The journey toward a higher resonating planet earth has begun and no amount of interference from those seeking to uproot the process can stop it.

“Much of today’s chaos is the activity of those who do not want the world to awaken into a new level of awareness for that would mean they could no longer manipulate and control.  However, they are running out of options for the Light has spiritual law to uphold, maintain, and sustain it, whereas false beliefs and concepts do not.

“As one’s personal consciousness becomes more enlightened, one begins to access and resonate with previously unavailable higher dimensional frequencies because they are now in alignment with them.  This in turn results in misalignment with some other things, like certain foods. … Choose foods that more closely align with your energy and trust your intuition as you shop.  The sky is not going to fall down if you eat something of a lower resonance, but you will feel better and your energy will be supported when you choose higher resonating foods.

“New energy levels will also cause some entertainments, TV shows, books, and activities to no longer resonate with you as they once did.  Family and friends who remain in alignment with these things will not understand why you are choosing to no longer fully participate and may interpret your lack of interest as personal rejection, frequently bringing about discord and misunderstanding.

“It can be a loving gesture to continue participating when something no longer important to you is very important to another, but never surrender your integrity or personal power in order to please others or ‘fit in.’  Do not allow pressure from others or a desire to keep the peace cause you to slip back into places you have outgrown or cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you.  It is never a question of wrong or right, it is simply a matter of energetic misalignment.

“Never surrender your innate power as a Divine Being, but at the same time be alert to avoid resistance on your part that can easily slip into an ego game that becomes about the three dimensional sense of power.  Walking on eggshells in order to please another must cease if a person is ever to experience their own innate power.

“There are situations and more coming in your life when you will simply and without regret or guilt, step away.  Always stand in your spiritual integrity (power), lovingly but firmly, without making mountains out of molehills in the false belief that you must stand your ground regardless.  That simply gives power to some person or activity that in and of itself, has no power.

“Power is never personal, bestowed only on a select few.  God alone is power and that power flows in, as, and through you from Source within – it is your birthright.  Ego, or the sense of a selfhood apart from God never has or ever can have real power although many continue to claim it for themselves, and appearances may look that way.

“Because a physical body is necessary for three dimensional living you are limited in some ways and often under the influence of collective thought.  As truth increasingly becomes your attained level of consciousness, many three dimensional concepts will fade away allowing you to actually experience increasingly more qualities of Divine Consciousness that were previously just intellectual knowledge.  Once a truth becomes your realized state of consciousness, you are no longer in alignment with commonly accepted but false beliefs about it.

“You will begin to notice that you often know or act without conscious thought and it turns out to be the perfect action for the situation.  You begin to automatically know what foods your body needs and what activities are right for you.  Synchronicity happens and things begin to fall into place easily and without effort.  The right people come into your life at the right time.  The harmony, completeness, wholeness, and intelligence of your own realized Consciousness is expressing through you without personal effort.  You are allowing. rather than trying to make it happen.  Be-ing rather than do-ing.

“Lecturing, preaching, or punishing the un-awakened never brings about lasting change for every person is only capable of living their attained level of consciousness until they can open to their next level which usually comes about through experiences.  Jail or prison, counseling, and intense experiences all have potential to awaken someone if they are receptive, but higher awareness can never be forced on another.

“Never fear or resist allowing certain people to fade out of your life if they are choosing to remain in old energy and you find yourself no longer in alignment with them.  It is not your job to save anyone, that is the person’s own job for every person has a Higher Self and Guides

“Your work is to have your hand out and available at all times should another choose to grab it, but it is never to reach down into someone’s personal gutter and pull them out without their consent or desire.  Their situation could very well be a planned part of their evolutionary journey.  Always allow intuition to guide you in these situations for a person may actually be seeking help but not seem that way while another may simply want you to further enable them.

“Awakening happens when the Higher Self determines that a person is ready, and high frequency energy and current events are serving to shift many into readiness.  A new wave of energy is coming very soon, one that will expose and change many things.  Your awakened consciousness will draw to you those ready to hear what you can tell them about what is happening personally and globally.

“Love is the core and essence of all things because it is the energetic connection of the many within ONE.  This interconnecting energy exists between all living things but has been falsely interpreted by the three dimensional mind.  The result has been a multitude of commonly accepted beliefs about Love – attraction, emotion, sex, possession, as well as some very negative ones.

“Current conditions are forcing many for the first time to begin experiencing a sense of Oneness.  You are witnessing the birth of a higher sense of Love in collective thought as the virus and isolation puts everyone in the ‘same boat’ so to speak.

“Because there is only ONE, Love embraces all life regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, age, race, wealth, looks, or anything else that has throughout history served to separate people.  Love is the innate knowing (consciousness) that all things are connected.  Relationships of all kinds start with some sort of sense of Oneness (goals, likes or dislikes, interests, attraction etc.) but are experienced according to the state of consciousness of those involved.

“Frequently a sense of Oneness comes from having been connected in some way to another person in previous lives which then manifests in this life either as attraction or repulsion depending upon previous relationships.  Most heterosexual as well as homosexual partnerships take place between two who have become very close through previous shared lifetime experiences.

“As the reality of pure Love integrates and becomes a person’s attained state of consciousness, they automatically and without thought or ego-driven goal begin to respond to all life situations from a place of Love because they have become Love.  Always remember, you are Consciousness.

“All is proceeding according to plan.  Trust.  Allow.  Love.  The train has left the station.

“We are the Arcturian Group, 26 July 2020.”


And another Perspective, Channeled by Brenda Hoffman…


“We wish to address your need to be everything to everyone except yourself.  For these unusual times seem to be calling you to care for others.  But if you do, you will lose your balance, your place in this new earth.

“That is not to say you must isolate yourself, but instead, to remember, you are now as fragile as any you feel the need to care for.

“You adapted to caring for others, lifetime after 3D lifetime. Always ready to help others while neglecting yourself.

“Some of you may contend you were selfish in this or other earth lifetimes.  Such was so to balance your being, to add self-care elements for this lifetime.

“Given your 3D need to punish yourself whenever you have the opportunity to do so, many of you recalled past lives or incidents in this life that feed your need to punish yourself.

“Please allow yourself to know you needed those experiences, or you would not have created them.  And now you continue your 3D self-flagellation because your friends and family are in pain.  Your inclination is to join them.  Not necessarily to experience the same fears or pain, but to stop and comfort them despite your need to be elsewhere.

“Such is not a sin (there are no sins), but instead a needless activity for you and those you believe you are helping.  They are as strong and capable as you. For if they were not, they would not have selected this time to enter the earth.

“This is not an earth life for the faint of heart.

“You prepared for eons to be of the earth at this time.  Bravo!  But so did everyone.  This is not an earth life in which one or two people function so differently from other humans that they are noted in history books.  You are an Olympic Star, for you helped shift the earth and are now doing the same with your inner-being.  But then, so is everyone else.  Those of the waves following you have a different focus.  You are a star of this magnificent earth shift, and those following will be a star of something else.

“If you stop or slow down to help them, you will do so from your focus, not theirs.  Such would be counter-productive for both of you.  For you would encourage those following to focus on your area, forcing them to negate theirs.  And all the while, you would feel off-balance, maybe even angry for being ‘forced’ into their dilemmas.

“Perhaps you believe those of 3D did the same to you when you initiated your transition process.  So they did.  For you were an oddity, someone they could not fully understand.  Which encouraged them to try to return you to their 3D boxes.

“The difference is, you are more powerful than were your 3D naysayers.  You are stronger in your love and your need for others to be like you.  So it is your attempts to push others – through what you believe is caring – is much more harmful to both of you than was true of 3D others when you began your transition.

“Of course, your heart breaks at times as others cry in fear and pain.  Such is to be expected as your heart has opened in ways you never before experienced while of the earth.  But such caring is not productive now.  The two of you have different roles to play.  And if you feel the need to push or pull someone into your world, they will neglect theirs.

“It is time for you to implement your self-love, for you cannot live anyone else’s life even though both of you might wish that such was possible.

“You are different now.  Wiser, stronger, and more powerful than you likely now understand.  It is time for you to allow those in the second and third waves to find their power.  Carrying them or encouraging them to pity themselves is not productive for either of you.

“You do not have the energy nor the earth time to help them climb their mountains, to wade through their dark night of the soul.  You completed those phases before them for a reason.  You are the abstract instructor.  You have completed the steps necessary to be where you are – not in 3D caring for everyone but instead discovering yourself.

“Know that others have or will soon have the same power and strength as you, just not in the same arena.  So you can no more teach them how to be than it is likely a mechanical engineer could teach a first-grade instructor how best to interact with his or her students.  Even though both the instructor and engineer have unique strengths, those strengths seldom cross over.  So it is now.

“You are you in all your glory.  Those in the second and third waves are doing what they need to do to be in the same place as rapidly as possible.  Allow them to develop without your interference.

“Those parents who continuously coddle their children often discover their children have difficulties becoming responsible, for their children have not learned how to or have a reason to do so.

“Our final point is for you to remember to love yourself.  For these are indeed trying times.  You are adjusting to new you.  While those following are crying out for you to care for them.  And the energies just keep pummeling every one.

“You need downtime, rest, joy, and peace.  None of which is possible if you continue to ponder or worry about the needs of others without concern for yourself.

“Open your heart to yourself, and you will know the right actions for you and those you love.  Care for others, despite your needs, and neither of you will be in self-love.  So be it.  Amen.“