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2014 – Venus and Eris

January 1, 2014


Venus Retrograde

As usual, Kelley Hunter’s New Moon notes are fabulous…

She mentions an important detail that I forgot to mention – Venus’s 8-year pentagonal pattern – and does a better job on the topic than I would have anyway.  There’s an error, though, if she hasn’t corrected it already: where she says “2005-6, 1998-9, 2000-01,” I believe she meant to say “2005-6, 1997-8, 1989-90.”  Boy it’s easy to forget numbers and get them confused these days, more than usual!  I have to write everything down, even if it’s just for use a few minutes later.

Void – of Course or Otherwise

Another thing she mentions is the “Void of Course Moon” (often referred to as “V/C” or “VOC”), which I haven’t mentioned because I don’t usually use it.  V/C is the space between the last major Angle that a planet (or other heavenly object or symbol) makes, and it’s entry into the next sign.  The major Angles are Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, and Sextile.  Seems to me the Quintile also belongs in that group, but I don’t know enough about V/C to know for sure (VC still means “Viet Cong” to me).  If you want to read more about V/C, try…

and a more technical view at

V/C can evidently refer to other planets as well as the Moon, though since I regard the Moon as the trigger for Manifestation and as the symbol for the glue that holds Energy together as Matter, and since I regard the Angles between Bodies as the “meat” of astrology (because it describes the Energy rather than the Manifest results), it would certainly seem to apply more to the Moon than to other planets.  Since it fits so well with my basic philosophy, you’d think I’d use V/C – maybe I’ll look into it.

I usually use the term “Void” to refer to the last three eighths of a Cycle – the time between the Phitile and the following Conjunction.  The Phitile, which astrology usually ignores, is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, 222 and a half degrees.  This Void is when Energy retreats into Potential so it can be remixed and baked into new cakes – similar to the V/C process, actually.  Does all this talk about the Void bode ill for 2014, relative to our usually Desire to Manifest more and more?  Well, I agree with Kelley’s “Shopaholics beware” note, that we’ll continue to move into more Sustenance for a long time, since Sustenance is the flip side of Sustainability.

Kelley’s note that (paraphrasing) “Venus’s retrograde is the biggest planetary theme of the month” did give me pause, as I’m still thinking about that storm of Mjolnirs, the Mystic Rectangles and Chiron Initiations, the Eris Station, and the big T-Square that started the year.  But of course she’s right – I just don’t give the inner planets as much attention as they deserve.

The Station of Eris

It wouldn’t hurt to review that Eris Station though.  She turns Direct in 22 of Aries at half past 2am PST January 9 – which means it’s Stationary now.  The Moon crosses Eris at a little past 3am PST on January 8, so we might see an even larger impact then.  Out at her apogee (furthest extent) as she is, she’s only moving a little more than one degree per year, so we could make a solid argument that she’s always Stationary – but we can certainly give her ten days!  And a meaningful Station it is, making a Grand Cross with Sun-Venus, Lilith, and Vesta-Ceres…

ErisD2014No wonder all of the New Year blather on TV was all about Women!  Other than a huge focus on the Liberation of our Female Voices, what would we say about such a Grand Cross?

It’s all about changing our Mythology (Vesta) in order to create a space where our Female Voices (Everything Else) can be Sustained (Ceres).

You might call it your Morality or your Philosophy or use some other word, but we all have a Personal Mythology – the way we think the World came to be, is, and is likely to cease to be.  Our Personal Mythologies are all Self-Sabotaging to one degree or another.  Since our Feminine Voice contains our Values (Venus), there’s a high correlation between Sustaining our Female Voices and eliminating Self-Sabotage.

The Biquintile (orange line) to Pallas says we need to…

Adjust our Boundaries so we can defend our Female Voice, even when she’s goring someone’s sacred cow.

The Quincunx (green line) to Saturn says…

I wonder what sort of infrastructure we could build to help Sustain our Female Voices.

And the web of Septiles (light blue lines), which we’ve been living with for a while – and which is actually a Very Big Deal, uniting as it does Eris, Neptune-Juno, Pluto, and Saturn, tells us that…

The Global and Cultural Unconscious is shifting in the direction of Sustaining our Female Voices, as is the archetypal Personal Ego – but it’s a matter of timing.

Think Hundred Monkeys, or Tipping Point.

While this chart is drawn for January 9, all we have to do is swap out Sun-Venus and slip in the Moon, and we have the same Angles on a January 1 chart at midnight – in other words…

Add Sustainable Manifestation to the benefit list for Recovering our Uncensored Female Voices and we can apply the chart to the whole of 2014. 

It’ll just get a bit more subtle after January 9.  This is probably why the numbers are so fuzzy even – the Female Voice is more into Quality than Quantity.  That should intensify until January 9, then settle out.