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Big Eclipse IX

August 21, 2017

So far, the Lunar Supremacists are Darkening the Solar Supremacists pretty well, with a sizable piece of the Sun already Eaten.  I saw three Faeries darting about between the trees before the Eclipse even began.  I’m most impressed by how the Sun is so much brighter than usual, even when it’s almost half Occulted, and how the Sky is a slightly darker blue.  It’s subtle, but obvious next to the green of the Trees.  It’s very Silent already.  An Eagle just flew over, heading east (which symbolizes Enlightenment, by the way).  They aren’t rare here, but we don’t see more than one or two a year.

Saturn Station

August 21, 2017

Saturn represents The Most Important Thing.  When Saturn is Lit Up, as it is now because it’s Stationary this week, Guilt often arises about what we are or aren’t doing.  We may actually be Attending to The Most Important Thing, but our Yangtegrity (our Desire to Do What We Said We Would Do When We Said We Would Do It) is making us Feel Guilty because The Most Important Thing is not on the Schedule.  Or, we may Feel Guilty or Anxious or “Off” because we aren’t Attending to the Most Important Thing, and deep down we know we should be.

Fear often accompanies this Dance, because if we are Attending to The Most Important Thing, we’re Afraid that our internal Yangtegrity or our external Puppet-Masters will Punish us.  It’s the Heart, not the mind, that tells us what The Most Important Thing is, moment to moment, and if we aren’t Listening to the Heart, we’re likely to be Feeling either Fear or Grief about how we aren’t Paying Attention to What We Took This Lifetime For.

While Fear might usually help us know whether or not we’re Attending to The Most Important Thing, it won’t help us find out what it is, because Fear is the Absence of Love, and we need Love to find The Most Important Thing.  This week is more Complicated, because dwarf planet Sedna, which symbolizes Fear, is also Stationary and Lit Up.  So this week, it may behoove us to just PIAVA it.  “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Attending to The Most Important Thing, Moment to Moment, this week.”  Or something like that.

Failing at Priority Number One is a Serious blow to our Self-Esteem, so much so that we often don’t Risk it, so we won’t be Vulnerable to such a Profound Failure.  This Hesitation could be tied up with our Forbidden Genius this week, since Saturn still Conjoins dwarf planet Ixion, which represents our Abandoned Genius. 

Many of us have also been told many times not to “put all our Eggs in one basket,” so we like to keep Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives in the stable.  We may be Afraid to Let Go of these in order to Focus on The Most Important Thing, even if we know what it is.  Priorities two through ninety-nine keep the Ego Feeling Safe.

When Saturn is Lit Up, Do Focus on The Most Important Thing.  All of those Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives will take care of themselves for a while, and when Saturn Cools Off next week, you can go back to them.  They’ll act like you were never gone. 

If you don’t know what The Most Important Thing is, PIAVA to know it.  There’s One Most Important Thing that spans your entire Lifetime, but it’s always Transmuting itself as the Universe Changes, and as you Successfully Attend to some segment of it.  So it’s another Paradox – a Constant that’s always Changing.  You need your Intuition and your Instincts to keep track of it.  If you try to cage it with Certainty or with too many words, it’ll slip out of your hands like a Fish.

Since Saturn’s hanging out with Ixion, you could even PIAVA “God/Goddess, Please Lovingly and Gently Introduce me to my Forbidden Genius.”  Since She’s Forbidden, be sure to include “Lovingly and Gently.”

Big Eclipse VIII

August 20, 2017

Here’s a fascinating Video that doesn’t appear to be Photoshopped…

…though we don’t want to Confuse it with Resentment.

Anyone born between 1955 and 1958 will have their natal Pluto (Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation) under the Eclipse.  Your Voice will be Powerful in this Time Province, so don’t hold back.  The Eclipse Squares (Illuminates) Schwarzenegger’s Nodes (his Path in the Lifetime).

Donna Woodwell, at…

Points out that the Eclipse Opposes the USofA’s natal Moon (Instincts) and Conjoins the Donald’s natal Ascendant (How the Person is Seen by Others), and I’ll add that it Conjoins Steve Bannon’s natal Moon-Vertex (Channel) and Opposes his Vesta (Beliefs).  

We regard an Eclipse as an Enlightenment, because the best way to bring into Consciousness something that we hadn’t Differentiated from Background Noise, is to Remove it and then Restore it – one of those blinking Neon Signs that Jewel spoke of.  If you read Donna’s article, you’ll see that she has a more traditional approach, seeing an Eclipse as as literally Extinguishing.  But read on – she then talks about Jung’s concept of the Shadow, and an Eclipse’s Potential to Reveal it – exactly what we mean when we see an Eclipse as Illuminating.  (The Unconscious doesn’t do Duality – Endarkenment = Enlightenment.)

Here’s an excerpt from Donna’s article…

“Donald Trump was never the ‘enemy of progress.’  He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time.  In this sense, Trump is a man destined from birth to hold the projection of the collective shadow of our nation.  So that we can clean up our shit and move on to the next phase of our history.

“He’s holding up a mirror to see what’s broken within ourselves and within our society.  He’s a proverbial match that lights the bonfire, already stacked long before he arrived.  Now it’s our turn as a nation to ask the crucial questions: who are we as a nation, and what do we want to become?”

So, no Resentment, K?  Donna also points out the next Total Solar Eclipse that spans the US, this time from Texas to Maine, coincides in 2024 to the USofA’s Pluto Return.  When a planet Returns to it’s natal position, it restarts a whole New Adventure in the Life.  When the planet is Pluto, we aren’t likely to Recognize the Newbie as the same Entity.

At the end of Eclipse VI we listed the Stations that characterize the unstable wake turbulence following the Eclipse…

‘Then we need to quickly turn our Attention to the Adventures which follow and Challenge our Infant Self to make Choices it may not be ready for…

“24 August (ie, ~ 17-24 August) – Saturn Stationary turning Direct, informing us that we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing

“26 August (ie, ~ 22-26 August) – Juno Stationary turning Direct, Opening the Gate between Consciousness and the Unconscious

“27 August (ie, ~ 20-27 August) – Sedna Stationary turning Retrograde, Staying Present when we’re in Fear or Anger

I’ve since noticed that we need to add…

1 September (ie, ~ 26 August-1 September) – Moira Stationary turning Retrograde, tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us that Consciousness Behooves

Moira symbolizes Fate, and we know that Fate and Free Will are one of those Dualities that the Unconscious Cancels out; in the Unconscious Fate is Free Will.  Fate is what happens when we Live our Life Unconsciously, as the Victim of our Karmic Archetypes.  The claim that “no one is born hating” isn’t quite True, since Resentful and worse Karmic Archetypes are not at all uncommon.  Probably only Fear Archetypes (aka Limiting Beliefs) are more common than Resentful Archetypes, and Fear devolves into Anger as the Ego Learns to “Defend” itself against what it Fears (in truth it’s Offense).

So we could read the post-Eclipse week as The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Become Conscious (Juno) of our Fear (Sedna) so we don’t have to Live it (Moira).

Meanwhile, because we can’t expect everyone to Become Conscious, we should tread cautiously, because those who do “Choose” to Live their Fear on the 3D Hardcopy level, are likely to be armed and dangerous.  It actually is, on the Soul Level, a Choice, and as Donna implies about ‘Rump, Living anything on the 3D Hardcopy level is actually a good way to Bring it into Consciousness.

Big Eclipse VII

August 20, 2017

Dan & the Arcturians add this to the stewpot…

“Yes, you have arrived at an important point in this calendar year.  You are all aware of the celestial bodies, their movement, and the effects that their energies have on those of you living on planet Earth.  The eclipse that is coming is an important event because the moments that the sun will be behind the moon are an opportunity for all of you to recognize that you have the ability to access the power of the sun within you.

“The sun, like everything else in the universe, exists within you.  It also exists outside of you from a certain perspective.  But the sun itself, the energy of it, the power, the wisdom, the higher frequencies, they all exist within you.  In the moments when the moon is blocking the sun from the Earth, we invite you to feel for everything that the sun provides for you as potential energy that exists within you.

“You have the ability to shine light.  You have the ability to offer warmth.  You have the ability to nurture life, to provide insight.  You have the ability to send transmissions of light, transmissions of energy.  You also have your flare-ups, and you also have aspects that when taken to an extreme are unhealthy.  So you see, you are the sun.

“You also have an ability to access the aspects of the sun that you want to access in any given moment.  You can choose to be the version of the sun that you want to be, and when the sun comes back, you will once again benefit from its presence.  It acts as a reminder to all of you of how powerful you are, how much light you have within you, and how much potential there is within each of you for anything and everything under the sun.”

Big Eclipse VI

August 19, 2017

Here’s a handy tool…

Before we finish with the busy 21-25-Degree Zone of the Eclipse chart, we need to talk about one more snapshot, a Yin Gate (signified by the two adjacent green Xs) nestled in amidst the T-Squares, Grand Cross, Grand Trines, and Grand Sextile that we’ve already discussed…

As you probably recall, a Yin Gate is a “Mystery School” where we’re taught to Accept Paradox, because Paradox is essential for grokking Reality.  Contradiction occurs only in the mind, never in Real Life.  If we’re Limited to Logic, we can never Grow beyond our (usually Unconscious, almost always unstated, and implicitly incomplete) Assumptions, and we’re Stuck in Duality, losing access to all of the other Dimensions of the Multifarious and Unitary Real Universe.  Whenever we encounter a Contradiction, like Jewel’s neon sign, it tells us that we need to Open to Paradox instead.

The crux of the Paradox we’re Asked to accept in the Eclipse Yin Gate is the apparent Conflict between our Values and Ego Death.  We’re taught that our Values are Fixed for Life, that they Define Who We Are, and in a post or two back, Jewel talked about using them for her compass in the Wilderness of Life.  Well, even if our Values never Change, the depth of our Understanding of them definitely Changes.  And in order for that to happen, an Ego Death of some sort or another often needs to occur. 

When we’re Emotionally Attached to our Current Ego – and almost by definition, who isn’t – then an Ego Death literally Breaks our Heart (Venus in Cancer)Why on Earth would anyone intentionally Break their own Heart?  Well, it’s not really the Heart that’s Breaking, it’s the Emotional and Intellectual Shell around it that’s Breaking.  The Heart is actually Breaking Open.

Paradox is the Central Issue in a Yin Gate, but Yin Gates involve much more…

  • The Golden Rectangle (heavy blue lines) enfolding the Gate is a Blessing helping us return to Alignment with our True Nature (Golden Rectangle), in this case Aligning the Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) of our Forbidden Genius (Ixion), which at the moment is The Most Important Thing (Saturn), with our Birthright of Freedom (Chaos), and Aligning that with Our Mission in the Lifetime (North Node), with the Dissolution of our Resentments (Mars-Atropos), and with Action (Mars) to Reclaim our Hidden Skills and Embrace the Emotions that we cannot Tolerate (South Node).  (The Golden Rectangle is blue because that’s the color we use to symbolize Grace, and Golden because it reflects the Golden Ratio that Pachamama uses to Align Her infrastructure.)
  • Funny we should mention Resentments.  In addition to being Conjunct asteroid Truth, another reader has just pointed out that the Eclipse is also Conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia.  The textbook on each of these Royal Stars is that they promise Great Success, but only if a certain downside can be Avoided.  The downside for Regulus?  Resentment!  As they say, you can’t make this stuff up!  Oh, btw, I retract that comment yesterday about the caves.
  • Four Natural PIAVAs
    • I Wonder (Quincunx – green line) how my Understanding of my Values (Venus) was warped by Others to imprison my Forbidden Genius (Ixion), restrain by Self-Sovereignty (Lilith), and Limit my Healthy Control over my own Domain (Saturn).
    • I Wonder how my Programming about my Values may have helped keep my Karma (South Node) in place.
    • I Wonder what sort of Ego Death (Nemesis) would Allow me to Transcend my Most Frustrating Limitations (Chaos)
    • I Wonder what will happen if I Lovingly and Gently Affirm (Mars) exactly that sort of Ego Death, and Affirm my Commitment to Lovingly and Gently Extinguish (Atropos) all Inhibitions to my Life Mission (North Node).  Sounds scary, eh?
  • Two Big Opportunities to Let Go of Unconscious Archetypes that Control our Lives…
    • When we regard our Values as Moral Imperatives rather than Choices, we create Limits for ourself and for our Community.  We can find Alternatives that are more Flexible, Expansive, and Rewarding.  (Venus Unx to Chaos and Mars-Atropos-North Node – the Unx Angle, make by two planets one Sign apart, aka the Twelfth Harmonic, is about Breaking Patterns)
    • When we have Habits of suppressing certain Emotions, it imprisons the parts of ourself that Feel those Emotions.  Those parts might just need a good catharsis, so after Allowing those Emotions to surface, they may just Go Away.  On the other hand, they might constitute a critical Tool for an important part of ourself that we haven’t Opened Up to yet in the Lifetime.  Either way (and the latter is more likely during this Eclipse), it will be Liberating for us to Open Up to these Emotions.  (Nemesis Unx to South Node and Ixion-Lilith-Saturn)

  ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

This next part Integrates the Whole McGillacuddy, so you might want to either skip it, or be prepared to spend a half-hour or so trying to grok the Bigger Multidimensional Picture it paints.  Or you can use it to see how your own Natal planets might facilitate or hinder your Transcendance.

Overall in the Eclipse chart we have…

  • The Eclipse itself (representing Conscious Differentiation of previously fused Unconscious Material) in a Pointy Square Fez (which means Utilizing Grace to Meld Multiple Challenges into Useful Compost) in 27-1 Degrees (symbolizing Endings and Beginnings).
  • A Sextile Fez (Substituting Curiosity for Conflict) in 1-7 Degrees (Designing a Prototype).
  • A Flying Squirrel (PIAVAing Grace to Resolve Complex Interactions) and Earth Grand Trine (Staying Grounded in Hardcopy 3D “Reality” to facilitate Integration of Higher Dimensions) in 7-14 Degrees (Testing the Prototype in Realistic Circumstances).
  • A Bascule Bridge (Grace with Options) in 17-21 Degrees (A Searching and Fearless Inventory of how our Prototype Performed).
  • The  21-24 Zone (Burning Away the Unnecessary in Order to Achieve a Clean Restart) that we’ve been talking about for the last several posts.

Which covers all but a few Degrees of the Zodiac! 

The Eclipse chart also has an Earth Grand Quintile (Graduate Seminar in Staying Grounded).

Well talk about the rest of these in the next few installments.

  ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

Then we need to quickly turn our Attention to the Adventures which follow and Challenge our Infant Self to make Choices it may not be ready for…

24 August (ie, ~ 17-24 August) – Saturn Stationary turning Direct, informing us that we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing

26 August (ie, ~22-26 August) – Juno Stationary turning Direct, Opening the Gate between Consciousness and the Unconscious

27 August (ie, ~ 20-27 August) – Sedna Stationary turning Retrograde, Staying Present when we’re in Fear or Anger

1 September (ie, ~ 26 August-1 September) – Moira Stationary turning Retrograde, tapping us on the shoulder and Reminding us that Consciousness Behooves

The exact dates are when the planet is actually Standing Still.  When a planet Stands Still we Feel it strongly for a week or so beforehand.  If we know what’s going on, then the Energy drops off rapidly after that.  If we don’t, there is a danger that we might make Decisions that carry the Energy beyond the Exact date.

Let’s take an example.  Suppose the Veil thins on August 25 and we suddenly Perceive Multiple Realities at the same time.  We might be looking through a window into a Parallel Life, for instance, or the World may be Pixelating, or it may turn into Images entirely unrecognizable and we might think we’re Hallucinating (we aren’t)…

(Borrowed with Gratitude and Admiration from Brian Froud)

So we might rush to the doctor to get drugs to “bring us back to ‘Reality’ ” – that could set us back for years.  Or we might not really Discern what we’re seeing, but find ourselves disoriented and dizzy or even nauseous, and Vow to never again Allow ourselves to think about what might be just beyond the Limits of our Beliefs.  But if we know what’s happening, then after we retrieved our jaw, we’d just be Grateful for a Glimpse into the Realm of Faerie, bow, and say “Hello.  How may I serve you?”

The thing to notice is that the periods when these Stations are Strongest overlap the Eclipse.  So we could easily summarize the whole Eclipse Drama in one sentence as…

The Most Important Thing is to Get Conscious of our Fears and Angers, so we can be Present with them when they arise, rather than Allowing them to sweep us away into a fuzzy Past where we can’t tell that it’s not really still going on. 

Or is it? 

No, it never really was.  That was just a painful Hallucination.

Big Eclipse V

August 18, 2017

Well, here’s an interesting counterpoint to the Charlottesville fiasco.  Our Chief Asteroid Officer informs us that the Eclipse is adjoined by an asteroid named after Sojourner Truth, an eventually-emancipated New York slave and tireless campaigner for Women’s Rights.  A good example of how the Patriarchy is out of time, with someone we all know trumpeting White (Male) Supremacy and virtually everyone condemning him.  Interesting that several of the stories spoke of folks who seemed to have been born adulating Hitler.  After 2500 years, it will take some time for the Retrogressives to Surrender, but eventually they’ll go whimpering back to their caves.

The counterpoint is also an example of how the Ego and its fervor for the Status Quo often acts as a Gatekeeping Bouncer for our Intuition…

Peruvian Shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada points out that the Eclipse arcs from Lemuria to Atlantis…

Big Eclipse IV

August 17, 2017

To summarize our Challenges in the Eclipse chart, it’s important to remember that it’s Outcomes that we want to Create, not Mechanisms.  We tend to regard something as Possible only when we can envision How we’re going to Manifest it, but our Karma puts a ceiling on our ability to see beyond a Limited set of Mechanisms.  Beyond that Limited set there lies an Infinity of Options, many of which will look like Miracles from our Karmic Perspective.  When we focus our Attention and our PIAVAs on Outcomes instead of Mechanisms, we bypass our Limits.

In addition, focusing on our Desired Outcomes allows us to Shift and Simplify What We Want.  When we Envision or Imagine something that We’ve Always Wanted, such as The Total Freedom to Be Completely Who We Really Are, we Create the Joyful and Excited Feeling State that accompanies our Deepest Desires.  In 3D Linear Time, Cause must precede Result – Freedom must come before Joy and Excitement.  But when you Manifest for a single moment that Joy and Excitement by Imagining your Freedom, you’ve turned Causation on its head – Joy and Excitement have appeared to precede Freedom!  You’ve Created a moment outside of Linear Time.

Wanting our Joy and Excitement is so much Easier and less Complicated than Wanting our Freedom.  In Real Life, beyond our Limiting Beliefs, Freedom, Joy, and Excitement are ubiquitous, we just don’t always Choose them…

Big Eclipse III

August 17, 2017

So, here’s where most of the Big Eclipse Action is, 21-26 Degrees, as has so often been the case for the last several .. what – years, I think. 

Our two biggest Challenges are Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and Choice (asteroid Lachesis)… 

Which are the foci of the two T-Squares (red triangles).  There’s also a Grand Cross (red box with + in the center), but while Grand Crosses can Challenge us by keeping us very Busy, they aren’t usually as Confrontative or Frustrating as a T-Square…

  • The Challenge of Self-Love (Sappho T-Square) is about Taking Action (Mars) to Let Go (Atropos) of our Held Emotions (South Node) so that we can lunge toward our Mission (North Node) in the Lifetime.  “Held” Emotions are the Emotions which we dare not Feel, lest they shatter our current grasp on Life.  Unfortunately, they’re often Unconscious, but in Jewel’s interview in the previous post she talked about her Response to Feeling Offended (minutes 17-26); that’s an important clue to finding our Held Emotions.  “Letting Go” of them means Embracing them, Loving them to Death, or at the very least Poor-Sweethearting them.
  • The Challenge of Choice (Lachesis T-Square) is about Making the Choice to be Present with our True Self, the one hidden Deep Inside, the one that our Programmers told us not to Be (Ixion).  Jewel talks about this at length (minutes 8-16).  Our Fear that the Ego will shatter is an Upper Limit as Gay Hendricks would put it, equivalent to a Fear of going to Heaven (dwarf planet Chaos).  As Jewel says, “Fear is a thief.”  Ego shatters into that place where we Discover our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) – Jewel again, minutes 14-16.  And that’s The Most Important Thing we can do right now (Saturn, which is Stationary during the Eclipse)

The asteroid Lachesis measures the length of a Lifetime or Timeline.

  • If we do not Consciously Intervene in our own Growth, we are at the mercy of our Fate.  But we can Consciously Intervene.  We can PIAVA to be done with an Archetype.  Karma is Dead.  Our Karma does not Grasp us, our Ego Grasps it, because our Karma is what’s Known.  We need only Imagine Emptiness to Invite into our Lives that place beyond our Limiting Beliefs that we would call Home (Chaos).
  • Both Challenges are strongly Lit Up (by Fingers of God pointing at the foci of the T-Squares – the heavy green lines), but these are actually Great Blessings, as they greatly Ease the Challenge (a Finger of God pointing at the apex of a T-Square creates a Diamond Star, as the T-Square is grounded by the “bowl of Grace” underneath it – the heavy and light blue lines).
  • A Grand Cross is an Ouroboros, a Serpent eating its own Tail, and Living a Grand Cross feels like we are constantly chasing our own Tail, never quite catching up with ourself.  It can actually feel very Satisfying, as our Life is filled with Doing and with minor Successes.  We don’t have time to actually solve any problems, but we do extinguish the flare-ups as they occur.  Till they recur, which they always do.
  • The Eclipse Grand Cross starts with Re-Centering around the Values that Jewel spoke of, her Compass in the Wilderness (Venus).  Then it moves through the Anxiety or Discomfort she talked about, as we uncover what was previously Denied (Eris).  “Oh shit, is that me?”  That’s followed by an Ego Death (Nemesis), where we have to Choose between continuing this Discomfort or Opening to the Void that stretches from our Olde Ego to a New, unknown, one.  The next step is a Rebirth so Big that it takes our Breath away (Jupiter-Haumea).  We need to slap ourselves in the Butt to get our Breathing started again.  Recovering from that, we’ll be Called to check to see if our Values have Changed, and Re-Center ourself again.

The Blessings (heavy blue lines) in the 21-26-Degree Zone of the Eclipse chart are just about as good as it gets, as the interactions between the T-Squares and the Grand Cross create what we call a Grand Sextile, or six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac…

Sextiles make us work a little, as we have to Consciously prime the pump to get them started.  But then they take off on their own.  The six Sextiles here require that we…

  • Open to our Held Emotions (South Node) and what we might be Denying (Eris), perhaps using Jewel’s trick of Examining what Offends us.
  • Surrender to the Fear that we might be Blameworthy (Chaos) as we Open to what we might be Denying, but as we do so without ever stepping outside of Self-Love (the Sappho Finger of God).
  • Follow that Fear by PIAVAing and Executing Fearless Action to Terminate any and all Self-Sabotaging Habits that we uncover (Mars-Atropos-North Node and the Lachesis Finger of God).  Ego can Plan/Execute to accomplish its own Goals, but it cannot impact the Unconscious without PIAVAing.
  • Accept that our Lives will be Turned Upside Down (Jupiter-Haumea) by these Actions, and Focus on the Bright Unknown beyond our Rebirth, rather than on what we’re leaving behind.  Imagine that someone picks you up by your Ankles, naked, and slaps your Behind.  You are Infant, you Know Nothing about this New World.  Let Go of all pre-conceptions.
  • Imagine what Life would be like if we could do anything we Want (Lilith), with Unlimited Resources (Ixion) and Perfect Control (Saturn) – and then Do It, having Faith that the Resources will appear at the right time.
  • As Jewel says, replace thoughts of “I don’t Know what I’m Doing!” with “I can Figure it Out” (South Node; when we Embrace our Held Emotions, it Releases exactly the Hidden Skills that we need to accomplish our Lifetime Mission).

A Grand Sextile always includes two Grand Trines (three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac).  A Grand Trine implies Grace so Bold that we can take it for Granted, which Arrogance is dangerous, as it short-circuits the Grace.  Be Mindful to find your Gratitude for every Blessing here. 

In this case, the Great Grace is about Mind (Air; Jupiter-Haumea in Libra, Chaos in Gemini, and South Node in Aquarius) and Spirit (Fire; Eris in Aries, Mars-Atropos-North Node in Leo, and Ixion-Lilith-Saturn in Sagittarius).  Our Thoughts and our Guidance will be very Constructive, and very Supportive of each other. 

If you look closely you can see a third Grand Trine (in lighter blue lines), this one about Emotion (Water; Venus in Cancer, Sappho in Scorpio, Lachesis in Pisces).  Does this mean that the Eclipse will be leaving us Ungrounded, without Grace in the Earth Signs?  No.  As we’ll see later, the Eclipse also has an Earth Grand Trine, but in the 9-14-Degree Zone.  A Grand Slam of Grand Trines is pretty remarkable.  Anyone who sees this Eclipse as an Omen of Doom will be sorely disappointed.

Big Eclipse I

August 15, 2017

The 21 August Total Eclipse of the Sun, which spans the US from coast to coast, is in the last Degree of Leo, “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.”  This is William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Vision of Her, from

Leo 29 is the place where the Ego goes to Die.  Which is cause for High Celebration, for everyone except the Sacrificial Ego, as it’s the only way we can Grow. 

The Eclipse is in the base of a Square Fez…

The Squares or Challenges (heavy red lines) are about…

  • Fear (Eclipse Square to Stationary Sedna) and Anger, if you need that to Defend your Boundaries against Fear
  • Responsibility (Chiron Square to the Pholus-Quaoar Conjunction) to Shift from Indulging Emotional Overwhelm, to Trusting our Survival Instincts

We can sure see all that going on in the USofA!

However, the Challenges aren’t the Main Effect in a Square Fez (unless you make the Choice to lend them your Attention/Energy), the Quincunxes (the heavy green lines) are.  The Quincunxes are about Curiosity.  Not about Problem-Solving, but about the sort of Curiosity that Invites Intuition – basically, Awe and Wonder.  The Quincunxes suggest…

  • “I Wonder what it would look like to Take Responsibility for my Fear”
  • “I Wonder if there are better Responses to Emotional Overwhelm, than Self-Pity”

Certainty Reinforces your Olde Ego; Curiosity Reinforces Growth.  If you watch the News it’s Really Easy to see how Certainty is Retrogressive.

An Eclipse is a rare Opportunity to Receive Shaktipat directly from the Unity of God/Goddess (Sun/Moon), and a Total Solar Eclipse is the Queen of Eclipses.  Turn your Palms upward, roll your Eyes up, Empty yourself, and Open to Enlightenment during the Eclipse.

This particular Square Fez is a Pointy Square Fez, with our Soul Self (Uranus) at the peak of the narrow side or top of the Fez.  That creates Grace without Reserve (a Grand Trine) between our Enlightenment (the Eclipse), our Responsibility (Pholus-Quaoar), and our Soul Self (Uranus).  That’s an enormous Blessing for us, and the only cost is that we shift our Attention from the Challenges to the Wonder.

There’s an additional Stealth Challenge and Curiosity that fills the Void created by the Ego Death.  The Challenge part is apparent Conflict between what our Soul Wants and C (Uranus Square Varuna).  The Curiosity is about “I Wonder what I might Feel if I Surrender to Life Energy without trying to Edit or Limit it.” 

The Uranus-Square Varuna Challenge can be Healed by the Curiosity in the Varuna-Pholus/Quaoar Quincunx, which Opens us to the Pholus/Quaoar-Uranus Trine – ie, a Tricolor Configuration.

In case you missed the Implication, Ego Death is Heralded by the Birth of Pure Feminine Energy.  It’s interesting that the Life Force itself (Varuna), which exceeds What Our Olde Reality Believes Is Possible, sits in the first Degree of Leo (the Ego), while the Eclipse occupies the last Degree.  In other words, if we’re Open to it and successfully court Curiosity instead of Certainty, we can now Manage our Lives from our Instincts rather than from our Ego.  The first Degree of Leo is “Blood rushes to a person’s head as their vital energies are mobilized.”

But all this is just Degrees 27-1.  The Real Action, as has so often been the case for the last several years, is in Degrees 21-25.  We’ll talk about that next.

Make Ego Great Again II

August 13, 2017

A friend sent this link to a Vedic interpretation of Eclipses…

And then described how their Life has been bothered by bureaucratic snafus recently. 

Where we are Looking has a lot to do with how we Perceive Reality.  Consider the contrast between Looking at the Fear Propaganda on TV in the USofA, or Looking at, for example, or .  Not to imply that the Arcturians have any kind of monopoly on Relevance to what’s happening on the Planet.  You might resonate more to the Pleiadeans or or .

Vedic astrology has a tendency to Believe it does have a monopoly on Truth.  If it provides Perspective that is useful to you, then, as with any Perspective, by all means use it.  The more Lenses we have to see the World through, the closer we are to actually participating in Reality rather than our own Projections.  When any Perspective strikes Fear, though, we need to Tap Out the Fear before we use the Perspective.  If a Perspective is good for nothing more than bringing Unconscious Fear into Consciousness where you can Love it to Death, then it’s a very Powerful Perspective for you.  Alternatively, with a technique like Theta Healing, where the Outcome is immediately available to us, we can modify our Command until we find one that works, or alternate Theta and Tapping.

The root of the monopoly tendency in Vedic astrology is Religious Politics.  Simply put, if it’s Either/Or it’s Political.  If it’s Both/And, it’s Spiritual.  We make no claim that this is an absolute Truth, but we suggest strongly that it’s a very Reliable First Approximation and a very Useful Perspective.  Vedic astrology supported Political Hinduism, as distinct from Esoteric Hinduism.  Political Hinduism supported ongoing Abuse of the Dalit or Harijan caste just as Political Christianity supported ongoing Slavery and Abuse of Primary Cultures everywhere they were encountered.  Certainty is a Tool of Political Agendas.

We look at it this way.  Hinduism is frequently accused of promoting Fatalism, and Political Hinduism certainly appears to.  As with most Religions, I don’t believe that Esoteric Hinduism does promote Fatalism.  Fate and Free Will are usually seen as an Either/Or, so as with any Duality, we Know that this is a 3D Veil attempting to obscure the Both/And, Multifarious and Unitary Reality on the Other Side.

The difference between Fate and Free Will is that our Fate is what befalls us when we’re Captives of the Karmic and Generational and Social Archetypes that we usually refer to as our Limiting Beliefs.  Free Will is what we Obtain when we step outside of the Limited Reality of the these Archetypes.  Even the “Laws” of Physics are simply Archetypes, Projections of the Ego’s need for Stasis and the mind’s need for the Illusion of Understanding.  If you’ve ever had a Wannabe Guru Manifest in your bedroom in a pillar of shimmering colored pinpricks of light like on Star Trek, you’d understand this.  Or Channeled an Antarean, or met a Walk-In, or Encountered one of your Doubles.

To me Growth in Consciousness (which means Freeing yourself from some Archetype), which usually requires an Ego Death of some sort, is not about Discovery, but about Differentiation.  We See or Feel more layers of Reality when we start noticing that there are Trees in the Forest, Trees of different Colors, Trees that have Birds and Bears in them, Birds and Bear that may be different from one another and that eat different Foods, etc etc.  There is no better way to Illuminate an Archetype or Assumption that we’ve wrapped our Limited view of Reality around, than for it suddenly to disappear.

Would we notice if suddenly all the Birch Trees disappeared from the Forest?  We might only notice that something had Changed.  But if they reappeared while we were pondering what it was that Changed, then suddenly our Consciousness would have a whole new Perspective on Birch Trees.  This is precisely what happens during an Eclipse; that which we Assume is Constant blinks off for a short time, then returns to its former Glory.  And we’re talking about the Sun, which Symbolizes our Essence.  Hence we consider Eclipses to be about Illumination, and that’s precisely what they are. 

Remember that in the Unconscious there is no Negation.  When you Pray for No War, you’re most likely to get War, because the Unconscious does not have a No in its vocabulary.  As we usually put it, astrology and the Unconscious determine Dimension, but not Direction.  The Cat may still be Alive or Not.  Eclipse is the Absence of Light, as Fear is the Absence of Love.  The Dimensions in those statements are Light and Love.  The Direction – Absence or Presence – is a Political Decision by the Ego, by yourself.

When you make a Decision to Choose Light and Love rather than Absence on any Issue in your Life, you threaten the Karmic or Family or Cultural Archetype that would keep you in Scarcity, with Fire and Fury like the World has never known.  So guess what the Archetype does in return?  It threatens to surround your Ego with Missiles, while its Ally the Ego warns you to seek cover and “not” to look at the flash.  As if you would have time for anything approaching that.  Ego and Archetype are one and the same. 

Hence we always recommend adding “Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely” to our PIAVAs

PIAVAs directly address the Unconscious.  The Unconscious is in Charge, and one of its “Rules” is that no Prayer goes unanswered – that’s just a Perspective, but we suggest strongly that it’s a Reliable First Approximation and a Useful Perspective.   Use it as a filter to Examine your Life.  Every Negative thought you have is a Prayer.  Every Victim Emotion that you have is a Prayer.  Your Prayers specify the Dimension, and your Negativity and Victimhood specify the Direction.  Thoughts and Emotions are self-reinforcing, and their Negativity and Victimhood reinforce each other.  Your Negative thoughts and Victim Emotions are generated by your Archetypes.

When you PIAVA something and you’re ready to Receive it, the Universe will deliver it, just like Amazon or Taobao.  When you aren’t ready to Receive it, what the Universe will deliver, when you see the Universe through a Benevolent Lens, is Illustration of Why You Haven’t Been Manifesting That All Along.  That often looks like the Opposite of what you Asked for – the same principle as an Eclipse; often the fastest way to get you to Notice something that you’ve been taking for granted, is to Remove it.

There are some things which you have always been Abundant in.  Your Archetypes support your Ego in those arenas.  There are other things that have always been Difficult for you.  Those Define your Self-Sabotaging Archetypes.  Jane Roberts’s (Seth’s) The Nature of Personal Reality is an excellent exposition of this Lens.

Your thoughts and Emotions are not beyond your Control.  Your Ego can Choose to Intervene and Change the Direction.  It may take years of Persistence to shut down a strong Archetype, but never consider it Impossible.  You can PIAVA Assistance in Changing the Direction of the Archetype from Scarcity to Abundance – or vice versa for Abuse, though you’re better off Asking for Respect and Inviolate Boundaries, or whatever it is that you Want, rather than Asking for what you Don’t Want.

In Real Life this is an Either/Or Universe.  Fate is still going on.  If your Fate is to be Rich and Famous and Irresistible, then you may not want to Change it – though “Good” Karma is said to be harder to Change than “Bad” Karma, so when you start to get tired of being Rich and Famous and Irresistible, you may want to PIAVA Choice.  You may want to Choose Rich and Famous and Irresistible on Tuesdays and Fridays, Happy and Private on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Surprised on Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays – but even that is an Archetype that will be Obsolete soon.

There isn’t much difference between Attention and Intention.  If your Attention is always on Negativity and Scarcity, whether in thought or Emotion, the Unconscious will consider that your Intention, and Manifest it for you.  Your Attention is under your Control.  You may have a nasty Habit of Focusing on your Negative thoughts and Bummer Emotions, and it may take a lot of Work to Change the Habit, but it is doable.  The Key is Noticing and Congratulating.

Rather than beating yourself up when you Notice that you’re Unconsciously indulging your Negativity, Congratulate yourself for Noticing.  You’re substituting Positive Reinforcement for Negative Reinforcement, and the more often you do this, the easier it becomes.  You’ll be surprised at how Effective this simple step is; Congratulate yourself for Noticing that you’re Repeating an undesired Habit, rather than cursing yourself for Repeating the Habit.

This particular Eclipse occurs while Mercury is Retrograde, and the Vedic Eclipse interpretation we linked to at the beginning of this article reads much like the average Western astrology’s interpretation of Mercury Retrograde.  Our approach to Retrogradations is the same as our approach to Eclipses.  But rather than Demanifestation of something routine, a Retrogradation may encourage Obsession on it – not a matter of Dimension, just a matter of Direction, so absolutely available to be Changed by the Ego with PIAVAs and Persistence. 

I usually find Retrogrades to be more Contemplative than Obsessive, but the same Energies apply – Contemplate What you Want, not What you Don’t Want.  If you’re particularly Skilled at Obsession, Obsess on What you Want, not on What you don’t Want.  We’ve already talked about Obsession and Changing the Subject, an important step in PIAVAing

If you can’t shake Negative Energy while you’re trying to Focus on What You Want, Tap it Out.  Be sure to measure the Intensity of the Energy before and after Tapping, and Recognize that you may need to Iterate, and even alternate with other forms of PIAVAing.  Persistence counts.

The dwarf planet that deals with our Unlimited Potential is Chaos, which is in the Air Grand Trine and Dynamic Grand Sextile of the recent Full Moon; see the previous post.  It’s joined in the Grand Trine by Haumea/Rebirth and South Node/Karma, but the other three, Fire, points in the Grand Sextile are North Node/Mission and Purpose, Eris/Revelation of Denial, and Lilith-Saturn-Ixion-Pholus/In Order to Achieve Self-Sovereignty the Most Important Thing is that we Become Responsible to our Unique and Probably Forbidden Genius.

The dwarf planet and Centaur Hylonome deals with Letting Go of Archetypes, and the asteroid Juno deals with the Edges of Consciousness.  It’s no Coincidence that they’re Conjunct as we speak.  Hylonome Initiated Juno in February 2017, starting a new 9-year Cycle at 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domestic birds sing joyously.”  We’re in the middle of the Exposition (which actually peaked 28 July).  The Confidence-Builder occurs at the September Equinox.