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Orcus II

April 6, 2020

Let’s look at the web of interactions between Oaths (Vows, Promises, Decisions) and Karma (Habits, Patterns) from a different angle.  In Tarot, the twelfth card in the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man.  This dude is Hanging neither from his neck nor fingernails, but Hanging from his heels…

The plan being that his or her Perspective will Change.  The Hanged Man card is referred to as the “Pattern-Breaker.”  There is no Tarot card for Pattern-Making or Punishment-for-Breaking-an-Oath.  While we might swear Oaths to ourself to try to Control our own Addictions, most of the Oaths that Orcus (Greek Horkos) Punished were Oaths of Allegiance to Others – Abdications of our Self-Sovereignty – around politics, war, economics, and servitude.  The Romans and Greeks were Hyperpatriarchal Cultures, and Vows of Marital Fidelity were not part of the Oath equation…

“A real man dominated in the bedroom as he did on the battlefield.  He would have sex with his slaves whether they were male or female; he would visit prostitutes; he would have homosexual encounters even while married; he would engage in pederasty; even rape was generally acceptable as long as he only raped people of a lower status.” —

If you haven’t noticed the Persistence of this propensity in current Western Culture, you’re probably in Denial.  Orcus’s mother, by the way, was Eris, symbol of Revelation of What’s Been Denied.  You’ve probably noticed that Tolkien’s Orcs were spawned by Orcus’s visage as a Punishing – Devouring even – Monster…

The Socio-Sexual connotations reflect the Greek-Roman program of demeaning the Matriarchy – Betray your Oath as a Man [to Obey your Male superiors and Use or Ab-use Females] and you’ll be sucked back into the Toothed Womb, in the Patriarchy an Emasculating Fate worse than Death [loss of everyone’s Respect, the equivalent of Banishment]!

But, back to the astrology…

The astrological Twelfth Harmonic is the “Unx,” the Angle which Separates two planets that are one Sign apart.  In the current Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Station chart (, eight of the twelve possible Unxes are present.  The implication is that we have a better-than-usual Opportunity to Let Go of Karmic Habits around each of these eight planetary Relationships.  We should be able to, for instance…

  • Step into a New Personality wherein we have Dropped any Manifesting Habits that were not Self-Loving (Haumea Unx Sappho-Makemake).
  • Step into a New Personality wherein we have Dropped any Health Practices that did not further our EnLightenment (Lachesis-Varuna Unx Klotho-North Node).

Remember that Karma is Dead.  When a situation arises where you’re Invited to Indulge a Self- or Health-Deprecating Habit, it will Feel perfectly Natural to Step right Into it.  Just like Developing a physical muscle, it’s Repetition that Reinforces Habituation.  Every time we go ahead and Step Into a Karmic Pattern, we Strengthen it.  Karma is actually a Choice, once we’re Conscious of it.  Each time we Choose to Step Into a Health-Promoting or Self-Loving alternative, we weaken the Karmic Habit and Strengthen our Physical and Moral (ie, Self-Love vs. Self-Abuse) Health.

Let’s take another example.  It’s fairly widely Believed that 5G at least exacerbates our Experience of the Coronavirus, if not contributes directly to it.  If we follow this line of thought, perhaps Nature is training, or as Darwin would put it “naturally selecting,” our Electromagnetically delicately-tuned Bodies for a Future with far greater Electromagnetic Radiation.  If you’ve ever stood in a Lightning Storm, you know that few Energies are more Electrifying than those symbolized by Uranus.  Uranus is in Taurus – Soul Descending into Flesh.  And what could be more Electric than Soul – Invisible, Energizing, Dangerous (to the Ego), “Bottled Lightning.”

In the current chart, Uranus is joined by asteroid Eurydike, which symbolizes Trust (Initiation Exact at 11:53 am 30 March in 6 Taurus, “A cantilever bridge across a deep gorge: Overcoming separatism through group cooperation,” with Ixion Stationary!), Initiating a four-year Cycle wherein Collaboration is emphasized.  Several friends, while Empathizing strongly with the Physical, Emotional, and Financial Suffering, have been Embarrassed to admit that they find current events to be Compelling and Exciting – they are indeed, without Realizing it, Trusting that Flesh will be Quickened or Electrified by Soul as we work through the seven years of Uranus in Taurus.

Another Energy in the current chart is the Revision of our Values (Venus) brought about by shifts in our Unconscious Beliefs and Limitations (asteroid Vesta) through Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna).  We’re certainly being given plenty of Opportunities for the latter.  Remember your Kegels and Tapping – the sooner you Notice Fear in your Emotions or your Thinking, and Convert it to Power, the more you Weaken your Fear Karma and Strengthen your Power to Manifest the Future you Want to Live in.

These two Energies…

  • Trusting that Flesh is being Quickened by Soul, and
  • Revision of our Values through Converting Fear to Power

…are one Sign apart, an Unx Angle, promising that we can more Easily Let Go of any negative Karmic Patterns in how the two Energies Relate.  For example, a very common Ego-Value is to Contract, or Circle the Wagons, in the Presence of Fear.  Another common Ego-Value is to React with Fear to Strange Sensations in the Body.  In other words, we tend to Energetically Collapse around Strange Sensations.  “Something is Wrong!  We Gotta Fix it!” is the immediate Reaction, corresponding to an Energetic Contraction.  What if it was “Something is Different!  Isn’t that Curious!” instead – where of course we’d prefer Awe-Wonder-Fascination Curiosity over Gotta-Figure-it-Out Curiosity.

What if Strange Sensations in the Body Enlivened us the way Traveling in a foreign country can.  Strange-Sensation symptoms of dis-ease are productively considered to be the result of the Body Restoring Balance – a runny nose as mucus dispelling virus for example.  And of course unreasonable fatigue is just a Somatic request for more Rest.  Healing is greatly accelerated if we Open to those Sensations (increasing Blood flow to their location) rather than Closing around them (which restricts Blood flow, inhibiting the Immune System’s white blood cells).  That would greatly alter our Tolerance for the Vulnerabilities of Physicality, and tilt our Emotions toward Joy more often.

The Unx Pattern-Breaking Angle between Trusting the Present (Eurydike-Uranus) and Embracing Fear (Venus-Vesta-Sedna) opens the door to Life-Changing Transformations like this.  Maybe Opening Lovingly to Unfamiliar Physical Sensations is a prerequisite for Ascension to 5D.  But we need to Respond to the Opportunity.  The nature of Karma is Inertia – we move toward what’s familiar, toward our Training.  We need to Consciously make the Choice to move toward an Alternative instead.  That by itself will Enliven us, though it will be Uncomfortable at first, till we get our New Patterns Habitualized.  (What a “coincidence” – in the 7 April Full Moon chart, the Moon [Instincts] is Unx to asteroid Moira [Consciously Choosing Alternatives to Fate].)

Venus-Jupiter 25.10.2015

October 14, 2015

A reminder about format: left-justified bold italic is meant for anyone to read and hopefully understand.

Indented plain text is intended for folks who know some astrology, or who want to pick some up by osmosis (just read it; don’t worry much about understanding it – the idea is that soon you’ll start recognizing words and remembering meanings).

Doubly-indented italicized text is used for defining astrological terms and getting into the astrological nitty-gritty.

  §    §    §    §    §    §    §  

A friend who practices Jyotish worries that the October 25 Jupiter-Venus Initiation occurs on a Degree that Rudhyar suggests may be about Karma.  Evidently the combination of Venus and Jupiter doesn’t bode well in Jyotish, even though both are benefics.  The Degree, 16 Virgo, is about “Children at the zoo coming face to face with an Orangutan.”  For his time, Rudhyar indeed practiced Spiritual astrology.  But Rudhyar grew up in Europe before traditional Territorial Colonialism collapsed.  While he advanced astrology and philosophy considerably in the US, he was still a product of his birthplace.  His very adopted name, Rudhyar, honors the God Rudra, a celebration of humanity’s root uncivilized Wildness.  So without the Colonial context, his interpretation of this Degree as a Regression is a bit surprising.

The Venus-Jupiter Cycle is about Walking in Beauty, a reinforcement of our 2012-15 Yintegrity Work and our June 2016 Revelation of Who We Really Are.  And if our Walking in Beauty is to increase in Wildness then we can also see it as a corroboration of our Pholus-Ixion Work, our Taking Full Responsibility for the pros and cons -Both/And – of our Pathological Genius.  We take it more seriously when several astrological indications corroborate one another.  If Venus-Jupiter bodes ill in Jyotish, I’d assume that it bodes ill for the established Ego, as it will soon be Asked to move toward Authenticity.  Like all the other Religions – in contrast to their Esoteric traditions – Hinduism as practiced was the cement that bound the Established Order in its place.  Wild, like Authenticity and Genius, does not further Lawn Order.

It’s interesting that the Initiation occurs five Signs from asteroid Karma (“a.Karma”), suggesting strongly that one Intention of this Venus-Jupiter Cycle is to instill Perpetual Curiosity about the Relationship between KarmaWalking in Beauty, and our root uncivilized Wildness.  Curiosity that does not seek Answers, but which welcomes Insight, though tentatively of course.  Can we Walk in Beauty if we constantly deny our most basic Animal Instincts for the sake of our acculturation?  Sounds like Self-Betrayal to me.  I don’t see us fist-walking through the streets or sniffing one another’s butts in greeting instead of fist-bumping, but we could certainly be less contrived about Who We Really Are.  Interesting too that while Orangutans are orange, Orang actually means “person” in the language of nearby Hupers.

Intriguing too that Venus-Jupiter and a.Karma-Uranus duplicate the Quincunx Box we wrote about in Breaking Patterns 

Venus-Jupiter occupies the space that the Balsamic Moon occupied in that Box, and Mercury-Juno has moved into the space occupied by the Sun.  The other end of the box remains the ongoing Unx between Chiron and Uranus.  a.Karma remains Conjunct Uranus, suggesting that we Let Go more vigorously of the vestiges of our misunderstanding of Karma as Retribution rather than Inertia.  If we’re heavily invested in preserving our born Privilege, we’d certainly want to make any pretenders to our throne feel Guilty about their jealousy by convincing them that it is somehow, Shamefully, their fault that they live in destitution.  The other Religions are no better; they’re designed to preserve the status quo.  Many of us as children felt that Inertia, when our parents used Shame to preserve their Privilege at our expense, and used Shame to try to tame our Wildness and our Pathological Genius.  

Mercury-Juno itself suggests intellectual Insight into the Edges of our Consciousness – more corroboration of Ego Growth.  The Configuration as a whole suggests that Breaking Patterns will be another Intention of this Venus-Jupiter Cycle -Breaking our Patterns of Walking in Ugly.  The Opposition between Mercury-Juno and a.Karma-Uranus is T-Squared by Pluto, implying that it’s not optional to Grow the Edges of our Consciousness by recognizing that it’s only Habit that keeps us from Levitating over the razor-wire to greater Authenticity.

Uranus Initiated a.Karma on 27 July (“A pugilist enters the ring“), just as Uranus was Stationary.  Our friend inquired about these goings-on near the time when the a.Karma-Uranus Conjunction was in its Exposition phase, suggesting that they will probably better understand how their Established Egoic Order will be Challenged when they check their journal for the end of July, when the Can-Opener occurred.

Angles between planets often occur multiple times in succession, as one or the other of them goes Retrograde.  The first occurrence of the Angle usually introduces some Challenge, so we refer to it as the “Can-Opener.”  Subsequent occurrences are less of a surprise and usually develop more slowly.  We call them the “Exposition” phase.  The final occurrence is usually the “Confidence-Builder,” as we re-encounter the Challenge but now we’re prepared to ace it.


Native American New Moon I

October 12, 2015

As we mentioned in the last post…

“There are actually two other Configurations in … Monday’s New Moon chart, [which] color it strongly.  One of them will provide Epiphanies about our Soul Self and [about] how [we might] adjust our Values and Identity to manifest [our Soul Self into our current Lifetime] more strongly (which Epiphanies will be multiplied by our intervening success at achieving Beginner’s Mind).  

“The other is about being Reborn into the Unimaginable through taking small steps toward Embracing our Orphaned Forbidden Genius.”

“Which are in turn, (1) a Uranus Mjolnir (a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that Square one another) on a base of Venus Square Saturn, and (2) a Golden Rectangle between dwarf planets Eris, Chaos, Haumea, and Ixion, with Centaur Pholus Conjunct Ixion, the New Moon Conjunct Haumea, and Uranus Conjunct Eris.”

Mjolnir is two Trioctiles from each end of a Square, merging on a third planet, which becomes the focus of the Mjolnir.  The Configuration is sometimes called “Thor’s Hammer,” and the term Mjolnir is Norwegian for just that.  Thor’s Hammer is often associated with destructive force, but that’s not quite accurate.  In the same sense that Uranus represents Disruption – Disruption of what is no longer in alignment with the Soul’s path for us in the Lifetime, Thor’s Hammer represents penetration of any Defense – as in any Defensiveness that protects the Ego from following the Soul’s path in the Lifetime.  Lightning is a good representation of the Mjolnir, as it is for the corresponding symbol in the Hindu tradition, the Vajra – sudden illumination of the Darkness, or Epiphany.

The Waxing Trioctile, 135 Degrees, combines the Eighth and Third Harmonics – Adjustment/Rebalancing and Love with Wisdom.  In the evolution of a Cycle, it sits between the Trine (120 Degrees) and the Biquintile (144); between the Grace that follows from aligning one’s path with the Zeitgeist (Trine), and the Realization of the Value of Tradition and the Power of Ritual (Biquintile).  The Biquintile in turn is followed closely by the Quincunx (150, Curiosity), the Triseptile (154) – Shamanic Power exercised for the Good of All, and the Quadrinovile (160) – Mastery gained through Self-Examination in Contemplation.  

This is a powerful section of the Zodiac, corresponding to Leo and early Virgo.  There are massive Changes going on, but they’re faced with the Courage of Leo, because the Uncertainty and Confusion of the earlier sections of the Zodiac have passed under the Bridge, and by now we kind of have a feel for what’s going down.  The notion that a Trioctile is a minor Square (often called a “Sesqui-Square”) is valid in only one sense: the sense that the Ego is a Trickster that can point one in the wrong direction if one focuses on Greed or Revenge.  Of course the zone of the Waning Trioctile and its near neighbors corresponds to Scorpio – the Debriefing that follows the Phitile.  While Leo embodies Courage, the defining quality of Scorpio is Fearlessness.

In today’s Mjolnir, the Waxing Trioctile is Venus to Uranus: Adjusting and Rebalancing our Values to better reflect the ongoing Descent of our Soul Self.  The Cycle Initiated in March at 15 Aries, “A Native American weaving a ceremonial blanket.”

The Waning Trioctile is Saturn to Uranus: Debriefing the Ego to discover what it has Learned about the Soul’s Intention as a result of its Experience with the Cycle that is beginning to unwind – which was “The Pope Blessing the Faithful,” 30 Sagittarius, February 1988, part of the Harmonic Convergence.

The Square is Waning, Venus to Saturn: Challenge to Ease up on the Ego’s role as the Protector of our Physical Vehicle.  The Cycle is “Native Americans making camp after moving into new territory,” – 26 Scorpio, November 2014.  In other words, some of our Beliefs about what we need to Survive have become Limiting Beliefs, that we’re Challenged to Let Go of.

So really, there are Big Questions here…

  • Ritual and Tradition are strong here.  What a “coincidence” that this New Moon occurs on Native American Day.
  • Since March, what have you connected or reconnected with, that you Feel is Sacred?  Have you established a Ritual, or Ritual Object, of some sort to honor it?
  • What has the Ego Learned since the Harmonic Convergence!  Wow.  Who were you in 1986?  What’s Changed in your Field since then?  What’s different now about the way you Defend your Health and your “turf” and the externalities that you Identify with (work? Relationship? Family? Money? Religion? Sports? Politics?)?  Does your current Perspective seem like Growth, or backsliding, compared to where you were in 1986?  Of course it’s Both/And; in what ways is it Growth, and in what ways is it backsliding?  Where are the razor-wire fences you can Levitate over?
  • Things in your Life were Changing rapidly in late 2014 and early 2015.  You made some Decisions about what you needed to do to Support yourself.  Decisions are like Instant Karma; they create Patterns that are useful in the short run, but which seldom come with their own Sunset Provisions.  We forget we made them, and we don’t revisit them to see if they’re still relevant.  What Decisions about Survival did you make in late 2014 and early 2015, and are they still relevant?  Or are they holding you back?  Both/And?  How to Rebalance/Adjust them to bring them into the Present Moment.  

Decisions don’t have to be explicit; recurring thoughts can have the same Power.  What were you thinking about in late 2014 and early 2015?  Were your thoughts Constructive, or Fearful in nature?  

So you don’t have to get bogged down in details, you may want to just PIAVA that obsolete Decisions and Patterns come to your Attention, gently and lovingly, and Adjustments appropriate to Now become Clear.  Make sure you include the gently and lovingly, because a PIAVA like this could turn your Life upside down if you didn’t also ask for Grace.  You may want to limit it to recent Decisions and Patterns, or, if you don’t, be watchful for Overwhelm, and respond to it with a compensatory PIAVA on the order of Visualizing or Affirming that the Changes in your Life occur at exactly the right speed, so you’re neither too early nor too late to synch with the Planetary Changes.  Or, you can just Levitate over the fence.

In the next installment, we’ll go into “The other [Configuration] is about being Reborn into the Unimaginable through taking small steps toward Embracing our Orphaned Forbidden Genius.”

The Fabled Ides and the March Portals

March 9, 2015

astro8461bpAstrophyllite, a very complex and much-ignored Mineral that’s excellent for integrating large conglomerations of trends and events.  That’s why it’s named after astrology.  Despite its “-phyllite” suffix, it’s not a mica.  Here’s a cut and polished version: .  A Mica would never consent to being cut and polished across the grain like that.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’ve several very busy weeks coming up, with several important threads weaving quite a tapestry for us.  Here’s the overview and timing…

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

For the next two years we’ll be bringing more Integrity – both Yintegrity (being True to ourself) and Yangtegrity (being True to our Word) – into our Actions.  This is big.  We’ll also endure less Stress, as we’ll have a light-Hearted and humor-filled approach to our Relationships.  Can you Imagine that – Integrity and less Stress?  That’s a natural consequence of being True to Ourself.

  • March 11 – Uranus Initiates Mars (fireworks) at 15 Aries, “An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket: Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment,” 9am PDT (for other time zones see – spanning two years after the event.  Uranus Initiated Venus in the same Degree March 4.

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’re waking up to some very big Realizations that will Change our Lives March 8-14, and as this Energy ricochets around from Person to Person it will Change our Cultures.  Will it Change the Horrible Cultures for the better?  Not till folks in the Glorious Cultures notice what Bullies they are and come to understand that the Horrible Cultures are just Mirrors for their Glory.  Even after that it’ll take a long while to work off the horrible Karma that Glory has Created.  This isn’t even Age of Pisces material (except for the Victims of Glory), it’s Karmic krap left over from the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes. 

In Heroic history, a few hotshot leaders are the movers and shakers and everyone else is just rabble.  In Herstory, Real Change is made one Person and one Action at a time, and the hotshots are seen as the blowhards and stuffed shirts that they actually are.  If you compare Obama to Gandhi, or Putin to Mandela, or better yet Merkel to your own mother, you can grok the difference.  Gandhi and Mandela, while Peace-loving, were still very public figures.  Think about the individuals you admired growing up.  Herstory isn’t about singing the praises of a few, it’s about enjoying the accumulated fruits of the Many, and taking them one step further.  You’re surrounded by unsung Heroines.  Celebrate them, including your own Inner Unsung Heroine!

  • March 12 – Moon crosses Saturn (focus), 2am PDT ( Energy increases from three hours prior till the event, then lingers for thirty hours after
  • March 13 – Juno Stationary Direct (uptick in Consciousness), 1am PDT ( – spanning three or four days prior to the event
  • March 14 – Saturn Stationary Retrograde (Let Go of priorities #2 through #99 for now), 8am PDT – spanning one week prior to the event

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

For the last three years we’ve been working on resurrecting the 1960s.  It was a complex decade, where Freedom from the need to Conform ascended into the limelight as the evil manipulators behind the curtains were exposed.  What appears to be Conservative backlash is just more opportunity to expose the manipulation – the more confident they get, the sooner they shoot themselves in the foot.  Don’t Confuse the Libertarian Perspective (don’t tell me what to do – I’ll tell you what to do!) with the Uranian Perspective (don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you what to do or who to be).  The differences are Compassion and Accountability – Libertarianism has neither. 

We come to the end of this three-year Adventure on March 16.  While the trend toward this Energy infusing the Planet continues to advance, it becomes less of a crisis for us; we reach a working arrangement with our compromises between Yintegrity and what we see as expediency.  While we may feel pretty smug here about making it through this long and difficult Portal (and Celebration is in order – in mid-April), it’s actually one last chance to break through the most difficult of our Challenges over the last three years.  There’s some part of yourself that you’ve been tested about repeatedly, but you haven’t yielded.  Open your Heart to that part of yourSelf.  Imagine what it would be like if Life was EasyPIAVA that, along with a Loving and Gentle Release of all that would prevent it.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

There will be a trend over the next year for “Spiritual Competition” – folks loudly attesting their Spiritual Cred, so we can admire them.  This is great, as they become Heyoka (Contrary) Teachers for everyone else, who first gets a reminder of Spiritual Principles, and second gets an illustration of how not to Live them.  Beware of folks pretending to stand up for your interests while stabbing you in the back; they’ll be very vocal.

  • March 18 – Neptune Initiates Mercury (mindmeld, fuzzy Material thinking, clear Spiritual thinking) at  9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs his Horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals,” 2am PDT ( – spanning three days prior, one year after

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

At “Power Points,” our ability to Manifest is intensified.  March 19-20 is one of those Power Points, and the effect will linger for a year or more.  It’s been demonstrated that it’s much more difficult to turn a negative trend positive than it is to turn a positive trend negative.  So we’ll need to be very mindful of our negative thoughts.  As soon as you detect them, say “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” – Cancel the thought, Neutralize the Energy emanating from it, and Upgrade the thinker.

  • March 20 – Total Solar Eclipse (Insights) at 30 Pisces, “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up begins to look like it,” 3am PDT ( – spanning three hours prior, eighteen months after
  • March 20 – Sun crosses Equator 4pm PDT ( – spanning three months after

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Big Big Insights into the way we betray ourselves on March 20-21.  Excellent time to Cancel Neutralize Upgrade that!

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

There are some things where the End justifies the Means, and we could encounter these places March 17-23.  When we come to those places, we need to be very careful to finesse the Unintended Consequences.  In these situations, it’s Safer to PIAVA ) than to Act, because we can add terms to our PIAVAs.  For instance, if we want to Visualize someone finding Peace, we can instead Wish them Peace and Justice and Safety

  • March 23 – Dwarf planet Ixion Out of Bounds and Stationary Retrograde (relentless is great, ruthless not so much), 9am PDT ( – spanning one week prior

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Yes, you could have done better at that.  But watch out for the Blame trap March 19-25.  Definitely do a post mortem to see what can be learned, to reduce the likelihood of having to redo this assignment.  The difference between Blame and Responsibility is where you’re standing.  If you’re facing backwards (Who did that?  How did that happen?) it’s probably Blame.  If you’re facing forwards (How can we fix this?) it’s probably Responsibility.  Most of the folks around you will be in Blame.  If that triggers your Guilt or Shame, step back, locate your own Feelings in your Body, and be Loving and Gentle with them.  “You poor Sweetheart, that really feels awful, doesn’t it.”  You’ll need to make it clear to those folks that you won’t play the Shame Game no more – or Change the folks you hang out with.  Or both.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Another opportunity to reach for the Yintegrity Stars March 22-28.  Yintegrity means Trusting your own Intuition enough to do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  You may need to reduce your Commitments, make your Life more Sustainable by eliminating what’s not essential, Renegotiate Agreements you no longer feel like keeping, and make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible.  You have Conflicting Wants – for instance, you may Want Freedom and also Want the Income necessary to support that Freedom, but you may have the Belief that you have to “Work” for it, on their schedule.  PIAVA Freedom and Support, and a Loving and Gentle and Rapid and Complete Release of all that would prevent it.

There are things that must be done.  But that doesn’t mean you have to Betray your own Values or Desires to do them.  Betray your Limiting Beliefs instead.  Or better yet, Change them.  PIAVFA to Follow your Joy and Get Done What Must Be Done and Surrender your Belief that never the ‘twain shall meet – Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’ve been making lots of Changes, not just in the last few weeks, but over the last three years.  As new portions of your Self come forth, old portions of your Self retreat.  Every Loss must be Grieved.  It would be very timely March 29-April 4 to hold a Wake for all of the parts of your Self that have been demoted.  Most of them are still Skillful, so you don’t want to Banish them entirely, but some will certainly be less Popular than they were before.  Your Pleaser, most likely, for example, who may have been disguising themselves as Yangtegrity.  Perhaps your Anger.  The Safety of being Invisible.  Praise these personae.  They’re no longer in the position of Authority that they held before, but they still represent very useful and well-practiced Skills, which you’ll need again.  Now you’ll be able to use them when they’re appropriate and effective rather than by habit.

The Ides of May

May 12, 2014

proustite2067bpFor now we see through a glass dimly.  Red Crystals of Proustite – Silver Arsenic Sulfide – in a bed of sparkly Silver Crystals.  Arsenic as a homeopathic can heal the nausea we feel when we’re caught in internal conflict.  While the sparkling Silver may represent our Pride in following our Values, the Proustite beams out the heat of our Passion, muted by the poison of our Self-Judgment.

Before we get into this next event we want to talk about, we need to remind that the next three weeks is about Grace, particularly around our ability to dissolve what appear to be problems (especially people problems) by stumbling into just the right balance of Expansion and Contraction, or Focus and Diffusion that enables us to suddenly see the World differently.  For instance, suppose we’ve been thinking that someone important to us is upset with us, and we’ve been struggling to find a way to make amends or explain ourself or promise to do better next time.  Then we encounter them unexpectedly, and discover that they aren’t upset with us at all, it was just our own Guilt or Abandonment acting up.

In a Both/And Universe, Expanded/Contracted and Focused/Diffuse are not opposites, so it may not be about trading one for the other.  Keep in mind that finding just the right balance may involve increasing or decreasing both.  You may find yourself becoming more Focused and more Diffuse, or less Contracted and less Expanded.  There isn’t much doingness going on here; this is more sort of a dumb-luck kind of Grace.  So any time you notice that you’re trying too hard (or, trying at all!) lighten up.  We’ve been working pretty hard so far this year; we can use the break.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron form a Grand Trine till the end of May.

Not that our Yintegrity work doesn’t continue.  But it’s shifting.  We’ll now be examining our Limiting Beliefs, especially any Beliefs and Values that inhibit our ability to Love ourselves Unconditionally.  It’s not so much that doing this work will trigger Grace; it’s more that the natural background of Grace here will make it easier to do this work, and make the Alchemy a lot more profound.  

Think about your Deepest Desires.  There are good reasons why you haven’t been pursuing them, because they conflict with your Deepest Values.  You have to reject either your Desires or your Values, or both.  Or what’s most crazy-making, rejecting first one then the other and back again.  This is “Unconscious Despair” – we don’t even conceive that it might be possible to co-create a Reality that has room for both, let alone one that celebrates both. 

Well, guess what.  “Conflict” isn’t part of the objective World, it’s part of the Observer.  Our understanding of our Deepest Desires and our Deepest Values is limited.  When we Focus on Expanding our understanding of both, life-changing surprises await us.  Our Desires and Values don’t change, though they evolve.  But our understanding of them will change drastically. 

When you contemplate your Deepest Desires, there is a moment of Joy before your yes-buts kick in and you settle back into mediocrity.  When you contemplate your Deepest Values, you will probably meet either Pride (if you feel like you’re following them) or Shame (if you’re feeling like you aren’t).  Both Pride and Shame are Ego, not Values.  Neither indicates that you’re following your Values, they just indicate that you’re looking in the mirror and you like or dislike what you see.  When you’re following your Values, you just unthinkingly do the “right” thing.  You don’t anticipate reward or punishment or acclaim or disdain, you just do it.

You might be thinking that Honesty is a Deep Value of yours, but maybe you’re only looking at Fear of being accused of something.  When you examine your Pride and Shame you can start to tell the difference between Values and Ego, and deepen your understanding.  There is no room for self-rejection here.  We’re speaking of understanding from the Heart, not by the Mind.  We aren’t talking about Forgiveness, but the experience will feel similar, as if you’re Forgiving yourself. 

Using our normal three degrees of Sensitivity, Jupiter has already moved out of its Opposition to Pluto, breaking the T-Square, though Jupiter and Pluto are both still Square to Uranus.  In other words, if you’re more Sensitive, you’ll still very much feel it, though its strength will be diminished.  If you made any Life-Limiting Decisions (“I’ll never do that again” or “I’m not like that“) during the Grand Cross or the T-Square, those will continue to grieve you.

But meanwhile, we have a new T-Square, as Vesta (what we regard as Sacred) has backed into an Opposition to Uranus and a Square to Jupiter.  So instead of a Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter, we have a Jupiter T-Square with Uranus and Vesta.  so the basic question becomes…

How can I Expand into Living my Own Truth without violating the Sacred?

Meanwhile, Uranus is Initiating Venus.  The crossing takes most of the next week, and peaks around 5pm PDT on May 15, at 15 Aries: “A Native American weaving a ceremonial blanket.”  The Venus-Uranus Cycle takes about a year, so while this Consecration is highly charged by the Opposition to Vesta (and further amplified by the Square to Jupiter), the real consequences will take 6-9 months to work through.

We could hope that some of our most morally corrupt “leaders” will be caught in their own lies as a result.  We can certainly expect that we’ll be Challenged to Master our own Yintegrity more deeply. 

For review, Yintegrity means that we trust our Intincts, while Yangtegrity means that we keep our promises.  Yintegrity means we keep our most fundamental promise to ourself – Self-Trust.  Sure, renegotiate and make amends when you can’t keep a promise (and it might help to think about it before you make a commitment), but Yintegrity is the bottom line.  It means we’re in synch with our own Soul.