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Deja Vu All Over Again 3

May 29, 2023

Continuing where we left off in the previous post…

Here’s an irresistible quote about Feminine Power, from Van Badham in the Guardian

“In the public theatre of gender activism, imagine an army of assassin-attired older women haunting the dreams of every Nazi, tradwife, anti-trans-bathroom authoritarian and anti-abortionist and making them as afraid of us as the loud sluttiness of our bimbo sisters makes them uncomfortable. We’re invisible to patriarchy anyway, so let’s weaponise the social performance of the ageing woman as anonymous, omnipresent … and capable of anything. The bimbos get it: the far right have already declared their gender war. If you want to fight it, grab a mask and suit up. They will never see us coming.”

In the Deja Vu All Over Again 1 post, we mentioned that the 1 Cancer Initiation of Fate by Intuition (Moira by Asbolus) occurred Adjacent to the Great Star Betelgeuse, which means The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed. Betelgeuse is in the news again, because it apparently is preparing (in Cosmological Time) to Detonate. The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed is one of our Impediments to Enlightenment, so it’s Demise could be a Cosmic Confirmation of Earth’s Ascension.

26-27 of the Cardinal Signs

This is another New Degree Zone. The Prospectus…

5/29/23Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) Initiates Atropos (Expired Karma) in 26 Aries (Union with All), Beginning a 4-Year Cycle about Breaking our Addiction to Our Expired Karma by Retraining Ourself to Relish the Void that we Feel when Karma Leaves Town, instead of Grasping at What Feels Missing, UT 0:47 (PDT 5:47 pm 28th, BST 1:47 am 29th, IST 6:17 am 29th, AEST 10:47 am 29th)

As we’ve often repeated (Does Anyone Remember Repetition?), Expired Karma isn’t Easy to Let Go Of because we get Addicted to it. Not a necessarily Harmful Addiction, it’s more like Food – we’re so used to it that we miss it when it’s Absent. But Karma will slow our Ascension, since Enlightenment is largely about Staying in the Present Moment, and Karma, expired or not, is kind of the antithesis of the Present Moment. So we have to Recognize that something is Karmic before we even Know that we Need to Let It Go.

Developing the Habit of Always Moving Into the Present Moment is one way to get around that. Noticing when we’re Thinking about the Past or Future is Powerful. Any Worry or other Repetitive Thought is a clue that we’re dealing with Karma. Is there something, pleasant or unpleasant, that we Feel Stuck On? That keeps coming back after we Shake It Off? We can use Mirrors on Ideas as well as on People.

There is one Major Challenge in the Initiation, and therefore in the Cycle, but it’s both Self-Resolving and Enhanced, so No Worries, though of course there may be minor Irritations in the process when Self-Resolution doesn’t occur immediately. If you can Tolerate the Irritations and Avoid Tinkering, the result will probably be better. They will likely take the Form of apparent Setbacks in your Path to Self-Love and Enlightenment. When they occur, Sticking with an Intention to Enjoy the Journey rather than Lusting for the Destination, will Serve you Well.

The base of this T-Square to Eurydike OOB in 29 Scorpio (Pulled into Suffering by the Attachments We Came to Heal, BUT Adjacent to the Fixed Star Toliman, Witness to the Most Intense Dramas, but Detached from Their Emotionality) is a Debate between Tantalus OOB (Unquenchable Lust) in Aquarius (Social Standing) and a Stellium of Samadhi (Enlightenment), Sappho (Unconditional Self-Love), and Sisyphus OOB (Tediously Repeating Tasks) on the Leo-Virgo Cusp (Let Go of Who You Think You Are and Let Yourself be Nothing for a while). However, if we cast the chart a certain way, Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) appears on the Cusp of Gemini to Complete the Grand Cross and Resolve the Main Issue, though there may still be those Irritations. If you do Encounter Fear, Remember your Kegels (Does Anybody Remember Kegels?).

This is an introduction to a series of 26 Aries (Union with All) asteroid Initiations by Eris, here of Atropos (Expired Karma) then of Panacea (Healing) on 6 July, of Lachesis (Unexpired Karma) on 10 July, and of Heracles (The Patriarchy) on 13 July. If we’re Open to it, this sequence could make a substantial dent in our Separation and Polarization. For instance, any one of these could bring Insights that cause us to consider taking Ownership of what we’re Projecting onto those Idiots on the Other Side of those Mirrors on the inside of our Eyelids.

6/1Veritas (Truth of the Mind) Initiates Venus Out of Bounds (Deep Review of Our Values) in 27 Cancer (The Hidden Half of Ourself that Will Change the World If We Can Find It and Nurture It and Allow It to Express Itself), Adjacent to the Fixed Star Procyon (Sticking with Our Dream), Beginning a 15-Month Cycle Devoted to Complete Reinterpretation of Our Values; UT 21:42 (PDT 2:42 pm 1st, BST 10:42 am 1st, IST 3:12 am 2nd, AEST 7:42 am 2nd)

This Veritas-Venus Initiation has the same chart as the Eris-Atropos Initiation above, so the same Considerations apply, and also apply throughout the two Cycles. However, read what’s in the boxes carefully, as the astroevents and Cycles are very different. Each Cycle is part of the definition of the Other. For instance, our Insights about our Karma will impact the Changes in our interpretation of our Values, and our Reinterpretations of our Values will interact closely with our Insights about our Karma. Sounds Complicated, but not really, as our Values and our Denials impact everything in our Lives, and dealing with both at once just gives you Practice for Working Multidimensionally. You’ll be Appreciating Cognitive Dissonance before you know it.

To be continued…

Self-Love Full Moon III

August 17, 2019

One of the poles of the Fabulous Grace (Grand Sextile) in the Full Moon – with the caveat that you have to kick-start the Blessings with at least a Prayer about What You Want, if not Action in that direction – is a Merger (Conjunction) between the symbol for Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris – which was recently Stationary) and the symbol for Ending Timelines or Habits (asteroid Atropos).

To facilitate this Getting Honest stuff, the symbol for Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia) just entered (11:30 pm PDT 16 August) the Sign of Fearlessly Seeking the Truth (Scorpio).  You may not recall that the symbol for Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas) (see entered the same Relentless Sign a short while ago.  While Head-Truth folks can Agree to Disagree, Heart-Truth people are less likely to be able to Compromise, because their Identity is invested in their Truth.  So we may wish to PIAVA or otherwise Pray that this Potential for increasing Violence doesn’t Manifest.

Meanwhile, we’re now well into the Energy of Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (asteroid Atropos, Stationary) peaking 20 August (11:30 pm PDT).  The Fabulous Grace in the Full Moon, which should Bless at least the next two weeks, if we can Feel and Express enough Collective Gratitude for it, could well soften this potential Confrontation of Truths that are Held as Sacred.  We might PIAVA that we and others Decommision our Habits of resorting to Violence to “Get Our Way,” of preferring inflammatory Rhetoric to Listening, and of Working to Eliminate our Opposition rather than Accommodate or Contain it.

Another Boon is the symbol for Choosing Consciousness over Fate or Karma (asteroid Moira) entering the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) on 19 August (5:30 pm PDT).  If our Ego is Attached to our Karma – which like it or not, for all of us, it is, or we’d just Let It Go before breakfast…

– we may now be more willing to Accept the Ego Death(s) necessary for us to Choose Awareness over Repeating our old Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Ego Deaths don’t have to be Painful.

By 23 August, two other Boons arrive.  The symbol for Growing the Edges of Consciousness (asteroid Juno) also enters the Sign of Loosening Ego Attachment (Virgo) (5pm PDT).  And the symbol for New Beginnings (asteroid Klotho) moves into the Sign of Flexibility and Change (Gemini), which should make it easier to give up old intransigent Patterns (12:30 pm PDT).

It’s not often that all four of the Greek Mythology symbols for Fate versus Conscious Awareness are lit up at the same time.  The symbols for Fate itself (Moira), and for Starting New Timelines (Klotho) are both moving into new Signs, while the symbol for Consciously Ending Obsolete Timelines (Atropos) is very Strong (Stationary).  And we haven’t written about it yet, but the symbol for Consciously Choosing the Duration of our Habits (asteroid Lachesis) is Lit Up in the Full Moon chart (the focus of one of three Fingers of God).  I read this as a fairly Unique Opportunity for Massive Personal and Global Change.