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Venus Station

April 14, 2017

The Venus Station occurs at 3am PDT on 15 April, in 27 Pisces.  While the chart has several notable features, the two most prominent are both Diamond Stars…

A Diamond Star is a T-Square (red triangle), which symbolizes Mastery through Challenge, and a Finger of God (green arrow), signifying Pay Attention!, both pointing at the same planet.  The two of them are intertwined here, so are harder to pick out.  There’s a picture of an isolated Diamond Star at…

along with a portrait of a gorgeous Manganophyllite.  In the chart above, the two Diamond Stars point down, and toward the upper left.  

The blue lines symbolize the Grace that a Diamond Star creates, making the Challenge of the T-Square much Easier to handle and Mastery Easier to achieve. In the Venus Station chart we also have a Grand Sextile, the six blue lines around the perimeter of the chart.  A Grand Sextile is one of the most Grace-full indications we can be Gifted with.

The Foci of the Diamond Stars in the Venus Station chart are standouts.  They are…

  • Sun-Uranus-Eris, symbolizing Being True to Our Soul Self
  • Saturn-Ixion, representing Recovery of Our Forbidden Genius

A Venus Station in general is about Reconsidering the Validity of Our Values Relative to Our True Self.

These Arcturian Channelings are always Expanding my Awareness and bringing me new Insights about how things fit together.  For instance, I’d never thought of it this way…

This is a time of increased awareness of yourselves and the others that you share your planet with.  This is a time of uncovering, discovering, and being transparent to one another.  It is one of the reasons why you have so much sharing of information happening through your technology, including the unwanted and invasive spying techniques that are employed at times by people in positions of power.

“This is not meant to elicit feelings of victimization.  This reality that you are creating for yourselves is meant to get you ready for a full telepathic society.  Those of you who are empathic are already reading the emotions of others and feeling them within yourselves.  Once you transition to being fully telepathic, there will be no secrets and there will be no hiding.  There will be no reason to try to deceive another or hide a thought or a feeling.

“And so you are readying yourselves for that eventuality.  This is a part of the evolution of your consciousness, because in order for you to be willing to share everything about yourselves, you must release your fears, your shame, and your judgment.  

When you accomplish this undertaking, which is well underway for all of you, you will not feel a need to hide anything from each other, and you will be willing to speak to one another about what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and what you desire.

“This openness is going to create a deepening of the connection that you all have with one another and a strengthening of the human collective, which will ultimately assist you in your ascension process.  

Now, in the meantime, what would be most beneficial to all of you would be to start by being honest with yourselves.  Start by acknowledging how you feel, acknowledging what you want to do and what you don’t want to do, and even stating out loud to yourself how you feel, what it is that you want, and what it is that you are wanting to release.”

So says Daniel Scranton, Channeling the Arcturian Council, at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

There’s more to the Channeling, and it’s worthwhile.

You might notice that the base of the Saturn-Ixion Forbidden Genius T-Square is the Venus Station itself, Conjunct Chiron (Despair and Miracles), Opposing asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things).  Your Natural Genius, your Programmed Values, your Despair, and your Gratitude/Respect are all Competing here for your Ego’s Loyalty.  The Venus-Chiron Conjunction Asks that you Find a Space of Win-Win between all of these contestants.

The base of the Sun-Uranus-Eris T-Square is the Opposition between asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) and the Conjunction of Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) and Varuna (The Life Force) – In order to Let Go of Unconscious Beliefs that Limit our Life Force so we can Allow our Light to Shine Through, we need to be willing to face Ego Death.

We’ve drawn the Venus Station chart using fairly rigid three-Degree Sensitivity that’s appropriate for evaluating the Now.  If we stretvh that just a bit, which is completely appropriate for evaluating the likely Future course of the Projects we Begin here, we would include dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) Opposite Sun-Uranus-Eris, and asteroid Veritas (Truth) Opposite Saturn-Ixion, converting both T-Squares into Grand Crosses and Easing our Challenges further.

Including these also resets the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate that we worked with earlier in the year.  As Daniel says, “in order to be willing to share everything about ourselves, we must release our fears, our shame, and our judgment.”  The message of this Yin Gate is that we must Embrace our Fear (Sedna) to Complete our Self-Love (Sappho).  The Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate re-forms next week through mid-May and again between late August and mid-September.



January 29, 2017

Here’s a great Channeling on how Yintegrity works…

“When you allow another to be as they are, to think as they think, and to do as they do, you are in harmony with your world.  When you are in harmony with your world, you don’t see anything that anyone else is doing, thinking, or saying as a threat to you living your life as you want to live it.

“You see, it is your belief that someone else is going to interfere with your ability to live the life that you want to live that keeps you from living it.  It is your belief that the forces outside of you have more control over your life than you do that puts you in a position where you then feel like you have to stop them, or at the very least, you have to stop them from doing something.

“When you are in alignment with the universe, when you are accepting what is, and when you are able to live and let live, the universe opens itself up to you.  Once you take your attention off of those you believe are preventing you from living the life of your dreams, new possibilities find their way to you…”

Read the rest at∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/ .

January Week 3 End – Big Doin’s

January 19, 2017

Whew, made it through the Ixion-Juno Initiation last night, but not without Tapping and Thetaing and Poor-Sweethearting for most of the night.  Our next Big Event is a Station of dwarf planet Haumea, 4am PST 22 January.  Haumea is Pele’s daughter, symbolizing Rebirth – by Fire!  It’s been within one Degree of Sensitivity to this Station since early November, so it’s a big part of what we’ve been Experiencing, as we’ve been trying to get as many of our Unconscious Masters (Archetypes, Karma, and Unfinished Business, O My) wrestled to the Ground so we can get Reborn as Cleanly as possible.

Now that “everything else” Big has gone under the bridge, the Rebirth part takes Center Stage.  Well, almost.  The Reality Show is still about

Bringing our Unconscious Fears Up Into Our Awareness in Order to Reclaim our Self-Sovereignty

for another week or so.  So this Rebirth is kind of a Mid-term in some ways.

By 1 February we’re firmly engaged in Rebuilding a New Timeline or Ego-Lifetime that’s based on Self-Love.

So a Laser Focus on Noticing any Self-Judgment for the next 7-10 days will pay big dividends.

Self-Judgment includes any Values you have that are Moral, or based on Either/Ors.  As Alan Watts informed us,

It’s Harder to Let Go of Good Karma than it is to Let Go of Bad Karma.

And we need to jettison both if we’re going to be able to approximate Self-Love.

Our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.

It’s more than fine to have Standards of Behavior, and above all to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect.  But our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.

If we betray our own Standards of Behavior, or fail to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect, we Make Amends and move on.  If we’re in the Habit of indulging Guilt or Remorse or the like (or having a big Reaction when others fail to treat us with Respect, which is just a Mirror for our own Lack of Self-Love), then we need to Change that Habit to Tapping it Out asap so we can get on with the Critically Important Work we’re doing Rebirthing the Planet one Psyche at a time (our own).  What was that Meditation threshold that squelched Crime?  One Percent of the Neighbors Meditating?

There’s a Catch here.  Two days after Haumea’s Station, asteroid Hopi Stations.  Hopi is about Respect for all Things.  Those Sentient Beings we have to Respect?  They don’t just include folks who look like you (regardless of Color).  They include Critters and Plants and Rocks and Dirt and Planets and Stars and anything that your mind is able to Separate from the Background Noise and assign a word to.  Oh, and the Background Noise is Sentient too, especially the Background Noise.  That’s the Unconscious, Master over most of our Behavior, thought, Emotion, and even our Physiology.

So we can say that again now, with the context more clear: It’s more than fine to have Standards of Behavior, and above all to treat the other Sentient Beings around us with Respect.

But our Self-Love needs to be Unconditional.  How will we every Learn to Love our Pathological Genius otherwise?

Saturn, The Most Important Thing, is only three weeks and less than two Degrees away from being Initiated by Ixion, our Forbidden Genius.  

Meanwhile, the Great Amplifier Jupiter is only two weeks and a third of a Degree shy of its Station, and less than two Degrees from Haumea.  In other words this isn’t any ordinary Molt of our Identity exoskeleton (Haumea is Stationary twice a year after all), but a Big Rebirth.  And you might notice that Sedna, our Emissary of Fear as a Gift Reminder to Embrace ourself, is Stationary along with Jupiter.

So we have a Choice here.  We can be Reborn into Big Fear, or we can be Reborn into Big Love.  We Choose the latter by hunting down our Unconscious Fear with a Searching and Fearless Inventory, then Loving our Fear into Submission.

It’s a safe bet that most or all of our Judgments have their roots embedded deep in Fear.  So if you aren’t Scared this week and next, start Examining your Judgments.  What Unconscious Fears stand behind those?  That includes our “positive” Moral Judgments – “I’m Good because I…” – what Fears stand behind those?  What would happen if you chose Yintegrity  or Self-Trust instead of “Good”?

This is what we took Birth for, and why the Planet is so overpopulated with Beings wanting in on the Action.

In case you’ve lost the bigger plot, Jupiter-Haumea is one corner of the Forbidden-Genius-Recovery Golden Rectangle that encloses our Sedna-Lilith Recovering-Self-Sovereignty-by-Embracing-our-Fear Yin Gate, which is about to morph into a Building-a-New-Lifetime-Based-on-Self-Love Yin Gate.  And of course the huge Yintegrity work we’ve been doing since Time As We Know It Ended in 2012, is another corner of the Golden Rectangle.

19 January 1am PST Ixion Initiates Juno Sadge 26
      2am PST Mars WAxing Square Saturn Pisces-Sagittarius 24

22 January 4am PST Haumea Stationary Retrograde Libra 25

24 January noon PST Hopi Stationary Retrograde Libra 13
      11pm PST Chiron Initiates Venus Pisces 22-3

25 January 2am PST Veritas Stationary Direct Gemini 10

26 January: Moon on Pluto T-Squaring Jupiter and Uranus, 1am-11am PST (Moon on Pluto 1am PST, Moon Square Uranus 7am PST, Moon Square Jupiter 11am PST)

27 January: Sappho Conjunct Klotho Scorpio 22 Opposite Sedna-Aletheia in the Yin Gate, with Sedna Stationary
      Quaoar Enters Capricorn
      New Moon 4pm Aquarius 9

30 January: Venus Enters Shadow Period Pisces 27

1 February: Neptune Initiates Pallas Pisces 11

6 February: Jupiter Stationary Retrograde Conjunct Haumea Libra 24
      Sedna Stationary Direct Taurus 26

15 February: Ixion Initiates Saturn Sagittarius 26

Blind Cats Flying

January 7, 2017

A reader asks…

“You talked in one of your blogs of Mars initiating something which you described as “flying blind” and I had a dream about this.  It was the second dream about forgetting and I wondered if you could talk more about the memory asteroid.

“In the first dream I saw my beloved and long dead cat – he was thin and incontinent and being looked after by my cousin – I had forgotten about him and I felt bad – how could I have forgotten him when I had loved him so much?  This was clearly about my abandoned genius.

“The flying blind dream was about me flying a plane, a biplane or small plane with other people in it, but I wasn’t there, I was somewhere else at the time and I was aware the plane took off.  I felt confident I could go back to the plane, but when I tried to I realised I had forgotten how and by the end of the dream I had forgotten about the plane as I got involved with what was going on around me.

“Two powerful dreams for the beginning of the year with memory as the theme.  I would be grateful for any comments.”

Cats are potent symbols.  They make good Genii.  What happens when you imagine yourself Being your Cat?  Your cousin?

The “Flying Blind” Initiation was Mars-Neptune, something about the Relationship between the Physical and the Spiritual, between Effort and Magic, between Matter and Energy.  Close to the South Node as it is, this Initiation also can’t help being about the Loss of the Veil.  The Flying Blind part is like the Lilith-Sedna Mystery School – Accepting Paradox, reverting to “Beginner’s Mind.”   It may be as if the Veil is ripped off, but we can’t “see” what’s behind the Glass Darkly because we can’t assemble the Revealed into anything we Understand.

That’s the Paradox of Growth in Consciousness – because any Interpretation we make freezes us back into Duality, we have to be willing and able to leave the symbols behind the Veil Uninterpreted, and Allow ourself to stay in Perpetual Curiosity.  “I Wonder if there’s anything in these Dreams that I need to Understand Consciously, or if the Dream has already done its Work” would be a good PIAVA with the potential to bypass our pre-existing Birdcage.

Is there anything about the Physical that Frightens you?  Anything about the Metaphysical that elicits Fear?  A Searching and Fearless Inventory about Fear would be useful. with “You poor Sweetheart…”s and Tapping on whatever you find.  The Deep Energy is about getting Honest with ourselves about Fear.  With our Fears calmed by Compassion and Truth, we can Manifest directly…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

I’ve often been in half-awake state thinking about some affliction I or someone else has, and spontaneously started imagining making a herbal potion, with absolute certainty about what Herbs to use.  Then poof I “wake up” and have no idea what Herbs might work, if any.  That tells me that I’ve a Curandera or Curandero among my Parallels (corroborated by other parts of my Life), I’m just not ready to Identify fully with her or him yet.

What happens when you Imagine yourself Being the plane?  Imagining yourself Being one of the other folks in the plane might also provide Insight.

Your knowing you could return to the plane then Forgetting how sounds very similar; you have a Metaphysical-Traveler Shaman in your Parallels whom you can utilize as a Guide till you’re ready to Transcend All of your Parallels so you can freely access all of their Skills as you wish.  Have you read any of Robert Moss’s books on Dreams?  

After Eugene Gendlin’s Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams, I always try to leave my Dreams as Open as I can, so they don’t get trapped inside my a priori mental Dualities.  One way he recommends for that, is to append “…or something like that” to the end of every statement you would make about any possible meaning of the Dream.

The asteroid Mnemosyne is correlated with Memory, and it’s been traveling with the Uranus-Eris-Ceres Stellium.  So the “Ten Thousand Vignettes” of Memory that many of us have been having, is about Letting Go of our Masks and finding our Yintegrity.  Embracing our Fears and Recovering our Abandoned Genius are critically important parts of this.  Your Dream Stories sound very similar to our waking Vignettes.

January, Week 1, Update 2

January 4, 2017

We’ve amended the December beginnings of our “Week” with a few Angles previously omitted, and we’ve gotten ourselves up to date through 7 January, in revising…

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the 8 January Mercury Station, the 9 January Eris Station, and the many other exhausting Dramas that fill January.

I’m grateful that when I catch myself sinking into vague or acute Physical or Emotional Discomfort and trying to “figure out what’s wrong,” reminding myself that “This is about Letting Go,” and that it’s what’s right, shifts the Energy almost immediately.  Their are plenty of Heavies yet to come.

January, Week 1

January 2, 2017

January is very busy.  There are three main threads, along with a number of more isolated Energies, so we’ll get to practice being Conscious of our Multidimensional Selves as we Juggle the threads.  I’ll color-code the three Energies, and catalog the first week or so…

The First Energy is our old Friend, Recovering our Abandoned Genius and Continuing to Remove our Masks.  This is a big collection of planets in a large number of different Signs, in 20-26 Degrees.  It’s an excellent time to become Intimate with the elements in your natal chart in these Degrees, as this will indicate your Attitudes that are under major Adjustment.  This isn’t new; we’ve been working it with since Time As We Know It Ended in 2012.  If it’s still giving you fits, the elements from your natal chart will probably give you major clues to help you Let Go of your remaining Constraints to Knowing, Being, and Expressing your True Self.

This Energy is the Golden Rectangle composed of the Opposition from Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis to dwarf planet Chaos, T-Squared by Chiron, and the Opposition from Jupiter-Haumea to Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne, with the Oppositions Trine and Sextile to one another.  Asteroids Eurydike and Moira complete the Grand Sextile.  The 12 January Full Moon makes a Grand Cross with the Opposition from Jupiter-Haumea to Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne.  The fireworks explode in early January when a Grand Quintile connects the Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis with the Venus-Pallas-Nessus-OR10 Stellium of the Second Energy, along with Hopi, Vesta, and the Moon.

This is also our Mystery School, where we’re Learning to Accept Paradox as a basic principle of Non-Dual Reality, particularly as it applies to the Paradoxical Relationship between our Self-Sovereignty and our Acceptance of the Truth of what we Fear.  In February this becomes the Acceptance of the Paradoxical Relationship between our Acceptance of the Truth of what we Fear and our Assembly of a New Lifetime/Ego based on Self-Love.

This is the Yin Gate formed by the Opposition between Lilith and Sedna-Aletheia, which Opposition splits the Golden Rectangle on its long dimension.  In February the asteroids Sappho and Klotho Conjoin Opposite Sedna-Aletheia, as Lilith moves on.

We’ve a fair amount of recent Experience with the Second Energy, too.  It’s about Letting Go of the Impact of our Abuse Traumas.  Remember that Traumas can be Acute (specific Incidents) or Chronic (slow-motion, more or less continuous, and more easily dismissed as “normal”), and they can be ours or someone else’s – such as your Great Grandmother’s, who went to her grave without ever talking about her Abuse Traumas, but they’re embedded in your Epigenetics (the Reprogrammable portions of your Genetics).  Her never discussing them with anyone makes them very difficult to Identify and Shed.  This Energy is at 3-4 Degrees, mostly of Pisces, though a few other Signs collaborate.  Again, it will trigger your natal Configurations at 3-4 Degrees.

This Energy is mostly the Venus-Pallas-Nessus-OR10 Stellium, which is at the focus of a Finger of God across the Sextile between Vesta and Stationary Makemake. 

We’ve also been dealing with the Third Energy for a while, off and on.  You’ll recognize it as The Oaths We Made to Protect Ourself and How They Morphed into Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions – and Hidden Skills.  The Thinning of the Veil is part of this process.  This Energy is mostly at 7-10 Degrees, of Pisces and Virgo.

This is the Stellium formed by Venus, Mars, Pallas, Neptune, and the South Node, Opposed by dwarf planet Orcus (and of course the North Node).

If you’d like short keywords or phrases so you can easily remember which Energy is which, try Yintegrity/Abandoned Genius, Abuse/Privilege, and Oath-Breaking/Limiting Beliefs.

Since we care more about Interpretation than Prediction, we’re including a few related prior astroevents.  What follows is an outline.  I’ll be adding commentary to it as the week goes on, so check back every day or two.  Note that, except for the “Moon over” and “Moon Opposite” events, these Energies are not solitary events; most of them will begin to be Felt a day to a week prior to the date indicated, sometimes longer.  And of course many of them Initiate Cycles that may be Experienced for months or years or decades to come; remember that the Energy of a Cycle is particularly strong at it’s Initiation

27 December:
>>> Saturn Initiates Nemesis (The Most Important Thing Is Letting Go of Our Olde Ego Structures – Our Beliefs about Who We Are), 1pm PST 27/12, Sagittarius 21 (Using Our Imagination to Transcend Mundane Physical and Emotional “Realities”); We need to stay in Gratitude about how our Olde Ego Structures have kept us Alive so far, and got us to where we are.  But they’re now Obsolete, and will soon be Ripped Away, so we’re much better off being Proactive about Letting them Go Lovingly and Gently, with Gratitude.  This is the Initiation of a Cycle that lasts more than five years (64 months).
>>> Nemesis Opposes Chaos, 6pm PST 27/12, Sagittarius 22; Another “minor” peak in the Recovery of our Abandoned Genius, this one likely to Illuminate our Attachment to our Limiting Beliefs.

28 December:
>>> Saturn Squares Chiron, 4pm 28/12, Sagittarius-Pisces 22; One of four Squares between Juno-Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion and Chiron, part of the Chiron T-Square across the Opposition between Juno-Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion and dwarf planet Chaos.  We spoke at length about these processes in Like John Said .
>>> Saturn Oppposes Chaos, 11pm PST 28/12, Sagittarius-Gemini 22; more of the same.

29 December:
>>> Chiron Squares Chaos, 11am, Pisces-Sagittarius 22; yet more.  

30 December:
>>> Chariklo Initiates Sun (Walking in Beauty) Capricorn 9 (Connecting to Nature and God through our Emotions); We bottled up some of our Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulousness when we were Reacting and Responding as best we could to our Abuse Traumas.  Consciousness of what we bottled up will help us Let it Back Out Safely.  Beginning a one-year Cycle.

1 January 2017:
>>> Lilith Opposes Sedna, 9pm PST 1/1, Scorpio-Taurus 26; This is the apex of our current Mystery School around the Paradox about how Self-Knowledge about Fear Interacts with Self-Sovereignty.  In particular you may be dealing with Fear.   Try a “You poor Sweetheart…” on it.  The School goes on through most of January, then is replaced by a related Mystery School at the end of the month.  See also 6 January.
>>> Sedna-Aletheia are the focus of a Quintile Yod from Jupiter and Mercury; This represents an Expansion of what we Know about our Fears. 

>>> Neptune Initiates Mars (Integration of Spirit and Form) Pisces 10 (Flying Blind); This Initiates a two-year Cycle where we Learn to Trust that Spirit and Form are in fact already, always, Integrated; they’re only Separate in the eyes of the Dualistic Mind.  The Implications of this Separation are immense – on our physical and mental health for instance, when we Believe that something is “wrong.”  It’s not wrong, it’s Information about what’s Out of Balance, and what’s Out of Balance is often only our Perception.
If we Trust that Spirit and Form are always already Integrated in spite of our thoughts about and Resistance to the issue, aren’t we already “Ascended”? We’re just continuing to Manifest Third-Dementia Duality because that’s what we Believe is “Real.”  We may be able to PIAVA our way out of Duality, since we know that PIAVA (as long as we can Change the Subject) can Transcend the mind.  Another Paradox from our Mystery School, as well as a very Important Teaching about Manifestation.   By being co-incident in Linear Time, after all, these three Energies become three Perspectives on the same Heuristic.

1-2 January:
>>>Moon over Venus-Pallas-OR10-Nessus, 7pm PST 1/1 to noon 2/1, Pisces 3-4; We are likely to Experience this as Heavy Emotion arising from the toxic cyst formed by our historical Abuse Traumas, whether Consciously or not (I’ve been Feeling it as a low-level nonspecific Lackawanna, for instance).  However, remember that the “real” meaning of the Moon is Instinct – these are Split-Off Contents in the Unconscious that crave our Loving Embrace – Make It So.

>>> Makemake (Manifestation) Stationary Retrograde Libra 4 (Youth in Spiritual Communion around a Campfire); The other five Waves are already here, patiently Manifesting their Hearts’ Desires through Spirit rather than through Form.  We join their Effort by Letting Go of our Conscious, Semi-Conscious, and Unconscious Beliefs that it is Reality that’s Corrupt, rather than the Duality of the mind that’s Corrupt.  By Embracing the Reality of our Self-Sabotage and “Loving it to Death,” we allow ourself to Focus our Clear Intention on our own Hearts’ Desires. 

2-3 January:
>>> Moon over South Node-Neptune-Mars, 9am PST 2/1 to 3am 3/1, Pisces 7-10; Remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth; avoid trying to “figure it out” and instead just pretend that you’re stoned.  The Veil is weak here; if you can avoid Indulging your Bummers, you may be able to see through into Pure Intention and Uncluttered Manifestation.  Look to see whether this is in Harmony with Nature or in Conflict with Her.
>>> Moon over Chiron, 5pm PST 3/1 ±3 hours, Pisces 22; Chiron (Despair and Miracle) is working its way into being the focus of a T-Square (Challenge) across the Opposition between Jupiter-Haumea (Expanded Rebirth) and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (in a word, our Yintegrity).  Stay very Mindful of using your “You poor Sweetheart…”s whenever your Mood slips into any sort of Discomfort.

5 January:  A very busy day…
>>> Pallas Initiates Venus (Setting Important Boundaries Lovingly but Unambiguously), 5am PST 5/1, Pisces 3 (Obsolescence); While like all astroindications this could go either way (we’re looking at the Unconscious after all, where Duality doesn’t exist), but given the general End-of-Tolerance-for-Abuse climate we’re in, we’re going to read this as the Initiation of a 17-month Cycle where we Learn that we no longer need to Abandon ourself when Attacked.  If you’re Attached to the Patriarchy’s Power-Over mores, you’ll be ahead to proactively enroll in a sexual harassment class.
>>> OR10 Initiates Venus (Clues to which of our Values are truly our Heart’s Truth, and which are Programming or Karma), 2pm PST, Pisces 3 (Obsolescence); A one-year Cycle starts, where we Discover and Transform old Values that were never Truly Ours and Heart-based, but Programmed by our Forebears or Culture or Karma.  Any Value based on Judgment is a candidate, Discerning Preference from Judgment; liking Peach Pie more than Apple Pie is a Preference, Hating Apples is a Judgment.  Morals are usually Either/Or, thus excellent suspects for Programming.

>>> Moon over Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne and Opposite Jupiter, 4pm PST 5/1 to 6a 6/1, Aries 21-24; Jupiter is increasingly amping up our mandate to Let Go of our remaining Masks.  You can interpret Lunar Emotionality a number of ways, but the most productive way is as an Intuition.  What comes up here for you?  Here at the dawn of these brand new Venus-Pallas and Venus-Nessus Cycles, you may want to see if any unpleasant Feelings diminish when you resolve to keep firmer Boundaries, or, if you’re uncertain you can pull that off, PIAVA to Learn to set firmer Boundaries Charmingly, Forcefully, and Consistently.  It might be a good time to do a Theta Healing (see ) on this, and carefully work through any Resistance or Hesitation you encounter in the Show Me phase.
>>> Nessus Initiates Venus (Surrendering to Abuse was probably a Survival mechanism for most of us, rather than a Heart-based Value, though we don’t mean to Judge True Masochists, if there is such a thing; on the other hand, the Privilege to Abuse is definitely a Patriarchal Value – but is it Heart-based, or Programmed?), 9PM PST 5/1, Pisces 4 (Heavy Cross-Traffic at Seashore Resorts); This Initiates an only-13-month Cycle, but it’s a big one, considering the context – see at least January 8 and today’s first entry.
Whatever Abuse we Allow ourselves to Receive, Pay Close Attention.  What’s our Motivation?  Is it really Masochism, or Fear of our own Power, Fear of reprisal, Unworthiness, Lack of Self-Love, or ???  If the Abuse is minor, or we have little Hesitation to set a Boundary, it may be useful to Allow the Abuse so we can study Why we were tempted to Allow it.  This is huge not just for us as Evolving Individuals, but also huge for the Human Collective and the Planet.  This includes being Abused by For-Profit Medicine.
 Abuse we Allow ourself to Perpetrate against another, Pay close Attention as well.  Is this type of Abuse legal?  Does your Victim object?  Do you Believe they’re secretly pleased?  Is your Motivation the sense of Safety or Superiority you get from knowing you can Power-Over someone, or Believing you have the Right to do so?  Something you’d brag about to your Friends?  Is it to Satisfy some Desire of yours?  Is it an Addiction?  (Some define Addiction as continuing to do something after you “get in trouble” for it – but we’d have to exclude “getting in trouble” that’s an Act of Abrogating your Self-Sovereignty, such as “getting in trouble” with your Abuser.)  Do you Feel good about it?  Do you plan to keep doing it whenever you can?  If not, do you have a Plan for Changing your Behavior?

6 January: Another very busy day…
>>> Juno
 Opposes Chaos, 12am PST 6/1, Sagittarius-Gemini 21; Juno’s Dancing with Saturn and Ixion Opposing Chaos.  Juno represents the Edges of Consciousness, so we should be due for some Illumination here if we’re Open to Receiving it.
>>> Lilith Opposes Aletheia, 4am PST 6/1, Scorpio-Taurus 26; This is the secondary apex of our current Mystery School around the Paradox about how Self-Knowledge about Fear Interacts with Self-Sovereignty.  This apex is more about Truth per se than Fear itself.  Another good place for a Theta Healing where you work through the Resistance (see “>>> Moon over Uranus et al, 4am PST 5/1…”); the more you’re in Truth and in Consciousness about your Fears, the less they’ll rule your Life and Limit your Experience of it, no matter how you React or Respond to them.  The School goes on through most of January, then is replaced by a related Mystery School at the end of the month.  See also 1 January (“>>> Lilith Opposes Sedna, 9pm PST 1/1…”).

>>> OR10 Initiates Pallas (Likely to be lots of Vignettes – spontaneous Dramatic Memories – about times when you Gave Away your Power or Powered-Over others or didn’t intervene when you witnessed Abuse
), 11am PST, Pisces 3 (Obsolescence); The start of a four-year (50-month) Cycle where our Psyche is likely to show us scenarios from our Life where Boundaries different from those we had at the time would work better.  As you’re observing the show, be careful to distinguish Responsibility from Blame; Blame looks for Past Cause, while Responsibility looks for ways to improve Future Outcomes.  It’s probably better though to Let Go and let these Vignettes “Roll Off our Back,” rather than trying to “Figure them Out.”  The Letting Go will Create Wisdom, which will serve us much better, rather than Knowledge.  
>>> Ixion Initiates Nemesis (Embracing the probably-Chronic Traumas that Isolated our Abandoned Genius), noon PST, Sagittarius 25 (Play despite apparent handicaps); This is the Beginning of an almost-six-year (71 months) Cycle where we Learn about our Abandoned Genius and loosen our Attachment to their Abandonment.  Nemesis was the Goddess assigned the task of punishing folks who offended the Gods with their Hubris.  She’s an excellent stand-in for Ego Death.  We have elaborate Ego Structures built up to keep our Abandoned Genius Suppressed.  You could think of those Structures as sort of like the Emperor’s Wall on the Mexican border or your local Sewage Treatment plant – those Energies must be controlled and contained at any cost!
Deconstructing this Wall to let our Rejected Self back in could be Painful.  You may be ahead to make a list of all epithets and labels that seem negative to you.  Have you ever told a friend or acquaintance “I’m not one of 
those people!”?  What offends you in other people?  What characteristic or behavior would be a reason to reject someone?  What’s the most odious or repugnant thing someone could do?  What do you hate most in other people?  What would you never do?  You might want to sit with some of these vile things and see if you can find some Compassion for them.

7 January:
>>> Juno Squares Chiron, 5am PST 7/1, Sagittarius-Pisces 22; One of four Squares between Juno-Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion and Chiron, part of the ongoing T-Square with dwarf planet Chaos; see Like John Saidlink above (28 December).  This one may be painful, as the Edge of your Consciousness (and of your Ego) are torn open if you’re in Resistance.  If you Let Go of your Resistance (“You poor Sweetheart, this feels horrible, doesn’t it.”) it will help a lot.
>>> Grand Quintile linking Juno-Nemesis-Saturn-Ixion with OR10-Nessus-Pallas-Venus-South Node, Vesta, Hopi, and the Moon, 1-7pm PST; This now gets interesting.  The Quintile mean that this is about Learning; the Grand part means that it’s about Wisdom as much as Knowledge, as it Spans the Whole.  We will be Learning how…
The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Open up to Greater Consciousness (Juno), Let Go of our Olde Identity (Nemesis), and Accept our Abandoned Genius (Ixion)…
Relates to…
Our Karmic Dance (South Node) between our Boundaries (Pallas), our Values (Venus), and Memories (OR10) of our Abuse (Nessus).
Them’s Big Doin’s.
The other players in the Grand (Integrating) Quintile (Learning) are…
Our Limiting Beliefs (Vesta), Respect for All Things (Hopi). and our Authenticity (Moon)…
Hopi tells us that there’s no room here for Blame (“You poor Sweetheart, Blame is so much easier, isn’t it.”), we have to Be Responsible TO All of the many Parts of Ourself that are Dancing here.  Letting Go of our old notion that we were “responsible for” (ie, “it was our own fault”).  Yes, we were Powerless to stop it, and yes, they Abused their Power, but the time for Keening about our Loss is long past.
To Make Space in our Bodies for the New Energies moving onto the Planet, we need to Accept that It Was What It Was.  This may take a large number of “You poor Sweetheart…”s, about whatever Emotions arise.  Tapping as well, any number of times.  Measure your before-and-after Distress (one to ten), and let the Topic evolve.  Take as long as you need; it’s The Most Important Thing you’re Doing, and probably The Most Important Thing you’ll ever Do, perhaps even The Thing You Came Here To Do.  Your Work here will help move the Planet out of the Patriarchy.

8 January:
Mercury Stationary Direct 2am Sadge 29
Nessus Initiates Pallas Pisces 4

9 January:
Eris Stationary Direct Aries 23
Karma Stationary Retrograde Virgo 18

10 January:
Sun over Uranus et al
Sun-Uranus 8am

11 January:
Sun Opposes Jupiter 9pm
Saturn Initiates Juno Sagittarius 23

12 January:
Almost-Grand Quintile
Full Moon 4am Cancer 23
Moon-Uranus 1am
Moon Opposes Jupiter 3am

Here’s a sketch of the rest of January, should you want to plan ahead…

13 January:
Neptune Initiates Venus Pisces 11

17 January:
Aletheia Stationary Direct Taurus 26
Chiron Init Mars Pisces 22

18 January:
Moon over Jupiter
Moon Opposes Uranus 8pm

19 January:
Moon-Jupiter 12am
Ixion Initiates Juno Sadge 26
Mars Squares Saturn 1am

22 January:
Haumea Stationary Retrograde Libra 24

24 January:
Hopi Stationary Retrograde 13 Libra
Mars-Saturn 3am

25 January:
Veritas Stationary Direct 10 Gemini
Chiron Initiates Venus 22-3 Pisces

26 January:
Moon over Pluto 1am
Moon Square Uranus 7am
Moon Square Jupiter 11am

27 January:
Sappho Conjunct Klotho Scorpio 22
Quaoar Enters Capricorn
New Moon 4pm Aquarius 9

30 January:
Venus Enters Shadow Period Pisces 27

1 February:
Neptune Initiates Pallas Pisces 11

6 February:
Jupiter Stationary Retrograde Conjunct Haumea Libra 24
Sedna Stationary Direct Taurus 26

15 February:
Ixion Initiates Saturn Sagittarius 26

1 December and the Angels

December 1, 2016

Today’s chart looks a lot like the New Moon chart from a couple of days ago.  The

  • (1) Big Learning-to-Embrace-Fear Opportunity (Grand Quintile), the
  • (2) Abandoned-Genius-Recovery Mystery School (Yin Gate), and the
  • (3) Great Grace around Trust (Grand Sextile)

Configurations all remain, with their flood of Ten Thousand Vignettes and no shortage of Ego Deaths.  It’s a busy month.  

In the first week or so…

  • (4) Expect the Ten Thousand Vignettes to continue to Expand greatly, in service of the continuing Removal of our Masks.
  • (5) Our Opportunity/Challenge to Let Go of obsolete Oaths, Promises, stuck Patterns, and Limiting Beliefs is much enhanced by the Station of dwarf planet Orcus.
  • (6) Our Trust issues become more obvious; if we Remember that we’re immortal Souls taking a vacation in a physical Body, it might make Trust easier – the Soul is invulnerable, though if We-as-a-Body Forget our Soul-Self too much we can miss the Cmail* requesting that we check in for our return flight, extending our vacation more than we’ll Enjoy.         (*Channeled message) 
  • (7) We’re working on our article on Lunar Emotional Energy as the glue that holds Matter together.  The theme runs a lot like this:  It’s Passion that drives Manifestation, but it’s the combination of Conscious Passion and Unconscious Passion that does the work.  As we Unify these two, Manifestation becomes more Effortless.  In early December there’s a big push toward making our Mask Removal Permanent, an essential step toward Integrating our Passions and eliminating Self-Sabotage.
  • (8) Think about how the last week or two have been very different in your Life.  Seeing more Mysterious movements out of the corner of your eye?  Obvious signs of Ego Rebirth (such as feeling lost on a route you’ve traveled often)?  Long deep Sleeps?  Unusually sharp Intuitions?  Unexplainable surges of Excitement?  Angels are becoming more Present; keep your eye out for evidence of them.  The more you Acknowledge their Presence, the more they can work their Magic.
  • (9) If you’re thinking hard about Survival under difficult circumstances, you aren’t alone.  These are Instincts.  However, see (6), (7), and (8).
  • (10) Some of those Ten Thousand Vignettes and Survival scenarios may seem intolerable, like You’d rather Die than go through that again.  It’s an Invitation to Ego Death; do RSVP; if you Embrace the Sensation (“You poor Sweetheart, you’d rather Die than do that again, wouldn’t you”) you’re less likely to have to endure it again. 
  • (11) Remember that the basic assignment is the Deepening of Self-Love.

Oh, and Italy votes to leave the EU on 4 December, or rather, Italy votes on whether or not to leave the EU on 4 December – the next shoe dropping in the Collapse of Cultures as we know them.  

In astrologuese…

(1) The Sedna (Embracing Fear) Grand Quintile with Vesta (Limiting Unconscious Beliefs), Jupiter (Expansion), Moon-Mercury-Quaoar (Survival Issues; see also (9)) and Neptune-South Node (Embracing Emerging Held Emotions, Loss of the Veil, Collapse of Cultures; Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity).

(2) The Ixion Mystery School – the Golden Rectangle formed by Ixion-Pholus (Being Fully Responsible to our Abandoned Genius), Chaos (Unlimited Potential), Haumea (Rebirth), and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Identifying with our Soul Self).  Embedded in the Golden Rectangle is a Yin Gate between Sedna (Embracing Fear) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).

(3) The Eurydike Grand Sextile, formed by the Golden Rectangle (2) and an Opposition between Pallas (Boundaries) and Eurydike (Trust); Pallas-Eurydike forms a Grand Cross with Sedna-Lilith.

(4) Mnemosyne (Memories) Stationary Direct 6 December (Strong; we don’t usually give asteroids more than 3-4 days of Sensitivity, but it’s been within one Degree of its Station since 18 November, and could be one of the major Triggers for our Ten Thousand Vignettes) at 7pm PST at 20 Aries (“A young girl feeding birds in winter; overcoming crises through compassion“) and of course still very much Conjunct Uranus-Eris-Ceres (Making our True Self or Yintegrity Permanent).

(5) Orcus (Making and Breaking of Oaths) Stationary Retrograde 7 December (very Strong for at least a week prior; it’s been within one Degree of its Station since about 22 September) at noon PST on the South Node (Karma, Held Emotions, Archetypes we’ve Merged with, Hidden Skills).

 (6) Eurydike (Trust) Stationary Retrograde 9 December (Strong for at least 3-4 days prior; within one Degree since 20 November) at 9am PST in 24 Leo (“Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a person is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness“); does 24 Degrees sound familiar?  How about…

  • Eurydike Opposite Pallas (Boundaries) and Square the Lilith-Sedna Opposition (Fear of Misogyny), making a Grand Cross (Busy Busy Busy); of course the Lilith-Sedna Opposition is the core of the Mystery School (see (2) above).
  • Eurydike Trine to Ixion-Pholus (Being Fully Responsible to Recover our Abandoned Genius, Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity) and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (see (4) above), making a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace).
  • Eurydike Sextile to Haumea (Rebirth) and Chaos (Unlimited Potential), completing the Grand Sextile (Great Grace – after We take the first step).  The first step is Self-Love; in (4) above You are the Bird and the Young Girl both – “You poor Sweetheart…” – see (10) below.

(7) Ceres (Sustainability) Stationary Direct 9 December (Strong for at least 3-4 days prior; within one Degree since 22 November) at 4pm PST in 22 Aries (“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires“); see (4) above.

(8) on 5 December at about 3am, Hylonome (Detaching from Archetypes) Waxing Squares (Challenge) Makemake (Manifestation).  The Hylonome-Makemake Cycle in general is about Letting Go of Self-Sabotage.  The Energy of a Cycle is strong around its Initiation, then goes underground till the Waxing Square, then reaches the mainstream.  The current Cycle was Initiated in June 1989 (think Harmonic Convergence) at 3 Virgo, “Two Guardian Angels“!

(9) Quaoar (Survival) Initiates Mercury (Mentality, Communication) 2 December at 2pm PST in 30 Sagittarius (“The Pope blessing the faithful”).

(10) Nemesis (Ego Death) Initiates the Sun (our Essence) 2 December at noon PST in 12 Sagittarius (“A flag turns into an Eagle, turning into a Chanticleer [Rooster] saluting the Dawn”); again, this is the Degree of the Pluto-Chiron Initiation at the turn of the Century, suggesting our Journey from Separation to Unity, Nationalism to a broader, sharper Perspective and from there to the Return of the Light.  The Sun-Nemesis Cycle is about the Evolution of the Self.

(11) Asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) entered Scorpio (Relentlessness) a few days before the New Moon.  We’re warming up to an Initiation of Sappho by Klotho (Designing a new Ego-Lifetime) near the end of January.

Sleep – Who Needs It

July 29, 2016

With Uranus Standing Still as I write this, I’d usually be telling folks not to worry if they aren’t Sleeping, because when Uranus is Strong, our Creativity is Strong as well, so Inspiration is often stronger than the need for regular Sleep.  Of course, if we let our Shoulds override our Wannas, we’ll try to Sleep a regular schedule anyway, and end up exhausted. 

I have several close friends with Uranus prominent in their Natalities (birth charts), and with Uranus lit up a lot for the last five years, they’ve been finding themselves lucky to be able to Sleep much at all.  But the last few nights?  They been Sleeping like babes – a good example of how astrology often acts homeopathically!  We can identify a dimension (Sleep, Creativity), but not a Direction (lots or not much).

Stephen Buhner, in his Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature, tells us how to grok Plants…

“There will come a time, when you slightly step back from the plant, at the moment when you are not thinking and not feeling, that the living perception of the plant as a complete whole emerges within you.

“The organism stands forth in its own light and is understood.  Knowledge of the plant as medicine (or its function in the ecosystem, or more) is directly gathered from the plant itself.

“However, before the whole of the plant emerges and is revealed to the imaginal sight, there will be a moment of stasis, a moment in which the will of the perceiver and the resistance of the phenomenon to reveal itself are equal.  There is an impasse. during which movement forward is difficult.

“You may feel as if you are pushing through cotton wool, with no forward momentum possible.  At this point, it is the will of the student to know – and the depth of love he or shw has for the plant – that is essential, that carries the process through.  Love without the will, however, is insufficient, because there is no motive force.  And without love. the phenomenon will not acquiesce to reveal itself to you.

“It is here, at this point of stasis, that you must hold your intention to know and not allow yourself to be distracted in your task.  If you continue, to hold your directed focus, there will be a moment in which the forces involved – the will and love of the perceiver and the life force of the phenomenon – converge.  There will be a moment of breakthrough where you emerge into a center of understanding.”

This is a great description of the process of Knowing anything – Plants, Rocks, People, planets, History, Zeitgeister.  I’ve even been using it to improve my general Intuition.  If we’re going to operate from Yintegrity, as our Soul-Urge Uranus wants us to, we need a well-honed Intuition.

Today’s bigger impact though, isn’t about Yintegrity directly, though Yintegrity is certainly a solid path to achieving it.  Today’s biggest impact is the Unlimited Future available to us when we connect with our Abandoned Genius.  Buhner’s suggestions for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with a Plant, is also an excellent suggestion for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with our Orphaned Genius.

Uranus, turning Retrograde at 2pm PDT 29 July in 25 Aries, is still Conjunct Eris, on its way to the late-September Uranus-Eris Exposition – and still Opposite Haumea, so our Maskless Rebirth is still underway.  

A bit after 12am PDT 30 July, though, the Moon crosses dwarf planet Chaos, which is Sextiled by Uranus.  This is a Biggie because Chaos makes a Grand Cross and sits at the head of a Kite, making Chaos the clear Ruler of the Uranus-Stationary event.

The Grand Cross consists of Chaos-Opposite-Ixion Square to Jupiter-Opposite-Chiron.  Uranus-Eris, Ixion, and Venus form the Grand Trine, with Chaos, Sextile to Uranus and Venus, completing the Kite.  Haumea and our asteroid friend Beatles complete the Grand Sextile, all within 22-25 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs.  The Grand Cross occupies the same Degrees of the Mutable Signs.

It’s been a difficult five years, as we’ve been forced to shed the Masks that have kept us Feeling Safe, even as they kept us from being Present to the World.  Our Vulnerability may well get a whole lot easier here for a while.

Now, with Uranus past its exact Station, excuse me while I go catch up on my Sleep…

Yintegrity Rising

June 23, 2016

A reader writes…

I don’t think they are happy with me.  I am not following their tradition and I’m not sure what the impact of that will be, but I don’t care!  I’m not doing what I should, I’m doing what I want.  And that is SO different for me.

“I’ve always been the analyze/plan/execute person.  I do my duty.  I fulfill my promises.  If I commit, I follow through.  Period.  No doubt.  No question.  I guess what you would call “Yangtegrity.”  And it has served me well.  Very well.  For my whole life.

“Over the past…18 months, two years, there’s been a growing resistance to all of it!  I don’t even want to show up half the time!  (I’ve always taught my kids-Showing up is 80% of success.)  My intellect is so confused, my ego is having panic attacks.  Is this moving into Yintegrity?  

“There’s a third part of me that is very calmly standing by, reassuring that we’ll work out a new way of functioning, everything will be fine, the earth will not stop spinning on its axis.  So is that the pressure and fear I’m feeling?  The shift into Yintegrity?”

You bet!!  

And like any Big Change, there’s a hollow space, a gap, where our Olde Ego is in Lackawanna (“I know I’m done for; why should I care?”), and our New Ego hasn’t got its training wheels on straight yet.  So we’re wobbly.  Confusion is good; it’s a reliable sign that we’re Growing.  Anxiety is common, as our Olde Patriarchy-Attuned Egos needed to know what was going on so they could figure out who to Please how, when.

Time for PIAVAs.  “Great Spirit, please help me Trust my True Future so I can Surrender my False Past more comfortably” or the like.  “I wonder where the Hell I’m going, anyway.”  With Saturn Waning Square to Neptune and moving into the Void Space between them, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is Confusion (Neptune).  Neptune symbolizes Confusion when viewing the World through Material Eyes, and Clarity when we shift to Spiritual Eyes.  “Ganeshi, please Remove all Obstacles to Opening my Third Eye.”

 Another timely story…

Love the title – ProfessionAutism.  I read it as Professionalism twice before I noticed the Aut.  In another post she says Pluto is on her Moon – I don’t know of any greater Emotional Challenge.  A perfect time to “hang loose,” but not even that is easy under Pluto-Moon.  “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that Ease and Grace fill my Life.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess. … Show me.”

That’s a simplified form of Theta Healing.  Once you say “Show me,” look to see whether your Vision or other Intuitive Sense shows you bathed in Ease and Grace.  If not, look to see what else you need to Command.  Maybe Trust, or Enough to Eat, or just Breathing.

When the World, or your Community, or just your Household or Camp, operates through Yintegrity, the whole World is different.  People do things when they want to, and when someone resents something not being done, it’s up to them to recognize that it’s their job to do.  Or their job to inspire (not require or bully) someone else to do it, maybe as a group project where participation is of course optional – you would join or not because, in the moment, it’s more fun than doing otherwise.  

The Most Important Thing gets done, even if it’s not what you thought was The Most Important Thing.  Between the Waning Saturn Square to Neptune and the next Initiation, Cultures break down.  The next Neptune-Saturn Initiation isn’t until 2026, six years into the Digital Age.  It’s at the Aries Point – Manifestation into (Feminine) Form.  Aries Creates by Instinct, not by having a picture beforehand of the “finished” product.  Creating and “finishing” are two different Universes, with only accidental intersections.

Here’s a picture of it anyway – it’s not a “finished” picture, but a picture of the Yintegrity process unfolding…

I would suggest though, that “The ways in which Other Living Things can speak may also be almost infinite – the truth or a lie, clearly or in riddles, with language or with art.”  We maybe just haven’t heard them yet, till we get our Third Eye – or Ear – Open.  And that Everything is Living.

And, Saturn runs a Gauntlet of Initiations before it gets back to Neptune – Ixion, Pholus, Quaoar, the Galactic Center, Chariklo, Hylonome, Pluto. OR10, and Nessus!  Saturn will be a very different Animal by then, and we will be too.  Sounds like this Gauntlet would be worth a post of its own, eh?

And we didn’t even notice that Saturn was Initiated by the Great Attractor this last February, with an Exposition in May!  The Great Attractor is Headquarters to the Galactic Center – Cosmic HQ.  No wonder it’s been a heavy year so far, as if we haven’t had enough excuses!  We’re being asked to align ourselves with an Energy more Powerful than even Galactic Energy.


June 5, 2016

They meant “June Solstice” – Summer or Winter…