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Wanna Gotta Shoulda

May 31, 2012

I can tell you for sure that there’s one unmistakable element of the 60s starting to hang around!  It’s been getting recognizably strong over the last week, but in retrospect it’s been in the field for a coupla months.  Back in the 60s, if a certain part of you didn’t want to do something, it just wasn’t happening!  No matter how much “you” did wannas and gottas and shouldas on yourself, it was just in a different Universe.  I can see that we invited Mary Jane along for the congruence.  By blaming her for our intransigence – and for the absolutely side-splitting hilarity that anyone would expect us to do that – we avoided the full-frontal Identity Confrontation that we were absolutely not ready for, that would have forced us to recognize which “us” was Real and which was just programming.  That was the Conjunction, after all – this is the waxing Square!  Now we, or rather the World, are ready for that Trance-Re-Formation.

Not to condemn the programming – the Real we (that’s literally like the Royal We) chose the circumstances where we would be programmed to stay safely in hiding until it was safe for the Real we to come out and play.  We’ll never fully let the programming go without finding Gratitude for its service to us.  All of which couldn’t be more Uranus-Pluto if it tried.  Uranus as our Soul Chord, as our Yin Integrity, as our True Vibratory Self.  Yang Integrity means you do what you said you was gonna do; Yin Integrity means you do what you dang well feel like doing, moment to moment, but of course if it’s important, you renegotiate and make amends when that conflicts with your Yang Integrity.  In the 60s our programming masqueraded as our Yang Integrity.  What we said we was gonna do was something somebody else said we oughta do, and we believed them.  It was by combining our programming, our Yang Integrity, and our Yin Integrity, that we were able to survive the assault that the World has seen since the 60s.

And Pluto, of course, as Transformation, Trance Formation, Trance Reformation, as Death and Birth, as the Big River, as the Flow of History that carries us in one direction no matter how much we try to tack.  And Pluto as Scorpio – relentless pearl diving, obsessively seeking that kernel of Self that not only sings the same tune as our Soul Chord, but that somehow matches the River, whether that means Going with the Flow, or insisting that the Truth be heard, Contrarian-style.  Without Gratitude, Pluto will tear “us” to shreds.

If you don’t have a strong Uranus or a strong Pluto in your natal horoscope, you could be experiencing an entirely different World.  Without a Big Link to your own Soul Chord or a Big Link to the Flow of History, all this may come through as Anxiety.  You might be inviting yer golf pro Zack along instead of Mary Jane.  Or you could be responding from your Saturn – the Dam trying to hold back the River in full flood.  Saturn Stands Still as Uranus Squares Pluto, and there’s a reason for that.  We need to transform our Saturns from tireless defenders of our programming, to ruthless heralds of the Most Important Thing.

That’s what Saturn does for a living, it relentlessly forces us to focus on the One Most Important Thing.  We feel Saturn as Limitation because we want to focus on the distractions instead.  We fear that if we focus only on the One Most Important Thing, we might fail at it.  So we invent workarounds and fallbacks as insurance, and we focus on them instead.  Until Saturn folds his arms across his chest and gets firm with us – or arms akimbo, starts shouting at us.  Saturn is intimidating.  The whole Earth Planet would get hopelessly lost in the dust of just one of its Rings.  Our programming tells us that failure is entirely possible, even probable, but it aint.  Our Mission here is waaay beyond our Conscious picture of what we think it is, and we are on autopilot.  The thinking is just sprinkles on the frosting – empty calories.

You can think of Dog as Saturn, and Cat as Uranus.  You want to be on the Master side of the Human-Dog relationship.  You don’t want to be an interloper facing down a snarling Doberman.

Next Week

May 29, 2012

Here are a coupla websites on the Partial Lunar Eclipse at quarter past 4am PDT on June 4…

The Neptune Station is a few minutes after 2pm PDT on the 4th.

And here’s a coupla websites on Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun…

Remember, no matter how many skimasks you can find and wear, you can still manage to blind yourself by looking at the Sun, whether it’s being Walked Across by Venus or not.  The Walk occurs around 6pm PDT on June 5, and the Moon Occults Pluto at 8pm.  You can look at the Lunar Eclipse allya want.

And here’s a cute one, if you can pardon the ridiculous web address…

Neptune II

May 29, 2012

We’ve established, to our own satisfaction at least, that Neptune is currently prominent, by virtue of it’s June 4 Station, and consequently its barely perceptible movement.  Imagine what you would feel if the Sun stopped midway through its daily journey across the Sky; any other planet’s influence is similarly amplified when it slows to a crawl.  And that June’s two Big Events – Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Uranus Squaring Pluto – are connected by Neptune.  She is still virtually Stationary when Venus Walks (and the Moon is Partially Eclipsed) next week, and she is Squared by Jupiter when Uranus Squares Pluto (and Saturn turns Direct) later in June.  In other words, Neptune is waving her arms and shouting “Look at Me!

Now, when we look to see what sort of impact a Square such as Jupiter’s Square to Neptune might have, we look in two places.  First, is it a waxing Square or a waning Square, and second, where and when was the preceding Conjunction.  The Conjunction initiates a new Cycle between the two planets, and defines the character of the entire Cycle.  At the waxing Square, or 1/4th point of the Cycle, the Cycle is gaining influence, and in fact, just coming into its own.  The new Energy of the new Cycle is prominent at the Conjunction, but there is still great resistance from the Energy of the previous Cycle.  Once the excitement of the Conjunction fades, the old Energy does everything it can to undermine the new Energy – until the waxing Square, when the new Energy takes hold fully and “becomes permanent,” for the rest of the Cycle anyway.  At the waning Square, the Cycle’s 3/4ths point, the new Energy has done its thing (peaking at the Opposition and the Phitile), and is beginning to fade.

Jupiter acts mostly as an amplifier, and in this kind of circumstance, where we’re dealing with outer planets dancing with one another, we could easily consider Jupiter a likely trigger for the initiation of long-developing trends into action, the way the Moon provides the same function for shorter trends and events.

The Uranus-Pluto Square is waxing, and so is the Jupiter-Neptune Square.  So we look to their respective Conjunctions to tease out the nature of their Cycles, which are both just now “becoming permanent.”  To see which obstreperous old fuddy-duddies, ne’er-do-wells, and obstructionists are about to be banished from the Temple, in other words.  Note that they are likely to be the loudest voices you can hear, as they shout out their last pathetic pleas for Attention.  Of course by now you well know that the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in the 60s.  But here we’ll talk about the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle.

Which was initiated on May 27, 2009, three years ago almost to the day, at 27 degrees of Aquarius.  You’ll recognize the Sabian Symbol – An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh Violets – the same as the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of February 2010.  At the time of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, both Chiron and Neptune were Stationary, and only one fourth of a degree apart, doing their pre-Conjunction dance that Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were celebrating so joyfully, as they signed all your tax money over to their buddies at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.  The current collapse of economic and political order in Europe is a direct result of that, as will be a later collapse in the US.  Jupiter Conjoined Chiron a few days prior to Conjoining Neptune, in the same degree.  Notice please Mr. Obomba and yer Repo rivals, that it’s fresh Violets, not fresh Violence.  Easy mistake for youall to make, not easy for the rest of us.  Jupiter reaches its waxing Square to Chiron on July 24 of this year.

In other words, Neptune makes this whole month turn out to be about the New Chiron-Neptune Paradigm.  To review, Chiron is about changing our perspective in such a way as to turn despair into miracles – as Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem using the same way of thinking that was used to define the problem.  The previous Chiron-Neptune Cycle began on the day when Emperor Hirohito surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri (which created an enormous change in the US and Japanese economies, from building bombs to building cars and electronic entertainment devices).  If you saw that change coming, and sold or converted your gunpowder factory, Chiron-Neptune was a huge opportunity; if you didn’t, it was a big bummer.  The Cycle before that, 1879, began when the bonds used to build the railroads from the US Midwest out to the Pacific collapsed – very similar to the housing collapse in 2007-2008.  Had you sold your rail mill and started a gunpowder plant in 1879, you’d have had a thriving century to follow.

So it’s clear that the economic collapse in Europe and the US is only a bummer to the extent that we hate change, and a big opportunity to the extent that we can intuit what the next Cycle is gonna be about.  For instance, converting from Gasoline to Natural Gas is a no-brainer.  Some “green” technologies, like windmills, will eventually prove viable.  Batteries can provide nowhere near the “power density” (horsepower per pound) that petroleum products and fuel cells provide, and no huge battery breakthroughs are in sight (other than making lead-acid batteries robust enough to survive for more than a week in a vehicle that kills the engine every time you take your foot off the accelerator).  Coming up with an alternative to both Gangs and Fascism for maintaining social order will be a win for somebody – we hope.  Pottery may not be the best business, since the Pottery is Ancient.  Flowers, maybe.  Or reanimating the Planet, as the Spiritual element of the Flowers is the world of the Faeries.

The Sabian Symbol for the 1945 Cycle was Libra 6, “A person watches their ideals taking a concrete form before their inner vision.”  Not sure how that relates to the Age of Automobiles and Electronic Toys, but obviously somebody had a vision.  Probably Mr. Toyoda or Mr. Samsung or Mr. Rockefeller, or all of the above and Mr. Pirelli as well.  The 1879 Cycle began at Taurus 11, “A woman watering flowers in her garden.”  If we recall the words to Where Have All the Flowers Gone, that certainly makes sense for the first half of the 20th century.

All of which makes the falling dominoes in southern Europe seem more and more like the first drop in the bucket of the End of the World as We Know it, duly scheduled for June.  The Uranus-Pluto (“I gotta be Me!“) stretches on until 2015, as the two planets Retrograde back and forth across one another’s Squaring paths.  If we make it into 2013, it’ll probably take till 2015 before the last domino, which could well be the US Dollar, falls.  By then southern Europe should be leading the Planet into the New Paradigm (as they often have in the past – the Ancient Pottery Bowl).  Europe has a long history of taking care of the Planet, by necessity – they can probably figure out how to frack responsibly, though as they re-colonialize a newly third-world North America, they may consider its landscape to be as expendable as it is exploitable.

Violets, Pansies, same diff.  Another common name for the species is Heartsease.  Nice, eh?

Neptune I

May 25, 2012

Okay, so the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, first, that she’s Stationary (Strong) during the Big Events of June 4-5 (Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Moon Occulting Pluto).  And leading up to it; an outer planet Station is usually felt for a week or so by folks of moderate sensitivity, and longer for the Canaries.  As we write this, eight-and-a-half days before the Station, Neptune is one minute of arc from the location of her Station.  That’s sixty times as close as the one degree one would normally use, at a minimum, as indicating a detectable influence (“Orb,” it’s called).  Neptune has been within one degree of her Station since April 3rd.  And she entered the zone of her Retrogradation (or “Shadow Period”) on February 13th.  We’ll come back to this, but before we forget…

And the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, second, that she’s Squared by Jupiter during the Big Events of June 23-25 (Uranus Squaring Pluto and Saturn Stationary turning Direct).  That turns out to be even more consequential, so let’s deal with the first meat first…

So with Neptune one minute of arc from her Station, we’re all fully immersed in Neptune.  What does that feel like?  Well, Confusion is probably the most common process.  Of course, if you’re a regular reader, you know that Confusion signifies that a bar has come loose in the birdcage that bounds your understanding of Reality.  A hole in your cage provides opportunity for Tweety to fly free, for Sylvester to reach in, or both.  Till the final episode, you know Tweety’s gotta evade Sylvester, or there wouldn’t be a next episode.  So if you’re willing to tap out your Fear, you can trust that Tweety will survive just fine flying free, as she so often in fact does.

Neptune runs Pisces, so we have to include Intuition and Emotionality.  Know that most of our language is codified by left-brained white males, so of course those things are associated with “irrationality.”  If you’ve sealed yerself off from yer second sight, then you work hard to keep that whole realm of Spirit and Emotion outa legitimacy.  But as Jung said, Thinking People are not rational, cuz they aren’t in touch with their Values.  The mind is a great engineer, but it’s the Heart that decides which projects are worth engineering.  Which is all enormously relevant, cuz the Neoatlanteans are engineering the Canaries and the Sensitives back into the Grove.  They cut down the Groves long ago, but guess what?  They grow back!  And some of them even block EMF.

So the bad press Neptune gets comes from the left-brain equivalent of Fox News – it’s biased, it’s propaganda designed to make you hate yourself, and it’s engineered to destroy your Humanity.  I think of Neptune as Our Relationship with God/Goddess.  This is all Us, remember, not Other.  So Neptune isn’t about the Mysteries, it’s about our relationship with the Mysteries.  In other words, expect Magic to be Afoot.  Look for it.  If it comes looking for you, fabulous!  But if you haven’t been PIAVAing an improved relationship with the Mysteries, you may have to go on a bit of a Treasure Hunt on yer own.  Keep an sharp ear out for when the Thrush knocks twice.  All of which contributes to our usual mnemonic that Neptune brings Fog to material eyes, and perfect Clarity to spiritual eyes.

Another side of Neptune that we usually ignore, is its representation of the Collective Unconscious – the cultural element of your heritage, or your Group Soul.  There are many levels here; genetic and cultural and magical components of ancestry, the crosscurrents in your cultural mileau, your twigmates on your Soul Tree, the Tree itself, the Star System where your True Home lies.  Whether you remember or not, you came here, to this Planet, to help process runaway Excess Repressed Emotional Energy that is tearing the Planet in two.  Your True Home reveals your natural methodology for this processing.  You’re surrounded by folks whose Identity is tied up in their temporary physical form, their fear of displeasing, their need to conform, their Unconscious anger or grief or other estrangement, their great grandfather’s oath of revenge, their lawn, their obsessions, their addictions.  It takes Magic to hold your own Vibration in this Funny Farm.  Confusion?  Good Stuff!  It’ll take you right Home if you let it.

Soooo, what about this particular Retrogradation of Neptune?  It spans the first 4 degrees of Pisces, 0:22 to 3:09 to be exact.  Ifya got any natal positions in that range, they’re already getting a workout.  A Retrogradation means a triple illumination of some portion of the Zodiac – the planet first crosses this zone Direct, then backs over it Retro, then crosses it again Direct.  The entire span is called the Shadow Period.  We’ll feel the planet strongly at the two Stations, but we’ll experience our own natal positions – and the Magical Transformation that they’re undergoing – before, between, and after the Stations.  Like all triple astrological events, we call the first one (February-to-May) the Canopener, the second one the Exposition (June-to-December), and the third pass the Confidence-Builder (January-February 2013).

In the Canopener phase, difficult issues arise.  They can usually be interpreted and resolved (Empathy Heals) by understanding how the natal position triggered fits into your overall horoscope, but that seldom happens, because they seem like they’re out of the blue (we get warned when a planet goes Retro, we don’t typically get warned when a planet enters the Shadow Period), and they often demand a lot of attention.  During the Exposition, when the planet backs over your natal position while Retrograde, you can watch the issue arise again, but this time in slow motion.  You’re no longer caught off guard by it, it’s not as urgent, you don’t feel as much the Victim of your circumstances, and you can try a number of strategies to deal with it.  Then in the Confidence-Building stage, you know you can handle it, and it’s almost exciting to do so, because you appreciate your new-found skills.

If all goes well, by the end of the Shadow Period, you’ve brought a significant portion of your natal skillset (horoscope) into Consciousness, learned how to apply it creatively and constructively, and grown considerably in Self and Confidence.  In the Canopener, we react, we do what we’ve always done, whether it works or not – Einstein’s definition of insanity.  In the Exposition, we learn, by trial and success (and “error” of course), new skills.  Many are trained to encounter a Retrogradation with some trepidation, but it’s the other way around.  We should be trepidatious about the Canopener, and excited about the Retrogradation!  It’s a workshop for learning skills that meet a current-moment need.

So here we have Neptune Retrograding in the early degrees of Pisces.  This is the Pisces Dwad (a Dwad is a 2-1/2 degree chunk, or one twelfth, of a sign) of Pisces – Pisces Squared, in other words.  What better place for Neptune to be at the End of the World as We Know It!  Pisces is the last sign; it’s seen it all, for better or worse.  There are lingering traumas to release, there are reunions to attend (physically or figuratively), new roads to explore, there are Joys to open up to.  Emotions come through one pipe; if you’ve half-closed a valve to tone down some unpleasantness, you’ve also half-closed your opportunities for Excitement and Ecstasy.  We find our Mission by following our Bliss – closing down to our Joy leaves us wandering in the wilderness.

We can’t recommend Tapping enough, but there are myriads of other ways to let go of old traumas, not the least of which is remembering that each time we re-experience an unpleasantry, it’s an opportunity to let go of it.  An Oh shit, here we go again! reaction cements your aversion more deeply.  A Yahoo, this krap is up for release! response, even ifya gotta fake it tillya make it, opens the pipe.  Remember the keyword Release; you don’t want to re-lease your trauma – renew your lease, you want to bless it and let it go.  Each of the traumas on your path was there to protect you.  We close down on purpose, to limit our vulnerability while we endure situations where we would be overwhelmed.  When we’re ready to find Gratitude for the trauma’s protective process, and open the valve again, it’s a cause for great celebration!

Neptune II to follow – it’s basically about how these astroevents are actually all Initiations into the Mysteries of the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

A White Opal.  Just Who is that, looking back at us through this foggy Neptune mirror?  Opal is Quartz, with miniscules of Water trapped inside the Crystal structure.  It’s the Water that refracts the light and produces the “Fire” in an Opal.  Opal can bring repressed Emotion up out of the deeps.  Neptune is about seeing through a glass darkly, about recognizing Other as part of Us.

More Eclipse II

May 25, 2012

I see in my own life, and in people all around me, that whatever is unhealed is coming up to be healed.  You can always interpret Life that way, but it seems more pronounced now than usual, even if only because the arrival of 2012 has brought us more into Awareness that Life As We Know It must change, simply because it’s unsustainable – if for no other reason.  Remember that Sustainability Coming into Awareness (Ceres Rising all ’round the globe), Deep Deep Release (Neptune on the Dragon’s Tail, or Moon’s South Node), and Ultimate Cleansing (Chiron Conjunct Pluto) were among the most prominent features of the 1/1/2000 horoscope of the 21st Century – along with the Polarization (Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Cross) that continues to drive an apparently unhealable wedge between the folks who understand that We’re All in This Together or The Baggage is Ours, and the folks who still believe it’s Us-Against-Them or The Baggage is Theirs.

I mean, we could go on for days just about the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction; Pluto as mandatory trance-re-formation, and Chiron as the ladder that takes us from the-reality-that-defined-the-problem to the-paradigm-that-contains-the-solution, or more properly, the-paradigm-where-the-problem-never-existed.  Chiron as the bridge from Despair to Miracle, in other words.  Chiron is the unhealable healer, yet it is Empathy that heals – when we turn around and look in the mirror to Empathize with our own trauma, healing Miracles occur.  Recognize on the Emotional level, without holding back, that the World Out There is nothing but a mirror for our own Deepest Healing.  Your image of yourself as a material Being is a trance programmed into you by the Lizards.  You are an Atom of Consciousness, and the World is your hologram.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are asked to finally Release our attachment to the Age of Pisces.  In Western European mythology, the Age of Pisces was initiated by the end of the Old-Testament Us-Against-Them paradigm, and the beginning of the New-Testament The-Baggage-Is-Ours paradigm.  The contest between those two sides of the coin is done now, and the time has come to move to Consciousness of the Coin.  Remember that it’s Uranus that rules Aquarius, and while the traditional interpretation of Aquarius includes a large dose of Community, Uranus reminds us that it’s about the Individual in Community – Uranus is about the Individual Soul, not the collective.  Remember too that a Grand Cross is in Balance.  That says that the Polarization will produce no winners; the Coin is that this is not about one or the other, this is about the Creative Tension between.  Meditate on the Tension, embrace and release Expectations, Change the Subject, Rinse and Repeat.

The Japanese are very aware of the connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The American Empire, which in many ways was born out of WWII, hasn’t shown any Awareness of the connection.  We’re in early days of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle, and WWII ended at the initiation of the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  That’s one prominent astrological connection between Fukushima and Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  The Empire is about to unleash the same unaccountable Frenzy of Violence on Iran that it did recently on Iraq – and in the name of preventing nuclear proliferation — unbelievable hubris, doublethink, and blasphemy!  And we have to own that this Baggage is Ours!  Of course the fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have followed the same path as the fallout from Fukushima – that is, the Eclipse path.  So yes, leilanai, the mirror is there for us to look into, and I think we avert our gaze at our own peril.

With Neptune Stationary at the impending Lunar Eclipse, and Jupiter Squaring Neptune to embellish the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Saturn Station, we need to write about what Neptune’s up to.

More Eclipse

May 25, 2012

leilanae writes,

Would be interested in your comments!
Tried to post this as a graphic but it would not go in the little comment box.  Eclipse path:

Simulated atmospheric dispersion from Fukushima:

Scroll down to the 3rd graphic, note in the first few seconds, as the simulation first touches the West Coast. Take a screen shot, to stop the motion and then compare the two.

Thanks, leilanae.

It’s hard to grasp just how distorted the maps we’re used to looking at are.  The Equator is 25,000 miles long, and the North Pole is a point of zero length.  So when we see a map of the North Pacific where the Pole is as wide as the Equator, the distortion is phenomenal.  Globes aren’t as common as they once were, but if your local library has one, take a string and draw it from Fukushima to the Oregon-California border.  It’s virtually a straight line, which explains the apparent “curve” of the Eclipse path.  That’s pretty much the path a plane would follow flying from Tokyo to Houston.

I think if you plotted the tsunami as it crossed the Pacific, you’d find that it also encountered the North American Coast most strongly at about the same point on the Oregon-California border – more or less Crescent City, California.  You can see the straight line fairly well on this polar projection…

On that map you also see a snapshot of the Jet Stream, of the high-level winds that blow from west to east around the globe in the northern latitudes.  It’s this Jet Stream, with its eddies and twirls, that the Fukushima exudate was carried upon.  Without reaching back to Geography 201 for the details, I can tell you that the Jet Stream is caused by the rotation of the Earth (1,000 miles per hour at the Equator, slowing to one full standing pirouette per day at the North Pole) in combination with differential solar heating (great at the Equator and faint at the Poles).

So the correspondence of the Fukushima expulsions and the Eclipse, as well as the tsunami, follows in the more-or-less straight line that is the direct consequence of the fact that they all went through Japan.  Eclipses travel west to east because that’s the way the Sun travels – it’s the Earth that travels from east to west, much faster than the Sun (relative to us), making it appear to us that the Sun moves from east to west.  Winds blow from west to east because that’s what they’re wont to do on these latitudes.  Closer to the Equator, they blow from east to west.  Had it been Diablo Canyon that blew up rather than Fukushima, the radioactive dust would probably have blown to New Guinea.

So I’m not surprised that the two trajectories are similar.  Once the Eclipse passed through Japan, the rest was pretty much straight geometry.  But why did the Eclipse pass through Japan?  That is a fairly strong coincidence – all of Japan is only 1/3400 of the Earth’s surface, and Fukushima would have been very close to the line of maximum Eclipse, which itself would have covered about the same proportion of the Planet.  If we suppose that an Eclipse should predict such an event as Fukushima – to maintain the image of an Eclipse as evoking Fear – then we’d want the Eclipse to come first.

If time ran only forward.  Linear Time and it’s one-directionality is a Trance we all agree on so we can pretend that there’s order in the Universe.  But I don’t believe that Linear Time is objective or independent of the Observer – Us.  But that doesn’t provide any additional useful information about our coincidence of Earthquake and Eclipse, unless both are pointing toward a larger event in the “past” or “future.”  We have a great Fear of radioactivity, possibly because it’s invisible and can cause a long and painful death, as well as serious damage to our future family – if the assumptions of evolution are correct, we’re supposed to have a deep drive to project our “genes” into the future.  Over the course of history, dam collapses have killed and injured far more people than nuclear accidents, but we still fear radioactivity far more than dams.

The Occultations of Pluto are occurring south of the Equator, though near the same longitude as Japan.  Perhaps, as with traditional astrology, longitude is enough.  What’s the strongest feature of the Fukushima chart?  It heralded the entrance of Uranus into Aries.  What’s Uranus up to now?  It’s a little over a degree and a half shy of its Square to Pluto.  So, I dunno.  The coincidence is intriguing, but I’m not familiar enough with Japanese history to take it further than that.  It would be intriguing to see if there is an astrological connection to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Best Eclipse Picture

May 24, 2012

Photo by Greg Lizanich.  There’s another good one at

if you scroll down a coupla screenfuls (skip the first story for now).  Both of these pictures point out a piece of critically important information – we aren’t talking about The Stars, we’re talking about Us.  “The Stars” are just a language for reading about Us, and a method of interpreting Us.  And another important piece that’s even more critical – The Stars ‘R’ Us.  It’s that old Identity thing – as Above so Below, as Without so Within, etc.  The Stars Am I might be an inconvenient Identity for Shopping, but it’s a great Identity for, say, PIAVAing* your future.

The lead spaceweather story is about Dragon, which is quite curious, since a Solar Eclipse is often considered to be Dragon Eating the Sun.  There’s a good picture of this Dragon chasing the International Space Station (presumably not to eat it) at

Dragon in this context is Elon Musk’s (think PayPal, Tesla) private-enterprise SpaceX space-shuttle replacement.  Dragon in the astrological sense is the Moon’s Nodes, or the places where the Moon rises above (North) or falls below (South) the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  If the Moon isn’t near that Dragon, there wouldn’t be no Eclipse.  And of course Dragon in the Us sense is what Jung postulated as our Unconscious drive to Wholeness.

Now Taurus Freud interpreted our basic Unconscious drive differently than Leo Freud, or even Aries Reich or Aquarius Adler.  It’s still not obvious to me whether folks without a strong Leo component (or strong Dragon component) in their chart are driven to Wholeness, but it is obvious to me that many of us are.  And everyone certainly seems to be a drive toward Identity transcendence or transformation, however they’d name their desired destination.

* PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm; these are some of the ways we attempt to consciously manifest what we want, followed by Changing the Subject or putting your Conscious Attention elsewhere.  Of course what we’re always implicitly PIAVAing is to become conscious of the contents of the Unconscious, so we can Cancel, Neutralize, and Upgrade those portions that are manifesting what we don’t want.  But PIAVAing what we want, and of course always adding “lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely, ” is how we go about that.

Confusion Alla Time

May 21, 2012

Firesurvivors says…

I am confused all the time and have been told that I have great intuition, however I still cannot make sense of life most times.

You could be talking about Nirvana or Hell, firesurvivors, depending on whether Confusion brings you anxiety, or perpetual Curiosity.

June and July II

May 21, 2012

You aint the only one, Alice!  I cleverly copied the old version of the timetable into “June and July” rather than the corrected one.  No Confusion here, eh?  So I’ve corrected “June and July,” below.

June and July

May 21, 2012

I’m grateful to Elizabeth for pointing out that in my list the other day I omitted Jupiter’s Square to Neptune that occurs literally two minutes before the Saturn Station on June 25.  That’ll add significant color to the Uranus-Pluto Square that occurs the day before.  We’ll have to write about that.

Also, I didn’t include in the list the Direct Station of Venus on June 27.  That’ll be worth another essay in itself.  Here’s the full (post solar eclipse) list again…

June 4 – Partial Eclipse of the Moon and Retrograde Station of Neptune.**  Of course an Eclipse of the Moon would reveal (Eclipse) Emotions (Moon) that may hide Karmic material.**  With Mercury Outabounds, our openness to Awareness (or our Defensiveness against it!) will be amplified.  Venus also Squares Mars, which is big considering how lit up they both are.**

June 5 – Venus Walks Across the Face of the Sun,** while the Moon again Occults Pluto.  And Mercury remains Outabounds.

June 12 – Chiron Stationary Retrograde.

June 17 – the Moon Occults Jupiter.

June 24 – (finally – what a build-up!) Uranus Squares Pluto.**

June 25 – Saturn Stationary Direct, with Jupiter Squaring Neptune literally two minutes (of time) prior!**

June 27 – Venus turns Direct.**

July 3 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

July 13-14 – Uranus and Mercury both turn Retrograde while the Moon Occults Jupiter.**

July 20 – The Moon Occults Mercury.

July 30 – The Moon Occults Pluto again.

The ** double stars indicate astroevents that merit their own essays.