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Babeldom 3

May 30, 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s the possibility of a “Meteor Storm” tonight. Possibility because prediction is very iffy for this particular Comet Debris Field (which is what creates Meteorites), and there may be nothing. And “Meteor Storm” means more than 1000 Shooting Stars per hour, or an average of 17 per minute. People who saw the last Storm from this Debris Field in 1996 said they had to hold on to something because they felt like they might fly off as Earth appeared to be crashing through Space at Warp Speed – as if it’s not!

So it’s worth a peek outside in the neighborhood of 10pm-1am PDT 30-31 May 2022. That’ll be mostly in the Americas and the Pacific for darkness – I doubt many will be visible in daylight unless they get Really Scary Intense! At 10pm PDT (6 am BST) it will still be dark in Portugal and Africa west of a line drawn from Tangier Morocco to Port Elizabeth South Africa. By 1am PDT (6 pm AEST and midnight in Anchorage) it will be dark in the eastern half of Australia and on the southern coast of Alaska. Where I live it’s forecast to be 43% cloud cover.

Asteroids Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and Veritas (Truth of the Mind) are now thirteen Degrees apart, so the Babelian Energies won’t he as Strong as they were in late April (see the Several Months of Babeldom and Babeldom 2 posts), but they’re still in Gemini (Mental Gymnastics), so the original thesis still stands. Natalie Glasson has recently tuned into this Energy…


How to Understand Your Truth by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson, Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, we are the Arcturians. We come forth as a collective and consciousness to bring into your reality a greater connection and understanding of your own personal truth. Many of you seek your truth, many of you wish to embody and express your truth, and many of you wish to discover the truth of the Creator. A truth that will bring forth enlightenment, gifts, skills and abilities. 

The entire Universe of the Creator is filled with the truth of the Creator. There are numerous levels and dimensions of truth. Truth can appear in one form or as one reality and it can appear in another form or completely diverse and different reality. In the same way that the Creator is always evolving, transforming, and in motion, truth appears and acts in the same way. Therefore, we can recognise the truth is not necessarily something that is stagnant or remains the same. It is an energy, a source that is constantly in motion, constantly transforming, shifting and changing. The Universe of the Creator is like a library of all the different forms, realities, understandings, thoughts, and opinions of truth, all of these are accepted as the Creator, as an expression, a presence or an embodiment of the Creator. 

Truth is something that an individual can access. It is something that they might shield from others and even themselves. It is something that they can reveal, can manifest from and weave into realities. Within your being there are numerous forms and dimensions of truth. Your personality holds a dimension of truth, your heart chakra holds a dimension of truth, your soul holds a dimension of truth, even your physical body holds a dimension of truth. Each has a personal truth that is unique and individual, these truths create a whole, they create your whole being. It may seem that if all aspects of your being are holding different forms or dimensions of truth you may wonder how you can be whole and complete? How can you merge and become one or aligned? 

The next question is, do they need to be one? Is it appropriate to have different truths within your being? In many ways it is, because the role of the physical body is very different to the role of the crown chakra. The role of the emotions or emotional body is very different to the earth star chakra, below your feet. We can upgrade the truth that your being aligns with, however, there is a need to recognise and accept the truth that you are embodying in this moment. For example, the physical body might be embodying the truth of vitality and health or pain and sickness, maybe irritation or anger. We might not recognise these as truth, and this invites us to contemplate when we use the word and the label truth what are we referring to? What is our meaning? What is the purpose of this word? 

For us, the Arcturians, the word truth means something that is personal, often a wisdom or a consciousness, or even information, which could manifest as keys or codes or even light language. It is information that is personal to that expression of the Creator. You are an expression of the Creator. We are an expression of the Creator. We are bringing forth our truth to you now. We are bringing forth information, a vibration and frequency, you might say an energy that is personal to us, that is aligned to us and yet, we also feel may assist and inspire you. We are recognising our truth in this moment and we invite you to recognise your own truth as you are present with us, 

What are you feeling? 

What are you thinking? 

What do you embody? 

Whether you perceive that you have a negative outlook, a positive outlook, or something else, you are standing in your truth at this moment. This is the truth that you are bringing to our presence, and all that we are sharing with you now. This is our truth that we are bringing to your presence. We are stating that we all stand in our truth in every moment of our reality. 

This leads us to expectations and desires of truth. We can imagine truth as a treasure of enlightenment, as a state of complete knowingness, an understanding of all that is the Creator. This treasure for some seems out of reach, for others it is very alluring, and yet it is within your being, it is within every being, it is present, and it is ready to be of service. We can recognise what we might call this, ultimate truth. It is something we can access, when we focus upon it or align with it within the being. This leads us to an understanding that even the truth, that is the ultimate truth, is constantly in motion, constantly changing, never remaining the same, and leaves glimpses of understanding. Therefore, even your ultimate truth, your divine truth is unique to you. 

You may feel it aligns or is similar to the truth of other people, their words, their inspiration may inspire you, connecting you on a deeper level with your own ultimate truth. Your truth is unique to you and it is like a pair of glasses that you wear to view yourself, view others, and the reality that you create. 

You may feel a question rising within your being. 

If the truth is personal to the individual, and if it is constantly moving, constantly shifting. and transforming, how can any being truly grasp the truth? How can any being embody and understand with the mental mind their own truth, the ultimate truth, the divine truth? All the different and diverse forms of the truth. Maybe our explanation might make you feel adrift or lost, as you wish to ground the truth, understand it and hold it within your mind. What we invite you to understand and acknowledge is that there is a need to act without attachment. In many ways to be detached from the truth. To let it come, let it inspire, let it influence, allow yourself to embody, and to experience, then to know that you are evolving through this embodiment. 

You can accept new levels, dimensions and forms of truth. Let us explain this further in a very physical way. Maybe years ago, you came to an understanding, maybe you had some enlightenment, a realisation and it was so profound and deep, you have carried it with you for such a long time, you live your life by it and this is appropriate and has been necessary for your own spiritual evolution. However, at this moment, we the Arcturians invite you to contemplate this realisation. 

However, does it serve you now? 

Is it appropriate for you to carry it with you? 

Is there a need for a new understanding, a new perspective that will serve you greater? 

We hope that it is through this process that you can begin to live with greater ease in regards to your own truth and have a greater flow when connecting with, experiencing and understanding your own truth. We will leave you to contemplate. No doubt our sharing has created more questions. Let them rest within your being and the answers will come. 

Our love is with you always, 

The Arcturians. 

I’ve been thinking that I use Aletheia for Truth of the Heart (Truth that is not Debatable, though it evolves as we reinterpret our Values based on new Experience), and Veritas for Truth of the Mind (Truth that is very Debatable, but which tends to attach itself to Dogmas), but we don’t routinely use an asteroid to stand in for Truth of the Gut, which is important since this is where many of our Intuitions arise. The asteroid that immediately suggested itself, is asteroid Truth. It’s named after Sojourner Truth, whom Smithsonian Magazine has named one of the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time. We can think of the Truth of the Gut as Truth that is too easily Ignored, till we retrain ourself to give it Precedence over the Truth of the Mind.

Back in Making and Breaking Karma III, we introduced a 6 June event that’s likely to make things even more Convoluted and Intense than our ongoing Karmic Immersion Energy already is. Asteroid Truth (minor planet #249521) turns out to be involved in the 6 June event too! We’ll talk more about that soon.

Making and Breaking Karma IV

May 27, 2022

In the previous post, we summarized the Karmic Clearing that we Expect to continue for the next several weeks, and added that “Between 9pm PDT 5 June 2022 and 9pm PDT 6 June, our Soul intervenes to Modify our Fate and our Boundaries. 1 As we’ve averred, our Fate is Converted to Choice once we Recognize what our Karma seems to be, Learn to Notice when it appears to start to Recur – or when we start to Expect it to Recur – and Choose to Act and Respond Differently than we Habitually would. The process is iterative, it can take trial-and-success and perseverance, but that’s the basic road forward. Here’s another view of the procress…

As the Soul Intervenes to shift our Boundaries with Fate, three Challenges or Hassles are likely to arise.

Everyone is Unique, so everyone will Experience this Differently. But there will be Common elements is everyone’s Experience, so don’t keep your own Experience to yourself – Share it with others. Open the subject with general terms. That’ll give your Correspondent the Opportunity to Recognize your Shared Humanity and Respond. Then as you Share, you can Compare the Differences between your Adventure and theirs. The overriding Goal is to bring the process, whether you’re Catastrophizing or not, up into Consciousness where you can catalog it for Future Reference. To Recognize that the process is common among Hupers.

Our Tendency will be to Take it Personally, assume it’s our own Weird, and try to sweep it under the lawn so Others won’t Condemn us for it. But Miracles happen when we Share. Even if we do get Rejected, we can Practice Realizing that Rejection is something that’s done to us, something we’re Victim of, that it’s Abusive on the part of the Judge. Judgment is a common trait among Hupers.2 If you’re reading this, you probably lean more toward Sensitivity and Empathy, though we all Judge to some extent. To Honor yourself, you want to Learn to Avoid Personalizing the Judgment of Others, to Recognize that it’s their Limitation, it has nothing to do with you.3

Honoring ourself becomes even more important in the second Hassle, which is a direct Challenge to the Fundamental Basis of our Self-Love. The Curriculum attests that Love is the Fundamental Sacred Energy in the Universe. Love was already here before Hupers and Critters Arrived. It’s not something we Do, it’s something we Attune To, something we Learn to Appreciate in spite of the Venality of our Cultural Institutions and their Impact on our Past and Present Life. In order to Allow this Sacred Energy to Flow, you need to Begin and End with Unconditional Self-Love.

This Challenge could Confront us with our Abuse Energies, as both Victim and Perp. Our Goal is to Expand our Consciousness to Recognize that Abuse and Privilege are Endemic to Life. Privilege is the obverse of Abuse. We want to Trust that our Experiences of both Abuse and Privilege (everyone abides both to some degree) are something we Learned in the Earth Simulator in the Light Worker Lounge, when we volunteered to take a Lifetime helping Hupers Heal their Abusive Relationship to their Planet and its myriad of Other Denizens.4

Stephen Levine told the Story5 of a week-long Silent Meditation he once attended, in which he Re-Experienced the Death Camps. He was Advanced enough as a Meditator to Embrace the Victim Experience and admitted a tinge of Pride that he could remain Emotionally Detached from it. After a break he returned to Meditation and another Scenario, and Asking himself what he was wearing on his feet, he looked down to find Nazi jackboots. Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, and the Southern Baptist Conference have already made prominent headlines in the last few days, not to mention the whole Abortion fiasco and Alito’s perverse obsession with Witches.

The third Challenge is to our Soul’s Fate-and-Boundaries Lesson Plan itself.6 Few subjects better fit Fate and Boundaries, and the Babelian Impact on Discourse among Hupers, than Coronavirus, which has seen growing prominence in the Minia lately. We could see people Overdosing on social interaction, or Overdosing on Denial, and putting themselves in position to become active spreaders. We could even see the prominent-of-late Windstorms contributing. For those who are actually working their Karma into Consciousness, they may come to understand how their Relationship with the Virus, and their Relationship with their Fantasies about it, came about, and how to Choose Alternatives.

  • 1 Triple Conjunction of asteroids Moira (Fate) and Pallas (Boundaries) with Uranus (Soul ), all in 17 Taurus.
  • 2 David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types.
  • 3 In the Uranus-Moira-Pallas chart, Chiron (Despair and Miracles) in Aries Opposes asteroid Narcissus (Self-Obsession) in Libra.
  • 4 Asteroid Sappho (Self-Love), Sun (Essence), and dwarf planet Altjira (Life Force in Abstract ) in Gemini are T-Squared by dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) Opposite dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking) and asteroid Eurydike (Trust ).
  • 5 In a workshop.
  • 6 Uranus-Moira-Pallas T-Squared by asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus) Opposite asteroids Lachesis (Karma we can Let Go by Choice) and Icarus (Overdose) Out of Bounds.

On the GoodNews front, Bob (in Australia) has pointed out the importance with regard to Climate Change et al of the recent Political Transformation in Australia…

And how their Honest Government Ad Campaign…

And Change to Preferential Voting…

Facilitated the shift. Do watch these last two videos – I guarantee they’ll make your day!

Making and Breaking Karma III

May 25, 2022

It’s busy, so let’s review…

  • Till 26 May 2022, we’re Invited to become Aware of our Karma and begin the process of Letting It Go (see MBK and MBK II for details).1
  • On 30 May at 5:45 am PDT the Moon goes Out of Bounds2 till 1:29 am 4 June.3 While the Moon is OOB Hupers are very likely to Get Lost in their Thoughts about their Emotions, and often Panic.
  • Till 31 May, we’re Graced with Intrusive Memories that we can use to trap our otherwise-Elusive Karmic Patterns.4
  • For about two weeks after 30 May, the New Moon will Connect the Karma Energy and the Intrusive Memories Energy and Carry them Forward.5

And add this… Between 9pm PDT 5 June and 9pm PDT 6 June, our Soul intervenes to Modify our Fate and our Boundaries, Initiating three new 3½- to 5-year Cycles that will shift the Boundaries between our Soul and our Ego, largely by Modifying our Fate.6 Our Karma and our Fate are the same thing, so this is more of the same, only now our Soul is stepping in to Assist, helping us pull down the Phony Boundaries that we’ve used to Wall Off our True Self from the World, so we can Breathe! 7 This Soul Energy is part of Soul Descending into Physicality (Taurus), AKA Ascension. There will be Challenges, which we’ll Detail soon, but Guidance and Outcomes seem to be Good.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Orcus Stationary in 13 Virgo, peaking 3:45 pm PDT 26 May.
  • 2 Moon OOB North at 10 Gemini (same Degree as the New Moon) 5:45 am PDT (1:45 pm BST in London, 10:45 pm AEST in Sydney), all 30 May.
  • 3 Moon back In Bounds at 7 Leo 1:29 am PDT (9:29 am BST at Heathrow, 6:29 pm AEST in Melbourne), all 4 June.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Gonggong Stationary in 6 Pisces, peaking 11:37 pm PDT 31 May.
  • 5 New Moon in 10 Gemini 4:30 am PDT 30 May, in 10 Gemini. The New Moon T-Squares the Orcus-Gonggong Opposition.
  • 6 Triple Conjunction of asteroids Moira (Fate) and Pallas (Boundaries) with Uranus (Soul), all in 17 Taurus. Kudos to our Chief Asteroid Officer for noticing. 9pm PDT 5 June is 5am 6 June BST and 2pm 6 June AEST, so the Time Frame of the actual Conjunctions is 5am 6 June to 5am 7 June in England, and 2pm 6 June to 2pm 7 June in Eastern Australia. Like Aletheia and Veritas, Moira and Pallas have Orbit lengths so close that they take turns chasing one another ’round the Zodiac. The Moira-Uranus and Pallas-Uranus Cycles reboot May 2027, in 6-7 Gemini. Moira and Pallas next Conjoin January 2026, in 26 Aquarius.
  • 7 The 17 Taurus Chandra Symbol is about “A Pomegranate broken open,” about the Sudden Failure of our Repressive Self-Control, our Masks falling off and the Secret Shame we’ve kept in our Guts Spilling Out everywhere (though everybody knew already – it’s easier to Fool ourself than it is to Fool Other). Sloppy, Ragged, but we Discover how Wonderful it is to Live Openly! (Lonsdale, Star Destiny, p.81).

Making and Breaking Karma II

May 25, 2022

Well, it looks like the 30 May 2022 New Moon will extend our 26 May Breaking-Karmic-Oaths Energy1 (see the first Making and Breaking Karma post) into June. We’re also dealing with Intrusive Memory Energy till at least 31 May.2 We might guess that Karma and Intrusive Memories go together like John and Marsha, but it’s actually sort of the other way around – if we actually Remembered our Karma itself, we’d know it isn’t Present Moment, and we could start to bring it into Consciousness. Once our Karma is Conscious, we can Choose a Different Outcome.

In this instance, astrogically speaking, our Intrusive Memories and our Karmic Oaths are Arguing with each other, and they’re likely to continue for another three weeks.3 As long as we’re Aware this is going on and don’t take sides, like I’m sure we’re all doing with the Arguments between Johnny and Amber, this is a positive development, because if we’re Paying Attention, it will Reveal many Details we’d have otherwise missed, and should be a great Help in bringing our Karmic Issues up into Consciousness.

What the devil is an Argument between an Intrusive Memory and a Karmic Oath likely to look or sound like? Well, like the Devil on one shoulder and the Angel on the other which Dominate our Self-Talk, one might be trying to make you Feel Guilty about something, while the other Defends you, alleging that you Had No Choice! I hope you’re Lucky enough to have an Angel on one shoulder to Argue with that Devil, and an Assertive Angel at that. If not, you want to start PIAVAing one ASAP. You might have a Dream about your superior officer demanding that you Kill someone, then getting Blamed for it. Just the News? Not if it Triggers your Dreaming about it. Our Karmic History Stutters.

You might find yourself getting Ego-Attached or Emotionally Involved with some character on TV or in a Story you’re reading, or just someone you passed on the sidewalk downtown. There may not have been any Drama going on, you may have just picked one up Psychically. Till at least mid-June,4 you’re Sherlock Holmes, and everything you See or Hear or Feel or Think or Dream or Imagine is a Clue. Have I Seen/Heard/Felt/etc This Before? Can I Make Up a Story about it? Can I Give Myself Permission to Break All the Rules, and Let My Imagination be Creative? What was I, and what were They, Wearing? What were we Wearing on our Feet? Where were we? Was I Rich, or Poor? Scared, or Angry?

It’s All or something like that. Certainty is a terrible Conclusion, but a Wonderful Tool. Ask yourself, What If I Did Know? and Trust the first Answer you get. Then check to see if you Rejected any Answers before you got that one. If you did, that’s probably the right one. Or Both. You don’t need to write down your Story, though it might help Trigger your Imagination. What you do want to write down, is a quick note about the Plot. That’ll be your tentative Guess about the Karma that you want to bring up into Consciousness. Is this Story Familiar? What Role do I play in the Drama? Anything similar in my Childhood? The Programming we got in our Childhood is usually an excellent Proxy for our Karma.

It’ll probably help a lot to Act the Story Out, in front of a Mirror, or with an Ally. If you haven’t Manifested a Drama in your day-to-day Life, Act Out something Significant from your Childhood. If you’ve never told anyone about that, All the Better. You don’t have to tell your Acting mate that the Story is really Yours, you can say you Imagined it when you Passed somebody on the Street. Once you get a Story that Resonates in some Vague Way with You on a Deep Level, Change the Ending. Write down a short summary of the basic Plot, then list all the Alternative Endings you can Think of.

He was taking off his belt when you kicked him in the Balls and flagged down a Police Car. You had a pair of sharp Scissors in your hand. You shot your superior officer instead. The day before your Trial, they declared an Amnesty. They got Struck by Lightning just as they were about to. You Bribed them. A Knight on a White Horse rode up. They Realized that you were their Father. You Gouged out their Eyes and Ran. It was all a Dream. You remembered Seeing it on the Earth Simulator in the LWL. You spontaneously started Channeling their Mother, and they Freaked Out. As many as you can Think of.

Once we bring Karma up into Consciousness (it’s always Tentative), we can Choose an Alternative Outcome. Like a Muscle, every time you do a Rep it gets Stronger. Every time you do something else it get Weaker. It doesn’t matter what the something else is, just that it’s Different. Once you get good at Noticing the deja vu all over again, then you can start Thinking up New things that’ll further your Goals rather than Sabotage them. For now you’re just Practicing the Noticing and Doing Anything Different, to get that Habit started.

Karma is always Multidimensional, so it’s not like there are Clear Goals to be Supported or Sabotaged. Your Anything Different could be coming from your Intuition, and be much more Appropriate substitutions than your Thoughts could produce. As Life goes on you’ll find new Arenas where that Karma comes into play, where even more Different Alternatives might be needed. Your original Story was about work situations, but then you Realize that it Impacts your Intimate Relationships too.

You can also pick a Story from your Catalog of things you’d like to Change about yourself, and follow the same Story-and-Alternative-Endings strategy. This could set you up to Experience a number of Opportunities for that Karma to Emerge, however. Might be less Fun, but it’ll sure as heck be more Educational and Evolutionary. Someone I know used to say Don’t Get Even, Get Odd – just start Acting Strange, as if you’re in another Universe, say and do whatever pops into your Mind, whether Relevant or not. If anyone demands an Explanation, get even Weirder. Talk about Alternative Outcomes!

In addition to the 30 May New Moon Stretching out this Karmic Immersion Therapy, we have another event coming up 6 June that’s likely to make things even more Convoluted and Intense. We’ll talk about that soon.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Orcus Stationary 3:45 pm PDT 26 May in 13 Virgo.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Gonggong Stationary 11:37 pm PDT 31 May in 6 Pisces. That’s 7:37 am BST 1 June in London, and 4:37 pm AEST 1 June in Eastern Australia.
  • 3 Stationary Orcus Opposing Stationary Gonggong T-Squared by the New Moon at 4:30 am PDT 30 May (12:30 pm BST in London, 9:30 pm AEST in Brisbane, both 30 May) in 10 Gemini. This T-Square is the major Hassle in the New Moon chart, which chart we Expect to have a fairly strong Impact over the following 2 weeks, extending the Karmic-Oaths Energy even further.
  • Chandra Symbol for 10 Gemini: “Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.
  • Once again, the reading in Lonsdale’s book is quite different. It’s as if Lonsdale (or someone else; it’s not clear from the website) wrote these summaries for general consumption – they sound a lot like the old Aspect books that cataloged Angles out of context. The book sounds more like he wrote the full-page readings with Ascension in mind. I do recommend you look up a copy of the book (Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny).
  • 4 The Full Moon.

Babeldom 2

May 22, 2022

It helps a lot to understand the twelve astrological Signs if you have some good Stories about how they fit together.

For instance, one Metaphor is that each Sign is a Reaction to the previous one. Hupers love to stretch a good thing till they get sick of it, and this aspect of the Signs facilitates that. That Metaphor works like this, or something like that

  • Aries symbolizes a New, completely Intuitive project. By and large, Aries has no idea what they’re doing till much later.
  • Taurus, having tired of having no answer for Why are you doing that? (when I was in my pesky Twos, my father would answer that with Just for a minute! – very frustrating), tries to nail everything down.
  • Gemini, having run out of nails, rushes off in the opposite direction, making everything Tentative (though Gemini may not realize it’s Tentative in each moment).
  • Cancer, fearing flibbertigibbetude, has Compassion for the “victims” of Gemini’s Indecision.
  • Leo is tired of taking care of everybody else, so starts taking care of itself.
  • Virgo is alarmed at how self-centered they suddenly appear to be, and backs off.
  • Libra, Confused about whether Leo or Virgo is right on, Asks around.
  • Scorpio, aghast at what Libra appears to have taught it about Other, gets to the Bottom Line.
  • Sagittarius realizes Scorpio has Heavied everyone else too much, and Lightens Up.
  • Capricorn, alarmed at Sagittarius’s frivolity, gets seriously pragmatic.
  • Aquarius says Enough with the Engineering, where’s the Social Dimension?
  • Pisces, Feeling lost among the Aquarian masses, seeks to re-find Itself.

But the Metaphor I often use is about what’s being Built by each Sign as each contributes to a larger Construction. It goes more like this, or something like it

  • Aries starts this new Intuitive Project without thinking about the Consequences – just following an Inspiration.
  • Taurus grounds the Project into Hardcopy Reality, and checks to see if it Flies or Grows Corn.
  • Gemini Responds to the Imperfections of the Taurean version 1.0 by tossing out a zillion possible improvements.
  • Cancer Evaluates the zillions, and estimates the impact on potential “customers.”
  • Leo Pitches the design features of a Proposed version 2.0.
  • Virgo Critiques the features of version 2.0 and proposes a Pilot.
  • Libra Executes the Pilot and collects feedback.
  • Scorpio starts over from scratch and creates version 3.0, which by now looks little like v1.0.
  • Sagittarius sands off the rough patches and polishes the finish.
  • Capricorn does the Quality Assurance.
  • Aquarius Hypes the Product.
  • Pisces mourns the Loss of the Excitement of the Project now that it’s done, and sweeps up the shop, usually without realizing that it’s preparing for what might come next.

These are rough snapshots, more Mnemonic than Prescriptive.

We symbolized Gemini as Mental Gymnastics in the previous post, more or less following the first Story above. If we look at the Journey though Gemini of the Truth of the Heart and the Truth of the Mind from the perspective of the second Model above, especially if we factor in their recent Taurean Merger, then rather than Babel (not to exclude that probability), we get something more like the following…

If you’re reading this, I imagine that your major overall Project is about getting yourself ready for 5D. I’m hoping that by now you Realize that it’s not about waiting for the “Masses” to get a clue, or for the “Bosses” to get their minds out of their bank accounts, it’s about Recognizing that…

  • It’s up to Me and only Me. 5D already Exists – Can I See It? Can I Feel It? Can I Join It? 1
  • The External World we see is a Mirror for the state of our own Internal Integration.
  • We assist the Growth of the Planet most by finding ways to Improve our own Internal Coherence.
  • We Collaborate better with External Reality when we Collaborate with all of Ourself.

Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy, Soul, Ego – they can Create so much More when they’re Collaborating rather than Fighting with one another. So the Good News we talked about in the purple portion of our first Babeldom post tells us that what we’re seeing now is a Golden Opportunity to Enjoy Collaboration between our Heart and our Mind. If they both Feel Scrambled, it’s because they’re each reaching out to suggest their zillion improvements to our Progress so far.2 They’re in a Brainstorming phase, where everyone tosses out Ideas, without Editing or Criticizing. After we’ve let all the Ideas sink in and slept on them, we can begin to Rank, Choose, Combine, Winnow, and then Employ the best Ideas.

Marilyn Raffaele’s Onenessofall post today puts the Unholy noise into Perspective…

“Remember not to judge by appearances because you who are spiritually evolved came to earth fully aware of and prepared for these present times. It is imperative to continue trusting that what you witness in the outer scene is necessary to the unfolding of the Divine plan. Those observing and judging through three dimensional filters are unable to understand this. 

“It is important to understand that the people of earth, both past and present have created and continue to create a three dimensional collective consciousness that has for eons influenced everyone and everything in the world. As increasingly more individuals awaken and shift into a higher state of consciousness they are creating a new and higher collective consciousness, one that will manifest as a more evolved world. This is how the ascension process works…  

“Every living thing is formed of, is an expression of, and embodies all the qualities of omnipresent Divine Consciousness. Therefore whatever a person holds as truth in their consciousness (which in reality is the one God consciousness individualized) they automatically create because consciousness as interpreted through mind is the substance of form. In reality there are no victims, just an unawareness of truth. It is as if a person has a million dollars in an account that they know nothing about and so they continue living each day in lack and limitation.” 

  • 1 One of the best workbooks I know of for becoming Adept at this process is the second and third chapters of Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap, pp. 37-112.
  • 2 The next Merger of Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) and Veritas (Truth of the Mind ) occurs in 9 Scorpio on 27 November 2024, three weeks after the US election. By the second model above, this would be the Quality Assurance phase of our Project. The chart of that Conjunction suggests that it will be a very Powerful Crisis of Belief. So we’ll be adding Can I Believe It? We’ll be assaulted by Intrusive Beliefs (Gonggong naked-Square Sun), but otherwise, the major Difficulty will be a T-Square (Challenge) to Aletheia-Veritas and Juno (Growth in Consciousness) from the Opposition between Koronis and Kassandra in Aquarius (the Covid-Deniers will be out in Force) and Mars, Cyllarus Out of Bounds, Varuna OOB, and Pandora OOB in Leo. The literal downside of this is that only Hope remains as everybody else is dying, and our Task is to Grow our Consciousness during the process. Wow. Shades of 1575 Venice.
  • Let’s check the Chandra Symbol for 9 Scorpio… A hand with six fingers. Complex nature. Containing within yourself an extra spiral of self-obsession and ultimately superlative capacity. Subjecting yourself to grueling ordeals, rites of passage. Knowing that if you can eliminate your stark weakness, you can grasp hold of your boundless strength. The weakness is that you refuse to believe in yourself, and this is a hard one to uproot. You must, against the grain, find any and every possible way to get around your own adamant self-rejection. The weakness is based upon karmic past experiences in which you failed yourself. Now you assume it will happen again. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. And paradoxically, in order to forge such a deepening of life-will, you must endanger yourself and expose yourself to radical crises, in order to rally to your own side and come into your truth in the midst of cutting through your falsehood; thus reclaiming the primal ground of a form of selfhood that is mutational, wildly improbable, and just could be real after all.” (
  • Once again, the Chandra Symbol is neutral relative to the planets – it describes only the Degree, not its contents. And here we have Koronis (the Omega Variant), Kassandra (a Seer who bore the curse that no one would believe her, thanks to refusing the advances of Apollo), Cyllarus (Respect for Death), and Varuna (the Life Force) dancing with it. Are we becoming Bodies with Souls, or Souls with Bodies?

Several Months of Babeldom

May 21, 2022

I know, in the USofA we could expect that anyway, with an election coming up in November. But the “Stars” are aligning to make it a lot worse. The asteroid that flags the Truth of the Heart or our Values,1 and the one that symbolizes the Truth of the Mind or our Dogmas,2 have been traveling together recently, and now they’re both entering Gemini, the Sign of Mental Gymnastics. So we can Expect to be hearing a lot of Fantasies (Dogmas) from their True Believers (Values). It’s already prominent in some election warm-ups.

It will help that these two asteroids recently Merged in Taurus, the Sign of Material Stability, which should ground the Mental Gymnastics that are due over the next few months.3 One source interprets this Taurean Merger as “To attune to the spiritual light while tuning out the endless fluctuations of the mind we come into a place of stillness within the eye of the storm.” Other interpretations make it sound like we’ve reached the Final Portal into the next stage of our Evolution,4 though I imagine that any Merger of Heart and Mind could Feel that way to us!

If you’re Tempted to Identify with any of the Stories you hear between now and early August, Remember that It’s all Metaphor. The Real Thing is Multifarious and Unitary, while our Organs of Perception have very Limited Dimensionality and Depth, and Unity in 3D is oxymoronic, because we’re so deeply steeped in Separation…

While we almost always Feel Certain about what we Know in our Heart to be True, it too is an Approximation. The Heart is linked directly to our Intuition, which is much more Multidimensional, but still not Absolute. Its Judgments are Situational, and may not apply to other Circumstances. It’s the Judgment that leads us down blind alleys, because it closes so many doors along the way. Eugene Gendlin advised us,5 wisely, to tag “or something like that” to the end of all of our Judgments.

  • 1 Asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) enters Gemini 4:54 pm PDT 23 May 2022, which is 12:54 am BST 24 May in London, and 9:54 am AEST 24 May in Eastern Australia. Aletheia will stay in Gemini till early September. (BST is British Summer Time, not British Standard Time.)
  • 2 Asteroid Veritas (Truth of the Mind) entered Gemini 3:15 am PDT 19 May, which is 11:15 am BST 19 May in London, and 8:15 pm AEST 19 May in Eastern Australia. Veritas will stay in Gemini till early August.
  • 3 Aletheia and Veritas Conjoined in 23 Taurus at 8:57 pm PDT 30 April, which is 4:57 am BST 1 May in London, and 1:57 pm AEST 1 May in Eastern Australia. We aren’t considering that an Initiation of a new Cycle, because the two asteroids travel at speeds that are similar enough that they take turns chasing one another around the Zodiac. Their next Conjunction will be in Scorpio. We could consider it to Initiate a Half-Cycle if we want. It reveals an interesting dynamic, with Heart and Mind Dancing like the Monkey and the Weasel
  • 23 Taurus is “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems” in the Sabian Universe, and in the Chandra Universe, it’s A Newt bursting into flame (paraphrasing Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, p.87). I’m paraphrasing because Lonsdale is so restrictive with his copyrights. The Salamander of course is the Alchemical symbol of the Fire Element, representing Spirit. Lonsdale’s essay on 23 Taurus emphasizes a Felt Urgency to Embody on all levels Energies arising within us, Energies generated by Mother Earth as She Transforms Herself. If you can find a copy of the book, it’s a remarkable essay, speaking as if 30 April-1 May was the final Portal to 5D!
  • 4 John Sandbach,, 23 Taurus. Note that the Degree Symbols, whether Sabian, Chandra, Omega, Pleiadian, Asoth, or otherwise, are neutral with regard to any planet occupying them. So finding this degree while considering the Interplay between Heart and Mind is Stunning.
  • Aha, here is a condensed version that doesn’t appear to be so closely held, though it excludes the emphasis on the Earth’s Passion that the full Lonsdale essay features (…
  • A salamander glowing red-orange. Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reasonáble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.”
  • 5 Focusing and Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.

Making and Breaking Karma

May 20, 2022

Karma begins when we make an Oath, a Vow, a Promise, or even a Decision, follow it rigorously, and then forget that we made it. We develop a Body Memory of following our Decision, and it becomes automatic, like driving a car. If you’re used to a stick shift but driving an automatic, your other foot reaches for the clutch when you come to a stop. If you’re used to an automatic but driving a manual, you kill the engine. Ever happen to you? Then we Die, and in our next Lifetime we already know how to drive. Not quite that simple, but that’s the Essence.

We don’t usually think of driving a car as Karmic, but Karma is just Inertia, just Habits so ingrained that we carry them from Lifetime to Lifetime. By Karma we usually mean Bad Karma, or Self-Sabotage. We don’t usually notice Good Karma, or we Allow our Ego to Own it. Bad Karma developed when there was a serious cost for not following our Decision or Oath. Like Death for instance. If we joined Caesar’s Army, it probably wasn’t that easy to quit. If we have a Moral or Existential reason to keep our Oath, then Transgressions at least make us Feel Guilt, if not worse. The dwarf planet whose Influence is Exaggerated through 26 May is named after an old pre-Roman God whose job it was to Punish Oath-Breakers. He had a pretty nasty disposition.1

In order to Break Free of Bad Karma, we have to Confront this dude. It’s called an Ego Death. Our Ancient Karmic Habits are part of Who We Are, our Identity, how we Define ourself, for good or ill. So to Transgress those old Oaths, that part of our Identity has to Die. When part of our Ego Dies, it feels like We are Dying, but we’re just Molting, and Identifying with our old Shell. Of course anyone is very Vulnerable when Molting. Crabs, for instance, go around naked for a week or so while they harden their new Shell, an unwrapped candybar for a passing Squid. So yes, Ego Death feels a lot like a Death, because it’s actually a good way to get Dead. For instance, we can Feel our Social Capital shrinking when we have to Apologize for some serious faux pas, a Reputational Death.

Consequently, we can be taking things a lot more Seriously than they actually are for the next week. It’ll be an excellent time to remember to Ask ourself…

Is the Strength of my Feelings about what I’m stewing over proportional to what’s really going on, Objectively, or is something causing Exaggeration of my Feelings about it?

That something, if it’s there, is your Karma, an Ancient Pattern in your Body Memory that’s being Triggered by current events, not Caused by them. Knowing this could moderate your Response to this something, so you don’t create more Difficulty for yourself by Overreacting. And more important, you might be able to start to hypothesize about what this Karma is about, so you can bring it up into Consciousness and Let It Go. When we Overreact, we leave the Present Moment, and 5D only happens in the Present Moment.

We’re likely to Feel the major Impacts of this Energy2 on our Self-Esteem.3 And, we’re likely to see Trust Issues arising.4 One consequence of this is that whatever something that’s Exaggerating our Feelings about our Circumstances, may be something we regard as a Core Skill, or Central Value, of ours. We might Ego-Identify with this Karmic Habit fairly strongly. All the Better, since the more Intensely we Identify with a clod of Karma, the more Important it is for us to Loosen Up about it. But of course the worse it will Feel as we Experience the Ego Death.

As we move through this Portal, it will Behoove us to remember that Karma is not Retribution, Karma is Inertia. It can easily feel like Retribution, or look like Retribution to folks whose Karma is around Moralizing. If we were Programmed to Believe in the Santa Claus version of the Final Judgment, then for sure, we’re likely to React to our Karma with Guilt, as if we’ve done something wrong. You can Discern Karma from the Present Moment pretty easily – if you’ve Experienced this Reaction to Circumstances like this before, it’s Karma. You is your Present Moment Ego. If it’s Karma it’s not Present Moment, so there’s no way You had anything to do with it.

We, our Present Moment Ego, though, does have to Accept the Need to Change it, if we Aspire to Grow into anything akin to 5D. The first step toward this is to Absolutely Refuse to accept any Blame. Blame is a Disease, and an Epidemic in our Culture. It’s not Easy to Cure, but we can at least Trust that Accepting Blame is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!5 Any Error you make, you can correct it, and/or make Amends. If you made an Error, you can Own it, but without Accepting Blame. The difference is Subtle. One Metaphor is that Blame looks into the Past to Assign Guilt, while Responsibility looks into the Future to Change Outcomes. In both cases we’re leaving the Present Moment, but at least with Responsibility we’re aiming to Improve future Present Moments, even though that’s an oxymoron.

If you tend to stray into Blame, or have a hard time Accepting that Karma isn’t Retribution, then consider this alternative Metaphor…

Can you Admit to yourself that you are a Light Worker?

This is what Light Workers do. They sit up there in Paradise as Souls in the Light Workers Lounge, and they look down on the Planets to see how they’re Evolving. Holy Crow, Earth Needs Help, don’t it! How can we Help? Well, we Decide to take on another LifeTime. We’ve taken so many that it’s not a Big Deal. So we look to see where the Global Psyche is Messed Up. Aha, Confusion about Boundaries! Aha, Confusion between Self-Love and Narcissism! Aha, Trusting Thoughts About Feelings! Aha, Resistance to Ego Death! Aha, the Patriarchy ugly in its Death throes! Aha, suffocating Inequality! So we Choose a Topic, or maybe the Intersection between several of them. We’re all Multidimensional up here in the LWL, so we can handle that Easy. Then we glide over to the Earth Simulator, turn the dials to set up the Hangups we want to work on, and glide on in.

The Simulator’s exit door leads straight to the Womb of earth parents who will program us further on our chosen Hangups. Then we’re Born, and we get Programmed. Earth is an Amnesia Planet, so our Programming is Complete. We actually Believe that we Are our Programming. But then one day we’re walking down the street, and we pass someone who, if we look real close, isn’t actually on the ground. Their legs are moving as if they’re walking, but they’re really gliding. It’s another Light Worker, an ally from the LWL. We prearranged that one day we’d have a Chance Encounter that would Raise our Vibration. We might Acknowledge one another, or even exchange the time of day, but it’s not necessary. As a Light Worker, your Presence Raises the Vibration for anyone who’s Open to sensing it.

Once that Magic Wand has tapped you on the shoulder, your Life Changes. The Recollection is very dim at first, but you start to remember that you’re a Light Worker, and wonder how that works and what it’s supposed to look like. You start meeting other Light Workers, and sharing what each of you Remembers. Eventually, you meet people who Teach you how to Open the Door out of your Programming. You had to go through that Simulation, because without it you wouldn’t really Know what it is you came here to Heal. Then you start Teaching others how to Open the Door. Not perfectly at first, till you Remember where you parked your Merkaba. But it doesn’t matter, you’re Helping them Raise their Vibration, even if they don’t graduate on the first day of class.

After a LifeTime of Teaching, long or short – you may not even Realize you’re Teaching most of the time – you see that a Tipping Point has been reached, and that the Inertia for your Chosen Topics on this Planet now leans in the direction of 5D, and you get the sense that your Assignment is Complete, and you move on to Light Worker Emeritus, and join your mates in 5D.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Orcus Stationary 3:45 pm PDT 26 May 2022, in 13 Virgo. That’s 11:45 pm BST 26 May in London, and 8:45 am AEST 27 May in Eastern Australia.
  • 2 Other than the Influence of whatever natal planets you may have in or near 13 Degrees of Virgo, and to a lesser extent of Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini.
  • 3 The Orcus Station (Exaggerated Ego Death) Opposes Juno (Growth in Consciousness) in 12 Pisces, and this Opposition is T-Squared by asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) in 13 Gemini.
  • 4 The Orcus Station is Conjoined by (Merged with) asteroid Eurydike (Trust ) in 13 Virgo. You’ll also be likely to be “enjoying” Trust Issues around the Energies of your natal planets in the Degrees we mentioned in note 2 above.
  • 5 This is one case where Either/Or Duality is appropriate!

Orcus has been in Virgo since 2009, and it will be there till 2038. Orcus is about Oath-Breaking and Virgo is about Ego Death. It’s the Transition between Leo (Perfection of the Individual Ego, for good or ill ) and Libra (Meeting Other). Without Virgo, Libra would just be a Dance of Dandy Narcissists! The everyday interpretation of Virgo can be Detail Oriented, perhaps Critical, but that’s what Ego Death is about, finding some way to get Humble about their many Achievements, so they don’t Overwhelm Others in Libra. A good deal of the Intensity of the Portals we’ve been led through since 2009 can be pinned on Orcus in Virgo. With 16 years to go, we need to Resign ourself to Surrender to this level of Constant Change. It’s the Essence of what we’re Learning.

The correspondence with Climate Change et al (Pholus Conjunct Quaoar) is intriguing. The P-Q Conjunctions alone span 2022-2062 – our recent 🦨Pootin’-hosted Can-Opener and 22 Expositions! By 2062 our descendents will be Experts on Climate Change et al, whether they’re still in Huper form, or Evolved into something more suited to living in the high latitudes or underground. We have relatives living underground already (Drunvalo Mehchezidek, Living in the Heart ); perhaps it would be good to tune in to them.

The Virgo Decanate of Virgo (the first ten Degrees) is about Virgo itself, Ego Death itself. Orcus crossed that span between 2009-2019. Can you even remember 2008? Fondly, I hope! What Innocence! The second ten Degrees of Virgo is the Capricorn Decanate, crossed by Orcus during 2019-2038, when the emphasis is on putting Ego Death to work in practical ways to improve our Life, such as becoming Conscious that these Portals are all about Letting Go of Self-Sabotage, not Torture for its own sake, though I’m sure we’re Reliving Torture from many LifeTimes – part of our Overreaction to these Portals! The last ten Degrees of Virgo, the Cancer Decanate, is about the Death of non-Compassionate Egos in all of us, especially those for whom that’s their dominant (or only) Ego. Orcus crosses this span in 2030-2038.

We can hope that the largest proportion of what’s left of Homo exitium sui by then will be civil to one another, or at least that the Split of the Planet into two will be Complete. Signs are also divided into 2½-Degree zones, called Duads (like a triad, but with two). Until 4 June Orcus is putting the finishing touches on the Capricorn Duad of Virgo, which we’ve Endured off and on since late 2018 – making our Ego Deaths Serve Practical Goals in our Life. After 4 June Orcus goes back to the Aquarius Duad, which Orcus enjoyed from October 2020 to February 2021 and September 2021 through April 2022. In the Aquarius Duad, our Ego Deaths Serve Cultural Goals. So we can Expect more Shared Ego Deaths in June, such as perhaps our Ego Identity as an Individual rather than as a member of a Community.

You know about the difference between Buddhist Hell and Buddhist Heaven, right? In Buddhist Hell we sit around a table piled high with a sumptuous Feast, but our elbows are locked and we can’t bend our arms to Feed ourself! In Buddhist Heaven, we Feed one another!

Big Bloody Moon Portal

May 15, 2022

One of my favorite Frank and Ernest cartoons is the one where the tall one says “I just get my budget balanced, and along comes a big surprise, like rent or a weekend.” These days we don’t have time to get Grounded and get our Mind-Body back to Balance before another Big Portal comes along. While we’re barely – if at all – done with the 12 May 2022 Doubt/Confidence Portal,1 the next one, the 15 May TripleKarmic Total Lunar Eclipse “Blood” Full Super Moon2 is upon us.

We interpret an Eclipse as Illumination, because any Constant that we usually Take For Granted or Deny or just plain Don’t Notice, suddenly becomes Obvious by its Absence when it’s Eclipsed or Occulted, or newly Hidden. Like driving on a busy 2-lane road at night with lots of blinding oncoming headlights when suddenly that white line on the right-hand edge of your lane disappears, and it feels like you may have just reached the Edge of the Earth, but you aren’t certain! All that’s left is Hope till that line reappears.

Then at 8:21 pm PDT 16 May (1:21 pm AEST 17 May), the Moon goes Out of Bounds, wherein what we feel is likely to derive more from our Karmic Experiences than from the Present Moment, and wherein we may allow Our Thoughts About Our Emotions to lead us away from the Inherent Meaning of the Emotion itself. Moon OOB lasts till 4:36 pm PDT 20 May (9:36 am AEST 21 May) and spans 10 Scorpio through 8 Aquarius. It’s OOB over the Southern Hemisphere. The OOB Moon crosses the Locus of our Climate Change et al issues around 4:20 pm PDT 18 May (9:20 am AEST 19 May).3

  • 1 Station of dwarf planet Chariklo in 9 Aquarius; see previous posts. That portal would have peaked at 11:44 am on the 12th, unless we Experienced it as a Victim, in which case it will take longer.
  • 2 The Total Eclipse of the Moon occurs at 9:14 pm PDT 15 May 2022 (2:14 pm AEST 16 May) in 26 Scorpio Conjunct both the South Node (Held Emotions, the most entrenched form of Karma), and asteroid Karma (Inertial Patterns), which is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) and Retrograde. It’s a Super Moon because the Moon, in its Elliptical Orbit, is at its closest approach to Earth, thus appearing larger than usual. It’s called a Blood Moon because the Moon typically turns Blood Red when it’s totally Eclipsed, because some of the Sun’s Light makes it around the edge of the Earth, in the process getting bent toward the Infrared. The impact of New and Full Moons and Eclipses is generally felt during the following two or more weeks.
  • 3 Pholus and Quaoar still in 8 Capricorn, where the et al includes at least War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general. See

Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, but most of us have been trained by Patriarchal Culture to Rush to try to understand Why we’re Confused so we can Fix it and get back to Certainty. For most of us, this attempted Rush to Certainty immediately Cancels our Potential Growth, because it’s a Mental exercise, and it’s our Mental Concepts that form the Cage within which our Current Consciousness exists. So it’s impossible, or rather, Forbidden, for us to reach beyond the bars of this Cage to Grow in Consciousness. To do so we need to use Intuition or Guidance or PIAVA rather than Intellect or Logic.

One of our foremost sources of Confusion occurs when two Energies Merge. An excellent example is the Reaction of Conservatives to Gender Fluidity. Male and Female are strictly Separate Energies in their Minds – their Old-Testament Worldview is wrapped around Adam’s Suzereignty over Eve. Their Story usually Eliminates, or Banishes as Evil, Adam’s original partner Lilith, who Chose to be his Equal or be Gone. He was incapable of Equality, so she was Went. Our Stories construct our Mental Prisons. Since the various planets and asteroids represent different Energies, when two or more planets Merge, or Conjoin, our Reaction is usually Confusion.

The Duality between Safety and Danger is even more basic than that between Male and Female. Gender Differences can sometimes Trigger profound Changes in our Physiology (such as Lust, or Fear, or Homophobia – the Old-Testament Story is big on Banishing Homophilia, which may have been good advice before Hot Water and Soap became readily available), but Safety and Danger always Trigger profound Changes in our Physiology, even if we Deny it.

This 15 May Blood Moon Total Eclipse is replete with Potentially Confusing Mergers…

  • Our Instincts (Moon) Merge with our Karma (asteroid Karma), which takes us directly out of the Present Moment, as we Review, mostly Unconsciously, all of our Past Experiences with what we’re Feeling or Experiencing. We end up Reacting to Ancient History rather than Responding to Present Moment Reality, and mostly we have no idea we’re doing it, because our Concept of our Personal History (Karma) has Merged with our Concept of Present Moment (Moon). If we can wrench ourself out of this Conundrum, we may be able to Ask ourself, Are the Strength of my Emotional Reactions appropriate for the Concrete Present-Moment Threats that I’m Encountering?
  • Our Instincts Merge with our Held Emotions (South Node). Our Held Emotions are the ones we’d rather Die than Feel. We usually interpret this as I’d rather DIE than Feel that, but it’s really I’D have to die before I could Feel that, namely that our Present-Moment sense of Who We Are, our Identity or Ego, will have to Molt in order to Allow ourselves to acknowledge that Feeling in our Body. Our Held Emotions are the Deepest of our Karmic Patterns. In Past or Parallel Lives they probably got us Dead, or worse. Ego Deaths are usually No Fun, but Ego Death is a synonym for Portal on the road to 5D.

Our Instincts Merge with Every Concept once a month, as the Moon circles the Earth, so these Mergers aren’t really rare. However, our Held Emotions and our Karma Merge only every seven years or so, and having the Moon Merge with both while Karma is Exaggerated or Amplified, which should make it more Obvious, is remarkable, especially since the Moon is Eclipsed, or Illuminating it! Our goal in 5D-seeking is to Notice, to bring our Karma up into Consciousness, because when our usually-Unconscious multi-Lifetime Inertial Patterns become Conscious, we can Choose to Break the Pattern and do something Different. Doesn’t even matter as much what we do instead, because like Muscles, every Repetition of our Inertial Patterns cements them more in place even more, while every Repetition of a New Response weakens the Karmic Pattern.

  • Our Essence (Sun) Merges with Fear (dwarf planet Sedna). We interpret Sedna as Converting Fear to Power, but the Fear comes first, and Fear is usually pretty physiological, attention-grabbing, and often prevents us from even being Present, let alone Capable. We can Spin this many ways. Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement. Fear plus Tapping Equals Grounding. Fear plus Kegels Slows Time enough that we can Convert Fear to Power. You’ve seen sports heroes accomplish amazing feats when they’re “in the Zone,” like swinging at exactly the right time in exactly the right place to knock a 100-mph fastball out of the ballpark. They have to swing before the ball gets to them, so it’s not at all like hitting off a Tee. They may not have been purposely doing Kegels, but they’ve not only Slowed Down Time, but also correctly Intuited the trajectory of the pitch. Remember too that Fear is the Absence of Love, and Love is the Ultimate Power.
  • Our Essence (Sun) also Merges with Our Mission in the Lifetime (North Node). Now that’s Scary – Failing at our Lifetime Mission is a lot different than losing a ballgame or being sent back a grade. At least, that’s what it feels like. Of course the only one Judging us is ourself,4 so this is another case of our Emotions being out of proportion to the Present Moment. But it’s a huge Opportunity, since our Life Mission is Multidimensional and generally available to the Dualistic Mind only as a Metaphor. So if we can set aside the Judgment, we can simply Attune to the fact that we’re Identified with our Lifetime Mission! This doesn’t always happen! Sit with that. Roll your current Conscious and Semi-Conscious Values and Goals over it, to see how well they Align. And look to see where you Fear your Mission, or Fear Failure. You know what FDR said about Fear. If we can escape Self-Doubt (which we just practiced last week!), it’s incredible Grace!
  • Our Essence (Sun) also Merges with the Truth of our Mind (asteroid Veritas) AND the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia). Like watching CNN versus Faux News versus ESPN, our Essence will verify One or the Other of our Truths once a year, as the Sun goes around the Zodiac. But the Truth of the Mind and the Truth of the Heart will only Merge every several years.5 Each time that occurs we have the Opportunity to review them together relative to our Goals to see if either is leading us into dead ends. However, this time they’re Merging with one another at the same time they’re Merging with our Essence AND with our Lifetime Mission AND our Conversion of Fear to Power, AND being writ large across the Sky by an Illuminating Blood Moon! Talk about getting led around by the ring in our nose!!
  • 4 Someone else may concur with our Self-Judgment, but if we Believe them, we’re looking at our Codependence – another possible Revelation from this Illuminating Blood Moon Eclipse.
  • 5 The Orbits of Aletheia and Veritas are quite similar, so they chase one another around the Zodiac, getting behind or ahead of one another depending on the timing of their Retrograde periods. So their Cycles don’t follow the usual Pattern that develops between slower and faster Patterns. We can interpret that as a suggestion that neither is inherently Hierarchically “Superior” to the other, though given the Excessively Intellectual character of the Patriarchy, we give the Truth of the Heart many extra points at this phase of the Millennia. Carlos Castaneda’s The Power of Silence is an excellent assessment of their Respective Merits. If you Journal, you can check September 2019 to see if you were working with your two Truths then, the last time they Merged.

All that’s just the Eclipse itself and its Energy Mergers! In a Full Moon or a Lunar Eclipse, Our Instincts and Our Essence are Debating.6 So the Depths of Our Karma and Our Held Emotions – which, while keeping us in 3D, are also keeping us in Comfort – are Negotiating with Our Life Mission, Our Fear/Power, and our Truths that can presumably lead us to 5D. So we have the Ego (Karma et al ) Working out Win-Win with our Soul (Life Mission et al ). We were just working with a planet that meant exactly that last week – dwarf planet Salacia. No wonder Salacia has been Out of Bounds and showing up in all of the 8-9 Degree charts. I almost Expect to see the Sabian Symbol of a Cat arguing with a Mouse pop up!7

There’s much more. There are two more Mergers associated with the Full Moon itself, a Pluto Merger, and a Challenge about the Merger of The Most Important Thing and Our Unconscious Limitations. That’s almost a synonym for our Karma, but it’s tied up with yet more Mergers! But my “day” is burned out, so, next installment. It’s gonna be a busy fortnight!

  • 6 A Full Moon is an Opposition, and an Opposition is the Second Harmonic, which symbolizes Tradition (the Priestess), introducing the Duality of Right and Wrong, Sacred and Profane, Praise and Blasphemy. Think of it as Negotiation. The Challenge is Argument; the Adept use is Listening
  • 7 The Symbol for the 26-Scorpio Eclipse is “Native Americans making camp after moving into new Territory.” How appropriate, and suggesting that we’ll be “winning” this Debate! The Sun (Essence) is 48 Degrees from Salacia – that’s 2/15ths of the way ’round the Loop (a Waxing “Biquindecile” Angle). The 15th Harmonic is Pan, the Nature God, in 5D our best friend who will guide us in our Collaborations with Nature. R. Ogilvy Crombie’s Encounters with Nature Spirits: Co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom and Michael J. Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love trilogy are fabulous sources for working with Pan. The Second Harmonic is again, Tradition, so the Sun-Salacia Relationship here is about the Fairy Tradition.
  • The Moon is 133 Degrees from Salacia (a Waning “Septnovundecile” Angle), seven 19ths of the Loop. The 19th Harmonic is The Sun, symbolizing Partnership, Teamwork, Collaboration (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook, p.92); the 7th Harmonic is The Chariot, symbolizing Timing. It’s Time for 5D in other words.

A Doubtful Portal

May 10, 2022

This week’s Portal is about Doubt, specifically Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence, but that includes Doubt about our own Intuitions.1 That’s when Chariklo Stands Still in the Sky, when its Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence Issues peak. The normal Pattern is that this Energy increases till then, and fades afterward. If we’re Conscious that this is happening and, if it Impacts us, Realize that it’s just another Cosmic Opportunity to bring our Doubt Karma into Consciousness so we can Choose Confidence or Worthiness instead, then we’ll carry less Baggage into the Full Moon and the Panic-Inducing Moon-Out-of-Bounds that follow. Our Doubt Karma will be diminished.

If we don’t Recognize that it’s happening and Decide, if we’re working toward Creating something, that we don’t have the Skills or Worthiness to Create it, that Decision will carry the Chariklo-Stationary Doubt Energy forward into the rest of our Life, and add another layer onto our Doubt Karma, since each Repetition reinforces a Pattern, for good or ill. It’s Either/Or Decisions that Create Karma, especially Life-or-Death Either/Or Decisions. Karma is Inertia, not Retribution.

We can use Doubt Constructively, but not while it has us Humpty-Dumptied. If we’re Doubting that we can pull something off, and we Recognize that we’re Feeling Doubt, as Opposed to Identifying with the Doubt, then we can Wonder, Aha, how might I Shift to make Success more likely? And wait for the Universe to Give us an Answer. If we Train ourself to hear Self-Doubt Voices as Self-Doubt Voices, rather than as the Believed Voice of whoever Doubted us, then we can shift the Energy by just saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Doubt, aren’t you.” And then Change the Subject so the Mind doesn’t bend us back to Believing the Self-Doubt Voice.

Confidence isn’t a Silver Spoon either. If we’re Habitually Overoptimistic, we may Dismiss Doubt as an unnecessary Hindrance, or as one of those Negative Thoughts that we need to Cancel-Neutralize-Update-Forget quickly, before it Manifests. Denial Manifests only what’s being Denied, often in a Form that’s different enough from our Conscious Patterns, that we just consider it’s a Downer rather than another Opportunity to fine-tune our Manifestation Skills. The Hurrier we go, the more likely we’ll miss the cues that would point us in a better direction.

In one of the comments to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s recent blog posts on Worthiness,2 a commenter (“bj”) advises us…

“It helps me to not be specific when visualizing my future self. Instead I connect with the energy of the beingness that I want to embody, with complete faith that the infinite creative powers of the Universe will figure out the exact perfect details that match the vibration of that beingness. There’s a VAST difference between ‘what do I want to have’ or ‘what do I want to accomplish’ and ‘who do I want to BE.’ And for me, the only question worth focusing on when you are in the ‘no-body’ state is ‘Who do I want to BE?’ Because EVERYTHING that is created in my world is created in alignment with that. You don’t get what you want. You get what you ARE.”

I highly recommend Dr. Joe’s blog on Worthiness.2 He talks about what Worthiness ain’t – it ain’t Blame, Entitlement, Self-Importance, or Exclusivity. Then he reinterprets Unworthiness as Resistance,3 and talks about many ways in which Resistance can Manifest for us. And how “When we talk about worthiness, then, we’re talking about meeting yourself with love and compassion in this moment. About accepting and allowing what is – with gratitude and humility.” In the second part he talks about how Worthiness amounts to Showing Up for Ourself and how “before we can identify the thoughts, behaviors, and feelings we want to change; before we can identify parts of our personality we want to change … we have to first acknowledge and own those aspects of ourselves – and [of] our lives.”4 He also hints about a third part to follow.

In her blog today, Natha Jay talks about how Heavy the Energies have been lately…5

“The timelines are collapsing so fast I feel nauseous and scared. I never feel scared. Fear and I don’t usually have a relationship beyond an occasional nod. The weather is joining in this circus with wind so strong it could rip away a whole reality. In fact, I think it is. Gaia herself is shifting into a different timeline, and the whole Elemental kingdom is making way. Fanfare and fear. Lovely.

“I do have the strong feeling this will pass soon, and we will all be walking a slightly (or greatly) different path. I know that this is just the in-between phase of becoming. I have moved through this part several times on my individual journey, but it’s much more impressive as a collective… and as a planet. I suspect we’ll be doing this again at the next eclipse gateway this [Northern] fall.”

This helps to Explain why I’ve been walking around like a Zombie for the last week – though that’s A Thought About My Feelings, sure to lead me off-course. We talked about how Heavy the 30 April Eclipse was in the Mandatory Growth Eclipse series below,6 including one of its Major Teachings – its Flashback to the late-February Climate Change et al Energy and its Flashforward to the repetition of that Energy during the first week of May.7 That Energy is Lit Up again this week, with several Changes,8 plus the Opportunity for us to Let Go of Ego-Attachment to Climate Change et al, so we can be Neutral about it – as Dr. Joe points out, nothing Changes till we Accept it Exactly as it Is.9

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend.

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend.

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend,11 which is the defining characteristic of Worthiness in Dr. Joe’s blog! Meanwhile, our Manifestation Skills have become more Instinctive and less Deliberate.12 And Mary Magdalene has taken charge of Creating a whole New Timeline around Climate Change et al, which will become Clearer in late October and early November – along with, as Natha suspected, the October Partial Solar Eclipse!13

Here’s a Partial Solar Eclipse on Mars, where the Moon (Phobos) is a bit smaller than ours, when compared to the apparent diameter of the Sun. Not sure it will restore the Martian Climate Change, but then, why Reject the notion! Elon and Jeff may need it some day…

  • 1 Dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary till at least 11:44 am PDT 12 May (which is the same as 4:44 am AEST 13 May), in 9 Aquarius.
  • 2 and (no “f”).
  • 3 In note 2, part ii. Akin to Gay Hendricks’s Upper Limits in The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fears and Take Life to the Next Level, pp. 37-61.
  • 4 Which helps me make sense of Gay’s proposition that the difference between Isaac Newton Time (we’re Time’s Victim) and Einstein Time (We’re Time’s Creator), op.cit., pp. 176-184.
  • 5
  • 6 Starting at
  • 7
  • 8 In the 30 April Eclipse chart Pholus-Quaoar T-Squared the Opposition between Makemake and Chiron-Salacia (see note 7). In the 12 May Chariklo Station chart Pholus-Quaoar is joined by asteroids Magdalena and Klotho, Chiron has been replaced by Venus Conjoining Salacia, and the Moon sits on Makemake.
  • 9 See notes 3-4 above. The Chariklo Station at 9 Aquarius is Unx to (one Sign from) Pholus-Quaoar at 8 Capricorn. The Unx Angle represents the 12th Harmonic, The Hanged Man, who as he hangs from his ankles sees the World from a Different Perspective. This is the Pattern-Breaker Harmonic. When two planets or events are related by an Unx Angle, we only need to Open our Eyes to Break the Patterns of Relationship between them. Note that Accepting Climate Change et al (including War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general) in no sense Condones it. Rather, it leaves us Free to Work to turn it around, without the Limitations of our Ego Karma.
  • 10 That is, our Manifestation Skills (Makemake) Debating with (Opposing) a complex Contest: our Tendencies-toward-Despair-and-possible-Resistance-to-Miracles about the ongoing arm-wrestling between our Ego’s-Attachment-to-3D and our Soul’s-Mission-to-push-us-toward-5D (Chiron-Salacia). This Opposition was T-Squared by Pholus-Quaoar.
  • 11 Venus (our Values) replacing Chiron (Despair/Miracles) Merging with (Conjunct) Salacia (Ego vs. Soul Struggles). Salacia, by the way, is Out of Bounds (Amplified) from March 2021 through April 2098, so don’t Expect that the Pressure to move toward 5D is any sort of Fad!
  • 12 The Moon (Instinct ) Conjoining Makemake (Manifestation).
  • 13 Asteroids Klotho (New Karma) and Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) Conjoin Pholus-Quaoar (Climate Change et al ) in this week’s Chariklo Station chart. While they haven’t moved a lot since the Eclipse, the Eclipse occurred in 11 Degrees, whereas the Chariklo Station occurs in 9 Degrees. Klotho and Magdalena did not appear in the Eclipse chart because they were out of Orb or Sensitivity to the Eclipse.
  • The Eclipse occurs October 25, 2022 in 3 Scorpio, “A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation: The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.” Sounds pretty 5D! This Eclipse is within a few Degrees of a Sextile (Grace, after the Hupers take the Initiative) of the Initiations of New Pholus-Magdalena, Quaoar-Magdalena, Pholus-Klotho, and Quaoar-Klotho Cycles, in 5 (Pholus Cycles: “Indigenous Peoples on the Warpath” ) and 6 (Quaoar Cycles: “Ten Logs under an Archway leading to darker Woods” ) Capricorn, which all occur between 28 October and 9 November. Indigenous Peoples on the Warpath is positive in the sense that their Traditions hold the secret to Resolving at least the Climate Change part of Climate Change et al. The Species and the Planet could even Benefit from the collection of a few selected Scalps. Ten Logs Promise Abundance through a Portal into the Unknown, ie, where we have Abandoned our 3D Expectations, and potentially replaced them with our We-Create-What-we-ARE 5D Manifestations.

Big Rush II

May 8, 2022

Desmene in her comment to the More Climate Change et al post has added Natalie Glasson’s Arcturian Channeling at I agree with Bob that it’s right on! I’ve never read any Channeling by Natalie that hasn’t been mind-blowing, and her breadth of sources is absolutely flabbergasting!

Someone else who absolutely “gets it right” is George Monbiot, and this time he really nails it. A tiny sample…

“Already, farming is the world’s greatest cause of habitat destruction, the greatest cause of the global loss of wildlife and the greatest cause of the global extinction crisis. It’s responsible for about 80% of the deforestation that’s happened this century. Of 28,000 species known to be at imminent risk of extinction, 24,000 are threatened by farming. Only 29% of the weight of birds on Earth consists of wild species: the rest is poultry. Just 4% of the world’s mammals, by weight, are wild; humans account for 36%, and livestock for the remaining 60%.

“Unless something changes, all this is likely to get worse – much worse. In principle, there is plenty of food, even for a rising population. But roughly half the calories farmers grow are now fed to livestock, and the demand for animal products is rising fast. Without a radical change in the way we eat, by 2050 the world will need to grow around 50% more grain. How could we do it without wiping out much of the rest of life on Earth?”

I dare you to read the whole article…