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No Limits II

March 2, 2019

Dan Scranton’s Arcturian friends are usually pretty much attuned to the current astrotrends.  In today’s download they put an intriguing spin on our Chaos-Station Expand-Beyond-Your-Limits theme…

“We are pleased to announce that there has been a new alliance forged there in the fourth dimension.  It is an alliance between beings who come from the Orion Star System and beings from the Antarian Star System.  This alliance brings you all closer to a peaceful and harmonious fourth dimension.

“Now the reason why it’s important for you all to know about progress that is made anywhere in the galaxy is because you are affected by the energies of those star systems and much, much more.  Just as you are affected by the positioning of the other planets in your solar system, you are of course affected by the ways in which beings in other star systems are getting along or not getting along.

“You can also see everything that is happening outside of yourselves as a reflection on you and your progress as a human collective, and as individuals.  When you see war happening outside of you on your planet, instead of blaming those who have dropped the bombs, it would serve you well to look within and see where you at battle within yourself.  This is the most effective way to initiate change.

“So when we give you news of a new alliance, you can rest assured that this is a good sign for all of you who have been doing the work necessary to have a peaceful and harmonious balance of energies within yourselves.  We cannot stress enough the importance of going within and feeling for how much harmony or discord you have.

“Are your masculine and feminine energies balanced?  Are your human and extra-terrestrial energies balanced?  Are you balancing your time in nature with your time with technology?  Are you balancing your alone time with your time with others?  Is your head fighting with your heart, or are they working in harmony?  These are the questions to ask yourselves, and the more balance and harmony you find within you, the more it will be reflected back to you, and the closer humanity will come to being full members of the galactic community.”

To which Natalie Glasson’s Channeling of Archangel Gabriel yesterday adds…

“You may wish to call upon my energies, Archangel Gabriel and the Archangel Gabriel Team of Angels, to support the harmonisation of your soul with your physical body, surroundings, and your reality.  This request can be made whatever age you are as it creates a healing within your being now which maybe was not completed during your existence in the womb, birth, and journey as a child.  For some people when the healing takes place, even as an adult it can feel like the missing piece of themselves, they have been searching for their whole life or grounding they needed to feel more at home and included on the Earth.

” ‘Archangel Gabriel and the Archangel Gabriel Team of Angels, I call upon your loving presence to complete and support the full harmonisation of my soul with my physical body, surroundings, and my reality.  If this ascension alignment and attunement was uncompleted when I was a baby, let it be completed now.  If the harmonisation of my soul with my physical body and reality was achieved then I invite you to amplify, affirm and energise the harmonisation to support and empower my existence as a sacred soul upon the Earth, awakening any vibrations, healings or skills it is important for me to engage with now.  Thank you, I open myself to receive now.’

“Simply sit or lie down and receive the loving graceful energies we will share with you as we ignite a deep healing process within you.

“You may also ask for the soul to physical body harmonisation healing for any loved one whether they are a child or adult.  I, Archangel Gabriel will hear your request and consult with their soul as to whether the time is appropriate for the healing to take place.  If it is appropriate timing and the soul consents, we will begin the healing process, if not then it will be postponed until the timing is right.

Take a moment to imagine the shift that such a healing could create on the Earth and in the ascension process currently unfolding. More people would be able to feel and acknowledge the love radiating from their soul and the Creator.  A grounding and deeper resonance with the Earth, Mother Earth and unity with humanity would be experienced.  Some may even feel that what they have been lacking or searching for their entire life is found and returned to them.  This healing has the capacity to be life-changing, and can even restore a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment to life upon the Earth.

“Soul Harmonisations with the physical body and reality is essential now in order to raise the energy frequency of all upon the Earth, allowing more and more people to access higher dimensions and levels of ascension.  Soul Harmonisation also creates a greater experience of unity with self on a spiritual and physical levels as well as with all of humanity and Mother Earth.

“With a deeper sense of unity, a greater relationship with and acceptance of the Creator manifests.  This current period of ascension is engaging and encouraging you to recognise your intimate relationship with the Creator and the expanding process of the Creator within you, thus returning you to and reminding you of your divinity.

“Another reason for the importance of Soul Harmonisation is due to the Crystalline and Celestial Souls entering into the Earth now through the birthing process.  These souls carry with them the seeds, templates, wisdom, and vibrations of the Crystalline and Celestial dimensions upon the inner planes.  Through their birth and their existence upon the Earth, they will either anchor Crystalline vibrations or Celestial frequencies.  Both Crystalline and Celestial energies are extremely pure, encouraging deep cleansing, detoxification, and purification for the Earth and all beings.

“The souls entering the Earth now will carry the ability to cleanse, heal and awaken truth at a very advanced level.  They will hold knowledge and an understanding of the Earth and the inner planes which is untainted and deeply inspirational.  Their sensitivity to the spiritual planes will mean they can act as power anchors for pure vibrations, thus accelerating the ascension of Mother Earth and all present.  They will also hold an understanding of the Creator, and the Universe of the Creator with new, inspirational knowledge beyond any form of religion, allowing much illusion to fall away within those who are present with them.

“The Crystalline and Celestial Souls entering the Earth require the majority of humanity to complete their Soul Harmonisation process so that the vibration they bring forth can be received with ease.  They also require the vibration of humanity to reach a certain level in order to permit their integration, and to support their health and happiness upon the Earth.  The Soul Harmonisation process is even more valuable and important for the Crystalline and Celestial Souls entering the Earth as their vibration is so high it is more challenging for them to integrate with their physical body and reality.”

Here’s the Chaos Station chart…

The light-weight yellow lines are the Epiphanic Mjölnirs we mentioned in the previous No Limits post.  A Mjölnir is a Trioctile Yod – like the green Fingers of God, but instead of 5 Signs between the ends of the wedge, there are 4½.  Three eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac is 4½ Signs.  These Tri-Octiles (Three-Eighths) represent Rebalancing – Adjustments made with Wisdom and Love.  So the benefit from Archangel Gabriel’s Healing should be amplified greatly at this time.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the four T-Squares (red triangles) in the Grand Cross (red box/diamond/cross) is a Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge – we’ve been encountering many Diamond Stars lately, as you’ve probably noticed.  A Diamond Star has a green wedge or Finger of God pointing to the peak of the red triangle or T-Square.  The Challenge here is the North Node, which represents our Mission in the Lifetime.  Anyone’s North Node is a constant Challenge, or they probably wouldn’t be here.

But in this case, the Challenge is Self-Healing.  The “problem” that needs to be addressed is the Opposition between Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) and Haumea (Rebirth) – in order to facilitate our Ascension (Rebirth) we need to Open up to certain facets of Life that we’ve been Denying.  Denial is a healthy psychological process – we Deny what we aren’t yet Prepared to Heal.  So now it’s time.

The two planets at the base of the green wedge are the Allies that make the Challenge Self-Resolving.

These are, first, Atropos-Lilith, which advises that we Let Go of our Resistance to Self-Sovereignty.  Such Resistance often looks like Not Wanting to Hurt Someone’s Feelings, and therefore Letting them Tell Us What to Do and Think and Feel.  We don’t have to Confront them, we just have to Ignore their Power Trip.  If they notice and Confront us, then we might have to Respond.

The bottom-line Question is whether or not our Relationship with them, on Balance, is worth the Effort.  Of course if they’re a parent of the like, that may be a gut-wrenching Question.  But it’s one we need to Answer, as Honestly as we can.  Honesty to Our Self and to Our Own Soul, that is, not to someone else’s notion of Truth or to some Oath we once made.  This may be what we’ve been Denying all our Life.  The Answer may tell us whether it’s possible to Agree to Disagree with them.  If it’s not, then we have to Choose between our own Salvation and their Suzerainty over us.

These are scary Confrontations, easily Postponed or Avoided.  But remember that mind, Spirit, Emotion, and Matter are Perspectives not Levels – they’re different Angles you can use to look at an issue.  The issues are Singular, whether you’re looking at them through the lens of mind, Spirit, Emotion, or Matter.  If they’re impossibly Difficult, shift Perspectives.  For instance, if a Confrontation that’s potentially Fatal to an otherwise-important Relationship is too Emotionally Intense to consider, work it out through another Lens.  For instance, use the Prayer to Archangel Gabriel…

“Archangel Gabriel and Your Team of Angels, I call upon your Loving Presence to Complete and Support the full Harmonization of my Soul with my Physical Body, my Circumstances, and my Reality.  If this Ascension Alignment and Attunement was previously uncompleted, let it be Completed now.

“If the Harmonization of my Soul with my Physical Body and Reality has been Achieved, then I Invite you to Amplify, Affirm and Energize the Harmonization to Support and Empower my Existence as a Sacred Soul upon the Earth, awakening any Vibrations, Healings or Skills that are important for me to Engage with now.

“Thank you!  I Open myself to Receive Now.”

Then of course you’d Change the Subject, lest your Old Beliefs Overpower your Prayer and Deny anything New.

The second Ally in the Diamond Star is Jupiter, the very Jupiter that Opposes the Stationary Chaos.  Chaos Expanded is already a “problem,” as even without Expansion Unlimited Potential already Intimidates us.  So this Ally tells us to Suspend Disbelief and Let our Imagination take us where it wants to go.  When you hear those Yes-But Voices in your head, no matter whose Voices they are (and even if they sound like your own Voice), remind them that Spirit is Always Both/And!  If it’s Either/Or, then it’s Political, and I don’t have to Agree with your Politics!  Of course their Politics may Deny Spirit altogether, and if that’s the case you Really don’t want to succumb to their Political Agenda.