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July I

June 28, 2018

July begins with a Station of Chiron.  Stations are a planet’s Strongest times, and Chiron can be about Discouragement.  Discouragement is actually easily Healed, though, with Empathy.  We recommend Self-Empathy, in the form of what we call a “Poor-Sweetheart” – say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [Discouraged] [whatever else], aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject – put your mind on something else.  Empathy makes Miracles.

The Chiron Station is 4 July (10pm PDT) in 3 Aries.  As it Stations, the Moon approaches, so we can expect the Peak Experience to stretch until 2:30 am PDT or so, when the Moon crosses Chiron.  Stay well away from fireworks, ok?

The Chiron Station chart features two Challenges (T-Squares) and two Big Blessings (Grand Trines).  The peak of each T-Square is a corner of a Grand Trine, indicating that the Challenges should be Easy, if we Allow them to be.  We’ll call these combination T-Square-and-Grand-Trine Configurations “Magic Mushrooms.”

The first Challenge is to Accept that The Most Important Thing is Being Fully Responsive to your Survival Instincts.  If you pay attention to the “news” at all you know that the 3D World is rapidly Collapsing.  Tap Out your Fears till you’re Neutral, and Theta your Wants till you’re fully Confident in them, but after that, Follow your Instincts.

Moon-Chiron Opposes Eurydike-Makemake (Trust that you can Manifest What You Want) Square to Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar.  The corresponding Earth Grand Trine (Big Blessing) is Saturn-et al to Ceres (Sustainability) to Juno-Uranus (your Soul’s Wisdom Coming into your Consciousness).  It’s a Kite with OR10 (Intrusive Memories), so you’re likely to be Remembering Parallel Lives where you are Living at a Higher Level.

Tapping –

Thetaing –

The second Challenge is kind of the Opposite – our Intrusive Memories will be about the Lifetime(s) inhabited by Heavy Emotions and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  This is a Boon, as it gives us the Opportunity to Recognize that they aren’t Present Moment (Tap them Out) and Liberate ourself from their Yoke.  You well know what you would Prefer – Theta exactly that, iteratively, until you’re Confident you can Manifest it.  Contradicts the first Challenge?  It’s Both/And, isn’t it.

The accompanying Grace is Restoration of the Life Force.  If you’ve been wrestling with Autoimmune Bummers, this is an Opportunity to Poor-Sweetheart them into oblivion.

Asteroid Karma at 2 Sagittarius is the focus of a T-Square on the Opposition between OR10 and Ceres.  The Fire Grand Trine connects Karma, Varuna, and Moon-Chiron.  Eurydike-Makemake is the head of a Kite on the Grand Trine.

We’ll talk about it in a few minutes, but on 3 July (peak 11pm PDT) we have the Opportunity to Choose to replace our Painful Ego-Death Patterns with Graceful Transitions.

Having thus Survived and Thrived through these Tests and Blessings, 5-10 July is about a Major Rebirth. 

On 8 July (peaking at 7:30 am PDT) we’re Lifted into Transcendence, as our hard work over the years Recovering our Abandoned Genius pays off.

Stationary Haumea (Rebirth) Opposes Eris (Revelation of what was Denied), T-Squared by Pluto (Compulsion), Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), Klotho (Start of a New Timeline), and BZ509 (Transcendence).  There are Trine Bridges (Easy Paths) from Moira-Chaos (Choosing to Let Go of our Limitations) and from Vesta-Ixion (Letting Go of the Limiting Beliefs we’ve used to squelch our Hidden Genius).

There is also a Quincunx Bridge (another Easy Path if we can Hold our Curiosity as Curiosity and not try to “Figure It Out”) from Lachesis-Nemesis-Sedna (Letting Go of our Fear of Ego Death).

Lachesis (Choosing to Alter Timelines) Initiates Nemesis (Ego Deaths) 3 July (11pm PDT) at 21 Taurus, “A finger pointing to a line in an open book.”  Lachesis is about the Length of Timelines – Fated when we’re Unconscious, and Chosen when we’re Conscious.  Point at the line (Timeline) that you Want to Change, and you’ll write your own Autobio book.

Sedna (Embracing Fear as Power) Initiates Nemesis 21 July (5am PDT).  Embrace Fear as Power by training yourself to Respond to Fear with Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, and Thetas.

Sedna Initiates Lachesis 30 July (1:30 pm PDT).  Both Sedna Initiations occur at 28 Taurus, “A post-menopausal woman experiences a new love.”  Once you’ve Befriended Fear and Learned to maneuver your own Life by pointing at the Timelines you Want, your only Limits are the ones you Choose.

Meanwhile, Jupiter – Expansion – is Stationary till 10 July (10 am PDT) at 14 Scorpio, which will jet-propel our Rebirth.  Its major feature will be Letting Go our Judgment.  There are two keys to maneuvering through this…

  • “I Wonder what I will Feel if I Let Go of this Judgment.”  That needs to be Genuine Curiosity.  It’s about Discovery, not Figuring Out what to Expect.
  • “I Wonder how my Life will Change if I Let Go of this Limiting Thought Pattern.”  Again, Avoid Expectations and be Willing to be Surprised and Delighted.

The Jupiter Station Conjoins asteroid Hopi – Respect for All Things.  In the resulting Square Fez, Jupiter-Hopi Quincunxes (Curiosity) the Moon (Authentic Emotions) and Mercury (mind) Quincunxes Neptune (Growing beyond the Ego).

12 July (8pm PDT) features a partial Solar Eclipse in 21 Cancer.

Then Hopi itself is Stationary on 15 July at 17 Scorpio, so the whole notion of being Reborn into Non-Judgment occupies 5-15 July.  The Midpoint of Scorpio is one of the major Power Points of the Zodiac, one of the Four Horsepersons.  Go for it!  Allow yourself to be Surprised and Delighted by Persistently Dismissing your mind’s repeated attempts to Anticipate and Expect. 

Living through Expectation prevents you from ever leaving the Past, since our Expectations are based on our Past Experiences.  If you Want to Experience Life As It Is, Moment to Moment, you have to “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade,” thank the mind for attempting to Contribute, chuckle at it, and Open to an Blank Slate.

King Bolete

March 21, 2014

Look at this incredible “Toadstool” Configuration…

DSCN4839Not only is Icarus sitting on the budding Uranus-Juno Initiation, which we know is the focus of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter, but Juno-Uranus is also the focus of a Mjolnir!  Which means that each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir!  The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn.  The “King Bolete” (Boletus edulis, aka Cep or Steinpilz), generally considered to be the most desirable Mushroom on the Planet, has a plump base like this Configuration does.

In other words, we’re about to get a download that’ll boot us out of our Masks like we were a slapstick cartoon character getting a good kick in the behind.

But lets break that first paragraph down to try to make it more accessible to folks who don’t speak astrologuese.  The links lead to more information.  You can also use the “index” at right to further explore a topic…

Icarus – An asteroid that may imply over-exuberance, and possibly danger to the Ego.

Uranus – A planet symbolizing the Individual Soul and our urge to express our True Self, which we often call our Yintegrity.  In traditional Western astrology Uranus means Disruption, but that’s because it Disrupts that which is false, and causes houses of cards to tumble.

Juno – An asteroid signifying the Edge between the Unconscious and Consciousness, and our Unconscious Identity.  Juno can reveal Archetypes,  gigantic impersonal and often Cultural complexes, that we’ve Merged with, and that essentially control us and make us believe we’re right when we’re out to lunch.  Patriotism is an Archetype, for instance, as is Fundamentalism of any sort.  Like those Tea-Partiers waving signs that say “Government get your hands off my Medicare” – even when they understand that Medicare is a government program, the Fundamental aspect of their Belief makes the knowledge irrelevant.  Fundamentalism means taking your metaphors literally.  Scientific Fundamentalism can be as destructive as Religious.

Initiation – When two planets/asteroids meet in the sky, they initiate a new Cycle.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle runs 4-5 years, and represents the interface between our Ego Consciousness and our True Self.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle being born is about an unexploded bomb.

If we put together what we have so far, we end up with…

A possibility of putting our foot into the mouth of the Masks we use to keep other people from seeing the parts of our True Self that we don’t Believe are Safe to express.  We may have been shamed by the significant adults in our childhood about those parts of ourself, or been put to death in a “past” Life because of them, for instance, or both.  (It’s usually Both/And.)   This Shift will last about a week, during which time we’ll see the beginning of processes that will run for several years and very much change who we believe ourselves to be.

T-Square – Two planets that Oppose one another, with a third halfway between them.  The T-Square in the picture above is the red triangle pointing upward, so named because they form a “T” when you draw lines that connect each of the three planets to the center of the circle.  We use red to signify Creative Tension or Motivation.  The Energy in a T-Square is focused upon the third planet, in this case Juno-Uranus.  A T-Square means Mastery through Challenge.

A prominent characteristic of T-Squares is that they never feel satisfying, because they aren’t a “problem that needs to be Solved” (which would make us feel successful); they’re an “open question that we’re compulsively Exploring” that doesn’t have any concrete answers – imagine being obsessed with “What’s the meaning of Life?”  Once we drop the expectation of Solution and learn to enjoy the Exploration, a T-Square no longer implies Frustration, and can be the Joy of our Life.  Since we obsess on the question, a T-Square is often the area of our greatest expertise, but while we remain in Frustration we don’t recognize our skill.

Pluto – A planet symbolizing Global Energy shifts, Transformations, Trance Reformations, and Changes that end up, by virtue of the difficulty of Resisting them, appearing to be Mandatory.

Jupiter – A planet representing Expansion or Amplification, and in general Good Fortune.

So this T-Square would imply that…

We are being Challenged to Express more and more of our True Self, and we’re finding it increasingly difficult to Resist and hold on to our Masks and False Selves.  This process runs from 2012 to 2015, so we’re well into it.  It reaches one of its crescendos in April.

MjolnirA Norwegian word meaning “Hammer of Thor,” equivalent to the Vajra or Dorje of South Asian traditions.  A Mjolnir occurs when two planets are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac, and a third planet is three-eighths of the Zodiac from each.  The Energy of a Mjolnir is focused on the third planet, so we name our Mjolnirs using the name of the third planet.  It signifies an irresistible force meeting a hard place.

While that can imply destruction, the most useful symbology for us is Lightning.  We usually interpret it as Epiphany, as Thor’s Hammer destroyed mountains in the sense of removing obstacles in his path.  Similarly, a Lightning Insight can destroy an Egoic house of cards.  As an Epiphany, we don’t usually object, though it may take us quite a bit of work to make our amends and reorganize our Life to align with our new Self.  From the perspective of other people who’ve become attached to our prior personality, such an Epiphany can be devastating.

So a Juno-Uranus Mjolnir implies…

The likelihood of Life-Changing Insights about the Masks we may not even realize we’re wearing.

Square – Two planets that are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac.  It’s called a Square because if you have four of them and draw lines between the four planets you’d make a square.  The long red line in the picture is an Opposition; the sort red lines are Squares.

Trioctile – The gold lines in the picture, connecting two planets that are three-eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac.  The Trioctile symbolizes Realignment and Bringing into Balance.  As with most Angles between planets, Realignment can mean disruption, as we have to release our attachment to that which is no longer in Balance (if it ever was).  If you were a coal company you’d be running scared these days, for instance.

Pallas – An asteroid meaning Boundaries and Edges.  The Serenity Prayer is a good example of Pallas Energy – Lord, please grant me the Power to Change that which I can, the Serenity to Accept that which I can’t, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Saturn – A planet asking us to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing and postpone our Attention to all other priorities.  If we’re attached to our lower priorities, Saturn can feel like Limitation, but it’s real meaning if Focus and ConcentrationIt can mean Contraction if we’re over-extended.

So “The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn” means…

One could make a good case for the notion that moving toward being and expressing our True Self may be The Most Important Thing in our Lives.  We set up our Masks in order to make a Safe Space for us to do the best we can in the circumstances we found ourself in.  So we can expect major Insights into Realignment of our Boundaries, and Changes in our understanding of what’s The Most Important Thing, that facilitate our embodying our True Self.

And “each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir,” aka the other two arrowheads in the picture, are a Pallas Mjolnir based on the Uranus-Pluto Square and a Saturn Mjolnir based on the Jupiter-Uranus Square

The Pallas Mjolnir means that…

We’ve been rejecting parts of our True Self that we left behind before we even learned that we had a choice.  We’re likely to encounter circumstances where we’re forced to bring those parts up into Consciousness.  If you keep finding yourself in situations where you’re Judging other people, those are likely to be the Self-Censorship that you’ve been Unconscious about.

The Saturn Mjolnir will imply…

While Pallas often implies that we need to tighten our Boundaries in certain circumstances, here we’re being asked to Expand our Edges instead.  When we Judge someone, we can Stretch our concepts of what’s okay, or we can Tighten the distinction that separates us from them.  Here the more likely preference is to Stretch.  In fact, it could even be The Most Important Thing we need to do.  In order to accept some rejected characteristic of our True Self, the first thing we need to do is relax our Judgment of others who portray that characteristic.

This Toadstool Configuration is long-lasting, though Saturn’s role in it is weakening.  It’s worth noting that this chart rules the birth of Northern Spring and Southern Autumn, implying that its impact will linger for at least three months.

Now you can maybe see why we also want to include the astrologuese – if you know any astrologuese, we can communicate to you in one paragraph what otherwise requires more than twenty paragraphs of mind-numbing detail.  We aren’t asking you to learn astrology if you have no interest, but we do suggest that if you pay a little more attention than you otherwise would while reading about astrology, and occasionally check the links and index when inspired, you’ll gradually absorb enough to amplify the amount of information you receive from a given quantity of reading.

Yin Gate 12.4 / Portal 12.4

December 1, 2013

VestaThe surface of Vesta, photographed by Dawn

Our previous Yin Gate finished up around 11pm PST November 28, when Ceres moved out of its Quincunx to the South Node.  A little less than a day later, Vesta took its place Opposite Uranus, making a second Yin Gate!  Quite fascinating.  Whereas the previous Yin Gate was Powered by Ceres-Uranus, or

Get Serious about making your Yintegrity permanent!

as we called it, this one is Powered by Vesta-Uranus, or

If your Yintegrity doesn’t align with your notions of the Sacred, it’s time to change your notions of the Sacred!

Your Soul and your Yintegrity is Sovereign.  If you learned your notions of the Sacred from a book or a teacher, and not from your own Heart, you have work to do here.  Of course, if your books and teachers resonated with your own Heart, fantastic.  But if you’re horrified by the idea of Trusting Emotions more than Scripture or Morals, because it might sound like a flood of criminals will have permission to traumatize your Culture, well, watch your television – according to the corporate media, we’re already there, aren’t we.

If you live far from drones and bombs, rampant criminality may sound intolerable because it threatens your Safety, but guess what – it’s just a Mirror for the drones and bombs Big Governments are sending in your name.  And what nurtures criminality most of all?  Inequality.  When was the last time you voted for someone who promised to reduce Inequality, or you refused to vote with your dollars at institutions that support Inequality, or you insisted that your “leaders” end homelessness and unemployment rather than policing lack of obeisance to predatory capitalism and Empire?

Karma might be dead, but that doesn’t mean the Mirror is broken.  It’s just more immediate.  Even if random violence visited your house, and we wish that on Peoria even less than we wish it on Swat, it’s past time that we understand and accept that Life gets recycled just like Coke bottles and Coors cans.

The Pallas-Chiron-Nodes Mystic Rectangle is the same as the last Portal

Goddess Pi, can you help me make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission? 

What if we were able to Step Effortlessly onto the Path where our Limitations fall away Magically, and we are doing what we feel Passionate about.

For those who don’t like that, we can be compassionate with them about their lack of understanding, without letting them nudge us off our Path.

Here’s the Yin Gate (las dos equis verdes) and the Mystic Rectangle (la caja azul)

YG12.4While the Yin Gate lasts almost until the next Portal on December 10, Portal 12.4 peaks when the Moon Conjoins Pluto and lights up the Pluto-Uranus-Vesta T-Square.  This Window opens around 10am PST on December 4, and remains open for about seven hours.  Inside this Portal within the Yin Gate, there’s another Window, a Portal of Grace, from this Toadstool or Pagoda Formation…

Shroom12.4that the Moon lights up from around 10am PST on December 4 till around 3pm PST on the same day.  After that the Toadstool fades away, leaving just the T-Square, which survives until December 12 and provides the main course for Portal 12.10.  Remember that December’s Main Effect is the Station of Uranus that occurs December 17; this series of Portals between 11.28 and 12.25 occur every week when the Moon makes Challenging Angles to Uranus, preparing us for the Main Event.

What’s this Toadstool part of the Portal about?  Pluto…

Which reminds us that aligning ourselves with our Soul’s Intention is not optional here.  Pluto means Transformation, Re-Formation of the Planetary Trance, and while we can steer the Transformation, we can’t reverse it.  The Square from Pluto to Uranus Challenges us to Master living on a Plane where the Planetary Trance is about each Person Living Their Own Truth.

The Toadstool Formation embodies that Challenge, with Vesta completing the Pluto-Uranus T-Square (red lines).  That’s the same Vesta-Uranus Opposition that drives the Yin Gate.  But the Toadstool adds two avenues of Grace – the Pluto-Pallas-South Node Grand Trine (big blue Triangle), and the Sextiles (shorter blue lines) to Chiron and the North Node.

We are not being abandoned here.  Big Grace (Grand Trine) is open to all of us who want to stretch (Pallas) to recover skills we developed in other Lifetimes (South Node), and yet more Grace is open to those of us who are willing (Sextiles) to PIAVA Miracles (Chiron) that will move us onto our True Path (North Node).

That’s eight planets in that famous 8-to-11-degree Window we’ve been working with a lot this year.  In any sign, 8-to-11-degrees represents the phase where, whatever it is we’re doing, we’ve finished the prototype, and now we’re getting serious about building the Real Thing, version 2.0.  That applies to our Yintegrity as much as to our Culture and the Planetary Trance.

And then there’s a third major Configuration in this Portal, a Quintile Yod that has the South Node and Jupiter bowing to the Sun from December 2 (1pm PST) through December 6 (5pm PST)…

QYod12.4which is all about…

Learning and Teaching (Q-Yod) how to Expand (Jupiter) our concept of Self enough to include Source (Sun), thereby releasing the Held Emotions that cover our Hidden Powers (South Node).

Which gives us this very busy full Portal!

Port12.4You can see why we break it apart for analysis.

But we need to put it all back together again to Live it as a Singular Window.

Then there’s ISON, our Thief of Fire, that brings us the Power of the Gods.  ISON’s Material fate is uncertain, as we can see by the Square (dark red line) to Neptune (Material Confusion, Spiritual Truth).

SKite12.4But look at the other lines.  The orange-red line is a Quintile to Juno, which means that

ISON will be Teaching (Quintile) our Consciousness (Juno).  What will be learning?  During the Portal ISON moves through 4 degrees of Sagittarius, “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of their parents,” or “The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth.”

We could certainly rest our case there!  But look at all those light blue lines, making a Septile Kite!  What can we make of that?

If we PIAVA it (because in Septile-Land the timing has to be just right), ISON (Stealing Fire from the Gods) can pull our Hidden Skills out from beneath the Emotional Holding that occults them (South Node), lovingly and gently (Venus) and permanently (Ceres).

It’s too complex for the mind to put together, but effortless for the Goddess.

Goddess Pi, may I please be lovingly and gently released from my Self-Sabotaging Limitations.

We make things so difficult, when they’re almost Effortless if we open to the Grace that’s available to us.  Remember that Opposition in the Mystic Rectangle, Chiron to Pallas – stretching our Edges to allow Miracles where only Despair dwelled before.  And the Sextile between Chiron and the South Node – Grace flows once we take the first step.  Our prayer above is a perfect first step.

Portal 9.29 and the Yin Gate

September 29, 2013

rutileq2236bpPortal 9.29

Portal 9.29 is a repeat of Portal 9.27, but without the Grand Sextile.  On September 27, the Moon completed the Grand Sextile.  On September 29, the Moon comes around to sit on Pallas, exciting the Pallas Diamond Star.  That’s at 9pm PDT, so a good span for the Opportunity to Invoke Miracles and Set Boundaries that will move us toward our Mission would be four hours on either side of that.  The Pallas Diamond Star fades around October 1-2.

The Yin Gate

Then from September 30 to October 3, as our adventures in 8-11-Degree Land continue, we have this unusual Configuration…

DSCN4564Two Fingers of God back to back.  Never seen that in a chart before.  The blue lines (which look black) trace out a Mystic Rectangle, but the Opposition between the Sun and Uranus bisects the two Sextiles on either end.  What will we call this Configuration?  A Cattle Guard?  Do Not Enter?  Wrong Way?  The US Congress?  Fingers of Blame?  Dos Equis?  A Yin Gate?  A Portal of Rebirth?  And what does it imply?

Probably the total failure of the Olde-Boy-Network process for organizing the World.  If a Finger of God means Pay Attention! then we’re certainly being told to look both ways, which is never a bad idea – Both/And, the Chironean Coin, and the like.  Not to mention crossing streets or other borders in Time.  Of course a Mystic Rectangle is very positive, and a Finger of Yod is really about Curiosity.  So we can talk about the Mystic Rectangle as

Miraculous Release of Karma resulting from Focus on what’s most Sacred to each of us (ie, Chiron, South Node, Saturn/North Node, Vesta).

and the Yods as

How can I reframe my conception of what I most Want, so it aligns with my sense of the Sacred and unites my Ego with “my” Soul Self?  (ie, Saturn/North Node, Vesta, Uranus)


Great Spirit, may I please accept Miracles that transform my Limiting Beliefs into Enlightenment, lovingly, gently, rapidly, completely, and with harm to no one?  (ie, PIAVA, Chiron, South Node, Sun)

So it’s not like this Cattle Guard configuration is negative, but it’s shape certainly gives us pause, and suggests that we might reconsider our route planning, and maybe even our destination.  I mean, the downfall of Colonialism is good, but it will certainly inconvenience a lot of people.

The Mystic Questangles

If we tilt the chart a little each way, we can see that it also includes two “Mystic Questangles” – parallel Quincunxes connected by Semi-Sextiles (one Sign apart) – Vesta-Sun-Chiron-Uranus, and Sun-Saturn/North Node-Uranus-South Node.  Wouldn’t hurt us a bit to frame those as Wonderings…

How can I bring Miracles of Light into my Union with my Sacred Soul?  (Chiron-Sun-Vesta-Uranus)

When I Focus on my Deepest Longings, how can I invoke my Soul to bring Light into the dark corners of my Karma?  (Saturn-North node, Uranus, Sun, South Node)

Notice that the Signs imply big transitions – Pisces-Aries-Taurus (endings-beginnings-foundations) and Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (deconstruction-Other-fearlessness).  These are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles – Pattern-Breaking.

The Mushroom Cloud

Notice that Pluto also bisects the upper Trine of the Yin Gate, forming a Grand Trine with the bottom blue (black) line, and a T-Square with the central (red) Opposition.  The Vacant sixth point in the now-faded Grand Sextile, Opposite Pluto, is 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which Rudhyar hears as “The arduous training for perfection to fully manifest an ideal.”  If you’ve a natal planet at 9-11 of Cancer, I hope you’re about to step up and take an active role in helping pour the foundations for whatever socio-political edifice Humans build to replace the one that’s collapsing.

Look at the Angles to Pluto in the Yin Gate chart…

DSCN4565What’ll we call this if not a Toadstool Formation!  Maybe a Pagoda?  I’ll let you do your own free-associations about what this one means.  It certainly implies to me that the Changes coming down are Plutonic in scale.  In a Plutonic Change, the Planetary Trance changes, and suddenly everything is different.  What stands out in this view, because of its asymmetry, is the Quincunx to the head of the Pallas Diamond Star.  That Quincunx might inquire…

I wonder, if enough of us set Boundaries to assert our own Missions, how will that change the World Trance?!?

I like the Uranus-Pluto-Pallas Pythagorean Triangle, because it loops from Challenge to Curiosity to Grace.  That’s a formula we would all do well to follow most of the time.

That Other Detail

Oh, then we notice that in the chart above, for September 30, the Moon (Manifestation) is crossing Mars (Action), implying that a good deal of leverage will apply, whatever is going on.  Remember anything else about Mars?  Comet ISON is passing Mars, on its way in to witness whatever it’s planning to herald as it slingshots around the Sun.  So that’s Moon-Mars-ISON there in the Aries section of Leo (new Identities).  And that happens to be closely Trine to Eris in the Sagittarius section of Aries (tossing out extraneous features in order to debug the central function of our new creation).  So we can expect a good deal of hidden information to surface here in the Yin Gate, that will have a significant impact on the downfall of the Old Order.

Rutilated Quartz – Titanium Oxide (Rutile) embedded in Quartz, symbolizing the hard-earned past-life Skills that are hidden beneath our South-Node Emotional Holding, skills that we need to liberate if we are to fulfill our Mission in the Lifetime.