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Possible Self-Deprecation Squall

February 1, 2020

That’s possible for the next several days, because the asteroid that symbolizes Self-Love (Sappho) is Lit up Strongly (Stationary) on 5 February, 2020 (just after 12am PST).  We can do Negative astroshrinkology, and assume that this asteroid symbolizes Self-Abandonment, or we can do Positive – Jungian or Spiritual – astropsychology, and assign Self-Love to the asteroid, and describe how a Constructive if sometimes Uncomfortable and/or Abstruse Unconscious likes to point out our Shortcomings to us so we can Upgrade them.

In a nod to the Unconscious’s Habit of Attending to Dimension while ignoring Direction, we thus interpret this asteroid, Sappho, as implying the Dimension of Self-Love-and-Self-Judgment.  Under the asteroid’s Influence, we could Experience either or both.  And we proactively regard Self-Judgment and it’s variations – Self-Hate, Self-Criticism, Regret, Self-Abandonment, and the like – as Illustrations of how we Lack Self-Love, and hence Opportunities to Convert them to Unconditional Self-Love.  Which is how Self-Love should work, Unconditionally.

We use a tried-and-true Habit-Change process to accomplish this Conversion.  First and foremost, we Notice that we’re Self-Judging.  Then we Congratulate ourself for Noticing, rather than Condemning ourself for Self-Judging Again.  This replaces Negative Reinforcement with Positive, making the process easier and faster the next time.  It may well require some Practice, before we can be Genuinely Grateful that we’ve Noticed and therefore prove that we’ve actually started the Change process.

Once we’ve approached Neutrality, we have several options.  We can Contemplate Alternatives.  We can PIAVA ( more Positive Responses.  We can set a Boundary with people who routinely Trigger our Self-Judgment, without Blame if possible.  We can find a Safe place to curl up in the fetal position, Hug ourself, and Poor-Sweetheart ourself (

Or we can just go for the Chocolate.  Since the Chocolate can reinforce Denial, though, we should first do some Noticing, Congratulating, PIAVAing, and/or Poor-SweetheartingSince both PIAVAing and Poor-Sweethearting require that we subsequently Change the Subject, then we can go for the Chocolate.  Hey, Best of Both Worlds, eh?  That’s what Self-Love is all about!

In this particular Sappho Station astroevent, it’s particularly important to Avoid Blame, because whatever it is that we’re in Judgment about, it’s not Present-Moment, it’s Karmic (Stationary Sappho Opposes the asteroid Karma/Karma).  It has its Origins in other Lifetimes.  Blame and Judgment are inseparable, so neither will ever take us to Neutrality, which we Need, because Nothing ever Changes until we Accept it Unconditionally just as it Is.  To do that we have to be in Neutrality.

This particular Sappho Station astroevent will also emphasize the places where we Give Away Our Power (asteroids Sappho and Karma are T-Square to/Challenged-by dwarf planet Hylonome/ Self-Sovereignty-and-Codependence, which is Conjunct/ Merged-With Jupiter/Expansion).  Blame is the quintessence of Giving Away our Power.  Blame is focused on Judging the Past; Responsibility is focused on Improving Future Outcomes.  Blame prevents Change.

Fortunately, this Sappho-Station astroevent is very Conducive to Deep Change (the chart contains a second T-Square/Challenge, to asteroid Vesta/Unconscious-Beliefs from Sun/Essence and asteroid Lachesis/Conscious-Change).  Deep Change is a Challenge (T-Square) here, but Accepting the Challenge, and Reverting our Habits of being Victimized by our own Self-Judgment, promises a Big Pay-Off (a T-Square is a Challenge to Mastery).

The overall Configuration of the chart is that of a Chrysalis (aka Takeout Carton, though this one’s upside down) – a cocoon that’s about to complete a Metamorphosis into a whole new Form

It’s also very Conducive to Enlisting the Aid of our Higher Power and other Guides and Invisible 5D Helpers (Finger-of-God/Pay-Attention! pointing to Neptune/Relationship-to-Goddess at the apex of the Chrysalis).  We could do that very Productively (the basic Configuration is a Fez, with which we most effectively work through the diagonal Quincunxes) by using PIAVAs such as…

  • God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Fully Embrace Unconditional Self-Love.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me.  (Sappho Quincunx to asteroid Vesta/Unconscious Beliefs)
  • God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently Fully Embrace my Self-Sovereignty.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me.  (Asteroid Lachesis/Conscious-Change Quincunx to dwarf planet Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty Conjunct Jupiter/Expansion)

As we’ve recommended several times, it’s particularly Powerful to alternate each of these Theta Healings ( with Tapping…

We Command the Healing, and as we finish we Pay Attention to What We Get when we say Show Me (which may be a Picture, a Gut Feeling, or any other Intuitive Form).  If we see or hear Yes-Buts, we can then Tap Those Out.  For instance, I needed to Tap Out “Even Though I have some Fear about Fully Accepting my Self-Sovereignty, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  Then we Command the Healing again, repeating as necessary until our Show Me comes out “Clean,” and perhaps Triggers a jet of Kundalini up the Spine.

Whenever we overthink Self-Love, in one way or another we come up against Narcissism.  Narcissists also need Unconditional Self-Love.  Narcissism per se isn’t the Problem we face in our Fearsome Leaders; the Problem is the Perverse Manipulation of their Psychological Disorders by the Snakes who gain from it.  Narcissism has its legitimate role in the World.  And if the Snakes didn’t bring us to the brink of Destruction, would we ever have the Courage to Mutiny?

Self-Love is also a perennial source of Confusion for anyone with Strong Virgo in their natality.  Virgo’s Spiritual Function is Ego Death, to unwind Leo’s focus on Self and substitute preparation for Meeting Libra’s Other with Openness and Equanimity.  So Self-Criticism seems like an Essential step in Virgo’s Process.  But that’s not Virgo’s only option.  Once a person with Strong Virgo becomes fully Aware of their Role in the Cosmic Cycle, and becomes Aware through their Emotions that a Transformation is imminent, they might for instance PIAVA it directly, with something like…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely be Transformed Directly into my next Natural Phase.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

This would take a lot of Courage, because everyone else’s Expectations of Consistency would be repeatedly Disappointed.  Which is an Issue not just for Virgo, but for anyone who is True to Their Own Power.

Manipulating the “Real” World

August 16, 2018

A friend has lost their Cat Mowser, and I’ve been coaching them on using Theta Healing ( and Tapping ( together.  Yesterday they wrote…

“So are you Adept at the Technique enough to bring Mowser home safely?  ‘Cause what I’m doing ain’t worked yet.”

The technique of toggling between Tapping and Theta-ing is Powerful for manipulating our own Expectations, which have a Powerful influence on our Realities.  Turning Lead into Gold is a different issue. 

  • Today, when I Theta that Mowser be Safe, the Picture I get is that She’s quite content.
  • When I Theta that Mowser Come Home, I actually get a picture of Her casually walking through the door as if nothing has happened.

How do we interpret that?

  • When I Theta that Mowser be Safe in 3D, I get Confusion.
  • So (after Celebrating Confusion for a moment) I Tap on Confusion about Mowser.
  • Then I Theta again on Mowser’s Safety in 3D, and the picture I get is that She’s happy.

If I interpret that literally, maybe a neighbor is making Her offers She can’t Refuse.  Or of course that She’s Successfully moved to another Lifetime.  But I don’t want to give my friend false hope.

My Motives (Passion in the situation in other words) are different from my friend’s, and that could easily be influencing my Prayers.  My Conscious Motives are to Teach my friend what I Know, to Ease their Path, to do what I can to help a Magical Being (Cat) continue to Have a Good Time, and in general to reduce Suffering to the extent that it doesn’t Inhibit the Growth we all need so desperately.

I don’t use Theta to Control “Reality” per se, but more to Orient myself Relative to It.  For instance, I must have bad Car-ma, cuz when contemplating a car trip I often spontaneously visualize the worst.  So I Theta a Safe Trip and a Safe Return, and if I get a picture of myself sitting back at home, I can just drop my Anxiety.  If I don’t, then I Tap on my Anxiety, then Theta again.  If I can’t get a Clear picture of returning Safely home, then I imagine Changing my route or timing and check that out.  So I use it more as a check on the ongoing struggle between my Intuition and my Karma than to Change “what I can’t Control” (that is, what ain’t me).

So what I recommend is that my friend examine their own Motives, and their degree of Passion in each.  I would imagine that their list includes at least Mowser’s Well-Being, Avoiding Grief, and Wanting Mowser to be Free of Suffering.  Maybe a high priority is just getting Mowser back in my friend’s arms, because that gives them such Comfort. 

I Believe that we Manifest most Effectively when we’re Passionate AND Neutral.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s Duality, and Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, not Dual.  When we’re Passionate and Not Neutral, we Project our Wants into situations that Look Like our Wants but aren’t, then get Disappointed when the Illusion breaks.  When we’re Neutral and Not Passionate, we don’t really care.  When we’re Passionate and Neutral, we Persevere at Striving for What We Want, and we’re constantly Attentive to Opportunities to improve the “Techniques” we use to Manifest.

Like it or not, we end up being Passionate and Neutral about our Deepest Desires, and about Resolving our T-Squares.  In both cases our Passion isn’t Optional, we’re Driven, and we eventually get to Neutrality after trying all other Options.

So I’ll Ask my friend to Review their Neutrality on each of their Motives, and Tap Out any non-Neutrality that they find.  They may also want to Theta Clarity on whether Mowser will be coming home in Her current (or most recent, in our Timeline) Lifetime.  If so, they can Theta Clarity about where to Look.  If not, they can get on with their Grief and move on to their next-best Reality.

A different friend lost their Beloved Cat, only to find themself later being Adopted by a Cat that was an obvious Reincarnation of the Original.


November 2, 2015

We’ve mentioned the “Command” extension to PIAVA, courtesy Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing.  It may be useful for several readers.  What I’m about to present is a grossly oversimplified version of Theta Healing, but it often works for me.  I recommend that you Learn Vianna’s version; see her website… 

or her book, Theta Healing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality.  This is how I use it; if my shortcut doesn’t work for you, don’t blame Vianna.  You know I like things simple.

(1) Get warm, comfortable, hydrated, and relaxed.  Take a few deep breaths.  

(2) Close your eyes and roll them up in their sockets.  Don’t strain to hold them there, but keep rolling them up occasionally as you proceed.  

(3) Say silently or out loud, “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that…”  Don’t forget the “Creator of All That Is” part – it’s a reminder to yourself about which Energy you’re addressing.  Be specific and add as many conditions as you need – for instance, not just that so-and-so be “Healed,” but that they be “Inflammation-Free, Infection-free, and Pain-Free” or the like.  

Not just that you find “Right Livelihood,” but that you “Discover how to express my unique Genius for the benefit of All while creating Abundance for myself and Others” or something like that (“Abundance” means “Having Enough to Share”).  Add terms to your Command as you think of the need for them.  If your mind wanders, start over at “God/Goddess…” as many times as you need to.  

(4) Say silently or out loud, “It is done, it is done, it is done.  Thank you God/Goddess.”  Take a few breaths.  

(5) Say silently or out loud, “Show me,” and watch in your mind’s eye to see what has happened.  If your Intuition doesn’t work through sight, you may need to use a different channel – Ask your Heart or your Belly, or what works reliably for you.  If you can see or feel the person Healed or Untroubled, good work.  

(6) If complications remain, what are they?  Did you omit an important dimension?  Do Yes-Buts arise?  Do you need to first Command that you or they Deserve to Heal?  Go back to (3) and Command that these complications be cleared: “that the body return to perfect functioning” or “that the work is Fun” or “that Healing be Loving, Gentle, Rapid, and Complete” or the like, whatever additional Commands you need.  Repeat (4) and (5) – does your Intuition detect that the condition you want Healed is now being corrected?  If not, add more Commands; if so, wallow in your Gratitude.

(7) If you’re doing a Theta Healing on yourself, or on someone or something in which you have an Investment of some sort, and you don’t See or Feel Success when you Ask “Show Me,” then Ask or Sense what it is in yourself that’s holding the Healing back.  Often you’ll see this even before you say “Show Me.”  Tap that Out… 

As always, it may take several rounds of Tapping.  When it feels like you’ve taken care of your Resistance, go back to step (3).

Like Tapping, as Nick Ortner says, “Try it on everything.”  If you’re PIAVAing for someone else, either get their permission (“Would you like me to Pray for you?”) or keep it very general and free of your own agenda, such as “I Command that so-and-so Receive a Blessing.”  You can find lots of criticism of Vianna’s work on the internet, as you will with any real threat to the Medical Cartel’s Privilege and income (just more Stationary Nessus).

As with the other PIAVA terms – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking – and other extensions, such as Expanding, you want to Change the Subject and then Pay Attention.  If you’re re-issuing the same PIAVAC every few minutes, then PIAVAC to Heal your own Anxiety instead.  Once you’ve PIAVACed and been Shown that it’s working, you should be able to leave it be for at least a day.  It doesn’t hurt to Act in support of Healing; combining the Magnetic and Dynamic usually works better than either by itself.  If you aren’t sure what Action to take, PIAVA Guidance.

I don’t expect that this metaphor always applies, but you can consider this Planet a School.  If you’re ready to Receive what you’re Asking for, the Universe will just deliver.  If you have other homework to finish first, the Universe will show you what that is.  As with Homeopathy, you may get a “Healing Crisis,” where the symptoms initially increase.  You Affirm Freedom from some Pattern, and wham, the Pattern repeats.  Why?  Your Guides may want you to get more Conscious about how the Pattern works, or notice what triggers the Pattern, or see it repeating in arenas you hadn’t noticed, so you can Change your Life more profoundly.  You often hear people say “I tried Affirmations, but they didn’t work” – because they weren’t Changing the Subject and Paying Attention for supplemental and remedial homework assignments.