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What Did Micky Say to His Therapist?

April 22, 2023

I always get Pluto and Goofy mixed up, but I guess it’s Pluto that Supervises our current post-Eclipse Portal, not Goofy. And I’m sure Pluto’s 1-2 May 2023 Station helped make the Eclipse Portal so Heavy. But we don’t want to Pre-Judge it.

Before we get too Deep, let’s take care of some minor details…

  • Mercury turned Retrograde today 21 April 2023, at PDT 1:34 am, BST 9:34 am, IST 2:04 pm, AEST 6:34 pm, in 16 Taurus (The Compulsive Truth of Love). It backs up till 14-15 May, PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 4:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am, AEST 1:16 pm, in 6 Taurus (Persistence at Opening the Heart). If you run into hiccups while Traveling or Communicating while Mercury is Retrograde, First, Recall that Mercury is Retrograde; Second, Say Hi to Mercury.
  • He’s a Trickster, and he’s trying to get yer Goat. Don’t get Uptight (he’ll Love that!), just Chuckle and Wink, to let him know you’re Paying Attention and you’re on to him. He’s constantly Amused by Doing these Jokes (and Expects us to be Amused too). Doesn’t matter to him whether you Fall For It or not, he just Loves Doing it. If everybody’s Chuckling, he’s having a Great Day! Every time I’ve Waved and Winked (like this morning when my ATM ran out of money), he’s Winked back and immediately showed me a Workaround. He’s not Malicious.
  • The Moon Goes Out of Bounds North 22-23 April, at PDT 9:50 am 22nd, BST 5:50 pm 22nd, IST 10:20 pm 22nd, AEST 2:50 am 23rd, in 4 Gemini, Compulsively Drawn Toward the Ephemeral. Folks on the Northern Half of the Planet are more likely to Panic than they were yesterday. The Moon Returns In Bounds on 27-28 April, PDT 2:59 pm 27th, BST 10:59 pm 27th, IST 3:29 am 28th, AEST 7:59 am 28th, in 8 Leo, A Charmed Life, Proud of Surrendering to Spirit, but Modest in Recognizing that Grace is Spirit’s Work, Not Yours. Be Alert for Hurtful Jealousy.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we were just about to join Pluto…

Pluto’s a Big Deal to most astrologers, and appropriately so. It’s always been the Poster Child for the then-current State of the Weltanschauung of Society. We interpret it as mapping what Jung called the Universal Unconscious. In Jung’s view there were three overlapping major layers of the Unconscious – the Individual (Uranus), the Cultural (Neptune), and the Universal (Pluto). That still works…

  • Uranus finished an 84-year Cycle and entered Aries when Linear Time ended in 2012. Aries is Creative Spirit. Spirit is In Charge, with Ego dragged along behind it on its ass. Aries is quite Prideful, so Ego is Puffed Up, but poke it once and it’ll Blubber all over about how Lost it Feels. Uranus got to Taurus in 2020, hand in hand with COVID. Taurus is Well Grounded, and with Ego Humiliated by now, it’s a lot Easier for the Soul to Connect. We often refer to Uranus in Taurus as Soul Descending into Matter. COVID gave us the Space to Integrate it, to the extent that we have.
  • In 2026, Uranus moves into Gemini. At that point Ego gets a rude Awakening – just as it Feels like it’s starting to Understand what’s going on, Soul ups the Frequency several Octaves, and the best the Ego can do is to Hold On for “Dear Life” – another excellent reason to get Expert at Recognizing and Surrendering into Ego Death now while it’s a lot Easier than it will be then. The last time Uranus was in Gemini was 1943-1949. Folks who Survived WWII were forced to Start Over in a Culture that they had to Create themselves from scratch. If we can Trust the Process and our Support and get Excited about this Opportunity, 2027-2033 will be Fantastic.
  • At the End of Time as We Knew It, Neptune was just leaving Aquarius and moving into Pisces. Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity) Loves Pisces. Anyone else think your Culture’s gotten more Confused since 2012? Or more Confusing? Obviously, lots of folks have gotten a lot more Certain than Confused. Hope they Enjoy themselves while they can – the only Certain Future for Certainty is Martyrdom.
  • When I was Learning that Confusion is the First Sign of Growth, I Discovered that whenever I Felt Confused, I automatically switched to Anger. I assume that many of the Abusive people that crawl the Internet looking for Opportunities to Act Out the Big-Ego Bullying that they learned from TV, or drive about looking for an excuse to shoot somebody (like they learned from TV), are also using Anger as Cover for their Ego’s lack of Experience with Confusion, as they find Scapegoats for their Childhood and Karmic Powerlessness.
  • Neptune gets to Aries in 2026, as Uranus enters Gemini. The Ego’s hardest job in Aries lies in dealing with the Culture’s Insistence that one Explain Oneself. The only way Aries can do that, is to make something up, because most of what Aries Does is more nD than its Actor or its Inquisitors. So in addition to becoming Expert at Ego Death over the next three years, we want to be sure that by then we’re very good at Embracing Confusion as the Sign that we need to Shut Up and Listen, and that we need to drop our Old Stories and Open to New Metaphors. And Realize that Reality, which has so many more Dimensions than we do, is Way Over Our Heads. From our Perspective, Metaphor Is All There Is.
  • By the time Uranus is firmly in Gemini and Neptune firmly in Aries, Pluto will be entering the Aries Segment or Duad (a Duad is 2½ Degrees) of Aquarius, so very few people will be able to Explain What’s Going On. We will need to be Thinking Globally, in the sense of Paying Attention to What’s Good for the Planet, and Acting Locally, in the sense of Attending to the Survival of our Community.

The Avarice of Faceplant and Gargoyle may have Killed the Internet and Journalism by then anyway, but we need to start now breaking our Habit of Hanging on Every Word from the For-Profit Minia. Most of the Minia is owned by the Oligarchs, and they want us Scared and Confused so we don’t Feel Empowered to Threaten them.

We don’t want to Exclude the Possibility of Miracles, but barring that, when we Project current trends, the Worldwide Suffering will be too intense and widespread to reasonably comprehend, and our own Community will Require All of our Attention. The more Local we can keep our Attention, the higher the probability we will personally Encounter Miracles.

While we Manifest Surthrival for Ourself, even if it’s totally in Private, it Strengthens the Etheric Template that anyone can use to Create their own Surthrival. There is no Healing without Empathy, but Empathy for Yourself and Your Own Community need to come first. The only thing you can Change is Yourself. You can Pray for whatever you want, but Praying for someone else to Change to your view of how they Should be, even if it’s “for their own good” or “for the good of All,” is contrary to this Planet’s Emphasis on Free Will. Pray for General Conditions that will make your Surthrival Easier. Other people with similar Needs can use the Etheric Template of what you Create for their own Purposes.

Beyond Pluto

Pluto gains its Power over the Universal Realm of the Unconscious because it lies deep within the Unconscious. However, so do a lot of other dwarf planets that have been Discovered since Pluto was. Each one is associated with a Segment of the Monolithic Unconscious that Pluto Represents. When a dwarf planet’s orbit is fairly well understood, it’s assigned a Minor Planet Number. Of the more than 3,000 dwarf planets beyond Neptune that have been found so far, 900 have received numbers. Much later, when there’s demand for it, the planet can get an official name – there are 35 of these. We follow these 13, and we’re studying one more…

Altjirathe Energy Field that Permits Life to Exist
Varunathe Life Force
QuaoarSurvival Instincts
SalaciaCommitment to Enlightenment
Zhulongthe Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment
ErisRevelation of What’s Been Denied
VardaAbundance, Lakshmi
GonggongIntrusive Memories
SednaConverting Fear to Power
IxionGoing Beyond the Cultural Paradigm

So we depend less on Pluto than we used to, though it’s still very useful as an Overview of the Weltanschauung.

The 1-2 May Station of Pluto (Emphasis on our Compulsions) occurs at 10:08 am PDT 1st, 6:08 pm BST 1st, IST 10:38 pm 1st, AEST 3:08 am 2nd, in 1 Aquarius, Intense Idenification with Both Sides of an Argument, One Conscious the Other Less So; Resolution Depends on the Demise of Judgment, adjacent to the Fixed Star Altair, Bold but not Selfish Action.

The Pluto Station chart is otherwise pretty Benign. The only real Challenge (a Naked Square) – the Argument in the Chandra Symbol – is between Our Fear that Hupers Won’t Learn Enough in Time to Prevent a Repeat of Atlantis (Sedna-Juno-Atlantis Stellium) and Our Need and Willingness to Seek Divine Help in Taking Full Ownership of Our Karma (Magdaena-Damocles-Karma Stellium). These both being Stellia, they represent Mini-Enlightenments and therefore could represent the Integration and Healing of such Fear and such Need/Willingness. Interesting Combination.

The Pluto Station itself, part of a Grand Cross (Sequence of Relatively Minor Hassles that Resolve One Another eventually, especially if we can Avoid 2D Intervention) is Merged with Prevarication (asteroid Pinocchio) – interesting in the context of the Fox-Dominion and Trump-Rape Victim trials, not to mention the general Shitstorm of Rightwing Conspiracies and Imaginative Paranoid Metaphors.1

Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty), which itself is Stationary (Strong) 27-28 April (PDT 5:40 pm 27th, BST 1:40 am 28th, IST 6:10 am 28th, AEST 10:40 am 28th) in 26 Capricorn (Confusing Assignment to Camouflage Ourself as Fitting into Muggle Culture while Hiding the Eternal Flame Inside, while being only Dimly Aware of the Purpose of our Assignment), is also a member of this Pluto-Pinocchio-Hylonome Stellium. The Hylonome (Bowing to Social Expectations on the Outside) and Pinocchio (A Charade) Explain one another’s presence in the Pluto Stellium and Explain the 26-Capricorn Chandra Symbol – we’re all Pretending to be Normal while Being Radical as Hell Inside!2

1 The other three members of the Grand Cross are Pallas (Boundaries) in Cancer, Ka’epaoka’awela (Transformation…) Merged with Out of Bounds Hopi (…of our Judgments) in Libra, and the Stellium of Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied about…), Phaedra (…our Childhood and Karmic Shame that Prevents Us from Embracing…), and Arachne (…Mother Nature) in Aries. Combine this with our Pluto Compulsion to Act Out our Muggle Charade more or less Naively! That’s actually pretty Intense!

2 Another situation where Lonsdale‘s Chandra Symbols seem to be written explicitly for this moment, as the interpretations for the planets and the Degree are independent of one another, but match perfectly in context. You’d think the Trush was knocking thrice on the side of Smaug’s mountain!

In the Hylonome Station chart itself, a Fully Self-Resolving Major Challenge shuttles Tension and Attention to Our Recollection of the Fall of Atlantis from an Argument between what seems to be the Outragousness of our Karma, and Our Enlightenment. Meanwhile, in both charts, the Crux of our astroevent, Our Muggle Charade, Enjoys Dumb-Luck Grace (Grand Trine) with Our Recollection of the Fall of Atlantis and with Emphasis on Sustainability.3

3 Growth-of-Consciousness-Juno Conjunct asteroid Atlantis in Taurus T-Square to the Opposition between Icarus Conjunct asteroid Karma in Aquarius and Samadhi in Leo. The T-Square is converted to a Diamond Star (Self-Resolving) by a Finger of the Goddess to Juno-Atlantis from Varda in Sagittarius (Abundance through Letting Go of Impediments) Sextile to Ka’epaoks’awela-OOB Hopi in Libra (Transforming Judgments).

The Grand Trine Connects the Pluto-Hylonome-Pinocchio Stellium in Capricorn with the Juno-Sedna-Atlantis Stellium in Taurus and Stationary Ceres (Emphasis on Sustainability) in Virgo (Ego Death). Ceres Stands Still on 6 May (PDT 12:27 pm 6th, BST 8:27 pm 6th, IST 12:57 am 7th) in 24 Virgo, Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light.

If your Self-Sabotaging Habits are Sticky, try Soothing yourself with Blue Calcite, either Vicariously by Gazing at the picture, or picking up a Tumbled Stone or two at your local Rockshop. Calcite is Calcium Carbonite, like your bones, teeth, and the shell of the Crab you ate last night, even if it wasn’t a Blue Crab. It’s more often “Massive” (like Granite) than Crystalline (like Quartz), but you might find some poorly formed or partial Crystals.

Confusion Is the First Stage of Growth 1

January 31, 2023

And will we ever be Growing over the next few weeks!

We start mildly enough, though we begin with both Moon (Our Instincts) and Mars (Action) Out of Bounds (Amplified). The Moon returns In Bounds (Reducing the General Level of Panic) on 4-5 February 2023 (PST 2:11 pm 4th, GMT 10:11 pm 4th, IST 3:41 am 5th, AEDT Qld 8:11 am 5th). Mars remains Out of Bounds (Actions and Reactions have more Impact than usual) all month and beyond, till 5 May.

Ceres (Sustainability, Resilience) is Stationary (Strong) 3-4 February (PST 11 am 3rd, GMT 7 pm 3rd, IST 12:30 am 4th, AEDT Qld 5 am 4th) in 7 Libra (Front-Row Enthusiasm). Remember that Sustenance – Eliminating the Unnecessary – is the first Step toward Sustainability. The chart Challenges us to Let Go Of Attachment to Old Dramas,1 though it’s Fully Self-Resolving. The whole “Climate” Crisis Armageddon (including the Demise of the Patriarchy, Intensified Competition for Dwindling Resources aka War, the Wrath of Mom aka Pestilence and Storms and Floods and Fires and Worse, etc etc) is the Old Drama we need to Let Go Of, because its Scale and Inertia is beyond the Powers of all of us, except when we’re All on the Same Page, and we certainly aren’t that! Time to follow Jewel’s Sage Advice and No Longer Lend Our Strength to that which we Wish to Be Free From – the first Unnecessary we can Eliminate.

We still have our Moira Station-New Moon writeup in the oven, but the 5-6 February Full Moon in 17 Leo will also be worth a separate post, as only one of its three Challenges are Self-Resolving. One of the Open (non-Self-Resolving) Challenges is an Argument between our Essence and our Instincts, refereed by our Soul (Sun Opposite Moon T-Squared by Uranus). Kind of like the argument your Head was having with your Heart over who was more important, when in walked Uranus.

There are four Sign Changes 6-8 February…

  • Asteroid Pinocchio Out of Bounds moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn (from PST 4:19 am 6 February till 20 May) means that our Colorful Little Lies will probably be used Less Often to Distract, and More Often to Manipulate. George Santaclos may find Less Humor and More Accountability in his Fabrications.
  • Asteroid Icarus explores Pisces (from PST 3:29 am 6 February till 22 March, then returning to Aquarius). Icarus, like its namesake, flies close to the Sun and then out past Mars, but its orbit is steeply angled relative to Earth’s. Because it’s so close to us and has such a weird Orbit, it’s all over the Zodiacal Map rather than following orderly Loops like “normal” ‘roids. In Pisces it implies Emotional Risk-Taking, maybe even Exciting Flings followed by Deep Crashes, perhaps at the Ides of February, when OOB Pinocchio crosses Sociopath OOB Ixion in 5 Capricorn. Remember Angels Fly because They Take Themselves Lightly – it’s all just Education about how we get Stuck on Our Thoughts About Our Emotions instead of Appreciating All of Our Feelings as EnergyInmotion. That’s such an Important Lesson for Ascension that it will be worth whatever Chagrin it generates. It won’t be our first Adventure in Overexcitement, this time we can Notice how we use Fantasy to Whip Up the Energy to Soft Peaks.
  • Asteroid Atropos Enters Pisces 6-7 February (PST 8:43 am 6 February), till 5 April, meaning we’ll be working with Emotional Baggage that’s Beyond its Expiry Date. Karma is Addictive, and when it Expires we’re Lost, as things no longer Feel Normal! We’ll get to Confusion soon, but this is excellent Practice. Your Mirror’s probably already pretty full of Admonitions, but maybe you could paste it on the wall – Confusion is the First Stage of Growth. We Believe Confusion happens in the Mind, but it’s an Emotion, pure and simple. That means Confused By… or Confused About… are Off Limits, they’re Thoughts About Our Emotions, certain This Way to 2D Forever signs, Flashing Red. Yes, it feels Strange, Something Is Missing! Wait a minute… Yahoo, Open Space!! Room for Something New And Exciting (well, not too Exciting, maybe we should wait till after that Pinocchio-Ixion thing).
  • Asteroid Vesta Leaves Pisces and Moves into Aries 7-8 February (PST 8:17 pm 7 February), until the Ides of April. Vesta is about the things we Take for Granted without even Thinking about it. Our Unconscious Limitations is the prime example. Aries is about Starting Over, a little more Tangy this time. But you know, that Pinocchio-Ixion thing is only a week away, is that too long to wait? We don’t want to Burn Out our Tang Buds. Seriously though (not that Pinocchio-Ixion isn’t Serious), the next two months are a good time to Test Our Limits. Some will have Magically Disappeared, and we may not know which ones till we Test them. Karma is basically Expectations, however, so when Testing we constantly have to Ask, Is This Really Present Moment, or Is It Just a Flushback?
  • And while we’re at it, asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) comes back In Bounds 7-8 February as well (PST 8:23 pm 7 February). It’s been Out of Bounds since early November. It’s in 11 Cancer, Retrograde, and it’s been in Cancer since early September, and will be till early May, 9 months. It usually takes a ‘roid of Pallas’s Orbit more like two months to cross a Sign. It entered it’s Shadow Period 29 September 2022, turned Retrograde 1 December, will turn Direct again 16 February, and finish with its Review by 23 April. The Shadow Period span is 11-27 Cancer. That covered the Scorpio Duad through the Taurus Duad of Cancer – more than half of Cancer.2

This’ll take us through the first 8 days of February 2023. Then it gets Complicated and Confusing! In the following 8 days we have 7 Stations – Narcissus/Focus on Self, Sedna/Converting Fear to Power, Zhulong/Enlightenment, Aletheia OOB/Truth of the Heart Amplified, Ganesa OOB/Remover of Obstacles, Turbocharged, Hopi OOB/Great Respect for ALL Things, and Pallas/Boundaries – a Workshop on Stelliums or Stellia3 (3 or more planets Merged)! And five more Sign Changes. Coming soon to a blog near you.

On the last page of Wired Magazine you’re given a sentence, such as “An Animal that hasn’t been Discovered yet,” and you’re Asked to Write a Story about it, using only six words. Then they have an artist draw a picture of your Story. Stellia are like that, but we aren’t limited to six words, though we rapidly loses the Reader’s attention the furthur we go beyond that. It’ll be a Miracle if we can squeeze 7 planets into 6 words, especially since it’s taking us up to six words just for one of the seven planets! But we’ll try, next time.

1 A single Fully Self-Resolving T-Square to Requiem (Ego Death) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) in 7 Scorpio (Banished for Dedication to Embracing Our True Self and Letting Go of All Masks) from the Dialog (Opposition) between Enlightenment (Samadhi) and Obsolete Intrusive Memories (Lachesis Merged with Gonggong). The Resolution arises from Harmony (Sextile) between Truth of the Mind (Veritas) and Our Lifetime Mission (Mean North Node), both of which Relate to Ego Death in Mysterious Ways (Quincunxes in a Finger of the Goddess). Grace is added by a Grand Trine from Requiem to Varuna OOB Merged with Black Moon Lilith (Letting Go of Health Limitations Associated with Codependence) and to the Stellium of Jupiter, Atlantis, and Salacia (Choosing between the Drama of Expanded Memories of the Fall of Atlantis, and the Peace of 5G).

2 A Shadow Period, like a Triple Conjunction, has three phases. In the first phase, Pallas crossed 11-27 of Cancer, adjusting its Boundaries as it went. In the Scorpio Duad of Cancer, Pallas probably kept Boundaries too Tight. Then in the Sagittarius Duad it Loosened them – too much. So it tried to Attune them to the Specific Situation in the Capricorn Duad. In the Aquarius Duad it would have Adjusted them to be Socially Appropriate. In the Pisces Duad Boundaries would be an Emotional Issue, and may have been Adjusted Codependently. The Aries Duad would have seen a Liberation of some sort, Testing Free Will. Finally, Pallas in the Taurus Duad of Cancer would see the Final Version of Cancer’s Boundaries after it’s 2022-23 Adjustments, with all Bells and Whistles Polished.

Here’s a handy table you can use to figure out Duads, should you ever have the need. Duad is sometimes spelled “Dwad,” but I always thought that sounded too much like something you’d Dspit across the Droom with a Dstraw, and Duad is easily compared to Triad, making definition easier. In the table we’ve put 11-27 Cancer in bold as an example…

To use the table, you have a {planet/keyword} such as {Pallas/Boundaries}. You also have a {Sign/Quality} (the columns in the table) such as {Cancer/Nurturance}. So you have {Pallas in Cancer/Nurturing Boundaries}. Now we want more detail, so we go down to the Duads. Here we add {Secondary Sign/Secondary Quality} (the rows in the table) such as {Pallas in Capricorn Duad of Cancer/Pragmatic Nurturing Boundaries}. It’s easier than it looks, and it will add a lot of mileage to your astrology.

Now, the second phase of the Shadow Period is when the planet is actually Retrograde. There may have been snags and hiccups during the first, Direct Crossing of the Shadow Period. The Retrograde Crossing does it backwards, so you can see where there were imperfections and Adjust them. Finally, the third phase, when the planet Crosses the Shadow Period Direct again, is the Confidence-Builder phase. By 23 April, you can consider yourself to have an AA degree in the Social Side (Libra through Pisces) of Nurturing Boundaries. Park this Experience in your Imaginal Resume, and you’ll have it Forever. They say “You Can’t Take It With You” when you Leave the Planet, but in fact, you take with you, for future Intuitive use, everything you Learn in the Lifetime!

3 Depending on how recently you studied Latin. For the authors and editors among youall, there’s an entertaining essay on plurals of words ending in -us at . The author doesn’t mention words ending in -um, and it’s been half a century since I studied Latin, so I just took my cue from Cat on a Hot Tin Streetcar.


January 19, 2023

The Moon is now Out of Bounds (Folks are more likely to Panic than otherwise), as of 18-19 January 2023 (PST 7:27 pm 18th, GMT 3:27 am 19th, IST 8:57 am 19th, AEDT Qld 1:27 pm 19th), over the Southern Hemisphere (Southerly Folks are even more likely to Panic), until 21-22 January (PST 8:52 pm 21st, GMT 4:52 am 22nd, IST 10:22 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2:52 pm 22nd). The Moon goes Out of Bounds (OOB) for several days every two weeks for a decade or so, then for another decade it doesn’t go Out of Bounds at all. Its first OOB adventure of the 20-year plus Cycle is usually Momentous – for instance, the last two were called “COVID-19” and “Nine-Eleven” – Lotsa Panic.

If you live where you can see the Sky, you can see the Moon go OOB. When the Moon is OOB North, it rises in the Northeast and sets in the Northwest. When it’s OOB South, it rises in the Southeast and sets in the Southwest. I used to live in Seattle, which sits 50 miles/80 km East of an 8,000-foot/2,500-meter high, 50-mile/80 km wide Mountain Range. At the June Solstice in Seattle, the Sun set right on the Northern Edge of that Range. At the December Solstice it set at the very Southern Edge of it. To Seattle, it was the Stone Henge Range. You Felt the difference on your Skin.

Before I lived there, I’d never hung out where there were landmarks at the Solstices, so while I knew conceptually that the Sun traveled from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer (23:27° South and North Latitude) and back every year, I had no idea what that really meant “on the ground.” When you can see how far that really is, it’s Shocking. When the Moon is OOB S, it’s further South than the Tropic of Capricorn, and when it’s OOB N, it’s further North than the Tropic of Cancer.1 Furthur than the Sun ever goes, in other words.

The next Big Event is the Station (Peak Energy) of Uranus (Our Soul), on 22-23 January (PST 2:57 pm 22nd, GMT 10:57 pm 22nd, IST 4:27 am 23rd, AEDT Qld 8:57 am 23rd), in 15 Taurus (The Need to Surrender, Erupting Repeatedly). The difficult Star Menkar lives in that Degree. A natal planet in 15 Taurus means that we’ll have to Surrender Repeatedly to Something. Uranus in 15 Taurus on the other hand means that we have to Surrender Our Egos to Our Soul.

For instance, a friend has their Venus in 15 Taurus, and they’ve Surrendered to their Values so thoroughly all their Life, that they’re Fortunate but Burdened by their acute Conscious Awareness of the Karma that Separates them from their Values. The rest of us are just Burdened. We don’t know we’re Separated from our Less-Conscious Values till we Betray ourself, and then we’re still not sure how we’d Avoid the same Betrayal tomorrow.

The twelve Signs are divided into several Qualities. There are…

two Styles – s1=Dyamic/Masculine/Positive, s2=Magnetic/Feminine/Negative,

three Modalities – m1=Creative/Cardinal, m2=Stabilizing/Fixed, m3=Changing/Mutable, and

four Elements – e1=Spirit/Fire, e2=Flesh or Matter/Earth, e3=Mind/Air, e4=Emotion/Water.

Each Sign has a Style, a Modality, and an Element, and the combination of the three is unique for every Sign. Aries starts at s1/m1/e1, and each next Sign just moves and cycles to the next quality in order. Like this…

The first Sign, Aries, is s1/m1/e1, Dynamic Creative Spirit.#7 Libra is s1/m1/e3, Dynamic Creative Mind.
The second, Taurus, is s2/m2/e2, Magnetic Stabilizing Flesh.#8 Scorpio is s2/m2/e4, Magnetic Stabilizing Emotion.
The third, Gemini, is s1/m3/e3, Dynamic Changing Mind.#9 Sagittarius is s1/m3/e1, Dynamic Changing Spirit.
The fourth, Cancer, is s2/m1/e4, Magnetic Creative Emotion.#10 Capricorn is s2/m1/e2, Magnetic Creative Flesh.
#5 Leo is s1/m2/e1, Dynamic Stabilizing Spirit.#11 Aquarius is s1/m2/e3, Dynamic Stabilizing Mind.
#6 Virgo is s2/m3/e2, Magnetic Changing Flesh.#12 Pisces is s2/m3/e4, Magnetic Changing Emotion.

Each Sign Balances what the previous Sign has Overstressed. For instance, when Aries gets “Airy-Fairy,” Taurus Grounds it. When Taurus gets Stuffy, Gemini Breaks its Rules. When Gemini gets Scatterbrained, Cancer Asks “What are you Feeling?” When Cancer gets Codependent, Leo Prioritizes Self. When Leo gets Full of Itself, Virgo brings Ego Death. When Virgo gets Self-Critical, Libra Invites Other to Refocus Virgo Outward.

When Libra can’t figure out how to do Relationship, Scorpio resolves to “Get to the Bottom of it.” When Scorpio gets too Intense, Sagittarius Advises Letting Go. When Sagittarius gets Lost from Letting Go of everything, like our friend to the left, Capricorn gets Pragmatic. When Capricorn gets Techy, Aquarius Wonders how People fit into the Engineering. When Aquarius gets too Idealistic, Pisces Feels the Pain of History’s Ideological Failures. When Pisces gets Lost in an Emotional Muddle, Aries Appeals to the Angels for Help.

This is why we have natal planets and Transits (visiting planets) all over the map, Sun in one Sign, Moon in another, Mars in Limbo, etc etc, to help us stay In Balance. And why Signs without planets, and Signs with too many planets, contribute their own kind of Karma.

Signs of the same Element Cooperate with one another because they Understand one another. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius foor instance are all Spirit Signs – Aries Creates, Leo Stabilizes, and Sagittarius Changes, or Adjusts to better fit the next Iteration of the Loop.

Signs of the same Modality Clash, because they’re seeing the World as Composed of different segments. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all Stabilizing Signs, but they Stabilize different parts of the Puzzle. Give them a Problem, and Taurus will fix the Fleshy part of it, Leo will fix the Spirity part of it, Scorpio will fix the Emotiony part of it, and Aquarius will fix the Mindy part of it. What a Team!

But this is the Fourth Harmonic, the Evolutionary Edge of Huperity according to Dane Rudhyar, and it’s stuck on the backside of the Edge. These are called Fixed Signs for a reason – in a Patriarchic Culture based on Domination, these Signs prefer to Dominate. So instead of fixing the Spirity part of the Problem, Leo prefers to tell they other three that they’re All Wrong, the onliest way to fix a problem is the Spirity way! And the other three do the same!

The Fourth Harmonic is really Dominion, not Domination. Dominion means Healthy Control, combining the Inspirational part of Competition with the Multiplicative Benefits of Collaboration. In Domination, the primary Inspiration arises from Fear. Your Success depends on the Success of your “Superior,” and you’re always in danger of being kicked off their Team after you’ve invested a Lifetime of Learning their Rules for your Life.

Twelve Signs and three Modalities means that there are four Signs for each Modality, one for each Element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. When a number of planets line up near the same Degree of each Modality, Conflict and Challenge result. When all four Elements are represented, there’s Balance and Self-Resolution. But with three, or even two Elements, their Competition, and hence the Challenge, becomes Intense. Every Conflict or Challenge is an Opportunity for SuperPower, but before we get there we have to Learn to Handle the Challenge. In any chart, three Challenges are Possible, one for each Modality – Creative, Stabilizing, Changing. This is how the Challenges we speak of arise…

The 22-23 January Station of Uranus has Challenges in all three Modalities, and none of them are Self-Resolving. That means our Work is cut out for us. As is Her wont, Soul (Uranus) is patiently waiting for us to make a Conscious Choice about whether we want to continue to Live as Ego-Master of Hollow Materialism, or Let Go of our Karmic Limitations and Move to 5D.

In the Creative Modality, the Top Dog is Compassion (Cancer). The Top Dog itself is Boundaries (Pallas), and it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds). The two Lieutenants fighting to Dominate the Conversation are Intuitive Action (Aries), and Relationship (Libra). In the Intuitive Action corner we have Despair and its trainer Miracles (Chiron). When Miracles has its Ear, Intuitive Action Rushes forward to Compete, but most of the time, like our friend to the right, it’s too Depressed to Act. In the Relationship Corner sits Disbelief (Kassandra).

This is a good Metaphor for COVID. The Matriarch of the family says, “Shitodear, this stuff is Dangerous, Let’s Draw some Firm Boundaries” – Masks, Quarantines, Strict Rules about Engagement. The Libertarian Skeptics Disbelieve, saying “Dangerous? No Way, all you need is some Dewormer and you’ll be fine. Those People were already Dying. COVID’s just a Worm.” The Intuitive Actors, many already chronically fatigued, are Paranoid about Long COVID, and mostly Hibernate, Poor-Sweethearting themselves and PIAVAing Safety whenever they run low on Groceries. The Pragmatists (Capricorn), who could perhaps have Balanced the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Drama, are Absent, relaxing in their Fallout Shelters.

The Panic of the Day in the US is the Debt Ceiling. In the Changing Modality of the Uranus Station chart, the Leader of the Pack is Resilience (Gemini), impersonated by an Environment that Will Sustain Life (Altjira), which is Urgently Needed (Out of Bounds). One Pretender to the Throne is Defense of the Status Quo (Virgo), peopled by The Rule of Law (Orcus) and The Fierce Enforcer (Thereus). The other Wanna-Be Boss is Karmic Emotional Baggage (Pisces), represented by the motley crew of The Patriarchy’s Hit Man (Heracles), Abuse and Privilege (Nessus), and The Web of Life (Arachne). The Web of Life is an Abused Slave Kidnapped by the Hit Man and Privilege. Missing in Action is Letting Go of Ideologies (Sagittarius), who could have been a great help if anyone would listen to them.

Stabilizing Influences are Scarce, with two of them on Vacation, Emotional Stability (Scorpio) and Social Stability (Aquarius). No one is In Charge. The two remaining Stabilities are duking it out, with no Clear Winner. The Stationary Star of our Show, Uranus, is Standing In for Material Stability (Taurus), and joined by Pan, the All-Important Chief Architect of Nature. Meanwhile, the fourth and last Fixer, Leo, the Spiritual Stabilizer, is Led by none other than Hubris (Hybris). How Tricky! It’s Self-Importance that fills the Spiritual side of the Contest, while Our Soul and Nature Itself Team up on it from the Material!

Sounds backward, but Think about it for a moment. We have to be pretty damn Focused on the Self to Commit to Ascension and Follow Up on it, and Flesh is what Our Soul is Descending Into, assisted by the Grand Master of Matter Himself, Pan. If we make the Choice, our Huperity and our Spirituality can Meet in the Middle, as our Self Ascends and our Soul Descends. As we do, we have to Abandon all Expectations and Mindstuff, as we Enter the Unknown, the Great Mystery, symbolized by the Lingam.

1 To be more precise, the North-South measure of the Moon’s Location is measured not in Latitude but in “Declension,” which is a Projection of Latitude onto the Sky. Declension measures in degrees how far from the plane of the Earth’s Orbit an Object appears to be, while Latitude measures in miles how far the Object is from the Equator. Or something like that – my mind navigates natively in two linear or circular dimensions, while astronomy works in three, and it’s spherical geometry besides. Some day I’ll get Confused enough to Grok the latter.

Respect for the Goddess’s Infinite Forms I

August 24, 2022

News Flash! Soul is Descending into Flesh! Oh, you knew that already? Great! So then, what’s really New today? Well, Soul and it’s Adventures with Matter are Highlighted today (Uranus Stood Still at 6:53 am PDT 24 August 2022).1 Any trouble Sleeping? Uranus is famous for that. Don’t worry about not getting your 8 – rest obeys its own Timing when Uranus is Lit Up. Do something Fun or Productive till it’s obviously time to Sleep. No sense staring at the ceiling in the dark. Worried about being Exhausted tomorrow? No Worries; Uranus Energy is a lot Stronger than any Circadian Rhythms, and it’ll handle everything. You might even be Inspired to call in Well.

Like our recent Full Moon, the Uranus Station chart is Perfected – it includes planets at every possible Station, making what we call a Grand Unx. I know, Unx is a strange word, but it means 1/12th. Of anything. In this case it means a planet in more or less the same Degree of every Sign. The Twelfth Harmonic (ie, 1/12th) is also about Pattern-Breaking. Uranus and Soul are already not Creatures of Habit. They’re Creatures of Impulse and Intuition. They’re Intimately Connected to Everything Else in the Universe, so their Perspective is Galaxies wider than our Ego, or our Biology.

The name of the game is Surrender – Hands Up or I’ll Disrupt! Muggles know Uranus as Disruption, but we know that Uranus Disrupts only that which is in the way of the Soul’s Plans for us. Take the day off and kick around town, just to see what pops up that’s Unusual. If nothing happens, you aren’t Paying Close Enough Attention! Sharpen your Focus, or Blur it, but Shift it. Look Behind everything. Nothing is as it Usually Seems. What Is It that’s Different today? Colors a little Brighter? Any little Twitches in Reality occurring just outside the corner of your Eye? Who else is with you that isn’t there? What’s it Smell Like?

An Unx, and especially a Grand Unx, makes Habits like Karma Easier than usual to Break. The dozen Patterns that we can Break this week include…

  • Our Codependence,
  • Our Tendency to Ignore the Most Important Thing,
  • The Value of Abuse for Consciousness Expansion and Boundary Refinement,
  • Indulging Despair,
  • Ignoring our Life Mission,
  • Taking Material Life for Granted,
  • Failing to Savor the Richness of Craving,
  • Transgressing our Values,
  • Disrespect for Illness as a Messenger,
  • Self-Absorption,
  • The Emotions We’d Rather Die than Feel, and
  • Carrying a Victim Perspective into a Rebirth.2

And all the Interaction Terms. The strongest Pattern-Breaking Assistance from the Universe will occur between adjacent pairs on this list.

For instance, pairing [our Tendency to Ignore the Most Important Thing] with [the Value of Abuse for Consciousness Expansion and Boundary Refinement ] – when we are in a Relationship with grossly Unequal Power Dynamics, such as Child to Adult, or Person-without-Gun to Person-with-Gun, or Hunger to Food, our Survival Instincts are the Patterns that will keep us Alive. That often means Losing-the-Battle-in-order-to-Stay-Alive-in-Hope-of-Later-Winning-the-War, aka Trauma. Trauma has a unique way of Burrowing into the Unconscious and forming a Hidden or Semi-Hidden Tumor there, which Tumor can have more Power over our Choices and Manifestations than our Ego does.

Later, when we’re involved in Contractual Relationships, such as Patient to Doctor, Employee to Employer, Follower to Influencer, Client to Service Provider, that Unconscious Tumor can make the Ego forget that the Relationship is theoretically Consensual and theoretically between Equal Adults. Whether or not Doctor or Employer or Influencer or Service Provider explicitly take the role of Person-with-Gun (which many often do), that Tumor can compel Patient or Employee or Follower or Client to take the role of Person-without-Gun. If the Contract is not Explicit (Goddess save us from Lawyers), or Boundaries Loosey-Goosey, Bingo, re-Abuse, cementing the Abuse Karma in place more firmly. What a Gift it would be to Break Patterns like this!

How? The first step is Noticing, and it’s especially important to Notice that This Reminds Me of Something. I’ve Been Here Before! – which tells us that it’s Karma. If we’ve Experienced it before, it’s Karma. If it’s Karma it’s not Real-Life! Till we make it Real-Life by repeating our old Patterns and completing the Victim side of the Karmic Drama, which may or may not pull our counterparty into a Perp Role. As the current course of Politics demonstrates, many folks are more than ready to play Perp whenever the Opportunity strikes. But even without a Current-Moment Perp, we’re often perfectly capable of Re-Experiencing our Victim Role without a Perp at all – it’s Karma after all! We may not even know why we’re Bummed.

We ditch Karma by bringing it into Consciousness. Notice, Notice, Notice. We aren’t going to shrug it off in one Noticing. We need to Congratulate ourself for Noticing instead of criticizing ourself for re-Initiating – or even for Having – the Karma. We replace the Vicious Downward Spiral typical of Karmic re-Enactment by a Virtuous Upward Spiral of Noticing. The more we Notice, the Easier it is. The Easier it is, the sooner we remember to do it. The sooner we do it, the Easier it is, Onward and Upward. Once we Notice soon enough to Act, we can stop our own Habitual Pattern from going off. What to do then? Anything Different.

We’re Breaking the Old Habit now; once we get good at Noticing and Substituting, and we’ve Contemplated the Drama thoroughly and Begun to Focus on What We Want rather than What We Don’t Want, we can begin Substituting Productive, Self-Affirming Actions in place of Anything. Those will be Experimental at first, while we see What Works and What Doesn’t. We don’t Break Karma overnight.

Karma is basically Expectations. It’s what we Expect to happen, because it’s what’s happened so often before. Karma doesn’t Grab us (at least now that Karma is Dead), we Grab it. Breaking the Out-There part of Karma, the Active part, is stage one. Stage two is Breaking the In-Here part, our own Expectations that it’ll be deja vu all over again. Yes, we want to Proceed Cautiously, lest we get Trapped again. But we also want to Notice our Caution, lest we just end up Substituting Caution for Trauma. That’s a fair trade-off, but Temporary. Once we Break our Expectations, we want to be able to Live Freely.

Spend a few minutes with the other eleven pairs. Are there any that seem particularly Ripe for Expiry? Don’t forget Rebirth with Codependence – the list is circular.

  • 1 Aka 2:53 pm BST in London and 11:53 pm AEST in Sydney.
  • 2 Respectively, including everyone within three Degrees of Stationary Uranus that’s…
    • Dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) in 20 Capricorn,
    • Saturn (the Most Important Thing) in 22 Aquarius,
    • Dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in 16 Pisces Conjunct (Merged with) asteroid Juno (Expansion of Consciousness) in 19 Pisces,
    • Chiron (Despair and Miracles) in 16 Aries,
    • Uranus (Soul ) Stationary (Strong) in 19 Taurus Conjunct (Merged with) North Node (Lifetime Mission) in 18 Taurus,
    • Dwarf planet Altjira (the Field that Enables Material Life) Out of Bounds in 19 Gemini,
    • Asteroid Tantalus (Never-Consummated Hunger) in 19 Cancer,
    • Venus (Values) in 16 Leo,
    • Asteroids Hopi Out of Bounds (Respect for All Things, Exaggerated ) in 20 Virgo Conjunct (Merged with) Koronis (Coronavirus) in 16 Virgo,
    • Asteroid Narcissus (Self-Absorption) in 19 Libra,
    • South Node (Held Emotions) in 18 Scorpio, and
    • Asteroid Klotho (Rebirth) in 21 Sagittarius.

Another Soulful Pattern-Breaker

August 19, 2022

By now the Moon is back Out of Bounds over the Northern Hemisphere, having crossed the Tropic of Cancer on its Northward trek at 9:12 pm PDT 19 August 2022.1 While the Moon is Out of Bounds, Hupers are more Excitable than usual. It returns In Bounds 7:22 pm PDT 24 August,2 just a half-day after the 6:53 am PDT Peak of another Portal wherein our Soul and our Life Mission Merge.3 We’ll talk more about this, but while it’ll be Heavy, I don’t expect it to be as Heavy as our 26 July-3 August MegaPortal.4

  • 1 In 9 Gemini (Unstoppable New Energy Forcing Its Way In, Changing Everything); 5:12 am BST 20 August in the UK, and 2:12 pm AEST 20 August in Oz.
  • 2 In 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ); 3:22 am BST 20 August in Coventry, and 12:22 pm AEST 20 August in Melbourne.
  • 3 In 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image);2:53 pm BST 24 August in Glasgow, and 11:53 pm AEST 24 August in Hobart.
  • 4 It’s another Grand Unx, or multi-Self-Resolving. Uranus is Stationary Conjoining North Node and Opposing South Node again, but the Node (both Mean and True) is now Separating from Uranus. Uranus is turning Retrograde, but it doesn’t back up quickly enough to catch the Nodes. Asteroid Karma no longer Opposes Uranus, but Saturn still Squares it, and Venus has moved into position in Leo to Complete the Uranus-Nodes-Saturn-Venus Grand Cross. More on this Grand Unx later.


July 26, 2022

Are we still Chopping Water and Carrying Wood?

Brenda Hoffman nicely covers our Soul’s Descent 1 and our Potential Guilt 2 in one Channeling…


“This is a time of great upheaval for the earth and those of the earth. You are feeling that earth turmoil at the same time you are clearing issues that no longer pertain to new you. A combination of unpleasant sensations that are a small indication of your Universal strength.

“Many of you question the concept that you are a god. But because of your actions over the past few months, you are beginning to understand the phrase you learned as a child that God/the Universes ‘knows every hair on your head.’ For you are sensing the pain and fear of others you have not met and never will. Sensitivities beyond what is expected of a 3D human.

“Your responsibilities no longer include sensing everyone and everything. Even though those feelings are a natural skill, that skill is not productive in your new world.

“You are not negating humanity or other earth beings. Instead, you are allowing yourself to focus on you. Your new Rubicon crossing is from caring for everyone and everything to acknowledging your needs. A concept that was touted as selfish in 3D but is a necessary element in your new world…

“In addition to negating the caretaking of those in your 3D circle of friends and relatives, you are now doing so globally. Letting go globally has been extremely difficult for you. Your recent exhaustion and/or bouts of rage indicate how complicated this phase has been.

“You trained for eons to help earth through this transition. And as you did so, you enhanced your caretaking skills beyond what would be expected of a 3D earth being. Not only did you care for family and friends, you felt the weight of the earth and its inhabitants.

” ‘Love thy neighbor’ – especially those who looked and acted like you. ‘Love and caretake your family’ – no matter what your home experiences were. Encouraging you to acknowledge internally that everyone, including the earth, was more important than you.

“Earlier in this transition, you discovered the need to allow family and friends to find their way. You are now doing something similar globally – causing your feelings of being a bad or selfish person to once again surface.

“If someone told you that you were responsible for the well-being and feelings of all earth’s inhabitants, you would ignore them. Yet, you have been enmeshed in that seemingly unattainable concept since your earth’s entrance in this lifetime…

“You are slowly realizing you cannot – and no longer want – to control everyone and everything. You are tired. You are ready to retire from parenting the earth and everyone and everything of the earth. This new earth and new you are topsy-turvy from every other earth life you experienced.

“Caretaking, with ensuing power grabs, was key to a successful 3D earth life. To shift the earth beyond 3D, you needed to play your god role of knowing what was best for the earth. Then you needed to morph again into not caretaking the earth or its inhabitants.

“You initiated that last phase by letting go of family and friends who refused to caretake themselves, and then, doing the same with the earth – a phase you are just ending. Allowing yourself to shine as a self-contained entity, knowing others are more powerful than they believe and that the earth has proved to be the same.

“It is time for you to see and sense the sun. Those following you have accepted their heavy-lifting roles. Yours are over. Relax. Play. Laugh. You have completed your challenging pieces. It is time to be a role model of contentment. No longer do you need to experience sleepless nights worrying that your family member or the earth is incapable of self-care. You are done. You have completed those roles.

“It is time for your new personal role. A role you have not accepted in any previous earth life – but one you experienced in thousands of other frequencies and dimensions. Enjoy. Play. Laugh. Your caretaking roles are over.”

A Shaperson Enlisting the Aid of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet to Restore the Capacity for Joy, Play, and Laughter in someone Suffering from Karmic Guilt

  • 1 26-27 July 2022, Uranus (Soul ) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image) Initiating (Beginning a New Cycle with) the Moon’s North Node (Lifetime Mission) while the Moon’s South Node (Held Emotions) in 19 Scorpio (Driven by Spirit but Plagued by Doubt ) Merges with (Conjoins) asteroid Karma (Karma) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 20 Scorpio (Dedicated to the Path but Challenged by Spiritual Pride till Spiritual Guidance Reigns). 19 Taurus (South Node) is home to (Merged With) the Fixed Star Zuben Eschamali (Social Reform with Corruption or Need for Status by the Reformers).
  • As long as Light-Workers have 2D or 3D Expectations for What 5D Planetary Evolution should Look Like, the Evolution will in their Obstructed view be Corrupted. The Uranus-Karma Nodal Axis is Squared (Annoyed – it’s a Grand Cross, in Earth Signs) by the Opposition (Debate) between asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) in 17 Aquarius (Maintaining Tradition) and Mercury (Awareness) in 15 Leo (Individuation). 15 Leo (Mercury) is adjacent to (Entangled with) the Fixed Star Accubens (Resurrection).
  • The Uranus-North Node Merger chart makes a Grand Unx – 12 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, or three Grand Crosses and four Grand Trines. An Unx is one twelfth of something; the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking. A Grand Unx is Self-Resolving, meaning we need to sit back and Observe, and not try to Intervene, because the astroevents are occurring at a Higher Vibration than our Intervention would be, and we’d just Screw it Up.
  • Mars (Action) in 15 Taurus (Iterative Surrender) Conjoins Uranus and North Node, causing many astrologers to worry about Violence and Disruption. Yes, the Lower Vibration of Mars can be Violent; it you Encounter that, Raise your Vibration (try Kegels for starters). And yes, Uranus is Disruptive, but it only Disrupts that which the Soul no long has use for, so it’s Good Riddance. Thank it for its Service while it was Useful, and wish it Goddess-Speed. 15 Taurus is home to the Fixed Star Menkar (Eruption), which may increase the odds of Violent Cleansings.
  • 2 Till 3 August asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) is Stationary (Exaggerated ) in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinionated ). The Exaggeration comes with two Big Challenges (T-Squares), first to Nemesis itself from Very Heavy Challengers – OOB Ixion (Forbidden Genius Amplified ), OOB Chaos (Exaggerated Superpowers), OOB Asbolus (Exemplary Intuition), Hybris (Pride, Hubris), and second, to our Transmutational Rebirth (Haumea Conjunct Ka epaoka awela) from Not-Insignificant quarters – Pluto (Compulsion), Cyllarus (Death), Kassandra (Disbelief ). But both are Doubly Self-Resolving, so No Worries if we Stay Out of Their Way. We’ll Flesh these Out in a later post.

Soul Descending II

August 22, 2021

The 19 August 2021 Uranus Station chart…

Lots to say, but little time. Major points…

The Fixed Star Sirius completes the important Full-of-Grace blue hexagon (Grand Sextile), which implies that while We Need to Consciously Take the First Step, after that Grace will take over. The other five Collaborating Partners in this Grace are the Uranus Station itself (Soul Descending), dwarf planets Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence), asteroid Lachesis (Karma that We Can Let Go Of), and dwarf planet Orcus merged with Mercury and Mars (Awareness of the Origins of our Karma and of Actions that We Can Take to Change It).

The overarching Grace implies that any negative impacts (such as Abuse, Codependence, Sticky Karma) can be Healed If We Allow It. Consciously Taking the First Step to Allow it can be as simple as PIAVAing that they be Healed. Most important, if and when you Experience any Memories or Examples of negative impacts, Notice that Your Karma Is Lit Up, and Respond by PIAVAing that it be Healed. We can Tap Out any Fear or Anger or other untoward Emotional Reactions to the Experience, repeating the Tapping sequence as many times as it takes to Feel Grounded and Centered. Then we can PIAVA (Pray For or Intend or Ask For or Visualize or “Feelize” or Affirm or Theta or other Magnetization)What We Want Instead.

It’s Important to Achieve Grounding and Centering – and/or Excitement – before we Ask for What We Want, because it markedly increases our odds of Success. We can and should be Excited about every Opportunity to Let Go of Negative Karma, because it will make our Future so much Easier. As we Practice Responding Constructively to Negative Emotions and/or Circumstances, Noticing that we’ve been Karma-ed becomes Easier and Faster, and Excitement follows naturally.

There are two potential Difficulties (T-Squares), Resistance to Surrendering (T-Square to the Galactic Center), and Respect for All Things (T-Square to asteroid Hopi). This suggests that we should consider Pride about Our Own Skillfulness and Independence, and any Judgment, as indicators of Negative Karma.

While the Uranus Station has Peaked, the influence remains (it’s no longer Stationary, but it’s still moving very slowly, and the slower a Planet, the greater it’s Impact), and part of the Practice of Changing our Karma involves Stopping untoward processes in mid-stream in order substitute an Alternative. So it’s never too late to review any Past Experience and Imagine where and how you might have intervened to Change the process. Don’t worry about evaluation – the important thing at the early stages of Karma Change is that the process is Interrupted and any Alternative substituted. Make it Fun.

Sirius, meanwhile, according to Bernadette Brady (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.85) “indicates that the mundane may become sacred, that the small action of the individual has a large effect on the collective. The individual, however, may be sacrificed to this collective expression, or may gain fame and glory. It is a blast of energy that can burn your fingers or help you achieve levels that seem impossible… Sirius can bring immortality, … but the price may be the burning away of the mortal flesh.” Remember that it’s not “I would rather die than Feel that again,” it’s I would rather die than Feel that again.” Consciousness of the process of Ego Death can Liberate you from oodles of Pain.

Be mindful of any Fear or Anger or Pride that might arise for you while reading today’s Arcturian Channeling by Marilyn Rafaele – more Exciting Opportunities…

“Greetings dear ones. In spite of everything you are hearing about and seeing, know that all is proceeding according to plan. Allow the Divine plan to unfold both personally and globally trusting that it cannot be influenced or stopped by those who do not want it, fear it, or believe it doesn’t exist. The Divine Reality that underlies all things is held in place by Divine law, and remains intact despite the actions of three dimensional minds.

“You volunteered and were chosen to be on earth during these intense times because you were spiritually evolved, strong, and capable of assisting with earth’s ascension process. You were well aware before coming that your choice would involve experiencing and witnessing events of negativity and chaos. You wanted to serve earth’s ascension process by bringing in and holding Light for the frightened and spiritually unaware majority.

“Your choice never meant that you were not to enjoy yourself or have fulfilling earth experiences, but did mean that while doing it you would remain connected to higher levels of awareness allowing the Light of your consciousness to impact those around you as you went about ordinary living unaware of your influence.

“You are the way showers, a Light in the dark for those who do not understand what is taking place and who live fully in the density of a three dimensional belief system. Your calm and trust will provide an example to others when things become even more intense as they soon will.

“At this point your work is simply to allow which means trusting that you are right where you need to be and experiencing what you need to experience for your spiritual growth. Even for the very evolved, the Higher Self will bring about situations that seem problematic from a human standpoint but which in reality are clearings or learning experiences necessary to evolving into a higher level of spiritual awareness. This is where trust becomes very important.

“When a soul incarnates into the lower frequencies of the third dimension, they are no longer in full alignment with the higher frequencies they came from and forget who they are. They begin to think of themselves as just human beings and accept what they are taught by parents, teachers, and society in general. Many very evolved souls have lost sight of their mission simply because they got caught up in earth’s belief system which is why it is very important to keep yourselves consciously connected at all times.

“Remember always that you are not a human being subject to every belief of duality and separation floating about in the collective. You have been that state of consciousness in many previous lifetimes but have evolved beyond it and no longer need to keep holding on to its beliefs. You know who you are and now must actually and wholeheartedly accept it.

“Allowing means resting in the truth of your being and accepting that your Higher Self is running the show. There are no accidents. Allowing can be difficult if not impossible for those who choose to remain aligned with old energy by spending hours watching and analyzing the news or in close contact and agreement with others fully enmeshed in third dimensional consciousness.

“Stay above the fray. But ‘how?’ you ask. Learn to turn off phones, computers, and televisions. Spend time in nature, do short meditations while at your desk, doing dishes, waiting at a stop light, or whenever… Wean yourselves away from addiction to constant distraction–music, voice, texting, radio, phones. The human mind loves distraction and gets a sense of satisfaction and even accomplishment from it, but if you are seeking alignment with the Higher Mind you must understand that IT speaks in Silence and cannot be heard over the noise of distractions.

“When things get difficult as they often do because you live in a lower resonating society, stop, take a step back, and contemplate—‘I am love. I am connected to all life within the ONE LIFE. I am peace, harmony, completeness, abundance, intelligence, wholeness etc. etc. etc. I am everything that Source/God is because I am Source expressing ITSelf.’ Then ask yourself if you really believe it.

“Many begin to practice truth but when things don’t immediately change or get better, they give up in the belief that it does not work. Truth must become your state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly because consciousness is that which forms the outer. It takes practice and patience even when nothing seems to change or even gets more difficult.

“As truth gradually integrates and becomes your state of consciousness you begin to experience more synchronicity, choices becoming easier and better, life events unfolding easily and without effort and struggle, abundance of what is needed when needed and often from where it is least expected– harmony in all facets of living.
“Do not lose hope for realization is a gradual process although in reality, it already is complete. No need for struggle and work to attain spirituality, for these actions simply solidify the belief that God and your good is outside of you. Cease any further struggling and rest in what is.

“You the awakened ones, have reached an important spiritual point. ‘Do I really believe what I have learned is the truth of myself and others or do I still question and consider truth too impractical for everyday living?’ This is your personal journey and you must accept that no guru, book, channel, ceremony, religion, or even Jesus or the Buddha can do it for you.

“Everyone has all the time they want to shift into a higher state of consciousness but now is a perfect time because the energies of earth are rapidly changing as new and higher frequencies of Light come in. Right now is the time you have hoped, awaited, and chose to be present for, but free will allows you choice with no wrongness or rightness about it and no mandate from ‘on high.’ We simply say that now is a really good time.

“Time has run out for playing the role of being a ‘spiritual person’—’reading books, taking classes, and spouting the ‘truth’ words without being willing to live them. All serious students of truth will soon be needed to assist those shocked and afraid as events and information unfolds. You don’t want platitudes and truths learned but never fully accepted to be all you have to offer.

“You need not seek strength and courage in these times because you now know that these qualities already exist fully present within you as does love, security, peace, etc. and everything else you have sought from people and spiritual practices throughout your many lifetimes.

“The times for seeking are finished but only if you choose. Every person at some point faces the choice of accepting that everything they have ever sought already exists fully present in the Divine Consciousness of their real being or continue living from the concepts and beliefs of the third dimension many of which have actually served well at times.

“The world is rapidly changing because its vibrational frequency is rapidly changing. Learn to stand back and observe while holding spiritual reality in your head and heart. Practice seeing the light within every person, especially those who are causing disruptions and trouble. You may see only a small pin point of Light in some while with others you see Light filling their whole body.

“The acknowledgement of Light within every person is love and is how you love yourself as well as others. Love does not mean accepting without question everything another says or does nor does it mean you need to somehow develop an emotional attraction to the person. In its highest sense, love is simply knowing and accepting that all are Divine Beings in spite of any outer appearances and then taking what ever human actions you may be guided to take. Love is the interconnecting energy between all within the ONE.

“Love is not an emotional attachment as so many believe although that is often a part of it. Love is not forcing someone out of their chosen ‘gutter experience’ if that is what they are choosing. Love is not doing nothing while spouting ‘God will take care of it.’ Love is knowing the truth in all situations while allowing intuition to guide you to appropriate actions which may on the surface look very three dimensional.

“For some of you, living Love will be a life of quiet awareness, silently acknowledging the truth and Light for everything you see and witness in the world. Others will be guided to become actively involved in movements and groups where their Light will help guide others to higher ways of creating a better world.

“Allow yourself to be guided as to how you can best serve the ascension process because there is no right or wrong way to be Light.

“Love yourself and all your seeming flaws in the realization that God has no flaws.

Meanwhile, the 22 August Full Moon, in a completely different Degree Zone, also sports an almost-Grand-Sextile. More on that soon.

Soul Descending

August 18, 2021

In the Unconscious, there is no Direction, only Dimension. So Ego Ascending and Soul Descending are the same thing. Except of course that Ego is tricky to define. We’re said to have to “Let Go of the Ego” in order to Ascend, but that refers to the colloquial definition of Ego, the one that’s associated with Pride. No question that it’s difficult to fit a swollen Pride through the narrow Portal of Ascension – remember when you single-handedly wrestled the handle-less Queen mattress into your new house or apartment the last time you moved? The Ego isn’t just big, it’s slippery and easily changes shape. Think Loki or Coyote or Mercury – very hard to pin down unless you’re a lawyer who’s tricked every fool into thinking that Debate has winners and losers rather than just mutual self-abusers.

Why did they take the handles off of mattresses anyway? Lobbying from the moving industry? Figuring no one would notice and they’d save $20 per million mattresses, that the CEO could sweet-talk into a $20 million bonus?

To us Ego isn’t about Pride, it’s just the part of the Psyche that’s been put in charge of our Survival. So the sense of “Letting Go of the Ego” is just about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess, Surrendering our Survival into the hands or tentacles or fins or hoofs or wings or breast of a Greater Power. But if the Goddess helps people who help themselves, who is it that buys the Lottery ticket? The Ego. The Rhetoric is tricky. Power and Ego are synonyms. Which is easier, Just Do It! or Talk about it? We probably need both. It’ll probably help to Intend to Collaborate instead of Competing.

Anyway, I’ve several other relatively urgent tasks this afternoon, so I don’t have time for a full-out post, but there are a couple of things that are easy to forget, but which we need to remember, before the 19 August 2021 Exaggeration of the Soul (Station of Uranus, peaking 6:40 pm PDT, at the Midpoint of Taurus). First, traditional Ego astrology interprets Uranus as Disruption, and appropriately so. And second, we interpret Uranus as Disruption of All that Is No Longer Aligned with Our Soul’s Purpose. So it’s a great time to Let Go and Let the Goddess Open Up Space for our next Adventure.

We’ll look at the Uranus Station chart tomorrow.

Soul Descending

January 14, 2021

Uranus in Taurus represents Soul (Uranus) Descending into Matter (Taurus). In my personal Experience, the influence of a planet is greatest when it’s Stationary, as Uranus is now. Most folks use a slightly different approach, considering a planet’s impact to be “normal” while it’s Direct, and a bit suppressed while it’s Retrograde. I don’t dispute that at all, it’s just not something I’ve noticed having a big impact in my own Life. I’m probably just not Sensitive to it. But if we assume that Perspective, then as Uranus turns Direct at 12:35 am PST on 14 January 2021, we might Expect Soul’s “Attack” on Matter to resume. It’s hardly an actual Attack, but to the Ego that’s being Muscled Aside, it can Feel that way.

After a brief toe-dip in June-August 2018, Uranus entered Taurus “for good” (ie, till it gets to Gemini) on 6 March 2019. That’s nine months before the kakavirus was first published, though I know a few people in the US who were “sicker than they’ve ever been,” a typical description of the kakavirus, earlier than December. Even if the initial timing isn’t to the day, the kakavirus is a good candidate for a Uranus-in-Taurus Effect, as it seems to do an excellent job of severely impacting the Olde Ego and making room for a new one (if we can find a way to be Comfortable with the intervening Confusion), often one with a drastically different job description.

As it Stands Still now, Uranus is joined by Mars (Action) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), Macho and Facho Energies, as befits an Androgynous Soul. The Either/Or Dualistic mind likes to think there has to be a Battle between “Opposites” and a Winner. Or, with a Buddhist Touch, a Balance between them. The Both/And Perspective suggests that we Maximize both. The Hypermale and the Hyperfemale Dance well together as long as they Avoid Competition and instead Choose Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration, and Community. We could call it 5C instead of 5D.

With Lilith representing the Hyperfemale, Venus seems kind of Left Out, and Challenged (Squared) by Chiron as well. Even without the Square, Chiron represents a Challenge to Victimhood…

What a week! I got this far, and tried to write more about fifteen times, to no avail. Once the Station Trance Let Go and it felt like I could write, I promptly discovered that I’d left half of the planets off of my charts, and I have no idea how that happened. I can blame the debilitating Ego Deaths on Uranus, and the Hallucinations on preparations for the Fairy Congress this weekend, but I’m seldom so clearly instructed not to write, and seldom so persistent at trying to anyway. No regrets, though. I got to go out this afternoon, and I was Hyperventilating the whole time, I was so Excited. I have no idea why.

Because I got to go outside? Because I got to buy ten pounds of fresh-caught True Cod from our local Hypermonger? Because the Colors were so Vivid? Thankfully I don’t always have to look for Reasons for Emotions, but they can make a person Wonder! I actually wondered if those Sunset-painted clouds were Luminescent, they were so Bright and Colorful, but they clearly weren’t that high in altitude or latitude. It must have been me that was high, but on what? It felt like LSD, but even though I felt like I was in a Bubble, I was fully “In Control.” And then the nascent Crescent Moon popped out between a Tree and a Cloud. Must be the Fairies.

So here’s the Uranus Station chart, with all the planets this time. It’s a lot Busier than it was earlier in the week…

Venus is no longer so alone, as the Climate Change Twins Pholus (Willingness to Respond) and Quaoar (our Survival Instincts) have joined her, and newbie Makemake (Manifestation) converts her naked Square to Chiron into a red-triangle T-Square. What springs to mind about that is, “What hath God wrought?” but I don’t think it’s God doing the wroughting, I think it’s us. We are Creator Beings, and we Create whether we’re Conscious of what we’re Creating and why, or not. In The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth said that it’s Easy to know our Karma, because it’s writ large in our Personal History.

It’s also Easy to know our Unconscious, because it’s wrought large in what we are Creating, if only we’d take Ownership (Pholus) of it. If we don’t like what we’re Creating in our Life, we have to get to know our Unconscious Persona that is Creating it. Of course it’s all Co-Creation, so Forget about Blame. Now the naked Square that remains, connects Juno (Growth in Consciousness) with newcomer Gonggong (Intrusive Memories). That’s not Radical, but it suggests that it’ll behoove us to Listen Up! If we want Hooves.

We noticed that asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) was at the Far Midpoint between Venus and Chiron in their Square, making a Mjölnir (Lightning, Illumination, Breaking Out of Darkness). And with Chiron inviting Venus to Own her Victimhood, we’re wondering where Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) is, that Mistress of Female Victimhood. Turns out Eris (which is Stationary [Strong]) is five Signs (Quincunx) from Vesta, and they make a whole ‘nother Uranus-Station chart…

These plus-or-minus 22-Degree planets are a half-Sign from the original plus-or-minus 7-Degree Uranus-related planets. An Octile (one eighth of the Circle) is a Sign-and-a-half, so mixing and matching these two sets of planets yields a lot of Octiles…

In fact, it makes a Grand Octile, and without any Vacancies or added asteroids or Stars or Zulu Goddesses! A Grand Octile is eight planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac. The Octile means Adjusting and Rebalancing. And a Grand Octile means Adjusting and Rebalancing into Wholeness. In Ego-Defending astrology, Uranus symbolizes Disruption. In Ego-Rebirthing astrology, Uranus symbolizes Disruption of everything that is no longer in Harmony with the Descending Soul. As a reader so aptly put it today,

“I am doing well, or ‘well enough’ with all of the massive, daunting, continuous incoming energies to process !!Jeez, who turned up the momentum of the momentous-ness 💥!!! It is like we are rising and deepening simultaneously and it’s hard to pay attention to both directions without getting pulled apart. So, my resolution to a solution is the time honored wisdom of ‘be in the moment’ and that seems to be the the only way out of the pressure 💚.”

January 2021a

January 7, 2021

In our next astroadventure, Emotions heat up (they evidently weren’t hot enough already), as the Moon (our Instincts) moves Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere,

from 4:28 pm PST 10 January at 23 Sagittarius,

till 8:48 am PST 13 January at 30 Capricorn.

Which means it will be Dancing with (assume each Excitation will be Lit Up for a half-day or more before the time indicated, peaking at the time indicated)…

…..Headquarters (the Galactic Center, 28 Sagittarius, 11th 1am PST) – be Open to Receiving New Inputs from your Guides),

…..Our Hidden and perhaps Forbidden Genius (Ixion, 1 Capricorn, 11th 6am PST) – Potentially Extreme Creativity,

…..A Newly Softened View of Global Warming (Venus, Pholus, and Quaoar, all in 5 Cap, 11th, noon-2pm PST) – Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Exactly As It Is after all,

…..Self-Sovereignty and Codependence (Hylonome, 18 Cap, 12th, 11am PST) – What Do I Want, For Myself?,

…..Our Essence (the Sun, 23 Cap, 12th, 3pm PST) – Whoa, That used to be Me, but it ain’t no more!,

…..Our Compulsions (Pluto, 25 Cap, 12th, 11pm PST) – a Good Time to Lovingly Embrace an Addiction and Set It Free (don’t worry, we never Give Up our Habits/Skills, we just Learn to Choose when and how to use them), and

…..Our Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt (Chariklo, 26 Cap, 13th, 7am PST) – a Good Time to Lovingly Embrace Self-Doubt and Set It Free.

That’s very busy, but each is a Window into that portion of our Psyche. If you have a natal planet in the Degree indicated or the Degree on either side of it, the Illumination is likely to be longer and brighter.

This Exaggeration of our Instincts Culminates (Stands Still) in 12 Capricorn at 12:20 am PST 12 January before it turns to head North again (which means most of the impact will occur on the 11th, at least in PST). The main Issue here is Respect for All Things (the Kite to asteroid Hopi) and alas, it’s Opposite, Disparagement of All Things Except Our Own Overinflated Ego. The list above lacks a 12 Capricorn because there are no other “Transiting” (in the Sky Now) planets there in Capricorn (Hopi is Opposite, in Cancer), but if you have a natal planet in 11-13 Capricorn, there could be Fireworks…

Let me know if you do Experience anything unusual on the 11th or 12th, particularly if it has anything to do with Unicorns or Rainbows. I’ve never seen anyone pay Attention to these kinds of Stations (planets Standing Still in the North-South dimension instead of the East-West dimension), so I have no idea if they’re inconsequential, undiscovered, or just something I’ve missed. Probably the former.

If we Choose to use the Opportunity to Let Go of Karma, we should find easy sledding Letting Go of Patterns that Impede our Self-Sovereignty (Moon-Lilith-Orcus Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Grace, or Arrogance]). Should we instead Choose to continue to Blame Others for our own repeating Karmic Patterns and Harden our Victim (the Poor Sweetheart), we’ll shy away from the Challenging Boundary (Pallas [Boundaries] Square to Lilith [Self-Sovereignty]) and Loyalty (Nessus [Power Balance] Opposite Orcus [Oath-Breaking]) Work necessary to Shift our Persona. A good time to Pray for Pence’s Soul, for our own Good, whether he “Deserves it” or not. He has the Power to use the 25th Amendment to put the Antichrist out to Pasture, or better yet the Feedlot.

We can make Easy Work of these Boundary Issues by, of all things, Focusing on Rainbows (asteroid Mbabamwanawarese, named after the Zulu Goddess of Rainbows Mbaba Mwana Warese, completes the Grand Sextile [Great Grace if we take the first step] and a Diamond Star to Pallas [Self-Resolving Challenges around our Boundaries, which might otherwise Betray our Self-Sovereignty], which otherwise Squares Lilith).

Peaking 12 hours before the Moon leaves the building (goes Out of Bounds), at 4:50 am PST 10 January, is a major Revelation of what we’ve been Denying (Station of dwarf planet Eris). The outrage over the 6 January storming of the Bastille by the Barbarians may or may not be another Political Sham, though the Congresspeople appear to be genuinely offended that their furniture was broken.

I suspect that this is close to the Reality…

“When [a Black Lives Matter activist] helped organize protests after the March 13 killing of Breonna Taylor, Louisville police responded with batons, stun grenades and tear gas. They still bear scars from rubber bullets fired at close range. So they were startled and frustrated Wednesday to see a White, pro-Trump mob storm the U.S. Capitol — breaking down barricades, smashing windows and striking police officers — without obvious consequence.

” ‘Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence,’ they said. ‘And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen. I don’t understand where the ‘law and order’ is – this is what white supremacy looks like.’ They and other activists across the country, who spent much of 2020 facing off with law enforcement officers while protesting police brutality and racial inequality, watched with a mixture of outrage and validation as the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol building during sessions of the House and Senate…

“[A resident of] Portland OR said they were among dozens of people who were tear-gassed and beaten by federal officers as they stood this summer in a park close to a federal courthouse in their hometown protesting the choking death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. ‘We never once tried to get into the federal building,’ they said. ‘We faced off with people who looked like troops. They were dressed for war. They were in armored vehicles. And today I’m watching bike cops riding up.” —

Then there’s Global Balming, a Planet that’s rapidly becoming unlivable from Pollution for Profit, massive Inequality in Economic Opportunity, and many other places where the Body Politic might well gain from an Opening Eye. And on the personal level, be Watchful for Repetitions of Lifelong Bummers, as your Unclaimed Karma gives you another Opportunity to look behind the curtain to see which of your Estranged Personas is making a pitiful Trumpian Cry for Attention.

Once we get past the Eris peak and into Moon Out of Bounds, we’ll be constantly Confronted with our Soul, as its Presence (Uranus Stationary) peaks at 12:35 am PST on 14 January. And while we’re Tranced Out by the OOB Moon, we become more Compassionate with our Dying Karma (asteroid Atropos backs into Cancer on 12 January), but also more Attached to it (asteroid Aletheia backs into Pisces on 13 January).

To be continued…