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Anger, Grief, War: Flags, Eagles, and Roosters

November 16, 2015
Our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that in a few hours (8am-noon PST 17 November – ) Mercury and the Sun will both be Initiated by the asteroid Achilles.  The Mythical Achilles, whose name can be rendered as “the Grief of the Nation,” was killed – by the God Paris of course – in the Siege of Troy.  Achilles is best known for his Rage – and his fatal weakness.  It took ten years for his crew to destroy Troy and most of its inhabitants (including Paris), though he didn’t live to see the destruction finished.  In some versions of His Story, the few remaining Trojans founded Rome.  Flags galore here, as elsewhere – As Above, So Below.

The Initiations occurred at 26 Scorpio, “Native Americans making camp after moving into a new territory.”  Elsie didn’t say whether they were simply following the seasons, or following up on the conquest of a rival, though in my reading the former is much more likely.  In that sense, we can see the Degree and its new territory as representing New Perspectives – our Eagle.  

The Sun-Mercury-Achilles Stellium, “coincidentally,” is Trined by the asteroid Paris (who was as famous for his corruptibility as for his impartiality), and Quincunxes the dwarf planet Eris (Curiosity about Revelation of what has been Denied) and Unxes the Haumea-Juno Initiation (Breaking Free of Archetypes) that occurs a short time after the Neptune Station (Dissolution of the Veil) on 18 November.  The new Juno-Haumea Cycle (Rebirth of Consciousness) is “coincidentally” about “The chanticleer’s voice heralding sunrise” (23 Libra) – our Rooster again.

A “Trojan” in astronomy is an asteroid that shares an orbit with a planet or moon.  Trojan asteroids are Lagrangian objects, safe from collision with the planet or moon because they orbit at gravitationally stable Lagrange points, Trine to the planet or moon.  Most planetary Trojans reside in Jupiter’s orbit, while most lunar Trojans are found around Saturn’s moons.  Asteroid Achilles is in fact a Jupiter Trojan, the first Trojan discovered, orbiting sixty Degrees ahead of Jupiter.  As seen from our Perspective, it’s approximately a Sextile ahead of Jupiter.

So 17 November may provide a Teaching about Rage, Grief, New Perspectives, Actions directed by the Unconscious, and eventually, Clarity.  While Grief can do a fair job of it, few things cloud the mind’s ability to make good Decisions (Mercury) more than Rage.  Revenge creates Dischord that can survive for millennia.  The Bosnian War, for instance, with all of its genocidal Outrages, continued 500-year-old Resentments from the Edges of the Ottoman Empire, which in turn continued 1,500-year-old Resentments from German (Ostrogoth) and Mongol (Hun) conquests, which overshadowed 2,000-year-old Resentments between the Albanians (Illyrians) and Italians (Romans).  

Eris, Goddess of Dischord, didn’t start the Trojan War, but the War was an indirect result of Male Gods screwing up rivalries between the Vanities of Goddesses.  Eris’s role was in bringing the Vanities of the Goddesses into Consciousness, where they unfortunately did not take advantage of the opportunity to Witness their Pain and Grow their Consciousness, but instead Chose to Ego-Identify with their Jealousies.  Paris’s role was to be Corruptible, though he Chose to be Corrupted by the Promise of Love over the Promises of Empire and Skill in War.

We won’t see Peace in this soap opera until Hupers Learn to use the Mirror to Recognize their Persecutors as Manifestations of their own Shadows, and to Recognize Rage as their own Self-Annihilation.  While Mercury may lend Insight, neither Recognition is remotely intellectual.