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Insight Forest II

September 25, 2016

We’ll pick up where we left off at the end of Insight Forest I…

(4) What happens when our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs get blown away, and how can we prepare for that?  

Rhetoric is the Language style we use when we assume that whomever we’re talking to has the same Unconscious Beliefs as we do.  I use it a lot, so does Trump.  It’s the Language we use when we’re talking to our Tribe, and it saves us a lot of words.  One of its effect is to make someone from a rival Tribe either Angry or Intimidated.  Since Anger is a Sin in polite society, that ends up being the same as Intimidated.  Problem is, part of the Essence of our Changes is the Insight that we’re All One Tribe.

While some of us may be somewhat Conscious of the basis for our Rhetoric, much of it based on our Unconscious Beliefs, and the Unconscious Belief that someone with different Unconscious Beliefs is Corrupt, Ignorant, Degenerate, Deplorable, or all of the above.  Even if they are all that, our Attitude toward them would be different if they were part of our own Tribe.  We would probably be inspired to educate them – which of course would be received as insulting and condescending, just as we’re insulted when they try to “educate” or brainwash us.

So one of the impacts of Changes in our Unconscious Beliefs, is that we may begin to doubt our own Rhetoric, which could be a serious blow to our Identity.  Most of us to one degree or another Ego-Identify with our Tribe.  We could also just find ourselves more Disturbed than usual by Rhetoric, ours or theirs.  Eventually we’ll have to work out ways to tolerate different Unconscious Beliefs, and communicate Honestly with folks whose Unconscious Beliefs are all screwed up.

At the very least we could Learn to become Conscious of how the Lizards (Rhetoric Alert) use Rhetoric to Manipulate us.  If you have the misfortune of watching the US Unpresidential Debates on 26 September, you’ll get a good Teaching on Rhetoric, and how your Attitude towards it is Changing.  Basically, any Insecurity you Feel could well be linked to Changes in your Unconscious Beliefs and your Unconscious Identity.  Any Discomfort you encounter, it would behoove to Wonder if it might be related to Changes in your Unconscious Beliefs.  You might discover a gap between yourself and old friends or family.

There are three major corollaries to the Collapse of our Unconscious Beliefs, and to our resulting Insecurity.  The first is the impending collapse of our Cultures and Economies (the Waning Saturn-Neptune Square).  The second is the need to Review Who We Believe We Are and Why We Do What We Do, and whether the latter serves the former (Saturn Square to the Nodes).  The third is the Potential or Actual Disruption in our Lives resulting from the Loss of our Masks (Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris).  Are we indulging Business As Usual and pretending that these Changes may not impact us, or waiting till the last minute to prepare for them?

In the US, September is “Emergency Preparedness Month.”  Are we prepared to see our Cultural, Egoic, and Habitual Foundations disrupted, without resorting to gang violence?

Witnessing and Mirrors

October 4, 2015

Many of us didn’t get education of this sort as kids – in fact, most kids still don’t.  So we need to locate Discernment Skills on our own…

“Self-regulation can be taught to many kids who cycle between frantic activity and immobility. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, all kids need to learn self-awareness, self-regulation, and communication as part of their core curriculum.  Just as we teach history and geography, we need to teach children how their brains and bodies work.  For adults and children alike, being in control of ourselves requires becoming familiar with our inner world and accurately identifying what scares, upsets, or delights us.

“Emotional intelligence starts with labeling your own feelings and attuning to the emotions of the people around you.  We begin very simply: with mirrors.  Looking into a mirror helps kids to be aware of what they look like when they are sad, angry, bored, or disappointed.  Then we ask them, ‘How do you feel when you see a face like that?’  We teach them how their brains are built, what emotions are for and where they are registered in their bodies, and how they can communicate their feelings to the people around them.  They learn that their facial muscles give clues about what they are feeling and then experiment with how their facial expressions affect other people.

“We also strengthen the brain’s watchtower by teaching them to recognize and name their physical sensations.  For example, when their chest tightens, that probably means that they are nervous; their breathing becomes shallow and they feel uptight.  What does anger feel like, and what can they do to change that sensation in their body?  What happens if they take a deep breath or take tine out to jump rope or hit a punching bag?  Does tapping acupressure points help?  We try to provide children, teachers, and other care providers with a toolbox of ways to take charge of their emotional reactions.

“To promote reciprocity, we use other mirroring exercises, which are the foundation of safe interpersonal communication.  Kids practice imitating one another’s facial expressions.  They proceed to imitating gestures and sounds and then get up and move in sync.  To play well, they have to pay attention to really seeing and hearing one another.  Games like Simon Says lead to lots of sniggering and giggling – signs of safety and relaxation.  When teenagers balk at these ‘stupid games,’ we nod understandingly and enlist their cooperation by asking them to demonstrate games to the little kids, who ‘need their help.’ “

–Bessel Van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, pp.354-5

The only Challenges in the Sky right now are made by planets that will be somewhere else tomorrow, so we have a nice quiet window here to nurse the wounds from Re-Experiencing our Trauma last month.  

The order of the day is to be Loving and Gentle with ourselves.  If you’re exhausted, small wonder; we’ve just finished a Psychic marathon.  Heavy Emotions that linger from last month can most likely be Let Go without consequences; remember that with Saturn now in Sagittarius, The Most Important Thing is Letting Go and Moving On.  Don’t “Release” them – you don’t want to “Re-lease” and sign up for another year’s lease on them.  Words can be important.  Let them Go instead.  “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgade” them – Cancel the thoughts that would reinforce the negative Emotion, Neutralize the Vibrations they project, and Upgrade the sender (ie, us).

And remember that our Karma does not grasp us, we grasp our Karma.  It’s Inertia, past Habits continuing on their own accord.  You couldn’t even drive a car or pick your nose without the Power of Habituation, so don’t knock it.  Just Dehabituate what no longer Serves you, including any Lingering Heavy Emotions.  There are no planets transiting Scorpio right now, so there is no reason to dig deeper or hold tighter; at the moment, the Treasure is elsewhere.

Of course the key to Dehabituating is Noticing – Discernment, Witnessing.  We can’t Change a Habit if we don’t see it.  Virgo specializes in Discernment, and Jupiter (Expansion) is there Trining (Grace) Pluto (Compulsion), so the Angels will line up behind us when we Intend (or Ask or Affirm or Pray or Visualize or Command or any of the other extended PIAVA Magnetic-Creative techniques) to Change the way we Respond to Disturbances in the Force.

With Chiron moving out of its T-Square with Chaos and Pallas-Pholus-Ixion, the only Squares around today are Venus-Sedna and Sun-Pluto.  Sun-Pluto will last a few more days, but we do that twice a year, so we aren’t rookies at it.  We gauge the Difficulty of celestial Angles by their rarity; the more an Angle appears, the more Experience we have with it.  Just now the Moon completes a T-Square with Sun and Pluto, but this also happens twice a year, and for only a few hours, so it’s an excellent time to focus that Pluto Purging Energy on anything we no longer need.  The Sky is full of Oppositions, but without any Squares, those are just Dualities.

Remember too that it’s always Both/And, never Either/Or.  Whenever you seem to be helicoptering over some Duality like heads or tails, move to the Coin.  Do we cling to what little is left of our Franchise within The System as it fails, for instance (ie, job, money), or do we put our Attention into developing Alternatives (ie, growing food, developing real Community)?  What’s the Coin?  The Coin is Survival (if a different Coin pops out for you, go with that – it’s not Either/Or) and Sustenance.  We move to Sustenance by Letting Go of anything we don’t Need.  That’ll serve us in either Future.

The biggest Configuration facing us is a Mystic or Golden Rectangle – four planets Trine and Sextile to one another.  Remember Phi, the Golden Angle and Golden Ratio we mentioned when we spoke recently of the Saturn-Uranus Phitile?  Well, a Golden Rectangle is Golden because the ratio between the length of a Trine and the length of a Sextile is the Golden Ratio.  The Energy of a Golden Rectangle arises from the Oppositions, but the Oppositions Bridge one another, so it represents a double puzzle with a ready solution.  It’s a Hierophant, Teaching us as we walk through it.  The Oppositions here are dwarf planet Chaos (Infinite Improbability) to Pallas-Pholus-Ixion (Protecting our Pathological Genius), and dwarf planets Haumea (Rebirth) to Eris (Revelation).

Our Pathological Genius is the irrepressible part of you that’s socially unacceptable, or at least your parents believed it to be, so they tried to beat it out of you.  Since it’s irrepressible, you do it anyway, but you do your best to disguise it so no one notices.  Which of course they do, if they’re at all observant.  But they’re too polite to mention it.  So you may as well just come out of whatever closet you think you’re hiding in, at least in the company of your closest friends.  Turns out your Pathological Genius is just that, your Genius.  Your one-of-a-kind Steve Jobs or Osho sort of character that most people can’t stand, but which the World really needs.  You may not have noticed yet, but Pleasing sucks.  It takes you to the lowest common denominator, just below Mediocre.  The World needs you to be a Star instead, and you could easily displease most of the people most of the time being a Star.  Do it anyway.  For the Planet, before it becomes uninhabitable.

No question that it’s scary.  Before you came to this Planet you “picked” these parents and Asked them to try to beat it out of you so you would be sure to become Conscious of it.  Then you went into the cosmic simulator and programmed it to give you a bunch of Past Lives where you were put to Death because of it, so you’d be sure to have Karma around it, so you’d have to make a Conscious Choice to Dehabituate your Resistance to your Genius.  Sure, you were put to Death, Ego Death.  Well, you just did that last month, and you Lived through it.  Your parents made sure that you Ego-Identify with the scam that you aren’t really who you really Are.  We don’t get anywhere except Mediocrity without Ego Death.  Yeah though I walk through the Valley of Ego Death.  iDeath, as Brautigan called it when Jobs was just 13, thirty years before the iMac.  

The adjectival form of Ego is “Political.”  Ego is about Power.  Power is never Given, it’s always Taken.


March 21, 2015


In a few hours (8am PDT March 21; see for other time zones) the dwarf planet Eris (Exposing Denial) Initiates Mars (Action), at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress,” starting a new two-year Cycle.

It’s going to be hard to hide things for the next couple of years, so we may as well start practicing forthrightness now.  I mean, speaking our Truth is a big part of  the Yintegrity work we’ve been doing for that last few years anyway.  Several times lately, when I would usually have just kept quiet so as not to waste more time on those old arguments and judgments again, expecting someone to criticize, I’ve decided, okay, it’s Yintegrity time, I better speak up.  And when I did, the expected criticism didn’t arise.  Time to examine all of our Expectations, invoke our Curiosity, and try out more Truthspeaking than we otherwise would.

You know how much you’ve Changed in the last three years – give other folks a chance to demonstrate how much they’ve Changed.  Expecting Others to continue to lead with their Limiting Beliefs just keeps The Shift underground longer.  In this new province, we’ll all be better off agreeing to disagree than by continuing to pretend not to disagree.  Which implicates our Actions as well.  Since we’ll have a hard time hiding the results of our Actions, we may have to consider the consequences before we Act, rather than after.

You may remember that Plutoid dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) Opposed Eris not so long ago, a Blooming of their 1831 “Big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws” Initiation.  They’re still only half a degree from their Opposition.  What if one manifestation of this Big Bear is Racism.  Brazil forbade Slavery in 1831, and opposition to Slavery in the US began to heat up then.  In many ways Europe is living with the delayed consequences of its Colonialism and the Racism embedded in it.  India’s dealing with deep-seated Sexism.  We could even extend that to Inequality of all manner, including the Mass Extinction we’re in the middle of Co-Creating.  We could see this Cycle as the Birth of the end of Denial around Inequality.  There’s an about-to-become extinct species, sitting there waving its paws, “Yoohoo, I’m here too.  Don’t forget me”

The Plutoid dwarf planet Ixion (Unbridled Desire) makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across this Opposition.  Another side of Unbridled Desire is If you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose, which is the position many victims of Inequality are increasingly finding themselves in, making their rebellion harder to stop, and making embedded Inequality harder to continue to Deny.  The Haumea-Ixion Sextile is also the base of a Finger of God pointing at the probably dwarf planet Sedna (Fear and Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear).  While Pluto takes 250 years to orbit the Sun, Sedna takes 11,400.  It’s waaay out there, and what little is known about it suggests that it’s unlike other dwarf planets.

So we’re looking at Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear becoming harder to hide and find excuses for, and bringing Xenophobia out into some degree of Consciousness where it can be examined as something a bit more consequential than a camp song on a fraternity bus.  Power is obviously involved here, but does Power evolve as a response to Fear?  Is Power necessary when there is nothing to Fear?

The final link to Mars-Eris in our map of March 21 and the two years to follow is an Octile (Rebalancing) to Neptune (among other things, Culture).  The Quintile (Learning) from Neptune to Pallas (Boundaries) is the base of the Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This) pointing at Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).

So there may be hope for Racism, Colonialism, Sexism, Egotism, Species Extinction, and other forms of Inequality and Exploitation, to come up into Consciousness here.  In the Unconscious, they can only be the subjects of Rhetoric and Distrust.  As they move toward Consciousness, they invite examination and revision.

Grand Happies

November 27, 2014


∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

As we get ready for the penultimate challenge to our Yintegrity and a Big Solstice, we’re graced with a series of positive Energies.

The next-to-the-last Uranus-Pluto Square happens December 15, while Uranus is Stationary.  The Uranus Station, the Solstice, and the New Moon all happen within a few hours on December 21.  It should get a little less intense after December 23, when Saturn finally exits Scorpio.  And Makemake is Stationary on December 31.

But meanwhile we have a series of Grand Trines and Kites.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

Grand Happy #1

  • Venus and Juno are both Trine to the South Node as we speak (till December 2), creating a Kite focused on the North Node.  The Moon crosses the South Node on December 1.

Between November 27 and December 2, we have a great opportunity for Insights into what we’re doing here, especially on December 1.

  • From November 29 till December 11, Ceres moves into the Venus position in the Kite, and between December 6 and 11, both the Sun and Mercury join Ceres.  The Moon Opposes Ceres on December 6, and crosses Juno on December 11.

Between December 2 and 11 it will be easy to convert these Insights into more complete Understanding of the context, and make the Changes permanent.  Expect December 6 and 11 to stand out. 

  • Juno Squares Pallas, which is in turn Quincunx to the South Node.

There will be places and times when we have to decide whether to Change a Pattern or not – it makes sense to prefer a Known Shortcoming (such as a self-sabotaging Pattern) over a Change that may be an Improvement but we won’t know for sure till we Live it.  You can answer this question for yourself by Asking if you’ve ever been in a situation that’s similar to the one that makes you hesitate to Change.  If you have, make the Change.  

  • And of course Uranus Squares Pluto.

If you haven’t, Ask yourself if the Change would be a more Honest expression of who you really feel yourself to be.  If it would, make the Change.

  • Venus-Ceres Squares Chiron, which is in turn Quincunx to Juno.

We can locate the Miracles we need for Self-Transformation by Wondering what might be the positive function of our Shortcomings.  They usually Protect us from something.  You don’t need to identify precisely what you’re being Protected from.  You just need to Wonder how you could allow yourself to be Protected from it, whatever it is, without suffering the negative consequences that lead you to consider your Habit as a Shortcoming.

For instance, imagine holding your self-sabotaging Pattern in one open palm.  You don’t need to identify the Pattern, you can just call it “that which has prevented me from Manifesting my Wants, whatever it is.”  Then rename it as “My Protection.”  You don’t need to know what it is you’re Protecting yourself from, just realize that it has your best interests at heart, even if it’s misguided.  Now hold your Protection in one palm, and what you Want in the other.  Slowly and gently bring your hands together, feeling the Resistance as you move, till your Want palm rests atop your Protection palm.

For instance, suppose I’ve almost always had enough Money to survive, but not so much Money to not have to worry about it.  So not having lots of Money has Protected me from something, from some consequences that I don’t want.  That Protection has been valuable to me, or I wouldn’t have kept it.  So I resist the temptation to name the various unwanted consequences, and I just put “Protection” in my right palm. 

I put my Want, “enough Money,” in my left palm, and slowly bring my palms together.  Feel the Resistance, but keep moving, gently.  When I get my Money palm over snuggled on top of my Protection palm, I’ve modeled in my body what it will feel like to have both at the same time.  Rinse and repeat frequently.  (It wouldn’t hurt to actually rinse your hands in cool Water between repetitions.)  When I do this I can literally feel my brain reorganizing itself, like a cartoon drawing of bees buzzing, as well as the neurons in my shoulders and arms shifting around.

It’s a Powerful technique.  I just tried it on the Anxiety that often arises while I’m writing these (“How do you know that’s true?”), and the compulsive eating that usually results – holding Confidence and Calm in one palm, and Humility and Healthy Uncertainty in the other.  I could feel the shift, but just in case I put a few drops of Mimulus Bach Flower Essence under my tongue instead of an Über Dark Chocolate Turtle Larabar.  Yes, I’ll keep that Change, and enjoy the Über later.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

Grand Happy #2

As Venus moves out of Grand Trine #1, it moves into Grand Trine/Kite #2, making a Grand Trine with the dwarf planet Eris and a Stationary Jupiter.  While Venus fills this corner for only several days (December 2-8), both the dwarf planet Ixion and the Centaur Pholus sit behind Venus.  These planets move a lot slower, so this background Grand Trine spans late October through late January.

The dwarf planet Ixion’s namesake was a sociopath with no moral sense whatsoever, so it’s easy to be startled by this Energy.  But think of it simply as our willingness to be, not ruthless, but relentless in pursuit of our Goals.  Think of it as a two-palms exercise; put your potential ruthlessness in one palm, and your moral sense in the other and bring them together.  Ixion is only one planet; he’s outnumbered many times.

The Centaur Pholus represents inappropriate Blame.  We could be deeply invested in avoiding any situation where we appear to be ruthless or inconsiderate of the greater good – something on this order could easily be the crux of our self-sabotage.  We don’t need to know more about it; we just want to be able to accomplish our Mission.  We can just leave our old Karma at the Goodwill drop-off and never bother about it again.  Someone else can put those Patterns to good use – they may need that sort of Protection worse than we did.

The dwarf planet Eris is about bringing into Consciousness what’s previously been Denied.  Denial is of course a positive Energy, one that Protects us from being Overwhelmed.

A Stationary Jupiter is a very Powerful Animal.  So we can expect that, between late October and late January, we will be ready to, and able to, Witness and Transcend many of our Self-Limiting Patterns.

But wait – you implied there was a Kite involved.  Oh yes, on December 3 (I don’t have the exact time – sometime around 4am PST December 3, give or take a couple hours) Eris is Opposed by the dwarf planet Haumea, making Haumea the head of the Kite, aka the Leader of the Pack.

The dwarf planet Haumea is also Powerful, daughter of Pele and the Hawaiian Goddess of Rebirth.  Rebirth that is not to be Resisted.

The Opposition follows from Eris’s Initiation of Haumea in 1831 at 23 Aquarius, “A big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws.”  That’ll certainly get our attention, won’t it.  Sitting, she’ll be less threatening than she otherwise would be.  Plus, with paws busy waving, they’ll be more difficult to convert to chasing (us).

So we can expect these Miracles that we Manifest to be jaw-droppingly Awesome.

Given that, it’s very important not to try to understand or manipulate.  Changing our Self-Limiting Patterns isn’t something we do, it’s something we allow.  We all have Fantasies about what it would be like to have our Needs and Wants met, and how that might evolve.  If it was going to happen according to our Fantasies, it would have happened a long time ago.  You don’t know how it will happen, because it hasn’t happened before.  If you knew, you’d have done it a long time ago. 

Miracles are things you’ve never thought of.  If you try to think them instead of making an empty space for them, they won’t happen, because your thinking is unable to leave the rut of your old Self-Limiting Patterns.

Sedna New Moon

August 21, 2014

ika4550bpGlendonite is a Calcium Carbonate (think clamshell) that preserves the shape of Crystals of spiky superhydrated unstable Ikaite that forms in near-freezing water at the bottom of fjords, but disintegrates at lower pressure.  Ikaite is a hybrid of Ice and Stone.  It’s an apt symbol for Rebirth into new Forms and Patterns after a period of exile.

* * * * *

Lots coming up here!  As is often the case, I’m inspired to look things up by Kelley Hunter’s Moon Post…

Here are the main events…

  • Sedna New Moon, August 25, quarter after 7am PDT: Sedna turns Retrograde some 5 minutes after the New Moon!  This will make the next month, and especially the next two weeks, an essay on Sedna.  If I had to summarize the influence of Sedna in a few words, I think I’d pick…

The exposure of loooong-standing Patterns as self-sabotaging, and the opportunity to shift them, with potentially Life-Changing consequences – but only if they’re addressed with reverence and compassion!

  • The same theme is strongly reinforced by the Juno-Pluto Opposition that’s exact on August 29.  The current 4-year Juno-Pluto Cycle is about the Choice between self-sabotage and self-support.

Pluto Initiated Juno on January 14, 2013 in 10 of Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”  The Albatross is a symbol of good luck unless you kill it, in which case it becomes a curse.  How similar to the Sedna myth!

  • And reinforced yet again by Haumea‘s September 17 Initiation of the North Node, birthing entirely new and unexpected Patterns that will serve us well.  And reinforced yet further by Eris on the South Node.

Haumea is Pele’s daughter and the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility.  Her Initiation of the North Node occurs at 21 Libra, “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach,” which Rudhyar reads as a society renewing itself through contact with Nature and itself.

The Haumea-Eris Opposition, which is exact December 3, enters within it’s three degrees of Sensitivity in a few days.  Haumea-North Node Opposite Eris-South Node is another perfect metaphor for “The exposure of loooong-standing Patterns as self-sabotaging, and the opportunity to shift them, with potentially life-changing consequences.” 

Because of the Herculean time scale involved and still-uncertain orbits, it’s hard to be sure about the Eris-Haumea Initiation, but 29 Taurus (in 1598) is a possibility: “The first Mockingbird of spring,” which again reinforces the possibility of Life-Changing shifts.

  • Back to August 25, Saturn Initiates Mars about five hours after the New Moon.  This 2-year Cycle is about how efficiently we Focus the use of our Energy.  We all have limited Energy – physical, emotional, intellectual, Spiritual.  How often do we use it for The Most Important Thing?

The Initiation occurs at 18 Scorpio, “A path through Woods brilliant with multicolored splendor.”  Which is glorious, but there is a hint there of Autumn, as if The Most Important Thing might be for us to enjoy the splendor while beginning to prepare for winter.  Dry some of those ‘Shrooms, or put up a few jars of Soup.

New Doors, Insights, and Rebirth

August 3, 2014

neph5687bpA Nephrite Jade boulder from Jade Cove in Big Sur, California.  While it seems sad that Jade Cove is no longer home to Jade because all of it has been “collected,” it is powerful that all of this Healing Energy has been distributed around the Planet instead.  Jade Cove still holds the Energy Source, it’s just the Form that’s been sent out to Heal.  While these boulders are the receivers and re-transmitters, the master transmitter still resides at Jade Cove.

Jade is the Witness that allows us to acknowledge and Let Go of the inevitable Grief that naturally follows from Change.  We have to Grieve all Losses, even Loss of Self-Sabotage and Negative Beliefs.  We can’t move forward into the new dawn till we Grieve.  Jade is the Medium that helps us make the transition painlessly.  Jade also stills our Anxiety so we’re better able to hear the “still small voices” that convey our Intuitions and inhabit our Channel.

* * * * *

As our Venus-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine rides off into the sunset, a couple of other windows open up.

* * * * *

Opening New Doors – The Mars Angles

The loudest window, especially if you have natal planetfolk within hailing distance of five degrees of the Fixed Signs, will probably be the Mars-Jupiter Square, with Mercury augmenting Jupiter.  We’ve been through this one twice before, though, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.  It might have undertones of your experience of April, whatever that was.

We’re mopping up any unfinished Yintegrity issues here.  Watch for any sign of Resistance to Shoulds or Have-To’s.  There really is no natural Conflict between our Yangtegity (doing what we said we were going to do or what Others expect us to do) and our Yintegrity (doing what we feel like doing, moment to moment).  The apparent Conflict arises from our childhood Programming, which is almost always a Mirror for our “Past-Life” Patterns, which are almost always Mirrored in our Natality.

Natality being a fancy word for your Birth Chart.

April 2014 was about the close Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross, which was a major milepost in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square – all of which was about Yintegrity.

While this may not always be literally true, it’s a very useful metaphor…

From the Soul’s perspective, “we” chose our parents or other adults that were significant in our childhood, so they could “Program” (or train) us to be Conflicted about our major Life Issues, to keep them “in our face” so we couldn’t waste a Lifetime on trivialities or Other People’s Karma.  

When we encounter “impossibilities” we only need to look around to see that there are many people running around who don’t face the intractable problems that we routinely struggle with.  Sure, they don’t have our Karma.  But the point is, there are a zillion ways to sidestep our persistent Self-Sabotage; we just need to do it in such a way that it Changes our Programming on a fundamental level.

Encountering an obstacle, we PIAVA our way around it.  We just need to keep doing it (with variations and extensions) till the strength of our Intention is greater than the strength of our old Patterns.  Be prepared for your PIAVAs to get more and more complicated.  You may be PIAVAing Abundance one week, Freedom the next week, and Security the week after that.  Don’t just PIAVA Freedom the second week, PIAVA Freedom and Abundance.  In the third week, it’s Security and Freedom and Abundance. 

Karma is complex, or we’d have Let it Go Lifetimes ago.  If you understand you’re Karma intellectually, you’re probably wrong.  You might be seeing one view of one side of it very clearly, like Rashomon or the Elephant and the blind folks.  If you allow the Intellect to adhere you to that one view of that one side, the rest of the Sisiutl will eat you alive.  We need to respond in the moment to each issue as it arises.

I’ll steal this paragraph from a client’s transit reading…

“Mars-Jupiter-Mercury by itself represents an Active (Mars) Curiosity (Mercury) about how to Expand (Jupiter) – for instance by Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging Patterns (even though South Node-Eris has passed its peak, the Curiosity would remain, and since SN-Eris is still well within “orb” or sensitivity, we’ll be inspired to work on anything we didn’t finish in July fairly assiduously.  Mars-Jupiter-Mercury could also mean (and probably will) Active pursuit of Expansion using our new Understanding that we’ve gained from SN-Eris.”

And its translation…

Expect an Active Curiosity about how to Expand for the first week or so of August – for instance by Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Even though our July Karmic adventures have passed their peak, Curiosity will remain, and since these adventures are still very warm, we’ll be inspired to work on anything we didn’t finish in July.  We can probably also expect to be Actively pursuing Expansion using the new Understandings that we gained from our recent Karmic adventures.

Mars-Jupiter Mirrors April because it’s a further development (the “Confidence-Builder” stage) of April’s astrology.  It mirrors July because we’re being asked to Expand in August after Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs in July.

The Mars-Jupiter Square was Exact August 1, and is within three degrees of Orb from July 21 to August 10.

When two planets form an exact Angle to one another they’re said to be, logically enough, “Exact” or “Complete.”  That event is more or less instantaneous.  However, the impact of the astroevent usually extends over a period of time.  For “Transits,” or planets in the Sky contemporaneously, which we deal with here, we use three degrees of “Orb” – that is, we consider the event to be in effect while the two planets are within three degrees of one another. 

Since folks vary in how they react to an event, and different events impact different individuals differently (often depending on their Natality), we often refer to “Orb” as “Sensitivity.”  One degree of Orb is frequently used for Transits.  We use three degrees in general because by and large, we’re writing for more Sensitive people.  We do sometimes use one degree, for instance, when we’re dealing with Stations.  In a natal chart, the usual Orb is eight degrees for major Angles, less for minor Angles.

When we’re dealing with more than two planets, which is usually the case here since we focus on Configurations (several planets making significant Angles to one another), “Exact” is a more complicated concept.  The span of a Portal is usually the period when all of the planets in the Configuration are within three degrees of making the Exact Angle to one another.

We consider the three degrees when the two (or more) planet are approaching their Exact Angle to one another, to be different from the three degrees when they’re separating from one another.  If we’re conscious and cooperating with the extant Energy, the Angle is “Complete” when it is Exact.  If we’re in Resistance to the Energy, then the Energy drags on.  If we make decisions to protect our Ego while the planets are approaching one another, then it can take years or Lifetimes to unwind – that’s how we create Karma.

For example, this Mars-Jupiter asks us to Actively Expand.  If that’s too threatening to the Ego, we could attempt to protect ourself with Blame or Doctrine.  Suppose we have a deep desire to change the way we obtain our Daily Bread, for instance, only to discover we’ve been made redundant at our current job.  We could easily just Blame immigrants, or make a Decision which devolves to a Doctrine, that Security is not possible on this planet. 

If we make that a recurring Pattern, we add it to our Karma.  As long as we stay in Resistance, justified by our Blame or Doctrine, Mars-Jupiter will keep tapping us on the shoulder.  The impact will dull after the three degrees of separating Orb expire, but it’ll still be there.

The classic example is “9/11.”  The Saturn-Pluto Energy behind it was Exact earlier in that summer, so if we were conscious that we were being advised that The Most Important Thing Was to Pay Attention to the Way the World was Changing, we would have responded with Curiosity about how it was Changing, and recognized that the Crisis Point had already passed.  Au contraire, the Neocons responded by trotting out their pre-written Patriot Act, and initiating a huge – and ongoing – propaganda effort around the themes of Terrorism and Perpetual War.

Mercury’s involved for only a few days.  The bigger process is the Tricolor, as Mercury-Jupiter Quincunxes Neptune which in turn Trines Mars.  In other words…

If you encounter any Hesitation to Expand, or Resistance to it, or Uncertainty about how to proceed (or Anger that you have to Change), respond by going directly to Spirit with PIAVA – that will unlock Grace for you.

The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor is with us till August 11.  On August 9, though, Vesta moves into the Mars position, and the Vesta-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor Portal runs through August 22.

* * * * *

Insights and Rebirth – The Venus Angles

While Mars-Jupiter will probably be the loudest influence, the more impactful Angles and Configurations revolve around Venus.  Venus teams with the North Node to make a Mjolnir pointing at the Neptune corner of the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Tricolor.  And of course Venus Squaring the North Node means that it makes a T-Square across the Nodes.  Any T-Square across the Nodes is momentous.

So we actually have two major foci in this chart – Neptune as a corner of the Tricolor and the focus of the Mjolnir, and Venus as the focus of the T-Square and co-conspirator on the Mjolnir.  We know there’s Magic Afoot, because Venus Biseptiles Mars.  The Mjolnir hangs out with us till August 7, and the T-Square till August 8.  The heat comes down on the neighborhoods of Pisces 7 (Neptune) and 20-23 of the Cardinal Signs (Venus-Nodes), should you have any natal folk thereabouts.

The impact is heightened by two dwarf planets on the Nodes – Eris (Exposing Denial) on the South Node, and Haumea (Ms. Manifestation Herself) on the North Node.  The North Node backs across Haumea on September 18.  The gap between them reaches three degrees on August 6 and one degree on September 4.

First off, Epiphanies are available to us this week around our relationship to Spirit, Walking in Beauty, and Manifesting what we need to pursue our Mission.

Second, we’re being asked to make Choices this week.  Some Choices will further our Mission and allow us to learn new ways to Co-Create the tools and resources that will move us closer toward our Mission.  Other Choices will lead to Self-Sabotage.  The important thing to remember is that these Choices are not Either/Or.  They’re Both/And.  If that leads the mind to Confusion, that’s great, because Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and Expansion is the order of the day. 

We haven’t been sabotaging ourselves because we’re masochistic.  We’ve been sabotaging ourselves because some rejected part of our True Self has been trying to get something done that seems to conflict with what our Ego wants, or trying to get our Attention.  Whatever seemingly negative Patterns arise this week, Pay Attention to them.  PIAVA to discover the original reason for the Pattern.  The original reason was positive, even if it was only self-protection.

When you find what appears to be the original positive reason behind your seemingly self-defeating Pattern, identify the Desires that seem to be sabotaged.  Then PIAVA to find a way that these two movements – the positive reason behind the self-sabotage and the sabotaged Desire – can not only co-exist, but help one another achieve their goals.

Suppose for example we want more money, so we have more free time to pursue our Mission and our Yintegrity.  But we don’t want to spend more hours working for The Man.  That’s because we’re lazy and not seriously committed to our Mission, right?  No way!  We want more time to do what we Want and Need to do, period!  Not what someone else wants us to do!  The World is in rapid Change, which puts Humanity into Protect-the-Status-Quo mode, and the more there is to Protect, the greater the Resistance, so we have to expect few benefactors who have their sights on the Future and beyond. 

Your mind can probably come up with lots of solutions…  Work more now so you’ll have more time later.  Change jobs so you get paid for working on your Mission.  You only need one benefactor, why not go find one on Kickstarter.  Strongarm a stage coach.  Nothing there is breaking any Patterns – the Dualistic mind is not in the business of Breaking Patterns, it can only rearrange the deck chairs.

It will take a PIAVA or several to box our way out of this conundrum.  Maybe we’ll PIAVA to Let Go of negative Beliefs that it’s not possible to get paid well for doing that we Love and what serves our Mission.  You know that most intellectual Manifestation techniques try to exclude the Negative, and for good reason – “No” is not a term that the Unconscious understands.  But Tapping thrives on Negativity.  Tapping acknowledges the Reality of the dysfunction, while stimulating the Meridians necessary to bring the Energy back into Balance.

* * * * *

Bonus – Miracles

For the next several days we’re also blessed with a Quintile Yod focused on Chiron, with North Node-Haumea and the Sun as its feet.  Which makes Haumea another “ruler” of this chart, as it makes five significant Angles with other planets, while Neptune makes only four and Venus three.

The next few days give us an opportunity to make real progress over our Beliefs that getting our Needs met and our Wants satisfied are Impossible.  Remember that we define Unconscious Despair as a Belief that what we Want is not within the realm of Possibility, and we’re scheduled for a clinic from the very planet that facilitates conversion of Despair into Miracles.  The key is to remember Einstein’s assertion that a problem cannot be solved with the same thinking that created the problem. 

The intellect won’t get us there.  PIAVA will, as will Intuition and Insight.  PIAVA is a generator for Intuition, and Yindependence is a generator for Insight.  Yindependence means that you Respect your own Authority over your own Life.  Other people don’t tell you what to do and what not to do, unless their advice aligns with your own path.  When you catch yourself thinking this week, especially if you’re thinking about how to move forward, thank your mind for trying to help, but disregard its input. 

The mind will be a great tool for attending to details and planning-executing ideas that PIAVA and Insight bring to us, but after a PIAVA we need to Change the Subject, so we can be Clear and Open for receiving new material from our PIAVA channel.

* * * * *

The Chart

080314The Venus T-Square is the dark red triangle, top left.  The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune is the red-green-blue triangle.  The thick gold lines (with a red line connecting them on the left) that make a wedge pointing center right, represent the Mjolnir.  The thinner orange wedge pointing just above center right is the Quintile Yod.

We haven’t drawn the Semi-Square (Eighth Harmonic, or Realignment) between Neptune and South Node-Eris, just because we don’t usually include them.  But it indicates that…

Our Spiritual Epiphanies are likely to help a great deal with our efforts to divine the positive function of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Once we do that we’re free to efficiently negotiate Win-Win between our current Ego and this newly revealed portion of our True Self!

Mean Node Wins

July 27, 2014

apach7100bpApache Tears – translucent Obsidian – protect the Root Chakra from exterior influences, so you can focus on what’s going on inside your own Field.

* * * * * 

Well, so far, and for me at least, the Mean South Node wins over the True South Node as the meaner of the two.  I didn’t notice much when the True South Node crossed Eris (July 24), but I’m sure feeling South-Nodey now that the Mean South Node is approaching Eris (July 29).  How has it been for you?

I’m feeling a lot more heavy Karmic (been there done that) material now than I was last week.  How about you?

Interesting that both Node-Eris adventures are accompanied by Grand Trines (Big Dumb-Luck Grace), the first by Mercury-Saturn-Chiron July 23-26, and the second by Venus-Saturn-Chiron July 30-August 3.

This last week Miracles of Understanding were available to us.  During this next week Miracles of Forgiveness are about.  That means Miracles of Self-Forgiveness as well as Forgiveness of Others.  Self-forgiveness is a big part of Healing ancient Karma.  Self-Sabotage occurs when we Judge an important part of our True Self, and it has to go underground to survive – which means Guilt and Shame and Instinct-crippling Hesitation.  We won’t even know to look for the positive function in our Self-Sabotage until we find a way to Love the cluster of negative Emotion surrounding it.

The basic issue here is our Patterns of Self-Sabotage.  They could be lit up big and we could be noticing that they’re up and seeing how they work, giving us an opportunity to begin flushing them.  Huzzah!

Self-Sabotage Patterns could also be lit up big and we could be reacting to them as Victims.  These Karmic bundles aren’t simple; if they were we’d have sent them packing Lifetimes ago.  Sometimes we can make progress with analysis, but we’re almost always better off with PIAVA.  Whatever makes you feel like a Victim here, PIAVA to grok how the Energy works, or simply that the Energy moves on.

Whenever Self-Sabotage is lit up, the opportunity for Changing the Pattern is at least as big as the potential for Sabotage.

Another name for Self-Sabotage is Denial.  Be mindful that no one can be clear about anyone else’s Denial.  Believing you know what someone else is Denying is always a Projection.  Turn it around – whenever you’re tempted to use an accusatory You-Statement, back off and reframe it as a Fourth-Step I-Statement. 

If someone else is accusing you of Denial, don’t take it on.  Review it, as there may be useful information embedded in it for you, but remember that they’re talking about themselves, not about you.  Don’t think you know what they’re saying about themselves, however – that would probably end up as just be another accusatory You-Statement.

Of course there are exceptions, mostly around whether or not you or Other asked for an opinion on the issue.  But don’t take it as more than an opinion – Humans are enormously complex, and there really is no window of understanding from one to another.  On very narrow issues it can feel that way, which is great, but don’t confuse that with knowing.  Even if you (or Other) are Psychic and have very useful information in the circumstance, don’t forget that it’s all metaphor.

Then there’s Ego.  It’s such a temptation to want to feel Superior to Other (to compensate for our chronic sense of Inferiority), and the illusion that you know them better than they know themselves is particularly poisonous.  Learn to recognize the sense of Superiority as a symbol for Ego-bloat.  PIAVA to be simultaneously Conscious of your compensating Inferiority.  If you can hold both in your Attention at the same time, or even rapidly switch from one to the other, you can neutralize the dichotomy that traps you out of Balance.

Eris and the South Node

July 17, 2014

diam5530bpFor now we see through a glass darkly – a brown Diamond.

Spirit is not bound by the same Limitations as Matter.  Matter is usually viewed in three, four, or eleven dimensions.  Spirit has no such Limits.  Consequently, Matter (which includes our Human costume) always strives to return to the Limitlessness of Spirit.  The Human fascination with explosions is a lame attempt to imitate that striving, by converting Matter back to Energy, which has fewer Limits than Matter.  But Spirit is far more than Energy.  To cite just one example, Spirit has Unlimited access to Time, Space, and Information, on any scale; Energy by comparison is a large active Ruminant in a store full of fine porcelain.

As we’ve said, the Main Event this month is Eris Initiating the South Node, a Cycle that runs about as long as it takes for the Earth to circle the Sun nineteen times.  The main theme of the Cycle that begins this month is “Openness to the influx of Spiritual Energies.”  There are two subthemes – Abundance and Intellectualization.

Abundance means Having Enough to Share, and that Feeling is the Absence of Fear.  We achieve the Absence of Fear by Identifying with Spirit, or with our own Soul, or even with our own Mission.  A few days ago I had the honor of spending an afternoon with Paul Gautschi, touring his gardens.  He can hardly walk, using his rake as a cane.  Yet he’s as Alive as anyone you’d ever meet, filled with Passion.  He’s merged with his Mission, and he knows it’s an important one.

The Main Event occurs at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”  The “influx…” interpretation is Rudhyar’s.  Classically in astrology, Air represents mind, while Fire represents Spirit.  Wind, however, is a strong Physical force that is invisible except for its effect on Matter, so it’s a decent symbol for Spirit.  But…

Air and Wind are tricksters – they always involve the danger of intellectualizing into dualities and missing the higher dimensionality of Spirit.  Paul pointed out that there are two Trees in the Jewish/Christian Bible – the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life symbolizing a Heart-Centered Life and the Tree of Knowledge a Mind-Centered Life.  If we think of the intellectual as Either/Or and Reality as Both/And, we’d have to think of Spirit as All/Always.

Sharing – Cooperating to achieve a Common Mission – is probably the only thing that can reverse the trend toward the horrible Future you’ve seen in all those movies.  For comparison, the previous nineteen years have been about “The surge of new potentiality after the crisis.” 

The previous Eris-South Node Initiation was in March 1996 at 19 Aries, A new continent rising out of the ocean.”  The potentiality interpretation, again, is Rudhyar’s.

What “crisis” might we be talking about in the mid-1990s?  Well, for example, the first financial derivative crisis occurred shortly after that Cycle was Initiated.  The 2007-2008 financial crisis was bigger, and the next one, probably due soon, will be much much bigger (since the underlying cause has only been compounded after 2008), but the process began in 1998.  We could find similar examples in Climate Change and other topics.

We’ve listed July 18, 19, 24, and 29 as potential peak Openings of this Portal, as well as the recent Full Moon.  July 20 and 21 are possible as well.

Saturn is Stationary turning Direct on July 20 (2pm PDT) and Uranus is Stationary turning Retrograde on July 21 (8pm PDT).

We’ve chosen July 18 as a prime candidate because the Moon crosses Eris and the South Node that day (2pm PDT), and the Moon is often the trigger that manifests astrological Energies into Matter where their impact can be more easily observed.  Let’s look over that chart.

An artist-astrologer reader has gifted us with lovely pictures of that moment, for which we are very grateful.  Here’s the overall Pattern…


The upward-sloping red line from left to right is the meat of the issue, which we’ve been talking about – Moon Conjunct Eris Conjunct South Node on the lower left, and Mars Conjunct Vesta Conjunct Ceres Conjunct North Node on the upper right.

Let’s break it down, starting with the Square Fez…

EMSquareSquares: red lines.  Trine: long blue line.  Sextile: short blue line.  Quincunxes: green lines.

A Fez Configuration combines Challenge, Grace, and Curiosity.  Here the Challenges have to do with Dark Places in our Consciousness and the Limitations that Culture Wants to Put on Our Yindependence, on our ability and willingness to Trust our Instincts.

The Dark Places being implied by Juno Squaring Chiron, as Chiron challenges us to invoke Miracles to overcome our Discouragements.  The Limitations derive from Saturn Square Lilith, misinterpreting Saturn’s Energy as Limitation rather than Focus.

The Major Grace involves the gift of Focusing on Miracles.  We get there from our Discouragement by Wondering how we might shift our Focus.  Our Focus is very very Strong here, bordering on the Obsessive, so it’s extra important that we point it in the right direction, and keep bringing it back there when it reverts.  To bring Light into Dark Places, we need to change our Perspective.  But we don’t have the information we need; if we don’t know where the Sun is, we don’t know which Tree we need to fell in order to bring Light into our Garden.  We get the information we need by Wondering – by PIAVA.

That is, resolving Chiron (Discouragement) Square (Challenge) Juno (Consciousness) by moving to Juno Quincunx (Curiosity) Saturn (Focus), which releases Saturn Trine (dumb-luck Grace) Chiron (Miracles).  Saturn is not only Stationary (Strong) but the point of a Yod.

We can Help Ourself overcome our Dark Places by Wondering what small step we might take toward greater Yindependence or Autonomy.

Moving to the Lilith-Juno Sextile (kick-starting Grace by taking the first Action) from the Juno-Chiron Square through the Chiron-Lilith Quincunx.

We get to Big Grace from Hesitation (ie, not Trusting our Instincts – eating from the Tree of Knowledge instead of taking our Sustenance from the Tree of Life) by Asking Source for the Miracle of Self-Respect and Suzerainty over our own Affairs.  We can get things moving by Focusing on what Limits us and Imagining that it’s melting.

Resolving Saturn Square Lilith by moving through Lilith Quincunx Chiron to liberate Chiron Trine Saturn.  Invoking the Juno-Lilith Sextile through the Saturn-Juno Quincunx from the Lilith-Saturn Square.

There’s also a Trine Fez…

EMTrineThis Configuration brings more Effortless Grace into our Hesitation.  It’s invoked by Affirming that we Focus on the Soul’s Intentions.  This is especially important because both our Focus and our Soul are very Strong and Present here.  We’ve mentioned Affirm and Intend, but don’t forget the other letters in PIAVA (Pray, Ask, Visualize), including the “silent” C (Command) and W (Wonder).

We’ve already covered Saturn Square Lilith to Lilith Quincunx Chiron to Chiron Trine Saturn.  What’s new here is resolving Lilith Square Saturn by moving through Saturn Quincunx Uranus to Uranus Trine Lilith.  Both Saturn and Uranus are Stationary.

You can see how important it is to control our Focus – where we put our Attention – because of the Saturn Yod, strengthened doubly by Saturn being Stationary…


Sextile: blue line.  Quincunxes and Yod or Finger of God: green lines.

The Finger of God tells us that the Most Important Thing here is the possible Grace between the Edges of our Consciousness and our Deep Self, the Self beneath all of the Masks we believe we must wear in order to get along in the World.  The available Grace must be invoked by us Intentionally, it’s not automatic.  Most of these Masks we put on in our childhood to avoid punishment from our parents or other significant adults (or other Lords of the Flies).  In a monocultural World where everyone is more or less a clone of our parents and our village or yurt or igloo is so distant from others that we never encounter strangers, those Masks will work fine.

The World is not at all like that any more, and those Masks are failing miserably, and while it might seem like the easy way out, killing all the strangers is not an effective option.

Most of our Masks are below the Edges of our Consciousness.  We know we’re wearing some of them, though, especially the ones we put on to avoid conflict or otherwise manipulate others, as employee or merchant or manager or parent or spouse or gender or any of the other Roles we play in the course of an average day.  Those are the specific-purpose Masks we can put on and take off pretty much at will, though a stiff drink may be required to remove some of them.  It wouldn’t hurt to pay Attention to these Masks, one at a time, and maybe PIAVA to reduce our use of them by five percent

We might well be near a crisis point where we can’t afford the luxury of time, but if we can make the process gradual and take small steps, our likelihood of success increases.  Imagine what it would be like to just “be yourself” all the time, and not have to make constant adjustments depending on circumstances and people.  If you’re thinking about revenge for all the Identity compromises you’ve had to make to stay Safe, you’re on the wrong track.  Think instead about having full access to the full range of unique Skills that only you can contribute to solving a problem.  Each of our True Selves and all of our Skills are necessary to pull this Species out of its nosedive.

The Masks that are well below the Edge of our Consciousness are more difficult.  Some of our programming occurred before we were verbal, and it is very difficult to access those programs intellectually.  We may need something like rebirthing sessions with a well-trained facilitator to access and shift those.

Many of our Masks are not personal, but cultural.  If our tribe made its Living by killing animals, or had to fight for survival with the hated baby-eating tribe across the river, killing may be a Mask we don’t feel we can afford to give up.

But be assured that all of our Patterns, no matter how far from the Edge of our Consciousness, have their roots in other Lifetimes.  Which brings us back to the Nodes, and the basic Configuration we’re working with this month…

EM5Nodal Opposition: red line; Quintile and Decile: orange lines.  Chiron forms a Quintile Bridge across the Nodal Opposition, making Chiron our Teacher here.

We’ve been talking a lot about the Stellium (group of planets) on the North Node, but review wouldn’t hurt.  In addition to our long-term 2012-2015 program to find our True Self and the very very long-term Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New Paradigm that we’ve embarked upon after the 2007-2008 Derivatives Crisis, the Universe is asking us to Actively get our Ducks aligned so

  • Our Mission in the Lifetime,
  • Our Deepest Desires and thus our Strongest Motivation,
  • Our Sense of the Sacred, 
  • The ways we Sustain and Feed ourselves, and
  • Our Actions

are all on the same page, pointing in the same direction, and Durable.  The other side of Sustainability or Durability is Sustenance – we enhance our ability to maintain by letting go of what is not necessary.

True Self: Uranus Squaring Pluto.  New Paradigm: the Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  The rest: Mars Conjunct Vesta Conjunct Ceres Conjunct the North Node.

This is the counterpoint to the Moon-Eris-South Node Pattern that is making us dig deep into our Psyche and strive to shift our Self-Abandonment Patterns.  Most especially the self-sabotaging Pattern that tells us that our Deepest Desires are Forbidden.  It’s in Code, but your Deepest Desire IS your Mission.  We don’t stand a chance of aligning our Energies for the final Summit push until we address that issue.

You know very well what we’re talking about here.  For the last month or so you’ve been wishing and otherwise casually PIAVAing that your Deepest Desires be fed.  Casual PIAVAs are very dangerous – “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it” – and the unintended consequences of it!  We need to get serious about exactly what it is we Want – How will we Feel when we get what we believe we Want – and PIAVA just that, without the excess baggage. 

This is a point of incredible Leverage.  Use it!  We are learning to access Miracles.

Personal and Planetary Self-Sabotage

July 9, 2014


“The Tower will make it clear to you, and so you have now the chance to obliterate blocks to your own self-realisation, regardless of fears of failure, fears of losing what you have, and even fears of being wildly successful.  Get ready to view your life through new eyes.” –

* * * * *

Natacha says,

For now, it seems to be the disorientation phase, and a really tough one.

For sure, and it’s likely to get more intense through the end of the month.

The South Node crosses Eris on July 24 (True Node) and July 29 (Mean Node).

Some of the astrological phenomena that we include in the arbitrary category “planets” jiggle, including the Nodes. 

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth does not occupy the same plane as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  The North and South Nodes (of the Moon – other bodies have Nodes too, but we’ve only ever discussed the Moon’s Nodes) are the places in the sky where the Moon’s orbit rises above (North or “Ascending” Node) and dips below (South or “Descending” Node) the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. 

Tricky, I know, but the point is that as the Moon and the Earth and the Sun dance together, there’s a wobble or two.  So when you’re talking about the Nodes, there’s either the True Node (which tracks the wobble) or the Mean Node (with the wobble averaged out).  I haven’t studied or researched the difference between the True and Mean Nodes; if someone else has, maybe they can enlighten us.  

The Mean Nodes are always Retrograde.  The True Nodes are usually Retrograde.

We’ll also write more soon about July 19, when Eris is strongest because it’s Stationary, even though its Station is a half-degree shy of the Node.  And about July 18, when the Moon crosses Stationary Eris, the Moon often acting as a trigger to bring Energies into physical Manifestation.

As you by now know, Eris represents the calling out of Denial, and the South Node represents our Karma or self-sabotaging Patterns.

If we’re taking Full Responsibility, nothing ever happens to us, “we” manifest it all.  Just exactly who this “we” is, is the problem for most of us.  When something occurs that we don’t like, if we want to take Full Responsibility, we have to ask who in our Unconscious menagerie called that forth.  Then we have to figure out how to get to Know and Love them.  This can be a daunting process, especially if we’re dealing with a serious disease, nasty crime, or other major trauma. 

This may not be the path everyone needs to walk.  Victims of disease or crime or trauma often feel like this is a “Blame the Victim” game.  In fact, it’s a “get out of Blame” game, but Blame is a conceptual Universe unto itself, and it cannot be escaped by Logic or Plan-Execute.  It requires a PIAVA, and before we can get to that, we need motivation.  Often some sort of Miracle is necessary.  Responsibility – the Ability to Respond – lies outside of the Blame Universe.

If we are motivated to take Full Responsibility, or even to just take More Responsibility, the process is well mapped out in Fritz Perls’s Gestalt Psychology

As you might recall, one of the events that occurred at the End of Time in 2012, was the retirement of Gaia, who moved on to other pursuits, and the ascension of Pi, the Goddess who took Gaia’s place as Governess of our Planet.  Responsibility is part of Pi’s Prime Directive.

Denial is a healthy process.  It protects the Ego from overwhelm, and the Ego is in charge of keeping us Safe.  Denial, however, can become ossified, and ossification is Karma.  The minor planet Eris is about opening the box where our Denial is kept.

We all have self-sabotaging Patterns – unsavory portions of our Karma.  We’re Victims of those Patterns, we believe they originate outside ourSelf.  Otherwise we’d recognize them, bring their positive motivation into Consciousness, and integrate them with the rest of ourself, eliminating the sabotage.  In astrology, self-sabotage is often represented by the South Node.

Well, in July, Eris meets the South Node – Denial meets Responsibility.  If we’re very lucky, we’ll be able to transcend Blame and wipe out big chunks of negative Karma.  We’ll talk more about it all, but Big Days will include July 18, 19, 24, and 29.  This isn’t new; we’ve been working toward it since at least the beginning of June.  It starts getting really intense about now.

The South Node is the faster-moving “planet” here; it entered three-degree sensitivity to Eris in early June, and it enters one-degree sensitivity around July 10.  One-degree sensitivity to the July 19 Eris Station began in March.  The Eris-South Node Cycle Initiates at 24 Aries, “Blown open by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.”

So the critical thing we need to be on the lookout for, is any event or process that we’d usually consider to be negative.  Then we need to PIAVA that we discover the positive function of the part of the Unconscious that wanted to manifest the negative event or process. 

You don’t need to accept the premise that We Are All One, or As Without So Within.  But building up our Reality from principles found in the “perennial wisdom” (the portions of thought that are common to long-enduring esoteric philosophies and religions) works a lot better than using a foundation of principles found in faddish philosophies like Science or any of the modern religions.

If you do want to accept the premise that We Are All One, or As Without So Within, then that Energy we’ve been externalizing is part of our own Unconscious.  And if it sabotages us, then we can explore it and Love it into submission, so it becomes the ally of the larger Ego and Consciousness that we become after Opening ourself to the Energy.  What was before sabotaging us, becomes Power in our own scabbard.

This will be applying on the Personal level for each of us, and on the Cultural and Global levels.  What are the biggest areas of Global Denial and self-sabotage?  Probably Climate Change, the Illusion that Economics serves us, the notion that War is necessary and honorable, Patriarchy.  The biggest areas of Cultural Denial (ie, relevant to specific regions or countries) could be around the role of Government and who runs it for their own benefit, or the distribution of Power. 

Or we can just watch the headlines for the next several weeks, if we have any Attention left over after dealing with our own Personal issues as they arise.

Venus and Mars II

December 28, 2013

2YrOldVive la différence

Natal Venus and Mars

As we were saying, the more we Act out our nominal gender, the more we Project our hunger for Wholeness onto others, and the more we depend on Relationship to provide for us what it was never intended to provide.

In general, the Angle between our Natal Venus and our Natal Mars tells us how much work we may need to do to achieve Androgyny.  Those fortunate enough to be born with Venus Conjunct Mars are already there – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such strange ideas about Relationship – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  While they’re expert on Relationship, because they innately understand its purpose (Play, Collaboration), they may be hard-pressed to Teach it, because it’s so automatic to them.  It will likely take them many years just to discover how gifted they are.

A Square between Venus and Mars can be nasty, because such a person isn’t here to enjoy the kind of external Relationship that Cultures mandate, they came here to explore the Edges of Relationship – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such apparent “success” about it – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  They of course are our real Teachers about Relationship, especially in a World in flux, because they know from Experience where the Boundaries and Edges are.

In a stable World the Expert is someone who knows all the right answers and how to do things the right way.  When the World is in transition (such as now), such a traditional Expert is useless.  That’s when we need the self-taught people with Squares, who’ve spent their Lives exploring what might work and what might not work. 

This is why we refer to Squares as Mastery through Challenge – it’s a very different and very organic kind of Mastery that traditional Experts, who have learned from what worked in the past, cannot match.  As long as the person with the Square measures themselves against others or arbitrary standards (like what Mom wanted), they come up short, and the result is frustration. 

Once the person with Squares begins to measure themselves against their irrepressible Curiosity about the unexplored, the result is more like Excitement.

Appreciating the Square for the real Gift that it is, usually takes even longer.

Of course a Trine between Venus and Mars provides Blessings, but it can also leave its “owner” helpless in the face of relationship difficulty, as their Experience with difficulty may be limited.  A Sextile is nice – there is Grace, but some effort is required.

The Quintile (72 or 144 degrees) can be like the Square – there is so much hunger for more knowledge (Experiential or otherwise) that satisfaction is uncommon without Conscious self-talk.

A Venus-Mars Septile (51, 103, or 154 degrees) can feel like a pain because when we Act at the wrong Time, we don’t just waste effort, we make things worse.  Yet when we get our Timing right, this is where Power resides.  If your Venus-Mars are Septile, cultivate clumsiness – if others see you as awkward and clumsy (as you will feel when your Timing is off – that is, much of the time) but light-hearted about it, it can be a very lovable quality.  If you watch the videos in the earlier post, notice the difference in the way you respond to the speakers who are a little awkward, compared to those that are slick.

The rest of us, with no particular Harmonic between our Venus and our Mars, are left muddling along.  Trying to sing along with the near-universal theme of popular music, but not at all sure whether it’s mirroring us or programming us.  A Square to our Mars or Venus from some other planet can be almost as Challenging as a Square between Venus and Mars themselves.

Transiting Venus and Mars

The current Venus-Mars angle, in the sky now (“Transiting” in astrologuese), is a Biseptile.  The Signs are Square, but the Degrees are not.  It’s like a Square with a Wormhole through it.

Venus-Mars applies not just to Relationship, but to any endeavor where our Goals and our Efforts are involved – are there any other endeavors?  The Cycle is about knee-jerk Nurturance – “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  The Biseptile says to

Hold back if the Timing isn’t perfect, and Launch when the Timing is there, but don’t be attached to Outcomes

As is often the case, our endeavors are more often responses to prior PIAVAs and Unconscious Patterns than they are what we think they are.  Outcomes are always Teachings.  The less we involve our Ego with our Emotional Reactions to Outcomes, while fully honoring our Reactions, the faster we Learn and the fewer courses we have to repeat.

How to tell when Timing is perfect?  Not easy.  It’s a Magnetic process – you have to be fully prepared to Act, but Focusing on something else, so your mind isn’t trying to figure it out.  But not so Focused that you miss the cue.  A friend’s six-year-old once called it his “corner-eye” – always in one’s peripheral vision, but never in one’s focus.  It’s not about the words, it’s about the Body Language – your Body will know when the Timing is perfect, your mind won’t.  I’m not talking about lovers, I’m talking about anything we’re trying to Do or PIAVA – lovers just happens to be the perfect metaphor for Venus and Mars.

The concurrent Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Cycles are about Creativity – “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

The current triple Waning Square from Venus to Eris tells us that

It’s not a time to Create or Give Away Secrets, it’s a time to hunker down and save our Power for moments when it will be more effective.  We’re storing material and ideas for the next Creation, but at this time it has more value as Potential than as Manifestation.

The imminent triple Opposition from Mars to Eris can be Confusing –

We’ve been Acting to remove obstacles to our Creations and Creativity, but now we hesitate to Act, fearing we’ll go too far

Which is good – remember that

Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and the Opposition begins the Waning half of a Cycle, the half where we Grow out of Certainty and into Faith, or at least into Curiosity.

In simple terms, Mars is concerned with the Characteristics of things, and with changing those Characteristics, while Venus is concerned with the Relationship between things, and with changing those Relationships.  For instance, to Mars, when something is Vulnerable it’s open to Competition – like replacing your negative self-talk with positive self-talk.   From the perspective of Venus, when someone is Vulnerable they’re open to Connection – like empathizing with your despair.  Very different Skills, each very useful in context.  The more Perspectives we have in our toolkit, the more Skill we bring to the table.