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November 9, 2015

When we looked at Nessus’s “Discovery” chart, we extended our portfolio of interpretations, to include…

  • Privilege, especially Masculine Privilege, and the other side of its Coin, Abuse.
  • Teaching us about our Resistance to the external World.
  • Learning how to Liberate ourselves from Archetypes, Self-Sabotage, and Limitation.
  • Teaching us about our Separation.
  • Teaching us to set Solid Boundaries against Denying our Intuition.
  • Introducing Complexity into our Lives.
  • Revealing to us the Oaths we swore that bound us to Archetypes, Self-Sabotage, and Limitation.

The Complexity is particularly important.  Life as it really is, is simple.  How often do you need to be reminded to Exhale after you Inhale, or Krap after you Eat, or Respond when you Feel Loved?  Sure, our intellectual Curiosity (the kind that wants Answers – as opposed to our Permanent Curiosity, the kind that inspires Awe) can dissect Breathing and make it into all manner of irrelevant Detail, but that doesn’t impact our actual Breathing.  It may be useful at the Edges – say, if we stopped Breathing, we may want to find out why.  But even that is just Resistance, Resistance to sliding effortlessly into another Lifetime, Resistance created by the Ego Archetype.  It’s our Archetypes, Self-Sabotage, and Limitations that make Life appear Complex.  So when our Limiting Beliefs get up in our face, suddenly things get very Complicated.

It’s not just Nessus that’s Stationary at this 11/11 New Moon.  Vesta – itself symbolizing Unconscious Beliefs – is too.  And Nessus, as it has been since mid-year and as it will be till the end of the year, is Out of Bounds, or unusually Strong.  So our Limiting Beliefs are Really up in our face.  Which is a tremendous Opportunity, since these Ascensional Leaps that we’re scheduled for (such as 11/11!) will by and large be Painful to the extent that our Limiting Beliefs create Resistance to them.  So now is the time to decode the message that we’re getting.  If we’re Victim to our Limiting Beliefs, we not only miss out on the Leap, but more importantly, we miss out on the Opportunity to get Conscious of the Limiting Belief.  Getting Conscious of them is a prerequisite to Changing them.

For instance, one friend is in the middle of a botched dental procedure, and has been indulging their completely justified Victimhood around it for the last week and more.  Today they recognized their Victim, shifted gears, Affirmed Empowerment instead, and the procedure finished successfully.  Another friend suffered a computer crash that was a major threat to their income, with a project deadline looming.  They gave priority to working with their Fear until it was resolved.  They remarked that they were Curious all day about how casual they felt about it now, and then they discovered later in the day that the deadline had been relaxed.  A third friend hit a troubling glitch in an important business deal, spent the weekend in Meditation, and resolved the glitch effortlessly once they had tamed their Panic.  

Three examples of Safety First.  Now, the next step is decoding the message.  What was the Limiting Belief?  What was its origin?  These are optional steps, as all three friends mastered the Safety First technique.  Once we connect Anxiety and Panic with the need to Withdraw and restore Grounded Presence, we’ve Mastered a technique that can be used for any speedbump or roadblock.  But the bump or block is an Opportunity to get more Conscious of the nature of the Limiting Belief that was triggered.  What triggered it?  Why?  If we avoid Certainty and add “or something like that” to every tentative conclusion we reach, intellectual Curiosity (and Answers) may be useful here.  The New Moon is only a few Degrees from Mercury, which symbolizes Analytical Consciousness.  We’d probably Learn even more by PIAVAing these Questions, but combining PIAVA with analysis, if the two processes are respectful of each other, may be more powerful yet.

Let’s review Wednesday’s Full Moon.  As we said, it’s a few Degrees from Mercury.  It makes a Trine Bridge across the Jupiter-Chiron Opposition (Healing Despair).  Our friend Vesta sits on the South Node (Self-Sabotage Revealing our Limiting Beliefs), and Mars on the North Node (Taking Action toward our Mission).  And the Quaoar-Chariklo-Hylonome Stellium (Revelation of any Identification we have with Feminine Privilege and its Survival Advantage) T-Squares the Nodal Axis (Implying that the Privilege may inhibit our Survival if we aren’t Conscious of our Identification with it).

Vesta and Nessus are not Conjunct; they are simultaneously Stationary.  The effect is the same – we are unable to Differentiate their relative influences.  Which in this case is fine, since they’re implying very much the same thing – bringing Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, especially around Privilege, up into Consciousness.  We can view our Limiting Beliefs in a variety of ways.  They are the bars on our Birdcage, the very cage that keeps us Safe from Puddytat.  They are the result of Oaths we made in this Life or another, that resulted in the accumulation of Karma.  They are probably Archetypes – Cultural Images much larger than ourselves.  They stand in the way of our Ascension, if that’s a Goal of ours, and in the way of Living Life Joyfully and Effortlessly, in case that’s a Goal of yours.  They not only inhibit understanding and pursuit of our Mission, but they obscure Skills and Tools that we learned in other Lifetimes, that we need if we are to achieve our Mission.  They block our Intuition and our Yintegrity.  They constitute our Shadow, or the characteristics we Judge and sometimes Deny in ourself and therefore Judge in others – and constitute our Self-Hate when we aren’t in Denial.  We could go on.

This post by Tim Urban is long, and though he’s an engaging writer, he suffers from critical limitations – namely, he’s Once-Born, and doesn’t know that he’s not connected to his Inner Female or “right brain” – but he does a good job of describing some of our Archetypal, Identity, Denial, and Victim Patterns, as well as examples of Liberation…

The Cook and the Chef: Musk’s Secret Sauce

The more the merrier when it comes to Perspectives, even if they’re Limited Perspectives – as long as we understand their Limitation.

Vesta makes a Waxing Unx to Nessus.  The Initiation occurred at the end of March 2015, at 3 Pisces, “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand” – yet another amplifier of the process of Bringing Unconscious Limits up into Consciousness.  A New Energy is born at the Initiation – and all Initiations are Can-Openers by the way, so we probably encountered some Limiting Beliefs in March, and our Experience then is probably related to our Experience now – and at the Waxing Unx we’re given the Opportunity to Break old Patterns that inhibit our Embrace of the New Energy.  So the entire four-year Vesta-Nessus Cycle will be devoted to Breaking up Limiting Beliefs, and the more progress we make now, the easier will be the next three and a half years.