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*Lots* Going On 2

October 9, 2016

Phew.  Finished off that onerous bit of personal business, now back to “work.”  

While I flesh out the rest of *Lots* Going On 1, here’s an excellent summary of it all, just said a little differently that I would have – and more Power to ’em.  It starts out…

Do not expect anything to continue as you have known it in the past.  This is because the material world you are familiar with was formed from the energy of beliefs that no longer exist.  Be open to and embrace change instead of resisting it, for nothing real is ever lost and ideas based in truth (reality) will always reappear in new and higher forms of expression when needed.”

and continues at.

The post is actually from , but they use a blog template that doesn’t allow “deep linking” (linking to a specific blog post), so I’ve linked to Pauline’s reblog of it.  And with thanks to Eliza at for the original tip.

Here’s part of another totally Timely page from …

“Self-love is the ability to acknowledge, accept, and respect the un-desirable parts of one’s self just as much as the desirable ones from a place of non-resistance.  It is the recognition that these facets of self are who you are at this time.  Try to recognize the personal qualities you wish to eliminate as old habits developed over lifetimes and manifesting out of cellular memory from a less evolved time.  They have no real substance other than the power you endow them with and can serve as tools alerting you to lingering concepts and beliefs in need of examination.”

You can find the rest at…

The Arcturians, through Marilyn ( ), talk about one of our favorite topics, Karma as Inertia…

Justice “often manifests though what the metaphysical world calls Karma, which is a balancing of energies and not the  punishment or revenge that many believe it to be.  Karma is the experiencing of energy formed and held through ignorance by an individual, and often carried over lifetimes until the person is spiritually ready to experience and learn from their creations.  Karma has been a part of every  souls’ learning journey–up to now.  Karma becomes irrelevant once you have evolved beyond that state of consciousness.   Let go of any concepts about karmic retribution you may still hold for yourself, for you are now able to clear, balance, and resolve issues on a higher level, through your attained consciousness of truth.”

My usual approach is to assume that the most difficult part of Letting Go of Karma (which we variously refer to as Patterns, Habits, Archetypes, Unconscious Beliefs, etc) is what we call Noticing.  In general, we don’t change an Unconscious Pattern till we bring it into Consciousness – till we Notice the original Pattern in ourselves.  In my experience, Changing a Pattern once we Notice it is a lot easier than Noticing for the first time.  And of course we can always PIAVA Changes.

However, as I’m reading the intriguing book by Gretchen Rubin called Better than Before, about Changing Habits, I realize (Notice?) that some of the distinctions and techniques she talks about could be very useful to anyone who has been trying to Consciously Change a Pattern and having difficulty making it stick.  For instance, she points out that for some, Abstinence works much better than Moderation, and vice versa for others (pp.136-143). 

She talks about the possible benefits of Scheduling, with the notion that once you’ve Scheduled Time for something, you’ve given yourself permission to NOT do it when it’s not Scheduled.  Johnny Cash’s To-Do List (p.86) included a Time slot for “Worry”, opening the possibility that the rest of his day could be spent more in the Present Moment.  In these max-Change, Ego-Deathful, high-Anxiety Times that trick could be very useful.

On her Lightning Bolt strategy (sudden spontaneous Change), she says it’s…

“A highly effective strategy, but unfortunately it’s practically impossible to invoke on command.  Unlike all the other strategies, it’s not a strategy we can decide to follow; it’s something that happens to us” (pp.122-3).  

With our knowledge of the Seventh Harmonic and the Mjolnir, we actually know when it’s likely to occur – such as right now – and we can precisely time and target our PIAVAs accordingly, if we can avoid Temptations to Judge.

The Jupiter (Expansion) Septile (Seventh Harmonic – Timing) Yod (Admonition to Pay Attention!), based off the Septile from Ceres (Sustainability or Making Permanent) to the Conjunction between Neptune (The Unconscious) and the South Node (Karmic Patterns), persists for several more days, and Jupiter is Initiating Mercury (mind, Communication), which should make it much easier to bring matters into Consciousness, with the caveat that Mercury is a Trickster that can easily stick us into Either/Or and Judgment.  

The 7 Libra Degree of the Jupiter-Mercury Initiation is a chuckle – “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks: The need to face the antagonism of ‘powers of darkness’ as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless and frightened apprentices.

It would be timely to differentiate Judgment from Discretion.  In simple terms, Judgment separates the “good” from the “bad,” while Discretion Chooses what’s more preferred over what’s less preferred.  In situations where Unconscious Judgment is involved, the distinction can be fuzzy.  One way to explore Unconscious Judgment might be to ask yourself how comfortable you’d be with the less preferred if the more preferred wasn’t available.

August-September III

August 19, 2015

“Coincidentally,” several posts by others have popped up that are oh-so relevant to our several Adventures here in August and merging into September…

We don’t usually speak in these terms, but I have no doubt that Ascension is also going on…

And Dr. Kim provides a broader Perspective, along with a great tool, for Clearing persistently troubling Emotions…

And here’s a great view of the current Descent of Inanna (Inferior Conjunction of Venus), post-2012…

And finally, a quiz to see if we’re doing our Identity homework…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Let’s finish up August, as I’m eager to write about some fairly remarkable events coming up in September.

Our Old Egos are due for a comeuppance at, around, and/or after the 29 August Full Moon. 

Most of us still have one foot in the Old Industrial-Era World of Exploitation, and a portion of our Identity likely remains wrapped up in that.  Whether the Old Order gives us Validity through our Achievements or through Socialization with our workmates, gives us Security through our income, gives us a sense of Value through our “contributions to society,” gives us Juice because of the Competition, or however it props up our Self-Worth, we could be due for a shock. 

If this occurs, Acknowledge and Witness any Fear or Anger or Grief that arises, and be Loving and Gentle with it.  Review your understanding of Ego Death ( ), so you can respond positively to the signs after you acknowledge their Veracity.

Your other foot is already in the New post-Apocalypse World of Collaboration and Cooperation.  You may be growing some of your own food, establishing neighborhood tool-sharing, kickstarting or funding new ventures, playing with 3-D printers and milling machines at your local Makerspace, downsizing your use of resources, promoting Equality, or any number of other Activities oriented toward a Sustainable and Regenerative World.  Once you’ve Embraced your Emotions about whatever nicked your Old-World Identity, redouble your Efforts toward your New-World Identity.  If there’s a Leap of Faith involved, go for it.

While the Jupiter-Neptune Opposition isn’t Exact until 16 September, the Full Moon sits across it.  On the same September day Makemake (Creative Manifestation, and it’s no accident that Makemake shares a name with the Maker Movement) Initiates the North Node (our Mission).  This Opposition is a blooming of the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle that began in late May 2009, at 27 Aquarius.  Long-time readers may recognize that as having occurred within a few days of the Chiron-Jupiter Initiation in the same Degree, and within a few months of the Neptune-Chiron Initiation, also in the same Degree, “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”  This is the “New Paradigm” we’ve written much about, and which we regard as the major correlate with the Wall Street Crash of 2007-8.  If you aren’t a long-time reader, look up “Chiron-Neptune” in the Categories list at right (

Meanwhile, the Full Moon very closely T-Squares the asteroid Hybris, a “misspelling” of hubris.

Jupiter is now past its Waning Square to Saturn, which means we’re dropping into the Void with regard to Social and Economic Activities, so we’re overdue for a review of the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles.  Saturn-Jupiter Initiations occur in the same Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) for two Centuries, then they switch, with a stutter between Elements.  The Industrial Revolution and it’s Wage-Slave consequences spanned the last two Centuries of Earth-Sign Initiations.  Then, almost exactly coincident with the introduction of the mass-compatible (IBM-Microsoft) personal computer, the 1980 Initiation occurred in an Air Sign.  The final Earth-Sign Initiation that followed, in 2000, coincided almost to the day with the “Dot-Com Crash,” initiating twenty years where we’re reviewing the Industrial Revolution to see what elements of it we want to keep as we move into the Digital Age.

The next Saturn-Jupiter Initiation in 2020 will be again in an Air-Sign, as will the following seven Initiations, till our first Water-Sign Initiation in 2160.  While we think of the Age of Aquarius as being about Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust abounding, Aquarius is also an Air Sign, and Air Signs are about mindstuff and Duality.  So while the advances in Scienterrific Knowledge and Technological Gadgetry will be phenomenal, the Digital-Age potential to Create Sustainability and Regeneration will depend on a lot more than thinking.  Aquarians will need to do a lot more than sitting in the pub arguing about which Political system makes them happiest.  Hence the importance of what we’ve been calling the New Paradigm and its implications for greater Equality.

Meanwhile, we’re in the last quarter of the last Earth-Sign Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, and the last quarter of a Cycle is about “Descending” into chaos (Disorder, not the dwarf planet).  Interesting that many folks are focused on Ascension while our Social and Economic Order is Descending.  We need to look for a moment through Rudolph Steiner’s eyes – while Ascension is about Matter merging into Spirit, Descension is about Spirit merging into Matter, one being no less Sacred than the other.

What normally occurs during the last quarter of a Cycle, is that the proponents of the Old Order redouble their Efforts to propagandize everyone into believing that the Status Quo is alive, well, and will Live on forever, while scrambling to keep their cheeks covered.  In the interim, everyone else is focused on their struggle to keep it together.  If we take a hint from the dwarf planet Chaos, though, and see the Trend for what it is – deconstruction of the Old to make Space for the unlimited potential of the New – and we avoid trying to pin down the New before the next Cycle starts, as that would simply perpetuate the Old – then we can Cooperate in destructuring our Old Patterns and making Empty Space for New Patterns to evolve into.

Two days after the Full Moon – a sufficiently short time that these two events will be closely intertwined – we enter a new province in our Relationship Dramas.  Since this applies more than anything to our Inner Female and Inner Male, it’s impact will be wide-ranging.  If you aren’t familiar with John Gray’s amazing work, this would be an excellent time to introduce yourself to it…

The new Cycle will be quite complex, so we’ll save it for when we continue…

Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune

November 5, 2013

The November 6 Jupiter Station is followed by a November 10 Mercury Station and a November 13 Neptune Station.  We do Mercury Stations six times a year, so we get quite a bit of practice with it.  Neptune Stations, though, they’re only twice a year.  They signify ripples in the Unconscious, so they’re less predictable and more consequential.  The Neptune Station is Direct, at 3 Pisces.

Neptune today is only one arcminute from its Station, so it’s absolutely Stationary already.  Using a normal one degree of Sensitivity, we’d say that Neptune’s been Stationary since September 9.  If these were “normal” times, that’d be a big deal – it actually is a big deal, but there’s been so much else going on that Neptune’s taken a back seat.  Since Neptune’s hallmark is subtlety, that’s not so remarkable.

Neptune represents our relationship to everything larger than ourselves. Think about that for a few minutes.  The relative size of our Self at any given moment has a very big impact here.

We usually think of Neptune as Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, but here in early Pisces we’re dealing with Emotion – where does Emotion lie on the Confusion-Clarity scale?  That’s a complicated question, I think dealing mostly with Presence, Regression, Projection, Introjection, Self-Love, Pride, Humility, and Confidence.  If we’re too Proud or Scared to risk making a mistake, we’ll miss a bundle of Learning Opportunities, and that will have a limiting effect on our ability to stay in the Present Moment.  Pisces has precious little connection to Linear Time and Space, so we’ll all be Traveling.

But for now, let’s see what else we need to know about the Jupiter Station that we haven’t covered already.  We mentioned that it triggers our ongoing Juno-Nodes Consciousness work by Noviling Juno (slow down and Wake Up!) and Quintiling the South Node (Recovering Lost Skills).  And it tickles our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Yintegrity work by Septiling Uranus.  What else?  Ah…

The Jupiter (Expansion) Station (Strong) Squares (Mastery through Challenge) Eris, the Golden Apples-Secrets Revealed Lady. 

“Secret” has different connotations than “Denial,” but with a slight shift of perspective (a small rotation around the Consciousness axis), they amount to the same thing.

Part of “Angular” astrology, or astrology based on the Angles between planets, depends on the Qualities of the Signs.  A Square is considered Challenging because it’s between Signs of different Modalities – Jupiter is in a Water Sign (Cancer), while Eris in Aries, a Fire Sign.  You can imagine how well Water and Fire mix, especially if you add a little Olive Oil.  And a Trine is considered a blessing because it usually links two Signs of the same Modality – Chiron is Trining the North Node because they’re both in Water Signs (Pisces and Scorpio), and Pluto Trines the South Node because they’re both in Earth Signs (Capricorn and Taurus).  This commonality breaks down and gets trickier when we get near the Cusps, but it’s a generally useful point of view.  So let’s introduce another astrological concept, the Sign-Angle.

Two planets are considered Sign-Conjunct when they’re in the same Sign but not close enough to one another to be actually considered Conjunct.  It carries some of the impact of a Conjunction, but it’s much more subtle, and lacks the essence of Conjunction (which is Merging).  And, for example, two Planets would be considered Sign-Trine when they’re both in Water Signs, or both in Air Signs.  We notice that our three Stationary planets, Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune, are all in Water Signs, forming a Sign-Grand Trine, or maybe a Grand Sign-Trine.  Mercury and Neptune are literally Trine to one another, Mercury is Septile to Jupiter, and Neptune-Jupiter makes a Thirteenth-Harmonic Angle.  The Thirteenth Harmonic is about Death and Rebirth.

The Grand Sign-Trine promises a Blessed overall outcome.  The Mercury-Neptune Trine suggests effortless Harmony between Mind and Spirit (for once).  The Mercury-Jupiter Septile promises Magical results if we get our timing right.  And the Jupiter-Neptune Thirteenth-Harmonic Angle implies that we could end up being a different person in a few weeks.  Maybe we should look back at the last Neptune-Jupiter Initiation – it may have clues for us.  This gets interesting fast…

Remember our February 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation, where our Relationship to God (or anybody bigger than Us) anointed our ability to Reframe Despair into Miracle with a new Mission?  Given prior Chiron-Neptune Conjunctions, it’s pretty clear that we can attribute much of the current economic readjustment (which here in the Despair phase feels like a return to both feudalism and fascism) to this Cycle.  The Symbol for the Cycle, recall, is “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”

Well, nine months prior, just long enough for gestation in species such as ours, Chiron and Neptune both turned Retrograde within a day of one another, with Chiron stopping short of Conjoining Neptune by only a quarter of a degree, in the same degree as their subsequent exact Conjunction.  They had been enjoying almost-simultaneous Stations for several years, all through the Big Meltdown in 2007-2008.  Simultaneous Stations feel a bit like Conjunctions – even when they aren’t in the same degree, because both planets are Powerful at the same time.  The current Jupiter-Neptune Cycle – and the current Jupiter-Chiron Cycle as well – Initiated only a day prior to the May 2009 almost-Conjunct simultaneous Chiron-Neptune Stations, at the same 27 Aquarius, “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.

So as we’ve said, the Jupiter Station is intimately involved with the Ouija-Board Uranus-Pluto Yintegrity Cycle, and now we discover that it’s also intimately involved with the Fresh-Violets Chiron-Neptune New-Paradigm Cycle as well!

The involvement of Mercury allows us to bring all this up into Consciousness, if we’re open to it.  What do we mean by “all this”?

Insights into the ways our efforts to Expand our Self-Expression will fit into the New Economic Paradigm.  Insights that could feel like Rebirth.

For now it’s obvious that the surface layer of the New Economic Paradigm is feudal and fascist.  We’ve been there before, this is nothing new, it’s a pain, but we can deal with it.  In many ways we’ve always been there.  We’ve talked at length over the last several years about how the Corporate Media, owned by the fascists, will feed us only propaganda about how we need to knuckle under to our new masters.  But we’ve also talked at length about the undercurrent of New Economic Energies that are sprouting up from the grass roots.  While the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle runs only for thirteen or so years, the Chiron-Neptune Cycle is much much longer.  This is a very slow process and we’re only at the beginning.