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Mercury’s Station

November 8, 2013

heul7029bpHeulandite heals hesitation to speak our Truth.

Well, “puny” Mercury has the last laugh!  Not surprising, Trickster and Magician that he is.  Mercury symbolizes the First Harmonic, hence ruling Initiation.  So we go nowhere without his approval.

The chart of his November 10 Station (1pm PST) is a well-ordered Spiderweb of Quintiles (orange) and Septiles (light blue)…

GQMercRemarkable.  His return from his Retrograde journey is heralded by four parts of a Grand Quintile, forming a cauldron securely capped by a Septile Bridge!  Ceres, Jupiter, the South Node, and the Moon form the all-but Grand Quintile.  Vesta, the Sun, Pluto, and Neptune form the cauldron’s lid.

There is a huge Learning Opportunity (Grand Quintile) here, hidden beneath a veil of Magic (Septile Bridge).

We could Learn Enduring (Ceres) secrets about our Karma (South Node), Manifestation and Authenticity (Moon), and Transcending our Limits (Jupiter). 

These Lessons are protected by the Sacred (Vesta), the Source (Sun), Alchemy (Pluto) and Mystery (Neptune).

Five Quintile Yods create a Grand Quintile.  When one point of the Grand Quintile is missing, three of the five Q-Yods are absent.  The two Q-Yods that remain are Moon with Ceres and Jupiter and Ceres with Moon and South Node…

We’re Learning how Attention to Sustainability (Ceres) and Stepping beyond our Limits (Jupiter) support Authenticity and facilitate Manifestation (Moon).

We’re Learning that Respect for our Experience (South Node) and Respect for the Intuition hidden in our apparently-random Emotions (Moon) create Patterns with Enduring Value (Ceres).

And there is one additional Q-Yod that’s not part of the all-but Grand Quintile, a Uranus Q-Yod with Saturn and Pallas…

We’re Learning how to Identify with and Express our True Self (Uranus) through Attention to the Edges and Boundaries (Pallas) of our Yintegrity, and Prioritizing what’s Most Important (Saturn).

In the Septile Bridge…

Yielding control to Source (Sun) and allowing ourselves to be  Transformed (Pluto) will resolve the Conflicts between The Mystery (Neptune) and our Beliefs about it (Vesta).  Unconscious obsession with these Conflicts absorb our Attention and prevent Timely Action that would yield Miracles.  This Configuration holds the promise of dissolving these Conflicts.

Now, with an all-but Grand Quintile, you know we’re going to be looking at the Vacancy – the empty spot that would fill the Grand Quintile – as the key to the whole drama, eh?

Well, at the Vacancy sits the Conjunction of two asteroids that we don’t usually consider – the Asteroid Persephone and the Asteroid PsychePsyche means “Soul.”  Psyche was so lovely that she made Venus jealous, so Venus sent her son Cupid to torment Psyche.  Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but through misdirected Curiosity, Psyche wounds Cupid and he flies away.  Wandering in search of Cupid, Psyche falls under the Power – and wrath – of Venus.

Persephone, daughter of Ceres/Demeter, was abducted by Hades (aka Pluto), and served as Queen of the Underworld.  Persephone and Psyche have met before.  Venus, worn out by healing Cupid’s wound, sent her now-servant Psyche on a mission to the Underworld to retrieve a blessing from Persephone, to restore Venus’s beauty for an upcoming event.  Now the thick plottens.  Psyche usurped the blessing, it backfired, and she had to be rescued by a now-healed Cupid.  Cupid appeals to Jupiter/Zeus, who intervenes with Venus, and grants Psyche immortality so she can marry Cupid.

It’s Jupiter’s son Mercury who gets the job of assembling the Gods so Jupiter can proclaim these decisions.  In the Station chart, Mercury Septiles Jupiter and Sextiles Venus, while Venus Conjoins Pluto.  Stationary Mercury Trines Stationary Neptune.  We can summarize all these complex Shakespearean relationships simply with…

Magic is afoot.

I was joking with a friend the other day about how the planets seem to be conspiring since the End of Time, as if they’re acting out some script presenting the Earth with coordinated Challenges and Blessings.  After this “coincidence,” it feels a lot less like a joke.