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Portal 9.11-17-22

September 12, 2014

biot6728bpBiotite – Iron-rich Mica.  Mica forms in sheets, and a cluster of sheets isn’t called a “Crystal,” but a “Book.”  Iron and black are both Grounding.  We need to peel off the layers of Discouragement, Despair, Impossibility, Powerlessness, and Hopelessness, one at a time, then go back for more.  The Challenges are insurmountable, so we need to PIAVA Miracles.

* * * * *

The next phase of our September-October adventure begins around September 11, peaks on the 17th, and extends through September 22nd.  This project involves adjusting our Consciousness to integrate what we’ve experienced so far – namely Letting Go of some degree of historical Despair – so we can make space for the Galactic Download we’re in the middle of.  Consciousness is a larger animal than our intellectual concept set, and larger than the Limiting Beliefs that our Emotions define.  Larger than our Birdcage.

You can think of Consciousness as the span of experiences and circumstances where you’re able to be fully in the Present Moment, and fully Present.  For most of us, that’s a pretty small space, especially these days, when most of the time we’re lost in our childhood Powerlessness (a sepia portrait of our Karma), projecting those frustrations onto the facts of our current experience, and scared or frustrated or both because we don’t understand why they don’t seem to fit.  When we aren’t totally spaced out unconsciously processing the Download, that is, or merged with the paroxysms of the Planet.

If we’ve been on schedule, for the last two weeks we’ve been Letting Go of this ancient and Archetypal Despair to make room for the new information in the Galactic Download.  It’s all relative, so if you’ve made any forward progress at all, congratulate yourself.  No sense being Discouraged about Despair. 

For the next two weeks we’ll be reorganizing our orientation toward our Personal History, discovering Epiphanies about our Mission and Desires, and working out ways to Sustain our new Freedom to be more Present.  Most of these processes will occur without our direct knowledge or direction; we’ll occasionally get a glimpse, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing and feeling and thinking things that don’t seem to have a context.

Three Squares have been added to the Galactic Grand Trine.  Juno has come ’round to T-Square the Nodes, while Eris still clings to the South Node, and both Mercury and Haumea approach the North Node.  And Ceres Squares Jupiter.

With Haumea being the (dwarf) planet of Birth and Rebirth and Mercury the planet of comprehension, their presence on the North Node is quite a Blessing.  The North Node Initiates Mercury on September 17 at 21 Libra, “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach: A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness.”  Haumea Initiates the North Node in the same degree on September 18.  A friend today asked the Great Spirit why they felt grief, and Her Creativeness answered “Why do you only pray for yourself?” which reminded them that it was 9/11.

Eris has already Initiated the South Node.

This first picture below shows the T-Square in dark red, the Grand Trine in dark blue, and a resulting Trine Fez (the trapezoid with the light green “X” across the middle), as the recent Saturn-Vesta Initiation Trines Juno and Quincunxes Eris-South Node to finish the Fez.

The base issue (the Square) in the Fez is Juno to Eris-South Node, indicating Mastery through Challenge in adjusting the Edges of our Consciousness to the barn-sized Denials we’ve been opening up to.

The Quincunxes tell us that the solution lies through

  • Curiosity about which rigid Beliefs we need to relax, and which lapses in discipline we need to tighten, in order to blow away the self-sabotaging Denials permanently (Saturn-Vesta to Eris-SN), and
  • Curiosity about how to open to the Downloads that are coming in from the Galactic Center, particularly with regard to being Blamed unfairly, and the Grace involved in whatever “good” Karma we have (Juno to Chariklo-Pholus).

Remember that Karma is not retribution, it’s inertia, so “good” Karma is not a reward, it’s a Habit that’s constructive more often than not.  A Karmic Habit is an epigenetic Habit that you learned in other Lifetimes.

There are a couple of issues where we’ll be far ahead if, rather than trying to understand, we stay in Curiosity, and let the issue remain unresolved as long as we can.  These arenas are about

Where in the general high-speed blur we should Focus our Attention,


Anything that seems Unfair. 

We can deal with those using PIAVAs.  Use them iteratively, so you don’t get stuck thinking you know what’s going on and quench your sense of Wonder.  What’s coming down is much larger than you sense it to be, by many orders of magnitude.


* * * * *

The second picture, below, shows a second Trine Fez that’s also present.  This one spans September 12 through September 26.  The base Challenge is Jupiter-Ceres, a Cycle Initiated withA Well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic Trees,” suggesting that there are Global Warming and other Survival concerns involved.

The Quincunxes that can lead us to Mastery of the Challenge include (1) Curiosity about Expanding our Openness to Miracles and our willingness to Embrace our Despair as Witness (Jupiter-Chiron) and (2) Wonder about how to make our Yintegrity more Sustainable (Ceres-Uranus).  Again, we want to use our PIAVAs iteratively, to maintain our Curiosity.

There is a second element in this second picture, namely a Yod to Chiron from Pallas and Jupiter.  The Pallas-Jupiter Cycle began in August 2013 at 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process: The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.”  The Yod says Pay Attention to Chiron, to transforming Despair (especially what we don’t even know is Despair because we don’t even conceive of a possibility that what we want could occur) into Miracles through Empathizing with our own Discouragement.  The base Sextile says, Keep at it; it’s not a one-time event!

The other element in the Portal 9.11-22 adventure recommends that we avoid drawing any conclusions about how to be True to our Soul’s Path, so we can be open to Change, recognizing that “now we see through a glass darkly.”  The longer we can maintain our Curiosity, the more we’ll Expand our Consciousness.  Again, iterative PIAVAs are in order.  Try to keep them a couple of days apart; otherwise the Pay Attention phase gets too confusing.  But if you think you’ve got the Answer, come up with another Question quick.

Another iterative process recommended is Empathizing with our Despair.  This Portal tells us that we need to keep doing that over and over again, as we are approaching Challenges that will require the utmost Mastery, and we can’t afford to be faint of Heart.