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Instant Healing II

January 7, 2019

All this means that we’re in the midst of the Initiation of four New Cycles.  We routinely watch about 40 planets, which means about 750 simultaneous Cycles.  Some are obvious, most much more subtle, and of course our own Sensitivity is more important than the Prominence of the Cycle itself.  In some greater or lesser sense, though, the Vibes do Change as a New Cycle is Initiated.

All four of the New Cycles are asteroid Cycles.  An asteroid Cycle with an Outer planet usually lasts around three to five years, but an asteroid Cycle with another asteroid can last Centuries, as the nearer ‘roid chases the farther one around the Zodiacal Loop.

Vesta-Klotho is the longest New Cycle beginning.  The Cycle is about how Open we are to New Beliefs.  The Initiation occurred 14 December at 6 Aquarius, “A game of cricket,” which means that Australians will be much Entertained for the Duration, while most of the rest of us will have no idea What’s Going On.

This is good, as it could, under the best of circumstances, force us to Recognize that we’ve never had any idea What Was Going On, and our Pretending that we did is what has Destroyed the Planet (  Make sure you have your Towel and your Hitchhiker’s Guide close at hand, and prepare yourself to have all of your Beliefs Challenged or Shattered, and you’ll be fine.

A New Vesta-Lilith Cycle is also starting, today (6 January).  The basic Vesta-Lilith Cycle is about whether or not our Beliefs Promote our Sovereignty.  The Initiation was in 17 Aquarius, “A watchdog stands guard, protecting its owner and their property.”  So the contest will be between Protecting the Sovereignty of our Ego, or Protecting the Sovereignty of our Soul.  You may want to make a Choice, soon, before your watchdog rips your leg off because you shifted your Assemblage Point at the wrong moment and your mutt didn’t recognize you.

Why can’t we do both, and Respect the Sovereignty of both our Ego and our Soul?  Of course that’s what’ll be happening, as there’s actually no third party left to Choose one or the other.  But if it’s your Ego that trains your watchpup by itself, and your Ego Fears your Soul, one of you will Suffer, and it probably won’t be your Soul.  Why would the Ego Fear the Soul?  Just look at traditional astrology – Uranus, our Soul Vector, is considered to mean Disruption, while the only thing that’s ever really Disrupted is what the Soul regards as Obsolete.

How do we Adapt?  We Learn to Relish our Ego Deaths.  They’ll still be Painful, but we may be able to avoid Rabies.  The more we Resist What We Want, the more likely our watchdog will attack us.  To move forward safely, we need to be Willing to Embrace our Held Emotions.  As Dan Scranton’s Arcturian biddies aver today…

“You chose to ascend with your consciousness in your physical body, and you chose to do it through processing your emotions, accessing more unconditional love and compassion, and going within to discover the truth of who you really are.  It is the longer way.  It is the more painstaking approach, but it is the most satisfying one, and ultimately, the most successful way to ascend.”

The Eurydike-Jupiter Cycle was also Rebooted today.  The Initiation occurred at 13 Sagittarius, “A widow’s past is brought to light.”  Interesting counterpoint to the next Initiation.  The Cycle itself concerns Expansion of Trust.  Since we can usually sense on some level when someone is hiding something from us, this bodes well for increasing Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration, which are all boons for “Ascension.”

The New Klotho-Lilith Cycle begins 13 January in 18 Aquarius, “A man’s secret motives publicly unmasked.”  That’s very suggestive.  Of course, for the rest of us, that means that What We Want comes out into the Open, which is a prerequisite to just about everything else we’d covet.  The Cycle is about Beginning to Trust Our Self in a Whole New Way.  Hooray, hooray!

We can prepare for this by practicing getting a little more Honest every day.  That’ll mean we’ll have to Stand Still for the Abuse that will be heaped upon us by those who are heavily invested in our Servitude to them, or who are deep in Judgment about what we’ve been Denying.  The sooner we cross that necessary Threshold the better, as it’s only the Beginning.  Wait’ll your Forbidden Genius becomes Irrepressible – you’ll be very glad you practiced on your relatively-petty Formerly-Secret Motives.

Oh, and you might want to cancel your Twitter account and close your Facebook page before you become a Pariah.

A fifth Conjunction was not an Initiation, as that occurred back at the September Equinox.  That was the Asbolus-Sappho Initiation, which started a New Cycle about How We Respond to Our Innate Urges to Love Ourself.  It began at 21 Gemini, “”A tumultuous labor demonstration,” which doesn’t promise a quick end to the gilets jaunes or the US arrêt du gouvernement, but which could mean that the new US House of Representatives might begin to make a dent in the Institutionalization of Inequality that we’ve been seeing.

The last president who started a Trade War, and deported a million or two Hispanics (mostly US citizens) while he was at it, lasted only one term – the result of a Wall-Street Crash rather than a Wall-Border Impasse (the Crash is coming, no worries).  The parallel is a bit eerie.  I had no idea that Hoobert Herver blamed the 1929 Crash on Mexicans.