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Spider Grandmother

August 29, 2014


My friend Marika has released another of her spectacular integrative multimedia Flora Muse Monthly Portal Tree videos, this on Ivy or Gort…

Be sure to watch it on full screen (that’s the little box-corner symbol in the lower right; ESC returns you to your browser).  Find the others in the series at

A Month of Yindependence Work

August 27, 2014

vivian3166bpVivianite, an Iron Phosphate and a powerful holder and healer of Feminine Energy and Power.  Keep Vivianite Crystals in the dark if you want to preserve their color and transparency.  This month though you may find yourself less motivated to keep your Feminine Energy and Power in the dark.  Nevertheless, it could be a rocky month, and Self-Care is still Priority Number One.  The Vivianite Crystal in your closet is a good reminder to always be mindful of Self-Protection.

* * * * *

Elizabeth informs us that the probable dwarf planet Ixion is also Stationary Direct at 20 Sagittarius – the same location as the throng of Stationing Centaurs – on September 3.  Ixion in mythology, through a series of demonstrations of his total absence of moral character, ended up as the grandfather of the entire race of Centaurs.  Clearly something is up in the Sign of the Centaur.  Even more intriguing, it was a surrogate for Juno – the Edges of Consciousness – that Ixion coupled with to produce the father of the Centaurs.

In our earlier post we mentioned that Venus in Leo forms a Grand Trine with the Stationary Sagittarian Centaur Stellium and Eris-North Node in Aries.  On closer examination we find that Venus Conjoins Lilith.  Lilith moves a lot slower than Venus, which leaves this Grand Trine in place all during the month of September and well beyond.  So we need to look that over more closely.

Lilith Initiates Venus at half past 3am PDT on August 28, at 20 degrees of Leo, “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.”  It’s relatively unusual for a Sabian Symbol to be so specific, and interesting that the Zuni have maintained an irrigated desert agriculture for thousands of years, much longer than most irrigation-based cultures, because as irrigation water evaporates the soil becomes increasingly clogged with salts.  The Zuni succeed by understanding and following the rules about caring for the Land and the People, exactly what the dwarf Planet Quaoar is about – and Quaoar is also Stationary Direct among the gang of Centaurs.

While the Grand Trine starts as an enhanced Brilliant (Mercury and Mars make the Squares in the face of the Brilliant, and it’s enhanced by a Yod to Sedna from the North Node-Centaurs face of the Kite), the enduring parts of the complex include the Grand Trine itself between Lilith and Eris and Quaoar-Ixion-Chariklo-Pholus-Hylonome, and a Tricolor comprised of Lilith Square Sedna Quincunx the Centaurs et al Trine Lilith.  With Eris on the South Node, the Grand Trine is really a Kite focused on the North Node.

The mythology around Pholus and Hylonome centers on Death, Pholus by accident as a result of giving away too much hospitality, and Hylonome by choosing to follow her Lover to the Other Side.  While the dwarf planet Chariklo is a Centaur astronomically, the mythological Chariklo was a nymph depicted as a human whose primary attribute was beauty.  Like the Trine itself, Beauty has its own Karma, as the temptation of Arrogance, till one learns that the extra attention one receives is not due to strength of character.  Not that Chariklo herself is associated with Arrogance, just that inflation is a potential Karmic quality of Beauty.

So this trio of Centaurs kind of symbolizes several ways of Giving Away Our Power, through excess generosity, codependence or merging, and misinterpretation of Grace.  I can see Lilith gritting her teeth.

In the center of the herd are enforcer Quaoar and sociopath Ixion – Quaoar whose People believed that they would have to “go back to eating clay” if they didn’t follow the rules about keeping their Landscape in order, and the ultimate scofflaw Ixion, who was tricked by Zeus into dancing with the Edges of Consciousness to spawn the Centaur race.  Quaoar’s rules are about when to plant food crops, not about how often to water the lawn.  Of course any enforcer of the rules is also in Resistance to Creativity, and Victim of their own variety of hubris.

These are some deeply Archetypal notions.  Then we have whistleblower Eris, still within three degrees of the South Node, the very home of Karma.  If any party ever needed a Golden Apple, this gang of Sagittarii is it.  Heavy stuff – good thing it’s a Grand Trine!

The Tricolor starts with a Square from Lilith to Sedna…

The Risk in Yindependence lies in angering the fathers, as their reaction can be extreme and irrational.  Easing the Risk lies in Curiosity about what that Cavalry in Sagittarius might do or mean for us.  The fathers are conflicted.  The Stallion in them doesn’t want any Mares to leave the fold, and flying hooves can be murderous.  The upper half understands the prohibition – unless ruthless Ixion has taken charge.   There are times when the rulegiver needs to be overthrown, and who better for the job.  But will we have to go back to eating clay?

Feigned generosity or codependence or seduction no longer work, because the Mare half of the females is taking charge with her own flying hooves, and leaving the upper half to reassemble the broken pieces.

The Kite tells us that the North Node – our Mission – is in charge here, which is good…

The message is that while it could get very rocky in September, we’re better off letting “Nature” (or Chaos) “take it’s course,” rather than trying to steer anything one way or another.  Remember that the Galactic Center’s hyperbeam of Energy rides on the back of these Centaurs.  It won’t be immediate, but the outcome will be positive.  Expect to be very surprised by the way the Worm turns.

* * * * *

Next we need to see when the Moon crosses each corner of the Kite and Yod/Tricolor and the Vacancies of the Grand Sextile template, so we can see how the Energies will shift from week to week.  The Moon crosses the rodeo grounds September 2-3…

Our earlier post saw the Stampede intensifying on August 29 and September 3, 4, and 7.  Specifically, we should expect the hooves to fly strongest from around 6pm PDT September 2 till about 1pm PDT September 3.  Don’t be surprised by unexpected reactions – yours or others’ – here, as parts of ourselves that have been dormant suddenly wake up and demand a place at the table.  Lots of surprises.

The Moon Opposes Lilith September 6-7, then crosses South Node-Eris on September 10-11.

After some excitement September 6-7 overnight (probably some clarity about what those newcomers want), the next big peak will span roughly 10pm PDT September 10 through 8pm PDT September 11.  This is where you’re likely to discover that the Limitations you’ve been blaming on others are actually Limiting Beliefs within yourself.  Don’t try to save face here, just accept the Truth and feel how much Stress it releases, as you don’t have to cover up any more, and you can start working directly for what you really Wanted all along.

Moon over Sedna September 13…

Our next Portal open around 1am PDT September 13, and closes near 7pm PDT.  This is likely to be when the Risk will feel greatest.  Stand up tall, raise and spread your arms, and roar.  Make as much noise as you can.

On September 15-16 the Moon Opposes the Stables, and on September 20-21 it crosses Lilith.

Expect Stürm und Drang September 15-16, but much of it will be just bluster.  From 11am or so PDT September 20 till about 3am PDT September 21, though, the Birds come home to roost.  If you don’t feel Liberated by now, feel free to make a stand for it.  The Goddess is on your side.

The Moon crosses the North Node, at this point accompanied by Pallas, on September 25-26.

Portal 9.25-9.26 stretches from 9am PDT September 25 to 2am PDT September 26.  We should see the outline of those promised positive outcomes by now.  Reconsider all of your Boundaries here.  You may have been Protecting yourself in places where you’ve now recovered enough Power that you don’t need Protection there.  There may also be places where you need to strengthen your Boundaries, to protect Recovered parts of yourself that are still tender.

The last day of September sees the Moon again crossing Ixion, Pholus, Chariklo, Hylonome, Quaoar, and the Galactic Center.

The Cavalry rides through again on September 30, most intensely from 1am to 7pm PDT.  This is partly cleanup, and partly the beginning of Round 2, as the Configuration stretches into October.

It should be quite a ride.


August 25, 2014

dscn0190bpAh Eudialyte!  The ultimate Flesh-Spirit transition stone.  A great comfort for soothing an Ego Death, the color from an unbeatable combination of Zirconium and Manganese.  Can you imagine a planetary Ego Death?  I suppose an alien landing would be an example, or maybe forty days and forty nights of Rain.

* * * * *

As I get time I’ll review their likely meaning, for now I’ll just list the astroevents.  Four of the six major Centaurs are Stationary over the next few weeks, and three of them are in very near the same place.  In addition, the dwarf planet Quaoar also Stands Still, and in the same place as the herd of Centaurs.  And where is this gathering?  Between us and the Galactic Center.  Guess we better prioritize those Centaur meanings, if Galactic Energy will be channeled through them.

A Centaur is a minor planet orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune and in most cases crossing the orbit of at least one of the major planets.  By and large their orbits are unstable, and they have characteristics of both asteroids and comets.  The most famous of the Centaurs is Chiron.

Here’s the gauntlet…

  • August 29: Chariklo Stationary Direct at 22 Sagittarius
  • September 3: Hylonome Stationary Direct at 25 Sagittarius
  • September 3: Ixion Stationary Direct at 20 Sagittarius
  • September 4: Pholus Stationary Direct at 21 Sagittarius
  • September 7: Quaoar Stationary Direct at 25 Sagittarius
  • September 10: Asbolus Stationary Retrograde at 9 Gemini

For reference, the Galactic Center is 27-28 Sagittarius.  The Moon’s in Sagittarius September 1-2.  And lest we forget, as I almost did, that Sagittarius itself is symbolized by a Centaur!  Plus, Ixion is a probable dwarf planet whose namesake in mythology was the grandfather of the entire race of Centaurs!

Probably the most noteworthy element of the Centaurs is their hybrid nature – half horse half human, half asteroid half comet.

We humans in our vanity usually think of ourselves as half Animal and half Spirit.  We think we’re Spirit because we seem to have Consciousness, and ignoring the fact that everything else does as well, we think we’re special in that regard.  I know, many humans regard their Reason and their Language as marks of their uniqueness, but gosh, Reason is empty Dualism stacked on a house of cards, and no one else needs Language because they just read the Energy directly.  Reason and Language serve only to justify the Denial of Reality.

When we think of ourselves (or anything) as half this and half that, we’re obviously deep in Duality.  The Universe is Multifarious and Unitary, and we’d do well to start thinking of ourselves along those lines.  If you have trouble with being Multifarious and Unitary at the same time, it’s because your Perspective is stuck.  It’s not that you, Reality, or the Universe is either.  The Universe just is.  It’s the Observer (you) that has the option of focusing on the Unity or the Multifariousness or both at the same time.  The Dual is just a special subset of the Multifarious, and while it may occasionally be useful, it is also extraordinarily limiting.

As always, the root question is,

Who is it that’s thinking or observing here?

The notion that we ever get to see beyond ourself is pretty naive, given the infinitesimally small scope of our five senses relative to the infinitely large scope of the Observed.  Without Sense Six we’re in just about the same position as the Lobster just before dinner.

So Paradox is probably the order of the day, or rather, of the two weeks.  Are we in or are we out?  And in or out of what?  How is it that the Galactic Center emits such incredible Energy if it’s a Black Whole, which supposedly eats Energy for lunch and never shares?  I’m reminded of a question someone asked Elizabeth Stratton once in a class – how can we Send Energy and Receive it at the same time?  As if it was two garden hoses aimed at each other, or two futbols, rather than two flashlights.

Focus on the places where you’re split in two, and see if you can Attend to the Coin instead of the heads or tails.  Imagine yourself walking forward as heads while the same you walks backward as tails – heads’ left foot stepping forward as tails’ right foot steps backward.  Then switch, with tails walking forward and heads backward.  It doesn’t take much practice with the exercise before you start noticing that you can see out of the “eyes” in the back of your own head.  A simple introduction to Sense Six.

Who else is in the third Decanate of their Sign during the first week of September?  Turns out it’s busy…

  • Venus in Leo and Eris-North Node in Aries make a Grand Trine with the Sagittarian Stellium of Stations.
  • Venus in Leo makes a T-Square with Mars in Scorpio and Sedna in Taurus.
  • Makemake in Virgo Squares the Stationary Sagittarian Stallium.

All that makes a Square Fez made up of two Tricolors –

  • Makemake Square Centaurs Quincunx Sedna Trine Makemake, and
  • Venus Square Sedna Quincunx Stellium Trine Venus.
  • Or we can take the shortcut and focus on the Venus-Makemake Semi-Sextile telling us what Patterns to Change to resolve the Sedna-Stellium Quincunx.

That would advise us to remind ourselves that we already know how to Walk in Beauty, we just have to be willing to DO it.

Sedna New Moon

August 21, 2014

ika4550bpGlendonite is a Calcium Carbonate (think clamshell) that preserves the shape of Crystals of spiky superhydrated unstable Ikaite that forms in near-freezing water at the bottom of fjords, but disintegrates at lower pressure.  Ikaite is a hybrid of Ice and Stone.  It’s an apt symbol for Rebirth into new Forms and Patterns after a period of exile.

* * * * *

Lots coming up here!  As is often the case, I’m inspired to look things up by Kelley Hunter’s Moon Post…

Here are the main events…

  • Sedna New Moon, August 25, quarter after 7am PDT: Sedna turns Retrograde some 5 minutes after the New Moon!  This will make the next month, and especially the next two weeks, an essay on Sedna.  If I had to summarize the influence of Sedna in a few words, I think I’d pick…

The exposure of loooong-standing Patterns as self-sabotaging, and the opportunity to shift them, with potentially Life-Changing consequences – but only if they’re addressed with reverence and compassion!

  • The same theme is strongly reinforced by the Juno-Pluto Opposition that’s exact on August 29.  The current 4-year Juno-Pluto Cycle is about the Choice between self-sabotage and self-support.

Pluto Initiated Juno on January 14, 2013 in 10 of Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”  The Albatross is a symbol of good luck unless you kill it, in which case it becomes a curse.  How similar to the Sedna myth!

  • And reinforced yet again by Haumea‘s September 17 Initiation of the North Node, birthing entirely new and unexpected Patterns that will serve us well.  And reinforced yet further by Eris on the South Node.

Haumea is Pele’s daughter and the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility.  Her Initiation of the North Node occurs at 21 Libra, “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach,” which Rudhyar reads as a society renewing itself through contact with Nature and itself.

The Haumea-Eris Opposition, which is exact December 3, enters within it’s three degrees of Sensitivity in a few days.  Haumea-North Node Opposite Eris-South Node is another perfect metaphor for “The exposure of loooong-standing Patterns as self-sabotaging, and the opportunity to shift them, with potentially life-changing consequences.” 

Because of the Herculean time scale involved and still-uncertain orbits, it’s hard to be sure about the Eris-Haumea Initiation, but 29 Taurus (in 1598) is a possibility: “The first Mockingbird of spring,” which again reinforces the possibility of Life-Changing shifts.

  • Back to August 25, Saturn Initiates Mars about five hours after the New Moon.  This 2-year Cycle is about how efficiently we Focus the use of our Energy.  We all have limited Energy – physical, emotional, intellectual, Spiritual.  How often do we use it for The Most Important Thing?

The Initiation occurs at 18 Scorpio, “A path through Woods brilliant with multicolored splendor.”  Which is glorious, but there is a hint there of Autumn, as if The Most Important Thing might be for us to enjoy the splendor while beginning to prepare for winter.  Dry some of those ‘Shrooms, or put up a few jars of Soup.

Lovely Things

August 17, 2014

hoyaMaybe next Lifetime I’ll be a Hoya grower – another gloriously-aromatic night-bloomer.

* * * * *

If you’re up early with a view of the East, here’s something worth keeping track of…

And look at this amazing fellow, a Cereus – how appropriate as we move into a Ceres Grand Trine…

The same folks have a tidy addition for a solar air heater that might even be a useful supplement to a rocket mass heater.

Watch out for this last one – it’s one of those videos that starts playing whether you’re paying attention or not, so don’t click on it till you’re prepared to skip the ad and start watching.  The first video is quite fascinating (and timely, with a Saturn Fez about).  Skip the second one, as it lacks substance.  But the third one is interesting, especially when you remember that Linear Time is an illusion…

Grace and Discouragement

August 17, 2014


* * * * *

Well, if there’s all this Grace afoot, where’s all the Discouragement coming from?  Is it just local?  Probably not.  Let’s have a look.

When we look closely at the Mercury Kite, we see that it gets more complex.  As the first map in Grace and Discouragement Pictures shows us, there are Squares to each of the upper corners of the Kite, which creates a Finger of Yod pointing at the base of the Kite, Neptune.  That shifts the entire emphasis of the Kite from Mercury to Neptune.

Probably a good bit of advice for any astrologer – don’t lead with the “good news”!

So instead of lots of Communication and intellectual Clarity here, we can expect Confusion.  Of course Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, but that only works if we can avoid making decisions that refreeze our Consciousness into some Dualistic box.

The Configuration looks like a Brilliant-Cut Diamond, so that’s what we’ll have to call it, a “Brilliant.”

A “Brilliant” is a Kite, with a Yod pointing at the bottom of the Kite, shifting the focus from the planet at the top of the Kite to the planet at the Bottom.

The Squares are Venus-Jupiter to Ceres-Vesta, and Juno to Pallas.  What do they tell us?

The difficulties here may revolve around Realigning our Values (that which we always respond to Emotionally) with our Sense of what’s Sacred and what isn’t (that which outrages us as true Blasphemy).  We got much of both from our Karma and our Programming, and to the extent that these Consciously or Unconsciously conflict with our True Feelings, we’re likely to be experiencing dissonance. 

How do we know our True Feelings?  Well, our True Feelings may cause quite a bit of dissonance with our family, friends, roles, and jobs, but they don’t cause any dissonance for us internally.  We are at Peace with ourself.  Which doesn’t mean that there won’t be many brutal catfights as our Karma, our Programming (which is often, though not always, aligned with our Karma), and our True Feelings fight one another to the death as they try to exert control over our Ego.

Then there’s Boundaries.  For instance, my neighbors – even the adults – feel compelled to throw footballs, basketballs, beachballs, soccerballs, frisbees, and all manner of other mobile sports apparati, and the shoes that chase them, into my garden, where they can do literally years’ worth of damage, if they knock over a slow-growing plant like my Evergreen Huckleberries, or knock the blossoms off the second Elderberry tree that’s necessary to pollinate the first one.

They have no idea what they’re doing.  To them “food” comes from the freezer cabinet at the supermarket and the microwave.  Why should anything in my yard be any more fragile than a blade of grass, especially when for the moment you’ve transformed into Michael Jordan or Richard Sherman or Mario Götze.  Even if you knew or cared, what’s the Value of that plant compared to the glory of the perfect shot or block or kick.  But it triggers my need to Defend my Boundaries, and Conflicts mightily with my “Don’t-Rock-the-Boat” Programming.

What’s the resolution here?  Well, the focus is on Neptune, the planet of We-Are-All-One.  So would the easiest resolution be to roll over and let the neighbors walk all over my garden and me in their pursuit of self-aggrandizing sports glory?  That may be valid, but it’s probably a little extreme – a recommendation that I PIAVA a solution that meets everyone’s needs may be more appropriate.  Planting those thornbushes (nasty Blackcaps that’ll rip your clothes right off of you if you get too close) around the perimeter immediately jumps to mind, but then, I’m not Changing the Subject, am I.

Both Squares make Tricolors with Neptune, advising us to give it over and let a Higher Power deal with our Boundary and Value-Sacred Conflicts.  That’s a lot different than a Mercury focus, though soon we’d like to post some intersting observations about the Second Harmonic.

The second picture in the Grace and Discouragement Pictures post extends the map of this territory.    It’s a Trine Fez, with a Lilith-Saturn Square for a base, and a Uranus-Chiron Semi-Sextile at the top.  There’s Discouragement afoot, so we’d have had to ask what Chiron was up to in any case.  The short story here is that…

We need to change the Patterns in how our Discouragement interacts with our YintegrityYintegrity recall means our ability and willingness to act from the Soul rather than from the Social Contract.  Good time to run that four-part review of our Manifestation processes that we described in the August Blessing Highlights post.  Do we Believe it’s possible to have Yintegrity and Community both?  Do we Deserve to have both Community and Yintegrity?  Do we Know What It Feels Like to have both Yintegrity and Community?  Are we willing to Try It On?

What about the Lilith-Saturn Square at the base?

Specifically, these Pattern Changes are what we’re likely to stumble into if we Focus on our Yindependence and let our Curiosity take it from there.  Our Yindependence is our willingness and ability to Live our own Life, rather than letting others tell us what to do.

So, what would be a Feel-Good way to educate the neighbors to keep their errant and other disharmonious projectiles out of my garden?  I’d have to patiently explain to them what they’re doing and why it doesn’t work in my yard.  They have a lot to learn, so it will take repetition.  But of course first I’ve had to Tap Out as much as I can of my own dissonance over hating to have to speak out, self-hate over abrogating someone else’s Yindependence by giving them Limits, and Frustration over having to have to explain myself, not to mention the historical/Karmic Abandonment and compensatory Anger that arises for me around it all.

Thank Goodness that Grace dominates here!  I’d be without a paddle otherwise.

Grace and Discouragement Pictures

August 17, 2014


Well, I don’t seem to be able to get these placed and sized the way I would like, as WordPress keeps “improving” their software.  So be it.  I much prefer writing to debugging software, and I think that’s what you’d rather have me do as well (or why bother!), so I’ll just have to ask you to tolerate imperfection here.  Above are “Picture 1: Brilliant” and “Picture 2: Trine Fez” from the Grace and Discouragement post.  You can already see the dark clouds of Discouragement threatening to overwhelm Picture 2.

August Blessing Highlights

August 15, 2014

diam5528bpDiamond, symbol of One-Pointed Consciousness.  This one’s Brown, which reminds us of mud, but which is really a shade of Orange, Second Chakra – Emotion, Desire.  Are we clear about our Desires, or muddy?  Our Desires are a Mirror for our Sacred Mission on the Planet.  The cleaner the Mirror, the clearer are our Intentions and Actions, and more Ecstatic our Life.  It’s more difficult to Follow Our Joy when the path is muddy.  

 * * * * *

August 15-25 is a particularly good time to align

  • Our relationship to Spirit,
  • Our Beliefs, and
  • Our Consciousness,

three very different arenas.  Misalignment between these three often limit our ability or willingness to Manifest the Life we strive to live.

One caution – don’t let the Grace that’s available here “go to your head,” or get stuck in your Ego.  These are gifts from the Universe, they arise on their own, not because you Created them.  Use them to Create what you Want, use them to Feel Good about yourself and your place in the Universe, but don’t use them to elevate yourself above anyone else or anything else.  Humility is your best friend here.

To review, Juno forms a Grand Trine with Neptune and Vesta-Ceres during these ten days.

I was recently advised by a profound Healer that we can refine our PIAVAs to make sure they are well lubricated using these steps before we get to PIAVAing the actual subject of our Desires… 

  1. Do you actually Believe that what you Want is possible?  Tap out any doubts that arise, and PIAVA to Believe in the possibility.
  2. Do you actually feel like you Deserve what you Want?  Tap out any doubts that arise, and PIAVA to Deserve what you Want.
  3. Do you actually Know what it Feels Like to have or be what you Want?  Spend time with how you would Feel if you received what you Want.  If you have any difficulty with that, use Tapping and PIAVA to refine what you Want.  Let it shift if it wants to.
  4. Try It On.  Go about your Life for a while as if you had already received what you Want.

These work especially well with Theta Healing.

August Blessings will be intensified during these periods…

  • August 15 between 3pm and 9pm PDT should be an excellent time for Manifesting. 

The Moon Opposes Vesta, forming a Kite.

  • From 6am PDT August 17 till 9am PDT August 20, keep a close watch on your Thoughts.  Thoughts are powerful.  Negative Thoughts and Doubt produce a vibration that fills your Aura with Resistance to what you’re trying to do.  Be particularly watchful for Self-Doubt, and Tap it out when it arises.  Be mindful that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and Let It Be, don’t try to “fix” it.  This is a fantastic time to learn to separate your Thoughts from their Content.  Thought is one thing, What you’re Thinking about is quite another.  Don’t pollute one with the other!!
  • This Energy intensifies between 3am PDT August 18 and 3pm August 19.
  • It intensifies yet again from 8pm till 9pm PDT August 18.
  • If you possibly can, spend from 9am till noon PDT August 20 in Meditation.  The rewards will be profound, especially if you’ve succeeded to any extent in separating the Universe from your Thoughts about it.
  • From noon till 7pm PDT August 20, Expand everything you Do, Feel, Think, Want, Are, and Have.  Watch for Shadows of Doubt, and Tap them out.

Mercury Opposes Neptune to head up a Kite from August 17 till August 20, and on August 20 the Moon Conjoins Juno.

  • August 25 would be another fantastic day to deepen your relationship to the Great Beyond, especially between 3pm and 9pm PDT.

The Moon makes another Kite, Opposing Neptune this time.

We could advance our Mission on the Planet by leaps and bounds by Paying Attention to these Portals.

The Grand Trine, three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, is the grandaddy of Good Luck, but its Energy can be diffuse, and can easily devolve to arrogance if one does not recognize it as Grace. 

When a fourth planet forms a Kite by Opposing one of the three, the Energy becomes Focused through the fourth planet – Power and Magic Are Afoot.

More August Blessings

August 14, 2014

peacock3032bp“Peacock Ore,” a Copper ore somewhere between Chalcopyrite and Bornite, a riot of color that changes as the angle of the light and the angle of the eye change in their perspectives.

* * * * *

 We’re due to receive Blessings from the Universe for most of the rest of August, and into September. 

From around August 15 till about August 25, we can expect Grace around the Alignment between our understanding of the Sacred and our actual relationship to that which is larger than ourselves (including Culture, Planet, Godhead).  These are two quite different things.  For instance, suppose we believe that it’s more important to be quiet and nice than it is to be loud and honest, but our Culture habitually exploits us (, for instance) – then some Realignment would be very useful, if troublesome.  Since this is Grace, the trouble could be reduced.

Similarly, if we were Programmed to believe in a Punishing God, but our preferred experience with the Godhead is one of Grace, we could find that some of our Programming comes up for review.  Since much of our Programming is below the threshold of Consciousness, this may involve more than just “thinking it over.”  We could also encounter Attitude Adjustments about things like Global Warming (, World Peace, or the importance of our own Mission relative to the Planet as a whole.

During most of this period, our understanding of what’s Sustainable, and of what we need to Sustain ourselves, will be shifting as well.  Basically, the most important outcome will likely be an improvement in out ability and willingness to “give it over” to a higher power, not as a “giving up,” but as a request for clarity and assistance.  Like Paul Gautschi says, “That’s too big for me, I’ll have to Ask God” or Goddess or your preferred image of the Source of All That Is.

Grand Trines during the rest of August:

  • Juno-Vesta-Neptune August 15-17
  • Juno-Vesta/Ceres-Neptune August 18-22
  • Juno-Ceres-Neptune August 23-25

It’s my intention to go through the month and make a list of dates and times when the Moon will greatly enhance the Blessings, and get that out to you soon.

Heyoka Shaman Pictures

August 13, 2014


Picture 1 of “Heyoka Shaman” – His Out of Bounds Mars T-Square and North Node-Moon Tricolor


Picture 2 – His Makemake T-Square and Stationary Juno Tricolor


Picture 3 – His Quintangles


Picture 4 – With the Deciles added

IMG_1058Picture 5 – Mercury-Pluto