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August 2020 Cycles 1 – Lachesis-Orcus

August 9, 2020

Reader Bob (in Australia) writes to say, in response to recent the OOB Moons post…

“It is with great interest that you have provided us with these absolutely critical (and if I may describe them as) ‘adjustments’ to our consciousness in the long term spiritual frame.  I would dearly love if you could enlighten us of any other definitive cycles that you consider we should take on board for our spiritual health.  I personally am fearful that our current circumstances are giving us reason to take our eyes off the ball in terms of our attention to the other major threat facing us ie. global warming.

“One cycle that springs to my mind and to which you have already eluded us to, is and I quote, from New Awareness 2 from July 6 2019 ‘Resuming with Transcendence of our Resistance to our Forbidden Genius (Bee-Zed or BZ509 Initiated by Ixion).  This begins an eleven-year Cycle that somehow resembles An old bridge over a beautiful stream still in constant use (Sabian Symbol for 28 Sagittarius).’

“My own approach has been to keep shaking that tree of life to see what Forbidden genius fruit might fall into my own lap to assist in a 3D sense to avoid the impending crisis.

“Namaste, Bob”

Which is an excellent way to prepare for your Mission!

A very noble goal, examining these Cycles, though with as many planets as we use, it’s almost more of an opus vitae.  But it’s never too late to start, eh?

One thing I’ve discovered is that folks actually hear what you’re saying (as the Crystal above, Manganotantalite, facilitates) if you tell them about what’s going on for them right now.  The rest of the astrology – not so much.  So, what are the Cycles in the current (3 August 2020) Full Moon chart?

The Most Important Cycle in this chart is the Chiron-Uranus Cycle, with Chiron making a Waning Unx to (one Sign behind) Uranus, Deep in the Void.

But more immediately, two Cycles are Changing – Lachesis-Orcus, and Ceres-Nessus…

The biggest (containing the Slowest or most Powerful planet, actually even Slower than Uranus, if not as Prominent Socially) of these two is the former.  Orcus actually Initiated Lachesis yesterday, 8 August at 11am PDT (in 12 Virgo), so it’s very current.

A Cycle Begin when a Faster planet, such as Lachesis (5½-year orbit), crosses a Slower planet, such as Orcus (245 years).  If there are multiple crossings, it’s the first one that Initiates the New Cycle.  We read the character of the New Cycle from the natures of the two planets (the Slower planet is the Message-Giver, the Faster planet the Messenger), the Sabian Symbol of the Degree of the Initiation, and the chart of the Initiation.

The Mythological Lachesis was the Greek Goddess in charge of “measuring the chord” or setting the duration of a Karmic TimeLine.  Since Consciousness of our Karma allows us to Choose Alternatives, we interpret Lachesis as Choice about Changing our Self-Destructive Patterns.  The Mythological Orcus was the Etruscan God in charge of Punishing Oath-Breakers.  Since Obsolete (and usually Forgotten) Oaths are a primary Source of Karma, we interpret Orcus as Breaker of Obsolete Oaths.  Since Ascension allows only Carry-On, this is pretty dang Important Cycle for us!  Been thinking about Changing any Life-Long Patterns recently?  I was just last night.

The Cycle that just died began 4 October 2014 and was about “A Harem” (7 Virgo).  Have you had any Hesitation around Commitment since 2014?  Or Concern around Patriarchal Privilege?  The New Lachesis-Chiron Cycle is about “After the Wedding, the groom snatches the Veil away from his bride (12 Virgo).  Perhaps, the End of Pretense and Prevarication?  That would certainly benefit the Political situations in at least the US and Lebanon, and probably many other places such as Brazil, where Deep Crises of Survival (Medically, Economically, and Environmentally) are staring at us.