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How to Read Astrobuss 2

November 12, 2020

I notice (here in November 2020) that folks are reading an ancient version of a How to Read Astrobuss post. Unfortunately, the format described there has mutated about seven thousand times since then. At the moment I’m struggling to adapt to this new author-torture device that WordPress calls an “editor,” so the format of the blog is changing daily as I try to find some accommodation that allows me to spend more time writing than wrestling with the editor.

I’m still trying to provide both interpretation and skeletal astrologuese, in some way that can help you “pick up” the astrologuese as you read. I believe that’s valuable because astrologuese is an extraordinarily rich language. I try to replace astrojargon with words that relate more to meaning than geometry, like “Challenge” instead of “Square,” but I try to include both because as you learn astrology you come to understand that “Square” means so much more than “Challenge.”

I still welcome questions, and I still request that you include in your comments whether you’d like your question or comment to be anonymous or not, as I use questions and comments as input to future posts. I greatly respect Privacy, but I also want to give credit where credit is due whenever possible.

Use the “Categories” in the right-hand column to look up articles which contain definitions or stories about specific astrological, or other, terms. The Categories column doesn’t appear when you’re looking at a single post, however, so you may need to go back to to find it. I’m trying to include links to explanations of some of our more arcane concepts, like PIAVA, as I write. But again, ask away about anything, okay?