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January 19, 2023

The Moon is now Out of Bounds (Folks are more likely to Panic than otherwise), as of 18-19 January 2023 (PST 7:27 pm 18th, GMT 3:27 am 19th, IST 8:57 am 19th, AEDT Qld 1:27 pm 19th), over the Southern Hemisphere (Southerly Folks are even more likely to Panic), until 21-22 January (PST 8:52 pm 21st, GMT 4:52 am 22nd, IST 10:22 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2:52 pm 22nd). The Moon goes Out of Bounds (OOB) for several days every two weeks for a decade or so, then for another decade it doesn’t go Out of Bounds at all. Its first OOB adventure of the 20-year plus Cycle is usually Momentous – for instance, the last two were called “COVID-19” and “Nine-Eleven” – Lotsa Panic.

If you live where you can see the Sky, you can see the Moon go OOB. When the Moon is OOB North, it rises in the Northeast and sets in the Northwest. When it’s OOB South, it rises in the Southeast and sets in the Southwest. I used to live in Seattle, which sits 50 miles/80 km East of an 8,000-foot/2,500-meter high, 50-mile/80 km wide Mountain Range. At the June Solstice in Seattle, the Sun set right on the Northern Edge of that Range. At the December Solstice it set at the very Southern Edge of it. To Seattle, it was the Stone Henge Range. You Felt the difference on your Skin.

Before I lived there, I’d never hung out where there were landmarks at the Solstices, so while I knew conceptually that the Sun traveled from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer (23:27° South and North Latitude) and back every year, I had no idea what that really meant “on the ground.” When you can see how far that really is, it’s Shocking. When the Moon is OOB S, it’s further South than the Tropic of Capricorn, and when it’s OOB N, it’s further North than the Tropic of Cancer.1 Furthur than the Sun ever goes, in other words.

The next Big Event is the Station (Peak Energy) of Uranus (Our Soul), on 22-23 January (PST 2:57 pm 22nd, GMT 10:57 pm 22nd, IST 4:27 am 23rd, AEDT Qld 8:57 am 23rd), in 15 Taurus (The Need to Surrender, Erupting Repeatedly). The difficult Star Menkar lives in that Degree. A natal planet in 15 Taurus means that we’ll have to Surrender Repeatedly to Something. Uranus in 15 Taurus on the other hand means that we have to Surrender Our Egos to Our Soul.

For instance, a friend has their Venus in 15 Taurus, and they’ve Surrendered to their Values so thoroughly all their Life, that they’re Fortunate but Burdened by their acute Conscious Awareness of the Karma that Separates them from their Values. The rest of us are just Burdened. We don’t know we’re Separated from our Less-Conscious Values till we Betray ourself, and then we’re still not sure how we’d Avoid the same Betrayal tomorrow.

The twelve Signs are divided into several Qualities. There are…

two Styles – s1=Dyamic/Masculine/Positive, s2=Magnetic/Feminine/Negative,

three Modalities – m1=Creative/Cardinal, m2=Stabilizing/Fixed, m3=Changing/Mutable, and

four Elements – e1=Spirit/Fire, e2=Flesh or Matter/Earth, e3=Mind/Air, e4=Emotion/Water.

Each Sign has a Style, a Modality, and an Element, and the combination of the three is unique for every Sign. Aries starts at s1/m1/e1, and each next Sign just moves and cycles to the next quality in order. Like this…

The first Sign, Aries, is s1/m1/e1, Dynamic Creative Spirit.#7 Libra is s1/m1/e3, Dynamic Creative Mind.
The second, Taurus, is s2/m2/e2, Magnetic Stabilizing Flesh.#8 Scorpio is s2/m2/e4, Magnetic Stabilizing Emotion.
The third, Gemini, is s1/m3/e3, Dynamic Changing Mind.#9 Sagittarius is s1/m3/e1, Dynamic Changing Spirit.
The fourth, Cancer, is s2/m1/e4, Magnetic Creative Emotion.#10 Capricorn is s2/m1/e2, Magnetic Creative Flesh.
#5 Leo is s1/m2/e1, Dynamic Stabilizing Spirit.#11 Aquarius is s1/m2/e3, Dynamic Stabilizing Mind.
#6 Virgo is s2/m3/e2, Magnetic Changing Flesh.#12 Pisces is s2/m3/e4, Magnetic Changing Emotion.

Each Sign Balances what the previous Sign has Overstressed. For instance, when Aries gets “Airy-Fairy,” Taurus Grounds it. When Taurus gets Stuffy, Gemini Breaks its Rules. When Gemini gets Scatterbrained, Cancer Asks “What are you Feeling?” When Cancer gets Codependent, Leo Prioritizes Self. When Leo gets Full of Itself, Virgo brings Ego Death. When Virgo gets Self-Critical, Libra Invites Other to Refocus Virgo Outward.

When Libra can’t figure out how to do Relationship, Scorpio resolves to “Get to the Bottom of it.” When Scorpio gets too Intense, Sagittarius Advises Letting Go. When Sagittarius gets Lost from Letting Go of everything, like our friend to the left, Capricorn gets Pragmatic. When Capricorn gets Techy, Aquarius Wonders how People fit into the Engineering. When Aquarius gets too Idealistic, Pisces Feels the Pain of History’s Ideological Failures. When Pisces gets Lost in an Emotional Muddle, Aries Appeals to the Angels for Help.

This is why we have natal planets and Transits (visiting planets) all over the map, Sun in one Sign, Moon in another, Mars in Limbo, etc etc, to help us stay In Balance. And why Signs without planets, and Signs with too many planets, contribute their own kind of Karma.

Signs of the same Element Cooperate with one another because they Understand one another. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius foor instance are all Spirit Signs – Aries Creates, Leo Stabilizes, and Sagittarius Changes, or Adjusts to better fit the next Iteration of the Loop.

Signs of the same Modality Clash, because they’re seeing the World as Composed of different segments. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all Stabilizing Signs, but they Stabilize different parts of the Puzzle. Give them a Problem, and Taurus will fix the Fleshy part of it, Leo will fix the Spirity part of it, Scorpio will fix the Emotiony part of it, and Aquarius will fix the Mindy part of it. What a Team!

But this is the Fourth Harmonic, the Evolutionary Edge of Huperity according to Dane Rudhyar, and it’s stuck on the backside of the Edge. These are called Fixed Signs for a reason – in a Patriarchic Culture based on Domination, these Signs prefer to Dominate. So instead of fixing the Spirity part of the Problem, Leo prefers to tell they other three that they’re All Wrong, the onliest way to fix a problem is the Spirity way! And the other three do the same!

The Fourth Harmonic is really Dominion, not Domination. Dominion means Healthy Control, combining the Inspirational part of Competition with the Multiplicative Benefits of Collaboration. In Domination, the primary Inspiration arises from Fear. Your Success depends on the Success of your “Superior,” and you’re always in danger of being kicked off their Team after you’ve invested a Lifetime of Learning their Rules for your Life.

Twelve Signs and three Modalities means that there are four Signs for each Modality, one for each Element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. When a number of planets line up near the same Degree of each Modality, Conflict and Challenge result. When all four Elements are represented, there’s Balance and Self-Resolution. But with three, or even two Elements, their Competition, and hence the Challenge, becomes Intense. Every Conflict or Challenge is an Opportunity for SuperPower, but before we get there we have to Learn to Handle the Challenge. In any chart, three Challenges are Possible, one for each Modality – Creative, Stabilizing, Changing. This is how the Challenges we speak of arise…

The 22-23 January Station of Uranus has Challenges in all three Modalities, and none of them are Self-Resolving. That means our Work is cut out for us. As is Her wont, Soul (Uranus) is patiently waiting for us to make a Conscious Choice about whether we want to continue to Live as Ego-Master of Hollow Materialism, or Let Go of our Karmic Limitations and Move to 5D.

In the Creative Modality, the Top Dog is Compassion (Cancer). The Top Dog itself is Boundaries (Pallas), and it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds). The two Lieutenants fighting to Dominate the Conversation are Intuitive Action (Aries), and Relationship (Libra). In the Intuitive Action corner we have Despair and its trainer Miracles (Chiron). When Miracles has its Ear, Intuitive Action Rushes forward to Compete, but most of the time, like our friend to the right, it’s too Depressed to Act. In the Relationship Corner sits Disbelief (Kassandra).

This is a good Metaphor for COVID. The Matriarch of the family says, “Shitodear, this stuff is Dangerous, Let’s Draw some Firm Boundaries” – Masks, Quarantines, Strict Rules about Engagement. The Libertarian Skeptics Disbelieve, saying “Dangerous? No Way, all you need is some Dewormer and you’ll be fine. Those People were already Dying. COVID’s just a Worm.” The Intuitive Actors, many already chronically fatigued, are Paranoid about Long COVID, and mostly Hibernate, Poor-Sweethearting themselves and PIAVAing Safety whenever they run low on Groceries. The Pragmatists (Capricorn), who could perhaps have Balanced the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Drama, are Absent, relaxing in their Fallout Shelters.

The Panic of the Day in the US is the Debt Ceiling. In the Changing Modality of the Uranus Station chart, the Leader of the Pack is Resilience (Gemini), impersonated by an Environment that Will Sustain Life (Altjira), which is Urgently Needed (Out of Bounds). One Pretender to the Throne is Defense of the Status Quo (Virgo), peopled by The Rule of Law (Orcus) and The Fierce Enforcer (Thereus). The other Wanna-Be Boss is Karmic Emotional Baggage (Pisces), represented by the motley crew of The Patriarchy’s Hit Man (Heracles), Abuse and Privilege (Nessus), and The Web of Life (Arachne). The Web of Life is an Abused Slave Kidnapped by the Hit Man and Privilege. Missing in Action is Letting Go of Ideologies (Sagittarius), who could have been a great help if anyone would listen to them.

Stabilizing Influences are Scarce, with two of them on Vacation, Emotional Stability (Scorpio) and Social Stability (Aquarius). No one is In Charge. The two remaining Stabilities are duking it out, with no Clear Winner. The Stationary Star of our Show, Uranus, is Standing In for Material Stability (Taurus), and joined by Pan, the All-Important Chief Architect of Nature. Meanwhile, the fourth and last Fixer, Leo, the Spiritual Stabilizer, is Led by none other than Hubris (Hybris). How Tricky! It’s Self-Importance that fills the Spiritual side of the Contest, while Our Soul and Nature Itself Team up on it from the Material!

Sounds backward, but Think about it for a moment. We have to be pretty damn Focused on the Self to Commit to Ascension and Follow Up on it, and Flesh is what Our Soul is Descending Into, assisted by the Grand Master of Matter Himself, Pan. If we make the Choice, our Huperity and our Spirituality can Meet in the Middle, as our Self Ascends and our Soul Descends. As we do, we have to Abandon all Expectations and Mindstuff, as we Enter the Unknown, the Great Mystery, symbolized by the Lingam.

1 To be more precise, the North-South measure of the Moon’s Location is measured not in Latitude but in “Declension,” which is a Projection of Latitude onto the Sky. Declension measures in degrees how far from the plane of the Earth’s Orbit an Object appears to be, while Latitude measures in miles how far the Object is from the Equator. Or something like that – my mind navigates natively in two linear or circular dimensions, while astronomy works in three, and it’s spherical geometry besides. Some day I’ll get Confused enough to Grok the latter.