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PIAVA Review

September 2, 2016

Every once in a while someone asks, “What the devil is a PIAVA anyway?  A species of Duck?” which is an excellent question.  Here’s today’s response…

Thanks for asking!  Questions of any sort are always welcome, and the “Leave a Comment” link at the end of each post is a great way to Ask.

PIAVA stands for Prayer-Intention-Asking-Visualizing-Affirming, all of which are variations on the Magnetic (ie, Feminine) way of Manifesting, as opposed to “PDSA” (Plan-Do-Study-Act) which is a common expression of the Dynamic or Masculine process of Manifestation, which we often abbreviate at “Plan-Execute.”

If you scroll down in the “Categories” column on the right side of , you’ll come to “PIAVA” on the list, which will take you to , which includes all of the posts which have important comments in them about PIAVA.

PIAVA in these posts also includes many other techniques, such as Theta Healing (Commanding), Expanding, Wondering, and others.

While I think those articles are all worth skimming (most is Water under the astrological Bridge), it’s a lot to read.  I think these are the most important PIAVA articles…